Transmutation News – December 2011

I would like to thank all of you who joined me in the celebration of the life of my father Aaron Ingerman. It meant a lot to both me and to my mother.

For those of you who have been reading the Transmutation News over the years know I have been sharing how much my parents have inspired me. And it is so important to me to honor them for all they have done for me. So, thank you!

The greatest spiritual teaching that has been passed down throughout the ages has been the power of universal love. Universal love is beyond personality. And it is with the understanding and holding of universal love that all healing can take place. For no matter what is happening on a global or personal level being able to maintain a state of unconditional love assists in all healing and transformation.

Holding a state of universal and unconditional love is the greatest gift that we can give loved ones and all life on earth.

But as human beings we get caught up in personality. And once we are identified with our own personality and the personality of others our feelings become very complex. And when we are caught up these complex feelings, we stop being a true channel of love.

As I have written over the years life is filled with paradoxes. For on one level we have taken on personalities as human beings to experience the adventure of life. We each take on different roles that we want to live out, explore, and express in this lifetime.

And at the same time, we are divine spirit and always connected with Source and we are one.

Throughout our spiritual practice we must learn to dance the paradox of life. At the same time, we must remember the love of spirit and that divine love is holding and embracing us all the time. We must learn how to express this love more and more each day. This is what the times we live in call for.

On many levels we cannot change the physicality of what is happening in the world. But by perceiving the divine in all and holding a state of divine love we can transform the energies of what is occurring.

During one of my near-death experiences, I remember standing in front of a great brilliant light. And this light just radiated unconditional love to all of us who were standing before it. There were those we would judge as criminals and there were those of us who worked from a place of love. Yet the light did not recognize us for our deeds and who we were on a personality level. This light of Source just radiated love and light.

This was such a powerful teaching for me at such a young age. And now more than ever I see a need for us to learn how to just hold others in unconditional love.

And I do recognize that this can be easier said than done. For as personalities we judge who deserves love. And we put limits on our love.

We have been working with the principle of radiating light just like a star in the night sky. This light has no limits, and a star radiates light effortlessly. Source also radiates love effortlessly and there are no limits to the love of the universe.

This month I would like you to meditate on, journey on, experience fully in every cell of your being the love that went into your creation. Take some time as we have done in the past to experience your creator. Find the term that works for your belief system – God, the goddess, Source, creator, creative forces of the universe, the divine, the power of the universe, etc.

Put on some music and lie down. Set your intention to meet your creator and experience the love that went into your creation.

We have done this before together, but I have to say that the more you can do this exercise the more you can anchor the feeling of universal love in your cells. And the more you can experience this divine love in your cells the more you can express it in the world.

Love heals!!

On December 22 we celebrate the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

And as we all know this marks the Christmas holiday season which in many places around the world has become more of a commercial holiday than a spiritual one.

Many people during this time of year go out and buy Christmas trees. During our solstice celebration this year I would suggest a new way to bring in this holiday season. This creates a lovely and deep way for people in your community to connect with each other.

In my book How to Thrive in Changing Times I wrote about the tradition of creating a prayer tree that comes out of Siberia.

In Siberia trees are seen as sacred as they bridge the heaven and the earth. There is a wonderful shamanic tradition in Siberia of creating a prayer tree.

Traditional food and drink offerings are left by the tree. The shaman of the community also chants and gives thanks to the helping spirits for carrying the prayers of the people up to the universe so that their dreams manifest back on earth.

People tie ribbons loosely on the branches of the tree. As the tree will continue to grow it is important not to choke the branch with a ribbon that is tied on too tight.

The ribbons tied on the tree are empowered with prayers for individuals, families, and for the community.

One year I was teaching in Scotland and was taken to visit a forest in the Trossachs called “The Fairy Forest”. People from all over the world had come to the forest to leave letters, drawings, pictures, and prayers for personal and planetary healing. These were left by a tree or tied on to the branches of the trees in this forest. It was an extraordinary sight to see a whole glen of trees filled with colored ribbons, photos, gifts, and a variety of beautiful objects filled with love and hope.

In celebrating the solstice this year, I would suggest creating a prayer tree in your community. Start by giving thanks to the tree in a way that calls to your heart. Intention is the key. Bless this tree for the love in your heart as this living being works in partnership to carry prayers to the creative forces of the universe.

Loosely wrap different colored ribbons that contain prayers for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the planet. Invite others in your community to do the same. This way of working brings people in your community together and this in itself creates healing for all of life.

You could also buy a Christmas tree and instead of putting ornaments on it you can create a prayer tree for your community. You can even create a prayer tree in your place of work. In this way you support all you co-workers in their prayers.

Use your imagination!

The full moon is December 10. Let us continue to weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout this great earth! Let us radiate our light and love embracing all of life and our wonderful global community.

As we approach the end of the year please join me in giving great gratitude and send blessings to all the wonderful people who help to share the Transmutation News around the globe.

We give thanks and blessings to Sylvia Edwards who is the brilliant webmaster of And Bob Edgar was the person who seeded the idea that I start a monthly column back in 1998. And he has kept the Transmutation News posted on Thank you Bob and we wish you all the best!

And a special thanks to Eva Ruprechtsberger who seeded the idea to find translators who would volunteer to translate the monthly column.

We join our hearts together and radiate light, love, and blessings to our translators who translate the Transmutation News into the following languages:

Lena Anderheim – Swedish
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To our global community we all wish you a joyous solstice!!

And next month we bring in 2012 together!!!

Transmutation News – November 2011

My father Aaron Ingerman died at the age of 97 on Friday night a little before 8 PM on October 21.

My father died in a true state of peace and grace. He had his hands on his heart and the most peaceful look on his face. He is now in a most beautiful place.

There was a CD of harp music that had been looping all afternoon and through his death. And he had loving people sitting in silent meditation with him throughout the day.

My father was an extraordinary man. He was the best father a girl could have ever dreamed up! He took such wonderful care of me.

He was loved, honored, and respected by many for the generosity of his spirit and his sense of humor. He got great enjoyment from gardening and painting. He worked so hard to try and support his family. And he always said in his retirement that he just wanted to rest.

May he rest in peace and love.

I ask that you join me in giving thanks to Aaron Ingerman for gracing this earth with his presence. He gave so much to so many, and I just want to tell him that many thank him in return!

His wife and my mother Lee Ingerman will be 97 shortly. Thank you for joining me in prayers wishing her great peace and comfort during this time.


Last month I wrote about the need to call ourselves back home again so that we can be present to what truly needs to be attended to in our lives and in our spiritual work.

I continued to work on this theme with my own helping spirits. And in my own shamanic journeys I was shown another aspect that I want to share with you.

In spiritual traditions there is different wording to describe our egoic self versus our higher spirit. In some teachings this is described as the “will” and “Will”. Some traditions talk about “self” and “Self”. Depending on what tradition you look at you will see different vocabulary used to describe the state of separation versus oneness.

We do need a strong will to survive. And this part of ourselves is very primal and does have a strong energy that keeps us surviving a variety of challenges that occur physically.

But what my helping spirits have shared with me is the need to align the will/self with Will/Self so that our primal and raw strength to live is aligned with a higher purpose.

Today we are seeing a misalignment with the “self” and “Self”. And this is creating states of violence, greed, desire for power over, abuse, and illness on all levels. For what “the self” wants and what the “Self” is leading us towards are often to two different outcomes.

The lack of alignment is creating disharmony which is yielding illness personally and collectively.

The key is working on alignment with our divine spirit and our higher purpose.

I was shown so clearly that the challenges we are experiencing in the world today are happening for a clear reason. The lesson for all of us is to align with our higher purpose of caretaking our earth garden. I did write about our purpose of being caretakers in Medicine for the Earth.

When we can align, then we can surrender to our inner spirit and inner wisdom. When we can surrender to our divine spirit then the fighting stops.

I remember back in the 1990’s I was going through quite the initiation, and I felt lost of how to get through the huge changes in my life. The two things I ended up repeating to myself throughout the day as a mantra were:

“The only way out is through.”

“The strength of my spirit will carry me through the darkness.”

This was such a powerful time for me. Although I never want to repeat what I went through I did find myself so grateful for the change in me that this initiation created. I felt as if I had been reborn and was a different person operating from a different place of wisdom and spiritual power.

After this experience I reflected back on a variety of times of big change and challenges that has happened through my life. And I could really see that what allowed me to survive some pretty intense times was always the strength of my Spirit. It was not my ego that was able to just push through. It was my Spirit that carried me through that made the difference.

My helping spirits were pretty clear with me that for life to continue on this great earth we must align with our higher purpose.

This month I ask all of us to set an intention to align our “will” with our “Will”; our “self” with our “Self”. Meditate on aligning with your divine spirit.

I know this has been our purpose together as a global community. But I found the wording that my helping spirits gave me helpful in shifting and setting my daily intention.

The rewards of doing this are many. Life gets easier, joy bubbles through us, and we get healthier on all levels.

So, I encourage you to really concentrate on this work for the month. And keep your focus on alignment!

The full moon is November 10. Let us focus on aligning our higher selves with each other in our global community and radiate our light throughout the planet and the entire web of light and life.

For those of you new to reading The Transmutation News please read the instructions for our monthly ceremony on the homepage “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

Transmutation News – October 2011

As we watch world events, we are seeing so many people losing their homes through extreme weather, war, and economic problems. And of course, this touches all of our hearts.

There is another tragedy that is occurring that is silent and that is affecting so many of us. And this is how we are allowing ourselves to get pulled outside of ourselves. More and more people are feeling scattered and more disassociated as we move into uncertainty about where the future is leading us and as we are surrounded by so much change and stress in our lives.

I think that this is an issue that we all must address for ourselves. For it is the ego that moves into a state where we feel the need to disassociate more and more from life and from our sense of self.

And what the planet and all of life needs right now is for us to stay home and rest in our divine spirit and shine our light in the world. But I do notice that for many this is becoming difficult as the stresses of life are allowing the ego to take over and many people are losing their sense of being centered. This of course is a type of soul loss.

It is time to make a clear decision to come back home to our spirit. There is a need for all of us to perform a type of soul retrieval to call ourselves back again.

Of course, if you have suffered a trauma, you might consider going to a shamanic practitioner to receive a soul retrieval. And there is a global list of brilliant practitioners on

But the type of soul loss I am writing about is where we have allowed life to pull us out of ourselves and where we have lost our center, but where we have the ability to return on our own.

The process of healing needed in this instance is for us to make a decision to get focused, come back to center, and to rest in our spirit.

In Medicine for the Earth, I wrote up an exercise that originates from Psychosynthesis. In this therapy it is acknowledged that we are more than our bodies and mind. We have a spiritual component that has a sense of impermanence and moves with grace and ease through change.

I have been working myself with repeating: “I am more than my body and my mind. I am an unlimited spiritual being.”

Whenever I feel pulled out of myself from the stress of life, I start to repeat the above sentence. I immediately move into a state of inner peace and feel myself expanding versus contracting.

Either going outside and lying on the earth or putting on some nice music and imagining yourself lying on the earth will help you to center and to align with the spiritual heartbeat of the earth, the heartbeat of divine perfection.

When you find yourself being pulled outside of yourself by a past event or fear of the future bring yourself back to the present by thinking about something you love about life. Move into a place of gratitude.

Work with opening up your crown, third eye, and heart chakras. You can really work with transforming your perception when you observe the world through the eyes of spirit. This entails opening up your third eye. When you bring through divine wisdom this opens up your crown chakra. And of course, opening your heart allows you to embrace all of life with love. When we are in a loving place, we create a home to come back to.

The ego perceives fear. And this is the nature of separation. Do the practices you have learned to move back into a state of oneness and divine light.

We are all being challenged by the outer world to move within to find true peace and security.

On that note I did write another blog for the Huffington Post that was posted in September. The title is: “How to Create A Rich Inner Garden”.

You might take a look at what I wrote for more ideas on how to come back home again. The link is:

I was communicating to Gail, a friend of mine, about the topic of the need to call our soul back home. And Gail used the metaphor of a magnet. She was saying how it is important to magnetize the soul back home.

Gail talked about the image of a bar magnet, one side with a negative charge and one side with a positive charge. As you know if you hold two bar magnets you can hold one stationary and then rotate the pole of the other to attract or repel the stationary one.

Gail was saying that the stresses of life and the ego flurry of action/worry have the daily effect of reversing the pole – so a field is created where one’s essence ends up getting pushed or spun away.

It is important to find ways to magnetize your essence towards you instead of pushing it away. Gail uses dance for this. I know I have a variety of hobbies that can create a magnetic pull of my essence back home.

In How to Thrive in Changing Times I wrote about using two magnets to get the sensation of the energy needed to receive our desired outcome. This month you might try using two magnets to get the physical sensation of what it feels like to pull your essence back to you when it scatters due to life circumstances.

Take some time to check in with your inner self each day and do what ever work you need to do to make sure you are present and centered.

Don’t allow yourself to get lost by what is happening in the outer world. Find your inner strength. Rest in spirit. And know that you are an unlimited spirit that surfs the changes that life is bringing for all of us with grace and ease.

The full moon is October 11. Take some time and if needed call yourself back home again. Travel within and experience your inner light. Now imagine the beautiful bright web of light we have been weaving together. Imagine reaching your fingers filled with divine light touching a part of the web. Thousands of us will be touching the web together on this day. Observe the light and love of our global circle rippling throughout the web of light.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News, please read the instructions for Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site. And then join in with the above instructions.

Let us all hold our global community in love and perceive all of us as shining, healthy, and joyful beings of light.

Transmutation News – September 2011

I want to remind those of you reading the Transmutation News in languages besides English that all languages are now linked on

I am delighted to announce that we have new translations!! Please join me in sending blessings and appreciation to our two new translators. Filiz Telek is translating The Transmutation News in Turkish. And Jitka “Jitush” Navratilova is translating the Transmutation News into Czech. It is so wonderful that our global community keeps growing!

I have decided not to send a broadcast email each time a blog I have written is posted on the Huffington Post. We get enough emails, don’t we? Instead, I will post the blog link on the Transmutation News. The blog for August is posted in the Announcements Section below and also it will posted on the homepage of

I received messages from many readers that what I wrote in the August Transmutation News was extremely helpful.

I feel that as teachers and practitioners it is important to never put oneself on a pedestal. For when we do we set up unrealistic expectations for others.

Part of living in the conditioned world is always thinking that there is a perfect state we must attain and achieve. The truth is we are all growing towards the light and the sun. And in nature growth occurs in a slow and steady fashion.

I think putting people on pedestals or putting oneself on a pedestal is not healthy and is not truly being in service. For all those people we respect in life for the states of consciousness they model went through a challenging process of growth and are still growing.

The key is we must support and inspire each other to not give up and to keep walking on a spiritual path. In this way we flow with the river of life instead of being dragged by the river of life.

Last month I said I would write more about the Healing the Heart study I conducted with University of Michigan Integrative Medicine.

The study was published in the July issue of Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

The manuscript of the Healing the Heart study can be downloaded for a fee by clicking on the following link:

Heart patients who participated in a four-day Medicine for the Earth retreat that included techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, drumming, journal writing and outdoor activities saw immediate improvement in tests measuring depression and hopefulness. Those improvements persisted at three- and six-month follow-up measurements.

The study was the first randomized clinical trial to demonstrate an intervention that raises hope in patients with acute coronary syndrome, a condition that includes chest pain and heart attack.

“The study shows that a spiritual retreat like the Medicine for the Earth program can jumpstart and help to maintain a return to psycho-spiritual well-being,” says study lead author Sara Warber, M.D., associate professor of family medicine at the U-M Medical School and director of U-M’s Integrative Medicine program. “These types of interventions may be of particular interest to patients who do not want to take antidepressants for depression symptoms that often accompany coronary heart disease and heart attack.”

The retreat group was compared to two other groups: one received standard cardiac care and the other participated in a lifestyle change retreat run by the U-M Cardiovascular Center that focused on nutrition, physical exercise and stress management.

The study used a number of standard mental and physical benchmarks to assess the success of the program.

The spiritual retreat group went from a baseline score of 12 on the Beck Depression Inventory, indicating mild to moderate depression, to an improved score of 6 immediately afterward, a 50-percent reduction. Their scores remained that low half a year later. The lifestyle group saw their scores drop from 11 to 7 and remain there. The control group’s score started at 8 and went down to 6.

Participants also showed marked improvement in their scores on a test measuring hope. Scores on the State Hope Scale can range from 6 to 48, with higher scores indicating greater hope. All three study groups started with average scores between 34 and 36. After the Medicine for the Earth retreat, participants’ average scores rose and stayed at 40 or above, while the other two groups’ averages remained significantly lower, ranging from 35 to 38, three and six months later.

“Our work adds an important spiritual voice to the current discussion of the importance of psychological well-being for patients facing serious medical issues, such as acute coronary artery disease,” Warber says.

The workshop I taught was based on what I wrote in Medicine for the Earth. I taught the workshop in Michigan in 2004 and the majority of participants were very religious and would not be open to working with helping spirits or shamanic practices.

In teaching the workshop in Michigan all the practices were very powerful for our group. I just adapted my vocabulary to match the vocabulary that the participants could understand and work with.

This in itself is a powerful teaching. We oftentimes get so attached to feeling a need to use certain vocabulary when we teach spiritual practices. We must be flexible with our words to reach a broader audience with the work.

After the workshop in 2004 I wrote How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and then a couple of years later How to Thrive in Changing Times.

In both these books I was able to share the Medicine for the Earth work in ways that I felt could be understood by an audience of all beliefs and religions.

I know that these books are not all available in the languages that the Transmutation News is translated into. To get a book published in another language requires an interested publisher. At least one of these three books is published in almost all the languages.

If you are interested in teaching the Medicine for the Earth (MFTE) work to others in your community you might consider reading these books and adapt some of the exercises and practices given.

Below is a list of just some of the principles and practices we worked with:

We worked with the formula for transmutation and transformation: intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transformation.

Our perception creates our reality. If we believe we can create a life filled with good health, then we will and can. As we learn how to appreciate the beauty of life our life reflects back that beauty.

We can perceive a person as healthy or ill. Spiritual teachings share when we perceive a person in their perfect health, we help to lift them into a state of perfection.

Everything in our physical world starts in the invisible realms. This means our train of thoughts effect our health on all levels. The words we use also create the world we live in. Thoughts and words are “the as within” that create “the as without”.

When one looks at creation stories from around the world you can observe that most cultures believe that the world was created from a sound or word. And words are seen to have great creative power.

We used meditation to breathe through our hearts and to learn how to observe our thoughts and state of being. We used meditation to disidentify from our emotional triggers.

We used journaling to write out thoughts, words, and decrees we wished to focus on throughout the day to lead us to our desired outcome.

We worked with creating a state of well being by using our imagination engaging all of our senses to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the experience of the life we wish to create. In our workshop I had participants use their imaginations to see, hear, feel, taste, smell the experience of a life where they were healthy and happy. If you need more information on how to do this please read the May 2011 Transmutation News.

We used guided imagery to help participants discover their own story of creation so that they could understand the principle of union with the divine. An exercise to do this was written in the October 2010 Transmutation News.

We focused on how being out in nature helps us to regain a sense of well- being as we are connected to nature. And the earth, air, water, and the sun give us life. We went outside to sit with a tree as a time to relax and feel our connection with the heartbeat of the earth. And then we took short walks in nature while appreciating all that the earth, water, air, and the sun give us so that we may thrive.

We meditated on our life as a garden. We reflected on the thoughts and words we seeded our garden with. To have healthy lives we need to plant seeds in our inner garden of hope, inspiration, and love with our thoughts and words.

We asked for a healing dream before going to bed at night.

We learned how to transfigure into our divine light.

With the work that we did in the MFTE group we did a simple ceremony to imagine ourselves traveling deep into our bodies until we experienced our inner spiritual light. Then we experienced the flow of our spiritual light and radiated it out to the other members of our circle. In this way we experienced everyone in the circle in their divine perfection feeding the health of each participant in our circle.

One easy method I write about in How to Thrive in Changing Times is to imagine our body and mind being a beautiful coat over our spirit. Just unzip your coat and step out as pure divine light. Once you have had the experience zip back up your coat remembering the truth of who you truly are.

Another simple way I write about is imagine yourself merging with a star in the night sky. A star is light and radiates that light effortlessly for millions of miles. Imagine yourself being a shining star in the night sky.

After the four-day workshop, participants were encouraged to keep up a daily practice of transfiguration and also to keep perceiving everyone who was in our group in their divine light. And also each person was encouraged to feel the love of the circle throughout each day.

And I also encouraged the group to take in all the elements as light. Participants were taught to breathe in air, drink water, eat food, and take in the sun as love and light.

The practice is to allow our cells to absorb love and light throughout the day allowing radiance to shine through us creating a state of health and well being.

Participants were asked to create sacred space in their home and office by bringing in special objects. Decrees, words, inspirational images, flowers, candles, etc. can be placed in our space to remind us of our divinity.

Each person in our circle was amazed at the depth of the growth and healing that came from the practices they were taught during this four-day workshop. But they were also so touched by the love and support of the circle, and this was a new and life changing experience for them.

There were so many personal stories filled with emotion when we shared how the practices touched each person during and after the workshop when we continued our follow up.

At some point I hope to be able to pull together these wonderful stories to share with others as a source of inspiration. For as we know the heart filled stories shared by participants speak to the results in a deeper way than statistical data.

In the May Transmutation News I had shared about the Recall to Basic Consciousness. This was a conference for indigenous elders that took place in June. The conference was created by Jose Lucero, who is an elder in the Santa Clara Pueblo.

Jose Lucero has sent me an update on what occurred at the conference and I wanted to share a brief summary with you that you might find interesting. Here is an edited version of what Jose Lucero sent me:

“Following the tradition of the Indigenous United Nations meeting, the gathering used a circular format and the concept of an open fire to invite all of nature’s family who share the love of life, and respect and care for Mother Earth. The open fire is symbolic of planting and nurturing the spiritual seed of traditional knowledge in the hearts and minds of all who were present. The circle represents a simple gesture of respect for Mother Earth.

Participants honored and acknowledged elders present, those who could not attend, as well as those who have passed.

During the gathering, prayers were offered asking for the blessing of water to grow the spiritual seed of traditional knowledge, and that rain be sent to our drought-stricken areas. This was done by casting a sacred pebble into the pool of life. The strong winds that blew throughout the meeting carried the message.

Prayers were offered to bring harmony to Mother Earth and to the human race. And all the tragedies that have come from environmental disasters, disease, famine, war were acknowledged and prayers were offered to all those impacted.

It was with this heavy load that the elders made a pilgrimage to “The Heart of Mother Earth” by Navajo Mountain. While there, they offered amends, condolences and asked for forgiveness on behalf of all peoples.

While the rings of the sacred pebble made in the pool of life continue to grow further and further, so we reach out toward the future and the year 2012. It is at this time that a “cosmic alignment for spiritual enlightenment” must be made which will coincide with the alignment of the planets in our solar system. The planets are governed by the spiritual strings of our Grandfather Sun who in turn is ruled by the Creator. The solar flares from Grandfather affect all life forms and events in our solar system.

As these events occur we must not be fearful, but aware, and humble ourselves as we transition to recognize higher consciousness.

We would be wise to follow the example of the indigenous traditional elders who have gone before us, and those who are here with us today, and return to basic consciousness in order to help Mother Earth and all her children. For as we think and live, so Mother Earth, the solar system, and ultimately the universe will respond to us in like manner.

Un be og gin de way da. With respect and love for all.”

The final message that comes from the elders matches the work we have been doing together.

I suggest that we celebrate the change in season by sending a prayer for all of life by casting a sacred pebble into the pool of life. You can do this through a meditation, creating your imagery, or through shamanic journeying. Let us join in with the wisdom of the elders and add to the rings of the sacred pebble so the rings continue to grow reaching further throughout the planet and into the future.

The equinox is September 23. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we welcome in Autumn. And for those in the Southern Hemisphere we welcome in Spring.

This is a wonderful to time to meditate on your inner garden. Put on some nice music and imagine yourself traveling within to your own inner sacred garden of life. Notice what thoughts and attitudes need to be weeded out and what new seeds need to be planted.

Remember what we give energy to we give life to. What energies are you feeding?

This is a time where we are being asked to surrender to the death of what we know. It is time for us stop thinking and to live from our hearts and follow our inner wisdom.

It is a time to respond to questions with the answer “I don’t know”.

Whether you are celebrating the fall or spring equinox it is time to start looking at the world through spirit eyes. Drop into your heart and merge with your inner spirit and perceive all that is happening from a new perception.

Rationally we do not know what is coming. We can only allow our spirit to guide us.

The full moon is September 12. Let us continue to feed and weave a beautiful web of light within and throughout the earth. And let us send love and blessings to our global community as we perceive all of us in our divine light radiating light within and without.

For those of you new to reading The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions on our full moon ceremony.

Please join me in sending blessings to all for a joyous equinox!

Transmutation News – August 2011

I would like to start this month with an important announcement for all of you reading The Transmutation News in another language besides English.

Each translation for the Transmutation News will now be posted on Just click on the language you wish to read the column in.

It is wonderful that we have the Transmutation News translated into: French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, and Swedish.

I would like to take this opportunity for all of us to give gratitude to Eva Ruprechtsberger as for many years now she has been organizing the translations and posting them on a central website. And let us give gratitude to all the translators who volunteer their time to translate The Transmutation News. We send many blessings your way.

I have some incredibly exciting news to announce!!

In 2004 I co-partnered with the University of Michigan School of Integrative Medicine to do a pilot research on how Medicine for the Earth practices could help people who have suffered a heart attack.

Dr. Sara Warber was the primary investigator.

There were three randomized study groups. There was one group of participants who took a four-day workshop with me on Medicine for the Earth. I was assisted by Kate Durda who is an amazing teacher in Michigan listed on

Another group participated in a Lifestyle Change Program where participants learned about the importance of nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management. They learned how to practice meditation and yoga.

The third group received usual medical care.

The results of the study are now published by Explore Journal of Science and Healing.

This is such an exciting study as we were able to show the benefit of practicing Medicine for the Earth work for people who have suffered heart attacks.

The manuscript of the Healing the Heart study can be downloaded for a fee by clicking on the following link:

I do hope you will download it and read the paper. It has taken many years for the paper to finally be finished and published. I do trust that the timing is now right to share the power of healing that comes from the Medicine for the Earth work.

In the September Transmutation News, I will write about some of the practices that we did in the four day workshop. All the practices came from my book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins.

I am teaching a Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light training in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Oct. 19-23. I will share how I taught the practices to a non- shamanic community where I used guided visualizations and ceremonies that did not conflict with participants strong religious beliefs.

For more information on this training please email Ruth Aber at:

I have been studying taiko drumming for about 4 1/2 years now. Taiko drumming comes from Japan and there are many extraordinary taiko drummers performing around the world today.

One would never know that I had been studying for so long if you watch me play. I am afraid to say my form just doesn’t seem to match the beauty of the ancestry of taiko drumming.

But I so love to drum, and it is has been a very healthy practice for me to keep up as long as I let go of the judgement of my progress.

In the class that I am in we start each class with about 30 minutes of warm up and practice on a very small taiko drum called the shime. In many of the taiko pieces the shime is played to provide the back beat and the rhythms played on the shime can be quite complex.

When we practice on the shime we play rhythms where the left hand is playing something very different than the right hand. And this of course can be challenging for anyone.

When I play different beats with my right hand and left hand it is very clear that I cannot allow any thoughts to enter in if I want to be able to keep the different beats flowing and not get lost.

If I let thoughts come in such as starting to think of something that happened during my day, I lose the beat. If I start to think about something I need to do after class I lose the beat. If I start to reflect on how I am playing, I lose the beat.

My body knows how to keep the beat. There is an innate sense of how to do this. And when I can surrender to what my body knows how to do, I can easily keep the beat. But when I get my mind involved in the process, I find I get lost.

After one of my recent classes I started to reflect on how this is a metaphor for our spiritual work. For during this particular class, I had surrendered to the wisdom of my body and the cellular knowing of how to keep the different beats going with both of my hands. I had moved into a place of non-thinking and let my body wisdom flow.

Often when we engage in spiritual practices, we get distracted from the flow very easily. The media can distract us. Our beliefs of what is possible and what is not possible distract us. Our self-talk distracts us. In our modern world we simply have created and are surrounded by endless distractions. I think you know what I mean.

But when we sink into our inner state of knowing and our own divine spirit our spiritual life simply unfolds naturally without thinking about it. It is when we start to think that we end up in trouble.

I would love for you to reflect on times in your life when you just allowed yourself to ride the waves of life without getting caught up in mental thoughts and distractions. There is a freedom and sense of joy that comes as we can do this.

And we can simply start to play with this in life. Watch the distracting thoughts that come up for you throughout the day as you live your spiritual practices. Notice how your thoughts can throw you off beat and off center.

It takes discipline to stop the train of thought that is leading to distraction and focus and get back into your own natural rhythm of flow. Stay aware throughout the day of what you let distract you from your flow.

Last month I wrote about the need to be embodied to experience the true power and potential of spiritual work. And I want to weave some more threads into what I wrote last month.

For when we sink into our own body and the spiritual wisdom that it holds, we find ourselves flowing through life and the rhythms of life.

There are times when we move into a pure state of reaction and this of course typically stops our ability to flow with the river of life and all that life brings to us.

We are all experiencing many challenges in our lives as we are being asked to surrender to evolution on all levels. I wrote about this last month.

In New Mexico we have been in extreme drought. And it has been our driest year in recorded history. As I live in nature and spend a lot of time in nature it just breaks my heart to watch the trees and plants being affected by the drought. I am such a tree lover!!

One day last month it started to rain in Santa Fe. As I had a lot of errands to run around town, I experienced how widespread the rain was in the city.

But the one thing I knew was that it was not raining in the part of Santa Fe where I lived. It was not raining when I left my house, and I did not return to any rain – the land was dry.

I am so devoted to my spiritual work and I wanted to just accept that we were not receiving rain where I live. But no matter what I tried – every tool I had ever worked with just could not touch the reaction I went into. And the feeling that came up for me was rage.

I was not angry at the spirits, the weather, people, or any particular aspect in particular. I was simply in rage at how unfair life can be. Obviously, something deeper than rain had been triggered in me.

I got lost in a conditioned response. Although I could not stop my reaction, I could keep transmuting the energy so that I did not send raw rage into the collective. I avoided sending darts of rage to all of life.

And I could also reflect on my state while I was in it.

My frustration with myself was getting lost in the conditioned mind. For all spiritual teachings throughout time have taught that happiness must flow from within. If your happiness is dependent on your outer conditions, you will never be happy.

Rationally I think all of you who are reading the Transmutation News know the truth of this. When life seems to be going your way it is easy for the egoic part of yourself to feel happy, content, and at peace.

But any little life event can easily throw your ego out of that state of contentment. And it has always been thus for human beings. And the goal of spiritual practices is to find that inner light, inner peace, inner joy, inner contentment that is not shaken up by people and events in the outside world. This is true freedom!! And this is something that I know we all would like to experience. For we know our outer conditions will always change minute to minute, hour to hour, day by day. And we can ride a real rollercoaster when we get lost in what is happening in our outer world.

I have been writing about this for years. And what impacted me on this day of rain was I felt so frustrated as I have devoted every day of my life to my spiritual work and yet still my egoic self got so shaken up by the lack of rain in my area.

And I think this disappointment in myself was worse than my reaction. I am not sure as they fed each other.

Well, it did end up raining where I lived. I just needed a bit of patience.

But I learned a lot from watching my state of being. And that night and the next day I spent time reflecting on this nightmare I had allowed myself to fall into.

What occurred to me the next day was that although I did react to the outer events, I never lost my trust in nature’s intelligence. I realized that this was huge progress for me as in past years I would be angry at the weather spirits for not answering my call. I did not experience this. I knew in every cell of my being that nature knew exactly what it was doing, and I trusted that.

I did surrender to the experience of knowing that there would be loss from the drought and that this was simply part of evolution.

The point I am trying to make is that when I felt I had failed in my spiritual practices I realized that actually I had made great progress from the years of my continued discipline. For I had integrated some very positive behaviors into my daily life.

Yes, I did react but at the same time I did not lose my sense of trust and I did surrender to the outcome.

Oftentimes we are tested by life circumstances and we might think we failed the test once again. But when you can take some time and step back and reflect on how you did handle “the test” you will find that you did make progress. And although your behavior might not have felt great you still changed your behavior from years past. And this is such a huge key to acknowledge.

We still get upset and allow our ego to override the peace and contentment that lives inside of us. But as you continue your meditations, your journeys, your practices you will find that you do make progress. And you don’t repeat your past behaviors in the same way. This is so important to acknowledge!!

So, when you find yourself “falling off the path” take some time to step back and either write down or reflect on how you did actually integrate some of what you have been working with into the situation that presented itself as a challenge.

If you do this, you will actually be impressed by how far you have come.

And I do want to encourage all of you to continue to begin each day with gratitude for your life and all that you are given. For I personally find that when I start my day with gratitude, I don’t fall so low for the state of gratitude raises the ground higher and catches me as I feel myself falling off the path.

I start my day with giving thanks to:
-The helping ancestors on the land where I live.
-The spirit of Santa Fe and feeling grateful for the opportunity to live here.
-The spirit of the land I live on for having the opportunity to be a caretaker.
-The hidden folk and the spirit people (the elves, fairies, angels, and forest guardians) for working with me in partnership on behalf of the land.
-The spirit that lives in all things – this means all of life, so I don’t have to list every living creature.
-The elements of earth, air, water, fire (the sun) for giving what all living beings need to thrive and not just survive
-My helping spirits for all the wisdom, healing, and protection they share with me.
-And most of all I give thanks for my life.

Of course, each day I adapt my prayers for gratitude, as I don’t want to recite them as a recipe. For example, I also give gratitude for my health and for all my physical senses that allow me to experience the beauty of the natural world.

And I do express gratitude for important people in my life such as my wonderful husband, my parents, and all of you in our global community who are working on behalf of all of life. I do send blessings each day to feed our circle.

I find some time in the beginning of my day to give gratitude. And I find it creates a path that even when I feel lost, I can follow the light that my gratitude prayers are shining for me to follow.

How do you give gratitude each day?

It looks like I will be writing some regular blogs for AOL/Huffington Post. This is exciting as it gives me the opportunity to share some of the work we are doing together with a broader community. It would be great if you are willing to share the articles and the links with your community.

I will send the blog link to those on my email list as I write short articles which remind us of the principles we are incorporating into our spiritual life. I don’t know how often my blogs will be posted but I will send a link when a blog is published.

The full moon is August 13. Let us truly spend some time experiencing our divine light connecting with all in our global community around the world committed to shining our light to create a human web of light deep within and throughout the earth.

Reflect on how your practice of joining in with our web of light ceremony each month has deepened.

For those of you who are new readers to the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage to read the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremonies.

Last month I encouraged all of us to engage in the work of joining our lights together each day. It is nice to have the full moon to focus on together. But we do want to feed the web of light each day.

And as we do this we tap into the principle of reciprocity. For as we feed the web of light that light flows back to us feeding us and energizing us in return. It is not something to think about but rather just sink into the natural and inherent flow of life itself.

Transmutation News – July 2011

If you ask any spiritual teacher or shaman for his or her assessment of what is going on today you will get the answer that human beings are so out of balance that everything around us is happening in extremes.

Getting back into balance is key to healing the planet and ourselves.

For years I have written that humans have become disconnected from nature causing emotional and physical illness as well as planetary problems.

We have become so dependent on science and technology that we have moved our energy into a mental/rational arena. We live in our thinking minds instead of in our bodies.

I have written about reconnecting once again with nature and the elements – earth, air, water, and fire all of which give us life. And together we have been working with connecting with the heart, wisdom, and light of the earth.

We are also the earth and all the elements. And it is time to stop trying to understand life. It is time to live life. We need to move away from being focused on concepts, theories, and the rational. For many of us have created too much separation between the mind and the body.

And many of us have separated our spiritual practices from our physical lives so that there is an imbalance in this area also. We meditate, do yoga, chi gung, journey into the invisible realms, etc. and then go about our day without connecting the spiritual power into our minute-to-minute lives.

It is time for us to fully embody earth wisdom. It is time to stop thinking about spiritual practices but live them. And to do this we must be embodied. We need to stop “going” to spiritual realities. Instead, we need to experience our spirit in every cell of our being.

The term I want to focus on this month is embodiment. Allow yourself to feel spiritual energies in your body. Drink water, eat food, breathe air, absorb the sun – absorb nurturance and life into every cell of your body.

Feel your intuition and your light pulsing through your body and flowing through you.

If you work with helping guardian spirits feel their spiritual power within you.

A Hopi friend of mine shared with me once that when the Hopi journey they take their bodies with them. Shamanism is not an out of body practice. For shamanic practices have always taught how to live a harmonious life connected with nature. You must be embodied to do this.

Don’t just let your mind travel when you do spiritual work rather make it a full body experience.

The planet is reflecting back our extreme imbalance and states of separation in all areas of our lives.

You are body, mind, and spirit and it time to reconnect with yourself again. You cannot connect with the deep earth wisdom or with nature until you reconnect with your own body.

Reflect on how you have been separating what you learn conceptually with bringing the knowledge into your body awareness. Reflect on whether you connect or if you separate your spiritual life from your body and physical life.

Take time and reflect and ask yourself how can I embody all I have learned? How can I embody spirit so each of my cells pulses with the light and the vitality of my inner spirit? How do I connect my heartbeat with the heartbeat of the earth? How do I embody my spirit?

The next step is to embody the answers and live them. You already know how to do this.

In this way we breathe spirit and light through our presence with each step we take in the world.

We become sacred ourselves and all life reflects our sacredness. We bless ourselves and all of life. And all that we bless blesses us in return.

Of utmost importance this is not a time to let your light go out or dissipate. We must all ride the waves of change and transition right now. And it is important to ride the waves with grace by keeping your inner light burning bright and shining through you. We must become a stronger presence in the world.

This is a time to really focus on your transfiguration practice as I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth and How to Thrive in Changing Times. And make sure you are embodying your light!

As we continue to experience so much change to the earth due to climate changes it is important for us to shift our perspective about what is happening. We also continue to see much deterioration happening on political and economic levels.

Over the years I have been writing about the change in consciousness and evolution that humans are going through. And at the same time as we use the principle of oneness this means that all of life- all species and the earth herself are going through a change and a death. It is important to remember that death is not an end but rather a transition and a rite of passage into something new.

All of life is part of a collective dream. As spiritual practitioners we must acknowledge how the current dream is dissolving and something new will be reborn that is beyond what we can consciously imagine.

I have been teaching and writing that when a person is diagnosed with an illness it is important to perceive the person in his/her divine light. For we want to feed the energy of divine perfection that creates healing rather than feeding the power of the illness. For what we give energy to we give life to.

We also must focus on the light of the earth. We need to surrender to the changes that are happening for we don’t know what will be born.

Yet at the same time it is important to create a path that beauty can flow from by continuing to vision a dream for the earth and all of life that embraces love, light, balance, harmony, beauty, peace, equality, and abundance.

There is nowhere that we can escape to for safety and comfort except by resting in our spirit and the spiritual practices we engage in.

The landscape of the earth is evolving and changing just like it has done throughout time. Land masses have changed over time and will continue to do so.

The destruction that we experience is hard on the people and animals who suffer loss of home and lives.

And at the same time we must recognize that the earth is evolving and changing into new landscapes just like human consciousness is evolving into a new landscape.

The key is to continue to perceive the earth in her spiritual aspect and divine spiritual light.

The key is for all of us to continue to build a beautiful and strong spiritual field of light with all the spiritual work we do together.

The full moon is July 15. Let us continue weaving a human web of light by embodying this light and shining our light pulsing together as we connect with our global spiritual community. Let us do this throughout the day and start to move this from a monthly practice to a daily practice.

If you are new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light to read the instructions for our monthly ceremony.

In have given many practices to work with in the last few months. Make sure you are continuing the practices that call to you, that you feel passionate about. Make sure you are weaving the threads between the practices you continue to work with. We must strengthen our weaving through connecting all by living and embodying a spiritual life. In this way we embody a state of wholeness, power, balance, and light.

Transmutation News – June 2011

We continue to hold in our hearts those experiencing so much loss due to extreme weather and violence all around the globe. We hold the space for all as we radiate love, light, and support.

Last month I was very inspired to write quite a bit for The Transmutation News. I know there was a lot for you to work with and to continue to work with.

I also wanted to thank all the translators who translated this wealth of information into 10 languages.

I just finished leading a conference put on by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. We had such a wonderful experience!!

A project that the Society for Shamanic Practitioners has been passionate about is called Shamanism Without Borders. And this project has been a way to educate spiritual practitioners of how we can be in service when destruction happens through environmental events.

During this conference I wanted to bring in the aspect of building community as part of our work. And the format was one that I had not worked with before.

I invited Michael Stone to lead the group in ecstatic dancing to help us as shamanic practitioners become embodied and also to help us build community through dance.

As you know the theme of the Transmutation News has been that we can transform what is happening on the planet by being a presence of love and light. But in order to be a strong presence of love and light we must be embodied.

Instead of talking about building community we built community by dancing with the group for hours. And I believe we all got a deep sense of community on a cellular level.

Also, I had invited Jose Lucero, an elder from the Santa Clara Pueblo, to work with our group. Jose also helped to build a strong community with ceremonies he led.

During our weekend we were looking at building personal communities but also learning about building community with the spirit of the elements and the land itself.

We spent one day hiking in silence at Bandelier National Park which was the home of the Anasazi Indians. The Anasazi lived in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. There are endless “theories” about what caused their disappearance and I feel strongly that they did not disappear rather they transcended to a higher vibration.

We spent hours hiking in silence to listen to what they had to share about how they dealt with environmental challenges as in their time they faced drought and famine and changing conditions. Yet they were a strong and peaceful people who lived in harmony in community.

And then we also focused some of our work on the Rio Grande where Jose Lucero shared with us that the Rio Grande is seen by the indigenous people as the main heart artery of the earth. He shared with us what is happening to the Rio Grande as so much nuclear material is now in the river.

As a community we gathered at a place on the Rio Grande where a couple of people went to the river and put some river water in a gourd that Jose provided. They brought the gourd to the group and we all put our blessings into the water. Then I poured the blessed water from the gourd back into the Rio Grande with the intention that our light and love would radiate throughout the river.

Those of you who have been reading the Transmutation News over the years know as a global community we performed similar ceremonies together. I asked you to collect water from local water sources – rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and transfigure into your divine light radiating light into the water and then bringing that water back to the source feeding all water in the world with our love and light.

This is work that you can continue in your local communities to give thanks to the spirit of water. As we show honor and respect to the elements, they will through the principle of reciprocity reflect back honor and respect to us. This is one way to bring balance as we see a range from floods to drought happening around the planet.

In our work over the weekend, we looked at what it means to be a presence of love and light and how that brings transformative energies to the planet.

We learned about community by being a strong community rather than talking about community.

We used the practice of deep listening to speak to the ancient ones to ask for guidance of how we can thrive through the transition we live in.

We looked at how to bring a daily practice of gratitude into our lives.

This is all work we have been participating in together as a global community as we have focused on radiating love and light and staying connected and supporting each other through our monthly healing ceremonies.

I first was introduced to Michael Stone when I was a guest on his radio show “Conversations with Michael Stone”. Michael interviews leading edge thinkers, authors, and activists in the environmental and spiritual community. He is a brilliant interviewer and also brings through his own deep wisdom on this show.

If you would like to listen to his interviews, please visit: for more information.

I wrote about Jose Lucero in the May Transmutation News as I shared with you a conference of elders that he is putting together this June. Please read last month’s column if you missed reading about the important gathering Jose is creating.

The Society for Shamanic Practitioners has written a small book Shamanism Without Borders. We are self-publishing this book and it is now at the printer. I will post next month how to order a copy of the book.

And if you would like to learn more about the Society for Shamanic Practitioners please visit:

In May I was asked to write an article on “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts”. I am so excited to share with you that the article is now live on AOL/Huffington Post Media Group. The link to read the article is:

As you know it is so important for us to focus on the thoughts we send out into the world. For the thoughts we send out into the world end up the feeding the energies we are seeing in our personal lives and on the planet as a whole.

We must constantly be diligent to make sure that our thoughts are filling the air with love. Yes, it is important for us to continue to experience our emotions that range from joy to anger to fear. For this is our birthright as humans to experience a range of emotions that make us feel alive.

The key is to express our emotions without sending them like psychic arrows to ourselves, others, and to the planet.

Please review my book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation. This book is translated into many of the languages this site is translated into. There is also a section on this work in Medicine for the Earth.

It is so important for us to create a practice that we can use throughout the day to transmute the energy behind our thoughts and attitudes so that we are being a true channel of love and light.

One of the beauties of shamanic journeying, dreaming work, visioning work is that we can transcend time through our practice. For when we travel into the hidden and invisible worlds, we are outside of time. We can travel back in time and explore different lifetimes and events that occurred in our lives. We can also go forward in time to explore the future.

For about 20 years I have been teaching how to journey into the future in two ways. One intention I teach is to speak to a part of yourself who has created the life you always wanted, Another intention is to ask for guidance from descendants in the future on how to heal ourselves and the planet.

This a potent way to work as there is so much we learn about the steps we can take to change and heal our lives.

For those of you who have a copy of Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation you can look at what I wrote about journeying to descendants.

This month I would like us to utilize the gift of traveling into the future. You can journey to your future self or to descendants.

First, I will share with you the intention and then I will give instructions.

We can learn much by traveling into the future. The intention you want to set is to travel to your future self where you have settled into a good life. Your spiritual work has led you to a wonderful place in life. And the work you are doing is also having a positive impact on the health of the environment and the planet.

Ask yourself the steps you took to get to such a good place.

You can also do this same work by traveling to descendants who live in harmony and have found solutions to create a healthy planet. Ask these descendants in the future what steps we need to take in order to create positive changes for the planet and ourselves.

If you have a practice of shamanic journeying, you can just set your intention to meet with your future self or descendants and ask for the guidance you wish to receive.

If you do not have a practice of shamanic journeying, you can do this work by putting on some nice relaxing music. Lie or sit down and take some deep breaths while holding your intention. Allow your imagination to take you in the future where you can get images, hear messages, or get a feeling sense of the guidance coming through.

You can also do some automatic writing as I describe in Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times.

With automatic writing you also want to play some music that expands your consciousness. Write down on a piece of paper your intention -–what is the guidance you are seeking.

Either keep your eyes closed or you can also keep your eyes open just a little bit. Allow your pen to just move not worrying where you are on the paper or how you are writing. It is amazing the information that will come through.

Let us use what we learn from our future selves and our descendants to feed the web of life with love. And let us continue to deepen our experience of who we are “beyond our skin” which is pure divine light.

June 15 is the full moon and is also a full lunar eclipse. Let us focus together and continue to weave a web of light and unconditional love within our throughout this great earth! Let us also continue our transfiguration work to support everyone in our global community.

If you are a new reader to the Transmutation News welcome! You can find the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony by clicking on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

June 21 is the summer solstice for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. And this day marks the change in seasons to winter as the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the winter solstice.

I asked for guidance from my helping spirits of what to share to celebrate this solstice.

I was told that this is a time for all of us to establish a practice of deep listening.

There are many environmental changes happening all through the planet. Some of these changes make the news and we tend to focus only on the changes that the media covers. But as we are all connected to one web of life there are not separate changes going on around the globe. The whole planet is experiencing changes leading to a transition.

The solstice marks a time when we all acknowledge a change in seasons. And a change in seasons has broad implications as this also translates to a change in season for our lives.

So much is occurring globally and shifts, and changes will continue. To work in partnership and collaboration and cooperation with this great earth we must be able to listen. For in all true and gifted partnerships there must be a practice of listening.

Spend some time outside on this day and establish a practice of deep listening. This means be in silence and feel what the earth is sharing with you right now. Listen to any messages you might hear. Notice what images you get as you focus on listening to any wisdom the earth has to share with you.

During times of transition being able to receive guidance of how we can change to match the changes in the cycle of seasons is very important as we all search for how we can live from a greater place of harmony.

And during this day state your commitment to be in service to the earth and give thanks for all you receive from the elements of earth, air, water, and the sun so you may thrive and not just survive.

I wish you all a joyous summer and winter!!

Transmutation News – May 2011

Nature continues to give us some strong wake up calls!

We hold all of life in our hearts and prayers as the tornadoes in the Southeast of the United States continue to create a great deal of destruction.

It is important for all of us in our global community to remember that we all are connected to a web of life. As we continue to watch such transition throughout the world, we are all being affected as we are all connected.

We must continue to do our spiritual work and to find ways to drop into our inner wisdom and listen to the messages that we are being given during this intense time of change.

And as we remember that we are connected to a web of life please acknowledge that every change in consciousness we make does ripple through the entire web of life.

Part of our spiritual work is learning how to respond to all that is happening in our lives and on the planet in ways that support the changes being asked of us. And we must continue to learn how to live in a conscious way. So together let’s continue to explore what that means for each of us.

As I read what people send around on the Internet and as I travel and lecture to groups, I am struck by how much conversation goes on about our potential.

And I am led to wonder when do we stop talking about our potential and do the work that leads to the healing that is needed right now?
Of course, life is a process of growth with no end to where we can evolve.

But at the same time all life is calling for us to be still and use the spiritual healing gifts we were all born with right now.

If you have been engaged in a spiritual healing practice you have witnessed miraculous healings. In my thirty years of practicing shamanic healing, I have witnessed cures of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that I never thought possible. I have been a part of groups who focus together on a life-threatening illness of a friend or member in the community and have seen how the illness miraculously disappeared baffling doctors who could not explain the change.

What is blocking the manifestation of our potential and how do we move forward?

In my own spiritual practice, I have many ways of receiving information from my own helping spirits and tapping into my own spiritual wisdom. I engage in the practice of shamanic journeying. I receive a wealth of information as I sit quietly sipping a cup of tea. I take walks in nature and am guided by the spirits around me and feel my own inner spirit sharing so much with me. I channel spiritual and inspiring information while I do a variety of monotonous tasks throughout the day.

And another potent way for me to receive guidance is to ask for an answer to a question before I go to sleep at night knowing I might get a dream that will provide answers. I wrote about setting an intention for a dream in some of my books.

About a month ago I asked for a dream that would speak to what might be blocking the collective potential. And I did receive a message that night in a dream. The message I heard was, “You need to stop merging your spiritual work with science.”

When I woke up, I reflected on this message. I came to understand the word “science” to mean the rational and the intellectual.

For spirit is completely unlimited. When we can move our ego and rational mind out of the way to be a vessel for the power of the universe and the divine to flow through us all healing is possible. Shamans use a metaphor to describe this state as becoming a hollow bone.

But once we start to think about the possibilities of the miracles of spiritual work our mind moves into a place of limitation. We limit what spirit can do by trying to understand and rationalize. And this leads us to believe that miracles are impossible.

And as a collective we have given our power away to the scientific, intellectual and rational that continues to support our limiting beliefs.

I can imagine that most of you who have been reading The Transmutation News do want to shift out of a collective belief of limitations. And there is no better time than now.

We must dismember, discreate, dissolve the beliefs that we are holding that keep limiting us everytime we start to focus our imagination and our thoughts and words on the world we wish to dream into being.

Here are simple ways that you might work this month. The first step of course is to try and identify your limiting beliefs. Any limiting belief you have is also part of the collective belief.

Take a walk in nature or find a way to sit quietly in a space where you can reflect. You can put on some music that you find expands you beyond a rational state to a meditative state. Or you might find that the silence allows you to sink within. If you have a spiritual practice that assists you in traveling within and accessing your own intuitive knowing use this practice. If you have a way of accessing helping spirits, then use the practice you know. And of course, you can set an intention of asking for some guidance in a dream before going to sleep at night.

The question you want to hold as you engage in the spiritual practice that calls to you is: “What are my limiting beliefs and attitudes that prevent me from surrendering to the flow of unconditional love and divine light? What are the beliefs that I repeat throughout the day which tell me that miraculous healings for the planet are impossible?”

These are just some suggestions of questions to ask. And you might find that you feel there is a more appropriate way of wording the question that fits better for you personally.

The next step is to dismember/dissolve these beliefs. There are a variety of ways to work with this. And I do give examples of ceremonies for dissolving limiting beliefs in Medicine for the Earth and How to Thrive in Changing Times.

You can go outside and perform a ceremony where you allow the earth, air, water, or fire to transform your limiting belief(s) into light and love.

One of my helping spirits gave me a practice to write out my limiting beliefs and then use the product “white out” to literally white out that belief. This creates a blank screen/canvas for me to create from. As a limiting thought comes up, I imagine myself whiting it out over and over again until the power of the thought diminishes and disappears.

You can paint a picture of limitations and then paint over it with a healing and expansive image.

If you like to dance allow yourself to dance the feelings of limitation and then when ready change your movements to reflect feelings of freedom and being unlimited.

For those of you who engage in shamanic journeying you can journey to one of your helping spirits to ask for healing help to dismember the beliefs and attitudes you are holding.

If you don’t journey here is a way to work. Put on some relaxing and beautiful music. Lie or sit down. Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful garden. Ask for a helping being to come to you who is willing to assist you. When your helping being comes ask the spirit to help you dissolve your limiting thoughts and attitudes that you have identified.

And as always allow the above suggestions to fuel your imagination to come up with your own way to work.

You might need to continue this discreation work over time. And holding to the belief in miracles it now might be time to acknowledge that the need for your limiting beliefs is over.

It is time for us to join together as a collective that surrenders to the unlimited healing that spirit can bring through. But we must let go of the old beliefs that keep binding us. It is time for us to step into our spiritual power.

As a collective we say that we want the best that life has to offer. We say we want healing for the earth and all of life. But we must reflect on what we continue to project.

Think of how many millions of people have been reading books and listening to lectures on the earth changes that are coming. What projection has been placed upon our planet and how can we change our projections?

Remember the quote from Emmet Fox that I have published a few times now:
“It is impossible to think one thing and produce another”.

Here is one example of how we project that Lauren Torres, a brilliant shamanic teacher, in Illinois wrote to me about.

“Hello Sandra.
I was thinking through what I know about shapeshifting the other day, and I had an insight about the Focus part of the transmutation formula that I wanted to share.

Since I am in the car alot, I used to practice shapeshifting with the traffic. I’d try to become the consciousness of moving traffic and shapeshift the traffic around me. I found that for the most part traffic is amenable to shapeshifting, because people are really there to join the existing pattern.

I did have one time where I absolutely could do nothing with the traffic. It was really bad, and not moving. While I sensed it did not have to be quite so bad, everyone was thinking about how bad the traffic was. People on the radio were talking about how bad the traffic was. In other words, every driver was so focused on the reality of the traffic being bad that it was not in any way amenable to a shapeshift. I felt that the focus of the other drivers anchored the reality of the bad traffic into existence.

Anyway, it occurred to me that focus serves as an anchor. If you focus too much on the wrong thing during a transfiguration, say you think about the disease instead of thinking of the body as perfectly healthy, this serves as an anchor to a reality that exists and does not allow the thing to change.”

In the old forms of esoteric healing, it is taught that when a healer focuses on a disease the healer joins in with the client to solidify the disease. For the healer now agrees that there is a problem fueling the power of the disease itself.

When a healer only sees the client in his/her divine perfection the spiritual part of the client that is radiant light can now flow through creating healing.

We can say the same about the earth itself. As we focus together on the divine light and perfection of the earth this what is reflected back to us.

And this is one of the core teachings of the Medicine for the Earth work.

Part of being able to project a new vision for the planet is being able to engage the depth of our senses to fuel our imagination and our creative abilities.

What I find is that as people feel worn down by life we move into a place where our senses become deadened. We are also surrounded by the media which provides images for us instead of allowing new beautiful and vivid images to arise from inside of us. We listen to music on mp3 players and I-Pods (for some people all day long) and we do not allow our inner music to play through us.

The key to using our imagination to create is to be able to engage our strong inner senses with our own vivid images, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings. We need to be able to create our own powerful movies with each of us living in the movie instead of simply watching the movie. And we need to fuel our senses with intense enthusiasm. We need to stop allowing the outside world to write our script and our new script must be born from our inner world. And we must use the depth of our senses to make our creations real.

I think that people operate as flat screened TVs. Where is the depth of our own senses? We are fed so much from the outer world. We need to allow our senses to bubble us through us. We must feed the outer world from the depth of our own senses filled with power and enthusiasm.

If we cannot get in touch with the true power of our own vivid images, our own internal songs of creation, the beauty of the fragrances we wish to smell, the taste of healthy food grown and cooked with love, and the feeling of touching the beauty of life there is no power in our creation. If our creation is not fueled by passion and enthusiasm there is no power in what we project into the world. And the world molds superficiality back to us as our creative work is superficial and lacks depth and power.

I feel so strongly that this is a vital missing piece. The creative work of so many of us simply lacks passion and depth. But at the same time we must have compassion for ourselves and find patience with this process. As many of us live disconnected from nature and surround ourselves with so much input from TV, computers, DVDs, CDs, etc. our own ability to get in touch with the depth of our senses is hidden.

Think about how many years we have been deadening our senses. We need to have the patience to awaken the depth of the wealth of our inner senses. We need to revive our passion and remember times in our life where we felt passion for something where enthusiasm fueled our lives.

Find times in the day when you can go within yourself and start to bring up your own vivid images and your own songs. Really try to focus on fragrances that you love and tastes that you enjoy. Imagine yourself walking around and touching with your hands different things that you love. Try and make your inner senses tangible. Do this a few minutes before you go to sleep or when you wake up. Try this for just a few minutes a day. The intensity with which you can experience the senses in your inner world will directly affect your ability to create what you want in the world you live in.

Here is an example. If you wish for healing to take place at a particular location on the planet imagine reading a newspaper article that announces that healing has already taken place. Feel the feel of the newspaper in your fingers. Smell the ink. Experience yourself smiling as you read the article out loud and hear the laughter of your friends as you share the good news.

As our lives and the planet keep going through intense changes many of us have been reflecting on the meaning of life. I think at some point we get to a place of feeling that focusing on the outer world does not create happiness. We realize that by collecting more in the material world does not create meaning and purpose. As we grow and evolve, we start to see that true meaning and wealth lies within. And I have been writing about this for the last few years on The Transmutation News and wrote about this in How to Thrive in Changing Times.

For myself as I keep journeying within and experiencing the wealth of my inner garden, I come to a place of finding meaning in being a channel of love and light. For what else is there as you evolve in your life’s journey?

Learning more techniques and methods for spiritual practice do become a distraction at some point as you continue on your spiritual path. At some point we must stop searching for more spiritual information. We must become all that we are learning.

In Medicine for the Earth, I share a Haitian proverb:
“The gods won’t appear, the magic won’t happen, if we are not living our real life. Studying life is not living life and therefore has no magic.”

Let us live each minute of our lives filled with honor, respect, and gratitude. Let us be a vessel of divine love and radiate light into the world as the sun and the stars above.

Let us be a bridge of the spiritual energies of the heavens and the earth.

Let us surrender to unconditional love and project that into the world. Let us experience our divine light and radiate this light throughout the web of life.

Our perception creates our reality. In Medicine for the Earth, I wrote that to change our perception we must experience the beauty in all things. This is a wonderful teaching and for many of us who have been so worn down by life it is not easy to experience this teaching on the cellular level that creates a true change in our reality.

Being worn down by life is part of a powerful initiation. For the egoic part of ourselves that keeps us separate from Source and oneness is what is being worn down. And this process allows our divine spirit to shine through us.

At some point as we feel that we are worn down and our way of life is no longer working we are now basically standing before a blank canvas where it is time to revision what we want to experience in life.

Allowing ourselves to see the beauty in all things is a great stance to take as we revision our lives. But how can we see the beauty around us if we don’t experience our own beauty?

And how can we experience our own inner beauty if we don’t feel true passion and joy for life?

I titled the first Transmutation News of 2011 “Choosing Joy” and I want us to continue on this theme.

Yes, there are many people who are suffering right now. We feel great compassion for all who are being challenged on so many levels. And a perspective we must look at is there also must be a number of us in the collective who can hold the space and help to be supportive by actually experiencing the beauty and the joy that life has to offer us.

And through experiencing so many personal and global challenges I think many of us start to lose passion. Passion is a strong energy of feeling. And when we start to lose that kind of energy life takes on a very superficial quality.

I would like to share a story with you. In the 1970’s I went to San Francisco State University as a returning student. I had decided to get a BA in Biology specializing in Marine Biology. I have always loved the green of life and love plants, trees, all that grows out of the earth. I decided to study the plants that grow in seawater and engaged in the study of sea algae.

I had a professor who taught me so much about being passionate. He was one of the world’s specialists in algae. And he was going to be retiring shortly. He had devoted his whole career to algae.

As part of our grade as a class we would go to different beaches along the coast of Northern California and individually we each had to collect different algae that were on a list given to us.

I still remember my experience so vividly as if it was just yesterday. Every time one of us would find an algae on the list our professor would come over to that person and he would get so excited and would literally start laughing and would jump with joy. Of course, each of us would start to jump with joy with him while standing on the great ocean rocks that would reveal themselves in the low tide.

When was the last time you jumped with joy? We watch children do it all the time. How much of the beauty of life are we missing as we stopped jumping for joy?

The earth, the waters of the world, the air, and the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets above celebrate as we experience joy for life. And this is healing for the entire web of life.

This month find a time when you can go into nature and revel in the wonder and joy of life. If you can’t do this physically then do this with your eyes closed using the great power of your imagination. Awaken your inner senses to fuel the power of your imagination.

Dance in joy with the beauty of nature you experience around you. Remember all the imaginary beings you knew as a child – the fairies, the hidden folk, the spirit beings who radiated glittering light. Dance with them in joy. This can be figuratively or physically. The key is to get the feeling of joy in your body.

Move away from a place of feeling tired and drained and focusing on the challenges and the energy of scarcity. Allow the energy of bounty and limitless light and joy to flow through you. It might be a stretch at first but let the power of your imagination provide the fuel you need.

Remind yourself to imagine engaging in celebration throughout the day and each and every day. Let’s explore together and experience the joyful adventure of life. Let’s feed the web of life with joy this month.

Again, this is not to deny all that is happening in the world. In nature as we watch death and transitions there is always new birth popping up through the earth reminding us of the hope of new life. As we watch people die around us we are also surrounded by new babies born and we celebrate new birth.

We must rebalance our lives by grieving what has been lost and at the same time remembering the incredible joy, hope, and passion of the new coming in.

Life without passion leads to despair. Let’s celebrate life. As we remember how to jump with joy again then we can perceive the beauty in life around us.


As we experience joy and passion for life and for our creations our divine light radiates through us effortlessly. Let’s bring joy into our ceremony together on the full moon May 17 as we continue to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth.

If you are new to reading the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

Years ago, a friend of mine in France sent me a quote that I keep on my desk. I hope it is helpful to you:

“Life is not waiting for storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Transmutation News – April 2011

The day that the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan was also the day the planet Uranus moved into Aries beginning a cycle that will affect us for the next 84 years. The planet Uranus in astrology is seen as the planet of earthquakes and unexpected and sudden change.

I did send a broadcast email mid March speaking directly to how we can direct our spiritual work on behalf of Japan. And I hope you had a chance to read the email and reflect on and work with the material within the email.

I started to write this column weeks before the earthquake in Japan occurred. And I found that what I had already written is still relevant. For events are intensifying for all of us on a personal and global level. We are continuing to experience the song of dissolution, discreaton, and dismemberment throughout the globe through environmental, political, and economic challenges.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News you might wish to read the issues I wrote starting from the fall of 2010 and continuing into this year. For I have been writing about how death is part of all transitions and how to surrender to what life is bringing for us as we move together towards a new evolution of consciousness. I also wrote about expanding our auras and becoming one with a spiritual pulsation and frequency that continues to shift the collective energy.

Our work is to really stay focused on being able to surrender to our deep spiritual wisdom and to be the dreamers to help birth a new vision of a healthy and harmonious life. We need to learn together the new songs of creation waiting to be sung.

And for those of us who do stay tuned to the news it can be hard to watch the destruction and the suffering for there are so many losses on all levels that we are witnessing.

During the winter I read different interviews with spiritual leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Father Bede. When they were asked how they deal with watching so much suffering they all answered that they pray for hours a day and throughout the day.

I also read research that has been done on people who pray and meditate for hours a day versus minutes a day. And what has been found is that for those people who do pray for hours a day their brains produce hormones that create a state of sustained inner peace and joy.

Shamans, from indigenous cultures have said that we are dreaming the wrong dream. Other religious and spiritual teachings share that this world is an illusion, and we must learn to see beyond the illusion of egoic separation to tap into a state of light and connection in order to heal the suffering of the world.

My way of working to heal states of separation and to dream a new dream has been to practice the Medicine for the Earth work and to teach the work to others through my writing, lectures, and workshops. I share a wealth of spiritual practices and tools that create personal and global healing in Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times.

The core of the teachings has been how to travel within to find our spiritual light and to see ourselves beyond a state of separation. Once we know the truth of who we truly are, which is divine spiritual light, we can radiate our brilliance into the world. And as we did come here to learn how to manifest spirit into form we must concentrate and focus our thoughts and words on creating a beautiful world for all of life.

It takes practice to focus on the beauty and not to react to the suffering around us. We do have to find ways to pray and to keep our prayers going all day. For me this has to do with giving thanks for the help we are receiving from God, the goddess, the helping spirits, the power of the universe. We all have to find the term for the numinous that relates to our beliefs.

We need to learn how to take the time to be able to travel within and tap into a spiritual state of consciousness so that we pray for and dream a new world into being by transcending our egoic desires and creating from a place of deep spiritual wisdom.

There has been an amazing shift of consciousness that we are witnessing throughout the planet. And we need to focus this shift in consciousness to be able to birth forth a more balanced and harmonious way of life versus giving into our egoic desires.

When we feel we have lost our way and we are reacting to so much change we must continue to surrender to our spiritual light to guide us through the dark times.

All minds and all life are connected. Even if we can experience for brief seconds our radiance this shift in consciousness does ripple throughout the entire web of life creating transformation. For all that goes on in the spiritual world is outside of time. One second of revelation creates healing and transformation that our minds simply cannot grasp.

If you feel your passion and spirit is calling you to help to midwife a new consciousness into being then you must find ways to pray and project visions of health, beauty, and harmony into the world as much as possible throughout the day. You must keep your words and train of thought focused toward the desired outcome. You must engage your imagination in a more focused way.

Although a second can create change think of what continued prayer and projecting positive visions can accomplish. This is what we can do to be part of a global shift. The work is anonymous and involves dynamic change through a state of being. This teaching is core to the spiritual work that has been handed down to us throughout the ages. We change the world by who we become and by radiating light and love and projecting positive visions from a divine state of consciousness.

Keep working with prayers for assistance to become a true channel of love as I wrote about last month.

Surrender to the collective pulsation of love and light and allow that frequency to move through you if even for seconds at a time.

In 2010 there were also some challenging events that created heart opening feelings for many people around the globe. At different times of the year I summarized the Medicine for the Earth work in some of the monthly columns. And in June of 2010 I wrote a summary of the Medicine for the Earth describing how the work addresses body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you are a new reader of the Transmutation News or someone who has been reading the column over time, I suggest that you visit the archives of this site and read The June 2010 Transmutation News or click on the link. It will help you to refocus your spiritual practice on how you can be in service.

In How to Heal Toxic Thoughts I share the story of Two Wolves that comes from indigenous traditions.

A grandfather was talking to his grandson about many things.

He said, “I feel as if two wolves are fighting in my heart. One wolf is vengeful, angry, violent, and the other is loving, compassionate, and strong.”

The grandson asked the grandfather, “Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?”

The grandfather replied, “The one I feed”.

The point of this teaching story was to say that we must learn to transmute and transform the energies behind our emotions so that we are feeding the collective with loving energies.

And I also want to encourage you to use this teaching story as a reminder to use the gift of your imagination to project positive visions and dreams into the world.

It is our perception that creates our reality. Remember your wonderful memories and dreams for your life and for the life of the planet. Project beauty into the collective. Plant seeds of love and beauty and inspiration in your inner garden so that they grow, blossom, and bear fruit here in our earth garden.

When you get caught up in the pain and suffering that you are seeing acknowledge how you are feeling. Allow your heart to open and expand and embrace all you are experiencing. And then refocus your energies to transmute the energy to love and refocus your imagination, thoughts, and words to create a new vision of a world filled with love.

In the bible there is a teaching that says, without a vision the people will die. The paradox we continue to dance is how to keep projecting a good and healthy vision for all of life while surrendering the outcome at the same time. We must continue to vision a new dream as the collective dream continues to dissolve.

It is so easy to stay asleep and get lost in the dense state of the collective. Focus on the vastness of your inner universe. Raise your frequency by experiencing your transcendent light. Pulsate love, divine light, joy into the web of life and the web of light.

You cannot perceive a higher frequency of the planet without raising up to a higher frequency yourself. There is a dimension of magnificence and radiance that we can all tap into. But first you have to become that higher frequency yourself. And as more and more of us can tap into this higher vibration of a dimension of reality filled with radiant light the more we project that dimension into the collective.

Let’s together set an intention to wake up. Take some walks in nature and feel the vibrancy of the natural world around you. Experience the hidden world that is part of nature. Wake up to the magic, vibrancy, and magnificence of life and project that with each breath and step you take in the world.

Here is a very inspirational experience that Karen Furr in Arizona shared with me. Karen leads a weekly transfiguration group in her community.

“I facilitate a monthly transfiguration group here in Kingman and thought you would like to hear a ‘report’…

This is from one of the participants:

Hi Karen,
Last month you requested that we each bring some earth from home to the Transfiguration ceremony. I went out and dug a small baggie full of sand from my rose bed.

After Transfiguration I dumped it in a pot in my bathroom. I had previously (two years ago) buried a couple of avocado seeds
that never grew. I figured they would just be compost for the soil. Anything I’ve planted in that pot has not grown.

A few days ago, I noticed that I had stems and leaves. I’ve done nothing differently such as watering, light, heat etc. with that pot
and now have two avocado plants growing! And growing quickly! This month I took a larger bag of earth and will amend the various plants in my home with it.

I believe this is proof that what happens in Transfiguration is powerful energy. If it can happen to soil, what is it doing to our human condition and the intentions we put into the circle? Thank you for being the guide for this powerful spiritual experience.”

I emailed Karen about this wonderful report and she let me know that after one week the avocado plants were 7 inches tall.

This is such a great story reminding us of the power and potential of our spiritual work. I hope you will be inspired to bring water and soil into your transfiguration work.

Years ago, I coordinated global ceremonies on the Transmutation News where I would ask people to transfigure with water present on their altar and then to bring the water to larger bodies of water where they lived.

This is work we can keep up in our personal practices or with the groups we work with. Bringing blessed water to larger bodies of water is a way to bring healing and love to the waters of the world. Bringing soil filled with love and brilliant light is a way to honor and respect our earth garden. It is time to deeply honor and respect the elements which give us life. As we continue to do this as a global community the elements will reflect honor and respect back to us.

Sometimes I get an email or letter from someone who is asking that we direct light to a particular place on the planet. Diana, a dear friend of mine wrote me last month. For 9 years she has been very involved in working with courageous Afghan women leaders, helping them to provide healthcare, education and legal aid, so that they can improve quality of life for all Afghans.

The Taliban extremists are increasing violent attacks targeting Afghan women leaders involved in education, legal work, journalism, any of the professions. And they target those who support them. In a sad irony, the Afghan government itself is trying to undermine the little protection Afghan women have against violence, most recently by trying to seize control of all shelters which had been set up to protect battered and abused women. International outcry forced President Karzai and his government to backtrack on that issue, but the extremist element continues.

To quote Diana:

“I will be joining farflung moon-sisters on the full moon – asking the Great Mother to send down healing, love, light, peace to ‘All Beings Without Exception’ in the Buddhist phrase – to Afghan women, children and men suffering in the ongoing violence and destruction and even, or especially to the Taliban and Al Queda and extremist elements in the government bent on their destructive mission. We also ask the Goddess to extend her love, compassion, and light to all foreign military factions on Afghan soil. (And elsewhere, all over the world.)

We pray, at this full moon, that She will heal us of our fear and quicken all hearts toward the impossible, the necessary realization that we are all one Being–and what happens to the ‘least’ of us, happens to us all. We pray that the Great Mother help all without exception awaken to the joy of this truth and begin to live it from the very depth of our souls. “

If you feel so called to be part of this healing collective, we can join Diana during this full moon.

Remember that the media moves on after covering environmental, political, and economic events. People and all of life are still suffering the effects of the earthquake in Haiti and in New Zealand, the oil spill in the Gulf, the floods in Australia, the extreme weather in the U.S., Europe, and in South America – these are just to name a few. People in the Middle East are still fighting for freedom and thousands are being killed and tortured in their quest. And the list goes on.

All of life needs us to be a channel of light and love right now. We are not separate cultures or separate countries. We are all going through an initiation together. We are all connected to one web of life.

The full moon is April 17. Let us take the day to focus together on expanding our auras and connect together as one beaming pulsation of light as we continue to weave the web of light. Let us beam light and love to Japan and to all places and beings in the world facing challenges right now. Let us weave love and light throughout the earth so that the web of life holds us in love and with honor and respect.

For those of you new to the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site.

A Message from Sandra Ingerman Regarding World Events:

Our hearts expand as we embrace the enormity of all the pain being suffered by the people and all living beings in Japan who have been impacted by the earthquake and the tsunami.

When we feel that our hearts are breaking as we watch levels of suffering in actuality our hearts are expanding allowing us to be stronger and deeper channels of love and light.

Let us journey deep within ourselves transcending our egos and experience the vastness of our spiritual light and love. In this way we become beacons of light and love for all of life in Japan. Let us expand our individual aura and become one with a spiritual pulsation and frequency to transform the radiation that is moving into the atmosphere.

Move out of a place of pity for the suffering you see and focus on the strong spirit of the people, all of life, and the land itself. In this way you project strength which leads to a foundation of support for all in need.

Let us sing songs of love and healing to the earth, the waters of the world, the air, and to the element of fire. Go outside and sing!

There is an extreme level of panic that is being “blasted” into the collective over the fear of radiation moving through our atmosphere.

Of course there are precautions we all must take on a physical level. But it is also important to remember that it is our egos that are moving into panic.

It is crucial right now that you do the spiritual work you have been practicing over the years. Take the time to find your center. Go out and spend lots of time in nature to center and refocus. Breathe deeply and remember that you are spiritual light and have all the tools and internal spiritual wisdom to guide you during this time.

As a global community we do have great power as we work together spiritually. Let us project a vision of healing and peace. Project a vision of cooling for the nuclear reactors and further disaster being avoided.

Do your transfiguration practice daily and throughout the day and experience yourself as divine light. Divine light has the power to transmute and transform all energies into healing energies. For thousands of years mystics and spiritual healers throughout the world have been using this way of working to transmute toxins and illness. Let us carry on the work that has shown itself to have so much potential for healing.

We must strengthen our spiritual connections so that we can always be open to receive spiritual information when we need it.

Spend a lot of time in nature connecting with the elements and the heartbeat of the earth. Reflect on how you can live a way of life that embraces beauty, harmony, honor and respect for all of life. When we as a collective start to live a harmonious way of life we will see the elements around us reflect back a state of harmony.

Learn to read the omens that nature will continue to show to help guide you.

We must learn to honor the rite of passage and initiation that humankind is going through. We are experiencing levels of death on many levels. Death is not an end but rather is a transition.

In the bible it says that without a vision the people will perish. We are the dreamers of our world. Part of living a spiritual way of life is to be able to surrender to our deep spiritual wisdom and be the dreamers to help birth a new vision of a healthy way of life. We need to be able to hold a vision that the collective can move towards as the old is dismembered. Reflect on the vision you want to be projecting into the world right now and make changes to your vision to lead to a desired outcome. Engage your imagination in a more focused way. Project the best for all of life.

Build up your spiritual muscles!

Let us together hold the planet in love.

Remember that the media moves on after covering environmental, political, and economic events. People and all of life are still suffering the effects of the earthquake in Haiti and in New Zealand, the oil spill in the Gulf, the floods in Australia, the extreme weather in the U.S. – these are just to name a few. People in the Middle East are still fighting for freedom.

All of life needs us to be a channel of light, love, and spiritual healing. We are one collective. We are not separate cultures, separate countries. We are going through an initiation together. Let us do our work and live our lives in a good way. That is how we can be in service to the whole.

During the full moon let us transfigure and experience our divine nature as we beam light and love throughout this great earth.

During the equinox remember the wonderful memories and dreams for your life and for the life of the planet. Project beauty into the collective. Plant seeds of love and beauty and inspiration in your inner garden so that they grow, blossom, and bear fruit here in our earth garden.

Most of all be a channel of love and light in behalf of all of life!