Transmutation News – December 2019

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On December 21 we flow into a new season as well as moving quickly to the end of the year. We greet winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. What a ride this year has been.

In truth we have no control to stop a change in seasons. We also have no control on where life will eventually take us.

But do you notice how much we fight against where the flow of life and the river of life is taking us to.

What if we are being asked to let go of trying to control changing flows and cycles, and we embrace the flow knowing it will lead us to a beautiful place. This takes unconditional trust in life and in the process of evolution. We can continue to fight, try to control, and resist the flow of life. But we cannot control where the river of life is taking us to.

Our primal life force is moving us in a way it has been programmed to. But what if we can add consciousness to our life force.

We will still flow with the river of life. But using the ancient teachings of bringing consciousness to energy is a way to also transform any energy we meet during our ride. The flow keeps leading us to greater states of awareness, spiritual abilities, and how we can work in partnership with where life is taking us instead of kicking and screaming all the way.

Adding consciousness to primal life force energy will be my exploration in the coming year as I had such a powerful visionary experience of what is possible.

During this time of the solstice reflect on the great turning and the flow of life. Really ask your soul by spending time in nature, using journeying, or meditation to reflect on where you are fighting, resisting, and trying to control where the flow of life is taking you to. For like the changing seasons we have no control over where the flow of life is leading us.

On the solstice perform a ceremony to release old energetic patterns allowing you to enter into this next season of life. Perform a releasing ceremony of your controlling behavior. Call in your helping and compassionate spirits to help you in this. There is a wealth of divine and transcendent forces that are welcoming you into their protection as you drop the false beliefs that your ego or personality can control the flow of life.

Reflect on the old stories that have been anchoring you to the past. Also reflect on the projections others have put onto you covering up your passion for life, your beauty, and internal divine light.

What stories do you wish to carry into the New Year? Perform ceremonies to release the stories and projections that no longer serve you. Spend time in nature filling yourself with colors, images, fragrances, sounds, feelings, and tastes that are absorbed into your landscape. When you do this true beauty is what you will see whenever you open your eyes. This is the field of energy you want to embrace for the New Year!

If you need ideas for ways to design a ceremony please read my book The Book of Ceremony: Invoking the Sacred into Everyday Life.


Once you relax into the flow you will notice more beauty and peace flowing into your life.

The flow will continue to move you in ways that are beyond your imagination and understanding.

Embrace the flow of life and all of its twists and turns. Let’s return to a state of awe and wonder as we watch the beauty and perfection of the path unfold before our eyes.

The full moon is on December 12. Let’s start with our preparation work and then journey deep within to our spiritual light that is eternal and immortal. This light has the ability to transform all that is put in our path. As we radiate our light as a global community, we step into the role of truly being in service to all of life and the Earth.

Let’s join our light and spiritual strength together to weave a radiant and luminescent light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site.

As this year is spiraling into a new year, I want to take this opportunity to thank our translators who continue to engage in so much work to bring The Transmutation News to our global community.

Let us join our hearts together and radiate and emanate love, light, and deep appreciation to all who help to bring the Transmutation News into our mailboxes each month.

Please join me in thanking Sylvia Edwards who pulls together what I wrote into a beautiful format for all to read each month.

And let’s give a heartfelt thanks to our translators:

Petr Němčanský   – Czech
Tea Thum –  Finnish
Carole Laplante  – French
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Please join me in holding our circle in love during the solstice. May your ceremonies be filled with joy as we honor the Earth, the elements, and all of life during this powerful time of change of dismemberment and rememberment.

Transmutation News – November 2019

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Over the years I have mostly used two metaphors to describe much of what I teach and write about.

In recent years I have been writing about building an inner landscape/inner garden filled with beauty, love, light, and harmony so that your inner world informs you on a new perception of life.

In years past, when I wrote A Fall to Grace in 1997, I kept referring back to the river of life. For in reality, we are all flowing down the river of life through the smooth and turbulent waves. We often disturb our flow by trying to move against the river of life resisting the flow of nature. We hold onto our outcomes and judgements that keep rocking our boat preventing us from surrendering to the flow of life. And we often try to follow the flow of others journeys instead of letting go to our own flow.

In October I had very deep visionary experiences as I am still feeling a need to go deep within and reflect on all that is happening in my life and in the world.

It is so evident to me that I stepped out of my own flow as I entered into the chaotic flow of others and the collective. I experienced how water carves out rocks into amazing beings of beauty. But there cannot be any resistance to the sculpting process as it is all part of life and evolution.

I witnessed how I lost my connection with the heartbeat of the Earth as I allowed myself to keep up the frantic pace that has removed me from the true vibration of the Earth and nature. For nature’s frequency and vibration is actually quite slow. This moving too fast in life is impacting the power of our work as our speed has removed us from the flow of the river of life.

I love ice cream, so the helping spirits gave me a fun metaphor to describe the initiation experiences we are all going through. They said we have been put into ice cream makers to churn us into new flavors. This initiatory and evolutionary experience brings us fuller into the beautiful river of life with all its twists and turns.

I was told to return my energy into a harmonious flow I should carve out some time every day to relax into the true rhythm of the Earth. The guidance was to drum everyday versus listening to drumming. What was shared is that all the drumming tracks we listen to actually creates a disembodied experience. It is important to really connect with the vibration of the drum which then connects me to the true heartbeat of the Earth.

I was shown that all the initiations we are going through are to help us move with how the Earth is evolving. I had the beautiful experience of speaking to the Earth as she shared with me her next step of evolution.

The Earth told me that she is moving into a more luminescent body with less density so that eventually she will be very balanced as a light filled form. Everything in nature including humans will be more luminous and a lot less dense. What this will do is transform us into beings who are equal light and form allowing us to flow more gracefully and shifting our consciousness to a new way of being.

These are just some of the insights I have been getting. This is a very rich time for me on a spiritual level.

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Reflect on what I shared about flow and rhythm. Does this speak to you? If it does, drop into your inner knowing and make changes to your life that allow you to move freely with the river of life. Look at how you resist the natural flow. Find your own rhythm and truth and stop trying to compare your experience. For you are in your own unique flow.

Allow the river of life to take you to a place that your mind cannot embrace yet, but your spirit knows. Let your heart and life be your river guide.

In November many people celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. Let’s make every day a day of thanks for our lives and for of all of life.

The full moon is on November 12. Reflect on what I shared about a new Earth forming – one less dense in form. Keep up your transfiguration practice to allow yourself to drop into your luminous being. Slow down when you perform your spiritual work, so you are aligned and attuned to nature and the heartbeat of the Earth. Radiate your light and let it flow freely embracing all of life and the Earth.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit Creating A Web of Light on the homepage to read the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

Life is a ceremony. Ceremony is a sacred act. Let’s bring back the sacred into how we live our lives.

Copyright 2019 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – October 2019

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In many past issues of The Transmutation News, I would ask our global community to join together to perform transfiguration ceremonies to feed the waters of the world with love and light. These ceremonies were different than the work we do on each full moon to create a human web of light.

I would ask people to perform a transfiguration ceremony with a glass of water present on each person’s altar or in a sacred space and then bring the light filled water to a local water source- the ocean, a river, spring, lake, river, pond, and so on. In this way our collective energies would join together to send a message of love, honor, and respect to all the waters of the world which would eventually flow back to its source.

Earth is a water planet and we are mostly water. When we honor the water within and without us water always reflects back to us our beauty, passion, love, and light. Working with water is a wonderful way to send messages to all the elements as they are all touched by the water we blessed.

With all the environmental challenges impacting the planet right now I feel it is time to reinstate this powerful ceremony.

Either visit a local water source and fill a glass of water, water from your home, or buy some spring water. Place the water on your altar or a place you feel is sacred in your home or out in nature.

Perform your preparation work to move your ego and personality aside so you become a true pure and clear vessel for divine energies to radiate through you.

Travel deep within to the source of your divine light and let it flow throughout your body, then into your hands. Let that light continue to expand and grow within you until your entire sacred space is filled with a brilliant flowing light. Feel, see, sense how the light flows into the vessel of water in your space.

Drink a little of this holy and blessed water and feel the healing power filling your body. Then bring the water to a local source. Really open your heart, open all your invisible senses, fire up your imagination and as you experience the water flowing into the local source imagine it communing with all the waters of the world we are collectively feeding with divine light and unconditional love.

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It is a different form of creating a human web of light, but acts in the same way.

This is a powerful way for us to join our hearts together to bring forth unconditional love into the field of energy of the collective and to begin showing our devotion to the elements that give us life. This love and devotion will be returned to us as is the law of nature.

The full moon is October 13. Let’s continue our practice of Creating a Human Web of Light. You can do this on the same day you do your water ceremony and let the full moon add exponential energy to your practice. If you choose a different day then please make sure you do your work to leave your burdening thoughts and ego behind so you can be a strong vessel of light. Transfigure, absorb your divine light into your cells, and let it expand and radiate beauty exquisite light within and throughout the Earth.

This is no time to perform any spiritual practice on a superficial level. Put your heart and soul into this and let’s transform the shadow energies that are filling our collective field. As each of us does this from a true authentic and spiritual place we can transform the current energies. But we have to put our heart into it and work from our highest frequency with full concentration and focus.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our monthly ceremony.

Transmutation News – September 2019

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In July, my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to take an expedition to the Arctic. This has been a life dream for me. Also, I had a powerful journey where the Sun asked me to make the pilgrimage.

So, we set off on an ice cutting expedition boat. It was an amazing experience to travel into such a magical realm. We went to the Svalbard.

During our journey, the ice expanded so we were able to get to the 80th parallel. We got to 730 miles toward the North Pole. But we could not go further.

I cannot possibly put into words what we experienced here. We definitely now have “polar fever” and are seriously thinking about moving to a town in the Artic for a while.

I went to be in the ice and in the silence. To be able to ride through the ice shelf was spectacular! But we did get to see some amazing nature beings- dolphins, seals, walruses, an amazing number of birds, beautiful flowers, reindeer, Artic fox, and yes, we saw a polar bear. I mostly got to see the polar bear climbing onto a piece of ice so mostly I saw its butt. But then I could see it walking. This all happened too fast to take a photo. But such a gift!

I keep sharing in the Transmutation News that all life sings. Well on one zodiac excursion we did go into a fjord where there was singing ice. We got to be with it for one hour before we had to return.

I did post a clip of a video I took of singing ice on my Facebook Page

We took some spectacular hikes and amazing zodiac rides to witness a wealth of animals, birds, and landscapes.

To be in the silence in this magical dimension of reality is life changing.

This is something we all miss in the frantic lives we lead. And how fast life has become is causing illness of the soul.

We must return to living a more nature-based life. This would help people emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

With all the changes happening in our environment we must learn how to adapt. For our current environment is filled with so many toxins, and we must get really proactive on how to transmute them.

I recently learned through a medical test that I am filled with very toxic mold and so is our house. We are working with a mold remediation team who is getting the mold out of our home. And I am taking supplements for my own healing.

But I realized that I can get lost in paranoia about how some mold might be escaping some of the cleansing we are doing.

I realized that instead of shifting into a state of fear it is time for me to go even deeper with my own practice of transfiguration. We know it works from so much we have seen throughout the years. Light does transform toxic substances.

I focus during the day on sensing and feeling my inner sun radiating light through all my cells. I emanate light and love throughout my house and the land we live on.

I see our home in its divine perfection. And I am also doing my spiritual work to step out of the field of energy of mold. Stepping out of fields of energy is a topic I want to pursue with you in the future.

To adapt to our environment, we have our work to do. We must step out of the frantic field of energy that so many of us are caught up in and find ways to step into the field of energy of silence. We need this to regenerate!

And we must do our spiritual practices such as transfiguration to transmute what we do take in from our environment instead of living in fear.

Adaptation will be key in our lifetime. Spend some time in nature and reflect on what I am sharing.

What are you doing to make sure you adapt? And how are you inspiring your loved ones and community to do the same? This is important work that we cannot deny anymore.

There are beings in nature who tap into the blueprint they were born with to adapt and there are those whose time it is to leave the planet. But all of life right now is being asked to adapt one way or another.

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The full moon is September 14.  This is a perfect time to connect with the power of the sun, moon, and stars and to tap into your divine light that reflects back powerful life-giving energies. Find a way to adapt your own transfiguration work so you can tap into your purest radiant light.

Let’s radiate this light throughout our global community empowering each other. And let’s radiate it within and throughout the Earth touching every life form with perfection and love.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

And amazingly summer and winter are shifting to fall and spring in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. It’s time to connect with the land where you live and feel the changes within and without as we welcome in a whole new season of life.

The equinox is on September 23. During the time of fall we always think about what we need to let of go of and surrender to the earth so that she might compost the energy into new life. And for the spring we think about the endless possibilities that can be birthed as we plant new seeds into the earth.

For this equinox let’s ceremoniously plant seeds of hope in the earth where you live. You can certainly do this as a journey or a meditation. But better than that would be to go outside, bring your sacred tools with you, welcome the helping spirits, the compassionate ancestors of the land, the hidden folk, earth, air, water, and fire as the sun, the power of the moon and the stars to be your witness. Use some seeds that you have gathered or bought and plant them while you breathe hope, love, and light into each seed you plant. Fill each seed with the intention of hope bursting forth around the world in their right time. With the changes in seasons, we will have plants of hope blooming everywhere.

Every living being on this Earth is sacred. You are sacred. Life is sacred. Let’s remember what a gift it is to be here and continue to deepen our spiritual practices.

I join our circle in wishing everyone a beautiful and powerful equinox!


Copyright 2019 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – August 2019

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I was offline in July. I went on a pilgrimage to be in nature and be immersed in beauty. Whenever we immerse ourselves in beauty we step into a new dimension of life. Due to my time away, I ended up writing both the July and August Transmutation News at the same time so I would not need to skip a month.

For the August Transmutation News, I decided to share just a portion of the chapter I wrote in The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life on the topic of honorable closure in which I share ceremonies to honor endings in our lives and also to honor our loved ones who died.

In times of such environmental challenges as we are dealing with right now, we can also perform ceremonies to honor the beings in nature who have died. These can be our precious pets, or nature beings in our locale, or in other places on the planet.

We grieve for all species we are impacting as humans forget to honor all that is alive and how they contribute to the web of life. By honoring their life and death is a way to create honorable closure. This helps with our own grief. But most importantly honors all of life.

Adaptations for Honoring Death

You can use adaptations and improvise on the ceremonies I shared to honor the death of a pet, an animal from the wild, species who have died in mass, trees, a plant, and so on. Every living being on the planet should be honored while it is alive and once it transitions.

Burying a Pet

If you perform a burial ceremony for a beloved pet, you can place food and maybe a bit of water or milk in the grave. Share words of love for this precious animal who was a family member. Then raise your arms while wishing your pet a loving journey home that is filled with light, love, grace, and ease.

Plant Ceremony

I wish I had a green thumb, but I love plants and grow many.

I actually created a plant graveyard in an isolated part of my land. I bring the deceased plant to the graveyard. I thank it for sharing its beauty in my home and on the Earth and wish it a good journey home. I apologize for anything that I did that did not support its life by overwatering or not being able to provide optimal growing conditions. I leave offerings of blue corn meal.

I visit my plant graveyard frequently to pay my respects. Yes, I am a bit of an eccentric.

Honoring Trees

When a tree dies on my property, I visit with it. I thank it for the beauty and grace that it shared with all of life on this great Earth while wishing it a good journey home. I leave an offering of blue corn meal in honor of its life.

I have received quite a bit of correspondence from people who were once loggers. They feel so much guilt about killing beautiful and oftentimes ancient trees. I share the ceremony I do with my trees. You can perform the same ceremony for a mountainside where logging has occurred. You might not be able to talk to each tree individually, but you can stand in the affected area.

After preparing, say what is your heart to the deceased trees, even if they have been removed. Drum rattle, sing, and/or dance while praying in your own way that the trees have a good journey home. Thank them for their beautiful and powerful presence on the Earth. Leave heartfelt offerings. This same ceremony can be performed for trees lost in a blight or during a forest fire.

Honoring Environmental Losses

There are sad events that we are witnessing where many die due to pollution in the land, air, and water where they live or during an environmental disaster. Climate change and war have created tragic situations for humans and all living beings. Floods, fires, earthquakes, tornados, and other disasters can force living beings to flee their homes and lose their lives. Even more heartbreaking is the mass extinction of so many precious species who could no longer survive in their natural environment.

There is such a power in performing ceremonies for living beings who have suffered devastation, whether these are human communities, animal and plant populations, or species lost to extinction.

You can perform a ceremony inside or outside to honor those who died. Thank them for the energetic signature they shared with the web of life and the beauty and preciousness they brought to the Earth. Say what is in your heart. Drum, rattle, sing, or perform your ceremony in silence as you honor the beings that have transitioned.

Since these are issues that affect us as a global community, you may find many people who want to join you. Performing local ceremonies or global virtual ceremonies helps us honor the lives lost and create a graceful journey home back to Source.

Virtual Ceremonies for Honorable Closure

A powerful way to work is by using the virtual altar that I suggest in my book. You can create an altar room in a journey. Travel to the altar room alone or with a group. You can bring your group together remotely by phone or online. The leader should do most of the speaking in the ceremony, since cross-talk is even more disruptive over electronic connections.

Lead the group to the altar room using a guided meditation or journey. Be cleansed by loving guardian spirits while leaving your ordinary thoughts and burdens behind. Gather at the altar cloth and greet each other. You might use a shamanic instrument and sing and dance to begin and end your ceremony.

Take turns to share words and feelings. Once the sharing is complete, reach your arms up to the sky and wish the beings who have transitioned a good journey home. Thank the helping spirits.

Travel home. Take time to share your experience of doing this powerful and heartwarming work. Some members of the group might have received spiritual messages of love to share from the beings you honored.

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Spontaneous Ceremonies

You might witness an accident or a traumatic event or come across the body of a deceased animal.

Many shamanic practitioners carry offerings in their car or on their person for such an event. At the scene of an accident, say a prayer for those impacted and leave an offering on the land. With a creature found dead on the road or while walking in nature, you might, say prayers of honor and respect for its life and gracing this earth with its presence, leave an offering, and even bury it in a ceremonial way if the situation allows.

While grieving any death, we often feel heartbroken. Though this is painful, it gives our hearts the opportunity to open, expand, and embrace more compassion.

Honoring Grief

In shamanic cultures, ceremonies were performed to honor the transition of a community member. But ceremonies could also serve to honor the grief of loved ones. Grief has its own process. We go through different phases of grief. Ceremonies might not heal grief immediately, but they can begin a process that is an important passage in life.

All of life grieves. Even animals, trees, plants, birds, and so on grieve the death of a partner. Each individual’s grief has its own timeframe. Whether it takes days, months, or years to heal from grief, honoring the process through ceremony can help us through each step on the journey.

I feel strongly that it is important to honor the death of the nature beings we so love. It holds them in love and creates a field of energy of honor and respect. This makes a huge difference for all beings who are part of our web of life and contribute so much to all of us.

The full moon is August 15. Let us continue to build a strong relationship with the moon. Request to step into the moon’s field of energy. Keep building your relationship with the moon so you feel as if the moon is part of your family. Learn about its exponential power to support us in our work. Take time to prepare before performing your sacred ceremonial work to transfigure. Allow your inner divine light to flow while emanating unconditional love for all of life. Let’s continue weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the Earth touching all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light for the instructions of our full moon ceremonies.


Copyright 2019 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – July 2019

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Over the years of writing my books and the Transmutation News I have shared how people can have different emotional needs during the changing seasons. For me, the time of summer calls me deep within just as many people feel a need to move into a state of “hibernation” in the winter.

Right now I feel my spiritual path is leading me to contribute to the web of life through finding more time to be in silence and transmit and emanate love and light into the collective. Combined with being in summer I am becoming quite the recluse.

After all we are similar to crystals which are brilliant transmitters and receivers of energy.

So much of the communication with nature beings is on a psychic level. Nature beings pick up on energy, they pick up on warnings and important information for their survival, and they communicate through emitting vibrations that make up beautiful songs. For everything in nature sings as does the universe itself.

We don’t understand how many of our thoughts and words end up transmitting chaotic and destructive vibrations and songs into the web of life.

We try to use our own language to connect with and communicate with nature.

But nature is reading the energy we transmit and not our words.

How much are we missing in the dance of life by not opening to the language of vibration that we can transmit and receive? We are missing messages from the environment as well as from the exquisite beings we share the planet with. And we miss the joy of true heart to heart conversation.

We would learn more tools for survival and have deeper interactions with other species if we start to open our invisible eyes and ears and tap into our body knowing. And nature would get to learn about us as we start to communicate with the elements and other species on a heart-to-heart level and also as we are willing to transmit energies of love, honor, and respect by opening our psychic senses. When we do this we naturally open up to a new dimension of life.

Spend more time in nature this month as you sit in silence. Lift the veils between the dense field of realty we tend to inhabit and open to being a crystal transmitter of love and light. Engage your psychic senses and notice the energetic communication you receive and the songs you hear in return.

The full moon is July 16. Begin by asking the moon if you can step into her field of energy. Keep building your relationship with the moon so you feel as if the moon is part of your family. Learn about its exponential power to support you in your work. Take time to prepare before performing your sacred ceremonial work to transfigure. Allow your inner divine light to flow while emanating unconditional love for all of life. Let’s continue weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the Earth touching all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light for the instructions of our full moon ceremonies.

Transmutation News – June 2019

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I have been loving encouraging people to connect with our natural world in ways that most of us don’t. For with our shamanic practice, we are so used to seeking guidance and healing instead of building strong relationships with all the life we share this planet with and even with our helping spirits.

We join together to celebrate the solstice on June 21. This is a great time to truly connect with the elements and nature beings where you live.

I always ask people to start their conversations with beings in nature with “May I step into your field of energy?” When a nature being says yes to this you have consent, and I find that this builds a loving field of energy with the being we are communing with.

My students who are using this question before connecting have found more animals and birds showing up where they live. They have created a field of energy that is attractive to all of life.

In the practice of shamanism, the land is one of the most important helping spirits shamans work with.

So, let’s start on the solstice with going outside and sitting out on the land where you live. If you live in a city, sit on the concrete and connect with the land under the concrete. This has been so powerful for my students to do.

Say “May I step into your field of energy?” Then start by silently emanating love, light, honor, and respect to the land. When it feels correct to do so, introduce yourself to the land. Ask the land if it is willing to tell you about its history and its life. Start a conversation as if you were meeting a new friend.

Continue this same process with the source of water where you live. How many of you have connected with where you get your water from? Imagine the difference in the taste of your water and your relationship with water when you ask if you can step into its field of energy, emanate love, light, honor, and respect to it, and then learn about it. It becomes family to you, and you will be nurtured by water in a whole new way. You will treat water differently as it is an ally and family for you.

Repeat this with the air, the wind. May I step into your field of energy? Emanate love, light, honor, and respect. Notice how the behavior of the wind around you changes as you speak to it as a friend and family member.

Next do this with the sun. May I step into your field of energy? I greet you with so much love and honor for all you bring into my life. I know I would not be alive without your rays shining down on me and all of life.

Continue this process with other nature beings where you live.

Notice how connected you feel to your body, the landscape where you live and to the Earth. 

When we start having conversations with nature as if all of life is part of our family we step into a new dimension of life -a beautiful dimension filled with deep friendships with all of life. Imagine how you will feel by having such strong relationships with all the sentient beings where you live and in the web of life.

The full moon is June 17. Start your practice with asking the moon if I you can step into her field of energy. Feel her power and love. Learn about the moon. Once you feel you have developed a strong friendship with the moon start your transfiguration practice to radiate your light within and throughout the Earth. Let us continue to create a beautiful and strong web of light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I join our circle in wishing you a beautiful solstice filled with magic, light, and love! 

Transmutation News – May 2019

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I love the month of May. There is an energy in nature during May that always seems so lovely. I feel peaceful every time this month arrives. Maybe the word “May” holds a particular vibration that speaks to me.

When I first started performing and teaching Soul Retrieval, I would share very detailed stories with my clients about what caused their soul loss. I would see the clothes my client was wearing at the time of the trauma. This was typically confirmed by the client. I received long messages about the trauma and then healing stories about the gifts that the returned soul parts were bringing back to my client.

Over time I found that clients and students were getting lost in the stories instead of focusing on absorbing the light, power, and gifts of the returned soul essence.

At the time no one was on the internet. So, I wrote Soul Retrieval newsletters every six months and sent them to my students who subscribed to them. I also added a new Preface and Afterword to my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self.

In one newsletter I wrote about this issue and the advice from my helping spirits of how to correct this. They stopped giving me the details of any past story that a client could get stuck in. Instead, my helping spirits started focusing on the healing stories of the gifts being returned and what the client now had to look forward to.

For in the times we live in, we don’t need more trauma anchoring us to the past. Soul Retrieval brings back the essence that returns the vital health of the client. It the energy that is returned not the words or story that creates positive changes in a client’s life.

I wrote about the shift in my work in my Soul Retrieval newsletters, and I was amazed by the response I got. The same time I changed my work most of the practitioners I trained also had been guided to change their work as I had. We all collectively received this guidance at the same time! It is amazing how the helping spirits work!

This was a big message and teaching for me as we keep incorporating ancient spiritual methods into our modern culture. We can get stuck in our heads and want to understand too much rationally. Information does not heal, energy heals. In contrast people in indigenous cultures just want to absorb the healing energies.

I see this happening now with our shamanic and ceremonial work. People spend so much time in their rational mind, seeing only through ego’s eyes, and wanting to understand messages given in shamanic journeys instead of perceiving the power of the energetic transmission of communication. 

I truly believe that the people who are willing to shift to a “new frequency” of working with higher vibrational energies and songs are changing and evolving in a similar fashion to that of the Earth.

There are so many theories about splits in dimensions where people who choose to stay stuck in the vibration of fear, hate, and separation split from the dimension of people choosing to ride a different wave of a higher frequency.

For years now I have been writing on this column how my spiritual teacher Isis keeps advising us to pick the wave we want to ride- meaning what dimension of reality do we choose to live in? 

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On this wave of higher consciousness, I believe we will be stepping into a new way of opening our senses so that much of our communication is on the psychic level and through energy transmissions.

For when we focus on too many words, we are losing the meaning of our spiritual work and the gift that it provides for us.

Try taking walks in nature and don’t talk to other nature beings you meet along the way. Just transmit love and radiant light. Notice the energy transmission that you receive. My bet is that it is so much deeper than any words. Your awareness and perception of life will change as you do this.

Try some journeys where you remain in silence with your helping spirits and see what transpires through your shared energy. Let go of needing more messages and words. Observe the transformation ` that begins to happen within you.

My guess is that you will feel more clear, peaceful, radiant, and more connected to life, and more rooted to the Earth.

On the note of stepping into different dimensions of reality I taught a seven-week course “Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature: Building Strong Reciprocal Healing Relationships with Animals, Trees, and Other Allies in the Middle World”.

In this course I shared how in shamanic cultures every living being that lived in their landscape of the community was kin. Ongoing conversations went on between the people, the plants, stones, trees, animals, insects, birds, and the list goes on. For everything that lived in the environment was family.

I was so delighted to see how many people woke up to a completely different way of life talking to trees and other nature beings and listening to them talk back to them. Often, we ask for a sign or a message instead of taking the time to talk to nature as a friend and family such as asking a tree how its day was.

I watched as people who stepped into this new dimension did not feel invaded by the denser collective energies due to a new sense of reality had opened for them – one filled with such beauty, joy, a wealth of sharing love back and forth with nature, and kindness being shown towards all of life. I feel like so many people actually opened to and stepped into a new evolution of consciousness. The transformation I watched was stunning. We filled with beauty and then could perceive the beauty in life.

Of course, there were those who got lost in the suffering aspect of how we treat other life forms. For on many levels, we are living in barbaric times especially towards our treatment of nature. We have a lot of healing to do on this level. I move in and out of this state myself.

But to be able to hold all of life in love, kindness, honor, and respect does change the energy field.

And since the destructive forces on the planet are also feeding the collective with so much anger and separation, we have to really step up with our work to flood the collective with love and light. Otherwise, I don’t believe we will see positive change. But there will be people who will organically shift into a new evolution of consciousness through being in such deep connection with nature.

On Facebook a few people posted this absolutely fabulous video. I feel this completely captures what I was teaching in the course and throughout the years with Medicine for the Earth. This is a video of a beautiful woman from the Lakota nation sharing her experience of speaking with water.

The course is a fabulous course, and I transformed so much through teaching it. I feel I stepped into a true flow of love going back and forth between myself and nature and the creative forces of the universe bringing new healing energies into my life. I truly believe this work should be taught before learning shamanic journeying to work with helping spirits.

I did schedule a once a month 6-month Community Group to continue exploring this magical work. The 6-month course will be bundled with the initial 7-week course for those interested in exploring the beauty of nature and communicate with nature beings. Whether living in a city or suburbs these practices are transformative and bring about a feeling of deep peace. I don’t have a link yet for more information yet, but I will send out an email when I have more information on the course and registration.

The full moon is May 18. Make sure to do your work to move into your spirit self and a sacred space. Travel within to the truth of who you are. Under all your feelings and thoughts, you are pure spirit, divine light, and unconditional love. This is the energy you carry. Now let’s join our energies of light together and transmit, radiate, emanate light within and throughout this great Earth. Let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of life that embraces every being on the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News. Please visit Creating a Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions of our full moon ceremonies.

I woke up one morning with a powerful message: It is time to run towards the work instead of away from it so we can plant seeds for future generations!

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Transmutation News – April 2019

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Over the last months I have been writing Facebook posts, describing some
amazing experiences I have had during the night. I have been sharing these
posts on the Transmutation News as many of you are not on Facebook.

Here is the post I shared recently:

I have been having my most profound visions at night. For the last year or so I have been getting visions and powerful spiritual transmissions that deeply impact my body.

Last year I posted on multiple Facebook pages many of the transmissions that I received from a group of spirits I call The Ancient Ones. The transmissions, messages, and healings I received are still resonating through my body.

Last night in the middle of night I was awakened by a noise. I could not fall back asleep. I just laid quietly in bed.

All of a sudden, I found myself floating in the universe. I work a lot in the Void, and it is the territory where I do my creation and manifestation work.

The territory I was in last night was so similar to the Void, but it had a different quality. I was simply floating in universal love. I saw, felt, and heard that the universal energies that all life is born from is pure unconditional love. The universe is always singing love songs to us. Love just infused every cell of my body as I just floated through the universe. There were no spirits or beings. I was just in a pure field of love.

The song and music I heard was so like the music I heard when I had a NDE experience due to drowning in the ocean.

What the transmission brought me was how much unconditional love we are all being held in. And we are being sung to every minute of our lives.

I cannot tell you how extraordinary this experience was!

But it left me with these questions:

Why can’t humans receive this love that is around us 24/7, and why don’t we hear the music and songs of love, life, and creation?

And how do we start to bring through this love from the universe to flood our current dense collective? As I keep sharing shamans are gardeners of energy. How do we cultivate this type of love in our collective?

I know this is something I must pursue. For if you could feel what I felt last night you would know we are missing so much of the magic of life!

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One of the themes Renee and I are talking about on The Shamans Cave is the importance of understanding the power and meaning of creation stories. In shamanic cultures it was the creation stories that create the road map for the community as well as for the shaman to know the steps of living a harmonious life and also ways to create ceremonies for healing. Creation stories help us to define our role in life and share with us values that we can strive to attain.

When you understand the song of creation and how the creative forces of the universe created you then you have a better understanding of the vibrations and energies needed to infuse a new world of substance.

In the 1990s, as I wrote Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Environmental and Personal Toxins, I shared the importance of journeying/meditating to learn your own creation story that has meaning to you. I continue to write about creation stories in my later books including Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life.


I truly believe that learning one’s creation story is required to fully embrace the practice of transfiguration. For if you do not know who Source is to you how do you experience Source within you? Without getting more of a sensory experience of Source the practice becomes more of a rational understanding. And the mental concepts around what it means to transfigure into one’s divinity does not have the fuel or energy to create the vibration of new life where our work has the widespread effects we are all hoping for. Our work needs to be infused with the true physical experience of Source, God, the goddess, or the creative power of the universe.

So take some time and journey, meditate, or do some automatic writing to explore your story of creation.
Who created you and life on Earth?
Get an experience of how expansive the energy of creation is. The energy is infinite and has no boundaries.
Feel the love that went into your creation.
Experience the light of creation and then journey within to find the Source of your own radiance within.

The full moon is April 19. Let’s join together after experiencing the loving energies of the power of the universe and bring them through as we create a radiant web of light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage to learn the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremonies.

Josephine, in our global community, gave me some wonderful feedback after I posted Tracy Shulsinger’s practice in the March Transmutation News. Josephine has shared with me very interesting work before. I love her dedication to seeking and to her shamanic practice. Thank you, Josephine, for all you do! Here is what she shared with me:

“In 1969 I visited a Japanese Peace Garden in Hiroshima.   It was awesome.  No hint of ‘Look what you have done to us.’  No desire to make us feel shame or regret.  Peace and harmony and of course exquisite beauty.  In those days I normally didn’t feel anything – neither pain or joy.  But in Hiroshima I did feel the joy which comes with peace and harmony.”

Josephine continued by sharing:

“The Shinto approach is before they embark on any project to create a building or garden they discuss it with the Kami, (similar to our Caretakers of the Land) and with the plants and trees and stones  which will be part of the project;  and then  perform ceremonies for the success of the project.  And then more ceremony at the end in gratitude for the successful completion.”

Josephine believes that there are other gardens being created like this around the world. But I wanted to plant the seed with you of the Japanese Healing Garden and the Shinto approach to bringing ceremony into any garden they create.

When we wonder what we can “do” the idea of Peace Gardens inspires us to see that there are many ways to raise consciousness and bring harmony into world communities. We really can become shamanic gardeners providing a huge service by creating Peace Gardens in our communities.

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Transmutation News – March 2019

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I joined Renee Baribeau for an interview on Michael Sandler’s Show Inspire Nation. It is a really great interview where we cover a lot of topics about shamanism and performing ceremonies. To watch or listen to the show here is the link:

I have really enjoyed teaching my online courses. I have been teaching online for many years. These courses do not take the place of being in a physical workshop where a deeper sense of community can be built by drumming, dancing, singing, laughing, and performing ceremonies together. But in today’s world online courses provide an opportunity for people who can’t travel to a workshop.

I have learned more about teaching shamanism by being on Facebook for years reading all the posts and questions from the participants in my courses.

I have been able to clearly identify where many students are getting stuck as they are introduced to shamanic journeying. And the missing piece that people are not getting is the power of building incredibly strong and long-term relationships with the helping spirits. The key to a deep shamanic practice is to meet a spirit in a journey and look deeply into your helping spirits eyes, feeling the power of their breath, and opening your invisible ears to hear inspirational messages, and receive healing help.

In the West, instead of taking the time to build such a strong relationship like you would with the most important person in your life, new shamanic journeyers come back and immediately ask others why a guardian spirit introduced itself as an ally and how to interpret what was shown in the journey.

This behavior sets up a dead-end path in shamanism as no one else can interpret the meaning of such a sacred relationship.

I have been working with my helping spirits for so long, they are the only beings I turn to with questions, healing help, and suggestions of ceremonies to perform. I talk to them throughout the day as I would my best friends.

I have realized that the behavior of students in our modern culture crosses over to how many engage with the other living beings we share this planet with. One might sit by a tree and ask for a message or for some guidance. But it is a rare person who visits a tree every day for a year getting to know each other and becoming allies for each other.

What would happen if we build and establish strong relationships with other species? I believe we would learn how to live in harmony and raise our consciousness to healthier and kinder ways of living.

You can start with a plant in your house. Visit it daily and create a two-way relationship with it. You might not hear words spoken in your language. But overtime you will learn a shared language that will infuse your life with a sense of wonder. You could start your practice with a stone or rock or visiting your favorite tree every day. Talk to the water you drink and wash with everyday. These are just suggestions.

To add this to this I found when I first taught transfiguration people were not really connecting with the Source of light that lives within and is our authentic identity. I could see that the short comings of so many students were born from not knowing about their own story of creation. For if you do not have a strong relationship with the divine and Source, transfiguration can all become a mental concept and lose the power of transmuting heavy leaded consciousness into golden light.

To go deeper with your work, I wish to plant the seed of the need of building stronger relationships with Source, our helping compassionate spirts and learning the language of the beings in nature. We are woven together in the web of life!

This work will raise your consciousness to a beautiful place where harmony can once again return between humans and all of life. And then we don’t focus so much on the outcome of our work. For we are immersed in such magic, wonder, and awe we learn how to live fully in the present. 

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Tracy Shulsinger is one of these teachers. I love the work she is doing. Recently we were communicating, and she shared with me a wonderful practice. I thought the practice is brilliant and feel it is perfect to welcome in the equinox. It beautifully weaves in my teaching that shamans are gardeners of energy.

 We welcome in the Spring/Fall equinox on March 20. Below is what Tracy shares with our global community. 

Shamanic Peace Gardens

In early January 2019 I gathered with my monthly shamanic journeying circle and we asked our guides, “What intentions or focus are in my highest good for 2019?”

I received several beautiful and exciting answers, and I would like to share one of them with you.

My helping spirits said:

It is time to venture out into the world more. You need to involve yourself more with what is happening all over the globe, and not avoid hearing about events because of how it affects you. When you hear about something that is happening in the world that pains you to hear, instead of retreating and avoiding it, go deeper into the situation and plant shamanic peace gardens. Shamanic peace gardens will help to bring harmonious and beautiful life to the situation and to the people that are involved. As you are clearing away the debris over the Earth, you are also clearing away the debris of the situation. As you dig a hole in the Earth, you are digging deep into the situation to connect with it. As you plant a seed in the Earth, you are inserting a different kind of energy into the situation- one that will help to change, overcome, and to plant beauty and peace there. As you cover the garden with soil you are grounding and anchoring the situation with this new energy. As you water the garden over and over again, you are continuously nurturing and loving the people and situation.

To plant shamanic peace gardens, you visualize yourself at the situation, then move through the process of planting a garden. First, clear the soil, clearing away any debris over the soil. Next, dig a hole. Then place seeds into the hole. Finally, cover the seeds with soil and water the peace garden. Return to the peace garden every time that you hear or think about the situation and pour loving water onto the peace garden to help the peace, love and beauty to continuously grow. 

This shamanic peace garden visualization can be done during a shamanic journey, but it is actually meant to be done during moments of ordinary reality, when you are occupied with day-to-day activities. If you overhear a tragic news report, instead of turning the channel, you can consider to fully listen, feel all the feelings that are brought up, and then see yourself going to the location and planting a peace garden. This takes shamanic practice out into the world!  Also, when you stay with your feelings, and in that moment of intensity, employ that intensity to energetically support the peace garden, and thus the situation, there is greater power behind your loving action, and greater power for transforming your emotions. 

I was so relieved to receive this practice.  I have felt guilty for years about avoiding current events and the news, but I felt it was necessary for self care, as I would have nightmares and constant ruminations about the suffering in the world. I figured my own suffering was not helping anyone, so better to spread joy in the world by feeling joyful inside myself. But this solution never felt quite right- I was in effect, bypassing life and my feelings over and over again. Now with the shamanic peace gardens practice I can engage the word fully, protect myself by being in the energy of the peace gardens, and help to bring the energy of life, love and beauty to the places and people in the world who greatly need it.  The great magic in this practice is to continuously revisit your peace gardens when you think or hear about the people or events that inspired you to plant the peace garden. Practices are most effective when repeated- the energy grows and grows, just like your beautiful peace gardens over time!

With love,

Tracy Shulsinger

Tracy Shulsinger is a shamanic teacher and practitioner in Boulder, CO. She offers a monthly shamanic journeying and practice circle, teaches students to become shamanic practitioners and does individual healing sessions.

For more information:

The full moon is March 21. We can weave this beautiful practice that Tracy shared into our full moon ceremony of Creating a Human Web of Light. Let us keep building a stronger relationship with the divine light that is also shining brightly inside of us. And let us transfigure and radiate that light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage to read instructions for our global full moon ceremony.

I also wanted to let everyone know that Tatiana Starikova has volunteered to keep up the Russian translations of The Transmutation News. This is so exciting to me as some of my books are out in Russian, and it is wonderful that we can bring readers into the work we are doing. Let us join together to thank Tatiana for her generosity of spirit!

I join everyone in our community in wishing you a beautiful equinox!!


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