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GDV Results - Soil Experiment

Soil - Before Transfiguration Ceremony


In March of 2004 a Medicine for the Earth Reunion led by Sandra Ingerman was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This group of people have been meeting for three years and have continued to deepen their work using transfiguration to transmute toxins.

This year,  experiments were done using soil.  

Soil was taken from the road from a place where automobiles drive over the dirt and this sample was allowed to come to room temperature.  Using the GDV camera which utilizes the Kirlian effect, images before transmutation show a dull center without much energy or brilliance.



After the ceremony in which the participants transfigured into their divine state, the soil images show much more energy and a greater brillance in the center.  The center of the image is where the electronic charge is aimed so that the gas discharge of the sample can be photographed. 

It is exciting to observe that when individuals transfigure into a higher frequency, the positive effect can be observed not only in GDV images of the individuals but also in the images of the surrounding elements in nature

Soil - After Transfiguration Ceremony