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Over the years I have mostly used two metaphors to describe much of what I teach and write about.

In recent years I have been writing about building an inner landscape/inner garden filled with beauty, love, light, and harmony so that your inner world informs you on a new perception of life.

In years past, when I wrote A Fall to Grace in 1997, I kept referring back to the river of life. For in reality, we are all flowing down the river of life through the smooth and turbulent waves. We often disturb our flow by trying to move against the river of life resisting the flow of nature. We hold onto our outcomes and judgements that keep rocking our boat preventing us from surrendering to the flow of life. And we often try to follow the flow of others journeys instead of letting go to our own flow.

In October I had very deep visionary experiences as I am still feeling a need to go deep within and reflect on all that is happening in my life and in the world.

It is so evident to me that I stepped out of my own flow as I entered into the chaotic flow of others and the collective. I experienced how water carves out rocks into amazing beings of beauty. But there cannot be any resistance to the sculpting process as it is all part of life and evolution.

I witnessed how I lost my connection with the heartbeat of the Earth as I allowed myself to keep up the frantic pace that has removed me from the true vibration of the Earth and nature. For nature’s frequency and vibration is actually quite slow. This moving too fast in life is impacting the power of our work as our speed has removed us from the flow of the river of life.

I love ice cream, so the helping spirits gave me a fun metaphor to describe the initiation experiences we are all going through. They said we have been put into ice cream makers to churn us into new flavors. This initiatory and evolutionary experience brings us fuller into the beautiful river of life with all its twists and turns.

I was told to return my energy into a harmonious flow I should carve out some time every day to relax into the true rhythm of the Earth. The guidance was to drum everyday versus listening to drumming. What was shared is that all the drumming tracks we listen to actually creates a disembodied experience. It is important to really connect with the vibration of the drum which then connects me to the true heartbeat of the Earth.

I was shown that all the initiations we are going through are to help us move with how the Earth is evolving. I had the beautiful experience of speaking to the Earth as she shared with me her next step of evolution.

The Earth told me that she is moving into a more luminescent body with less density so that eventually she will be very balanced as a light filled form. Everything in nature including humans will be more luminous and a lot less dense. What this will do is transform us into beings who are equal light and form allowing us to flow more gracefully and shifting our consciousness to a new way of being.

These are just some of the insights I have been getting. This is a very rich time for me on a spiritual level.

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Reflect on what I shared about flow and rhythm. Does this speak to you? If it does, drop into your inner knowing and make changes to your life that allow you to move freely with the river of life. Look at how you resist the natural flow. Find your own rhythm and truth and stop trying to compare your experience. For you are in your own unique flow.

Allow the river of life to take you to a place that your mind cannot embrace yet, but your spirit knows. Let your heart and life be your river guide.

In November many people celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. Let’s make every day a day of thanks for our lives and for of all of life.

The full moon is on November 12. Reflect on what I shared about a new Earth forming – one less dense in form. Keep up your transfiguration practice to allow yourself to drop into your luminous being. Slow down when you perform your spiritual work, so you are aligned and attuned to nature and the heartbeat of the Earth. Radiate your light and let it flow freely embracing all of life and the Earth.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit Creating A Web of Light on the homepage to read the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

Life is a ceremony. Ceremony is a sacred act. Let’s bring back the sacred into how we live our lives.

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