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How to Work with Omens    

by Sandra Ingerman

In indigenous traditions it is believed that everything that exists in nature is alive and interacts with us. Nature is always communicating with us and often this occurs by showing us omens and signs.

Working with omens and signs shows us that we are in harmony with the flow of life. Physics uses the term “a unified field” to describe a state of oneness. In indigenous cultures the term used is the web of life.

We are connected to one universal force and we are part of nature. When we flow with “the river of life” the universe shows us signposts that lead us to making healthy and wise decisions. We get these signposts as we walk through both nature and an urban environment as we raise our awareness to the daily messages we are being given. 

As you hold questions about what your next step in life should be if you pay attention the universe is always giving you a sign. And in spiritual traditions these signs are also called omens. This can feel like the universe is laying down breadcrumbs for us to follow. We are being led to receive guidance in ways that are beyond our logical understanding.

As you walk in nature or even travel to work you might see the appearance of an animal whose qualities might give an answer to your question. You might notice the forms appearing in the clouds in the sky that present a metaphorical response.

You also might find yourself meeting a complete stranger and in the conversation you find yourself receiving an answer to a question or problem you have been dealing with.

Sometimes signs come in a song being sung on the radio while you are pondering a question.  You might be focusing on an issue in life and a bus drives by with an advertisement posted on the side with words that hold a solution or some kind of inspiration. You might be flipping through a book and you come upon a perfect sentence or paragraph that provides you with the inspiration you need.

You might wonder if the omens you receive are an answer to a question or a coincidence. Albert Einstein reminds us that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

In the 1980’s I found myself going through a challenging time.  One day I called out a prayer to the universe. I said, “Please show me obvious signs that I can follow.”

From that day forth I have found that as long as I pay attention life gives me all the omens and signs I need to make healthy choices. Of course the key is I have to be aware and listen.

We have all had times in our lives when we reflect on a past event we realize we ignored signs we were given.  We might have decided to ignore the information we were receiving or we just were not aware of the guidance given. Many of us go through life asleep and living in a trance created by so much outer stimulation in our lives.

We don’t always realize that the help and guidance we need is being shown to us. We are not awake to the signs we are being given. Our minds are often too busy and distracted to notice what the universe is revealing to us for our highest good.

A good way to start your practice of watching for omens and signs is to take a walk in nature. Before your walk think about a question you have that you need guidance with. You might be considering making a choice that will impact your life. Think about this and hold the intention that you wish to be shown a sign.

As you walk allow the beauty of nature to quiet your mind. Just be observant. Take some deep breaths. Notice if you are aware of cloud formations in the sky that might provide insight for you. You might see an animal, bird, insect, etc. that has certain qualities that act as a sign. Use your imagination and just stay aware.

When you come to a decision about a change you are going to make in your life take a walk and ask for a sign of confirmation. As you focus on your new decision a breeze might come out of nowhere which feels like it is whispering “yes” to you. A beautiful butterfly might come along and land on your hand as you imagine bringing a change into your life. You might notice that the sky is thick with clouds and when you think about a new life choice the clouds part and the sun shines. As you pass a tree while thinking about a life change all the leaves might shake in a way that feels like an affirmation. With this way of working you must trust your intuition  as nature responds to you.

Be persistent and be willing to practice. You might not find yourself feeling your connection with the natural world on your first try. Keep holding your intention and taking walks.

At home, work, or school let your intuition lead you to a book on a bookshelf. Simply open to a page. Read the page and see if you were led to an important message.

Notice if you end up having synchronistic meetings with old friends or strangers where what seems like a random conversation holds great wisdom that inspires and assists you in some way.

As you do this more and more you will notice that your path ahead is being lit to show you the way.  When we open our awareness to how the universe participates in our healing, growth, and evolution life takes on a deeper meaning.

Copyright © 2012 Sandra Ingerman. All Rights Reserved.