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GDV Results - Tomato Juice

The Results of Transfiguration on Food – Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice

During a Medicine for the Earth/Healing with Spiritual Light workshop in October of 2011 with Sandra Ingerman, substances were tested before and after a Transfiguration ceremony.

During the ceremony, the participants mentally dropped their physical form and let their inner Divine Light shine. There was no intention to heal anything.

The premise of Medicine for the Earth is “As within, so without.” Who we are is reflected back to us by our environment.

The tomato juice drop in the before picture shows an irregular configuration with a lot of chaos in the photo of the drop. In the after photo, the tomato juice has changed to be organized in design and full of energy. The substances were taken with a GDV camera that was created by Russian scientist Konstantine Korotkov. This camera is able to measure the energetic fields of humans and substances.