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In July, my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to take an expedition to the Arctic. This has been a life dream for me. Also, I had a powerful journey where the Sun asked me to make the pilgrimage.

So, we set off on an ice cutting expedition boat. It was an amazing experience to travel into such a magical realm. We went to the Svalbard.

During our journey, the ice expanded so we were able to get to the 80th parallel. We got to 730 miles toward the North Pole. But we could not go further.

I cannot possibly put into words what we experienced here. We definitely now have “polar fever” and are seriously thinking about moving to a town in the Artic for a while.

I went to be in the ice and in the silence. To be able to ride through the ice shelf was spectacular! But we did get to see some amazing nature beings- dolphins, seals, walruses, an amazing number of birds, beautiful flowers, reindeer, Artic fox, and yes, we saw a polar bear. I mostly got to see the polar bear climbing onto a piece of ice so mostly I saw its butt. But then I could see it walking. This all happened too fast to take a photo. But such a gift!

I keep sharing in the Transmutation News that all life sings. Well on one zodiac excursion we did go into a fjord where there was singing ice. We got to be with it for one hour before we had to return.

I did post a clip of a video I took of singing ice on my Facebook Page

We took some spectacular hikes and amazing zodiac rides to witness a wealth of animals, birds, and landscapes.

To be in the silence in this magical dimension of reality is life changing.

This is something we all miss in the frantic lives we lead. And how fast life has become is causing illness of the soul.

We must return to living a more nature-based life. This would help people emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

With all the changes happening in our environment we must learn how to adapt. For our current environment is filled with so many toxins, and we must get really proactive on how to transmute them.

I recently learned through a medical test that I am filled with very toxic mold and so is our house. We are working with a mold remediation team who is getting the mold out of our home. And I am taking supplements for my own healing.

But I realized that I can get lost in paranoia about how some mold might be escaping some of the cleansing we are doing.

I realized that instead of shifting into a state of fear it is time for me to go even deeper with my own practice of transfiguration. We know it works from so much we have seen throughout the years. Light does transform toxic substances.

I focus during the day on sensing and feeling my inner sun radiating light through all my cells. I emanate light and love throughout my house and the land we live on.

I see our home in its divine perfection. And I am also doing my spiritual work to step out of the field of energy of mold. Stepping out of fields of energy is a topic I want to pursue with you in the future.

To adapt to our environment, we have our work to do. We must step out of the frantic field of energy that so many of us are caught up in and find ways to step into the field of energy of silence. We need this to regenerate!

And we must do our spiritual practices such as transfiguration to transmute what we do take in from our environment instead of living in fear.

Adaptation will be key in our lifetime. Spend some time in nature and reflect on what I am sharing.

What are you doing to make sure you adapt? And how are you inspiring your loved ones and community to do the same? This is important work that we cannot deny anymore.

There are beings in nature who tap into the blueprint they were born with to adapt and there are those whose time it is to leave the planet. But all of life right now is being asked to adapt one way or another.

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The full moon is September 14.  This is a perfect time to connect with the power of the sun, moon, and stars and to tap into your divine light that reflects back powerful life-giving energies. Find a way to adapt your own transfiguration work so you can tap into your purest radiant light.

Let’s radiate this light throughout our global community empowering each other. And let’s radiate it within and throughout the Earth touching every life form with perfection and love.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

And amazingly summer and winter are shifting to fall and spring in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. It’s time to connect with the land where you live and feel the changes within and without as we welcome in a whole new season of life.

The equinox is on September 23. During the time of fall we always think about what we need to let of go of and surrender to the earth so that she might compost the energy into new life. And for the spring we think about the endless possibilities that can be birthed as we plant new seeds into the earth.

For this equinox let’s ceremoniously plant seeds of hope in the earth where you live. You can certainly do this as a journey or a meditation. But better than that would be to go outside, bring your sacred tools with you, welcome the helping spirits, the compassionate ancestors of the land, the hidden folk, earth, air, water, and fire as the sun, the power of the moon and the stars to be your witness. Use some seeds that you have gathered or bought and plant them while you breathe hope, love, and light into each seed you plant. Fill each seed with the intention of hope bursting forth around the world in their right time. With the changes in seasons, we will have plants of hope blooming everywhere.

Every living being on this Earth is sacred. You are sacred. Life is sacred. Let’s remember what a gift it is to be here and continue to deepen our spiritual practices.

I join our circle in wishing everyone a beautiful and powerful equinox!


Copyright 2019 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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