Transmutation News – December 2012

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As the Transmutation News is sent out and posted before the beginning of each month, many of my friends and students on the East Coast read the November Transmutation News before Hurricane Sandy rolled through.

Once people’s power came back on, I received many emails and letters saying that what I wrote in November helped so many to weather the storm. I received numerous accounts of how reader’s homes were miraculously saved.

But most of all knowing that there was a global community holding them in love and light was transformational. Those on the East Coast held onto the advice from the November Transmutation News and felt held by our virtual circle.

There are intense shifts happening all over the world. Some of these events are widely publicized and some go on without media coverage. But the intensity of the shifts and energetic clearings are resulting in a great deal of loss and death. Spiritually our divine light is eternal and shines through every challenge that occurs. Our divine light can never be lost. Our divine light cannot be extinguished. And there is an exponential power of transformation that we can create as we choose to shine our light together as a global community.

During these changing times it is important to remember to hold all of life in love and light. And our light radiates to living beings and to the places that we know are challenged. Our light radiates to all living being and places that are not receiving media coverage. Our web of light is woven within and throughout all of this great earth! Trust in this. Feed the light! Feed the vessel of love that we are.

We join our hearts together to hold the entire Middle East in love and light during these turbulent times.

We have arrived at the anticipated December of 2012. Wow, so much has been written about this time! And we have the opportunity to ride the wave of shifts and changes together.

Last month I wrote about the need to grieve the personal losses we are experiencing. It is also time to grieve what we might be saying goodbye to in life as a collective. For the time we live in demands shifts and changes to embrace a healthier way of life that honors and respects all life on earth.

This month let us do some ceremonial healing work together as a global community. I see this as a cleansing we can all do together as we welcome in the solstice and also the New Year.

Each day go inside yourself and start to meditate on shadow states of consciousness that need to be acknowledged and released. Examples might include such issues as betrayal, disappointment, fear of loss, hatred, etc.

You can meditate or perform a shamanic journey to examine, observe and acknowledge these types of issues. You can allow your own inner wisdom to reveal to you states of consciousness that need to be healed. You can look at who you might felt has betrayed you in life, or those who have disappointed you. You might observe that there are people who you need to forgive. There might also be life circumstances that occurred where you felt betrayed or disappointed by a community or life itself. There might be energies that you left in places that need to be cleaned up and transmuted.

Look at where and to whom you might have directed hatred and anger to. Have you betrayed anyone by your behavior?

Do you need to forgive anyone (don’t forget to include yourself in your list)?

Allow your own inner spirit to reveal to you the inner states of consciousness that need to be examined, acknowledged, and released. This is a time to be cleansed.

Each day as you do this imagine a giant cauldron of divine light. This cauldron is being used by our entire global community to release into. As we release those inner states that need to be healed, we release them into divine light that transmutes their power and energy into love.

In November, I started creating this cauldron with the assistance of my helping spirits. It is filled with blessings and light.

On the solstice let us all meet up in the invisible realms together stirring the cauldron creating a mist, stream, beams of light and love that embrace all of life.

As different issues and situations reveal themselves to be healed release them into this cauldron. Do this with honor. Say goodbye to what you feel you are ready to release and do your work with intention that what you release will be transformed into love and light. Do this with the intention that the work you do for yourself will create a shift in consciousness that ripples throughout the entire web of life.

The shadow states of the collective in politics, religion, and business are all becoming more transparent. Our own personal shadow is also becoming more transparent. Let’s begin to heal our inner shadow. As within so without. The changes we make will be reflected back to us.

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Let us continue this work as we continue weaving a vibrant web of light within and throughout the earth on the full moon on December 28.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News, please read the instructions for Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site.

A message that Isis shared with me recently is that we must shift our inner consciousness to a place where we feel true love for our lives. She said that as we truly love life this force will help to move us out of the dark places in our lives.

In many of my books I write about the need for feeling passion and meaning in our lives. When we dull ourselves and lose passion for life the light starts to go out of our eyes and our life. Your love for life will always light the way.

My mother will be 98 years old this month. She has always inspired me as she has always had such a love for life. My mother has faced endless challenges in her life but through every challenge I watched her go through she always maintained a true love for life. Every single breath is so precious to her. I have learned a lot by watching how her love for life created a pathway out of each situation that needed transforming. Her attitude and her passion for life transformed all that life presented to her. She has been a true teacher for me in this area.

Now Isis has reminded me that this attitude is something we must all embrace.

Build a small altar either inside your house or out someplace in nature. This altar might contain stones, crystals, flowers, objects from nature, a candle, a small bowl of fragrant water, photos, etc. The intention for this altar is to create a place where you can honor our circle, all of life, and the earth.

Each day spend a few minutes at your altar giving thanks for your life and state blessings that embrace all of life.

As a suggestion you can use a form of decree that comes from the Celtic tradition including such words as:

Blessings of health be yours.
Blessings of love be yours.
Blessings of light be yours.
Blessings of abundance be yours.
Blessings of peace be yours.

Let us cleanse ourselves to welcome in the solstice and the New Year. And let us share our blessings that will embrace and honor all life on this earth including our earth, our home.

Let’s give thanks to earth, air, water, and fire for our life. As we bless the elements, they will bless us in return.

We continue to be a vessel of love and light that holds the earth and all of life at this time

As we approach the end of the year, please join me in giving great gratitude and send blessings to all the wonderful people who help to share the Transmutation News around the globe.

We give thanks and blessings to Sylvia Edwards who is the brilliant webmaster of

We join our hearts together and radiate light, love, and blessings to our translators who translate the Transmutation News into the following languages:

Katalin Abrudan – Hungarian
Lena Anderheim – Swedish
Nello Ceccon – Italian
Ines Fermosa – Spanish
Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese
Dorota Goczal – Polish
Eleni Eva and Rallou Gromitsari – Greek
Annie Idrissi – French
Miriam Kissova and Jan Lenc – Slovakian
Aurel Mocanu – Romanian
Jitka “Jitush” Navratilova – Czech
Irina Osechinsky – Russian
Eva Ruprechtsberger – German
Simin Uysal- Turkish

Will we transcend on December 21? I suspect I will be writing you in January to wish you a joyous New Year.

In the meantime, blessings to you, your family, and all of life on the solstice!!

Transmutation News – November 2012

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About ten years ago my spiritual teacher Isis asked me to share a message with all the groups I worked with. She said that those who received the spiritual wake up call do not need to ride the same wave as the collective who has been ignoring the messages. The message of course has been to wake up and live a more conscious life that respects yourself, the earth, and all of life.

Over the years I have repeated this message on some of the columns of the Transmutation News. For over the years we have been seeing the result of a way of life that only focuses on the material world and that dishonors nature.

In the October Transmutation News, I wrote about the need to hold the space while there is a death occurring of a way of life that no longer serves us. We do not need to condone the misbehavior of others who act against life. But we do need to be a vessel of love that can hold the space while consciousness is transforming.

This month I want to share with you some very practical steps I feel we need to take during this time of transition – the in-between time – as I wrote about last month.

Part of raising consciousness is looking at/observing/acknowledging what is not working in your life. As the outer world is a reflection of your inner state, it is best to work on yourself versus judging what is happening in the world.

Observe, don’t judge, what you feel needs to be changed in your life that will create a life for yourself filled with health and harmony. Acknowledge what needs to be changed.

This is a time where you need to acknowledge what needs to die in your life. We often only focus on the new that we want to create. This is great but we must also acknowledge what is dying, grieve for what we are letting go of, and honor what has been.

I think some of the chaos going on today is that we are not acknowledging and grieving for the life that is dying. Many of us are just focusing on trying to bring in the new.

And I think we have to acknowledge the depth of our feelings and grieve what we are saying good-bye to.

Without doing this I believe that the process of evolution becomes inauthentic on some level. For we must bring respect to what is dying and honor it.

Also, right before death there can be some chaotic energies that show themselves which need to be healed and transformed. The shadow is coming up strong as we heal the energies that need to be transformed as we shift into a new consciousness.

During this month reflect on one simple change you can make in your life that will assist in bringing your life back into balance after you acknowledge an aspect of your life that no longer serves you. There is a level of transparency that is happening as we can plainly observe what needs to be healed personally and in the collective.

Following the above instructions serves multiple purposes. For one we need to acknowledge all that is changing to be true to the process of change and growth. And second, and most important, the process helps you to reconnect with yourself.

And I do believe that reconnecting with ourselves is crucial to stay healthy and balanced. Only when we are connected to ourselves can we fully be present to what life brings to us and the daily choices and decisions we need to make. When we are not connected to our deep self and center, we might end up reacting to situations in an unconscious manner. We want to bring a level of awareness and consciousness to our choices and decisions and not just react blindly.

There are so many people who are still unconscious to the preciousness of life and the need to respect each other and the earth.

We are seeing the chaos that is happening on the planet as people continue to live a disharmonious way of life. Do you really need to stay connected to this level of chaos? Is keeping your energy tied and connected to such discordant and disharmonious energies serving you in any way?

If you feel you do not need to experience such a level of disharmony then with intention cut the cord with the collective that is bringing you into a denser field. Right now many of us are entrenched in a field of energy that we do not need to be tied to.

You can go out into nature and perform a ceremony to cut the ties to the field of energy that is not reflecting back to you the truth of who you are and the states of consciousness you have achieved. Cut the cord with the part inside of you that still feels connected to an old way of life.

You can simply break a stick signifying breaking a tie to the past and the collective field of disharmony.

You can perform a releasing ceremony into an element – earth, air, water, or fire as I wrote about in How to Thrive in Changing Times. Use your imagination and follow your own spiritual guidance on how to do this.

You can do a meditation or shamanic journey to ask for guidance from a helping spirit on how to cut the cord to the dense collective field and then cut the cord in your meditation or journey.

Once you have done all of this it is now time to open to new harmonious and evolved frequencies that support the consciousness you have been working towards.

And now you can truly hold the space for the rest of the collective and remove yourself from the chaos of change. You can now be a true vessel of unconditional love and light. Now you can ride a different wave.

I have obviously written the November Transmutation News before the election for President of the United States. Many of you reading this column do not live in the U.S. And I understand that many of you do not want to get involved in politics. I do want to say something about the election.

Before I do I want to acknowledge that as we are all part of a web of life we are connected and impacted on some level by everything happening on the planet. There are political, economic, and environmental issues that are occurring in all parts of the world. There is violent behavior all over the world. All of what is happening effects each of us.

I do want to say something about the election, and I will start the Announcement Section about this. For now, I want to continue speaking about living a spiritual way of life that reflects back to us our divine nature. For we do have choices to make about how to live our lives regardless of the outcome of this election or other world events.

We have a choice to make. Just like I asked you to cut the cords with the collective energies that do not serve you I also want to remind you that our perception creates our reality. This is a core teaching of the Medicine for the Earth work.

In the present and coming times, we need to choose how to shift our perception. We need to learn how to focus on the beauty that does exist in the world. There are so many levels of consciousness that are occurring at all times. We have to choose which level of consciousness we want to live from.

No matter what happens in the outer world we do have the opportunity to shift our level of consciousness. Mystics have been able to do this for thousands of years. Do you want to live from a consciousness where you feed the drama, or do you want to live from a consciousness that feeds the light, love, and beauty of this world?

The full moon is November 28. Let us join our hearts together and celebrate being part of a global community that has made the decision to ride a beautiful wave. Let us take some time to drum together in support of the earth and all of life.

Let us do our spiritual practices to continue to weave and strengthen the beautiful web of light that goes deep within and throughout the earth.

For those of you who are new to reading The Transmutation News you can read the instructions for our full moon ceremony on the homepage of this site by clicking on “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

Take small steps and make changes that lead you to living a life filled with meaning and passion. This is what life is about.

One morning I woke up with a knowing. And this is something to ponder during the days ahead. What if we never create anything? What if everything is already here and we simply wake up to the world we want to live in and step into that world?

This goes back to a core teaching of the Medicine for the Earth work that our perception creates our reality. What if we simply need to shift our perception to wake up and see the dream we have been dreaming as already here?

Then we can live from the dream instead of being an observer. Living from the dream is an important key to dreaming a new life into being.

Transmutation News – October 2012

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As December 2012 gets closer, I continue to see many articles published about predictions for this time.

I tend to stay away from reading anything that talks about predictions for the future. I used to turn to astrology and psychics to advise me about where my life is going. And over the years I have found the best way to deal with life is to just stay in the present and deal with what comes up and that decisions I make in the present are what end up shaping the future.

I am in no way trying to judge astrology and psychic work. I have a true respect for this work and many of my friends and students are brilliant astrologers and psychics. And these systems can help us to see the forces that are guiding us in the present and gain tools to work through current challenges. I find myself from time to time working with astrologers and psychics to get tools to work with challenges that are being presented to me.

And at the same time, I think many people turn to practitioners who will predict the future for them. I think that this desire to know the future is a way to feel safe. Even if someone gives a prediction that points to great challenges there is a false feeling of safety and some feeling of control that comes from thinking that you know what is coming. Of course, we all like to hear that things are going to be wonderful in our future and then can get disappointed when life ends up bringing us different situations than we were expecting.

But as I have been writing for years the spiritual guidance, I continue to receive is that our future is created from our present. The more that we learn how to stay present with what is, do our spiritual work, raise our consciousness, face each challenge that appears, and trust in spirit to guide us during the challenges the more we can actually transform the forces and end up changing the future.

In the end of our lives don’t we want to leave this great earth as conscious as possible? The consciousness we are striving towards comes from how we live our lives. It is beyond the books we read and the workshops we attend. Of course, books and workshops can inspire us. But in the end, we all have to do our own work.

I did find myself inspired by an article a friend sent to me that was written by Carlos Barrios, a Mayan elder. His website is

I wanted to share something with you from the article he wrote:

Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It’s just their imagination. Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.

Carlos Barrios goes on to say that this is the time in between, the time of transition.

I think that we can all relate to feeling that we are in a transition. And I do know that many of us feel frustrated of living in an in-between state. It makes us feel uncomfortable for there is nothing “to do”. We can only keep doing our work. The challenge is our ego and rational mind wants to see the immediate results of our work.

I would like to share something very personal about the power of holding a state of unconditional love during transition times. For transition times are preparing us for a death. This can be the death of the physical body or the death of a way of life.

My father died one year ago at the age of 97. He suffered from dementia and the last few months of his life were very challenging as he had become quite violent.

I knew that my father was working out traumas he had suffered in his past. And I also knew that I could create an opportunity for healing for him.

As I was with him every day, I could control who came into his presence. And I hired extra help to assist in his care. The only people who were allowed in my father’s presence for the last two months of his life were caregivers who would hold him in unconditional love despite his behavior. And obviously this was true for myself.

When he died, he left from such a state of peace. His transcendence was so quick, and he traveled back to Source like a bullet. It was so clear that when he died, he completed his healing.

Many of us today are taking care of elderly parents. And I constantly hear from friends and students about how an elderly parent had a very traumatic life but is now in a situation where they are being held in love that is creating healing of the past.

I speak to so many about how simply by holding someone in love during their final transition creates a state of peace for him or her that allows true healing of past wounds to take place.

For many this transition can be longer than makes sense to outside observers. Years can go by as one heals from life traumas before letting go to the final journey back to Source.

But the key so many of us have seen is the power of just holding a loving space.

The reason I am sharing this is that we are living in a time where we are experiencing the death of a way of life that no longer serves life or the earth.

And we do not know how long this transition will take. We really do not know how long the in-between time will be. We do not know how this transition will impact each of us on a personal level. And we really do not know what is coming. Death has always been mysterious to the rational way of understanding and probably always will be.

But during any transition process the key is being present and being a loving force in times of great change.

We have been focusing our practice over the years on being a true vessel of unconditional love and this is what is being called for right now.

What we are seeing in the world is the effect of how as humans we have not respected the earth and all of life on the earth.

The focus of many in the world is still on “healing the economy”. And the focus should be on how to live a life of honor and respect for the earth.

I of course understand the challenges of not having enough money for food and shelter. I have been there in life myself.

When we open to living a spiritual life, we start to find solutions and opportunities that take us out of the challenges of a paradigm of scarcity and into a life of abundance.

For in the universe there is no such concept of scarcity there is only abundance. But to experience the energy of abundance and to tap into solutions that lead us to abundance ask us to devote our lives to living a life that embraces the divine. The more we surrender to the divine we find ourselves led to what we need at all times.

We do have to continue to educate people that the earth is our home and we do have to take care of the elements that give us life. This process of education is so needed at a time where people only focus on what they can gain materially no matter what the cost to the rest of life.

At the same time the more we can sink into simple daily spiritual practices that allow our own inner wisdom to lead the way the more we can create positive change for all of life.

The more we can stay present to what is and hold all life and the planet in love right now the more we can heal the past and the present creating healing for the future.

The full moon is October 29. As we continue our practice to weave a brilliant web of life within and throughout the earth let us also join our hearts together to radiate unconditional love that holds all of life.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human of Light” on the homepage.

As we radiate love throughout the world remember to love yourself. Make choices in life that reflect back to you how much you love and respect yourself.

In the article that Carlos Barrios wrote he talks about one respected elder, who lives all year in a solitary mountain cave, who journeyed to Chichicasenango to speak with people who had joined together at a ceremony. The elder delivered a simple, direct message. He called for human beings to come together in support of life and light. This is what we have been doing together as a global community for many years now.

It is only love that heals.

Transmutation News – September 2012

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There are thousands of people who read the Transmutation News each month and engage in the spiritual practices that I have been sharing.

Many of you have been working with these practices for many years now. As a global community we have been weaving a beautiful foundation together that supports our work, our lives, and the process of evolution we are going through.

We have set the intention and have held our focus to keep dreaming the world we wish to live in into being. We have made a commitment to stop throughout the day to observe what we are thinking about and notice what energies we are sending out into the collective. We have been engaging in practices to align our thoughts and words with our desired outcomes.

As you know this is a work in progress. We should be proud for the energy we have put into building and restructuring a new way to live as well as how we have been holding the web of life in love. This is what we should turn our focus to whenever we drop into times of feeling hopeless. Focus on the beauty and healing we have been creating. We have been reweaving a new foundation to hold us as an old way of life that no longer serves us continues to unravel.

I know we can get frustrated wishing we could attain a state of consciousness that we could easily maintain and not get so distracted by the outer world. But the collective we live in supports a stressful way of life. We all do the best we can to live a spiritual life throughout the day.

For the key principle of the Medicine for the Earth work has been to integrate our spiritual work into our daily lives and not separate practices into something we do in the morning without any continuation of the practices as we go out into the world. We have kept a strong beautiful focus on being a light in the world while we are driving in traffic, while at work, when we are in the grocery store, standing in line at the bank, etc.

The teaching that it is who we become changes the world is core to being a positive changemaker. And we must keep up our spiritual practices.

At the same time, I know for myself I am feeling a shift happening in my focus. As the challenges we are facing on the planet become more complex I feel a true yearning to simplify everything I do.

I know from what I read that there has been a real movement with many people to simplify their physical needs – donating clothes and material objects to others and moving into smaller homes – finding ways to live simpler.

I have found this desire inside myself also. And at the same time, I feel a need to simplify the spiritual work that I do. For we can become obsessed and put too much pressure on ourselves with the spiritual practices we do. My soul’s yearning is to reconnect with myself and with MY SELF. I have been writing about SELF for a few months now – that spiritual eternal part of ourselves that is permanent, joyful and always at peace.

I am sure I am not alone in my yearning. I think many of us feel a need to reconnect with ourselves.

It almost feels like as the issues get more challenging and keep increasing on an exponential fashion that my own spiritual goals get smaller. The unraveling of a way of life that does not support life and the energies of love, equality, harmony, and peace will continue. The calls to wake up will continue to get louder. I know all of you understand this. These calls not only come from the earth but from our own soul which yearns to experience a deeper and more meaningful way of life.

So, finding some place inside of ourselves where we can experience peace even if just for a few minutes feels important. I did write about finding time to just experience stillness last month.

This month I want to write about creating sacred space in your home where you can remove yourself from all that is going on in the world and reconnect with yourself.

One way to do this is to find a corner or small table in your house where you can build an altar. I know those of us who have altars in our homes find comfort when we can sit with our altar and be in sacred space.

Keep your altar simple. You can create an altar with a candle, some flowers, crystals, stones, shells, things you have collected in nature that remind you of a place of beauty. Place things on your altar that remind you of times and experiences where you felt happy and peaceful. You can put pictures on your altar or something that you have made. These are just some suggestions to inspire you to come up with your own ideas.

I have a little cup that I fill with rose water that I leave as an offering to give thanks to all the invisible helping spirits that support me in my life. Some of these are my helping spirits, the spirits of the land where I live, the elements, the helping ancestors, and the hidden folk. My personal list might include more.

The key to making an altar is keep it simple, keep it sacred, and use your imagination.

You can also create an altar outdoors.

Allow yourself to be inspired to change your altar as you feel that changes are going on inside of yourself and you want your altar to reflect those changes.

Having some special spot that you can visit during the day and take a time out is a wonderful way to find some minutes of inner peace. Sitting in your sacred space can be a time where you can pray in your own way for yourself, others, and the planet. It is a place where you can give thanks for what you do have in your life. And it is a place where you can give thanks for the global circle of spiritual practitioners working in their own ways to make a difference in the world. Most of all this can be a place to find quiet from the noise of the world – both the inner and outer noise.

In this way we can continue to connect with ourselves and this will allow us to regenerate so that we do feel the strength and energy to keep our visions going and be a light in the world.

But we must be able to stay connected to ourselves in order to have this kind of energy. Otherwise, we end up trying too hard. Our spiritual practices stop flowing and they feel forced. And when we force our spiritual work, we end up feeling inauthentic with the work and might move to a place of hopelessness. When we allow our divine spirit and light to flow through us, we feel filled with inspiration and hope.

Life is unpredictable and many people are feeling fragile. This is not a new condition that humans have had to deal with. But as the unraveling of collective energies keep occurring, we are not always sure of the foundation we have to rely on. We must keep building a strong inner world. Our inner world is what will hold us in the times ahead. This allows us to wake up each day and be fully present to what life brings us knowing all solutions and actions we need to take will be presented to us.

You can rely on the foundation of love and support built by many thousands of us. We have woven a beautiful and strong foundation for us to stand on. But we have to take some time out each day to find a sacred and still place where we can just sit, be, and feel all that we have done. We must be able to experience moments of inner peace to refuel and regenerate.

As I experience peace filling each cell of my being every day, I don’t feel stressed out about what practices I am doing and what I might have lost concentration with. And as I can momentarily touch into a sense of peace and stillness, I deepen my trust in divine order.

We will continue to feel challenged by events around us. I know the shock that we felt by the senseless tragedy in Colorado. And there are so many senseless tragedies that stretch our hearts as we are filled with compassion. If you track energy, you can see where the energy is going. And we must hold strong individually and collectively.

Simplify your spiritual practices – don’t stress about them and don’t get caught up in trying to learn new methods. Give yourself a time out and find a corner where you can just be in peace.

Over the years I have written a lot to help us find tools in these changing times to keep our focus.

After the oil spill occurred in the Gulf, I wrote a summary of Medicine for the Earth practices that we have been working with.

If you would like to reread this column, please click on this link

Also on the homepage of this site is a button for The Huffington Post Articles that I wrote. These articles are very short and easy to read. Some of the articles that might inspire you and give you some tools to work with are:

How to Heal Toxic Thoughts
How to Create a New Vision for the Planet
How to Create a Rich Inner Garden
How to Create a Prayer Tree
How to Deal with Grief
How to Work with the Power of Love

On September 22 we celebrate the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Nature is such an amazing teacher for us and can help us to learn how to live in harmony through change. For nature is always changing and at the same time the earth provides for us what we need during shifts and changes.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And the weather predictions are for an intense winter. I have been noticing how nature is preparing us for the winter ahead.

The fruit trees in Santa Fe have bore more fruit that has been seen in recent years. Trees are heavy with berries, acorns, and pinecones. I have an apricot tree that produced apricots for the first time in the 17 years. It is quite extraordinary. The earth is preparing us and providing nurturance for all of life.

Take some time and notice the changes where you live. How has nature been showing you signs about the change in season coming? Learn to allow nature to help you make your own predictions rather than relying on meteorologists.

Meditate on a short ceremony that you might want to perform alone or with others in your community to celebrate the change in seasons.

You might want to do a releasing ceremony to let go of a disappointment or a block to your creative potential. You might want to perform a blessing ceremony for the earth and all of life planting seeds of gratitude, love, light, and hope for all of life.

Allow your own inspiration to guide you for your equinox celebrations. Ceremonies at the change of seasons is a way to honor the earth and at the same time assists us on a very deep level to step into the shift of seasons.

And know that our circle is radiating unconditional love and light to you for who you are. You are held in love and support by many thousands of people around the world. Feel it, take it in, and radiate it back.

The full moon is September 29. Let us continue weaving a beautiful web of light that expands out of our circle and embraces the entire earth and all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

I wish you a joyous autumn and spring!

Transmutation News – August 2012

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The intensity of the times calls for all of us to delve deeper into the spiritual spaces inside of ourselves. This month I would like to continue to work with the material in the July Transmutation News.

Our work together is not about what is happening in the outer world. Our work together is about deepening our inner world and working together from a rich and peaceful inner space.

The truth is that no matter what we lose in the outer world we are home inside ourselves. For we are divine light and immortal and that is an eternal truth. Spiritually there is nothing for us to lose. Our spirit/Self is a place of permanence and is unchanging. Our spiritual light is a place of complete stillness and center.

As so much is going on around us it is more important than ever to experience the place of stillness, center, and your true home within. For in this place, we have available to us permanent peace, incredible wealth and abundance on all levels, and the joy we are seeking.

The more we can touch into the place of true inner peace and stillness the more we can truly be a healing presence for our family, our community, the earth, and ourselves.

But when there is so much strife it is difficult for many of us to leave that level of worry and fear of disappointment, and loss. Our hearts break open in deep compassion as we witness what all of life is going through around us. In this state it becomes more challenging to touch into our true home, spirit, Self, divine light, stillness, and inner peace. But we must!!

It is important to find a time once a week and of course if you can a few times a week to really give yourself the time and space to do your spiritual work to experience stillness and inner peace.

Unless we can do this, we will always be creating from fear and desperation as I wrote about last month.

The void, the place of unpotentiated energy is empty yet full. The void is the place where all life is created from. And everything is created from stillness. For the stillness creates a vacuum that draws to it form.

When we can get “still” from the highest aspect of this term- deep inner stillness- that is the state from which we can draw to us what we wish to create.

As I wrote about last month many of us still create from a place of internal noise and that is not the appropriate state needed to draw to us what we desire. We have to first experience inner stillness and inner peace and open ourselves up to receive. And when we open ourselves up to receive, we have let go of the fear of disappointment that we will not be successful in manifesting our desire. The key is to open, be still, find inner peace, and receive. Letting go of the outcome is the key to the success of all spiritual work. It has always been this way and will always be. For the attachment to outcome destroys stillness and inner peace.

The following is an important point to remember: Whatever you fear losing is already lost, as you have lost those things in your imagination.

As my spiritual teacher Isis has shared over the years if you have already received the wake-up call about living life more consciously and with honor and respect you do not need to ride the same wave as those in the collective that still has not awoken from the dream that does not support life.

I do believe that this is the different dimension of reality that Isis has been talking about. For we do have a choice to rebuild our lives right now using the power of our imagination.

We must completely surrender to SELF, the earth, nature, and the universe. For as we can surrender, we build trust that everything is happening in divine order and that our inner light, inner knowing, will guide us through every change and challenge. And we must recognize that our challenges will be different than what many others are going through in the collective. Our challenges have to do with learning to trust and to let our guidance lead us to the life we do desire.

This month I want to ask you to find an hour at least once a week. If you can continue your work more than once a week that is great.

Do a meditation for one hour. Find a time of the day where you do not have to think about where you need to be or what you have to do after the meditation. You can do this first thing in the morning on a day off or even before you go to sleep.

Put on some nice expansive yet relaxing music. Make sure the music you choose has no words. The reason I am suggesting one hour is that this time frame will allow you to truly sink into a deep state. It will allow your brainwaves to slow down from a beta state, the thinking state, to a deeper theta state where there is no mind only sacred and holy spiritual space.

Set your intention to simply be still and experience your eternal Self. Set your intention to touch upon a state of inner peace and to receive whatever comes from being in this state.

At first you might find mind chatter continuing to loop in your head. But as you breathe very deeply and put your hands on your stomach or heart your brain will begin to calm. Continue to go deeper. And when you get to stillness and inner peace just experience this state. Don’t ask questions as you travel within and don’t try to connect with helping spirits, angels, etc.

Your only mission is to be. As you do this something will change. You might not be able to explain it to anyone, but you will get a new sense of “home” and of your Self. You will rest in yourself and your spiritual light.

Once you have this experience it will change you in ways that will change your life and the world around you.

Repeat this meditation again and again. When you can really go deep within and experience stillness and inner peace your perception will change. This shift in perception will ripple throughout the entire web of life.

Do this for yourself and for all of life on this great earth.

And on the full moon, which is August 1, repeat this meditation. Don’t “attempt” to radiate light throughout the web of light. Just “experience” your own light and the rest will happen without you trying to create any kind of change.

We must keep traveling deeper and deeper into our vast inner space to truly “be the change”.

Let us take this day of the full moon to hold the intention, “I am a vessel of love and light”. Experience being a vessel of love and light as you go about your daily activities.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage to learn the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

I also am suggesting that we repeat an exercise we did together years ago. I want you to work with magnets to really understand the law of attraction.

If you have two magnets in your house use them. If not go out and buy two inexpensive magnets.

Every day hold the magnets so that the positive and negative pole pulls the magnets together. As you move into a place of stillness and learn to experience your inner void you pull to you the goodness of life and your desires.

The more you can get the energetic pull by working with the magnets the more you will get in your body the feeling of drawing and attracting to you what you desire.

Another key as I wrote earlier is letting go of the fear that you will be disappointed. Allow yourself to be open to receive the goodness of life. Let go of the actual outcome and instead open up to the gifts that the earth and the universe have to share with you right now.

Transmutation News – July 2012

transmutation news july 2012 1200x630

We must keep feeding the goodness of life and what we love so this energy builds and can override the forces we now see governing our planet.

Do your work inspite of what is happening in the world. We must stay focused in the midst of the challenges. We have to feed the energies we want to see grow in the world. We must continue to be gardeners and tend our earth garden.

In order to stay centered to keep up our spiritual practices during such intense times we must keep returning to Self. Self is our true nature that does not change and has a sense of inner stability and permanence. You can review chapter 5 in Medicine for the Earth for some tools to work with.

I keep exploring the process of creation. This has been a passion of mine throughout my life and I have written quite a bit on this over the years.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News you can read an article I wrote on the Huffington Post to get caught up with the work we have been doing. Just visit the homepage of this site. Click on “Huffington Post Articles” and read the article “How to Create a New Vision for the Planet”.

The ability to manifest healing and abundance for the planet and ourselves really is unlimited. But when I examine how most people practice manifestation, I see that many of us are manifesting from fear and an energy of scarcity.

We cannot be successful in our creation work while we are in a state of fear. Often, we try to create outer circumstances where we will be safe from harm and change. We do our creation work feeling that there are not enough resources for all.

When we think we are doing our spiritual work, but we are in a state of fear and scarcity then we are practicing our work from ego. And as I have written in the last couple of months you cannot create form when you are in a state of separation.

Form is created out of invisible energies and from vibration. All form starts in the invisible spiritual realms.

When you find yourself practicing your creation work out of a state of need and fear this is a sign that you will not be successful. For you are not in the required state of consciousness to be able to manifest abundance.

The key is to be able to sink deep enough that you find yourself floating energetically in a sea of abundance. And out of the energy and vibration of abundance then you can manifest form.

To enter into such a deep state of consciousness takes preparation. You really have to take the time to move from a state of separation into a state of oneness and experience the divine.

In shamanic cultures shamans really take their time in preparing for the healing work and ceremonies they are about to perform. In the West we often dive into the work without any preparation.

As shamans work in the invisible realms with formless energies, they allow themselves the time to move into the appropriate state to do their work.

I believe that we do not allow ourselves to go deep enough into the state where we can experience unlimited resources, wisdom, health, peace, light, and love.

For one we try too hard and end up attempting to force the work because we might feel some state of desperation.

We feel stressed out by all our responsibilities and we don’t take the time to just simply relax, be, and sink into the depth of the divine.

And then we feel disappointed when we do not feel successful.

The metaphor that comes up for me is that we are trying to squeeze water out of a dry sponge. Or in English we have a saying, “You cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip”. The point I am making is that you cannot create abundance when you are feeling empty, desperate, fearful, and experiencing scarcity.

We want to do our work from a place of inner richness. We want to tap into the wealth of beauty that grows from a true fertile garden.

In May I encouraged you to experience the expanse of the void. For we often limit the creative power of the universe as we limit the space we work within.

This month I would like to encourage you to take time to move out of fear and scarcity. This will require that you do some kind of preparation work to move into a state of peace.

You might take a walk in nature, meditate, sing, or dance. We all have our own entry points into a state of calm and inner peace.

From that state be still and allow yourself to sink deep within and imagine traveling into the sea of abundance. This is the true state of the divine feminine.

Then from this vibration start to form your creation. You must sink into the energy of abundance to create form from it.

Notice the difference of how it feels to practice your creation work from this place versus from an egoic state of fear and the belief, “I have to get what I can for there is not enough.”

Once you attain this state keep anchoring the feeling so that you live out of a place of abundance versus living out of a state of fear.

Any spiritual work practiced out of fear only feeds the dense collective trance we are actively choosing to transform and free ourselves from.

You might notice that there has been an ongoing theme that I have been writing about over the years. And this theme has to do with moving spiritual concepts from our heads and allowing our cells to absorb and then radiate spiritual energies.

I wrote many times about the importance of feeling our divine spiritual light through every cell of our being. For it is not enough to understand that who we are beyond our skin is light. We must feel it.

I wrote about absorbing the love of the creator or creative forces of the universe into every cell of your being. We must really experience universal love in our cells to be a vessel for that love.

I also shared with you that it is important to experience the force of the spiritual global community in our bodies versus understanding that there are millions of people around the world praying in their own way for the earth.

It is crucial to feel the power of the collective in our bodies to be a true channel of change and healing.

And now I am writing about sinking into abundance or any vibrational energy in which you are trying to create form from.

We tend to rationalize spirituality in our culture. We must experience it fully in our bodies in order to live the practices and also to be positive changemakers.

As we can experience the power of spirit more on a cellular level then we can surrender to the true power of spirit.

In the Western world we are always trying to figure things out. We try and think our way out of problems. We attempt to come up with a plan.

Many of us are learning the hard way that we cannot think our way out of every challenge. Our spirit knows how to create the healing and transformation we are seeking. And it is now time to surrender to Spirit.

When a problem or situation that needs healing presents itself call in the power of Spirit to guide you.

When you take time to reflect on your life you will notice that often an invisible force, the divine, God, brought you out of a dark place into a place of healing or to a place where good things started to manifest. The place you ended up might have been beyond what your thinking mind could have manifested.

It is time for us to stop working so hard to figure out how to transform what is happening on the planet. The more we can call in Spirit and let that force move in ways that are beyond our rational comprehension the more we open the doorway for true healing to happen.

As we experience on a deeper cellular the power of the spiritual work it opens up a stronger door to the realms of spirit. But we must surrender.

Write down 3 –5 very challenging times in your life when you felt some invisible force created change that you were not planning or expecting. This will give you an opportunity to reflect on how Spirit has been your true guide in life.

We have all had times where the divine took the reigns of our life and guided us to a good place. The time to wonder if we can trust Spirit is over. For Spirit is truly the force we must trust right now and surrender to.

The problems we have created in the world are beyond a rational plan of action.

The full moon is July 3. Let us together sink into our divine light, experience in our cells the power and true force of our global collective, and experience fully in our bodies the unlimited energies that we can bring through for healing and transformation. And then together as we align our heartbeats with each other, and the heartbeat of the earth let us continue to weave a brilliant web of light and love within and throughout our great planet.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

Valerie Farr, a brilliant shamanic teacher and practitioner in Los Angeles, sent me this wonderful quote from Albert Einstein. I think it fits in perfectly with our work:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein

Transmutation News – June 2012

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Last month I wrote that when you are trying to create a change in the outer world first you must work from an energetic place. You cannot change matter while you are in your egoic form.

This is a very important point that I would like us to explore this month.

Shamans and spiritual healers look through the eyes of spirit into a client’s body reading the field of energy. Shamans heal what is out of balance on a spiritual level. The illness might manifest on an emotional or physical level, but the shaman is looking behind the manifestation of symptoms. A shaman looks at the energy system of a client and restores harmony on a spiritual level. Once harmony is restored in the invisible energetic system the client’s body and emotions can heal.

In the modern Western world, we tend to try and cure symptoms. We often ignore looking at the core energetic system and how that needs to be restored to a state of balance so that the entire life force of a person can flow again bringing a state of well being.

In my books Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times I teach the importance of being able to transmute and transform the energy behind our thoughts. I also teach that when we use words we create as we speak, and we must be aware of the energy behind our words. For we manifest with our words.

We have been working together on this work for years now as I have focused on this since I started writing the Transmutation News in 2000.

But we must take the work of transmuting and transforming the energy behind our thoughts and words further. For what is behind form and matter is energy.

To truly create positive healing for others, the planet, and ourselves we must stop focusing on symptoms. We must look through the eyes of spirit to see the movement of energy and any blocks that might be noticed in the web of life.

The image I keep seeing is a web and matrix of tiny crystalline lights that are in all of life. And sometimes an attunement of this web must be made so that the energetic flow can be freed. Once this flow is free health is restored on all levels.

When I teach my work on “Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light” I ask people not to focus on a client’s physical and/or emotional complaint.

This is often confusing for people, especially people who work with me through some of my ongoing online courses.

People feel that if they can hear other peoples’ complaints and stories that it will create a state of compassion and more energy to want to participate in the healing work.

But when two or more people actually agree on an energy, we actually end up solidifying the problem. If one person states that they are ill on an emotional or physical level and we as an outside force feed that belief we have exponentially solidified the symptoms stated.

I know this gets tricky if you are in a helping profession. For clients show up with a problem that must be stated and diagnosed. But as helping professionals we do not have to feed the energy stated. We can let the client share what is happening and through the process of simply being an observer we end up changing the issue stated. I wrote about the power of observation and how this simple practice can heal in my book Medicine for the Earth.

I want to encourage all of us to look behind the symptoms that you are manifesting, you might see in others, and on the planet. Go into a meditative state and look through the eyes of spirit and start to work on the energetic matrix.

As we even look beyond the energetic matrix, we observe only divine light. As we recognize the light in ourselves, others, and the planet transformation naturally takes place. For light is life and light heals all illness. And of course, as we observe the light in all of life, we must allow universal love to flow through us. All life is light, and we came here to experience the love of the divine.

I think part of the collective trance keeps us only looking at chasing symptoms. We are looking on the wrong level to really create lasting healing. I know many of us have seen the potential of energy medicine and have glimpsed into the future of its power to heal. Why not start now?

Recently I was searching around some of my past Transmutation News to find some material that might be relevant for an article I am writing for the Huffington Post. I read some of what I wrote in the May 2010 Transmutation News and thought it was relevant to what I have written in this month’s column. I thought I would share some of our past work to add to what I have already written.

From: The May 2010 Transmutation News:

One of the core teachings of the Medicine for the Earth work is that everything manifests in the spiritual before manifesting in the physical.

About 5 years ago I wrote that the fabric of reality is breaking down. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes are creating an unweaving of the fabric of life. Organizational structures are falling apart and there is a great deal of disillusionment in government and religious organizations.

We are continuing to experience major earth changes as with the recent earthquakes in different parts of the world and the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.

True shamans work on creating the new fabric of reality and continue to work on the web of life. Looking at patterns of disharmony they use art, song, dance, and dreaming to change the frequency of the patterns of the entire web.

With the work we have been doing together we are changing the collective fabric which requires changing our thoughts and daydreams as we work to create a new fabric of reality in the invisible realms which will manifest into the physical world to replace all that is unraveling. In this way we build an invisible world of substance that manifests as a new physical reality.

There are many of us who only want to look at making external changes. There are of course actions we can take to change what is happening on the planet. With some actions and healing work it is like going around and just treating symptoms without looking at the deeper level of the challenge and the illness.

When we use our thoughts, words, and daydreams to build an invisible world of substance we go to the core of reweaving a new fabric reality.

If there are not people who are willing to be the dreamers than what will our future be? And as the necessary and evolutionary breakdowns keep occurring what is the vision for the future? There must be a collective holding a new vision.

It is essential for those of us who are called to dream and reweave a new fabric of reality to keep working on building an invisible world of substance. And I wrote about the creation methods I use in both Medicine for the Earth and in my new book How to Thrive in Changing Times.

I do believe that it is important to take some time to reflect on the invisible world of substance you have been building.

The full moon is June 4. Let us together focus on the powerful work that is taught in spiritual traditions – the world of form is preceded by energy.

Let us work with reweaving an invisible world of substance by focusing on weaving a strong and brilliant web of light.

For those of you new to the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our monthly ceremony.

On June 20 we celebrate the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

What a great time to merge with the earth where you live. When you merge with the earth you learn about it by becoming it. In this way you can experience in your body what changes are happening in your own inner earth.

For instructions on how to merge with an element you can look at Medicine for the Earth or How to Thrive in Changing Times.

Basically, you want to do a meditation to become earth. Focus your intention on merging with the earth where you live. Put on some music and allow yourself to sink into a merged state with earth. To deepen your experience, you can merge with all the elements where you live and learn about the changes that come with the changing season. As we are earth, air, water, and fire ourselves we change with the seasons too.

As you merge with the elements notice that they are always in movement. Even frozen earth is always moving. Movement is needed for health. Illness manifests when there is stagnant energy. This means that our energy must keep moving to maintain a state of health.

Let us together give thanks and gratitude to the elements for all that we are given so that we might thrive and not just survive. And most of all let us join our hearts together and give thanks for our life. Let us feed the spirit that lives in all things (all of life on earth) with universal love!

On the solstice eat a fresh piece of fruit or a vegetable that is grown organically without pesticides. Whether you live in the city or in the country there are markets that sell fresh organically grown local produce.

As you eat the bounty that comes from the earth imagine yourself sinking into the earth and feel the love and light of all that the earth gifts us with.

I wish you a joyous summer or winter!



Transmutation News – May 2012

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When we engage in the practice of shamanism as well as spiritual practices that come from other traditions we work within a deep inner invisible space.

Everything without comes from within. And on a rational level we cannot always “wrap our minds” around the numinous field of energy.

The bamboo plant is an extraordinary living being. As with all plants, life starts from a seed. As it is watered the roots grow very deep for four years. After four years the plants burst forth very rapidly and grow to about 80 feet almost overnight.

As humans we also have been growing deep roots in our inner garden. For many of us these deep roots come from social conditioning, collective beliefs, beliefs we absorbed from the media, and own life experiences.

It is essential that we examine the strong roots growing in our inner garden and explore clearing out the space needed for the numinous energies to grow from and manifest in our own lives and into the world.

The root system of the bamboo plant is also a wonderful example of how when we start with a strong structure and foundation, we can support a strong and healthy life that can withstand all kinds of stresses. For the strength to thrive lies deep within.

This month focus on meditating on your root system. Take walks in nature and reflect on how some of the healthiest plants and trees have strong root systems. Some of the root systems are on the surface and some deep below the earth. But the health of a plant and tree often is reflected by the power of their root system.

Use your imagination to go within and focus on clearing out the roots of defeatist attitudes and belief systems that have been growing strong plants in your own inner garden.

Make room for the numinous. Make room for the divine.

In April I recorded my first session of my webinar “Deepening the Medicine for the Earth Practices”.

There were three principles I talked about in the first session. And I will very briefly summarize the teachings here.

Many people that I hear from share that they are afraid to use their imaginations to dream a positive dream for themselves and the earth. What I hear from people is that they don’t know what their ego might be asking for and trying to manifest versus what their spirit might support. The fear arises of manifesting something that might not be for a person’s highest good.

And the other issue that arises is the belief that the future holds something beyond what we can imagine. So why try to imagine a good future now.

My response to these issues raised is that we are using our imaginations 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There are spiritual masters who can silence their minds. But for most of us our imagination is always working. Our imagination is even working in our dreams at night.

So why not focus on imagining a positive vision instead of the pain, trauma, drama that many of us keep visioning?

And our future is created from the present. We want to focus our imagination on dreaming a beautiful present into being. By doing this we lay the tracks from which the future is built from.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to dream a wonderful dream for yourself and all of life on this great earth. Go for it!

The next principle I talked about is that we know the universe is space. The matter that exists in our universe can fit on the tip of a pin.

Yet when we do our creation work, to use a metaphor that I was given, we keep painting over old canvases. So, the old paintings keep bleeding through into our new paintings which contain our new visions.

I wrote about creating from the void in my books Medicine for the Earth and How to Thrive in Changing Times. If you have a copy of one of these books, please review what I wrote.

The void is the place before creation. It is prior to thought. The void is empty, yet full with the power of unpotentiated energy. All life is created and birthed from the void.

We need to expand out and stop creating from a limited place in the universe. Imagine finding a new spot in the void in space to create from. Expand into the vastness of space.

Don’t paint over old canvases. Find new canvases and new materials to paint your new visions with. And remember to paint yourself into your vision and experience the painting coming alive with all the sensory input that allows you to step into the new dream.

Don’t reframe. Begin again, anew. Start a new dream.

may 2012 1200x630

And lastly my spirit teacher the Egyptian Goddess Isis talked to me about how we work and engage with the global spiritual collective.

She said that there are millions of people around the world engaged in spiritual work. We all work in the ways we are called to, but the work is for the benefit of all of life.

She said that most of us think about the spiritual collective. She said that what is truly important is to feel the power of the spiritual collective in our body. This is a force. Force is both a masculine and feminine principle.

Right now, we feel in our bodies the force and power of the dense mass collective who believes in scarcity, pollution, illness, and that being able to create positive change on the planet is not possible. So, this is the force that keeps being fueled and is manifesting its presence.

But if everyday we allow ourselves to feel the pure energetic force of the spiritual collective this power will override the collective trance we are trying to break out of.

Everyday a little more and little more allow yourself to experience the power of the spiritual collective in your body. Don’t experience it all at one time as this might be more than you can physically handle at once. Set your intention and allow yourself to feel the energy, power, force of the collective more and more each day.

We are luminous beings. We are not matter. All form is energy.

We cannot change matter when we try to create change while we are in our egoic form. This is not the level to operate from.

When we travel into the void and practice shaping energy, we end up creating form and matter.

You need to go back to your prior state of luminous energy and shape energy into form.

In Medicine for the Earth, I wrote about how Jack Schwarz was able to heal himself while he was being tortured in a prison camp. He said he healed himself through a heightened consciousness and attuning to the universe.

I also wrote about the story of Isis and Osiris and the birth of Horus. Osiris had been murdered and dismembered. Isis walked the land collecting all the parts of Osiris. Osiris now deceased had transcended to spirit. Isis had to drop her physical form and transfigure into her spiritual form to mate with Osiris to conceive Horus.

This is a powerful teaching about the magical birth of Horus through the merging of Isis and Osiris in spirit. The union of spirit created a magical being; a magical form.

The full moon is May 5. Let us focus on creating deep luminous roots into the earth to support the web of light that embraces our great earth.

If you are new to reading the Transmutation News please click on the link for “Creating A Human Web of Light” to read the instructions for our monthly ceremony.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a wonderful article. For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand brush until they reached the house of Laurence Anthony, the conservationist who saved their lives. Laurence Anthony had died and as they psychically got the message, they made a pilgrimage to his home to mourn his death.

This was such a beautiful and awesome story. It also shows how when we learn to silence the outer noise, we too can receive the messages we need. We are all connected to the web of life that informs each and every one of us with all we need to know.

We need to learn how to be still and listen.

To read this wonderful article please visit:

Transmutation News – April 2012

Focus is one of the key principles I have been writing about on the Transmutation News since 1998. This month I would like for us to deepen our exploration into focus.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And as we moved from winter into spring the winds are blowing strong. This is a typical weather pattern for New Mexico. Spring is our windy season. And as the weather changes around the world our windy season becomes more severe.

The metaphor I use for myself is that the winds of change keep blowing stronger. And as I reflect on this, I am led to understanding the need to build a stronger inner core and a stronger inner foundation.

As I have been writing about focus, I have been teaching about the need to use our imaginations to focus on the words we use, our thoughts, our attitudes, and holding a positive vision for the world.

This is important and this is a practice that is key to thriving in changing times and being the dreamers of a new world as the old paradigm is dissolving. The old paradigm has reached an age where it can no longer sustain itself anymore and does not support life.

But as we focus on our mental state, we can become top heavy. And life forms that are too top heavy do not survive the winds of change. Trees, plants, buildings that are too heavy go down in high winds.

We have to balance out our practice so that we create a strong inner core that can sustain the changes ahead. For the winds of change blowing across this planet are affecting all of life.

We need to understand that focus is not just a mental concept. As we tap more into the feminine principle of life focus is a full body experience.

Think of a woman giving birth. A woman just doesn’t think about birthing a baby into the world. Her whole body gets involved in the process of birthing. A tree or plant does not just hold the intention to grow from a seed. There is a whole process of gestation, nurturance, and bursting forth from the inner earth into the world of the sun.

It is time to explore how our own creative process is deeper than a mental state. Creativity and focus must be a full-bodied experience in order to create new life that is balanced.

We must focus on moving our energy within. I have been encouraging you for years now to use the metaphor of cultivating a deep and rich inner garden. For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News you can skim through the archives. You can also read my article on the Huffington Post from September 2011. The link is:

Use your imagination this month to experience what full-bodied focus might feel like. Take some time to meditate or journey on how you can strengthen your inner core. This will give you the strength needed to hold steady as we experience so much death, change, and transition.

Imagine with your body, not just your mind. Engage your body awareness.

Reflect on the foundation that you have built. For you cannot strengthen your inner core without a strong foundation. Your foundation is your thoughts, attitudes, memories, and your visions.

Continue to strengthen your positive visions and attitudes as we have been doing. Focus on the good memories and let go of the old stories that need to die. Use your imagination to focus on what you do want to experience in life instead of using your imagination to focus on the nightmare scenarios.

And with that foundation allow the energy to move throughout your entire body so that you feel strong roots going into the earth and a strong and healthy core. And from that healthy strong branches will grow towards the sun and increase your capacity to receive and absorb the light of life.

Take walks in nature. For nature already is tuned into the changes to come. Changes in weather surprise human beings. With the best efforts of scientists, we still continued to be surprised by the intensity of change in the weather patterns.

But nature is not surprised. Nature does not need to be informed by scientists what is ahead. For all living beings have the internal ability to sense what is coming. We have seen time and time again how animals know when earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, etc are coming. Animals and birds have their own internal radar and know when to migrate and leave an area.

We are nature too, so we have our own internal sensors. But some of us have tuned out the internal station that informs us. We continue to try and allow others to inform us, or we over rationalize and over think which creates a loss of communication from our inner knowing.

Continue to work with gratitude practices. Living life from a place of deep appreciation is a powerful way to build a strong and resilient inner core.

So, I repeat focus is a full body experience. Reflect this month on what this feels like. Move away from trying to understand this mentally. Move from your body this month. Create a strong inner core by trusting your inner senses and don’t rely so much on the information you are getting from the external world. Move from within.

Many years ago, I became fascinated with multiple and parallel realities. In my workshops I would have people journey to different realities where they were living different lives that were created from different choices they made. In the theory of multiple realities every time we ponder different choices, we can make we actually end up living out each choice in a different reality.

Recently I started reflecting on how we can actually see our collective energies manifesting different realities right here, right now in this universe.

There are many people in the world who believe that only human beings are intelligent and have a consciousness. These people live in a dimension and frequency where nature is composed of things that have no spirit and don’t need to be treated with honor and respect. Nature simply exists.

There are those of us who believe that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit and is connected to a web of life. In this way we can actually feel the life force of nature and feel connected to nature.

Then there are also people who live with the consciousness that not only is nature alive and has a spirit, but that nature is communicating with you, observing and watching you, and interacting with you. With this understanding you end up stepping into another reality of life.

We can also step into a new dimension as we recognize the divine in nature and nature recognizes the divine in us. This is a lovely dimension to step into.

These are examples of endless perceptions that we all hold about life. And with any sensitivity you can tap into how living from different levels of consciousness creates different realities in our world.

Since I have been writing the Transmutation News, I have been sharing how to dream the world you wish to live in into being. We have been using all of our senses to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world we wish to live in.

For a short review on the basic principles, you can read my Huffington Post article “How to Create a New Vision for the Planet”.

I think all of you reading the Transmutation News want to believe that we can step into a new dimension of reality where we live a life of joy, harmony, abundance, peace, good health, etc.

And due to the collective trance, we are in we straddle realities as we want to believe but at the same time feel we don’t really have the power to change the world we live in.

As long as we straddle stepping into our power and committing and staying focused with falling back into disappointment, hopelessness, and giving up then we are not fully stepping into the world we wish to create. We continue to live between the old and the new.

We have to learn how to change the story that we live. For our stories shape and create the ultimate reality we live in.

We must make a choice of staying on track with the collective trance and just trying to survive and making the best out of life and stepping through the veils into a new dimension of reality that exists but is waiting for us to participate in.

It is your choice. Refocus your practice of experiencing with all your senses your new life. Commit to the story. Continue to enrich the story by bringing in new details and stronger sensory input. Add characters to the story and enrich your audience. Make it real. Live from it – don’t just be an observer. The only way to make it real and step into a new dimension of reality is to live from it.

We are luminous beings, and we continue to create form and matter with our stories. Change your story and change your life. Shift your consciousness fully and shift the reality you live in.

On this planet earth there are different realities that people are living in. Which one do you want to inhabit?

The full moon is April 6. This month focus on the body feelings, the internal sense of transfiguration. Be a beacon of light. Don’t visualize feeding the web of light that connects us all. Be that light. Let us all make our transfiguration work this month a full body experience.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read, “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Let us fully join our hearts together to be a vessel of universal love bathing all of life with love.

As we continue to weave a strong web of light and love we create a strong bond so that we are prepared to continue to work together to be of service no matter what crisis is happening on the planet.

Transmutation News – March 2012

Last month I wrote about waking up out of the trance of mass consciousness. We can wake up to new feelings of vitality and new perceptions. In February I suggested that a first step is to set an intention of wake up.

When we set an intention at first it might feel like we are in a mental state. But setting an intention does activate our own subconscious to manifest our goal. What might feel like a mental concept at first moves quickly into being a body experience.

As we set our intention to wake up out of the dream we are now living in, we will find ourselves moving into a deeper sense of awareness.

Another step is starting to observe and reflect on how we nurture ourselves. We have been looking at connecting with universal love for others and ourselves. We also must reflect on how we have been taking care of ourselves.

Nurturance comes on many levels. Part of being able to receive true nurturance is absorption. And we must reflect on what we are absorbing. What do we absorb from life?

On a personal level it is time to reflect on the following questions:
What energies are you absorbing from the media?
What energies are you absorbing from your own thoughts?
What energies are you absorbing from what others around you radiate?

Are you working with the practice of intentionally transmuting energies you take in to your psyche and body from people you know and from the collective?

Are you working with replacing defeatist thoughts with positive thoughts?

By holding these questions and reflecting on them you will find yourself feeling the energy to fuel new intentions.

We are constantly absorbing energies. As we learn to raise our frequency it is essential that we learn to absorb and nurture ourselves with divine light to support a higher frequency.

This is also true of the food we take in. There is a higher frequency in nature that most of us are asleep to and unaware of. There are so many dimensions in nature itself. To support our bodies to be a vessel of a higher vibration we must put our attention to absorbing the highest frequency of nature. This means as you eat food, drink water, bathe, breathe air, and walk in the sun we must focus on absorbing the divine light of nature.

We often talk about shifting consciousness, but our bodies must be supported in making the shift too. We have to learn how to open the veil to a new dimension of how we perceive our food and the elements we take in. We need to open the veils between the dense consciousness of how we treat nature to the highest level of nature’s intelligence. Nature is a helping spirit. It is time to receive divine nurturance from nature itself and learn how to absorb it. We must remember we are part of the divine intelligence of nature too.

When the fog of the collective beliefs lift you can experience the momentary pleasures that create joy. These might include waking to the birds singing or feeling the warmth of the sun after the weather has been cold, watching the beauty of snowflakes falling, hearing the sounds of children laughing, or seeing a beautiful tree or flowering plant on one of your walks in nature.

This is all part of waking up from the trance.

Two of the core teachings of the Medicine for the Earth work are:

The energies that we feed we give life to.

Alchemy is the practice of working within and through the dense darkness inside and learning how to transmute our inner states to gold light consciousness.

As we continue to work with these teachings, we get to a place of realizing that our personal stories and the collective stories we feed into are just stories created by the ego.

For on a spiritual level there is no story where there are people to feel sorry for, to heal, to blame, etc. The only spiritual story that exists is that we are one with universal love and light.

As we live spiritual teachings, we start to see the illusion in all the stories we get attached to.

The story can also affect how we do our visioning work. For the ego is not just satisfied with holding a positive vision, the ego wants to see an immediate outcome.

At the same time when we get attached to our stories, we often end up lowering our expectations about life where we create a dullness decreasing our own vital life force.

To get beyond the story and the attachment to the outcome spiritual traditions teach about the power of simply radiating light. We can see ourselves, others, the planet itself in divine light.

And as we do this the divine intelligence of nature supports the blueprint, we were born with to unfold. We allow solutions to come through us instead of forcing solutions.

For myself I keep seeing that the more I can keep surrendering to the divine intelligence within the more I can move beyond my egoic need to stay attached to “my story” and to be attached to any outcome.

This creates space inside of me to channel universal love and divine light without attachment.

And my own soul yearns to move away from how attached I am to the conditioning of society. My own soul yearns to feed the internal light and fire within and to be a light in the world.

Spiritual teachers for thousands of years have taught to do this one must move away from looking at life through the eyes of ego and see the world through the eyes of spirit.

Not all of us feel ready to do this. For we are on a life adventure and we all have to walk the path in a slow and steady fashion.

Some of us still need to explore the past conditioning that creates a certain looping story that keeps playing like a song that our mind attaches to. You know how sometimes a song gets caught in your mind and it keeps playing over and over again.

And for some the song has played so much and we know where the song of our story emerged from. It is time to replace the song of our story with a new one. It is all about timing.

If you keep to the path you are on, you will find a deep inner freedom when you can let go of the needs of the ego. We find freedom when we detach from the story and a need of immediate gratification of wanting to see certain outcomes.

Consider where you on in your path. And as we move into a change of seasons consider if you are ready to feed the light of life.

If your answer is yes, as we move into spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall of the Southern Hemisphere make a commitment to radiate light into your life, your stories, and into the collective stories.

Unburden yourself from the need to know how to solve problems from a mental line of thought. As you experience the light of life the true solutions will bubble up from the seed of knowing that lies within. For many of us this seed has been waiting a long time for the right conditions that will allow it to germinate and start to sprout and blossom.

This month Sylvia Edwards is gifting us by providing us with a disk that we can work with to move into Divine Light. A write up on the disk and the image of the disk to meditate with appears right before The Announcements.

In the past I have asked you to do a meditation or shamanic journey to meet your creator or the creative powers of the universe. In this way we could begin to understand how we were created and could deepen our practice with transfiguration. For when we transfigure into the divine it is helpful to have some cellular feeling of the divine.

I have also been asking you to experience on a cellular level the love that went into your creation. For you were created from the energy of universal love and the more we can absorb this the more healing and transformation takes place for us on so many levels. And we can also become stronger vessels of universal love.

This month I would like to ask you to do a meditation or shamanic journey to meet with the earth. Put on some expansive meditative music. And ask to meet mother earth who you are part of and who nurtures you. Experience how much goes into your care. As with the creator the earth nurtures us with universal and unconditional love. Experience it and absorb it.

Within the same meditation or shamanic journey now deepen your experience and merge with the earth where you live. We are moving into spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Experience the change in earth as the season changes. Feel the change in movement in the soil and notice any qualitative feelings of change.

Learn about earth and the change in seasons by merging with and becoming earth.

Experience how the earth waits for the new seeds to be planted. These seeds might be planted by humans, carried and dropped into the earth by the wind or water, carried by a bird, an insect, or other life forms.

The earth waits patiently for these seeds to be planted in her body, her soil. And then she nurtures each seed without judgement of what is carried in this seed and what will grow and blossom from it. She just nurtures with unconditional love just like our creator.

As humans it is up to us to use discernment about what we plant. For the earth will take our seeds and nurture them unconditionally.

If we plant seeds of fear, anger, and hopelessness then our inner garden and our inner earth will nurture these seeds without judgement. We must choose to plant what we wish our inner earth to nurture and grow.

On the equinox choose carefully the seeds that you wish to plant in your inner garden. Your inner earth waits patiently for these seeds.

On March 20, the equinox, let us together set an intention to plant seeds in our outer and inner gardens with discernment. Let us plan together the garden we wish to see grow. Plant seeds with intentions, words, thoughts that contain the creative potential of peace, love, light, and unlimited opportunities.

We are the gardeners of this great planet earth. Let us work in harmonious partnership with each other and the earth herself to grow a garden of true beauty and true love.

On the equinox go outside and connect with the elements and feel how you are part of all of life. It does not matter whether you live in an urban environment or in nature. Just go outside and stand on the earth.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and feel yourself connecting with the heartbeat of the earth. Raise your arms up to the sky and open up to life. Open up to a message that the wind brings to you today. The message might come through a gentle breeze or through a strong gust. Listen. Experience the power of the sun feeding you. Even if the sun is not out and shining where you live it is still providing the energy for your life.

At some point during the day drink a glass of water absorbing the incredible nurturance water brings to you.

We are not separate from the elements. We are one with the elements. The spirit of the elements is so supportive to us. They are helping spirits – Nature’s divine intelligence. Experience how we are all connected to this intelligence.

On this note I received two different correspondences from Medicine for the Earth teachers within 24 hours of each other. Lauren had a vision about transfiguration. She shared how the consciousness of everything – the air, local vegetation, the spirits could all turn their eyes and focus on the vision of transfiguration. She wrote, “It was like the air’s consciousness was a divine eye, that turned and looked at me.” Lauren saw how we could invite the spirit of nature to join in on a transfiguration ceremony.

The next day I received an email from Karen who had just led a transfiguration ceremony in her local area. And she wanted to let me know that the group felt that the spirits of nature and the elements had joined in and were present during the transfiguration ceremony.

It was an interesting synchronicity to receive these two emails within twenty-four hours of each other about nature joining in on transfiguration work.

I have to wonder if we are getting a clue of a way to deepen our work.

The full moon is March 8. Let us join our hearts and divine spirit together in love for the web of light that connects us all. Let us radiate divine light and universal love throughout the planet. Experience the radiation of light going deep within the earth feeding all the roots of life that connect us all. Let us continue to deepen our transfiguration practice feeding and nurturing the web of light.

Let us invite the spirits of nature to join our full moon ceremony to create a human web of light. Experience the divine eye of the elements turning towards us and partnering with us as we experience our divine connection feed the web of light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site. Instructions for our full moon ceremony are written up there.

The times we live in call us to deepen our spiritual practice. We must not take our spiritual work lightly. All of life needs those of us who are willing to pull out all the stops and open our hearts to bring through wisdom, light, and love from the deepest spiritual place that lies within. Let us germinate the seeds that hold unlimited knowing. These seeds have been waiting for the right conditions to germinate. The time is now!

I wish you all a joyous spring and fall!!

Here are two quotes from Einstein to inspire us during this equinox:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Sylvia Edwards, the webmaster of this site, is gifting us this month with a disk that we can work with. You can learn more by visiting her website

Many of you are working with Sylvia’s disks. I know I have, and I find them quite transformative. So, I am grateful that we can all work together with this disk which assists in letting go of the egoic mind, our stories, and move into Divine Light.

The disk is called “Divine Light”. You look at it for 4 seconds and what you take in, in those 4 seconds stays with you for 24 hours.

Looking at this disk, one surrenders into the Divine Light of all of
Creation. It is the thing that creates all things – the spark of life. It
is the thing, the substance, emotions, thoughts seen and unseen, in all realities. It is the purest of pure.

As you look at the disk for the first 4 seconds, the mind can become busy, even in those 4 seconds. The next day when you look at it, it begins to quiet the mind. Looking at this disk day after day brings stillness within, to be mindful in the moment, to be in one’s breath, in Divine Light where all answers are, all clarity, all good, all happiness, all peacefulness.

There is no symbol on this disk because it doesn’t anchor one into one thing, one idea. It is all things, all ideas, everything all of the time.

It brings back the memory when one transitioned from being in spirit to being in physical – remembering one’s purity at that state and letting go of our current day stories to move into a higher light.