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I have been loving encouraging people to connect with our natural world in ways that most of us don’t. For with our shamanic practice, we are so used to seeking guidance and healing instead of building strong relationships with all the life we share this planet with and even with our helping spirits.

We join together to celebrate the solstice on June 21. This is a great time to truly connect with the elements and nature beings where you live.

I always ask people to start their conversations with beings in nature with “May I step into your field of energy?” When a nature being says yes to this you have consent, and I find that this builds a loving field of energy with the being we are communing with.

My students who are using this question before connecting have found more animals and birds showing up where they live. They have created a field of energy that is attractive to all of life.

In the practice of shamanism, the land is one of the most important helping spirits shamans work with.

So, let’s start on the solstice with going outside and sitting out on the land where you live. If you live in a city, sit on the concrete and connect with the land under the concrete. This has been so powerful for my students to do.

Say “May I step into your field of energy?” Then start by silently emanating love, light, honor, and respect to the land. When it feels correct to do so, introduce yourself to the land. Ask the land if it is willing to tell you about its history and its life. Start a conversation as if you were meeting a new friend.

Continue this same process with the source of water where you live. How many of you have connected with where you get your water from? Imagine the difference in the taste of your water and your relationship with water when you ask if you can step into its field of energy, emanate love, light, honor, and respect to it, and then learn about it. It becomes family to you, and you will be nurtured by water in a whole new way. You will treat water differently as it is an ally and family for you.

Repeat this with the air, the wind. May I step into your field of energy? Emanate love, light, honor, and respect. Notice how the behavior of the wind around you changes as you speak to it as a friend and family member.

Next do this with the sun. May I step into your field of energy? I greet you with so much love and honor for all you bring into my life. I know I would not be alive without your rays shining down on me and all of life.

Continue this process with other nature beings where you live.

Notice how connected you feel to your body, the landscape where you live and to the Earth. 

When we start having conversations with nature as if all of life is part of our family we step into a new dimension of life -a beautiful dimension filled with deep friendships with all of life. Imagine how you will feel by having such strong relationships with all the sentient beings where you live and in the web of life.

The full moon is June 17. Start your practice with asking the moon if I you can step into her field of energy. Feel her power and love. Learn about the moon. Once you feel you have developed a strong friendship with the moon start your transfiguration practice to radiate your light within and throughout the Earth. Let us continue to create a beautiful and strong web of light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I join our circle in wishing you a beautiful solstice filled with magic, light, and love! 

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