Transmutation News – December 2018

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As I shared last month, I have been having powerful experiences with a group of very old spirits that I am calling the Ancient Ones, for lack of a better term.

They are giving me a lot to reflect on and embrace. For when they share information with me first, they give it to me through a bodily sensation and then enough words to capture the meaning.

Recently, I feel they have been teaching me about Carrying Power.

The spirits I am working with are so old, ancient, beautiful, and loving. They showed me how in universal terms we are truly here for a blink of an eye. I know people use this line all the time. But I really felt how in the span of billions of years we are here for less than one second.

They also helped me with my greatest pain. For I have devoted my adult life to teaching shamanism. I have been watching how through the popularity of shamanism the practice has become watered down. This is taking away from the great power of this “medicine” for the times we live in.

The message the helping spirits gave me is: “You cannot teach people how to carry a magic they don’t have. When people find the magic, they will carry it.”

This gave me a peace that I have been searching for. I know people will find the true medicine and carry it when it is truly needed for survival.

This entire message gave me peace and comfort as I understand that the time is now to focus more on teaching people skills for living life as I have been writing about on this column since 2000. This is what people in our culture need as we never learned from elders how to behave energetically with our words, thoughts, and daydreams, and learning about our strengths, gifts, shadow, and weaknesses.

So, it is important that we start there before going too deep into our shamanic work.

But recently I was shown an entire new way of how to teach meeting and working with the compassionate spirits. And this goes back to the theme I am working on about Carrying Power, Love, and Light.

In the Western world we teach people to journey and ask for a power animal guardian spirit, or teacher in the unseen realms. And then we know people like to run and look up the meaning of their helping spirits instead of learning from the helping spirit itself.

I received a new protocol for journeying and would love if you are willing to try it this month. I feel it is actually a powerful way to spiral into the New Year.  

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Here are the steps. Of course, you want to drum, rattle, sing, dance, or find the way you like to work. 

  1. Ask if there is a helping spirit who is volunteering to let you step into their field of energy.
  2. Ask the helping spirit what kind of power they carry.
  3. Ask the helping spirit if you have permission to carry their power.
  4. What does it mean to carry power and/or the power of a helping spirt?

This will of course take you into such deep relationship with a helping spirit. And you should do this with every helping spirit you work with.

The truth of the matter is that shamans always carried their helping spirits power in their body. In some classic shamanic cultures, shamans with permission and through sacred acts ate the flesh of a helping spirit. This is a widespread especially when working with plants – eating a piece of plant whose medicine you carry.

But in today’s world we call in helping spirits in a way that makes them separate from us. But in reality, we are not separate. We carry their power for a particular purpose and to share their gifts, strengths, and healing knowledge within the community.

It is a new way of thinking about contacting helping spirits. Who would want to turn to a power animal book to look up the meaning of a power animal when you have such a profound experience in getting the truth of the relationship for yourself?

As we celebrate the Winter/Summer solstice allow yourself to reflect on this message:

“The light of the sun is in everything. We carry the light of the sun”.

I hope that those of you who could buy a copy of The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred into Every Day Life will refer to the material I wrote to explore designing your own solstice ceremony for your community. And if you cannot read the book please journey on one you can share with loved ones, friends or in your wider community. It is time for all of us to step up and bring more empowering and inspirational tools to our community. Performing ceremonies is a sacred act.

The full moon is December 22. Let us focus on carrying our light into the world as we do our transfiguration practice to weave within and through the Earth a beautiful luminescent web of light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit the Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our monthly ceremony.

Please join me in giving a heartfelt thanks to the translators who help so many people enter into our community so we can work together. Let’s place a special blessing for them on our altar and when we perform ceremonies. And please join me in thanking and sending blessings to Sylvia Edwards who helps me to bring the Transmutation News to you each month and helps with so much more! 

Petr Němčanský   – Czech

Tea Thum –  Finnish

Carole Laplante  – French

Bea Salgado – French

Barbara Gramlich  – German

Astrid Johnen  – German

Nello Ceccon – Italian  

Els de Graaff – Nederlands

Sandra Koning – Nederlands 

Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese

Irina Osechinskaya  – Russian

Anton Uvarov – Russian

Ines Fermoso  – Spanish  

Lena Anderheim – Swedish    

Simin Uysal  – Turkish

I join with everyone in our global circle to wish you a beautiful solstice and holiday season. See you in the New Year!


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Transmutation News – November 2018

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I have been joining you in performing the practices to step into a deeper relationship with Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. I can really feel a difference in my body. I feel a deeper connection to myself as well as to all of life.

One day I was eating a small apple from my apple tree. I suddenly could feel that we are connected to the spirit of every life form we eat. I could feel roots growing through my body and a deeper connection to nature. That of course awakened different parts of my imagination, and I started thinking how every time we eat, we connect to the life form we ingest and threads of connection form inside of us.

I started thinking about how those of us who are committed to our spiritual practices often start our day, our spiritual work, and so on with gratitude.  And during the month of November people in America celebrate Thanksgiving.

This led me to wonder about the spiritual difference if before we give thanks, we ask permission from the land where we got our food from and the spirit of everything. Ask permission to eat the bounty that Mother Earth provides for us along with her partnership with air, water, the sun, the moon, the constellations.

If you ask permission “to take” first I wonder how that would change your own internal landscape, your feelings, thoughts, your health and your connection to life.

We certainly want to keep up our gratitude practices and even bring them deeper into our field of energy. But what if we added the practice of asking for permission as well as asking for encouragement on ways we can lighten our step on Gaia.

As we do this, I imagine the forces of nature, the ancestors, and the ancient ones singing songs of gratitude and thanksgiving for us.

This practice might also help us to make dietary and lifestyle changes as we tune in deeper ways to the energies we are absorbing.

The full moon is November 23. Let’s bring a deeper awareness and wake up fully to our spirit within which is simply pure divine light. Don’t contain it. Let it flow with abandon instead of trying to contain your light. Let us join together as we share transformative light with the Earth and all of life. Think about how the sun, the moon, and the stars transform growth. Are you shining your light strongly enough to be a transformative force?

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News, welcome. Please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony by visiting Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

A message came to me during a walk. When the world dissolves there is only spirit. By going through the initiations we are experiencing now, we are dissolving into our spiritual selves.


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Transmutation News – October 2018

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We are living in a time where life is moving at such a fast pace, we often forget what is important to us, and we set our own personal priorities aside as we try to keep pace. 

I was with a friend who was sharing about a lecture he listened to where the speaker said the only way people can move more quickly is if we become part human and part computer. What an interesting thought!

In truth the key is for all of us to move more slowly and start to set our pace that reflects back to us a state of health and balance. In this way we move back into the flow of life where our path leads us to next steps of healing and evolution in a balanced way instead of feeling like we are caught in the tornado of life in the modern world.

As I engage in interviews to let people know about my new book The Book of Ceremony, I find myself having a difficult time finding the words to talk about the power of ceremony. What I realized is that we cannot rationally even imagine the power of performing ceremonies. For the work is so body centered instead of being a linear process.

Shamanic cultures mark time differently than we do. We are so focused on clocks and calendars while people in indigenous cultures watched the changes of light, phases of the moon, constellations in the sky, and of course the change in seasons. They have a more organic way of watching the changing of time.

This is a more body centered way of living that brings us naturally into the rhythm of the Earth. And by doing this we have a different sense of navigating waves of change.

In many ways society has created a sense of disconnection to a real sense of time. We live in an illusion of where we are in history and in the evolution of the planet. This artificial way of observing time and life creates more illness as what we need to do is once again enter the flow of life instead of separating ourselves out from it.

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. The wind was the first living being before the primal sea was even created. And the sea itself is billions of years old. And think about the age of the sun, the moon, and the constellations. The practice of shamanism dates back 100,000 years. And then we have ancient ancestral traditions.

When we perform ceremonial work we actually step into this ancient collective. We step into a new frequency and a new vibration of life where we can travel back and forth between dimensions of the unseen realms building bridges so healing energies can flood this current collective.

The ancient and future ones sing for us. They guide us through their songs. All of nature sings to us yet we keep questioning our connections. We often feel powerless in the midst of so much turbulence.

If you close your eyes and attune your heart and energy to Gaia who is 4.6 years billion years old and to the elements and helping spirits who are behind us, how can we feel powerless? And when we tap into this feeling, we must ask ourselves how we approach our ceremonial work. Are we stepping into this amazingly strong and solid spiritual collective with full open hearts and doing our best to honor these forces of life?

Don’t think about this. Feel into this. And you will notice all kinds of doors of new perspectives opening up for you. There is a different collective you can step into if you let go of the distractions of the modern world.

But today people want new material without repeating spiritual practices again and again to match the feeling of solidity that comes from deepening our work during these times that are so destabilizing. Always going to the next “new practice” keeps us riding the surface waves which just lead to feeling more destabilized. The key is to grow the deepest roots possible into the ancient ways that hold so much healing and wisdom for us.

For the Earth has witnessed the same challenges we are going through now. Gaia is speaking to us. Learn her language instead of forcing her to learn yours.

Perform your ceremonies and step into your full power as you join with primal forces and ancestral traditions that were walking right behind you and encouraging you to move forward into a new evolution of consciousness. Feel this truth in your body!

People in shamanic cultures know how dance with the cosmic forces of the universe.

The full moon is October 24. When you perform your ceremonial work to radiate your light along with the radiant light of our community please remember the ancientness of the spiritual forces you are partnering with when you do your work. Is there a new way for you to prepare yourself to step into such a sacred collective and truly be a light that shines within and throughout the Earth? Deepen your work and meet and dance with powerful beings beyond your wildest imagination.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.


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Transmutation News – September 2018

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Thank you for your generous feedback on the August Transmutation News. It spoke deeply to many readers.

I also want to thank everyone for your support of my two new books The Book of Ceremony and The Hidden Worlds (co-written with Katherine Wood).

I had the amazing opportunity to speak to a group in Syria who were reaching out for spiritual tools to regain a sense of hope in the midst of living in constant war. People all over the world are really turning to spiritual tools as not much makes sense to our rational minds. And it is time to embrace spiritual practices that can help shine a light on ways to do the inner work needed as our way of life is being dismembered.

Working with the practice of transfiguration and healing with spiritual light is a powerful contribution to healing our lives and helping the planet. For when we transfigure, we become a true presence of light which heals and transforms everything within and without.

But transfiguration, although it can manifest miraculous healings, is typically not enough to work with alone. For unless we change our lifestyle, actions, behaviors, how we use words, and focus on the energy of the thoughts and daydreams we feed the collective with, then our efforts will be stunted.  For it is not enough to radiate light unless we raise our own physical vibration to match the state of unity, light, and love.

We have forgotten that we are interconnected and interdependent with all of life. This is being reflected back to us by the environment and a lot of unbalanced behavior.

This might sound obvious to many of you, but unfortunately so many are still waiting for a miracle. And as I teach so strongly in the Medicine for the Earth trainings, we must engage in miraculous work by engaging the elements of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination.

In addition to all the spiritual work we perform we must change our lifestyle to live in ways that support our environment. This is more difficult to do as in the modern world we are so used to our way of life.

On September 23 we honor the equinox as we move into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. And in working with the changing seasons, I have been encouraging you to focus on how all changes in nature flow. There are not dramatic starts and stops. All cycles of change flow into each other.

The elements are great teachers in how to enter the flow of life. For earth, air, water, and fire are always moving, always cleansing, and then returning to phases of renewal.

When we honor a change in seasons, we also let go of what anchors us to unhealthy ways of thinking and to our past. The equinox is a time for cleansing, restating our intentions, committing to engage in deeper spiritual practices in a more disciplined way which leads us to a rebirth. It is time to honor ourselves, all of life, and our interconnectedness with nature.

To honor the equinox, I would love for us to focus on ceremonial work to release some of the negativity we are sending in the collective. For I am finding that as issues on the Earth heat up the spiritual community, it is also feeding a lot of energy of division and old ways of thinking. We all have pieces of the puzzle to share, and we need to be supportive of different spiritual viewpoints. Let us focus on creating a stronger collective together.  For that is how real change will happen. 

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Below are some suggestions for a ceremony you might choose to perform on the equinox. They are adapted out of Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

You want to design a ceremony to release an old thought form that emerges from old voices that challenge spiritual principles of working with unity, love, light, honor, and respect.  Always work with the spirit of love. You are taking a loving action toward yourself as well as our spiritual community when you release what binds you.   

If you feel you need more guidance on a ceremony to use, you can journey to a helping spirit to get a suggestion for a simple ceremony to perform. No matter how simple your ceremony is, you want to create it in a sacred way. This is where the power lies.

You can invite friends, loved ones, and people in your community to work in a ceremonial way together.  And you can imagine how much children love to engage in this work. 

Fire Ceremony

Fire is the great teacher of transformation and transmutation. Fire takes from us what needs to be released and transmutes the energy.

Make a tangible object that can be burned. You can create a talisman or power object that holds the power of your belief that you can release into the flames. You can find a stick as you walk in nature while focusing on what you wish to release. Take some yarn and unwind from your psyche your self-sabotaging belief while you wind its power onto the stick or create a talisman from burnable objects in nature. Take some time to make sure you have not just made a representation of your blocking belief or thought form.  Sing in, blow in, dance in, drum, or rattle in the power of the thought form into your talisman so it embodies the power of what you are releasing.

You can perform a fire ceremony in a fireplace or outdoors if it safe. If you are limited in safe ways to work with fire, you can use the flame of a candle. Write the belief you are releasing on a piece of paper and burn it in a bowl or in a sink.

You are working in partnership with the spirit of fire to transform the thought form that you are releasing. As you build the fire, share with it your intention.

Offer to the fire your talisman or even a thought form or blocking belief you have written down on a piece of paper. Focus on what you are going to release. Feel it in your body. Once you feel ready, release it into the flame. Release the talisman into the fire while giving thanks and gratitude to fire as it works in your behalf to consume and transform your belief into pure divine energy. Give an offering to the fire as it takes your blocking belief from you to be healed. I use cedar as an offering in the fire ceremonies I perform.

When your ceremony is complete, give thanks to the elements and helping spirts. This work marks an initiation and opens a new doorway for how you live your life.

Many of my clients and students use a sacred bowl at home to perform regular fire ceremonies as they continue to explore the obstacles to manifesting their dreams of a good life for oneself and for all life on Earth. 

Water Ceremony

Create a talisman out of objects you find in nature that you can release into the water. This talisman holds the power of the belief. You can create a little boat out of sticks and plants, letting your belief sail away into the realm of spirit. Give thanks to water as your belief is released and transformed.

A wonderful ceremony that a student of mine shared with me is working with dissolving paper. You can buy dissolving paper from the website Dissolving paper is completely safe for the environment and composts fully. You can cut up small pieces and draw images, symbols, or words that embrace beliefs and thought forms you are releasing. Heat up some water and place it in a bowl. Ceremoniously place the paper with your belief into the warm water and watch it completely dissolve. Bring the small bowl of water outside and feed the water to the earth. 

Bubble Ceremony

A ceremony that will fill you with a childlike state of joy is to go outside with a bottle of bubbles. Hold your intention and blow bubbles into the air unburdening yourself from negative thought forms. Give thanks to air as the wind carries your blocking belief to the creative forces of the universe where it is transformed into love and light. 

Burial Ceremony

Write something down or create something out of nature that you can bury into the earth. In this way you can perform a funeral for letting go of negative thought forms. Just remember to bury your belief with love. You are releasing what binds you while at the same time transforming the energy of the belief into love and light. 

Breaking Away Ceremony

Find a stick in nature and while holding it, focus on the self-sabotaging belief you wish to be unburdened from. Break the stick as you release your connection to this belief. This is a symbolic act of disconnecting from an unwanted energy. 

Journey for Dismembering a Thought Form

Bring your blocking belief, attitude, or thought patterns to a helping spirit and ask this spirit to dismember the thought form.

You might feel an immediate release and newly regained sense of freedom. There are times when more work needs to be done over time. I invite you to join me in raising your spiritual awareness and consciousness above the negative energies weighing us down. 

The full moon is September 25. Let us continue our work as we sink into the depth of our spiritual light that has so much potential to transform and heal ourselves, all in the web of light, and the Earth. Our light radiates and dances together uplifting and feeding all of life with strength, compassion, and love. We join together as we radiate luminescent light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

Circling back to the August Transmutation News, I wrote about how we are taking on too many challenging energies flowing through the collective field of energy. What my helping spirits have showed me on a very cellular body feeling level is the difference of what happens when we fill ourselves with what we are in gratitude for, beautiful images, colors, fragrances, tastes, smells, and delightful sounds. When we are so filled with beauty, we can see beauty in our outer world. If not filled with rich and beautiful energies, we feel empty inside. And in that emptiness energies from the collective can flood in. Being filled with light, love, and beauty is our greatest protection as well as being a powerful contribution to all of life.

I join our circle in wishing everyone a deep and meaningful equinox celebration!!


Copyright 2018 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – August 2018

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I want to thank everyone for the beautiful messages I received about the July Transmutation News.

I know many of you are sensitive and might be feeling lost in the current storms of life we are experiencing. I wanted to share some things from own life without writing an entire autobiography.

I grew up in a typical neighborhood in Brooklyn that is often depicted in comedy shows on TV. But life was not funny as people struggled to take care of themselves and their children.

My father had a small store a few blocks from our house. I would either go to visit after school or sometimes work there. I loved being outside and playing sports with my friends or in my house writing fictional stories. But I did spend quite a bit of time helping at the store.

When I would walk to my father’s store there would always be someone who would stop me and ask if I was willing to talk. I was only about 7 and would always stop to listen. I remember one day the wind was so strong. And you know how on city streets when the wind is so strong it blows dirt and garbage like a tornado around your feet. I remember one day garbage and dirt was blowing around me while an elderly man asked to speak to me. I don’t remember the conversation. I remember the scene and his face so clearly. But he thanked me at the end of our time together for my kindness and listening to him.

These kinds of events kept happening. And there were customers who would come into the store to simply talk to me and of course felt obligated to buy something. I remember a beautiful nun in a full habit who would often come to speak to me and then tell me what a special child I was. I am not aware at this point of how I helped so many, but I was a stellar listener and always had a smile for people.

Then when I was about 13, I could see I had come become quite depressed. And although I grew up around people who were suffering, including my own family, I was quite a happy child. But I noticed this happiness had left me. I would sit on my bed and wonder why I felt so sad all the time. And at that point I realized I was taking on the pain of others around me.

Fast forward to my later teenage years when the Vietnam War began. I was outraged. I always supported those who went to war and of course many of my dear friends were drafted. But I felt the war was unjust, and I participated in demonstrations on Wall Street where bottles were thrown at us and the police would set off tear gas as we marched the streets.

When I realized that my efforts had no impact on creating a change, I guess I had what some would call a nervous breakdown, but I could still work, go to school, and function in the world. For my own survival I knew I had to do something drastic for my own mental health, and I stopped watching any news or reading the news. I did not even know who the president of U.S. was for about 10 years. I experimented with drugs, moved to a commune in San Francisco, and started to explore alternative ways of living.

In a true organic progress, I started to heal. During my years in San Francisco, I left the commune, enrolled in San Francisco State to get my BA in Biology, specializing in Marine Biology, and loved all that I was learning. I worked at the Student Learning Center. The manager would sit at the front desk and always had the newspaper on his desk. One day after a year or so of working there I found myself reading the headline on the front page. I did not go past the headlines for months until one day I started to read articles, and this was my entrance into finding my way back into knowing about what was politically occurring.

My story continues with various situations like this. But my saving grace was that I did have a lot of access to the unseen realms through my own predisposition to spiritual work, my Near Death Experiences, and all the plant spirit medicine I worked with. And then to add to this in 1980 I was introduced to shamanic journeying.

It was through my shamanic journeying that I learned from my helping spirits that I can affect a lot of change through spiritual work. Hence all my teachings and books came out of the wonders of what I was shown about the invisible foundation of positive change we create by the work we do in the non-ordinary realms.

I am sharing this with you as I am hearing from hundreds of people feeling too sensitive to be enveloped by the truly insane and inhumane behavior. We are more visceral than we might realize. But so many have deadened the sense of feeling through finding distractions. 

We all have a destiny. And for some people they thrive on being politically active and demonstrating. What a gift to share with the web of life as people defend the rights of all of life. Then there are those whose destiny does not support being that active politically. But our destiny and gift is to be active in the unseen realms weaving a new of fabric of reality that will replace the one that is dissolving. Then there are the people who have the destiny to do both. As I frequently share Gandhi was one example of many who could do both.

We all have gifts to share right now. And if you have to take a “news break” or go on a “news fast” then take care of yourself and do it. A few years ago, I was reading tweets by a wonderful woman who wanted to make the public aware of all the animal cruelty going on in the world. I felt I had to read and see the photos or videos every day to honor these animals and not turn a blind eye to what was happening. And the result was I had quite the meltdown and went off Twitter.

Yes, I have done a lot of work in my life so I could be a psychotherapist and shamanic healer and not get ill by taking on my clients’ issues and pain.  But I am too sensitive to be in a true flood of negative energies, heartbreaking news stories, and so much hate. I do keep my ears open, and I am certainly aware of everything going on. But I know I can’t immerse myself in these energies. I stay true to my shamanic work and work on a different level – not better or inferior to what others are doing – just following my destiny.

I can still be a spiritual warrior in bringing about a new world. But I have to honor my sensitivity that makes me a good healer and work on different dimensions of reality to birth through the change. And that is what the Medicine for the Earth work is all about.

And this is why I keep writing books and teaching to inspire people in multiple ways to effect change in the world. To add to this my spiritual work also brings me much needed solace to stay focused and centered during these times.

Honor your destiny of what you came in here to do. If you feel lost in the current storm take a break from the news. Perform the spiritual practices I have been encouraging you to do as I have written since 2000 in the Transmutation News, in my books, and as I teach in my workshops. Many of you have found practices to work with that really support your health and your deeper work to be of service.

It is not just frivolous words when I keep sharing that it is who we become that changes the world. For as we fill up with spiritual energies of love, light, joy, peace, honor, respect, and equality, these qualities naturally birth through us and begin to weave new energies into the web of life.

Never question the work that has been passed down for thousands of years. The reason the practices I share are so powerful is that they work. But yes, it is true that change does not come in the timing we want. I wrote a beautiful section on this in my new book The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred Intro Everyday Life. Shamans have always used ceremony to effect change. And it is time for all of us to bring ceremony into our lives on a very regular basis.

Take care of yourself on all levels and then you will take care of the planet. 

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I was looking for a message the goddess Isis shared during one of my sessions while teaching an online course. The message I was looking for was on the need to work with our spiritual heart. But I found this one instead, and felt it was appropriate to share now. 

Message From Isis

“You have traveled through many different realms to learn about your true nature and to touch into those vulnerable parts of yourself that needed to be strengthened. Your work is far reaching beyond you. For you reflect back parts of the collective that need healing.

We have been living in times where humans have fallen out of harmony with nature and the rules of life itself. It is easy to see the path ahead as more dissolution will occur as so many do not wake up from the hypnotic trance they live in and do not respect life itself.

As I have taught time and time again you can ride a different wave. For beyond this dimension of reality is another veil to open that allows you to step into a new frequency and a new vibration of life. You can travel back and forth between these dimensions building bridges so healing energies can flood this current collective. But you cannot save the collective. And you should not try.

Love is the healing force that all must wake up to. And you cannot force others to open to a state of true unconditional love. First you must begin by loving yourself. Imagine a cup that is overfilled with water flowing in and water flowing out. Your love must flow with ease – it cannot be a forced process.

Once you have experienced the unconditional love of the goddess and unconditional love and acceptance for yourself only then can you share this love and healing power with others. And you hold all in love and trust that what will be will be. There is more than you can see with your ordinary eyes.

But you will always know in your heart that you did show up for yourself and the Earth and all of life. And in that you will carry the energy of a spiritual being who did bring change for all of life.

Stay focused. Imagine walking a path where there is destruction and dissolution to your left and right. But walk the path that is ahead of you putting one step forward and then the next step forward neither looking left or right. Keep walking the path. And know you are held in love by me, and by the gods and goddesses throughout times. The ancient ones sing for you to guide your way. Listen to their song. The descendants sing for you. Listen to how they light your path.

Walk the path to true freedom and let go of all attachments. Just be love.”

Now I will share an excerpt of a message that Isis shared about working with our spiritual heart. The entire message she gave is written in the October 2017 Transmutation News. 

“In your world teachers, including your own, encourage you to open your heart to the spirit of love.

But this teaching is not correct on the level of heart that you are being asked to connect with.

For the focus has been on your physical heart which is simply part of your ego. And so many of you are experiencing and seeing suffering which on an evolutional level is expanding your sense of compassion. It takes you so deep into your humanness. But you are still trapped in the energy, vibration, frequency of suffering and that is the energy you are feeding in the world. And by carrying the energy of suffering so many people are becoming ill.

You are now literally and metaphorically being cracked open to the deepest place within where all the knowledge and wisdom is waiting for you to learn from as you touch deeper into your humanness.

Behind your physical heart is a spiritual heart. You do not have to travel that deeply within to connect with it. It is talked about by many gurus, mystics, and spiritual teachers.

And this spiritual heart – one with Source and the joy, bliss, and unconditional love for all of life and creation knows no suffering. It knows bliss, it knows unconditional love, but has no experience of suffering on this Earth.” 

People keep writing to me and asking for a variety of prayers for challenges happening all over the world. Please remember that everything we are witnessing in the world today is being birthed through us. Yes, keep praying. But if you don’t examine your ongoing daydreams and stay focused and disciplined with your dreaming work, I personally do not see positive change happening. For any change that happens will be birthed through us- it will not come to us.

Our beautiful radiant full moon is on August 26. Let us explore experiencing our spiritual heart to tap into a deeper space within ourselves, perform our preparation work, and join together as a spiritual community to radiate our light and love within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions of how to join us in our monthly ceremony.


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Transmutation News – July 2018

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Last month I had a dream where I heard, “Often in life we lose sight of what is important.” Although this is not a new teaching the message spoke to me in a way that acted as a wakeup call. And the timing of the message was perfect for me.

Then I left on the first vacation I have taken in years. And while listening to the magical song of the ocean I received the same message.

It seems to me that with the resurgence of shamanism and renewed interest in this powerful work there is a wave of movement that is both beautiful to watch and at the same time is quite frightening to witness.

For in the collective field of excitement I am finding that people are being drawn outside of themselves. And I have to include myself in this population. As I am so available publicly, I can perceive a frenetic energy going into the work. And that is not what the practice of shamanism is about.

Over the years I learned that when I reached out for too much help it ended up being a distraction pulling me off the path I was walking on. During certain life challenges what stood in the way of a shorter and more graceful path to my healing was listening to what others thought and what others were telling me to do.

I keep having to stay focused on my own essential core teaching that the key to life is to create a deep, rich, and meaningful inner world. I focus on not getting drawn out of my inner world and getting pulled outside of myself.

In listening to others, I did not uncover the gems of what my own soul was trying to lead me to. And the only way to identify these gems is to dive deep within. There have been times when I lost faith in my own inner healer that I have always trusted to help me move out of and transform any challenge I have experienced in life.

With the practice of shamanism what is so attractive to many is jumping into working with healing methods and being part of communities. This needs to happen along with working deeply to discover the gifts, strengths, and abilities in our inner world that we still think we find by engaging in learning shamanic “methods”.

For the practice of shamanism is an organic process. We are part of the Earth organism and not separate from it. We join with all species to make up the appendages and organs of our Earth.

In order to be in the flow of the organic process of life we must find our own voice, inner healer, and be willing to face some old wounds that only you can see, feel, and experience. It is important to remove yourself from everyone’s projection and remember who you are again.

When participants in my Medicine for the Earth trainings ask me what is next, I have shared just keep deepening your transfiguration work and keep doing the personal work I have shared to learn how to be a healthy and responsible human. Stop looking for more “magical” methods to work with. And on many levels, this is true.

But in shamanic and other spiritual traditions people were not introduced to such powerful work before learning how to look within and develop a level of evolution in shifting into a new consciousness and way of living in the world. And I find for many, not all, the focus strays from the inner work we have to do, and we are mesmerized by ways of creating miracles and try to enter a fast track to healing.

For to really work with the power of light and transfiguration we have to change our lifestyle, our identity of how we perceive ourselves, be aware of how much we project onto others, how much we avoid our own shadow states, and the list goes on. Without these skills we cannot “live the work”.

The key is not to stop trying to learn more healing practices, but to polish the work of how we explore the deepest layers of ourselves which leads to an organic way to work with light so that we can be a presence that shines.

For years I have been wanting to teach some practices that help us to tap into some advanced spiritual practices of telepathy, changing the nature of substances using blessings and light, etc. But I have felt that there is more work for all of us to do before we are ready.

We use so little of our brain’s capacity. We have gifts and abilities that are beyond our wildest dreams. And our potential is untapped.

I see one of the reasons for this is that we allow ourselves to get so distracted and pulled out of ourselves.

I no longer want to lose sight of what is important about life. I want to continue to deepen my exploration of my beautiful and magical inner world. And invite you to join me in this journey.

This month please take some time to be in nature, journey, meditate, drink tea and reflect, and so on and ask yourself the question, “Have I lost sight of what is important in life?”  Am I focusing too much on what is happening in the outer world and not focused on the calling of my own soul?” “Am I listening to my inner voice”.

Notice how the different phases of the moon draw you within to times where you are supported in doing this deep inner work.

Continue to read inspirational books or take workshops that you are drawn to. But please do not forget about the magic seed of light that is growing within you. And how do you stay present to the challenges and the blessings of your own journey?

I feel there is a lot to reflect on. For so many people are talking about the exciting changes of consciousness that are being witnessed in the world. What is the conversation you need to take into your inner world?

The full moon is July 27. Reflect on how you can take your transfiguration practice to deeper levels as you continue to explore your inner world. For once you can evolve your practice other gifts will emerge to support the powerful work we are doing together.

On the full moon let’s join our hearts together and shine our light in ways that truly impact the living organism of Earth.

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Transmutation News – June 2018

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The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light Training in Estes Park, Colorado was truly marvelous. Everyone really embraced the work. The film crew present became part of our circle, and they participated in journeys and ceremonies when they could. We had some beautiful healings that occurred due to the work including some amazing remote healings for people whose names were under the altar.

And the most exciting part for me is that participants went home and many immediately started sharing transfiguration ceremonies in their communities and even teaching their children the work.

The true excitement for me in teaching right now is to see how participants in both my residential workshops and online courses are bringing the Medicine for the Earth and other shamanic practices into their families, workplaces, and into their communities. And I know many of you are doing this too. And I am so grateful to all of you sharing this profound work.

Dean Radin wrote a fabulous book Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe. It is phenomenal for a scientist to offer a vision of a scientifically informed magic and explains why it will play a key role in exploring the frontiers of science. And he includes shamanism in his discussion.

Shamanism does offer amazing keys to healing the issues we are facing on the planet. And again, it depends on if we take the incentive and opportunity to become the work.

Recently I received a message in the dream, “healing comes through you, not to you”. When I woke up, I remembered that this is the same message Florence Scovel Shinn shared in her teachings where she taught that “creation comes through you, not to you”.

This message ties in with some interesting conversations I have been having with other shamanic teachers. For it is so clear that the Western world is stepping into the path of shamanism in the opposite flow of how this would occur in an indigenous culture.

And after all the conversations I have been having I realized that this is what I have been so passionately sharing in all my workshops and books where I speak to the difference of “curing” and “healing”.

I don’t want to over romanticize shamanic cultures. As humans we do not always behave in ethical or responsible ways. Our ego and personality must continue to be worked with to keep us focused on bringing our gifts into communities. This includes people living in indigenous communities.

But children in shamanic cultures were acknowledged for the gifts and strengths they contributed to their communities, were taught how to speak with all the beings in nature, how to perform gratitude practices no matter what is happening in the outer world, and to use discipline with their words, thoughts, and daydreams as blessings instead of focusing on using this powerful energy to curse oneself and all in the web of life.

Then once they entered puberty, elders would oversee life threatening initiations where the initiates would then have to rely on their spiritual strength to carry them through. This helped them to evolve into a responsible adult who contributed to the strength of the community.

It was then that community members were introduced to the path of the shaman.

In the Western world we tend to enter into the path of the shaman before we are grounded in how to be a strong dreamer who knows how to work with words, thoughts, daydreams, and energy to help create a healthy collective. We are stepping into the world of the shaman without having the knowledge of how to create pristine sacred space and communicate with the spirt that lives in all things.

Clients show up for shamanic healings expecting an instantaneous and magical cure without having the tools for doing their inner work that leads to long term healing instead of a quick fix.

Everything that we are all dealing with in life could be dealt with if we did our inner work and understood that it is by working within your inner world that builds the invisible form of substance necessary to manifest our greatest desires for ourselves and all of life. 

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The full moon is June 28. Let us truly immerse ourselves and merge with the shimmering web of light. Don’t separate yourself from the web of life. Become the web of life. You are the web of light. Radiate your divine light as you go deeper into your experience and “BE” the web of light.

We radiate our light together perceiving all in its in divine perfection. This work is strong and powerful and does create change. Go deeper with your transfiguration work on the full moon.

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We join together to celebrate the solstice on June 21. We welcome in summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

We remember that the solstice is not a separate event. For there has been a flow of energetic change and changes in the quality of light that led up the solstice. The solstice marks a change that we are part of. It is always good to do a merging journey with the land where you live on the solstice to experience how you are changing with the change in seasons.

It is important to tune into your body and feel how the changes in nature are impacting your own nature and being fully aware of the shifts in the texture of the land, the smell of the wind, the sounds of the birds and other nature beings who live in your area, and the changes in the plants and trees. You can even taste the change in the air.

For thousands of years people have universally been watching and experiencing the changing signs in nature to inform them of their behavior in how to prepare for the change in season. It is always best when your body is the barometer of change instead of focusing on the calendar.

Whether you are welcoming in summer or winter this is a great time to see ourselves as gardeners and caretakers of this great Earth.

Find organic and compostable materials and make a little container that holds a prayer for yourself, the web of life, and the Earth. Plant your prayers into the earth where you live. Energetically this seed prayer will grow as you nurture it with your love and light. What we feed grows!!

I join our circle in wishing everyone a beautiful solstice!!


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Transmutation News – May 2018

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Last month we practiced the classic shamanic visionary journey of dismemberment. It is a great practice that you can keep up on a regular basis as a way to keep purifying and feeling renewed.

If you did not have a chance to read the April Transmutation News you can click on this link to read it:

This month I suggest we continue with the dismemberment process and other practices to release our disappointments about life and any looping thoughts that sabotage the success of our work.

If you have a shamanic journey practice you can call on one of your helping and compassionate spirits to work with you in partnership. Tell your helping spirit what belief or disappointment you would like to experience dismembered. In your journey you can write words on pieces of paper. Or you can draw a representation of the energies you would like to see transformed. Then ask your helping spirit to destroy it by tearing it up or using its unique gifts to dismember it.

If you do not have a journey practice you can perform a meditation and call in a divine figure you trust and work with. Ask this divine figure to dismember what no longer serves you by following the directions above.

Another way I like to work is with the cauldron of light. I have introduced you to this practice in previous columns. You can journey or meditate to a sacred place in nature. Ask a divine figure or helping spirit to place a cauldron of light in this special place. During your meditation or journey release into the cauldron of light disappointments and sabotaging beliefs. You can also place into the cauldron of light any issues around forgiving yourself and others to be transmuted and transformed.

After you complete your releasing work it is important to fill up with light, powerful, inspirational, and loving energies. You can do this by transfiguring and experiencing your divine light being absorbed into all your cells. You can ask your helping spirit or divine figure to fill you with loving and healing energies. Work as you are guided.

About 30 years ago I wanted to end a friendship with someone who was unhealthy for me to remain in relationship with. We had some unpleasant conversations. Our conversations were not leading to a healthy outcome. I felt it did not matter if we finished all of our unfinished conversations. I chose instead to break off all connection with this person.

I journeyed on it and my power animal said there is no such thing as an unfinished conversation. He advised me to finish it now or in another life. I realized that I did not want to be connected with this person in a future life. My power animal then told me to finish the conversation now.

It became impossible to proceed with a healthy conversation. This happens for many of us where we need to do our healing work in the non-ordinary realms instead of in the physical. We can always perform a ceremony to release us from unhealthy relationships. We can talk to a person in non-ordinary reality to finish a conversation. And we can perform dismemberment journeys to dissolve these connections and also dismember the words of destructive conversations.

We often end up in relationships with others that stem from an old karmic connection. Some of these meetings with old soul friends again are wonderful. But we want to avoid reestablishing a relationship with someone who we want freedom from.

By performing regular dismemberment journeys or meditations is one way to keep clearing energies that are anchoring you to an unhealthy way of life. And by filling up with loving and light filled energies will keep you inspired to move forward with transforming your life in a positive way.

The full moon is May 29. Let’s gather together virtually to fill the planet with our love and light. Please perform your preparation work so that you truly let go of your mental thoughts and ordinary life. Mental chatter prevents your work from going to the deepest level possible. And we cannot afford doing our work in a shallow way. The planet and all of life needs your focused attention on your practices.

Once you are ready travel deep inside experiencing your radiant light joining with the light of our circle. And with love for all of life being the fuel for your work let us perceive the entire planet in her divine perfection and light. Step through the dense collective energies to open to another dimension known by shamans and mystics where there is only beauty. Remembering our love for all of life let us join together to weave together a luminous web of light within and throughout the Earth. Let’s share our love with each other and all in the web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

And let’s please keep up our transfiguration work, at least weekly, to hold the vision of the Earth and all of life in its divine light and perfection. Although it might not seem that transfiguration is a miracle cure for healing all the planet’s problems, by holding such a vision does change the field of energy which changes the fabric of reality over time. This work requires persistence for the process of healing and making immense changes manifest as we keep building an invisible substance of reality.


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Transmutation News – April 2018

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As we continue to engage in our spiritual practices it is so important to embrace the perspective that we should not consider this as more “work” we have to do.  As shamanism is a way of life, the spiritual practices we have been performing over the years spin together the threads of the actions and behaviors required to feed a healthy life and planet. And the point is to integrate these practices so that they truly become a way of life.

No one should be saying the words, “I don’t have time to perform more spiritual practices during the day”. For focusing on your use of words to “bless” versus than “curse”, the thoughts you are looping, being observant of your daydreams and what you are creating in your life and the world, and shining your divine light are part of how you walk, breathe, work, and engage in fun and relaxing activities.

With our spiritual work, we reshape our relationship with ourselves, how we treat others, our lifestyle, and our behavior in the world.

If the spiritual work you are doing feels like a lot of work to you, stop and reflect on how you are separating spiritual practices from how you live your life. Reflecting on this can be very enlightening.

As you engage in any spiritual or ceremonial work this month, notice where you are efforting too much and how you integrate some of the practices, so they become habitual in a good way as you live the work.

I think with everything we are witnessing it is a good month for us to engage in a shamanic dismemberment practice together so we can all experience renewal and regeneration. It is always good to bring in practices that remind us that life is an illusion and a dream and that we are connected to a larger consciousness than what we are witnessing in the collective energies.

It is a time for us to allow our body and mind to dissolve and be dismembered so that we can remember our authentic identity and that Source is where we came from. We were born from unconditional love and left a state of oneness with the creator and the power of the universe to experience how to be divine light in a body that can manifest beauty, healing, and peace as we walk this great Earth together.

In shamanism the practice of dismemberment is used as an initiation, but it also can be used for healing. With a dismemberment journey you might be burned to ash, or an element or helping spirit might remove your skin and organs. Helping spirits will clean your bones and organs. A physical or emotional illness might be removed.

I have written about the practice of dismemberment in many of my books such as Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins and also in Walking in Light: The Everyday Experience of Shamanic Life.

The regeneration and healing part of the dismemberment process occurs as you release to the helping spirits and the divine power of the universe what no longer serves you. Then you are reconstructed or re-membered as spiritually cleansed and healthy at the end of the visionary experience. 

I will give you brief instructions of how to perform such a journey or meditation. If you perform shamanic journeys, listen to your favorite shamanic music track and give yourself a good period of time for your journey – at least 15 minutes. If you do not work with shamanic journeying, you can still perform this experience as a meditation by listening to a track of your favorite spiritual music.

Hold the intention that you would like a helping spirit, ally, or divine force to dismember and then re-remember you at the end of your journey or meditation. You can focus on an emotional blockage or physical challenge that you wish to release.

Surrender to the power of the universe and trust the powers that be to provide you with what is needed for your regeneration. Let your helping spirit or a divine force set the stage. An animal or element such as a bear, an eagle, ants, a sandstorm, or fire are examples of helping spirits that might provide the dismemberment.

Although these experiences can sound gruesome, dismemberment is a healing practice that provides a sense of reconnection with Source, your authentic identity, and a state of calm and peace.

During the dismemberment, once your skin, organs, bones, and thoughts are removed you will experience yourself as divine light and one with the creator of the universe. If you are burned to ash by a fire or your body is destroyed through a sandstorm you will be free to truly feel your divine light as your true self.

Dismemberment is actually the beginning phase of transfiguration. First you lose your sense of your body and mind so that you remember your spiritual identity. You allow the helping spirits and divine forces to cleanse your skin, bones, organs, as well as your thoughts so you can be spiritually reborn. If you were dismembered to ash or sand during the journey or meditation you will be reconstructed with a healthy body, clean mind, and experience a higher vibration of consciousness.

Once you are remembered, complete your journey or meditation by traveling back to your room. Take your time and experience if you feel lighter, more refreshed, and rejuvenated. Once you return from the journey or meditation please do a grounding exercise to make sure you are fully back from your experience. You can go outside and sit with a tree imagining deep roots connecting you to your body and the earth. Or you can do this as a meditation if you can’t go outside to be in nature. 

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The full moon is April 29. On the full moon experience your divine light and let it shine brightly within and throughout the Earth joining with the light of all in our global community. Let us create and weave together a shimmering web of light that continues to replace the old worn-out fabric of reality and paradigm of life. 

Please note: I will be presenting a lecture and ceremony on April 29 to open the next Year of Ceremony sponsored by Sounds True. My contract asks me to send out two dedicated emails. So, I will be sending out information once I have it.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

You might want to review the March Transmutation News where I wrote about focusing on the changing qualities of light of the sun and moon. During the month of April take time to observe the changes in the light and energy between the new and full moon. In this way you enter into a deeper flow with the changing lunar phases.

Terri in New Zealand requested that we do join together and transfigure on a regular basis to bring more light to the planet and also to perceive our great planet Earth and all of nature in its divine light. I suggest if you can join with us every Sunday to perform some transfiguration work it will be healing for all of us and all of life to do so. Terri is suggesting we spend 15 minutes each week seeing the Earth in her divinity.

You can also transfigure with a bottle or glass of water present and then gift a body of water in your locale with pure healing water. Whatever we place in large bodies of water will flow and merge together with all the bodies of water in the world. You can place organic and compostable objects on your altar and after transfiguring leave these out in nature on the earth.  As you transfigure focus on perceiving the air as pristine. We will be working in subtle fields of energy despite the difference of time depending on where we live and when we perform our work together. 

Damini Celebre is listed on She is a brilliant teacher and author. I shared the remarkable project she is working on in a past issue of the Transmutation News.

She has started an exciting project to bring healing prayers to the Earth. Here is how Damini describes her project:

“Spirit speaks to each of us differently: sometimes, in rich metaphors that we experience in a journey, sometimes with a flash of clarity and knowing during our waking day, and sometimes in dream state.  During the summer, I had a dream where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole on a hilly, open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.

Since that dream-vision, I have been bringing the ceremony into form, by creating clay seed pods. The pods are made of local clay, and each contains a prayer for the Earth, that is written on paper and placed in the pod’s opening. These prayers have been sent to me from all around the world.

On Dec 22, 2017, commenced the Solstice :: Prayer Pod ceremony. In Pennsylvania, I placed a 108 PrayerPods on the Earth. Over time, and with the cooperation of the Elements, these pods and prayers will dissolve into the earth.

In addition to this ceremony, I have been making smaller Prayer Pods and am leaving them in urban areas. These single pods will either merge with the Land or be taken home— both ways are perfect! 

Since December, other folks have written me that they have been inspired to make their own PrayerPods and place them in their communities. If you are called to make your own pods — I invite you to do the same. On my blog, I have posted all the prayers that I have received from around the world; please feel free to include some of those prayers into your pods and  together we can spread a wider web of healing.

Do you have a prayer-intention-wish for healing the Planet?  If so, I would like to include your prayer in a seed pod. Please email me your prayer at b.shiny(at) and I will place your prayer in a seed pod.

Blessings for All Beings xx Damini Celebre”


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Transmutation News – March 2018

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My helping spirits have started working with me by only giving me body centered experiences. They are not only giving me information in words, but rather helping me understand certain teachings by giving information for me to feel on a sensory level.

Over the last months my helping spirits keep showing me the need to move back into a place of flow. I have shared a bit about this in previous columns. First, they started by talking to me about flow. Then they asked me to travel within and notice where I was holding tension in my body. That was simple to do.

About a month later in a journey I was given the direct felt experience of the difference of gripping on to life and trying to control it rather than allowing myself to flow with where life was taking me to. I could feel how I was trying to hold on to my desired outcomes in a way that was not healthy for me or would help me manifest change. 

I feel that the key to healing for me and probably for others is to loosen our grip on life a bit more and enter in life’s flow.

We so often try to separate out the cycles of life instead of allowing our body to get a sense of how all the cycles flow together. Many of us work with the moon and separate out the practices and ceremonies that we perform on the new and full moon. All the phases of the moon are part of one cycle that organically flow together.

The seasons are not separate phases in our life. For the cycle of death and rebirth and all that occurs in between is all one organic cycle.

What is the effect on own organic sense of flow and timing in life when we keep trying to separate transitions instead of perceiving them as flowing from one cycle to the next? When we can do this, we get a different sense of how all changes we experience in our personal life and on the planet are all woven together. There are no separate events, separate phases of life. There is only one natural flow.

When we enter into that natural and organic flow, we embrace a deeper understanding of change and the gifts and teachings being brought into our life.

There is an entirely different dimension of reality we enter into when we step into the true flow of life. I work and use the metaphor of “The River of Life”. Some of you might prefer to focus on the inner flow of tides, changes in wind patterns as it continues to flow, or the different feelings and sensations you have when you lie on the earth.

Today there is so much talk about the shadow and light. And when we separate these cycles, we miss the finer details of the changing light that creates both the shadow and light. By sinking into the quality   changes of light we understand more of how the light and shadow are always intertwined and dancing with each other.  

I did post on Facebook recently, and I am including this post in this column as it is relevant to what to I am sharing:

We cannot change the past. But we can change the present and future.

We do this by diving deep into our spiritual practices while examining how we act, think, and behave towards others and all of life.

The shadow and light are all part of being alive on this planet. On a daily basis nature reflects back to us the power of these mighty forces that live within each of us.

We must embrace both as we are nature. The reason we were born is to experience the entire range of what it means to be human. By embracing both the shadow and the light we learn how to reconnect to a state of wholeness embracing both the beauty and challenges of life. The challenges help us grow and evolve into humans who carry such spiritual strength we can transform all that has occurred in the past. Building strong spiritual muscles to ride all the waves that life brings us is key to thriving.

If you look at old amazing trees the trunk often can look so twisted but yet the tree grows deep roots into the earth and splendid branches up high into the sky. These trees bring awe to us when we see their inherent beauty and strength. 

Nature teaches us the power of growing deep roots and branches like a tree no matter what happens to us in life.

Until we build strong enough spiritual muscles, we cannot be a true light in the world.

To add to what I wrote on Facebook I suggest observing the changing quality and cycles of light during the day.

Daily I watched my father follow the cycles of the light and also the setting sun. His most precious possession was his watch. He had a cheap watch that was stolen when he died. But no matter how ill he was or how deep into his dementia he was in, his anchor to life was his watch. I would sit with him each day and watch how he sat outside or inside tracking the changing light and marking the change by noticing the time. It helped him in some deep way.

I get a sense of the power of what he did and how he had his own sense of his inner flow and connection to life.

Watch the changing qualities of light during March where once again we are welcoming in a flow of one season into another as we celebrate the equinox.

I do believe strongly as we do this, we naturally build up the spiritual muscles we need to flow through the coming waves and changing cycles. We must enter into an organic flow reconnecting our energy with how life and nature move in order to swim through the present and coming waves.

This is an important practice to add to all we have been doing together over the years.

There are so many hectic and chaotic spiritual energies floating around in the collective right now. I truly believe if you enter into life’s flow you will not be impacted by these energies as you build up your spiritual strength.

Back in the 1970’s I received my BA in Marine Biology. I focused on the study of algae and also with a classmate performed significant research on hermit crabs. It was really crazy as my classmate and I statistically proved that if you give a hermit crab a larger shell it will also grow larger. This statistical study brought great attention to us, and we were offered a grant to continue our research. I am still pondering on the question of why science is so ready to fund research projects for something like this, which is so obvious.

Anyway, back to the point of my story. Every day I spent long hours at different locations on the Pacific Ocean south of San Francisco. I had all the information I needed about the time the tide would come in. But I would get lost in discovering the true unique living treasures in the ocean.  I forgot to look at my watch or focus on the changing light as the sun would rise and the tides would start to come in. Every day I would find myself moving from being able to walk in the tide pools to finding myself being taken under by a wave. I would find myself swimming in deep waters with my coat, hat, just trying to not go down and swimming as fast I could.

The teaching here is that when we enter into the flow of life we can swim with ease through the changes in life. When we try and think too much or lose track of the changing tides we can easily be taken down.

I am seeing this as a way to navigate the changes that we are experiencing in life. We need to pay attention to the changing tides and qualities of light or we can easily be tumbled around by a tide that came in we were not expecting. 

march 2018 1200x30

The full moon is on March 1. And again, we flow into this phase of the full moon. There was a lot of energy building in the previous phases that led us to the exponential power of the full moon. We use this exponential power to continue weaving a radiant web of light and love within and throughout the Earth. Join our spiritual community which is truly one collective energy as we welcome in the grace of this phase of the moon to perform our spiritual work.

Keep sinking in deeper beyond ego and personality to allow your own inner divine light to shine through you. Our ego and personality are what keeps us in a state of control. Our inner divine light knows exactly how to enter into the flow. Perform your transfiguration work. Let your light flow effortlessly dancing with the light of our circle and shining strong like the moon and the stars in the night sky who reflect back to us our true spiritual identity and the strength of our own light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.


We greet the equinox together on March 20.  We welcome in spring and fall depending on which hemisphere you live in.

As soon as you read the Transmutation News start being aware of the changes of light. You can put a plant in your window and watch how the light shining on the plant changes each day. It does not matter if you live in the city or a suburban area. You can still watch the changing patterns of light during the day and watch the changing phases of the moon. It does not matter if the sun is shining or not. If you wake up your sensory awareness you will notice subtle changes in the light each day and notice how your body and mind is impacted.

No matter where you live look up towards the sky and let the sun bathe your body and eyes. At night go out and when possible, take a moon bath and let the light of the moon flood you with her changing quality of light.

It is all about noticing the changes in QUALITY of light. This is such an important body sensation for all of us to get. For we are falsely separating out the seasons and lunar phases when they are all part of one cycle. By separating out the cycles we are not honoring the change that also occurs between the shadow and light. This separates us from the true flow of “The River of Life”.

On the equinox design a ceremony you can perform to welcome in the equinox. It can be as simple as leaving offerings for the earth, air, water, and fire as the sun. Honor your ancestors and the spirit of the land you live on. Connect back into a state of oneness with all that Nature brings to us. Complete your work by giving thanks for your life. You might release something that is blocking you from moving forward with manifesting your dreams or sharing a prayer with the universal forces as well as earth, air, water, and fire.

If you have created a Prayer Tree, as I have been instructing you to do over the last few years, you might want to leave a prayer for healing or blessing on the tree. If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News you can read Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life to learn about creating Prayer Trees.

Sing, dance, read poems to the elements. Leave offerings where you live.

You can burn a piece of paper in a sacred bowl that has your request for healing or for a blessing. You might choose to blow bubbles into the wind or breezes. Or you can find a stone calling to you and place it in a body of water or bury it in the earth again with the intention you are asking for. Remember to always transmute the energy behind your thoughts to a vibration of light and love that feeds you and all in the web of life.

An issue shared: 

A good question/issue was sent in by one of the members in our circle. She shared that together with her husband they feel safe working with shamanic practices due to the fact that the current collective is supporting using shamanism only for healing and bringing through light. My response to this is that yes, things are changing. Slowly the old paradigm of the hierarchical and dark practices of shamanism are being replaced with life giving energies that create peace and harmony within all of us replacing the old paradigm. We still have a way to go as this paradigm has been in place for a long time.

But as the foundation of this paradigm continues to unravel it leaves more space for “conscious” practitioners to weave in loving and light energies into the fabric of the new paradigm that is now being created.

The key is to continue to do your own inner work and explore the projections and the thoughts that live inside you. And keep transforming and transmuting them to energies of light and step into your own spiritual power where you share your unique gifts collectively as you do your work. We are all interdependent on each other and the more light we shine, the more the past lineages can heal and harmony can be restored.   

I join with our community to wish you a bright and blessed equinox!


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