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GDV Results - Organic Peach

Working with an Organic Peach
Organic Peach Before Transfiguration


The peach used in this Medicine for the Earth experiment was organically grown. A small slice was taken from the peach and photographed before the transfiguration ceremony.  The rectangular image in the center is the actual slice of peach. The blue lines emenating out from the peach indicate the gas discharge that appeared when the slice was photographed using the Gas Discharge Visualization camera.  This energy coming from the peach seems vibrant and dense, indicating that the energy or life force is strong. 



In the “After” image of the peach, the energy coming from the peach is still vibrant.  The surprising difference is that the energy is more coherent. Notice how the blue lines emanating from the peach are now uniform and aligned with each other.   The desired result in these experiments is to go from chaos to order. The peach photographs indicate that this does in fact happen when food is in the energy field of people that raise their vibrational frequency by being in their divinity. This experiment also shows what effect a community raising their vibration will produce.

Organic Peach After Transfiguration