Transmutation News – December 2010

We are coming to the end of a pretty wild year. As I have been teaching a lot and in communication with teachers, practitioners, and students I am aware that it is almost like an endless string of challenges have been presenting themselves.

I myself continue to be presented with people and situations that reflect the shadow aspects of life. And dealing with daily issues that arise I find myself being asked to stay very present and just rise to the occasion with each situation. It has been a time for me to stand up and speak my truth. And I also have been surrendering to all that life is bringing to me right now and willing to experience the teaching that comes with each new challenge. I find that as I can experience the teachings that life brings I can make new choices that lead to a healthier way of being in the world. And I believe this holds true for all of us.

For I believe that for all of us who are walking a spiritual path we are also on a continued path of initiation. These initiatory experiences create a shift in consciousness. And in going through the rite of passages we are being faced with letting go of relationships and ways of life that are not healthy and harmonious.

There really isn’t a choice about going through an initiation. A metaphor would be saying that you want to get off an airplane while flying at 30,000-40,000 feet. The journey is in motion and can’t be stopped. The more you stop resisting what life brings to you the easier it is to reach within yourself and allow your spirit to guide you step by step through the dark places in your life.

Life is change. And life and change are in movement. There is a flow to life. Life is never stagnant. As we learn how to “go with the flow” instead of resisting the flow of energy we suffer less. Some people are trying to hold on to an old way of life and some have let go and are now grieving the loss as old ways of life that no longer serve dissolve away.

When we are guided by our egos we are truly misguided. When we are guided by our spirit and divine knowing we move from denser states of consciousness. But as we move from denser states of consciousness, what we need to say good bye to what will be presented to us.

It is important to remember the practices that can be supportive to you during these changing times. Watch your train of thought and where your thought process is leading you to. Be observant to the words that you use to describe your life and the world. Be diligent in staying true to the power of the spiritual work you engage in for that will determine the outcome of where you move to during this initiatory phase of life.

Read books and listen to lectures that inspire you. For it is so easy in the midst of life challenges to forget what you have learned. And you might need the words of another to help you remember to stay true to your spiritual path.

This is a time on the planet where we must gather our spiritual strength and stay focused and centered. Do what you need to do to get the support you need right now to remember the truth of who you are. You are divine light and you are one with the creative force of the universe. You are loved and you came here to love as well as shine your spiritual light. Your ego is being carved away so that you can be a beacon of light. As you surrender to life’s initiations the path inward to your inner light, knowing, and love will be obvious to you. It is in the resistance that the path becomes cloudy. It is in the resistance that we experience fear and pain. Surrender brings peace.

Last month I wrote about the evolution to become one pulsation of loving light. As you do this you will notice that your frequency starts to change. And as I wrote above denser states of consciousness that prevent you from vibrating at a higher level will show themselves to be worked through and healed.

As you experience this pulsation you will notice that you are actually being led to becoming a conscious transmitter. Over the years I have been writing about radiating light. Another level or quality of this radiation is transmission. We have a lot in common with crystals and as humans we transmit frequencies just as crystals do. Typically we transmit all kinds of energies into the world without awareness to what we send.

We have a real opportunity right now as we shift our frequency and fine tune to purer energies to transmit these beautiful and harmonious energies out to the world.

And if we see ourselves as transmitters of energies we can become more aware of what we are transmitting. We can use discipline to transmit love, light, peace, and harmony. Think of radio waves that go out as concentric circles of energy riding through the airwaves. As you start with focus and discipline this will become more of a flow as it becomes part of how you breathe and walk in the world.

Those of you experiencing challenges might feel that it is hard to focus on transmitting the positive into the world. You might have felt that you have lost your way and your vision. Remember that each path is walked step by step. Find a very small step you can take to return to the divine within. Find a very small step to take to begin to transmit divine light into the world.

I have written about the science of neuroplasticity. The scientific community now understands that the brain is flexible and that we can heal ourselves by creating new neural pathways. And one way new neural pathways are created is by changing your thought patterns leading you away from your thoughts of despair and defeat to thoughts that will lead you to success.

A very simple way to begin this process is to think of good memories like the first time you ate ice cream, saw snow, saw a butterfly, saw a beautiful sunrise or sunset, smelled a beautiful flower or scent, heard birds singing, etc.

This month let us join together to think about some good memories about this past year. Instead of focusing on what did not work for you think about at least one good thing that did happen for you. Think about something beautiful you saw, felt, heard, smelled, and tasted.

Let us start to create new neural pathways of the collective conscious and begin to move forward in our energetic pulsation to experience a transformation into living a consciousness of love, harmony, peace, and honor and respect in the coming year.

We can make it happen as we expand our energy field to become one with the energy of each other and pulsate to create transformation. And this means that there are deaths we will experience as a collective. But with all death comes a rebirth like the phoenix that rises out of the fire into a new life.

December 21 is both the full moon and the winter solstice. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere you are celebrating the beginning of summer.

Here is what I was guided to share with you to celebrate the winter solstice or the summer solstice.

Think about a public figure who is very successful in putting change into motion. This figure could be one who you like or dislike. The changes they are making might be in alignment with creating harmony on the planet. Or you might choose a person whose decisions, principles, policies are actually destructive to the planet. Basically you are looking for a person who is exhibiting great power.

Study their energy. Really sink in to how they operate energetically. You will notice they are filled with a passionate fire. They might be using it to create peace or harmony or they might be using it for personal gain. What you want to experience is how strong their inner fire or their inner sun is.

Learn from them. And then during the solstice start to set an intention to stoke the inner fire within you. For as a spiritual community we must move into a place where we are passionate about making transformative changes in the world. We must be people of power.

As we stoke our inner fire, our inner sun, we fuel our creative power in the world. And then let’s join our fires together as we continue to use our imagination to use our senses to draw down, to create, to manifest a world filled with harmony as if it is here right now. We have to be passionate and filled with love to fuel the power of creation.

And then the pulsation of energy we can create together becomes strong enough to move through the world in a transformative way.

As we stoke our inner fire, our inner sun let us join together on December 21 as a pulsation of light that strengthens the web of light we have been weaving together as a global community for over 10 years now.

Let us transmit light and love into our global community continuing to project good health and success into our circle empowering all of us to continue to flow with the new opportunities that are being presented to all of us as we flow into the change of season and the New Year.

Let us join our hearts together in love to acknowledge, honor, and give great gratitude for those who help to donate time and energy to make the Transmutation News available to readers around the world.

Let’s thank and send the best of wishes to Bob Edgar who is the webmaster of and Sylvia Edwards the webmaster of

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There is so much work that goes into the translation of so many words. Thank you and may the blessings of your generosity be multiplied many times over to bring peace, love, joy, and abundance into all of your lives.

And many blessings to all of you in our global community who are working in behalf of all of life. We are truly unlimited in all we can accomplish together in love for the planet and for all of life.

Transmutation News – November 2010

I had a very full and wonderful teaching schedule in September and October. Before I started teaching in September I had received a very profound teaching that I wove into some of my workshops this fall.

I had taken a shamanic journey to speak to Isis who is my spiritual teacher. I had wanted to ask a question about an issue in my life. She did answer my question and then volunteered a path I should take in my teaching around how we can work from a deeper place as a global community.

She acknowledged that the way we have been working as a global community has been a positive healing force in the world. But she said there is another level to evolve to.

In the shamanic community when people work together on one intention to help someone or on a planetary issue each member of the community journeys to his or her own power animal or teacher to provide healing help. When we use transfiguration and the radiation of divine light each person transfigures into his or her divinity.

We know from years of working in this way that there is an exponential result when a group of people focuses on one intention versus an individual working alone.

The question Isis raised was what would happen if we dropped our individual work of going to our own helping spirits or perceiving ourselves as individuals transfiguring into divine light? What if we just drop our personal boundaries and gather our spiritual energy as one pulsating giant field? In other words this would mean merging our auras to create one group aura. This would mean becoming one field of energy.

Imagine what kind of transformative force this field of pulsating energy could be.

When Isis shared this information with me I also felt the information pulsating through every cell of my body. I completely experienced the transformative power and strength of this field of energy.

We continue to be touched by different events happening around the world where we are seeing the results of environmental disasters due to mining the earth for resources.

And we are all trying to find ways to be a positive force in the world as people are being asked to wake up and live from a place of honor and respect towards the earth, air, and water which give us life.

As I mentioned in a previous Transmutation News our modern world has created an unsustainable environment and it is time for us to tap into the great mysteries to find solutions. For as we trust our inner wealth of spiritual wisdom we will find the solutions needed to create a sustainable environment. And I also wrote about how the earth already knows how to heal itself and we can hold the space and support the earth’s own process.

I feel in every cell of my being as we learn to drop our individuality and focus on becoming one pulsating light energy together we can hold the space and raise the frequency so that all of life is lifted up out of a denser state of consciousness.

I invite you to work with this principle this month. You can do so as you continue your spiritual work of connecting into the web of life and light we have created.

Instead of seeing yourself as an individual transfiguring into divine light allow yourself to dissolve your energetic boundaries and merge your aura, your energetic field with the field of others in our community. Imagine yourself as part of one pulsating energy field of light.

You can try this at any time but let us to set an intention to work in this way on November 21 which is the full moon as we continue to create a human web of light.

For those of you who are new readers of the Transmutation News you can read the instructions for our full moon ceremony by reading “Creating A Human Web of Light” on this website.

Let us continue to work in this way as we lift our entire global community up into a new frequency which will create healing and transformation for all.

Let us continue to radiate this light into our circle on a daily basis and project the best by perceiving our global community experiencing inner joy and health.

By doing this we become a true positive transformative force in the world. We do this by continuing to feed the light of the earth and all of life.

There is more I can write about this month but I want to give all of you a chance to focus on the practice I have shared. We can distract ourselves with too much information. Stay focused and experience the power of the work for yourself.

I know many of you have felt called to do some work on behalf of the environmental disaster in Hungary. I suggest you work with what I have shared this month. And for more suggestions please look at the summary of practices I wrote up in the June Transmutation News when many of us were focused on working with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Transmutation News – October 2010

Last month I ended the Transmutation News with a quote from Krishnamurti about living life. And when I reflect on living life to the fullest, a quality that goes along with this is experiencing unconditional love for who we are versus what we do.

I think that many of us were socialized at a very young age to behave in a certain fashion in order to receive love. We were taught to fit in with society and conform to certain standards. Many people were also taught not to shine too brightly and to be invisible. And we were given rewards for what we could do successfully versus rewarded for just being.

In the need to conform to experience some kind of love, in many ways we have forgotten that true love is accepting people for who they are – the presence they bring into the world. True love is acceptance versus having to strive to be something we are not or fitting into some definition of “a good person” by society.

So we strive to be accepted and to be loved instead of allowing ourselves to be who we are. We compromise our dreams and try to become who others want us to be.

The earth, the universe, God, the goddess, etc. love us for who we are. And as we can truly experience unconditional love with no strings attached and no expectations we can experience a deeper joy in life. This kind of love allows us to follow what we feel passionate about instead of living a life that fits into the definition of the life we should lead created by authority figures and society. A sense of freedom is experienced as we follow our own path versus trying to walk on a path that might not feel right for us on a personal level.

Somehow being loved and conforming became a theme for so many. But the true expression of love has nothing to do with conforming.

When one looks at the life of people who have committed some of the most heinous crimes one can see that these people have been extremely abused in childhood. And to add to this I do believe that people’s striving to collect more on a material level is really a substitute for feeling true love.

One of the benefits that many people report as they move into “elder” years is that they stop striving to be accepted. I have heard this from so many people and I know I have experienced this in my life. There is a sense of freedom one starts to feel when you are no longer dependent on what others think about you in order to feel good about yourself.

How much have we compromised ourselves in order to “get” love from others? And how much better would we feel if we accepted ourselves and loved ourselves unconditionally for who we are versus what we do?

First we have to be able to fully love ourselves before we can expect to see this love mirrored back to us by others.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about the power of writing our creation stories and learning about how we were created and who created us. And in How to Thrive in Changing Times I took the creation story to another level. In the instructions for writing your creation story I ask readers to experience the love from the creator that went into all of creation. And to add to that to experience the love that went into your creation. As we can experience this love on a cellular level our whole experience of life changes. For we realize that it is who we are that is so important to the web of life and not what we do.

During this month go back and work with your creation story as I describe in How to Thrive in Changing Times or in Medicine of the Earth.

If the books are not out in your language here are some simple instructions for you to work with. Put on some nice relaxing yet expansive music. Take some deep breaths. Take out some paper and find a pen. As you listen to the music keep your eyes partially closed. Write on the paper that you want to meet your creator and learn how you were created from love. Keep breathing deeply and hold you intention. And with your eyes partially closed just allow your pen to move. You are allowing the writing to come from a deep place inside of you, a place of true knowing versus from your rational mind.

You could also do this same experience without writing but through a meditation – holding the intention and allowing yourself to experience your creation story and how you were created from true love.

I know I have suggested this before in past issues of the Transmutation News. And I find that it is important to revisit certain exercises from time to time so that we can continue to express ourselves fully in the world. For the times we live in do not call for conforming. The times we live in call for creative expression. And creative expression comes from self-acceptance and tapping into our true knowing.

A deep sense of peace and joy comes when we can experience unconditional love from the earth, the universe, and for ourselves. And then life can unfold on a whole different level than when we feel we must fit into some mold that others have created for us.

Focus on experiencing unconditional love for yourself. Absorb into every cell of your being the love of the creator. And notice the difference of how you feel about yourself and life and how you begin to express yourself differently and then notice the life choices you start to make from this place.

For how can we be a true light in the world if we can’t experience true love? Last month I wrote about the need to trust ourselves fully. How can we trust ourselves if we don’t love ourselves? How can we truly follow our spiritual path and experience the beauty of life if we don’t love ourselves?

This is not about being self-absorbed. This is about understanding that we are loved and being a loving force in the world is the most powerful healing there is.

We need to love and trust ourselves in order to be a healing presence in the world.

In my continued spiritual work I keep getting that this is a time of great deepening for all of us. And as we learn to move from being so outer directed to inner directed we will find true joy, health, and the wealth we are seeking.

Learning how to trust ourselves and experience love for who we are is part of the steps we all must take as we nurture our inner garden. And another step is to deepen our connection with nature. This deepens our own nature, as we are part of nature too.

I know that everyone who reads the Transmutation News has a deep love for nature. There is a difference between loving nature and deepening your connection with nature.

Nature is a guardian spirit for all of us. And part of learning how to thrive in changing times is to continue to communicate with the nature around us. We need to spend more time in nature relaxing into our connection. We all know the healing power of getting away from our busy lives and taking a walk in a park or in a beautiful regenerating place.

We need to learn how to be observant of the signs and omens the natural world continues to show us. For nature itself reveals to us our next steps in life and how to live in harmony and balance.

Nature reveals to us through certain signs what changes are occurring and how to prepare for the times ahead. For example, many indigenous people teach that when there is an abundance of fruit and berries during summer nature is giving animals what they need to prepare for a harsh winter that is coming.

There are so many teachings that will come as we learn to observe the changes in the fauna and migration patterns of birds and animals. And as we watch the signs and omens that nature reveals we can connect once again to seasonal cycles, lunar cycles, and the cycles of life itself as we transition into new times.

Learning how to be one with nature and communicate with nature is a great way to deepen our connection with ourselves and the cycles of life.

This month journey or meditate to find a practice that you can bring into your daily life to help you watch for signs and omens and listen to messages that nature is giving you to light your path.

Create times to be outside and experience your connection with the heartbeat of the earth and experience the beauty and healing power of nature.

Whether you study alchemy, esoteric religions, old shamanic teachings, Buddhist teachings, and even new understandings that are being written about by neuroscientists you will find a very core teaching.

To heal from your past traumas and to create happiness you must replace old defeatist thoughts with thoughts that embrace new possibilities filled with joy. You need to replace traumatic memories with remembering joyful and loving feelings that you have had in life. A joyful memory might simply be how wonderful a favorite food tastes, a beautiful fragrance, an image you love, or the feel of something soft and comforting.

From a neuroscience point of view when you do this you create new neural pathways in the brain and then the brain continues to manifest this energy creating long term feelings of happiness.

From a spiritual perspective you cultivate your inner garden and your inner worlds so that the thoughts and feelings that live inside of you will be reflected back.

The key is not to repress the challenging emotions and thoughts that are coming up for you. The key is to replace your thoughts with inner self talk that will inspire you to move forward. And then to replace old memories that continue to be painful with memories of joyful experiences.

In this way we acknowledge all that has happened to us and at the same time create new possibilities for the opportunities for growth. This is a way to move out of feeling stuck and held back by our suffering and to fuel a new life for ourselves that ends up impacting the web of life.

Continuing a practice of working with your thoughts is a tried and true method that works. Make a commitment to yourself to catch yourself as defeatist thoughts and memories arise throughout the day. Make a choice to honor all that has happened to you and at the same time create a new road to walk down in life while aligning your thoughts with the positive world you wish to create.

The full moon is October 22. Filled with love for ourselves and all of life let us radiate our light together filling the web of light with joy, love, and our gratefulness for life.

Let us continue our healing work in behalf of our global community by continuing our transfiguration practice for each other and projecting health, joy, light, love, peace, and all good things onto our circle.

For instructions for our full moon ceremonies please read Creating A Human Web of Light on this site.

Transmutation News – September 2010

A few months ago I received a letter from an elderly woman who had found one of my earlier books in the library. She said that her life was full of troubles and her family was suffering from the economic downturn. She was reaching out to me out of desperation and was asking for some advice from me.

I really did not know what to tell her so I sent her as a gift a copy of my book How to Thrive in Changing Times. I was hoping the book would provide some inspiration to keep her moving forward.

I recently received a letter from her that she has redirected her negative thoughts to positive thoughts of love and light. And she says that she has seen results and all is turning around. This work is new to her and she never thought about things in the way that I shared in the book.

The woman who wrote me also said she has shifted her thinking from “I” can to “we” can change what is happening on the earth.

It is always wonderful to hear how simply people can learn the work we are doing together without any prior training and that results come very quickly when one can stay focused.

I do have an appreciation for science and technology. Some of the advances that science and technology have brought to the world have increased the quality of life.

And at the same time some of the methods used in advances in science and technology have made our environment unsustainable. The widespread use of chemicals have polluted the earth, water, and air and is affecting the health of all of life. We have mined the earth for resources in a way that is creating vast devastation around the planet. We have interfered with nature and we are now experiencing the consequences of this.

The good news is that we do have the ability to turn this all around. As part of finding solutions we need to go within to discover the wealth of inner resources where we can tap into our intuition, our programming to survive, and the deep mysteries that reside within.

With the focus only on a rational way of looking at the world, the psychic world and our intuitive abilities have been invalidated. Only what we can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste in the tangible world have been acknowledged as “real”. It is time to bridge science and spiritual work.

But we were all born with amazing spiritual abilities. And now more than ever I think we must tap into our resources to find the solutions to how we can transform what is happening on the planet and create a sustainable environment again so that all life might thrive.

Part of this journey has to do with trusting our inner guidance and the wealth of information that lies within. For most of us need to “see it” before we “believe it”. But now we need to “believe” before we will “see” the impact of our work.

We must explore the inner worlds to find true wealth, joy, and health. And once we experience those states within us then we can project them onto the outer world. For the outer world will mirror back to us what lives within. This is more than trying to visualize or to try to force change with our thoughts. This is about sinking into a true experience that will be mirrored back.

We must embrace the teachings of shamans and mystics who always taught that all the riches we are looking for in the outer world actually lie within each of us.

We must explore the invisible realms of spirit which are beyond the rational and tangible and wake up dormant abilities that lie within us. And as we wake up to our abilities and learn to set healthy intentions we can create the power needed to transform what is happening on the planet by working as a collective instead of by working alone. We magnify our power by working together as a collective.

There has been a great deal of research of what happens when a group holds an intention versus an individual working alone. And all of us who have worked with healing in group ceremonies know this first hand. This has always been a teaching in shamanism.

First we must learn to master and explore the inner worlds before we can truly understand the power of projection and how “the within” creates “the without”. And then we can join together as a collective to create powerful change.

People are already waking up the need to go within. I am constantly hearing from people who I meet from all walks of life, the wish for a quieter and simpler life.

I think the times will continue to draw us within for this is the next step of our evolutionary process. For as we discover our true nature of divine light and spirit we will experience our reflection in the outer world as was intended by our creator.

One of the most important keys is for us to experience deep changes within us on a cellular level which is beyond the rational mind. It is important for us to be the change versus thinking about the change. We often try to see things in our minds instead of embracing the feeling of the changes.

When we can experience the changes going on our vibration changes. And changing our vibration is what attracts different energies and events into our lives. For the universe always mirrors back to us our inner state of being.

Last month I wrote that finding stillness is key. And to that I would like to add that learning how to live life fully is also key.

Our trust in ourselves must lead the way. We must move from a place of believing that others have the answers and more power than us to unshakeable faith in ourselves and our ability to create positive change.

Many of us bought into a collective belief that we are not good enough and we can’t trust ourselves. We must shake this belief from ourselves like a branch of a tree will shake off any leaves or fruit that need to be let go of for the health of the tree.

In this powerful time of fall make a choice to shake off any beliefs that you have that prevent you from having complete trust and faith in yourself.

Shake off any beliefs that prevent you from fully stepping into your full power and joining with our incredible global community to create positive change for the planet.

Work on transforming your attitude. Appreciate what you do have instead of focusing on what you are lacking. This appreciation for all you have created will start a new vibration in your body that magnifies abundance instead of lack.

Let’s join together on September 22 during the fall equinox. Perform a personal ceremony or work in a group where you can literally do something physical to shake off and let go of any belief you have that you cannot trust yourself completely. You were born with all the information you need to create health, joy, and well being for yourself and the planet.

It is now the time to tap into your strength and wisdom and let it come forth to light the path so we can all move forward together as a collective.

It is in working as a collective that our exponential strength lies to be in service in the way we know is needed right now.

Once we have faith in ourselves then we also develop a deeper faith in our global community. We create a different vibration where our light can radiate forth from a deeper place.

I know you can feel the truth of these words. All is possible if we believe in ourselves and in our community that has been weaving a web of light for many years now.

Allow the vibration of this light to shine with a higher frequency as we join our hearts and spirit together on September 23 which is the full moon. After we shake off the beliefs that we cannot trust ourselves we can step into our global community with conviction and faith of what is possible. From this place of faith let us continue to weave a web of light within and throughout this great earth.

And from this place of trust and faith in ourselves and our circle let us project the best qualities of success, health, love, light, joy, and peace into our circle and out into the planet touching all of life.

We also continue our healing work for our circle as is written up in the instructions for “Creating A Human Web of Light” on this site.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere I wish you a joyous fall! And for those in the Southern Hemisphere may you enjoy the spring and the birth of new life!

Here is a quote from J. Krishnamurti to inspire us to live our lives to the fullest:

“Do you think a bird lives in fear of dying? Do you think a leaf that falls to the ground is afraid of death?

Do you think a bird lives in fear of dying? It meets death when death comes; but it is not concerned about death, it is much too occupied with living, with catching insects, building a nest, singing a song, flying for the very joy of flying.

Have you ever watched birds soaring high up in the air without a beat of their wings, being carried along by the wind? How endlessly they seem to enjoy themselves!

They are not concerned about death. If death comes, it is all right, they are finished. There is no concern about what is going to happen; they are living from moment to moment, are they not? It is we human beings who are always concerned about death – because we are not living. That is the trouble: we are dying, we are not living.”

Transmutation News – August 2010

Summer is a time of deep reflection for me. As I have written in some of my books I seem to have the opposite cycle of most people around the seasons. And for me summer is the time of year where I am drawn within. And this summer is no different as I am exploring a new level of death and rebirth happening within myself.

Since last fall I have had the privilege to do ongoing work with two groups. The intention was together to commit to use the Medicine for the Earth principles on a daily basis and to support each circle member in the work.

When I first dreamed about the work my intention was to see what would happen if a group committed to the focus of radiating divine light. What would happen as we continued to let go of the ego and experience unity consciousness which is love and light.

We have been radiating love and light to our circle each day. And we have been projecting the best qualities onto each of us as I have been asking all of you to do in behalf of our global community.

We have been supporting each other in our night dreams and waking dreams. And we support each other in working through the issues and distractions that keep us from evolving personally and as a community.

Together we stay focused on the spiritual work no matter what is happening in the outer world.

After my first Working in Community training, which took place last November, when we started transfiguring daily for each other I reached such a high. I felt full of light, energetic, and joyful.

And then the shadow side representing the opposite state appeared and although I have felt the love and excitement of the circle I also experienced a struggle within myself.

I have come to an understanding of what this struggle is about for me and wanted to share this with you as it might speak to the process some of you are going through as we keep radiating our light each day.

And the understanding that I am getting is a deeper understanding of “the shaman’s death”.

When one embarks on a spiritual journey there is a process of dying to the ego – spirit sculpting us to be greater spiritual beings. And this journey of the shaman is filled with initiations that keep asking us to let go of our egos and a separate state of consciousness that can lead us to a unity consciousness and an experience of light that brings forth our clairvoyant, psychic and healing gifts.

As our ego is carved away at by our spirit, divine light can shine through. It is like a burning away of what keeps us separate from our spiritual state and what prevents our spirit from fully shining through us.

I have written about this many times in my books and also on the Transmutation News.

I think that the setting the intention of “the experiment” with the working in community groups brought me personally to a new stage of the shaman’s death.

The core of the Medicine for the Earth work has been to let go of the ego and experience a unity consciousness that is love and light.

And I know I have been on a path to live this teaching. But I feel I am at a new gateway of letting go of what “I want” and what “I need”. For as long as the “I” is so present then there is a container around myself and it prevents the ability to be in a unity consciousness.

So my desire to be in a group where the work will lead me to feel safe or filled with joy was a set up for sabotage. For every single desire of the ego is illusory and also cannot be satiated. The ego will always want more so it is a path that leads to despair instead of to true peace and joy.

And it is in the unity consciousness of no boundaries that all the miracles of healing are possible.

We are all on a journey – and we are all at different phases of the path – that will ultimately lead to a whole new evolution of consciousness. I think we need to move away from the focus being on the process of individuation. Individuating I think has been necessary on many levels but it is time to grow away from being so self absorbed into a consciousness of unity. And from there all things are possible.

But first a death must occur before we see the possibilities.

When I was in my late teens I experimented with taking LSD. One night some of my friends had taken LSD and we went to a Grateful Dead Concert. At the concert I was separated from some of my friends.

I went into a real place of “ego death” there was no “me” and there was no “other” we were all one. I was in a glorious state of being.

I wanted to tell my friend Robin something but I knew I could never find her amidst the crowd of people. So I thought to myself that if we are all one I can tell the person standing next to me the message and it would be the same as telling Robin.

And then I had the realization that if we were all one I only had to tell myself the message.

I realize that this experience I had although quite profound was also extreme. It was a clear cellular experience of how by being the change effects all of life. For when there is no “I” and no “other” all consciousness is connected.

Will we get to that non-egoic place of true connection in our lifetime? I do not know the answer to this question. And is it something everyone desires? – probably not.

The point I am trying to make is that our psychic gifts cannot really come forth when we feel separate for the psychic works in a field that demands “no boundaries”.

As we continue our spiritual practices each of us will touch this state of oneness from time to time and we will be the change that continues to move us forward.

When I have had near death experiences and experienced the true unconditional love of “God” there was just the present – no past and no future. The experience of love is timeless. The drinking in of the second – the ultimate present – was delicious.

Love is not conditional. Light is not conditional. But to fully experience it running through every cell of our being we must be absolutely present to the moment.

And the ego has a hard time being present to the moment. For from an egoic standpoint we tend to go back into the past or go into the future. It is not easy to surrender to living second by second.

I don’t know if you have ever taken a road trip where there is only the present moment. There is such a freedom in road trips where we leave our past behind us and stay in the present moment which ultimately leads to a destination.

The shaman’s death in the true sense of the term is letting go of the ego that provides any containment of the spiritual energies coming through to heal and to transform.

The shaman’s death is dying to anything that keeps you from being in the present moment. And that means letting go of outcomes, desires, needs, wants.

As we continue our daily spiritual practices together, leading to an evolution of consciousness, we will all go through some level of the shaman’s death depending on what your soul’s destiny is.

We will all be led on how to go past the containment of the ego. We cannot rush this. We can support each other to be a true presence that has nothing to do with outcome. For any talk about outcome takes us away from the present. And the key to spiritual potential lives in the present moment, the present breath, the present circumstances.

In this way we can truly step into the role of shaman/healer/mystic of being a hollow bone that allows for spirit to dance through us. We allow the flow of spirit. We do have innate spiritual abilities that can heal all that needs healing. But have we closed the door to those deep spiritual realms with our busy minds?

Through finding stillness we can open the door again. Stillness and being in the present is key!

The stillness also creates a natural flow of energy. In truth our bodies have all the cellular information needed to heal. The earth also knows how to heal itself. It truly is our interference in the flow of energy that blocks the natural healing process from happening. There are many benefits to going within, finding the stillness, and allowing spiritual energy to flow.

As I hear from so many people we are all experiencing changes in our lives. Some of the changes involve a loss of relationship, job, a dream, and some are experiencing health challenges.

All these changes involve some form of death which carves away our ego like a river going through and changing the landscape. These deaths do open us to a deeper place of spirit.

Sometimes when we go through these changes we move to a place of disillusionment and start to complain about what life has brought to us instead of understanding that everything that life brings is for us. It is important for our growth and spiritual development to go through the deaths we are all experiencing consciously. It is important to flow with changes instead of resisting the changes.

As I said earlier I have been moving in and out of the shadow states of dissatisfaction. When I visited my helping spirits they gave me an assignment for one week. And I was encouraged to share this assignment with all of you.

The assignment is for one week to see the beauty in everything. No matter what is happening in your life or in the world stretch your imagination to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

One of the core principles of the Medicine for the Earth work is that your perception creates your reality. It is important for us to shift our perception to experience the beauty, awe, and wonder of life. This oftentimes involves a stretch of our imagination. We were given our God given gift of imagination to use and to create with. So let’s create beauty instead of dissatisfaction. Experience how your perception changes leading to a change in your reality.

A path of beauty will begin to unfold in your life that goes beyond outer circumstances.

Do this for one week and notice what happens for you. You might decide that the effects in your own life bring enough rewards to continue to live this ancient spiritual practice.

The full moon is August 24. Take some time “to be” and drop into the depth of your spirit. Dance, sing, or maybe take a walk in nature to leave your ordinary life and thoughts behind you. Experience yourself fully connected to the spiritual energies that flow through you filled with unlimited potential. The light that shines through you is uncontained. Allow it to move, dance, radiate. Connect with the field of oneness. And experience that light weaving within the earth through deep roots. Experience the light weaving throughout the entire planet. Feed the light of the earth. Experience the true beauty of earth, air, water, and the sun which give us life. Experience the beauty of all of life.

Let us continue to project beauty, joy, peace, and health to our global community working together in service to all of life.

And let’s continue our transfiguration work radiating light into our global community.

If you are new to reading the Transmutation News you can read the instructions for our monthly ceremonies in the section titled “Creating A Human Web of Light” which is on this site.

Transmutation News – July 2010

When you commit to a spiritual path and stay focused on your work you begin to feel a sense of inner peace and inner joy. For that is the true nature of the spirit that resides within. The divine only experiences love and joy.

For many of us we feel pulled when we start to experience an inner state of well being while there is so much suffering on the planet. Do we have a right to feel good when so many challenges are occurring around us?

When we look at how humans have been treating the planet the behavior is similar to an addict. On many levels we have been destroying the earth, air, and water which give us life. And we have been doing that, as we have become addicted to trying to manipulate the material world instead of living in harmony with our environment and from a place of cooperation and collaboration.

If you have ever been around an addict – whether someone turned to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, etc. there is a place where one has to hit bottom before treatment is sought after. As friends and loved ones we cannot force or save another who is dealing with an addiction.

And that is what we are experiencing with much of the collective right now. We have been addicted to an unbalanced and disharmonious way of life. We do not know how far the collective has to go before a new way of life is desired.

In the meantime for those of us who got the message and are waking up to a new consciousness, we continue to become master gardeners of the earth. We continue our spiritual work and we make changes where we can so that we treat the earth and all of life from a place of honor and respect.

We can journey and/ or meditate to communicate with the life forms that are being impacted by the unconscious behavior of humans. You might be drawn to work with the life that is being impacted by the Gulf Oil Spill. The earth including the sand, the air that fumes from the oil is swirling through, the water, the animals, the plant life, etc. are all beings that you can communicate with. You can say you are sorry for what has been done and commit to them to work in a way that creates a state of health and balance for all of life. Share that you are engaged in dreaming a new dream for all of life. And you can also work in this same way in other areas of the world that are impacted by unconscious human behavior.

Back in the early 1970’s I had a near death experience where I drowned while swimming in the ocean. As I was swimming there were huge waves that kept coming that continued to pull me under. I tried to come up for air but with each wave coming I never made it to the surface to take a breath. At first I was tossed around in the turbulence. And being in such turbulence created a state of panic for me. And then after awhile I found myself moving toward a great light and entering into a non-ordinary garden where I experienced true unconditional love and peace. And in this place I heard beautiful unearthly music – the music of God. life, love, and joy.

Many of us right now are being tossed around in the turbulence of chaotic and highly charged emotions. And we must remember that as we stay true to our spiritual path we will reach the light and love of the spirit world.

We must make a choice to stay true to our path and realize that we do not have to go to the depths of the collective that has not received the wake up call. For to go down with that part of the collective does not serve yourself, the rest of life, and the earth. There are many life forms that are sacrificing themselves so that the collective wakes up. If you have received the wake up call don’t dishonor the sacrifice that is being made.

Answer the call of spirit and say yes to living a full life. Appreciate the preciousness of life. Experience the joys of life. Feed the light of the earth that is shining brightly from joy. Don’t keep feeding the energy of despair. Of course we want to feel compassion. Make a choice to ride a wave that reflects a shift in consciousness that all can rise too.

I am not suggesting that you deny all the emotions that are coming up for you. If you don’t express the depth of your emotions they will boil over in an unhealthy fashion. Just remember to express and then transform the energy behind your emotions to an energy of love and light that radiates within and throughout the earth.

And do your personal work. For if you are projecting anger and blame onto others then you must look at your own inner state that needs to be healed. For we all have aspects within that are being played out in the outer world. We are the exploited and we are also the exploiters. So go within and look at what states of consciousness within need to be acknowledged and transformed.

You might take a look at my book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and review some of the work we should all be doing right now if we say we wish to be a positive force in the world.

And at the same time continue to experience the light, joy, awe, wonder, and the preciousness of life. For this energy of appreciation for what we do have is such a healing force for all of life right now. Feed the light and joy of the earth.

The times we live in call us to explore our spiritual mastery and spiritual capabilities. The call is for us “to be” more than “to do”. We cannot go deeper within to accomplish this unless we slow down and find quiet times. We must slow down and reestablish a harmonious and balanced relationship with ourselves before we can accomplish this with the outer world.

And we must remember that we are not alone in our commitment to working for the planet. In the last couple of years I have not been traveling and teaching as much. I am doing a lot of writing. But I have trained such wonderful and inspired practitioners and teachers.

I have described my process as being part of a relay race. For so many years I taught between 30 –40 workshops a year. And now I need to pass the staff while I attempt to slow down and go within to dream and vision what changes I need to make in my teaching that will bring me to a deeper state of service to answer the call of the coming times.

We often forget how to take care of ourselves. We keep going, going, going. We can get caught up in our list of what we should be doing. If you have a long life ahead of you it is not possible to stay healthy physically, emotionally, or even spiritually if you are not taking time to go within, spend time in nature, regenerate, and reflect. As a friend of mine says, we must drink from the river of life. There are others in the global community who will be passionate about the work while you pass the staff and take some time to rest.

This is one of the lessons of the seasons. There are seasons in our lives and we must honor the change in seasons if we are to live in harmony with the river of life.

Are you taking time to slow down and take in the beauty of what life has to offer? If you are only lost in the stress of what is happening around you then you will certainly burn out. For we really don’t know how events will continue to transpire in our life time. We forget that we are here on the planet for such a short amount of time.

It is okay to disconnect from the news. It is okay to have fun. It is okay to slow down and take some time for yourself.

You cannot feed the light of the earth if you are burned out.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be with people of all ages who were facing death. Every person shared how essential it is to reprioritize what is truly important. The “shoulds” are not as important as experiencing the joys of life.

Let’s get this message while we are alive! Let’s together celebrate life and life will reflect that joy back to us. This is not a selfish act. It is a healing for all of life.

The full moon is July 25. Let us continue our celebration of life by weaving together a beautiful glittering web of life within and throughout the earth.

For those of you new to the Transmutation News please take a look at Creating A Human Web of Light on this site to read about the monthly ceremonies we do together.

Let us continue to radiate light into our global community and project positive qualities into our circle as I wrote about in the April Transmutation News.

For many these are challenging times when there are so many initiation experiences requiring a death of old ways of living so that a new consciousness may be born. It is so important for all of us to spiritually support each other as we keep up the spiritual work that helps to dream a new healthy world into being.

I ask that on the full moon you find some time to go outside and connect with the heartbeat of the earth. And then experience your heartbeat connecting with the heartbeat of our global community. Let us breathe love as one into our circle and throughout the planet. Let us feel the support of the collective who is committed to focus on the spiritual practices that have great power of healing and transformation.

Let us celebrate life together!

Transmutation News – June 2010

A variety of events in the world are challenging many to keep faith and keep the focus necessary to continue to engage in spiritual work. On a human level it is hard to watch people and other living beings suffer. The Gulf oil spill is creating so much to look at on all levels.

I wanted to again write out some basic principles that we must continue to work with. And I thought I would talk about these in the context of body, mind, and spirit. For it is important for us to address all these different aspects otherwise we are not addressing the whole of life. And it is also important for us to continue to work with the principle of as above, so below; as within so without. For there is both the inner work and outer work we must continue to do.


We came into this life to experience being a spirit who takes a form. So we live on a planet of form. We have a body and the earth is a body. The body is what clothes the spiritual aspect of life. It is important to live a life of honor and respect for the body that is the vehicle for spirit. And the earth with all the elements air, water, and the sun are forms which support our life here on this planet. All of life is part of nature. And to live a healthy life we must live in harmony with nature.

Humankind made a choice to try and control and manipulate nature. This collective decision has created disharmony. And we are witnessing many of the consequences of this. I do not feel I have to give anyone reading this column a list.

It is time for us to learn how to live in harmony and partnership with nature and with the rest of life. We need to learn that when we live in harmony there is an abundance of resources versus living a life filled with lack that was created by a collective belief.

The earth is cleansing herself right now. When we bathe we don’t think about what will happen to the bacteria on our body. We only know it important to clean ourselves. The earth is not angry with us. We are simply experiencing a natural cycle of life.

And at the same time as human beings who are caretaking this great earth garden it is time for us to take responsibility for our actions. We must move back into living life as part of nature which includes looking at living a life filled with harmony and learn how to honor nature instead of trying to control it.

Everything in form goes through constant change and does die. And death is not an end, it is a transition. We must learn how to honor life as it is so precious and at the same time learn how to let go. As I have written before all change involves a death. There is always new birth that comes with all change and transition.

We are also being asked to learn to work in partnership in our local communities. One example of this is the many different projects that have been put into place to create community gardens especially in inner cities. This is a wonderful example of how we can come together to work in partnership to create the food needed for all where we live. Local communities are also joining together to help rebuild after destructive events occur. And there is also some wonderful work being done in communities to help the youth create a vision of a positive future for themselves and the world. These are just some of the examples that come to mind.


Over the years I have been writing that everything starts in the invisible realms before manifesting in the physical realms. Everything that exists on the earth is form and is born from within. So we must focus on the as within process in order to see something manifest on the physical level. Our dreams begin within. Creation comes through us and not to us.

We must continue to do the work of transmuting/transforming the energy behind our thoughts so we keep radiating love and light into the world. We want to raise our awareness to what energies we are feeding with our thoughts. Indigenous cultures teach that thoughts are things.

As human beings we were born into a body to experience the whole range of emotions – from love to rage, from joy to grief. The key is to learn how to express what we are feeling versus denying our feelings. And we must learn how to transform the energy behind our feelings so that we are not sending and feeding more hopelessness and anger on the planet.

Remember the practice of alchemy is to work within and through the dense darkness inside. We must all learn how to transform the energy of our thoughts from heavy leaded consciousness to gold light consciousness with which fill our life and planet.

And with our thoughts we must be conscious of how we direct them. Are we directing our thoughts towards what we desire to create in the world? Or are we directing our thoughts towards sabotaging our dreams? I think the phrase that we use “train of thought” is such a powerful key to our work. For a train ends up at a station. We must start to become more conscious about where our train of thought will take us to. We must start to replace sabotaging and defeatist thoughts with thoughts that will help to lead us towards the dream of the world we wish to live in.

As with any garden we must begin to look at what plants have strong roots that are overtaking our garden. If we have seeded our garden with thoughts of defeat then we must go to the core of the garden and do some weeding. For what you plant and nurture will grow.

Continue to explore the limiting and sabotaging beliefs you picked up from the collective that have grown deep roots in your subconscious. For the strongest roots in your subconscious will grow into the strongest plants in your garden.

If you think of your thoughts as seeds what thoughts do you nurture throughout the day? Those are the thoughts that will grow into healthy plants.

Our thoughts are made up of words. And words have power. In many cultures words are seen as magic. For the vibration that goes up into the universe with our words manifests as form in the world. Words are made up of vibration and vibration turns into form. As I have written the powerful statement we all chanted as children “abracadabra” which is the Aramaic phrase “abraq ad habra” literally translates to “I will create as I speak”.

Reflect on what you create throughout the day with your words. Reflect on your thought process throughout the day and you will get real insights into the life and world you are creating.

Our thoughts and words make up our daydreams. Shamans around the world have been saying we are dreaming the wrong dream. Last month I wrote about how as the fabric of reality continues to dissolve, so that we may shift to a new way of consciousness and way of living, there must be people dreaming new dreams that will take the place of the old dreams.

We dream new dreams with our imaginations. Where is your imagination focusing? Are you using your imagination to focus on what is not working? Or are you imagining with all your senses the dream you would like to see manifest for all of life? Over the years I hear different interviews of people who have made a difference in seemingly impossible situations. One of the common statements that I hear these people interviewed say is, “We do not know how to dream big enough.” It is now time to learn to dream big dreams. Expand your imagination!

Lastly the nature of human of beings is to project. And once again we use our imaginations, thoughts, and words to project with. We can project the best onto others or we can pull them down with our projections. We project the worst through pity and hopelessness. We can also project onto others that they are strong and have the ability to rebuild and manifest unlimited possibilities with all the change. Change requires a death and a letting go to a new way of being. We can project onto others that we all have the possibility of creating health, light, love, peace, and abundance. We are part of an unlimited universe that helps to form our dreams into being. Project the best onto people you know, the global community, and the earth.

Our future is created by what we are doing in the present. The thoughts, words, and projections we have now are forming both our present and our future. It is time for us to examine and be aware of what is growing in our inner landscape and bursting forth into the world.

As the collective consciousness makes evolutionary shifts we will see miraculous healings for the environment. But remember those miraculous healings will be born from within each of us as we learn how to work with what we are projecting from the inside out.


When you go beyond the body and mind you find that you are spirit. This aspect of spirit is divine and is a reflection of God, the goddess, the creator, the creative force of the universe, Source.

Transfiguring into our divinity has been the practice we have been working with through the Transmutation News since the year 2000. And it is the key of the Medicine for the Earth work. When we experience our divine nature we move into a state where light radiates from us and naturally transforms and heals. This spiritual light also creates unlimited possibilities of what can happen versus the limitations our minds put on things.

The sun shines light that is absorbed by all of life. The sun does not decide that since things are going “badly” in the world it won’t shine today. The sun shines each day whether we can see the rays of the sun or not – the sun always shines. And without the light of the sun there would be no life on earth.

We must make a choice to shine our light and allow that light to radiate no matter what is going on in the outer world. This is a choice we need to make. We can’t continue to go back and forth deciding one day to feed the light and then one day to feed fear and anger. This going back and forth detracts from the focus and concentration of spiritual energies needed right now to create true change.

You need to reflect on how you are doing with your focus and concentration. And you need to make a clear choice of what energies you want to feed. For as a collective we have exponential power in joining our energies together. What energies do you want to be part of feeding?

Remember the formula for transmutation we have been working with:
intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transformation, transmutation and also creation.

Let go of judging your work by what is happening in the outer world. Let go of the outcome. Your role right now is to do the work you are called to do and the universe will provide a pathway for the outcome to be achieved.

It is time to move from a state to fear and hopelessness into a state of power. And this means making some very clear choices of what energies you are going to focus on. Get clear on what you want your focus to be.

Think of a camera. If you keep moving the camera back and forth between your feeding a dream of hope and creating a healthy and abundant world and feeding a dream of anger, fear, and hopelessness you will never be able to produce a picture. To get a clear picture you have to keep your focus and keep the camera still.

One night last month I had a wonderful dream. I dreamt that I kept getting phone calls from people in the business world who had studied the practice of transfiguration and were experiencing themselves as divine light throughout the day.

They each had to report to a doctor for their health status so that their companies could review health insurance policies and they all got glowing medical reports.

When we continue our spiritual work you experience that there is only one consciousness and on a physical level healing takes place. And through this projection of a unity consciousness onto the world the planet itself gets a glowing “medical report” too.

I don’t usually watch You Tube videos simply because I don’t have the time. But recently I did watch one. Sonia in England wrote me about a You Tube video of Gregg Braden talking about how our emotions are mirrored back to us by the collective field. And I decided to check it out. Gregg Braden talked about when a group of people create an emotion in their hearts it influences the whole field of energy and entire web of life. It is a ten-minute video but it is inspiring and goes along well with the work we have been doing. I found it by typing in a search for: Gregg Braden on consciousness.

Karen Furr is a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher. She also teaches Medicine for the Earth trainings. Karen shared some work she brought into one of her groups who were dealing with feelings of hopelessness around the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Here is what she shared:

“Here in Kingman, Arizona, I facilitate a monthly Transfiguration Group. When I was journeying earlier to the helping spirits about the group tonight, it was clear that the group would be thinking about the Gulf of Mexico. So here is what the helping spirits gave. I share this because it was very helpful for the group, and it might be something you can incorporate into your groups as well.

I began by talking about the new dream, and how, with what we have heard on the news and other media, it can be difficult to see the Gulf in other way than what is being portrayed on TV and in the newspapers. So I suggested that before we do transfiguring, we have a different experience of the Gulf as a living being. With an experience of the Gulf in its divine state, when we encounter news or images, we have different information to draw on.

After drumming and rattling, we did a journey. The intention for the journey was to ask to experience the Gulf’s divinity through merging. I invited the group to ask to experience that merging, and to just “be” in that experience. It was a 15-minute journey (approximately). When I did the call back, I immediately began the music “Ultimate Om” and we transfigured, so that folks were still experiencing the merging while transfiguring. Folks were still somewhat merged with the Gulf and so in that space, we began creating. “I am clear water teaming with life”, “The shores of my being are a safe habitat for abundant species”, “The radiant sun sparkles on my pristine waters”, etc.

Folks spoke that deep awareness of the Gulf in its divine state. Afterward, we sang and shared our journeys. Each person experienced “being” the Gulf. Almost everyone experienced the water as crystal and beautiful. A few became the sea bed and could then observe the abundant life – fish, dolphins, turtles, the light beams from the sun above the waters. It was magical listening to the different experiences.

Everyone said they had an entirely altered (no pun intended…) impression of the Gulf. The sadness that some came with was dissipated and folks shared a renewed hope. They said they would continue to see the Gulf as they each had experienced it.

What I received from this was to do more work in this way so I talked about providing more opportunities for folks to come together and “dream the dream” Blessings and a whole lot of Light!! Karen Furr

Heidi Findeis, in Germany, is a wonderful teacher listed on Heidi has become a dear friend of mine and we share with each other inspiring visions and journeys. She has contributed some of her writings to the Transmutation News and in How to Thrive in Changing Times. She now has her own column in German titled “Heidi’s Newsletter”. For those of you who can read German you can be inspired by Heidi by going to her homepage

Let us greet the summer solstice together on June 21 by singing the praises of life as all of nature is doing during this time of year. Let us together give thanks for our lives. There is no better way to greet the change of seasons than by giving thanks for our lives.

And for those of our readers in the Southern Hemisphere we wish you a deep and restful winter!

The full moon is June 26. Read this month’s Transmutation News over again. Consider what energies you are feeding. Join us as we gather together as a collective of spiritual divine light radiating light down deep into and throughout the roots of the earth. And radiate light throughout the skies.

In Siberia trees were honored as they were seen as a bridge between the heaven and the earth. And we as humans are that bridge too. We bridge heaven and earth through our hearts and the love we share. And we create unlimited change and transformation through the light we radiate. Let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of light throughout the earth and continue to weave a new fabric of reality into being.

And let’s continue our monthly healing work on our circle as is written in the instructions of Creating A Human Web of Light on this site.

Please continue holding our global community in light and project love, joy, great success, the ability to dream and hold the focus, and love on our circle. Project the best onto our planet and all of life!!

Transmutation News – May 2010

One of the core teachings of the Medicine for the Earth work is that everything manifests in the spiritual before manifesting in the physical.

About 5 years ago I wrote that the fabric of reality is breaking down. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes are creating an unweaving of the fabric of life. Organizational structures are falling apart and there is a great deal of disillusionment in government and religious organizations.

We are continuing to experience major earth changes as with the recent earthquakes in different parts of the world and the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.

True shamans work on the creating new fabric of realities and continue to work on the web of life. Looking at patterns of disharmony they use art, song, dance, and dreaming to change the frequency of the patterns of the entire web.

With the work we have been doing together we are changing the collective fabric which requires changing our thoughts and daydreams as we work to create a new fabric of reality in the invisible realms which will manifest into the physical world to replace all that is unraveling. In this way we build an invisible world of substance that manifests as a new physical reality.

There are many of us who only want to look at making external changes. There are of course actions we can take to change what is happening on the planet. With some actions and healing work it is like going around and just treating symptoms without looking at the deeper level of the challenge and the illness.

When we use our thoughts, words, and daydreams to build an invisible world of substance we go to the core of reweaving a new fabric reality.

If there are not people who are willing to be the dreamers than what will our future be? And as the necessary and evolutionary breakdowns keep occurring what is the vision for the future? There must be a collective holding a new vision.

It is essential for those of us who are called to dream and reweave a new fabric of reality to keep working on building an invisible world of substance. And I wrote about the creation methods I use in both Medicine for the Earth and in my new book How to Thrive in Changing Times.

I do believe that it is important to take some time to reflect on the invisible world of substance you have been building.

In a journey I got an interesting exercise to try. I have tried this exercise before and it has been very revealing to me.

When I wrote “Medicine for the Earth” I included some of Neville’s work about the power of working with our imagination in the chapter on creation and manifestation.

Neville speaks about the importance of seeing ourselves as the writer, actor/actress/ director/ producer of our lives.

The exercise I was given was to take one day and really be observant to everyone you engage with in this day. Reflect on how every person who comes into your life this day was written into this day’s “script” by you.

Observe and think about what each person is reflecting back to you.
What parts of your invisible world of substance manifested for you?

With the significant relationships in your life – family, friends,
loved ones – how did you “script” them into your life story? What dream and intention did you manifest in your life? What parts of your subconscious beliefs and lessons are they mirroring?

It really takes the principle of we are dreaming our lives into being into a day to day reality.

This topic of how we build an invisible world of substance as well as looking at yourself as the writer and the dreamer of your life is very interesting and can also trigger some reactions.

For some people can feel as if they are being blamed for creating challenging situations in their lives. Guilt is not a healthy emotion and guilt only creates more challenges.

We need to replace the belief in blame, guilt, and shame. If we can understand that there are a variety of beliefs we picked up from the collective that we write into our life script. And working through these beliefs is part of our adventure in life. There are so many teachings we get through the challenges. Growth and evolution come through the letting go of old beliefs and moving into new birth.

When you really take some time to go within and examine what inner states of consciousness and beliefs are being reflected in your outer world then real change can happen. Life is simply a mirror. All that the mirror is showing is aspects of your inner self. And the more you are willing to move into a process of self examination the more you will find the mirror showing you your divine nature.

I really want to encourage you to continue to look at the core beliefs and attitudes that live in your subconscious as you continue to do your dreaming work. For as I have written many times we create what we believe.

We carry within us sabotaging beliefs that we picked up at a preverbal age. These beliefs tend to defeat our efforts to create a new life. Beliefs like we do not deserve good things or that we do not have the ability to create change are not useful to us as we continue our dreaming work.

Think about a garden. The seeds that are planted that grow and have deep roots end up blossoming into very strong plants. The roots of our dreams must have deep roots in order to grow into the world we want to live in. If our sabotaging beliefs have stronger and deeper roots than the roots of our dreams our garden will be filled with plants that hold the belief of defeat.

We must continue to examine our inner garden and work with the old plants that have been seeded with defeat and replace them with plants filled with new dreams.

For those of you who have a copy of How to Thrive in Changing Times I did write a chapter on identifying and releasing our old sabotaging beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve our inner garden.

Remember everything that exists grows from within. A plant or tree grows from a seed that is planted in the earth. A baby grows in the womb. Life just doesn’t appear on the earth. It is essential to continue to work in your inner garden and inner landscape to really examine the seeds that have been planted and that have taken root. For those are the seeds that will grow into the most vibrant and strongest plants.

The full moon is May 27. Let’s continue to transfigure and radiate love into the web of light. Let’s hold the vision and keep our focus on building a new invisible world of substance that reflects the world we wish to live in.

Let’s continue to project light and divine perfection into our global community as I suggested to all of you in the April Transmutation News.

For those of you new to this page please read Creating A Human Web of Light on this site for instructions on our monthly full moon ceremony for the planet and for each other in our global community.

Transmutation News – April 2010

The last issues of the Transmutation News have been full of information and suggestions of practices. I am hoping you have found a way to work with some of what I have suggested.

Some of the key points I have written about are:

We build an invisible world of substance with our thoughts, words, and daydreams. This invisible world of substance ends up manifesting on a physical level.

We must keep feeding that invisible world of substance with positive dreams that will produce and lead to the world we wish to live in. So whether you are dreaming about your own life, a particular place on the planet, or the planet itself dream a good dream!

A community of healthy cells can keep toxic energies from moving into the physical body and the planet itself. Keep doing your transfiguration work to create a healthy community of cells in your own body. And find ways to work in your community to create a strong, radiant, and coherent community. As a community we can move through the changing times with grace and ease.

We cannot heal another person as healing comes from within. We can stimulate the radiance of others by being a light ourselves. We saw this with the case story Dory shared in the March Transmutation News. And I have collected many other case studies which demonstrate the power of working with spiritual light.

And it is also important to truly understand that we cannot save another person. We can only inspire others to find their radiance and creative potential. This is a hard one for many of us in the Western world to embrace. We tend to want help people change but in reality we can only change ourselves. And when we change ourselves we stop reacting to the behaviors of other people and the changes we make inside ourselves also ripple throughout the entire web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News you might read over the January, February, and March columns to see what I wrote about the above teachings.

Recently upon waking up from a dream I had a spontaneous vision. In this vision I saw a matrix of light throughout the entire earth. This is similar to the web of light we have been weaving during our full moon ceremonies. But it was more of a visceral experience than I had before. And the light was so alive, vibrant, and electric. I saw this light as something that has been created by the earth herself. It is ever present and cannot be damaged.

With this vision came a message. I was told that it is always our choice to absorb light from this matrix and radiate light into this matrix. Or we have the choice to get caught up in a denser frequency of the pain and suffering. It is when we choose to see beyond the pain and to experience this perfect matrix that we too can join in with the earth in experiencing a higher frequency of light. And thus our life and all life is changed. I was told we must make a clear choice.

This is of course similar to what I have been writing about on the Transmutation News and in my books. But I really experienced this matrix on a deeper level than I had before. It was such a strong vision and I really got how radiant and healthy this matrix is. If we just choose to tap into this dimension of the earth we would bring forth a whole new vision and experience for all life.

This month make a choice to shift your perception about the earth and life that is beyond suffering. Reach into the dimension of a pure radiant matrix of light. Experience that. Absorb that light for it has no end and cannot be depleted. Radiate light back into it. Notice how you feel changed doing this. And know as you do this you shift the entire web of life.

I also engage in the practices I write about in the Transmutation News. And I have been encouraging you to not just radiate light and love but to absorb light and love. Giving and receiving is all one cycle and we must learn to receive if we really want to give.

Last month I had an experience with absorbing light. I was sitting one night and reflecting on my life. All of a sudden I found myself in a state of fear about something going on. The fear was not overwhelming but it was present. So I decided to absorb in some of the light that our global community has been radiating. And it felt so good and the fear dissolved quickly.

The next morning I woke up immediately thinking about how I have been disappointed by others in my past. I realized that this disappointment was being triggered by opening up to receive from our circle. When I opened up I think it brought up to me past times in my life when I opened to receive before and felt disappointed.

I journeyed to my helping spirits to ask about my experience. And I had a powerful journey about how when we work with formless energy one can never be disappointed.

When the sun shines in the sky it gives life to everything on earth. And all life forms on earth can choose to absorb that light that is being unconditionally given. The formless light of the sun has no agenda except to give. And all life forms have no agenda except to receive and absorb the light so that they can thrive.

As humans when we come together as egoic beings we often have agendas about the results of our giving as well as our receiving. And whenever there is an agenda there is the possibility we might not get what we want leading to disappointment.

But in working with the formless, with divine light which is unconditional there is no agenda except to give unconditionally and to receive unconditionally.

My spirits said that working with divine light, as we have been doing is a wonderful way to learn how to give unconditionally and receive unconditionally. And then once we learn how to do this with the formless we can translate this into working with everything in our lives. For working in this way trains us to surrender all our agendas and stay open to the endless and unpotentiated flow of universal energy.

In November of 2009 and February of this year I taught a workshop with my husband Woods Shoemaker on working in community using the material out of How to Thrive in Changing Times. The key reason of gathering people together for the workshop was to create an experiment of what would happen if the community present agreed to bring the Medicine for the Earth work into their lives everyday and committed to each person in the group to do so? And what would happen if we transfigured and radiated light into our circle daily? And what would happen if we projected good health, joy, peace, success, light, love in seeing each person in our circle on a daily basis?

For myself I have found that being part of this daily commitment has made a big difference in my life. My times of reaction to challenges have become less and less. I can radiate light into situations that trigger me very quickly. I feel like so many burdens that I carry on my shoulders have dropped off. And I feel a joy radiating from deep within me.

Although these circles working together had an opportunity to meet each other and spend four days together we can still bring this commitment into our global circle. We don’t need to have met each other for we are part of an invisible collective that transcends time and space.

What would happen if the thousands of readers of the Transmutation News made a decision to create a small altar that represented all the readers of this monthly column? And/or you can carry a crystal in your pocket throughout the day where you can be reminded of our circle and work with the crystal to radiate light.

And then daily to:
Let us ask “What if” questions which open the doors of possibility in the universe. What if we joined together and projected abundance, joy, light, love, peace, and good health, etc. in our circle? What if we radiated light daily into our circle? And what if we did this with focused intention? We allow ourselves to get so distracted. What if we held our concentration and focus when working with our intentions?

Project that each person in our community is successful, filled with joy, love, light, peace, and is healthy. As humans we project onto others. If we shift our perception to project positive qualities onto others we allow them to grow into their full potential.

For those of you who need more of an explanation here is an example. I was teaching a workshop once and one participant came up to me and said you look very tired. I immediately felt fatigue taking over me. And then one participant came up to me and said you look great. You look so radiant and filled with energy. Immediately I felt radiant and great!

We are going to either see others as struggling or as radiant. Why not project the best on each other in our circle and feed our strengths!

And make a decision to radiate and perceive radiant light in our circle. Keep creating “strong cells” in our community by transfiguring and seeing our global community as divine and radiant light.

This does not take time. This just takes minutes a day to perceive our circle in divine perfection. I use my altar that has a stone or crystal on it to represent the circle so that I have a focus while I am doing my transfiguration work.

I do not send light to anyone. I experience my divine light and shine like a star whose light radiates forth into our global community.

Let’s try to make a deeper commitment to our circle and on a daily basis experience our whole community in divine perfection. And then as part of our community absorb the light that is being radiated. And experience how you feel strengthened and empowered by the work. If you feel a positive change in your life this will keep you committed to engaging in this practice more and more.

I am asking you to focus more on our community on a daily basis versus just once a month. And I also recognize that each of you will find what works best for you. If you only participate in our monthly full moon ceremony that feeds our circle too.

The full moon is April 28. Let’s experience the web of light we have been weaving as radiant and healthy and strong. There is a matrix of light that supports this planet. Let’s make a choice to engage fully and become one with this matrix of light that fills the earth.

For those of you new to the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light which gives instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony including healing work for those in need in our circle.

Transmutation News – March 2010

For many of us our lives have become so busy that we don’t really appreciate the preciousness of life. I find that many people I know use the words that life is precious but we are moving too fast to really experience it.

Last spring I moved both of my parents to Santa Fe. They are now both 95 and are quite frail and fragile physically. Of course I see them in their divine light. I love them very much and I spend a lot of my time with them.

Every day I walk in the door of their apartment they are both sitting on the couch together fast asleep holding hands. If they are not sleeping they are just staring and holding hands. I am five foot three inches. And I tower over them. Neither of them is anywhere close to five feet at this point in their lives.

This image of these two tiny people sitting and holding hands hour after hour appreciating and treasuring every breath they still take really touches my heart and typically brings tears to my eyes. They appreciate life so much and the time they have together. The preciousness of every minute does not escape either one of them.

What a teaching! And one we should all be getting right now. It doesn’t matter how busy your life is. As we enter this time of spring and new beginnings make it a priority to take walks and meditate on just how precious life is. When you do this your entire existence will take on new meaning. You will open a pathway for the blossoming of wonderful things in your life.

If you want a simple place to start practicing this think of something precious to you like a flower or some other aspect of nature. Give love to what you find precious without any conditions or attachment. Just appreciate!

And part of experiencing how precious life is learning how to receive love.

In December of 2009 I sent out an email to my email list about coming together to spread love throughout the planet during the blue moon on December 31. I had also asked people to spread this email to as many people as possible.

I got a lot of very positive responses from people around the globe who had joined in on this ceremony. For this request to join in was also posted on Facebook and MySpace.

Here is just one piece of what I wrote:
“Start by experiencing love for yourself and all you have been through to get you to this point in life. And when you feel ready expand your heart and allow your love to flow out to our circle throughout the world. Let’s create a strong focused energy of love just simply pulsating throughout our global community.

Remember that you are part of life and that you cannot give love without receiving love. So as you breathe through your heart allowing love to flow through you remember to breathe in the love so that our circle is complete. The earth, our circle, and the rest of life will not receive your love if you cannot receive the love yourself.”

Feedback that I received from people was how much they were impacted by the sentence: “The earth, our circle, and the rest of life will not receive your love if you cannot receive the love yourself”.

This is such a big issue for so many in the Western world – knowing how to open to love, thinking that giving love is better than receiving love. On an egoic level many of us are afraid of being disappointed or abandoned. We tend to not allow ourselves to open fully to deep love and deep joy.

In order to stay healthy emotionally and physically we must be able to receive love. In order to be in service to the planet we must be able to receive love from the earth. For you cannot understand giving if you cannot receive. Giving and receiving are all part of one cycle. If you do not receive the same love you are giving you break the circle and the cycle.

For those of you who have a copy of How to Thrive in Changing Times please re-read pages 74-77 where I asked you to write a story of creation and observe and absorb the unconditional love that the Creator put into your creation.

If you do not have the book in your language please do this work of allowing yourself to imagine and write a story of creation. Write a story about how the Creator manifested the earth and all of life from a place of unconditional love. Then experience through every cell of your being the love that went into your creation.

Then re-read page 105 – 106, which is about absorbing love and light.

Again for those of you who do not have the book in your language spend some time taking walks and absorbing love from earth, air, water, and the sun. As you eat absorb the love and light of your food. As you drink absorb the love and light of water.

Remember if you cannot receive love you do not understand what it means to give it. Focus on completing the cycle.

I recently lectured on How to Thrive in Changing Times at a bookstore in Santa Fe. After my lecture a woman named Nancy sent me some writings about some of what her helping spirits have been sharing with her about healing and working through wounds.

I wanted to share with you one of the teachings she received from her guides.

Nancy wrote:
“My guides explained that although it’s difficult to see this from our earthy perspective, from the Upper World, it’s clear that mankind has been moving in a positive direction. This collective has held more pain than wisdom up to now, but so many people have done spiritual work that the balance is shifting…we are getting closer and closer to a tipping point. When we reach that point, the balance will shift, there will be more wisdom than pain in the collective…and when that happens, all of mankind will feel this spiritual shift.

Each time we complete the spiritual work to heal a wound/learn a lesson, all the pain and wisdom that made that healing/learning possible becomes part of the collective. In this way, our personal work benefits all of mankind.”

This goes back to one of the statements I continue to make which is every change in consciousness each of us makes ripples throughout the entire web of life. It is inspiring to think of how all our transformations are part of healing all of life.

Dory Cote in Maine (listed on, is a wonderful shamanic teacher and practitioner. Dory sent me a case study about working with a client who had had a stroke. This case study is from 2007 and I received it from Dory in the last few months and felt it was a great example of how we can bridge transfiguration into our work with others.

I thought a lot about this case study and one of the messages it teaches us is the power of persistence with our transfiguration work. Last month I shared the story of transfiguring during the drought in Santa Fe. My practice of transfiguration was everyday during the summer where I was in my divine light and I perceived all the trees on my land in their divine light. It was not something I did occasionally.

I have collected so many case studies where clients did have immediately results, often quite miraculous, from being part of one transfiguration ceremony. And there are going to be times and situations where you must be persistent with the work.

I think many of us give up too easily when we don’t see instantaneous results. The transfiguration work of experiencing your light and perceiving clients, friends, loved ones, all life on the planet, and the planet itself is a way of life. And by bring this work into your daily life is where we heal ourselves which using the principle of oneness naturally leads to planetary healing.

So here is Dory’s story.

The wife of a man who had a stroke contacted Dory. The medical community had given up on his being able to progress any farther and the wife believed in his capacity to continue to improve.

Dory agreed to work with the man. He walked with the help of a cane, but was slow and had balance issues. He had no feeling or ability to move his right arm and he could not speak at all except to repeat the numbers “one” and “two”.

During the first sessions Dory performed soul retrievals and power animal retrievals for both the man and his wife, and some extraction work was performed for him. Then she proceeded to do transfiguration on his behalf as she had done everything she could with her traditional shamanic tools. Dory did not make a promise of the type of healing that would occur but said she had a strong belief in its capacity to create deep, personal healing. And she asked them to join her in this belief, with all their hearts, but to not write a script about what form the healing would take.

She began to see him once a week and practiced transfiguration for about an hour each session. He loved the work and beamed with joy at the end of the sessions. The light began to return to his eyes after about 6 meetings, and his increased cognition became evident.

He did no other work during that year they were doing transfiguration, except some basic occupational therapy sessions, which he hated. After about 3 months of weekly transfiguration sessions, he was able to walk without a cane and his balance was greatly improved.

About 5 months into the work he greeted Dory by name creating tears of joy for all. Slowly his speech began to return, and within 7 months of continuous weekly work he was able to speak full sentences.

About 8 months into the work, he reported that he felt tingling in his right arm. Dory commented that maybe the nerves were beginning to regenerate and that he should focus on seeing his nerves reconnecting. The feeling began to return quite rapidly and within about 6 weeks he was able to move his arm away from his body. At that point, Dory suggested he needed some physical exercise to rebuild the muscles. He began working with lightweights and practiced holding objects in his hand.

By the time the work had gone on for 9 months, he was able to cook dinner for his wife, make his own lunch, do laundry, mow the grass, go for walks, work on his stationary bike, go biking in the neighborhood, and communicate for short periods of time on the phone with friends and family.

After a year of weekly sessions, he was able to talk slowly but clearly and hold a conversation about many topics including golf (one of his passions which he was eventually able to return to), politics, his family, TV shows and movies, books (he was able to read again), and he was able to navigate the complexities of electronic things like his computer and cell phone.

His improvement continues and he has a life in which he can talk, walk, write, and perform basic daily tasks as well as getting his driver’s license.

Dory referred him to other practitioners who could give him physical support in the way of muscle rebuilding and aerobic exercises. She sent him home with guided meditations she had created for him as well as copy of Jonathan Goldmans’ “Ultimate Om” to take him back to that deep place of relaxation he had come to know through the work. (A note: I play “The Ultimate Om” in my trainings where I teach transfiguration).

After I received a copy of this case study I asked Dory some questions. I wanted to know if only she was transfiguring during the sessions. She said yes and that he would lie on a massage table in her healing space.

She would give him some kind of visualization to work with while she transfigured. For instance, visualize yourself playing golf, or visualize yourself sitting at your computer typing messages to all your friends. Or visualize the nerve pathways in your brain reconnecting. She would play “The Ultimate Om” CD so the client and his wife could hear it. She would get into a transfigured state and do some toning as I suggest to students to help them hold the transfigured state. Sometimes she would place her hands around his head, other times on his arm or leg, and other times did not touch him at all. She would stay transfigured and toning for about one hour.

At the end of the session Dory would come back slowly and the man and his wife would move back over to the couch and chairs where the wife would be waiting. He would usually be beaming with light and eventually after a few months, he was able to say, “This was good. Good light and healing, thank you!” The wife would sometimes report seeing small balls of light floating around the room or she would hear sounds that were not part of the CD.

This was a long time to hold the transfigured state for Dory, as it would be for any of us. So she saw him at the end of the day where she had nothing to do after the sessions except eat a bit and be in bliss.

When I read this case study I was moved by the work and the results and wanted to share it with all of you to inspire you to use the practice of transfiguration with your work with others as well as for the planet.

Since writing up this case study Dory Cote uses the CD “Wavepool” for her transfiguration work. I wrote about this CD in the announcements section of the February Transmutation News. It is a marvelous CD to transfigure to. For further information and to order it please visit:

To Celebrate the Spring Equinox together:

Giving gratitude to the elements of nature and to the creator for your life is something we do every day. And experiencing the preciousness of life is of course another practice to do daily.

For the spring equinox on March 20 let’s really focus our energies together as a global community. Let’s all imagine ourselves being part of a circle of thousands of people from around the globe:
– giving our love to the earth
– blowing our love into the air
– sharing our love with a glass of water and bringing that water to a large body of water and sharing our love with the waters of the world
– giving thanks to the sun so we may thrive

Let’s together honor the preciousness of life.

In past Transmutation News I have quoted Florence Shinn who taught: “Creation comes through us and not to us.”

I keep deepening my understanding of this teaching. When we talk about gardening and examining our “inner garden” many of us look at the surface. We look at the fruits and plants that have grown. And we tend to look at the surface soil.

To really understand the power of creation we must continue to allow ourselves to sink deep in the rich darkness of the soil all the way down in the earth. And that means doing the inner work of going deep into our inner earth, deeper than the light, to the void within.

Over the years we have been working in the void which is the place before creation. This is the place of unpotentiated energy. But many of us journey to the void outside of us.

During this time of spring reverse directions. Keep practicing sinking within to the depth of the earth, the dark fertile rich soil within where all creation is possible. This is where the inner riches lie.

Let’s travel within to this fertile place together during the spring equinox and experience the true power of creation that lies there.

In the past I have asked you to merge with a seed. And merging with a seed gives us a sense also of the unlimited potential of creation. And when that seed is planted in healthy rich soil imagine the power that is added to the creation process.

This has been a long winter for all of us. Let’s celebrate the coming of spring and all the new life and new opportunities that will blossom from the beautiful seeds of love, honor, and respect that we have been planting.

And for our community in the Southern Hemisphere you are in the other part of the cycle of moving into fall. May your days be filled with rich inspiration to plant the seeds which will burst forth in spring. We wish you a joyous fall.

The full moon is March 29. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of life within and throughout the earth.

In both the January and February Transmutation News I added the instruction from Kate in Delaware who wrote about weaving roots of light within the earth.

I have added this instruction to the general instructions of Creating A Human Web of Light (on the homepage). Please read the updated instructions and share this practice with others so that we keep increasing exponentially the power and light of our global community working together in behalf of the planet and all of life.

And let’s continue our transfiguration work of feeding our circle with light as is also written up in the instructions in Creating A Human Web of Light.

Really set your focus to be a vehicle of light and love for you are light and love. And when we focus our energies on feeding the global community with light and love we create healthy cells. Go back and re-read what Gail Walker shared in the February Transmutation News. She wrote that researchers studying cancer are finding that a strong community of healthy cells can keep cancer cells at bay so they cannot gather strength and invade the body.

As we keep creating a strong human web of light we become the healthy cells of love and light that keep our global community healthy.

I wish you a very joyous spring filled with great beauty, love, light, and joy!!