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Trainings and Announcements from Sandra Ingerman

A Message From Sandra

I know we have been riding some very challenging and turbulent waves. And the natural flow of life will continue to bring us challenges that inspire us to really deepen our spiritual work. For clearly we cannot think our way out of or physically power through the personal and planetary initiation we are in. We are being asked to dive deep into the power of our inner spirit that has all the knowledge and strength to carry us through to the rebirth as to attune us to the nature cycle of death and rebirth that all living beings on Earth experience.

But we must learn how to live a new way of life filled with love, light, and the power of spirit. We have to correct the disharmonious patterns we have created in the collective field of energy.

There are no compassionate spirits or shamanic teachers who can do your personal work for you. But they can inspire you on ways to perform your own ceremonial work, join with others in your local and global community to do the same, and keep going deeper.

The practice of shamanism was gifted to humans by the compassionate spirits over 100,000 years ago to help them survive. And obviously we need the power of these universal and ancient practices to assist in the survival of life on this Earth.

I started teaching the practice of shamanism when I was 29, and I will be 68 in 2021. I am working with new formats so I can share teachings with the international community without being on the road 300 days a year as I did in the past.  Teaching online classes have given the opportunity for people from all over the world to train with me.

I will keep teaching, just more locally and through online courses, summits, and lectures, through my writing and of course I will continue writing the monthly Transmutation News.

Studying long term with a local teacher where you can work within a bonded and supportive community is such a powerful way to be introduced to shamanic ways of receiving guidance, healing, and living a shamanic way of life. I have been training shamanic teachers since 2003. You will find an international list of brilliant local teachers I trained by visiting This site includes a list of shamanic practitioners I have trained if you are looking to work one on one with a shamanic healer.

Below you will see the workshops I have scheduled.  Keep checking back as I add more to my schedule. Please take a look at the wealth of online classes I have taught that were recorded and can now be registered for and downloaded on your own timeline.

Continue to check this section to learn about new workshops I schedule at retreat centers or new online courses.

What people are saying….

“Sandra is an excellent teacher with a great deal of love and wisdom to share.”
This course helped me see the world in new ways, connect with nature beings, and find sources of love and healing within me and in the outer world. Sandra is an excellent teacher with a great deal of love and wisdom to share. The course helped me move into a place where I think I will be able to offer more love and joy to others and help make the world better. Thank you, Sandra! 
Anna, Pittsburg, Kansas

“I have no doubt my life has changed for the better since this course.”
Sandra is such a brilliant teacher, and her way of being in this world feels so profoundly aligned to my life as well. Her practices and teachings on nature connection are a breath of beautiful, hopeful fresh air in what can feel like an overwhelmingly chaotic world. I will continue to refer to these classes and practices frequently. I have no doubt my life has changed for the better since this course.
— Catherine, Victoria, Canada



Sandra is ready to get back on the road and teach a physical Practitioner Training at a retreat center again.

Make sure you check this section and her Transmutation news for announcements about this.

And if you get on her email list you will get the information as soon as it ready.

Spiritual Immunity
Free Introduction
September 4, 2021

Spiritual Immunity, 7-week Online Live Course, Starts September 28, 2021


Evergreen courses are workshops that have previously been offered as live courses and then packaged for purchase for people that want to still take the course.
Please check back from time to time as sponsors decide to make previously live courses available.

healing with spiritual light
Eight Part Online Series

Seven Module Video Training
Part 1
Eleven Module Video Training
Part 2
Six Online Video Sessions
21st Century Shamanism
Three Part Series
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Six Online Video Sessions

Sandra Ingerman reserves the right to cancel any workshops or the participation of anyone, at any time for any reason. In such a case, fees paid in advance will be refunded.