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GDV Results - Remote Findhorn Plant Study

Remote Experiment with a Plant in Scotland

At the Medicine for the Earth workshop in September, 2004 an experiment to see the effects of remote healing was coordinated with Mark Dammer, a scientist in Scotland.  Mark has developed equipment similar to that written about in “The Secret


Life of Plants” for measuring the activity of plants. The equipment used for these graphs measures small changes in the electrical resistance of the plant’s leaves over time.  In the graphs shown in this section, the X or horizontal axis represents time and the Y or vertical axis represents frequency.

On Wednesday afternoon of the Medicine for the Earth training, the group began by drumming and rattling and focusing on Mark’s plant, located in Scotland.  The rest of the afternoon the group spent their time outdoors on their own, working long distance on people who were lying in the middle of the circle in addition to focusing on names and items placed on the alter. One of the items on the alter was a photograph of the plant in Scotland.

The first spectrum analysis covers an interval of five hours, between 1:30 and 6:30 PM Mountain Time. The graph shows an increase in frequency to a range between 700 and 900 between the times of 2:50 – 4:15 PM. The photograph of the plant was put on the alter in Santa Fe about 2:30 – 2:45 PM and the group commenced with the remote healing at the 3:30 PM session.

The second spectrum analysis graph also includes the time of the evening ceremony. The participants were indoors drumming and toning around the alter. The focus of the ceremony is to raise one’s vibration by moving into that place of divinity within ourselves and holding that higher state throughout the ceremony. The evening session focused on transmuting problematic states of consciousness in the field of energy around the world.  The photograph of the plant in Scotland remained on the alter. The afternoon remote session and evening ceremonial session are highlighted by blue vertical bars in the graph. Both times show remarkable increase in frequency. Mark also reported that while listening to a recording of the signals, it sounded amazingly like the song of a whale. 

In a follow-up report from Mark, he reported that the plant had always been very slow in developing new leaves and some of the leaves had brown spots on them.  Since the experiment (about 2 1/2 weeks later) the plant had developed two new strong leaves and the brown spots were disappearing. This happened without changing any of the watering routines or maintenance of the plant. He thanked the group for helping his plant to heal.

This is one experiment and possible similar future experiments are being contemplated. The implications of the results of this experiment suggest that being in a higher vibrational state by knowing and experiencing our divinity not only effects our immediate surroundings, but with intent can effect and help heal our entire planet.