Transmutation News – January 2021

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Welcome Everyone to 2021!

I have been receiving some beautiful and amazing messages from Isis, and I would like to share one with you in this newsletter.

First of all, a while ago the spirits started sharing with me a state of consciousness that’s growing in the spiritual community. And they said that we really have to be careful about moving into a state of psychic hyper vigilance.

We all know about hyper vigilance. Anyone who grew up with trauma which was most of us learned how to be hyper vigilant to constantly try to tune in to our surroundings to see if we are safe. I was told that what is happening right now is people are trying to use their spiritual practices to tap into psychic vigilance to predict what might happen next.

They said the point is to learn how to stay present and to focus on exactly what’s happening right now and stop looking past and looking forward but just stay present. As we do this, and as we stop listening to other voices and listen to our inner voice, we will be guided on everything that we need for our next steps to move forward towards creating health for us and the environment that we live in.

Isis went on to share We have been raising consciousness in a really beautiful way. People are waking up all over the world from the initiation that we’re going through. But we have to understand that we’re in a cycle, and all cycles must be completed before a new cycle can begin.

What Isis shared with me is that people have been changing consciousness and this needs to lead to a new order that is harmonious. But world orders take a long time to create.

The metaphor that Isis shared with me is that what’s happening right now is like driving on the freeway with so many lanes merging together that all the cars are colliding. She said what’s happening is that people are trying to learn so much spiritual information mentally that we’re not working on the right level which is spiritually and energetically.

She said this is happening as we are doing so much personal work that we are in transition, and there’s an opening because of the chaos that’s been created. There’s an opening that can allow any forces in right now. So, we must be dedicated about not spreading our spiritual energies too thin by trying to learn too many spiritual methods and not immersing ourselves in the work. We are trying to force the transformation that will happen in its on timing.  There is no sense of order among humans right now.

But to do this takes concentration beyond what a lot of people in the spiritual community have been capable of. We allow ourselves to get so distracted by everything going on in the outer world, and if we don’t get into a place of psychic hyper vigilance, we can journey deep inside of ourselves where all the answers that we need to finish the cycle are being held. But we must let go of the distractions of the outside world to do the deep work that is required.

Isis said that the human race is actually a very new species on this planet. But yet we feel we have sovereignty over the Earth and over all of life. She said that we actually have not earned the right of dominion because we haven’t been here long enough. And she said that to create the order that is needed to bring harmony back to the planet again is working in community and working with the feminine principle she’s been sharing for 20 years with me of it is who we become not what we do in the world that’s important.

She said the issues we are facing are due to male dominance.

We’re getting too caught up in our ego and mind instead of surrendering to the power of spirit. The power of spirit will guide us through finishing this next cycle. But Isis said that the human race is actually facing its death, and when a person on the planet starts to face their death the spirits start to flood them with love. That’s what’s happening on the planet right now is spiritual forces are coming in that are flooding us with so much love.

This love of course is “the cure”. And right now, what we really need to do is to receive this love and to go deep within and to do our transformational work. And we must explore how Nature works because Nature is always in perfect order. So, humans have more to learn from Nature now rather than trying to save it.

Isis said the desire to heal the planet is not what we should be focusing on right now. The Earth has been going through climactic changes since the beginning of her birth. What we’re experiencing now is no different than what has been experienced in history. It is just that human beings decided that they were evolved enough to know what was best for all of life and the Earth and for each other. We must turn our attention to Nature right now. Nature has a perfect order and humans have created chaos that has led to a lack of order that are required for the next stages of evolution.

She said this chaos is being created by people performing practices to calm down without working with the new energies flooding each of us and the Earth. Now we must come together as a unified field. She has been asking me to write about this since the 9/11 tragedy. The forces of darkness are so concentrated we must rise up with our deepest strength.

The spiritual community has always been divided. But now we have divisions among humans that are pulling us apart in such destructive ways that we have brought the human race to the initiation of fighting for our freedom and right to live.

She also shared something interesting about declining health issues in people in the spiritual community. This a topic I speak about with other teachers as teachers outside of my close circle are facing health challenges. I am too.

Isis said that we are making ourselves feel guilty and feeling shame about our physical illnesses as if we failed. She said we have no idea of the battle gifted spiritual practitioners are doing in the psychic realms during the darkest hours at night. She said we simply need to rest during the day. You can let this go if it doesn’t speak to you. It is something I personally am taking to heart. Just rest when you can. I know everyone has obligations in their life.

If I was going to say the core of what Isis has been sharing with me it is stop letting your ego lead and let Spirit lead. But you must quiet down to be able to hear the messages of Spirit and the messages of Nature.

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Let Spirit lead instead of your ego.

As I wrote last year, I will continue to write The Transmutation News in the format we have now. And the columns are so generously translated into many languages.

To add to the offering each month I will prerecord either a journey for us to do together or a guided ceremony. Sylvia Edwards has agreed to record the offerings on Zoom and a link will be posted.

After time goes by, I will invite teachers listed on to record an offering. Their work is brilliant, and I want to introduce them to you. So at some point we will rotate. But I will do most of the recordings.

To be clear there will be one recorded journey or ceremony per month.

Then the exciting news is Sylvia and I started a new Facebook page just for our global circle. The Facebook page name is Shaman’s Are Gardeners of Energy. If you have been reading the column you know this became my favorite teaching The Ancient Ones shared with me.

If you want to join, click on this link:

There is a question to join. The answer is “Transfiguration”.

The first video of the ceremony for the December Solstice can be found here:

The full moon is January 28. Let’s gather together as one unified field of energy – with no division and perfect concentration and focus. Let’s feed the Earth and all of life with Light as we do our practice to create a Human Web of Light.

If you are new to our full moon practice please read the instructions for Creating a Web of Life on the homepage.

Remember Shamans are gardeners of energy. And what we feed grows. What energies will you be feeding in 2021? What will your thoughts and daydreams be? Our future depends on how you answer this question.

Happy New Year!


I am still in love with working with Renee Baribeau on our weekly podcast The Shamans Cave. Join us by subscribing on

And please help to support my work by buying or referring others to my books and audio programs. They are so helpful for our times.  Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony are filled with tools to help us stay on the path! 

Due to the times we are living in I am sharing workshops that teachers I love and respect are offering. I wanted to let you know of the wealth of offerings.

During this exceptional time and the need for social distancing, the teachers and practitioners I trained are offering virtual circles and courses and are adding more during this time. The circle link is   We also have a section for online courses:

I really miss teaching workshops at retreat centers. And I was hoping to teach physical workshops this last year. But obviously that was not possible.

A couple of years ago I taught my all-time favorite online course to teach. This was a course on building strong relationships with Nature. I decided to teach the course again. I will be teaching the course differently this time. Last time we mostly focused on emanating love and light with groups of nature beings.

This course will focus on learning from nature beings and the elements about how we can live and work together in community, how we are all interconnected and how we are caretakers of the Earth, and simple ways we can make changes to create harmony between humans and Nature. The level of illness people are experiencing show we are not nurturing the Earth or being nurtured by it. How do we correct this?

Of course we will have a lively Facebook page to stay connected with our community. For creating stronger communities will be a theme of this course. And that is the strong point of my online courses is the community we create giving everyone a feeling of belonging.

By learning the language of Nature we learn how to survive. It has taken human cultures thousands of years to learn the language of Nature, and how we are interconnected. We must create strong reciprocal relationships.

Without making lifestyle changes we will not see positive changes happening for all in the web of life. Shamans and mystics for tens of thousands of years have lit the way to work with powerful healing ceremonies to create true change and transformation. But we must increase the level of concentration, focus, and discipline needed to bring about positive change. The ancients say we can do this. But in today’s world the speed of life has increased to levels that have created a lot of stress and distraction. You cannot do remarkable spiritual work and be so distracted at the same time. 

It is amazing how thousands of people who journey to the different species in nature keep getting the message that there is compassion for us as we grow into higher selves and evolve.

By communicating with multiple species, we have the ability to learn how to adapt to our current changes, honor and respect every being in nature, make necessary lifestyle changes, and learn how to design ceremonies that we can perform to be in service to the Earth.

In our seven weeks we will focus our work with communicating with life forms who have so many tools and help to offer us. And each week we will perform a different healing ceremony in behalf of places of the Earth that cause us deep concern.

Communicating with the beings of nature that live on the earth, in the waters, and fly in the air, as well as with the elements themselves brings us deep wisdom at the same time filled with joy that comes from such a deep and precious connection.

I will also include how to bring children into the work.

I will of course send you registration information. But for now, save the dates if you are interested. The seven-week course will start on February 2.

Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee has written extraordinary books on ecological issues. He is a profound writer. He has been guided to share a short eBook he wrote as a gift to the global community. There is no catch. This is a beautiful and generous offering from Llewelyn’s heart.

Painting Dreams into Reality

Jacirendi writes, “It is sacred gift and honor for me to weave, together with the client, their dreams, hopes and blessings into something tangible, that becomes a Soul Art Portrait, celebrating the receiver and empowering the individual on their life’s journey”

Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Garr have written a powerful ebook The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life where they share their proven formula for recognizing the mistakes that keep miracles away and replacing them with behaviors that make you a magnet for miracles.

They are giving this ebook away for free for a limited time.

You might already know Marci, Dr. Sue and Lisa.

Marci is not only a powerful happiness mentor, she is also the #1 New York Times best-selling author of all the books in the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series and was a featured teacher in “The Secret”.

Dr. Sue is a master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, Quantum Field visionary and the bestselling author of The Energy Codes.

Lisa is the creator of The Aware Show, and also hosts shows on Hay House Radio and Gaia TV.

What you probably don’t know are the stories of their personal struggles and their dark nights of the soul… and how they turned their lives around.

They share those stories in this ebook and it’s very moving

Click here for your free copy:

I really love Michael Stone’s work. I first met Michael after Medicine for the Earth was published, and he had me on his radio show. Our friendship built up over the years, and I think his teachings are fabulous, incredibly deep and profound!

Michael is offering a very powerful experiential and embodied inner workshop in the Way of the Mystic programs he’s offering. If you’d like to find out more you can go to:

Barbara Jo Kammer is a music therapist & bandleader/singer-songwriter from Lafayette, CO. She has been working with elders in retirement homes since receiving her MA from Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling/Music Therapy Concentration in 2000.  She has released two solo albums focusing on her personal journey in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. “One Song at a Time” and “Big Blue Sky in the Morning” can be found at, Facebook and music platforms.

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Transmutation News – June 2019

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I have been loving encouraging people to connect with our natural world in ways that most of us don’t. For with our shamanic practice, we are so used to seeking guidance and healing instead of building strong relationships with all the life we share this planet with and even with our helping spirits.

We join together to celebrate the solstice on June 21. This is a great time to truly connect with the elements and nature beings where you live.

I always ask people to start their conversations with beings in nature with “May I step into your field of energy?” When a nature being says yes to this you have consent, and I find that this builds a loving field of energy with the being we are communing with.

My students who are using this question before connecting have found more animals and birds showing up where they live. They have created a field of energy that is attractive to all of life.

In the practice of shamanism, the land is one of the most important helping spirits shamans work with.

So, let’s start on the solstice with going outside and sitting out on the land where you live. If you live in a city, sit on the concrete and connect with the land under the concrete. This has been so powerful for my students to do.

Say “May I step into your field of energy?” Then start by silently emanating love, light, honor, and respect to the land. When it feels correct to do so, introduce yourself to the land. Ask the land if it is willing to tell you about its history and its life. Start a conversation as if you were meeting a new friend.

Continue this same process with the source of water where you live. How many of you have connected with where you get your water from? Imagine the difference in the taste of your water and your relationship with water when you ask if you can step into its field of energy, emanate love, light, honor, and respect to it, and then learn about it. It becomes family to you, and you will be nurtured by water in a whole new way. You will treat water differently as it is an ally and family for you.

Repeat this with the air, the wind. May I step into your field of energy? Emanate love, light, honor, and respect. Notice how the behavior of the wind around you changes as you speak to it as a friend and family member.

Next do this with the sun. May I step into your field of energy? I greet you with so much love and honor for all you bring into my life. I know I would not be alive without your rays shining down on me and all of life.

Continue this process with other nature beings where you live.

Notice how connected you feel to your body, the landscape where you live and to the Earth. 

When we start having conversations with nature as if all of life is part of our family we step into a new dimension of life -a beautiful dimension filled with deep friendships with all of life. Imagine how you will feel by having such strong relationships with all the sentient beings where you live and in the web of life.

The full moon is June 17. Start your practice with asking the moon if I you can step into her field of energy. Feel her power and love. Learn about the moon. Once you feel you have developed a strong friendship with the moon start your transfiguration practice to radiate your light within and throughout the Earth. Let us continue to create a beautiful and strong web of light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I join our circle in wishing you a beautiful solstice filled with magic, light, and love! 

Transmutation News – March 2019

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I joined Renee Baribeau for an interview on Michael Sandler’s Show Inspire Nation. It is a really great interview where we cover a lot of topics about shamanism and performing ceremonies. To watch or listen to the show here is the link:

I have really enjoyed teaching my online courses. I have been teaching online for many years. These courses do not take the place of being in a physical workshop where a deeper sense of community can be built by drumming, dancing, singing, laughing, and performing ceremonies together. But in today’s world online courses provide an opportunity for people who can’t travel to a workshop.

I have learned more about teaching shamanism by being on Facebook for years reading all the posts and questions from the participants in my courses.

I have been able to clearly identify where many students are getting stuck as they are introduced to shamanic journeying. And the missing piece that people are not getting is the power of building incredibly strong and long-term relationships with the helping spirits. The key to a deep shamanic practice is to meet a spirit in a journey and look deeply into your helping spirits eyes, feeling the power of their breath, and opening your invisible ears to hear inspirational messages, and receive healing help.

In the West, instead of taking the time to build such a strong relationship like you would with the most important person in your life, new shamanic journeyers come back and immediately ask others why a guardian spirit introduced itself as an ally and how to interpret what was shown in the journey.

This behavior sets up a dead-end path in shamanism as no one else can interpret the meaning of such a sacred relationship.

I have been working with my helping spirits for so long, they are the only beings I turn to with questions, healing help, and suggestions of ceremonies to perform. I talk to them throughout the day as I would my best friends.

I have realized that the behavior of students in our modern culture crosses over to how many engage with the other living beings we share this planet with. One might sit by a tree and ask for a message or for some guidance. But it is a rare person who visits a tree every day for a year getting to know each other and becoming allies for each other.

What would happen if we build and establish strong relationships with other species? I believe we would learn how to live in harmony and raise our consciousness to healthier and kinder ways of living.

You can start with a plant in your house. Visit it daily and create a two-way relationship with it. You might not hear words spoken in your language. But overtime you will learn a shared language that will infuse your life with a sense of wonder. You could start your practice with a stone or rock or visiting your favorite tree every day. Talk to the water you drink and wash with everyday. These are just suggestions.

To add this to this I found when I first taught transfiguration people were not really connecting with the Source of light that lives within and is our authentic identity. I could see that the short comings of so many students were born from not knowing about their own story of creation. For if you do not have a strong relationship with the divine and Source, transfiguration can all become a mental concept and lose the power of transmuting heavy leaded consciousness into golden light.

To go deeper with your work, I wish to plant the seed of the need of building stronger relationships with Source, our helping compassionate spirts and learning the language of the beings in nature. We are woven together in the web of life!

This work will raise your consciousness to a beautiful place where harmony can once again return between humans and all of life. And then we don’t focus so much on the outcome of our work. For we are immersed in such magic, wonder, and awe we learn how to live fully in the present. 

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Tracy Shulsinger is one of these teachers. I love the work she is doing. Recently we were communicating, and she shared with me a wonderful practice. I thought the practice is brilliant and feel it is perfect to welcome in the equinox. It beautifully weaves in my teaching that shamans are gardeners of energy.

 We welcome in the Spring/Fall equinox on March 20. Below is what Tracy shares with our global community. 

Shamanic Peace Gardens

In early January 2019 I gathered with my monthly shamanic journeying circle and we asked our guides, “What intentions or focus are in my highest good for 2019?”

I received several beautiful and exciting answers, and I would like to share one of them with you.

My helping spirits said:

It is time to venture out into the world more. You need to involve yourself more with what is happening all over the globe, and not avoid hearing about events because of how it affects you. When you hear about something that is happening in the world that pains you to hear, instead of retreating and avoiding it, go deeper into the situation and plant shamanic peace gardens. Shamanic peace gardens will help to bring harmonious and beautiful life to the situation and to the people that are involved. As you are clearing away the debris over the Earth, you are also clearing away the debris of the situation. As you dig a hole in the Earth, you are digging deep into the situation to connect with it. As you plant a seed in the Earth, you are inserting a different kind of energy into the situation- one that will help to change, overcome, and to plant beauty and peace there. As you cover the garden with soil you are grounding and anchoring the situation with this new energy. As you water the garden over and over again, you are continuously nurturing and loving the people and situation.

To plant shamanic peace gardens, you visualize yourself at the situation, then move through the process of planting a garden. First, clear the soil, clearing away any debris over the soil. Next, dig a hole. Then place seeds into the hole. Finally, cover the seeds with soil and water the peace garden. Return to the peace garden every time that you hear or think about the situation and pour loving water onto the peace garden to help the peace, love and beauty to continuously grow. 

This shamanic peace garden visualization can be done during a shamanic journey, but it is actually meant to be done during moments of ordinary reality, when you are occupied with day-to-day activities. If you overhear a tragic news report, instead of turning the channel, you can consider to fully listen, feel all the feelings that are brought up, and then see yourself going to the location and planting a peace garden. This takes shamanic practice out into the world!  Also, when you stay with your feelings, and in that moment of intensity, employ that intensity to energetically support the peace garden, and thus the situation, there is greater power behind your loving action, and greater power for transforming your emotions. 

I was so relieved to receive this practice.  I have felt guilty for years about avoiding current events and the news, but I felt it was necessary for self care, as I would have nightmares and constant ruminations about the suffering in the world. I figured my own suffering was not helping anyone, so better to spread joy in the world by feeling joyful inside myself. But this solution never felt quite right- I was in effect, bypassing life and my feelings over and over again. Now with the shamanic peace gardens practice I can engage the word fully, protect myself by being in the energy of the peace gardens, and help to bring the energy of life, love and beauty to the places and people in the world who greatly need it.  The great magic in this practice is to continuously revisit your peace gardens when you think or hear about the people or events that inspired you to plant the peace garden. Practices are most effective when repeated- the energy grows and grows, just like your beautiful peace gardens over time!

With love,

Tracy Shulsinger

Tracy Shulsinger is a shamanic teacher and practitioner in Boulder, CO. She offers a monthly shamanic journeying and practice circle, teaches students to become shamanic practitioners and does individual healing sessions.

For more information:

The full moon is March 21. We can weave this beautiful practice that Tracy shared into our full moon ceremony of Creating a Human Web of Light. Let us keep building a stronger relationship with the divine light that is also shining brightly inside of us. And let us transfigure and radiate that light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage to read instructions for our global full moon ceremony.

I also wanted to let everyone know that Tatiana Starikova has volunteered to keep up the Russian translations of The Transmutation News. This is so exciting to me as some of my books are out in Russian, and it is wonderful that we can bring readers into the work we are doing. Let us join together to thank Tatiana for her generosity of spirit!

I join everyone in our community in wishing you a beautiful equinox!!


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Transmutation News – May 2018

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Last month we practiced the classic shamanic visionary journey of dismemberment. It is a great practice that you can keep up on a regular basis as a way to keep purifying and feeling renewed.

If you did not have a chance to read the April Transmutation News you can click on this link to read it:

This month I suggest we continue with the dismemberment process and other practices to release our disappointments about life and any looping thoughts that sabotage the success of our work.

If you have a shamanic journey practice you can call on one of your helping and compassionate spirits to work with you in partnership. Tell your helping spirit what belief or disappointment you would like to experience dismembered. In your journey you can write words on pieces of paper. Or you can draw a representation of the energies you would like to see transformed. Then ask your helping spirit to destroy it by tearing it up or using its unique gifts to dismember it.

If you do not have a journey practice you can perform a meditation and call in a divine figure you trust and work with. Ask this divine figure to dismember what no longer serves you by following the directions above.

Another way I like to work is with the cauldron of light. I have introduced you to this practice in previous columns. You can journey or meditate to a sacred place in nature. Ask a divine figure or helping spirit to place a cauldron of light in this special place. During your meditation or journey release into the cauldron of light disappointments and sabotaging beliefs. You can also place into the cauldron of light any issues around forgiving yourself and others to be transmuted and transformed.

After you complete your releasing work it is important to fill up with light, powerful, inspirational, and loving energies. You can do this by transfiguring and experiencing your divine light being absorbed into all your cells. You can ask your helping spirit or divine figure to fill you with loving and healing energies. Work as you are guided.

About 30 years ago I wanted to end a friendship with someone who was unhealthy for me to remain in relationship with. We had some unpleasant conversations. Our conversations were not leading to a healthy outcome. I felt it did not matter if we finished all of our unfinished conversations. I chose instead to break off all connection with this person.

I journeyed on it and my power animal said there is no such thing as an unfinished conversation. He advised me to finish it now or in another life. I realized that I did not want to be connected with this person in a future life. My power animal then told me to finish the conversation now.

It became impossible to proceed with a healthy conversation. This happens for many of us where we need to do our healing work in the non-ordinary realms instead of in the physical. We can always perform a ceremony to release us from unhealthy relationships. We can talk to a person in non-ordinary reality to finish a conversation. And we can perform dismemberment journeys to dissolve these connections and also dismember the words of destructive conversations.

We often end up in relationships with others that stem from an old karmic connection. Some of these meetings with old soul friends again are wonderful. But we want to avoid reestablishing a relationship with someone who we want freedom from.

By performing regular dismemberment journeys or meditations is one way to keep clearing energies that are anchoring you to an unhealthy way of life. And by filling up with loving and light filled energies will keep you inspired to move forward with transforming your life in a positive way.

The full moon is May 29. Let’s gather together virtually to fill the planet with our love and light. Please perform your preparation work so that you truly let go of your mental thoughts and ordinary life. Mental chatter prevents your work from going to the deepest level possible. And we cannot afford doing our work in a shallow way. The planet and all of life needs your focused attention on your practices.

Once you are ready travel deep inside experiencing your radiant light joining with the light of our circle. And with love for all of life being the fuel for your work let us perceive the entire planet in her divine perfection and light. Step through the dense collective energies to open to another dimension known by shamans and mystics where there is only beauty. Remembering our love for all of life let us join together to weave together a luminous web of light within and throughout the Earth. Let’s share our love with each other and all in the web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

And let’s please keep up our transfiguration work, at least weekly, to hold the vision of the Earth and all of life in its divine light and perfection. Although it might not seem that transfiguration is a miracle cure for healing all the planet’s problems, by holding such a vision does change the field of energy which changes the fabric of reality over time. This work requires persistence for the process of healing and making immense changes manifest as we keep building an invisible substance of reality.


Copyright 2018 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – April 2018

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As we continue to engage in our spiritual practices it is so important to embrace the perspective that we should not consider this as more “work” we have to do.  As shamanism is a way of life, the spiritual practices we have been performing over the years spin together the threads of the actions and behaviors required to feed a healthy life and planet. And the point is to integrate these practices so that they truly become a way of life.

No one should be saying the words, “I don’t have time to perform more spiritual practices during the day”. For focusing on your use of words to “bless” versus than “curse”, the thoughts you are looping, being observant of your daydreams and what you are creating in your life and the world, and shining your divine light are part of how you walk, breathe, work, and engage in fun and relaxing activities.

With our spiritual work, we reshape our relationship with ourselves, how we treat others, our lifestyle, and our behavior in the world.

If the spiritual work you are doing feels like a lot of work to you, stop and reflect on how you are separating spiritual practices from how you live your life. Reflecting on this can be very enlightening.

As you engage in any spiritual or ceremonial work this month, notice where you are efforting too much and how you integrate some of the practices, so they become habitual in a good way as you live the work.

I think with everything we are witnessing it is a good month for us to engage in a shamanic dismemberment practice together so we can all experience renewal and regeneration. It is always good to bring in practices that remind us that life is an illusion and a dream and that we are connected to a larger consciousness than what we are witnessing in the collective energies.

It is a time for us to allow our body and mind to dissolve and be dismembered so that we can remember our authentic identity and that Source is where we came from. We were born from unconditional love and left a state of oneness with the creator and the power of the universe to experience how to be divine light in a body that can manifest beauty, healing, and peace as we walk this great Earth together.

In shamanism the practice of dismemberment is used as an initiation, but it also can be used for healing. With a dismemberment journey you might be burned to ash, or an element or helping spirit might remove your skin and organs. Helping spirits will clean your bones and organs. A physical or emotional illness might be removed.

I have written about the practice of dismemberment in many of my books such as Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins and also in Walking in Light: The Everyday Experience of Shamanic Life.

The regeneration and healing part of the dismemberment process occurs as you release to the helping spirits and the divine power of the universe what no longer serves you. Then you are reconstructed or re-membered as spiritually cleansed and healthy at the end of the visionary experience. 

I will give you brief instructions of how to perform such a journey or meditation. If you perform shamanic journeys, listen to your favorite shamanic music track and give yourself a good period of time for your journey – at least 15 minutes. If you do not work with shamanic journeying, you can still perform this experience as a meditation by listening to a track of your favorite spiritual music.

Hold the intention that you would like a helping spirit, ally, or divine force to dismember and then re-remember you at the end of your journey or meditation. You can focus on an emotional blockage or physical challenge that you wish to release.

Surrender to the power of the universe and trust the powers that be to provide you with what is needed for your regeneration. Let your helping spirit or a divine force set the stage. An animal or element such as a bear, an eagle, ants, a sandstorm, or fire are examples of helping spirits that might provide the dismemberment.

Although these experiences can sound gruesome, dismemberment is a healing practice that provides a sense of reconnection with Source, your authentic identity, and a state of calm and peace.

During the dismemberment, once your skin, organs, bones, and thoughts are removed you will experience yourself as divine light and one with the creator of the universe. If you are burned to ash by a fire or your body is destroyed through a sandstorm you will be free to truly feel your divine light as your true self.

Dismemberment is actually the beginning phase of transfiguration. First you lose your sense of your body and mind so that you remember your spiritual identity. You allow the helping spirits and divine forces to cleanse your skin, bones, organs, as well as your thoughts so you can be spiritually reborn. If you were dismembered to ash or sand during the journey or meditation you will be reconstructed with a healthy body, clean mind, and experience a higher vibration of consciousness.

Once you are remembered, complete your journey or meditation by traveling back to your room. Take your time and experience if you feel lighter, more refreshed, and rejuvenated. Once you return from the journey or meditation please do a grounding exercise to make sure you are fully back from your experience. You can go outside and sit with a tree imagining deep roots connecting you to your body and the earth. Or you can do this as a meditation if you can’t go outside to be in nature. 

april 2018 1200x630

The full moon is April 29. On the full moon experience your divine light and let it shine brightly within and throughout the Earth joining with the light of all in our global community. Let us create and weave together a shimmering web of light that continues to replace the old worn-out fabric of reality and paradigm of life. 

Please note: I will be presenting a lecture and ceremony on April 29 to open the next Year of Ceremony sponsored by Sounds True. My contract asks me to send out two dedicated emails. So, I will be sending out information once I have it.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

You might want to review the March Transmutation News where I wrote about focusing on the changing qualities of light of the sun and moon. During the month of April take time to observe the changes in the light and energy between the new and full moon. In this way you enter into a deeper flow with the changing lunar phases.

Terri in New Zealand requested that we do join together and transfigure on a regular basis to bring more light to the planet and also to perceive our great planet Earth and all of nature in its divine light. I suggest if you can join with us every Sunday to perform some transfiguration work it will be healing for all of us and all of life to do so. Terri is suggesting we spend 15 minutes each week seeing the Earth in her divinity.

You can also transfigure with a bottle or glass of water present and then gift a body of water in your locale with pure healing water. Whatever we place in large bodies of water will flow and merge together with all the bodies of water in the world. You can place organic and compostable objects on your altar and after transfiguring leave these out in nature on the earth.  As you transfigure focus on perceiving the air as pristine. We will be working in subtle fields of energy despite the difference of time depending on where we live and when we perform our work together. 

Damini Celebre is listed on She is a brilliant teacher and author. I shared the remarkable project she is working on in a past issue of the Transmutation News.

She has started an exciting project to bring healing prayers to the Earth. Here is how Damini describes her project:

“Spirit speaks to each of us differently: sometimes, in rich metaphors that we experience in a journey, sometimes with a flash of clarity and knowing during our waking day, and sometimes in dream state.  During the summer, I had a dream where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole on a hilly, open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.

Since that dream-vision, I have been bringing the ceremony into form, by creating clay seed pods. The pods are made of local clay, and each contains a prayer for the Earth, that is written on paper and placed in the pod’s opening. These prayers have been sent to me from all around the world.

On Dec 22, 2017, commenced the Solstice :: Prayer Pod ceremony. In Pennsylvania, I placed a 108 PrayerPods on the Earth. Over time, and with the cooperation of the Elements, these pods and prayers will dissolve into the earth.

In addition to this ceremony, I have been making smaller Prayer Pods and am leaving them in urban areas. These single pods will either merge with the Land or be taken home— both ways are perfect! 

Since December, other folks have written me that they have been inspired to make their own PrayerPods and place them in their communities. If you are called to make your own pods — I invite you to do the same. On my blog, I have posted all the prayers that I have received from around the world; please feel free to include some of those prayers into your pods and  together we can spread a wider web of healing.

Do you have a prayer-intention-wish for healing the Planet?  If so, I would like to include your prayer in a seed pod. Please email me your prayer at b.shiny(at) and I will place your prayer in a seed pod.

Blessings for All Beings xx Damini Celebre”


Copyright 2018 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – October 2017

transmutation news october 2017 1200x630

Lorem ipsum We continue to hold all of life in our hearts who are being impacted by storms, fires, and earthquakes. We continue to see all in their divine strength having the tools to navigate the changes. And to all of life that died in these catastrophic events we thank you for gracing the Earth with your presence and wish you a smooth and graceful journey home.

Remember one of the keys of our work is not trying to change the weather and join the ranks of humans who feel they can control Mother Nature. Instead, we need to perform our spiritual work and live a life of honor and respect for all of life. And then using the principle of reciprocity the Earth will respond in kind.

In September, during a session of my teleconferencing course for on the Shift Network, I taught how to merge with a helping spirit to see the world out of the eyes of spirit instead of through the eyes of ego. As a demonstration of how to merge with a helping spirit, I brought through my teacher, the Goddess Isis. I had asked Isis to speak to the group about the topic of suffering. For it seems that so many friends are students have lost hope, feel stuck in gazing upon so much suffering and poor behavior by humans towards each other and all of life. Practitioners of a variety of spiritual practices are losing hope and focus.

I felt that the message Isis shared was a powerful one, and I wanted to share it with all of you in case it speaks to you and touches you on some level. I am sharing only the core of her message:

“There are an abundance of planets and dimensions where spirits incarnate to learn and evolve.

Here on Earth, you were born to experience love, light, and joy, But the lesson was to first experience suffering and then to be able to reach beyond that dimension where inside of you (not outside of you) there is an inner sense of love and joy. Actually, joy is not the correct vibration, for in reality it is bliss that your spirit feels.

In your world teachers, including your own, encourage you to open your heart to the spirit of love.

But this teaching is not correct on the level of heart that you are being asked to connect with.

For the focus has been on your physical heart which is simply part of your ego. And so many of you are experiencing and seeing suffering which on an evolutionally level is expanding your sense of compassion. It takes you so deep into your humanness. But you are still trapped in the energy, vibration, frequency of suffering and that is the energy you are feeding in the world. And by carrying the energy of suffering so many people are becoming ill.

You are now literally and metaphorically being cracked open to the deepest place within where all the knowledge and wisdom is waiting for you to learn from as you touch deeper into your humanness.

Behind your physical heart is a spiritual heart. You do not have to travel that deeply within to connect with it. It is talked about by many gurus, mystics, and spiritual teachers.

And this spiritual heart – one with Source and the joy, bliss, and unconditional love for all of life and creation knows no suffering. It knows bliss, it knows unconditional love, but has no experience of suffering on this Earth.

In the Land of Dreams, I see millions of egos dreaming the illusion you are seeing as it is being created again and again on Earth.

Shift out of this Land of Dreams to where evolved spiritual beings are dreaming joy and love into the world.

You are caught and trapped in your ego. Transcend into a dimensional reality situated beyond your ego to your spiritual heart which is only experiencing eternal joy, bliss, unconditional love, and the light of Source.

You are in a new time and new evolution on Earth. Drop your current role in the play of life. Step into the life of an awakened spiritual being. You keep trying to raise your vibration and frequency when you need to work from a higher vibration and frequency.

I hold you in my arms and say you do have more choices than you know. You can shift to a higher level of consciousness.”

This month listen to some shamanic music or meditative music or spend some time in nature. Imagine traveling right behind your physical heart to your spiritual heart. It is the place where divine love, light, and bliss emanate from. Bring your burdens to your spiritual heart and experience how quickly they are transmuted and transformed into light.

Perform your transfiguration work and radiate light from your spiritual heart. Be a presence of love as your heart emanates pure and non-personal unconditional love. 

In past issues of the Transmutation News, I have shared the exercise of traveling to the Land of Dreams as I wrote about it in my book Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

You can perform a journey or meditation and ask to be taken to the Land of Dreams where an evolved spiritual community of people from all over the world are focusing their daydreams only on experiencing the most positive, beautiful, and awe inspired dreams for the planet. Take your place among this circle of dreamers and do your work.

The full moon is October 5. This is a great time to keep “harvesting” the plants we have been planting with our seed words, thoughts, daydreams and keep up our practice of radiating light into the world.

Let us join together on this day. Perform your preparation work to leave your ordinary reality burdens and distracting thoughts behind. Travel within to your spiritual heart, to the place of your inner   starlight, sunlight, flame of light and radiate immense waves of light that connect all in our circle as we feed all of life with love and light. We radiate light within and throughout the Earth creating an awe-inspiring web of light.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News, welcome to our circle. You can find the instructions for our full moon ceremonies on the homepage link “Creating a Human Web of Light”.

Story for the Month:

Anne wrote:


 To your point about just being a loving presence; it goes the distance.

I have relegated divisiveness as an energy that other’s experience because they need to clear stuff in their own system.

I don’t pay attention to it but rather I operate as uplifted and kind to others as I can in all situations.

Family, grocery store clerks and anyone I run into. Being happy and relaxed and just listening to people is key.

You don’t need to comment or solve or get involved. I have seen tough situations become transformed immediately by this practice and ongoing.

I have family members who are all going through tough stuff. I compliment their strength, listen to them and generally remain happy and easy going with them and it lightens everything for them.

I take it further in daily intention by saying “For all I encounter and all I do is for the highest good for all in all directions of time and space and all dimensions.”

Keep up your good work. It’s all going to be fine. This is just a rough patch in time. We’ll get through this.




Thank you, Anne, for sharing this inspirational message with us.


Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved. 

Transmutation News – May 2017

transmutation news may 2017 1200x630

We are all going through an initiation. This initiation is not just about the changes and deaths we have to experience in order to evolve and weave a new fabric of reality into being. It is about diving deep into our own soul and cleansing what we need to let go of that binds us to our past. As I have written before initiations sculpt away our ego/personality so that we can step into living and working at higher frequencies.

The process of initiation can be quite challenging. It can challenge us physically and emotionally. It can place us into a place of despair and hopelessness as we see our lives being changed in ways we did not expect.

The despair and hopelessness takes us to a deeper place into our inner landscape where we are led to the personal healing work and shadow work we tend to avoid. The ego part of ourselves prefers to just go with the surface energies and react to what is happening to us personally and to the events in the world.

But in actuality the events in the outer world is not all that is calling us within. Our soul’s evolution is calling us within. We must choose whether to ride the surface waves and remain in a state of suffering or keep going deeper and deeper within where we have the opportunity to tap into how to love and forgive ourselves. Once you reach a deep level of unconditional love for yourself and unconditional forgiveness for your past actions you perceive the events in the outer world in a different way. And from this place you move from a place of reaction to responding in healthy ways.

Recently I was shown, by a helping spirit, how our past can actually create too much weight on our body to keep carrying around. And this extra weight we carry can create illnesses on different levels. We must honor our past, revel in the good memories, work through the challenging times in our past and then let go. Then we can move on to forge a new path in the present and future. When we keep “dying” to our past we move into a place of freedom. And I know feeling free is something we all desire.

This of course gives us a better opportunity to navigate the changes in the present and future. We can then be in deeper service to all of life and the Earth.

I think many of you were inspired last month by the healing story I shared about working with a Prayer Tree.

The practice of shamanism has so much to offer us. The case studies I receive are so hopeful.

Recently a peer, student, and one of my former clients died of a rare form of cancer. Years ago I did some healing sessions with her that may have helped to extend her life. Her blood tests would show positive changes after we would work together. And at some point it was time for her to do her own work. We stayed in contact from time to time, but in the last year I did not follow up with her to see how she was doing.

She had taken many shamanic workshops with me including a workshop on Death and Dying. And she also loved the transfiguration work.

Her partner called to tell me my former student and client had died. I asked how her death was. She responded by telling me that she kept repeating,” Sandy taught me so much about how to die I do not fear death.” And her death ended up being filled with peace and grace.

During the times we live in the practice of shamanism, which includes working with light, has so many wonderful tools to offer us. The practice teaches us how to live from a place of trust, feeling empowered, how to surrender to spirit, how to ride the waves of both the joy and suffering that life brings for us. The practice teaches us how to live, but also how to die during the initiatory deaths we all experience and the big death we face at the end of our lives.

It is important to remember that as shamanism is a path of direct revelation the helping spirits can teach you all you need to learn. Some people really want to be part of a community and seek out workshops. And some people like to work in solitude to perform their own journeys and meditations to receive the wealth of healings and information that is available to us from our helping spirits.

Keeping to a similar thread I was having a conversation with someone in a service profession. He asked me if I noticed that more people our age (we are both in our sixties) are suffering from more health problems and dying earlier than the current statistics predict. Well as you know people have always died earlier than expected.

But the rare and known illnesses that are impacting children, teens, and adults is very high. And we all know that this is due to the dietary issues and the environment we live in. In a previous monthly column I encouraged you to do your transmutation work as perceiving what you eat, drink, and how you perceive the environment, as light. We want to ingest and digest light. This is not a form of denial of the fact that as humans we have helped to create a planet that does not support our health. But there are practices we can do daily that help us.

As I shared in Medicine for the Earth there have always been shamans and mystics that survived experiences that most would not live through during initiations, including some who could transmute poisons that were ingested. If one person on the planet can transmute toxins that he or she ingests it means we all have this same power. We are born with the blue print of how to survive and thrive.

That is one reason I wrote about different nature beings last month and the energetic signature they share with the web of life. For using the principle of unity, we can also tap into the wealth of knowledge that different nature beings use to survive. For example, there are mushrooms that thrive and live on eating radiation. How do they do that? Well we can use our spiritual practices of journeying and meditation to learn from them. This is a time to reach out spiritually to those beings who can transmute and regenerate in ways we never imagined. There are ways to live and practices that can support our life as the Earth herself goes through many changes.

This is a time to connect with the amazing nature beings who can regenerate and transmute toxins and to ask for their help.

may 2017 1200x30

As I shared last month, there is a lot of support from the universe and the Earth to shift to a higher frequency. But there are ways of living in health that your own body can teach you if you ask it to share what is in your blue print and as you reach out to other species who can thrive in the environment we have created.

Take time each day out of your busy schedule to deepen your spiritual work. We must learn the lessons that come from the challenges we face on emotional and physical levels. But we also must learn how to create a more harmonious way of life integrating ancient spiritual practices throughout the day.

We have more abilities to thrive than we know. As you already know research shows we use so little of the capabilities of our brain. The time is now to wake up more parts of our brain so we can evolve and grow as I know each of you desire.

One of the issues I have been looking at that goes along with what I wrote is looking at the difference of how we “react” to daily events, people, and to life itself rather than “respond”. This is an interesting issue to journey on or meditate on this month.

I think that as we learn how to respond we can shift into a more harmonious and healthy way of life.

The full moon is on May 10.  Connect with yourself and open to the possibility that you have capabilities to thrive today with incorporating practices into your life that you might have not yet explored.  Feel excitement in the knowledge that there is so much to learn about your capability to heal yourself. Open to the power of being part of a loving and supportive community as we join our hearts together. People who read the Transmutation News live all over the world. Open your heart to our community. Open your spiritual awareness to connect with the nature beings who contribute great gifts to the web of life. Feel your heart expanding in love and compassion. As you do this travel within and experience your divine light radiating out embracing all of life. Be a light and radiate light. As you do this with love in your heart you do create positive change. Love and light are the greatest healing forces.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony in “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

I wanted to say something about my announcements this month. For I realize that this is the longest Announcement Section I have written to date. Please do not feel you need to read them if you are not interested in more than reading what I wrote in this monthly column.

Due to the fact that I am not traveling to teach this year I have made a decision to be part of more summits, free events, online courses where I can share the beauty and power of shamanic work with a broad population. And part of my commitment in being part of these events is to share full write ups.

We can get so overwhelmed by digesting all the bad news that we hear. And a “cure” for this is to listen and watch events that share a deep wealth of information and inspiration. We can all use some inspiration right now.

I do not plan on continuing to present on many summits or free events. I am actually writing a new book for Sounds True that I will write about at the appropriate time.

For now, please read on to see what events are coming up that you might be interested in. Or stop reading at this point and enjoy your day or night.

Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – October 2016

transmutation news october 2016 1200x630

There is so much going on in people’s personal lives and in the world right now. It seems like the challenges keep increasing and really test our ability to stay focused and hopeful. 

I am receiving so many emails and messages on Facebook from people who have lost faith and cannot hold a positive vision.  People are struggling as we are all being stretched on all levels. 

The truth is that your attitude about life creates the dimension of reality you live in. This is not the time to give up. Rather it is time to reflect on your spiritual work in order to take the work to a deeper level and keep moving forward with the practices and ceremonies you feel called to do. 

I also feel because there is so much hopelessness and despair in our communities it is time to step out and share some tools that help uplift others and also create ways where people can participate in ceremonies that will be healing for all in the web of life. 

Throughout my years of teaching transfiguration, I have been so inspired and in a state of awe of seeing the results of how people heal from the transfiguration work and also how the energy field of substances present at our ceremonies change. And the results are the same whether we work remotely or work together at a workshop. 

I have taught two teleconferencing courses through the Shift Network where we have done some remote transfiguration work. You can click on “GDV Camera Results” on the homepage of this site. 

In hearing about how people have been healed from the work and being witness to seeing how substances change it brings me to a place of feeling that the possibilities for healing are unlimited. We just have to keep up the work and know in our heart that an invisible world of substance is forming that will lead to positive changes on a larger scale model. 

There are so many simple ceremonies that you can lead in your community that don’t require using instructions or wording that would deter people of different faiths from participating in. It is simple to create a prayer or blessing tree and invite people to tie a ribbon loosely on a branch with prayers for oneself, a loved one, for all of life, and the planet. There are blessing ceremonies that can be performed where people make something simple that can be placed in a fire. The power objects made hold our blessings, visions, and prayers that through the rising smoke travel to the power of the universe to manifest our greatest dreams. There are releasing ceremonies that can be done to release blocking beliefs, feelings of hopelessness, and also grief. It is really endless the ceremonies that you can create for loved ones, friends, and people in your community. 

By doing this you not only restore feelings of faith, but you bring people into the spiritual global community that is working in many ways to be in service to the Earth. 

In this month’s Transmutation News, I want to focus on bringing transfiguration ceremonies into your community. For all religions and cultures have stories about being a light in the world and creating positive change by becoming a positive presence filled with love and light. 

When I first started teaching the practice of transfiguration in 2000 I had very complex instructions in teaching this practice. As the years went by, and I led transfiguration ceremonies for large groups at conferences I had to keep simplifying my instructions. This had to do mostly with the time I was allotted for the ceremony. I realized that it is so easy to teach the practice of transfiguration to people of all faiths. For we just have to help people journey within to experience their own inner divine light. When teaching the practice of transfiguration, I use the metaphor of going within and experiencing oneself as a star radiating its light effortlessly or experiencing your inner sun shining through you. And the miraculous healings continued no matter how simple the ceremony was. 

To help you create a transfiguration ceremony in your community below is a transcript from a transfiguration ceremony I led for a group of 400 people in Santa Fe in 2015. 

Transfiguration Ceremony

We are spirit, if we allow our spiritual light to shine through, we become a healing presence.

Take a few deep breaths…….We do this for every living being and the Earth itself. (I whistled and rattled to begin and then started drumming.)

Take a few deep breaths and let your thoughts drift away.

As you breathe, place your hands on your heart, feel and get in touch with your heartbeat.

With our heartbeat let’s connect with the heartbeat of everyone in the room who have gathered together on behalf of all of life and the Earth.

Let’s connect our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the spirit of the land where we are gathered and the helping ancestors who have loved this land so much and join in with us in our work. Connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

We are body mind and spirit. When you let go of the body and your daily thoughts, your mind, who you are beyond your skin is spiritual light. Before we were born and just a little tiny spark of light looking down on this great earth, we were excited about this incredible adventure of being born into a body and being spirit that can manifest spirit into form just like creator and the creative forces of the universe. 

I invite you to travel inside to your inner world just imagining traveling within….. and experience your light. Our light is like the beauty of the night sky, our light is like a star, star light. Stars don’t try to shine, they radiate through you, effortlessly and they don’t say I think I am only going to shine just on this one place on the earth. They don’t send their light, they just shine.

Our light is like the sun……our spirit is like the sun that shines above us feeding all of life with the energy to thrive, unconditionally never asking for anything in return so you might choose to experience your own inner sunlight. Our light is like the flame of life, all of life.

Travel within yourself into your Inner World and experience yourself merging with a star or the sun or experiencing a flame and let that light radiate through you, absorb it into every single cell of your being like a flower that absorbs the sun or a flower, plant or tree that absorbs the rain and soak it in………………………………..

And now allow that light, it is an allowing process, without effort, let that light radiate through you, throughout this place let’s connect our lights together………………………….. Now experience that light radiating within and throughout this entire Earth touching all of life and when you feel like that light is radiating within and throughout the Earth.. I invite you to stand with your hands, palms facing our Earth (I use a photo of the Earth for the group to focus on)…….and as you stand allow that light to effortlessly radiate through you while we tone together the sound of creation………….(For people who do not know how to tone I gave examples of Om or just singing a vowel and letting it flow into other vowels- o ah ooh eee)  whatever comes through you………………………….(group toning)…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

(3 -4 chimes of chimes to signal it is time to stop toning and then the drumming faded out – I had people drumming with me so I could do the chimes while they faded out the drum. You could just stop the drumming and use some bells or Tibetan bowl or other sound to signal the end of the toning although most groups naturally end the toning at the same time without needing to signal to end).

Take a few deep breaths and be aware of yourself. While it is important to come back and be grounded it is important not to disconnect from our light because we are light.  As you still feel that light radiating through you, experience your body, and the preciousness of being in a body. It is such a gift to be here in a body and to live on this Earth. 

Imagine deep roots going down into the earth, grounding you. As you do this feel yourself coming back feeling fully present. Feel your heartbeat still connected to the heartbeat of all life. We do this work for ourselves and we do it on behalf of the web of life and the earth itself. We can all be a presence of healing and create positive change for all of life and the planet. 


Ended ceremony and thanked everyone for coming. 

Creating a Human Web of Light

You can also take a look at the full moon ceremony I inspire the global community to engage in each full moon. I call this ceremony “Creating A Human Web of Light”, and you can see the write up and instructions on the homepage of this site.

Over the years I have received letters from people of all faiths who have told me how they use the work I describe in “Creating A Human Web of Light” in ceremonies in churches and monasteries.

It is beyond your imagination how uplifting and healing leading such a ceremony is and people who participate are in such deep gratitude for learning such a powerful yet simple practice that can be done to help be in service to all of life. And it also helps to shift people’s perception about events that are occurring. And when we change our perception, we change our reality.

This month I wanted to introduce a journey/meditation to go along with the topic of the results of transfiguration.

A few years ago, I shared a story in the Transmutation News about Laurence Anthony known as the Elephant Whisperer. He lived in South Africa and was known for his work in conservation and also with elephants. When he died on March 7 two herds of wild elephants walked for twelve hours through Zululand to honor him. They stood outside his house for two days after his death.

How did the elephants get the news that Laurence Anthony had died? How is it that animals typically know that an environmental event is getting ready to occur and know to move to safer places where they will not be harmed?

Animals use psychic senses in a way that is quite amazing to watch. And so much research has also been done on how plants and trees also respond to what many would say are human emotions.

With all we know about how plants, trees, and animals are so psychically tuned in we have to wonder when we see them in their radiant light and divinity instead of perceiving them in suffering what do they pick up on? How do they respond to being held in love and light?

I thought this would be an interesting topic to journey or meditate on. In your journey or meditation hold the intention to speak to one of you favorite animals, or plant, or tree and ask them how they feel when we radiate love and light to them during turbulent times. And how do their feelings differ when people pity them and feed the energy of suffering?

I think you will receive some rich information by journeying or meditating to nature beings and learning about the effect of holding all of life in love and light.

The full moon begins on October 15. After exploring how different nature beings are touched by being held in light and love I hope you have a desire to deepen your transfiguration practice. This month do your preparation work with the strong focus of expanding the light you radiate to all of life and the planet. Join together with our global community to weave a beautiful web of light that touches all that is alive. Experience all life forms being uplifted by our work.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.


Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – February 2016

transmutation news february 2016 1200x630

I heard from a friend of mine who had listened with a group of her students to my free Introductory call for my teleconferencing course on the Shift Network. 

Some of her students wondered why so many challenges are being experienced in the world if shamanism is such a powerful healing practice and has been around for tens of thousands of years.

This was a common question I used to address on the Transmutation News in the beginning years of writing the monthly column. 

We really do not know where the world would be today if all the spiritual work we are doing collectively had not been happening. And the key in doing spiritual work is to make a commitment to be in it for the long term. For we do not know what kind of growth and evolution will come out of the times we are living in. And on the big collective issues we are experiencing we might not see change in our lifetime. We simply have to accept that and hold true to our vision and keep our focus on our spiritual practices. 

All spiritual practices involve times when people lose their sense of faith. There have always been teachings about “the dark night of the soul” that manifest on many levels in all of our lives. This is the way our ego and personality are sculpted so that the radiance of our spirit can shine through. 

My feeling has always been I do not know what the end result of all the spiritual work I am doing will have on the destiny of the Earth. For the Earth has her own destiny, and I am born from the Earth and am part of this destiny. 

But I want to do the best I can to hold my focus and vision for healing to happen for all of life so that we move into living on this Earth in peace, harmony, and honor and respect for each other and all of life. 

I do not know where my work will lead. But I do want to be able to say at the end of my life that I faced all of life’s challenges and did not sit down. I stayed present to life and to all the teachings I have received. I performed my spiritual practices so that I have personally evolved as much as I could. As far as the ultimate outcome I cannot stay attached to the outcome that I see by looking through my ordinary eyes. There is a bigger picture, I need to surrender the outcome, and stay focused on my work. 

It is easy to lose faith and hope when we look at the state of the world. I encourage you to keep up your work and know that your own personal shamanic and meditation practices do create personal and global transformation. 

When I was journeying for my next session of my teleconferencing course, I received an interesting message from the Egyptian God Osiris. I rarely meet this powerful teacher in my journeys. But he does appear when he has an important message to share.

He told me how when I teach, I focus on love and opening up our hearts. And of course, we all know that healing happens through the energy and vibration of love. But he told me that it is important to engage all of our energy centers when we perform our spiritual work. Osiris talked to me about engaging the 2nd and 3rd chakras that hold the vibration of walking and working in the world connected to our own spiritual power. 

He said we often listen to drumming which alters our brainwaves to help us enter into the invisible realms. And we work from a place of heart which opens us to being a vessel of unconditional love. But Osiris said we were born into a body to use all of it. And learning how to tap into the vibration of walking through the world and honoring our own personal power is part of our personal journey and will add to the healing work we need to do to be in service to the planet. 

This made so much sense to me. For it is a time to own our power and not be afraid of it. During the month of February, you might meditate or journey on what walking in your power means to you. 

February is also a month where in the U.S. and some other countries we celebrate Valentine’s Day which is a time to express our love for loved ones. On one level I always feel a bit triggered by the artificial nature of holidays that are created to sell material things. But I feel we can also use the energy of these days that are created as themes set up by the corporate world to connect energetically on a collective level to help manifest vibrations and frequencies we are trying to manifest in the world. 

And we are working towards manifesting the energy of unconditional love into the world. On Valentine’s Day we can merge with the energy of the collective and fuel the vibration to feed all of life and the Earth with love. 

I did receive a letter from someone who reads the Transmutation News. She said she loves reading the Transmutation News but has never been called to the practice of shamanic journeying. Her path is meditation. 

I want to make sure that all of you reading the column understand that I have always wanted to open the work up to a broad community. So, there is no need to perform shamanic journeys in order to be part of our circle and work together. I always suggest in the exercises I share to either perform a shamanic journey or perform a meditation. I just want to clarify that the exercises I share are designed to be performed within the framework of the personal practice in which you work. There are so many ways to access direct revelation and your own inner wisdom. There are so many ways to experience your own divine light and let that flow into the web of life. I think you all understand what I am saying. 

I journeyed and meditated on this month’s ceremony. In a meditation or journey visit the altar that we have created. Perform this ceremony on Valentine’s Day February 14. In this way we join with the energy of love flowing from the larger collective in the world. 

Close your eyes and begin to travel into the invisible realms. As we have done in the last couple of months, walk the path from the room you are journeying or meditating in. You might find yourself walking down a path that is surrounded by tall, beautiful, strong, and healthy trees. The earth you walk on is fine and you are stepping on rich dark soil. You can feel your footsteps making an impression on the earth. As you walk you listen to the beauty of the sounds in nature and take in the exquisite fragrances shared by the local trees, plants, and air which gives us life. Is there grass growing? What other nature beings are in this place? You can even experience how the air tastes. Notice if there is a body of water in this place, and if you can hear running water. Feel the power of the sun as it is setting, and the stars and moon above start to shine their beautiful light. 

As you walk, feel your heartbeat and just notice what you are feeling. We have taken the time to open our hearts in love to each other. Feel your connection to a family of like-minded souls who do everything possible to be in service to others and to the Earth. 

As you continue to walk you arrive at a large clearing. Use your imagination to see, feel, hear, smell, taste all that is around you in this clearing. Step fully into this clearing rather than watching your journey/meditation/daydream as if it was a movie. Be here now. Give thanks to all the helping spirits you continue to work with who are now also part of our circle.

As you enter the clearing you will be met by a guardian spirit who will cleanse you on a spiritual level. This compassionate spirit might cleanse you with incense, or a feather, or sing over you, or touch your hair, or whisper a message into your ear. Be open and know these are helping spirits who wish to help you feel unburdened by your ordinary thoughts and concerns.

Once you have been cleansed step into the clearing and visit the altar we created. 

Let us stand together around the altar and drum and sing to honor each other and this sacred space. After honoring our circle let’s all sit around the altar and pray for ourselves, loved ones, all in the web of life, and the Earth. As you pray and meditate travel inside yourself and come up with an energetic gift you can send to someone you love, to nature beings, and/or to the Earth herself.

After you send this energetic gift open your eyes. On the altar you will see beautiful paper and objects that all have the names of everyone in our circle written on them. On each piece of paper or object is an energetic gift for everyone. It might be a word, a symbol, a kiss, a hug, and so on. This energetic gift has been created by a helping spirit, an element, a God, goddess, an ancestor, or Source. This gift is for you. When I went to the altar and picked up a beautiful spirit painting with my name on it, I saw that Osiris had left me a beautiful offering that had the word “hope” written on it. I was instructed to absorb the energy of this word. 

Remember that it is as important to give love as to receive love. You will notice on the altar that there is something that has been left by helping spirits just for you. 

Pick up the gift that is specifically for you and absorb the vibration and frequency of this gift. 

When you feel you have spent the time at the altar so that you have sent your energetic gift and have received your gift stand up. Say goodbye to our group. Notice and greet the sacred fire that always burns strong in this place. 

Walking down the same path that you took to arrive at this place return to the room you are in now.

Open your eyes and feel yourself deeply rooted to the Earth and take a few deep grounding breaths. You are fully back filled with radiance and the blessings of our circle. 

The full moon is February 22. Let us continue sharing this flow of love and giving and receiving the energies that we need to walk strong in power and beauty. Let us do our preparation practices for our powerful monthly transfiguration ceremony of weaving a web of light within and throughout this great Earth. 

For those of you who are new readers of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” and also “Preparing for Ceremonial Work” that appears at the beginning of the section of the Transmutation News. 

Let us all walk and work from a place of love but also from a place of strength and power. 


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – October 2015

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Over the years I have written on how to ride the waves of extreme change as we are experiencing on the planet. I have voiced the challenges we face on all levels. And I have also written about the ancient spiritual teachings that have been used since the beginning of time to tap into the world of spirit to do the work to heal, transform, and change the current dream.

As we face an increase in violence, environmental disasters, climatic changes, economic challenges, as well as personal health challenges I can imagine the rollercoaster ride that many you feel you are on. 

I am sure there are those of you who find days when you just feel like things have gone too far on the planet and in your own life and a sense of hopelessness blocks you from doing your spiritual work. And then there are days when you wake up, and you state strongly to the universe and the powers that be that you will not give up, and you feel a fire burning within you to continue with the practices that create an invisible foundation that does create change on the physical realm. 

It is all part of the rollercoaster of life. I know in my own life I am facing some fierce transitions. There are days when I just want to give up. Giving up is really not an option for any of us. But giving up what our ego thinks should be happening is important. For we must surrender to spirit and also to Nature. Our own inner spirit carries us through all the transitional times where we feel there is no hope and do not see outer change occurring from the spiritual practices we engage in. And we are part of Nature and Nature has its own flow and intelligence in the death and rebirth process. 

I find in my own life it is important to acknowledge how I am feeling on a human level whether I am facing my own personal challenges or watching destruction going on around me that tears at my heart. At the same time, I wake up each day and stay present, surrender to the intelligence of Nature, and to my inner divine light.

And yet I also know I am being called into the Under World to the place of a new level of shamanic initiation. I am being called to the home of the Dark Mother. It is a time for me to do my inner work while surrendering, having trust, and being patient while an alchemical process of turning lead into gold occurs. 

Why are we not seeing change happening from so much spiritual work we are performing personally and part of the collective? Well, there is a lot of good happening. We hear stories in our communities everyday of some miraculous change or healing that is taking place for an individual, a family, or a group at large. I continue to collect miraculous healing stories that come from people keeping up the practice of transfiguration. But the change might not be happening for you or on a larger scale where you feel inspired to keep up your work.

Many start to wonder why the miracles are not happening to us personally or to the land, city, or country where we live. There is no answer to this. In the world of spirit there is only oneness and light and we can rest in the divine. In the world of form there is the dark and the light. And the dark requires us to dive into the depths of the Under World into the initiations involving pain, fear, and loss to let go of parts of ourselves that keep us from letting spirit shine through us. As I described in Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life the process entails disintegration, illumination, remembering, reconstruction, re-emergence. 

The journey of the initiate being called into the dark realms of the Under World are the core of the remarkable and transformative myths, legends, and stories that have been told throughout the ages where one walks the path of disintegration and dismemberment reemerging to the light of life. 

We really lack a model in our culture where the initiate’s rite of passage is understood and is welcomed back home from the hero or heroine’s journey. And it is a model that we really need right now to help people integrate all the changes that occur during deep times of crisis and illness. 

You might start to wonder if this is all a dream why is the dream not changing as we do our work to weave a new reality from the visible into the invisible? And I do believe that the death process has not been completed to allow the rebirth to occur yet. But I know in all my cells and in my heart that we are building a strong foundation and fabric of reality that will bring beauty and health back into our lives and in the planet.

A tremendous amount of surrender, faith, and persistence is required right now.

If you are one of the people who find yourself losing hope acknowledge what you are feeling on a personality/ego level. Let yourself grieve for what you have lost. But still continue to wake up every day and give thanks for your life, earth, air, water, fire (as the sun) that support life, for all the beautiful nature beings that we share this earth with, and to the helping spirits who are working on unseen levels. 

I have shared so many practices on columns of the Transmutation News and in all my books. The practices I share are simple practices. Even if you can pick one simple practice to do each day that helps you to transform your words, thoughts, and daydreams from a feeling of defeat to one of inspiration this is a lot. Just one practice each day will help you rise up and join with so many thousands of people who continue to persist to change the dream.

And if you are being personally impacted by the phases of life that present pain and suffering as a way to grow and transform take some time to be with yourself to explore your inner space and just be with it. Do not try and force change. But you will feel empowered by simply traveling within and being with your own true nature which is divine light and perfection. For you are more than the outer events impacting you. You are a being of divine light who is also on a human adventure and experiencing situations that lead to growth. 

In August I did present on the Subtle Activism Summit sponsored by the Shift Network. I wanted to share with you what I said in the opening hoping this brings some inspiration into your life and work. 

Somewhere about 20 years ago there was a prediction that there was going to be a major earthquake in Southern California. I was living in Santa Fe at the time. I heard about people not being able to get airline flights out of Los Angeles for so many people were trying to flee the area.

Then in the local Santa Fe paper there was a very short article about a group of Tibetan monks who flew into Los Angeles and picked a site to sit in to pray. When questioned about why they were coming into LA while others were leaving, they said that in times of challenge you do not flee a troubled area. You gather there in community to pray and add strength to the land to try and shift the outcome. 

This has always impacted me. For we have so many challenges happening right now. And it is so important to gather our energy to create change and transformation. And at the same time, we must do our egoic work to surrender to the outcome. Yet we must continue to take ordinary actions that prevent such future issues from happening again. 

This is how we blend and integrate the spiritual, emotional/mental, and physical together. 

People always lived in community. And this created a sense of responsibility for community members to take actions, behave, and live a way of life that supported the health of the community, the Earth and the land where they lived, and to live in a healthy way.

Due to how society has evolved people are very isolated. People yearn for community and you can see this by how many people look for workshops and conferences to attend that give them a sense of belonging to a community – something bigger than the isolated world they live in. 

And at the same time when we join together in community, we do have to reach deep inside of ourselves to honor the community at large and behave in an appropriate manner to support the strength and health of the community. 

And to add to this we already know from thousands of years of shamanic practice that when a community of people gather their thoughts, daydreams, and spiritual prayers together there is an exponential healing change. 

The full moon is October 27. Let us gather our spiritual energies together and fill up with feelings of unconditional love for the Earth and all of life. Feel and experience your own spiritual light filling you up, and let it radiate as it weaves together with the divine light of our community within and throughout the Earth. 

Let us ride the waves of change knowing that we have so much personal spiritual strength to carry us through as well as the support and love of the compassionate spirits in the invisible realms. 


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.