Transmutation News – December 2002

I would like to begin this month’s Transmutation News asking everyone to offer a prayer for all of life that has been impacted by the devastating environmental disaster in Spain. This has a ripple effect throughout the web of life. May we send our prayers that help be given to the elements, the animals in the sea, earth, and in the air, the plants, and all those affected by this tragic oil spill. It seems like so many of the issues of our time are around oil. May we find our right relationship with this earth resource.

You will notice this month’s Transmutation News is longer than usual. As we move into winter there is a lot to use to fuel your internal fire to prepare the seeds for the next cycle. The end of the Transmutation News for this month does offer a ceremony for us to participate in together to honor the winter solstice.

I know many of us hold a great fascination with ancient Egypt and other civilizations where it is clear mysterious powers were used for creating sacred sites. There is a lot of speculation to the knowledge the ancients held. One ability they obviously had was the ability to hold one’s concentration. We are so bombarded by external stimulation that we don’t concentrate. In teaching people shamanic journeying it’s amazing to me how many people can’t even hold their concentration for ten minutes. Without this skill we cannot accomplish the spiritual healing which is possible.

Are you happy and content with the energy in our environment and the world situation? If not then you must deepen your spiritual practice of transmuting negative and dense energies. I know we have been working on this together for the past few years. But we must not become complacent with our work or give up because we are not seeing results fast enough.

Deepen your intention, deepen your love for all of life, the web of life, deepen your practice of becoming in union with the divine. In Aramaic the word for divine means unity. So when we are experiencing our divinity, transfiguring into the divine or source we are in union without opposites, separation or duality. Deepen your ability to concentrate and focus your energies.

Does participating in complaining, judgement, fear, and anger distract you? Do you distract yourself by the continual process of collecting more information which only feeds your mental processes? Learn to unburden yourself of these distractions. I have shared enough tools for you in Medicine for the Earth and this web site. Deepen your ability to access a state of harmony. Deepen your ability to hold the dream of a world in peace, harmony, honor for life, and all living beings, appreciation, and beauty.

We must organize ourselves as spiritual vehicles for peace. We can’t spend our energy feeding our minds, dividing on how the work should happen, and complaining about what isn’t working. We must learn how to concentrate our energies together. Concentration of energies is not concentrating with our minds. It is merging and focusing our energies together and not a mental process. The energies around us are unlimited. Use them as fuel for yourself and bring them through to transmute the current density.

After the tragedy of September 11 I brought up looking at what we could learn from Osama bin Laden. He has had great power in teaching his followers how to stay focused. It is quite incredible and tragic what that kind of focus could produce. If you look at the power of George Bush he also has the power of focus, but he also uses the power of dividing energies. The ability to divide energies is what has allowed our current political administration to come into power and stay in power.

I have always said that one reason we don’t have our full spiritual power to create change is that people involved in spiritual practices keep fighting among themselves about how to create change. This has created divided energies. We do not need to agree with each other on methods, but we can still focus our energies together to create healing for the planet and peace. We need some generosity of spirit and a heartfelt understanding that everyone is getting a piece of the puzzle which all interconnect together.

In looking at what is going on in the world situation today with the threat of war, terrorist threats, environmental disasters such as the devastating oil spill in Spain, and on and on we must remove ourselves from the petty dramas that can distract our focus.

The truth is not divisive. It is our reaction to the truth that creates division. I have learned that by bringing light to a situation allows the energy to be transmuted. To keep things in the dark is like allowing a wound to fester.

Using the metaphor from the story of “The Two Wolves”, we are seeing a planetary illness caused by a divisive heart. One heart embraces unity, divinity, interconnectedness, peace, harmony, love, abundance, and beauty. One heart embraces separation, fear, anger, control, scarcity, and greed. In keeping with the teachings in Medicine for the Earth we need to choose to feed the heart that embraces unity and the qualities that go along with this. We have to stay focused here to plump up the energies around this heart as so much energy goes into feeding the heart of separation. This creates a ripple effect that heals the web.

We must learn how to get in the “eye of the storm”. My spiritual teacher Isis taught how to do this when I wrote Welcome Home. She said in times of great challenge stay focused, stay positive, stay centered. To add to this we must stay focused on what heart we want to feed and strengthen. When you put it this way your choices become clear.

I also find what helps me is to read books that inspire me and to surround myself with symbols that remind me of the preciousness of the web of life. In this way I can keep transmuting the energies that arise which need healing. As we continue to do this the web heals too. Illness in all forms is stuck and dense energy. Where there is life and health there is movement.

I started this year’s Transmutation News stating that all ancient spiritual traditions teach that everything that happens on the physical level manifests first on the spiritual level. Our current issues of terrorism, war, division, separation, in all its manifest forms has formed on the spiritual. The spiritual level is where need to concentrate and focus our transmutation work. Let’s learn to focus our energies together and not divide them.

Learn to flow with the changes instead of suffer the changes. Keep your energy moving and flowing and keep a loving heart.

The classic methods of shamanism are wonderful and do support the healing process. As the cause of many illnesses today are changing we must keep changing our ways of working. Many of the illnesses we now see are the result of breathing in air filled with pollution and toxins, eating foods contaminated with chemicals and pollution, and drinking water that is also contaminated.

We are being asked to step “out of the box” in dealing with this situation. There are many teachers around the world now who are choosing to step out of the box and bring back some of the more obscure ancient methods of healing while at the same time working with ways to evolve spiritual healing to meet the needs of this time. The spirit around the Medicine for the Earth and other work that different teachers are bringing through is enormous. The challenge of course is not to try to control the work.

In the alliance I formed with other Medicine for the Earth teachers we agreed to let the spirit of the work evolve with no controls. There are lots of lessons around creating new models for teaching and organizing and not creating a hierarchy. One of the shadow sides of hierarchical structures is having the power to herd and control creative potential. We have all seen examples of this. The unlimited possibilities of potential create great excitement inside of me and I look forward to sharing where the work has been gracefully invited.

A caution with our work today with shamanic healing is not to get trapped into a Newtonian model of working. The depth of the initiations of indigenous shamans brought them into such deep contact with the awareness of unity and interconnection and breaking through the illusion that we are separate from the web. The depth of these initiations recreated the cellular structure of the shaman to hold this awareness and be a vehicle for this energy. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a great indigenous shaman or healer? No matter how much pain and suffering they have experienced in their life their eyes hold the sparkle of life and joy of this awareness as they carry it in their bodies into the world. This sparkle and light is beyond what they show publicly. This light shines through these shamans and healers through every moment of their life.

This takes working on a quantum level. We just don’t see this enduring bright light in most shamanic practitioners’ eyes today. We have to learn that by carrying this awareness in our cells and living it brings the light back to our eyes and to the earth. And without the depth of the initiations indigenous shamans experienced over years, not hours, we can experience this awareness only by devotion to our spiritual practice and shifting our consciousness to a place which both quantum physicists and shamans have been sharing. To truly understand and live the healing path of the shaman is to live the principle of interconnection.

The dance of course becomes being able to disengage from our spiritual experiences enough to be able to live life fully in form which is why we took bodies in the first place. How to disengage while staying connected. We need to get the light and sparkle in our eyes and carry it through our bodies into life.

When I can get into a clear and unburdened state I can truly see what we all search for is the experience of eternal light and love. All life is made of light. Even the darkness is made of light. Light permeates everything including the void. Humankind also searches for love. We were created from light and love so this means we are light and love. I have written all this before and humankind has been living out the consequences of this search throughout history. It is the egoic part of us that creates this separation and the continual search.

But most of us search for remembering the truth of who we are in very unconscious ways. People search for love and light through relationships, money, material objects, and power. When you look at the absolute core of what they are searching for it is love and light and to be recognized.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person who is searching for financial gain or gain through power? When I do I see fear and abandonment.

Jesus taught that we must not hide our light. We hear today words in songs devoted to encouraging us to let our light shine. There are a lot of teachings around this. All spiritual traditions also teach that love is the most powerful healing force. These are all wonderful words with great power. What we are all searching for is the full experience of these words not as a mental concept.

Therefore, another purpose of initiations in spiritual traditions like shamanism is to break down the egoic barriers that separate us from remembering the truth of who we are. These repeated experiences resculpt us on a cellular level to carry this knowledge fully in us.

I believe that this is one reason that people find being in nature so healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Nature gives off and reflects back to us eternal light. The sun is a great example of this. It just shines and continually gives us energy and needs nothing in return. It is a great example of carrying and giving a source of light that is eternal. When people are in nature on some level they receive the light that is given. And on some level we are reminded of our own light. This connection with nature therefore has the power to heal us.

As you can imagine not everyone wants to walk down the path of giving up the search for financial gain, material objects, relationships, and power. ‘Many are lost in the illusion that these external sources carry the light and love we need. As so many people are lost in this illusion the result is the violence, war, and misuse of power we are experiencing on the planet today and have seen throughout history. Once again if everything manifests on the spiritual level before manifesting on the physical the lack of knowledge of our spiritual connections to our internal and eternal love and light are causing the outer manifestations in the world we are seeing.

For me the practice of transfiguration as I have been writing about it and teaching it has been the practice that has been creating a huge remodeling going on inside me on a cellular level. Every time I transfigure into my own divinity I feel a change throughout my body that keeps working on me throughout my life. As my whole being starts to change I can remember what my spiritual search has been about and gives me the impetus to stay focused on the transfiguration process with the knowledge of where this is leading me.

If you spent time out in nature reflecting on your interrelation with the elements, as I suggested last month, you must have noticed how much you are nurtured by sun, earth, water, and air.

The sun provides ongoing energy that nurtures our bodies, minds, and soul. The sun reminds us of our own passionate fire and energy of our souls which fuel our lives. People deprived of sun for long periods of time typically fall into a depression.

Air provides the oxygen that feeds our cells, our bodies, as well as fuels our fire; our own energetic system. Air cleanses and feeds our body, mind, and soul.

Earth provides nurturance for our body as she continually births the life that creates food for all living beings. She provides continual beauty for us to feast on as we look around us with wonder at the colors and beauty of the life forms she creates reminding us of our own creative potential as we are earth too. Once again we are fed body, mind, and soul, as we are captivated by all the earth gives to us.

Water reflects back to us the nature of our own soul. It feeds every part of us transferring vitamins and minerals from the different elements into our bodies. We are soothed and calmed by hearing water and by sitting with bodies of water. We are mostly water and we are dependent on outside sources of water to replenish the water we excrete throughout the day. Water is essential for nurturance but also for cleansing our internal organs.

So for all that we receive from these great elements what do we do in return? Is it possible as I suggested in Medicine for the Earth that we came here to be caretakers of these life forms and be “gardeners”? If so are we being of service? In the world we no longer appreciate the nurturance provided by nature and just how dependent we are on nature vs. our belief we are dependent on science and technology. It is nature we should be turning to for answers not technology.

Where do we have power right now in a world that continually trashes the garden? Where we all have power is how we personally caretake through creating connections and building relationship with the energies of love, appreciation, and gratitude. This is at least a beginning.

Masuro Emoto, who I have written about in the past, shares in his books Messages of Water volumes 1 and 2 photos of how the crystalline structure of water responds to the energy of love and gratitude. It is quite striking to actually see the response.

Providing this energy feeds all of nature which in turn feeds us too. You have all been in gardens that have been cared for with love. Everything that is alive responds to love; all things in nature are alive.

Some of you might be asking at this point how is it that I wrote last month nature doesn’t have egoic emotions but responds to love.

Nature experiences the “what is” without egoic judgement. If a garden is not thriving because of lack of care it is just not thriving. If a garden thrives through being fed energetically with love it is thriving. It is experiencing the cycles of life and death without a sense of judgment or what could be or should be. It just is.

Nature thrives on energy just as we do. We can caretake all the elements who we are interrelated with through our heart connection and sharing our light and love back.

This is how you can also work with transmuting the energy of the pollution that we take in from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. With everything that you take in concentrate and focus on the nurturance and light you are receiving and be in a state of love and appreciation for what you have been given. Recognize the light, divinity, and perfection of what you are taking in. Remember it truly is our perception which creates our reality.

Before we shift into our ceremony to honor the winter solstice let’s pause in our work and acknowledge the immensity of the forces we are working with.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths through your heart. Visualize the earth and consider your body size in proportion to it. Consider how far the sun is from the earth. Consider how deep the earth’s core is. Experience how far the winds circulate. Think about all the galaxies the creative force called into being.

The feelings of immensity hopefully lead you to a place of humbleness. Yes, I have been teaching you that you are a reflection of the creative forces of the universe. Your spiritual self is immense also. But when you consider the immensity of the universe we live in it gives us a different perspective of the power of the forces that are beyond us and moving and evolving with us or without us.

Humbleness is an important quality for all of us to embrace as we step further into our own spiritual development and evolution.

The purpose of our ceremony for the winter solstice will be to honor all the elements that make up the planet, our bodies and which we are so interdependent with.

Before the winter solstice you will need to gather some earth from where you live, some water from a body of water where you live, a candle which you can empower through intention the power of the sun, and something that can represent air. You could use some incense or you can use an empty container with the knowledge that this contains the air that we breathe. These are just some suggestions. Use what has heart and meaning for you.

You need to decide if you want to work alone and connect energies with the thousands of people around the world performing this ceremony and other ceremonies to honor the winter solstice. You might be part of a group you want to work with and you will need to organize yourselves before December 21. You might want to decide also if you wish to work inside or in nature. As you collect the elements for your ceremony keep them in a place that you consider sacred and continue to hold an intention to honor them and the web of life.

If you are new to this work and have not worked with the process of transfiguration please read the July 2002 Transmutation News. Practice this process before the winter solstice.

On December 21 begin by unburdening yourself from earthly concerns and distractions. You can cleanse your body, mind, heart, and soul with the smoke of incense that you might like the fragrance of. You might perform a visualization of experiencing yourself being in a place in nature. Imagine building a small sacred fire. Tell the fire about your burdens and ask fire to take them from you. Experience yourself giving fire your burdens and the fire receiving them and transmuting them to light. Give thanks to the fire and stay there as the fire burns back down to the earth.

You can come up with your own rituals for unburdening yourself. Just make sure that when you begin your work you are clear and you feel your heart as pure.

When you are ready to begin start by connecting with the energy deep inside of the earth. Breathe the energy up and through the top of your head out to the sky. Now do the same thing bringing the energies from above and the sky down through your body into the earth. Circulate the energies.

Use music or drumming and singing and dancing to transfigure into your divine spirit becoming pure light, beauty, and love. Remember to make sure you are working with:
intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transmutation.
Imagine connecting with thousands of people who are honoring the change of the cycle. Experience your energies focusing with the energies of others. Hold your concentration.

Make sure that your intention to honor the elements and the web of life is clear. Infuse the elements in your sacred space with love and light. Use toning to help you hold the transfigured state. These elements are pure light. Harmony within creates harmony without. Everything in your space including yourself is pure light, love and creative potential.

When you feel yourself disconnecting start to disengage from the process while at the same time staying in a heart space and honoring all of life. Give thanks for your life and anything or anyone you wish to give thanks for.

And when you are able to, return the elements back to their original place in nature. With fire blow the divinity you experienced towards the sun. With air blow your heartfelt thanks into the air.

As we focus our energies to do this earth, water, fire, air can circulate the message of thanks of honor throughout the world. The places in the earth that now hold transmuted earth holds the memory of thanks, light, and appreciation. The waters around the world as well as the winds circulate the energies of our work. The sun takes in and gives off our message of thanks as it warms us and energizes us. The same honoring takes place in the elements inside us that make up our bodies. And we honor the changing of the cycle with thanks.

We must not sacrifice a whole generation of children to be consumed by the energy of fear, hate, separation, and despair. Inspire every child you can. Do this for the children, the earth, and for our ancestors and our descendants.

More on this next month.

This winter solstice marks the second anniversary of when we began to weave a planetary human web of light. Please join and focus your energies with all of who continue this wonderful process on the full moon which is December 19.

Start meditating on what new creative ideas you would like to nurture during the winter months so they can manifest in the spring and summer.

For myself I am nurturing some new workshops I would like to create:

Working with the quantum aspect of shamanism with all the possibilities than can be manifested. This would be a new ongoing training.

Bringing appropriate spiritual methods to children so they honor themselves, all life, and our environment. We need to help our children keep their light. Our children are our future.

Training programs to teach people how to teach shamanic methods. I will introduce a completely new structure than what I am currently teaching.

Happy winter solstice! Let’s celebrate together the return of the sun and the light.

Transmutation News – November 2002

The process of individuation that we have gone through in our lives is very important to our exploration of understanding our connections. In order to be in a balanced relationship we must understand “our differences”.

In all the spiritual work I have been guiding you through for the last few years it is still important to do your own personal and egoic work. We need to be able to transmute and transform our thoughts and emotions and at the same time understand the importance of having thoughts and emotions. We are looking at a balancing act. We need to acknowledge who we are without being run by our egos. But in order to function fully on earth we need our egos. We need to recognize our divinity and yet at the same time that we are spiritual beings living full lives in a material world and that experiencing a range of emotions goes along with life. We are working on maintaining balance.

The shadow side of life and ourselves is also part of the balance. As I wrote on a previous page the light takes us to the heights of consciousness while the shadow takes us to the depths. The marriage of the two makes us whole. Our light would have no form without the shadow. Once again we honor the importance of balance.

Are you doing your spiritual work while at the same time doing your egoic work? Are you acknowledging your personal hurts and needs while you are also shifting consciousness and acknowledging you are more than an egoic being? We must acknowledge all parts of ourselves to stay in balance as we continue to practice the principles in Medicine for the Earth.

Continuing on the theme of last month we have focused so much in our culture on how we are separate we have forgotten that all living beings are interconnected.

David Suzuki shares just one small example of this in his wonderful book The Sacred Balance. The example he gives is of three different species mammal, fungus, and plant. He shares the connection in Australia between the poteroo (a marsupial), the eucalyptus tree, and truffles. He writes:
“Because both truffles and trees extract water and minerals from the soil, trees with truffles in their roots obtain more water and minerals and grow better than trees without. The truffles are a favorite food for the long footed poteroo which excretes the spores of the truffles and thereby enhances the health of the forest.”

Most of us are aware that as we no longer honor the web of life we have put many species of life in great danger.

Most of us understand this concept of connection and interrelatedness from an intellectual standpoint instead of a body centered experience. Let’s deepen our practice with this this month.

Earth, air, water, fire are alive. Trees, plants, animals, etc. are alive with a consciousness. Everyday set your intention to connect your heart with the sun which is a living being which provides the energy for life. For a few minutes a day experience your ongoing relationship with the living being air as you inhale and exhale. Air is the first being we have a relationship with as we are birthed into the world. Air is the last living being we say good-bye to when we leave this world at the time of our death. Say hello to mother earth who holds you and gives you what you need to live. As you drink water, shower, and wash your face and hands experience your ongoing relationship with the life force we call water. There would be no life without any of these living beings.

Reflect on how these elements are not separate but interrelated and part of one living organism. Reflect on how they interact with each other. You are also earth, air, water, and fire. Reflect on how they all interact together inside of you.

Notice how nature always strives to achieve balance. Balance is necessary for there to be harmony.

As you walk say hello to a plant, tree, or animal that you see. If you have plants in your house acknowledge their beauty and their life force. You don’t need to talk out loud to these living beings.

Just go down to your heart and send a message of greetings as you experience the cooperation and relationship of all of life.

We have become too dependent on our visual sense as we read, watch TV and movies, and spend time on the computer. Make sure you are using all your senses in the world. Feel your environment, listen to the beauty of the sounds and songs of nature, take in the fragrances, taste the world as you move through it.

This is a great time of year to spend time out in nature to witness how the earth is changing.

I am aware I have asked you to do similar practices before. My hope is that as you repeat practices you will do so at a new level of awareness which will take you into a deeper relationship with life. If you have been doing the ceremonies that I have invited you to do over the last few months you should be noticing a difference in your vibration or frequency. It might be a subtle difference and subtle is good. As your vibration changes it creates a heightening of awareness that allows you go deeper with even the simplest of practices.

As I teach trainings and lecture at conferences I am aware of how much people project their own feelings onto nature. Many people tend to move toward a place of anthropomorphism. All living beings have a consciousness, but whether or not all living beings experience pain as we do in our egoic states is a question that you have to come to terms with.

As you begin to relate to nature if you pick up any messages of pain and suffering start by taking this as a projection for something you need to work on inside yourself. If you are involved in a circle that meets try and work your feelings through there. Or you can take this into your own journeys or meditations. Or you can work your feelings through in psychotherapy. Don’t do a spiritual bypass. Until we learn to separate our pain from the pain of others we are bound to get confused messages as we deepen our relationships with people we know and work with and as we learn to create a relationship with nature and all living beings.

First clear up what you are working on. You cannot have pure communication with the web of life if you are projecting your hurts and fears onto the beings you are in communication with.

With all the work we are doing whether it be transfiguration or relating to the beings of life we share this great planet with we are looking at expanding ourselves beyond the belief that we are solid forms that are separate and independent from nature and the web of life. It is very important as we learn to expand that we also learn how to stay grounded. You don’t want to lose your sense of groundedness or it could affect how you function in life. Remember balance is the key.

I recommend that with the spiritual practices I have offered you in the last few months that you start small. Only expand as much as feels comfortable for you physically. You want to be able to feel as if you can run the energy you feel through your body in a way which feels smooth and comfortable and that you can manage your energy well. You want to make sure that it is easy for you to engage fully in your life after you do your spiritual work.

Some people get expanded easier than others and have a harder time grounding. You know who you are. As you work with transfiguration only do it for short periods of time so that you don’t lose your ability to ground. As you relate to nature as a living being that you are in connection with practice for just a few short minutes.

If you find yourself feeling after spiritual practices that you have more energy in your body than you can manage comfortably, ask your higher consciousness to shut down to only as much energy as you physically handle right now. Keep repeating this statement to yourself until it is done. I have used this practice for others and myself successfully since the 1980’s.

Make sure that you are incorporating practices that strengthen your body. I have found over the years of doing expansive spiritual practices that I have had to be very disciplined in my physical exercise program. I work out every day. My helping spirits told me many years ago that I must maintain a strong body to bring through the spiritual energies I was experiencing.

Whether you do aerobics, weights, yoga, chi-gong, tai chi, etc. the form doesn’t matter. If you are going to continue to work on expanding your consciousness you must have a strong enough body to hold the new vibration you are moving towards. I cannot emphasize this enough. And if you are going to be able to work spiritually you also must do your emotional work. Again balancing out our spiritual, emotional, and physical practices is a must.

Over the last couple of years I have been encouraging you to work with the process of transmutation and transforming your own thoughts and emotions. I have been encouraging you to experience these feelings while at the same time transforming the energy you are sending out.

In the world right now there are many people who don’t work in this way. So there is a lot of negativity and toxicity in our environment.

As you practice transmuting the energy you send out you also want to find ways to transmute the energy you are picking up from your environment. The method I use is to change my perception that energy can be problematic to all energy is neutral. If I find myself experiencing the negatively in the world I hold the intention to experience this energy as neutral. I let my intention be a key factor in transmuting what I am picking up.

As you did with learning how to transmute energy you are sending out journey or meditate on ways to transmute what you are picking up.

Next month we will look at taking transmuting what we are taking in another step. We will also do some work to prepare for the winter solstice and the New Year.

Please join us in our continual process of weaving a planetary human web of light. The full moon is on Nov. 19 or 20 depending on where you live in the world.

Transmutation News – October 2002

In the last few decades books have appeared on quantum physics. Although some have been popular the population of people that has been touched by them has been more limited. I think that now the time has come for the understanding that quantum physics brings to our understanding of the nature of reality.

For the last three centuries science has based its understanding of the universe on a Newtonian world view. This world view contains the principle that the universe is an unchanging macrocosm. Time and space are finite and that man is isolated from his world.

Quantum physics embraces the understanding that everything is connected to a web of life. Every thought, emotion, and action affects the entire web of life. We are not separate from the rest of the universe. This web is not finite and matter is created by waves of energy and that there is a song to the universe and all of life. There are parts of quantum physics that truly embraces the principle that we create through our thoughts and beliefs.

I have recently read two wonderful books that I highly recommend to learn more. They are The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme and The Field by Lynne McTaggart. Although both books were written for a general audience they can get quite technical. They both contain some real gems and I encourage you not to get intimidated by the scientific and glean what you can on an intuitive level. They will both speak to a place of knowing in your being. They bridge into reality where science is moving to and what all indigenous cultures have always known.

There is a quote that many of you are familiar with:
“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” This quote has been attributed to Chief Seattle although there is some controversy if he really said this. This quote is one of the underlining keys to the principles of quantum physics. It is also the most important teaching that comes from not only shamanism but also all metaphysical and esoteric teachings.

I think one of my frustrations in watching how shamanic healing is entering into our world today is that it is more based on individuals than our connection with all thereby following more of a Newtonian world view. By focusing on “techniques” for healing we end up treating individuals as separate from a collective field of being. In this way I see that many practitioners have moved into being technicians rather than healers.

In quantum physics we are all connected through a wave of energy that creates a universal field. When we create sacred space we move into connection with this field. This is why I keep encouraging people to take plenty of time to prepare yourself for doing healing work whether it be for individuals, for the environment, or the planet. It’s creating a harmonious and loving field that creates healing.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about how I received the information that we cannot be burdened by earthly concerns in order to get into the Kings Chamber the place of true transfiguration into one’s divine nature. Before one can experience divinity we must let go of what keeps us separate from source. Traditionally dancing, singing, chanting, meditation, different forms of fasting were done to break down the egoic barriers which keep us from connecting from the one source or the field of life. For in this field there is no individual. We cannot be in a state of reaction and expect to harmonize with this field.

It’s harmonizing with the cosmic field that transforms disharmony to harmony returning health to yourself, others, and the planet.

The ceremony that we performed together on the fall equinox brought us into harmony with this field that the quantum physicists speak of and the web that indigenous traditions speak of. This creates a resonance, a frequency for change to occur. Being able to work on a spiritual and energetic level is essential for bringing balance, peace, and harmony to the planet today.

I hope when you participated in the ceremony on the fall equinox that you felt a state of expansion and ,a connection with all life. I hope that you felt the beauty of the energy that resonated throughout the world.

Review some of the material in Part 2 Separation vs. Union in Medicine for the Earth. Work with it. Learn to find a silent and still place inside where creation comes from. Practice transmuting the problematic attitudes, thoughts, and emotions that come up through the day.

Emotions are essential to maintain our health. Let’s just learn how to work them through so that the energy we are sending out into the universe is harmonious in nature. Fear and anger keep us walking our edge. The key is to keep transmuting them. The energy you put out does affect the entire web of life. You are included in this web as well as all living beings and the earth itself.

It takes everyday practice to create the light needed to transmute the world we live in. As we have learned to tap into our divinity and our creative potential over the last few months we must keep continuing to do the practices that feed the fuel for long term transformation.

A Haitian proverb teaches that studying life is not living life and therefore has no magic. We need to become the understandings we are learning in every cell of our being. The principles we are working with need to be in our bones.

Experiencing our divinity and knowing our creative potential is what we came here to learn this time around in “earth school”. Have patience with yourself and learn to acknowledge where you are on the path and if you step off the path don’t judge yourself just get back on.

Before we move on please take some time to reflect on your process of transfiguration. In the guided visualization I led you through in Medicine for the Earth first I had you let go of what keeps you separate from Source and the creative forces of the universe. I had you meet that creative force and then brought you back to your body to experience your own divinity. Shapeshifting into your own divine nature is an “inner body” experience not an “out of body” experience. Make sure that you have not been going outside of yourself to perform this process. Remember the dream I had which I keep writing about where I was told: “Man has been looking for God outside of himself for the last two thousand years. Man will be looking for God inside of himself for the next 2000 years.” Keep going within to transfigure!

The process of creation we are speaking about is not one that embraces the energy of domination or power over. The process of creation we are working with is one where we allow our creative energy to unfold. It is more of an allowing process than a forceful process. Check in with how you have been doing with your creative process and make sure you are not forcing it or pushing too hard.

As I sit here writing this month’s transmutation news the U.S. government is pushing for a war against Iraq. In thinking about what I have written about a Newtonian world view I can apply this to our world thinking today. We are truly living out the perception that we are finite beings that are separate from the whole. To heal this way of thinking is the work that we have been practicing with the Medicine for the Earth material.

So here comes the challenge. How to embrace that we are all divine and connected to one energetic web and not react to the behaviors of anger and fear that come from the illusion of being separate?

In Medicine for the Earth I shared about Jack Schwarz who was in the Dutch Resistance during World War II. He astounded the Nazis who tortured him as his wounds healed in front of their eyes. He said he was in union with God during this time. There was no Jack Schwarz that was a separate being. Was his reality that he was divine or was his reality that he was being terrorized? He could not be in a reactive state to create such a state of healing.

When I move into a state of reaction to the behavior in the world I must step back and refocus my attention and energy. The way to heal is to remember the connection and that any state of reaction I am in effects the web and creates a state of consciousness that will continue to be reflected back to me by the outside world. We must learn how to transmute our reactive states and create a field of hope, inspiration, and love that will transform the energy around us.

Can we stop all that will occur? I don’t know this as I don’t know what the collective is moving toward. I do know that we can transform some of the possibilities through the spiritual work we do.

Don’t buy into consensus reality. Remember your divine nature and keep creating your vision for a new world consciousness as if it is here now, and please keep tending the garden.

Let’s keep up our transfiguration and creation process each Sunday throughout the month.

Last month I said that we would do some work on Yucca Mountain and also on the sonic sounds that are affecting the whales and other marine life. I am not sure if all of you are aware of what is happening with both of these situations.

In July of 2002 the U.S. Senate voted to override Nevada’s veto of Department of Energy plans to bury our nation’s nuclear waste in the Yucca Mountain. You can only imagine how the residents of Nevada and people around the country feel about moving all nuclear waste to be buried at this location. Yucca Mountain is known to be a volcano and the Native Americans it. the area believe that it is still active.

We cannot use our earth as a dump for dangerous materials we created that we don’t know what to do with.

On Sunday October 13 let’s do a transfiguration ceremony together and experience Yucca Mountain in Nevada in its perfection. We need to empower the earth here and let its own divinity shine forth.

The Navy has a low frequency sonar system which has the potential to deafen every marine mammal living in the world’s oceans. This sonar system could be responsible for the death and beaching of whales and dolphins around the world. There are alternative systems that could be used that don’t have adverse impacts on whales and other marine life.

On October 27 let’s put our divine energy together and perceive the marine life around the world empowered and healthy and strong. Once again let’s experience our connection with all of life so that the energy that knows how to heal will be generated.

There are many case studies of people healing themselves of life threatening illnesses by leaving their jobs and lives and going to live in nature. When one does this he or she connects back with the rhythm of life and the energetic waves of the universe. In doing this you can hook back into the divine forces of the universe and the earth which heals.

So much of the illness we see today is the disconnection from nature and what I see as walking against the river of life.

As we do our transfiguration please do not leave behind the work of connecting with the rhythm of life and the cycles of nature. The season of fall is now upon us. Have you noticed the change in the quality and the smell of the air? How does the ground you live on feel different? Have you noticed the change in the plant and tree life around you? Have you noticed the change in the animals and the birds? You are part of this change. How are you feeling different?

As much of nature prepares to let go of old growth to fertilize the ground for the next cycle of growth to come, what are you needing to let go of to be in sync with the natural rhythm of life?

Everything that exists in nature is alive and responds to the cycles of the sun. You are part of this giant web. Please take time to observe the changes you need to make to align with nature during this time. Enjoy the changes and the beauty of this time.

Please join us in continuing the weaving of a luminous planetary web of light on the full moon which is October 21.

Transmutation News – September 2002

In the Medicine for the Earth work we focus our intention on many different dimensions of spiritual practice.

We focus on healing our relationship with the elements, all living beings, and ourselves. We strive to find a harmonious state inside of ourselves which will be reflected back to us by our environment in which we live. We shine our light therefore reflecting back the beauty of the shining stars in the night sky.

We focus on honoring the ancestors who have gone before and the descendants who will follow us. We honor the elements, forces of nature, trees, plants, animals, insects, reptiles, birds, those who live in the water, rocks, and all other living beings. We honor the cycles of the sun, moon, and planets. We work in cooperation and collaboration with the spirit that lives in all things and the web of life.

We practice being in appreciation for all we have been given with the understanding that our perception creates our reality and that we can transmute and transform our lives with love, appreciation, and gratefulness.

We heal the split between the spiritual non-ordinary realms and our ordinary world in realizing they are not separate. We once again invite the spirits into our lives and dance in partnership to weave an “inspirited” world into existence once again.

Through healing ourselves and our relationship with life and all living beings we begin to heal the earth and our environment. It is who we become that changes the world, not what we do.

We cannot go back and change the past, but we can change our present and future. We do this by allowing the brilliance of our creative potential to unfold. We once again remember that we are truly a reflection of the creator and we have come here as spirits in bodies to manifest that which contains beauty, love, and harmony. We recognize our own divine nature. And we continue to do the egoic work necessary to know the difference between what our egos want and what our divine nature came here to create.

We can no longer put the health of our lives and the planet in the hands of a just a few. It is time we tap into our full creative potential and empower ourselves and each other to find our own brilliance and divinity to create the world we live in.

As most of us were told we were not creative beings we found ways to try and get what we want and need through manipulation. Manipulation is not using our divine power in harmony. Manipulation is power over. Some of us learned to use manipulation instead of standing in our full creative power to try and fulfill our desires. Things would have been very different if we were all encouraged to tap into our brilliance and creativity and the gifts we came here to share. Instead we were encouraged to follow the norm and we learned how to fit in.

If this issue of manipulation speaks to you, please take some days to meditate on how you have fallen into this behavior. Remember being on a spiritual path is like walking on the edge of a razor. If you judge yourself about what behaviors you developed for survival mechanisms you are hurting yourself and are therefore Out of harmony. As you feel ready make a commitment to move out of this form of behavior to a path where you stand in your own power and get in touch with your own creative potential and how you shine in the world.

We create what we believe. For preparation for our ceremony start to examine your beliefs around your own creative potential. We create with every breath we take. Reality as we know it is how we created it. If we want to change the world we live in we must change what we created.

As we have been brought up to give our power away to outside authority figures we are all looking at taking a huge leap in consciousness to realize that we each have the power we are giving to others. We have a lot of social conditioning to dis-create. Be gentle with yourself and know that your creative abilities will strengthen and flower with time, practice, and nurturance.

We must start somewhere and sometime. The time is now. Relax into the process. There is a tine line between pushing too hard and not at all.

Do you believe that you can gather your personal creative energies with others to create a different world? Are you willing to try? Sit with this the weeks before the ceremony. And know if you crack the door of believing in your own divinity a bit you create an opening where your path back to yourself can deepen, grow, and be shown to you.

Once you are clear that you wish to join in with thousands of others who wish to claim their creative birthright read on. We are now ready to begin to look at performing the ceremony for the fall equinox I have been preparing you for since July.

If you are new to this web site please read the July and August Transmutation News before you read on.

We will perform the ceremony Sunday September 22 on the Autumnal Equinox (depending on where you live it starts late Sunday night and runs into Monday). I know that more groups can gather on Sunday. If you prefer to work Monday that is great. We just end up extending this powerful work over time. We will perform a ceremony where we transfigure into our divinity while we concentrate on the vision for the world we have been creating over the last month. Please remember although I use the word vision, in order to reach the height of creativity you must be able to see, hear, and feel, smell, and taste what you are creating. You must also experience it as if it is here now. Don’t project your experience into the future. Experience your perfect world as if it is here now and has already been created into being. We are changing our reality now.

You can either work alone or find some people you can join with to work together as community. Pick a time of day where you will not be distracted or disturbed by others.

You might wish to put on some heart expanding music. Don’t put on music with words, as this will distract you from your work. Choose some music that expands your entire being.

Begin by experiencing yourself moving your energy from your head into your heart. Take at least five minutes as a minimum. longer is preferable. Set an intention to align your heart, soul and spirit. This is the place you want to begin your work from.

As you breathe through your heart find a still and quiet place inside of yourself. Bring to your awareness something in life that is really precious to your. Keep it simple. This will facilitate an experience of opening your heart.

With your heart expanded in love keep breathing from this place. From this place of love and appreciation bring forth your vision for the planet you are creating now. You can pick a small location to focus on or the world at large. It might just be the land you live on, or the city you live in, or the country you live in, or the whole planet. As you need to be able to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste your creation as if it is here now keep your vision on something manageable. You need to keep your intention to work on something you can create fully.

We can use the same formula for transmutation as for the formula for creation:
intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = creation.

Now you are ready to transfigure into your divinity as you have practiced over the last few months. While you do this experience your creation as if it is happening now.

Give thanks to yourself and others who have joined together to weave such a beautiful creation into existence. Give thanks to any spirits who you called in to support your process and bear witness.


Shamanic Circles is a nonprofit organization which I am part of. Shamanic Circles is leading a ceremony over the web to honor those who died in the September 11 tragedy.

Please go to for further information. There is a link from this web site to the Shamanic Circles page.

I have had two requests from others for all of us to join together to do some work on behalf of two issues. One is the Federal Government approving and pushing through the movement of toxic waste to be stored at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. The other is to help the whales who are suffering due to the Navy’s Low Frequency Active Sonar system.

Now that we know how to work with transfiguration and creation I would like to continue our work next month.

With using the Medicine for the Earth material to heal with we want to see those who are suffering in their perfection. By doing this we empower beings to draw on their own internal divinity.

To prepare for our work next month start to see the perfection and divinity of the whales. Envision the divinity and internal strength of Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

Just this act is healing in itself but we will do more on these two issues next month.

It is so important for us to join forces in recreating and healing our planet and all living beings. Remember everything manifests first on a spiritual level before manifesting on the physical.

Please remember to join in on creating a human web of light on the full moon which is September 21. This will be a great lead in to our ceremony to honor the autumnal equinox and for the honoring of all of life by creating the world we wish to live in.

A student of mine recently read the attached at one of my Medicine for the Earth Gatherings.
It is something I think will feed you during this time.

We’re the Ones
You have been telling the people that
this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people
that this is The Hour.
And there are things to be considered:

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.
This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are
those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart,
and they will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.
The Elders say we must let go of the shore, push
off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes
open, and our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing
personally. Least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth
and journey comes to a halt. The time of the
lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word “struggle” from your attitude
and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred
manner and in celebration.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

–The Elders
Oraibi, Arizona
The Hopi Nation


Transmutation News – August 2002

Most of us need to be pushed to our edge before we are moved to make changes.

Last month I asked people to buy Medicine for the Earth. What pushed me to do so was discovering that my book Welcome Home: Following Your Soul’s Journey Home was accidentally put out of print. The book is available again now. My agent, who was my ex-editor at Harper San Francisco, said she never heard of a book being accidentally put out of print.

So I decided that I needed to take this as a wake up call from the universe. I find that I am in reaction to how much marketing goes on with spiritual work and I have been nervous about taking steps to push any of my books. Obviously I write about them and talk about them at my workshops. But I have taken on a laissez-faire attitude of what will be will be.

What I realized is that by being in a passive role I am not doing my books or the work I am teaching a service.

Over the years I have observed the growth of many spiritual organizations. I have watched how spiritual work becomes limited when it becomes trapped in a hierarchical structure. The focus of the vision often gets lost in trying to control the organization.

In the Medicine for the Earth work we work on evolving ourselves as well as look at creating miracles. When one puts spiritual work in a “cage” by creating too much structure we limit possibilities.

Therefore, I have decided to put into action a vision of a new model to share this spiritual work. This August I am teaching my first Medicine for the Earth Teacher Training.

I am creating a new model of how to support people in spreading vital information while at the same time moving away from the old institutional structure.

Instead of creating a hierarchical structure I will be creating collaborative networks for people wishing to teach. Serving the community needs to take precedence over serving any organization. I also think that it is time to share this work with all. This means being flexible on tuition. When we start to only teach people in a certain economic bracket the work becomes elitist.

Training teachers is a way for me to help participants learn the material so it is being taught accurately and with integrity and grace. It is a way for me to help people look at how to move through issues that come up on an egoic level in teaching, how to create sacred space and hold the space in a training, how to deal with group dynamics, and other issues that can facilitate the experience and adventure of teaching. I’ve learned a lot since beginning my journey as a teacher of shamanism in 1983 and I look forward to sharing what I have learned.

My vision is to make spiritual work accessible to all who want to learn from a teacher and also have the work carried on in a good way.

I don’t believe from a spiritually ethical view that I can certify teachers. But I can provide a list of people who have done a lot of training with me and who want to teach the Medicine for the Earth work. I will have such a list available by September.

With all that is going on environmentally I feel it is so important to get all kinds of spiritual work out as quickly as possible. We cannot afford to have spiritual teachers move into a place of competitiveness, but we must support the wonderful work taught by so many so that consciousness can shift on a mass scale. Different teachers and different spiritual systems speak to different people in the population. There needs to be a diverse team who has the vocabulary and a style of teaching that will speak to different populations.

How I feel I can support the process right now is by helping guide new teachers and support those who are already sharing their brilliance.

The focus of my vision is how to empower all of us to create the changes needed to move our lives back into harmony. Instead of wasting my energy being angry at the abuses I observe, I want to feed the power of new visions. We need to focus and concentrate our energy in solutions not on the problems.

Months ago a student and friend of mine sent me this story that comes from Nancy Sherwood of Earth Sea in Nova Scotia.

The story is called “Two Wolves”.
A Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson about many things.

He said, “I feel as if two wolves are fighting in my heart. One wolf is vengeful, angry, violent.. .and the other is loving, compassionate, and strong.”

The grandson asked the grandfather “Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?”

The grandfather replied, “The one I feed.”

We must feed our visions of what we believe would create a world of harmony, balance, and love.

So this month we will focus on creating a vision for our lives and the planet. I gave some examples of how being pushed to my edge has stimulated me to create change and create a new vision I can feed. Of course, I have also been pushed to my edge about environmental issues stimulating me to write Medicine for the Earth and the monthly transmutation news, focusing on creating a human of light, and teach trainings. This has been a very wonderful way to work with the energy that gets stimulated by watching our planetary situation.

I know all of you are pushed to an edge in your own life about the environment, the world situation, and the powers and structures which manage your life.

As you are pushed to your edge change is being called for; a new vision is being called for. Change creates little deaths in our lives. Something old must die for new life to burst forth. Some of us welcome change and some of us fear it and grieve for the old life and ways that need to be left behind. All the emotions that come up are natural and must be acknowledged for change to occur in a graceful fashion.

A few months ago in a journey the spirits told me I needed to work with transfiguration + concentration. Last month I asked you to practice transfiguration. On the fall equinox we will gather our energies together to transfigure into a divine state adding to this by concentrating on a vision we would like to see manifest in the world. We must remember that with invoking the power of transfiguration + concentration the rest of the elements to the formula of transmutation must be included.

love + harmony + intention + concentration + focus + union + imagination = transmutation.

I would suggest that you begin by reading over the chapter on Imagination in Medicine for the Earth. This will inspire you in your visioning process.

Once you are ready to work on creating a vision please pick a time of the day where you can feel relaxed and not rushed. Pick a day where you can really sink into the process. I will describe a couple of ways you might consider working. And of course if you come up with something different, work in a way in which you feel inspired.

If you decide to work indoors pick out some music you can play which inspires and relaxes you. You can either sit up with your spine straight so that you are oxygenating your body and brain or you can lie down. Begin by taking some deep breaths. Throughout your meditation please remember to breathe. Imagine yourself breathing from your head into your heart. You want to go to a deep place and not create a vision from an egoic place. By focusing on your breathing through your heart you will move from your mind into a heartfelt and intuitive place. This is the place to create from.

You want to set an intention to look at a world that embraces the elements of love and harmony and a world where people remember their connection with all living beings and the cycles of life and nature. There is no separation between you and the rest of life. You want to vision a world that honors all of life and is in deep appreciation for all we receive; a world where we give back and receive in balance.

Set your intention and begin by simply breathing into your heart for a few minutes. Let yourself relax and imagine yourself in a place in nature where you can appreciate the beauty and the power of creation and life. Look around you and notice what life forms are with you. Notice the colors and your environment. Take in the fragrances and all the sounds of nature. Notice if the air is still or if there is a breeze or wind. Feel the temperature and the earth beneath you. Notice the elements that are in this place. Allow yourself to feel fully present here.

Imagine an earth goddess or god coming to greet you and embrace you. Feel the wind starting to come up swirling around you and embracing you. Allow the spirit of water and the fire from the sun to embrace you with respect and love. Feel yourself loved by the elements that are all around you as well as inside of you. The spirit of all life around you supports your purity of heart and intention to create harmony. You are in union with all of life.

From a place of love and appreciation let your imagination flow and vision the world you would like to live in. Remember to keep breathing and create from your heart.

Take your time and don’t rush. You don’t want to rush creation. Really anchor the experience with all your senses. Visualize, hear, smell, feel, and taste your creation.

When you feel that you are ready to come back give thanks to the elements and all the beings you have met in this place. Feel yourself disconnecting from this place and gently let your consciousness drift back into the room. Take some time to feel yourself fully back in the present and in the room you are in.

You might wish to write a story or draw a picture of your creation.

If you choose to do this work by walking in nature take some time to breathe into your heart and set your intention before you leave. As you experience the beauty and wonder of the nature you are let your imagination create the world you want to experience remembering to experience your creation with all your senses. Let the elements inspire and embrace you.

As you walk you might ask nature to show you an omen or a sign when your work is done.

When you return you might wish to write a story or draw a picture of your creation.

Next month I will give you the ritual of putting together the process of transfiguration and creation. So keep working on your vision.

Fear consumes us in the same way fire consumes the earth and it’s living beings. As fire transforms us so does fear. At some point we must face and move through our fear creating a rebirth in our lives.

Anger acts as a poison to our body, mind, soul, and spirit if we learn how to experience it and then let it go. Anger must be and transformed.

Use the transfiguration process this month to purify. transform, and transmute your fear and anger.

There are many ways that we can plant seeds in the world to start to shift consciousness. For the summer solstice I decided to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. We have been dealing with a terrible drought in New Mexico. The letters to the editor have been a way for people to express their thoughts. The letter I wrote was published in July. It has stimulated a lot of conversation in different spiritual groups here in Santa Fe. These are groups I normally would not access to. You never know what you might stimulate in your community if you want to do something similar. We need to plant seeds wherever we can.

Here is the letter I wrote:
“All ancient traditions teach that our inner state of consciousness is reflected back to us by our outer world.

The drought as well as the flooding occurring throughout the world is a message that we are out of balance. An old Taoist story teaches us that when we are in balance and harmony within ourselves rain comes when it is needed. Harmony within creates harmony without.

If we tend ‘our garden’ with honor, love and appreciation for all we have been given balance will be restored. We need to give back to the land as well as give thanks for our lives and the lives of all living beings and honor the natural cycles.

We need to do more than pray for rain. We must honor the earth and our environment through our thoughts and actions. Then we will have rain.”

People love to read the letters to the editor. I hope you write something inspirational to your community and plant some seeds to change consciousness where you live. This is an action we can all put into practice.

I just finished reading a marvelous book titled Green Psychology: Transforming Our Relationship to the Earth. The book is written by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. Theodore Roszak writes the foreword. Park Street Press publishes the book.

Ralph Metzner explores the history of what has created our global pathology and examines the ways we can heal this rift and restore a healing relationship with nature. His search for role models takes him from shamanic ceremonies with the Lacandon Maya of Mexico to vision quests in the California desert, from the nature mysticism of the 11th century abbess Hildegard von Bingen to the black goddesses and green gods of our pagan ancestors.

Ralph Metzner started the Green Earth Foundation which is an education and research organization dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth. The objectives are to bring about changes in attitudes, values, perceptions, and world views that are based on ecological balance and respect for the integrity of all life forms on earth. 

Please remember to link with the thousands of people meditating on creating a human web of light on August 22.

You have read many times my statement that it is who we become that changes the world not what we do. I would like to leave you with a wonderful quote by Jack Schwartz from his book The Path of Action:

“You think of yourself as being a drop of water, but recognize that you are also the whole ocean. Change the drop of water, and you thereby change not only that drop of water, but the whole ocean. By changing yourself, you are changing the level of consciousness in the complete universe.”

Transmutation News – July 2002

The key to the Medicine for the Earth work is the process of transfiguration. This process has unlimited and untapped potential today. Participants who have completed a Medicine for the Earth Gathering continue to amaze me with stories of how the continued practice of transfiguration has changed their lives.

In the March 2002 Transmutation News I explain in a simpler fashion what I wrote in Medicine for the Earth about transfiguration. If you are new to this web page and need some further explanation please check back to this page.

Here are a few stories to inspire you to do the practice yourself. One of my friends has been hosting a circle where they continue to work with the process of transmutation through transfiguration. She has noticed how the whole energy of her land has changed and that her garden is more vibrant than ever.

When we transfigure on a regular basis into a divine force a veil between the worlds opens. The sacredness of other realms enters into our realm and changes the vibration of our bodies and the places where we live forever. This is why I feel it is so important for us to transfigure on a regular basis as it truly has the potential of changing the vibration of our planet. The more we create a sacred vibration here the easier it is to transform the darkness and the negative states of consciousness we are surrounded with today.

At one of my trainings the group performed a transmutation ceremony for water contaminated with ammonium hydroxide that was in our circle as well as some people in the middle of the circle to be healed. The group transfigured into a divine force and worked on the water as well as the participants in the middle. One of the participants had debilitating lupus and could barely walk. A few days after the ceremony she was hiking!

I recently talked to one of my students and she told me an amazing story. She was at a business meeting with a group of people she works with. One of the members said that he had prostate cancer and was requesting a healing ceremony. She had the group form a circle and asked him to go into the middle and lie down. She asked everyone in the circle to stand and go inside themselves and find a place where the divine lives, or God, or whatever fit in each person’s belief system. From that place of divinity she asked everyone to tone. She had also told people that if during the toning anyone felt called to go into the center and put their hands near the friend they were healing to do so.

A few days after the ceremony the man called and reported that he had gone for a medical test and that the cancer was gone.

In this instance my student brought people into a transfigured state in an immediate and simple way. She did not need to explain the process. What she did was say go inside yourself and find your own divinity. I was very impressed with how she worked.
So you can see there are many ways to work. And the reports I am getting are that transfiguration changes lives in a positive way whether it is performed in a group or by a person alone.

Based on the positive feedback I am getting I want to encourage you to begin a practice of transfiguration this month. The work you do this month will lead up to a powerful healing ceremony I would like to lead us on for the fall equinox. The first step will be to experience being transfigured into a divine force. And next month I will give you the next step.

Begin by reading the chapters on Embodying the Divine, Dismemberment and also Transfiguration in Medicine for the Earth. You will find these chapters on pages 169-198.

After you have read these chapters there are different ways to proceed. If you have been trained in shamanic journeying you might want to perform a journey. The intention of this journey would be to go to a power animal or teacher and tell them that you want to be dismembered and then transfigured into a divine force. Come back from the journey in a state of divinity and begin toning to keep up this state. When you feel done go back into the journey and do a regular return where you return fully into your body. You can also just try experiencing that state of divinity in a journey and when the return beat comes disengage from that state and return fully to your body.

The reason I suggest coming back and toning is that when you return to ordinary reality in this state and tone this is what changes the vibration in your life and world. Changes don’t happen in a journey alone. There needs to be work done in ordinary reality to change the vibration in yourself and the space where you are living. But you do want to disengage from this state. So it is important to go back into the journey and return completely.

If you are not trained in shamanic journeying I suggest you work with the visualization on page 184-187. I have worked with this visualization in a few groups with powerful results. I tried this visualization with some people very experienced in shamanic journeying and some of them had the most profound experience of their lives.

There are a couple of ways you can work. If you want to try this alone you can record the visualization. I would suggest finding one or more persons that you can do this with. You can either play the tape in the group or one person can read it.

One day I hope to make a tape of this visualization but as I haven’t yet, you need to make one for yourself.

There is a place in the visualization where you need to stop to do the toning. If you finish the visualization completely you will end up coming back too far.

Here is what I do in groups:
I stop after the second paragraph on page 186. So I end with the sentence, “And your heartbeat is in harmony with the one.”

Then I improvise a bit and add something like this:
“You are one with the source.
You are source. You are divine.
There is only one source, and it is you.
Remember you are pure light and love.
It is only love that heals.
The universe has a song. This song is you. Listen to the song and stand up toning your love and light.”

When I do this in a group I ask that people sit in a chair that is comfortable or you can sit on the floor. You can also lie down and get up when it is time to tone.

I instruct groups beforehand that the toning will come to a natural end. Some people stop toning before the end. I ask people if they are done to just keep praying for healing and hold a sacred space. This is an important point.

If you choose to try this in a group you might wish to put someone in the middle who is in need of healing. If you are doing this alone just notice how your own energy and body shifts when you are done.

Make sure you are truly back when you are done. If you need to feel more grounded take a walk outside and sit with a tree, plant, or rock. Or you can imagine yourself sitting with a tree and moving your deep roots into the earth as a tree does.

Please do not drive or do anything that needs your full ordinary reality attention until you feel fully back.

Please feel free to improvise your own visualization. You don’t have to use the one 1 have written.

You can also try just going inside and find a divine place inside of you and tone from this place.

As I have written in Medicine for the Earth the reason I have people tone is I have found that it is the easiest way to hold a transfigured, divine state. If you have never done any toning you just let your own voice produce sounds that match up with the divine state, the light and the love you are experiencing.

The more you practice transfiguring the faster the process becomes. And I hope you will experience the same positive results as others have.

Again, please practice transfiguring so you will be ready to perform a healing ceremony for the planet on the fall equinox.

As an author who has published four books, one of them self-published, I watch what is going on in the publishing world. Today the major publishers, like other businesses, are only concerned with the bottom line. Smaller publishers who care more about providing service are having a hard time staying alive, as they can’t always get bookshelf space in the major bookstores. Many wonderful books never get published or are being yanked off shelves and put out of print because they don’t have a wide enough audience. The only books that will ultimately make it out into the larger public are books that will sell big numbers.

There are some brilliant books I have seen that are never published because they speak to a smaller audience. Many books today are being put out of print for the same reason.

As I watch what is happening in the publishing world I do start to worry about Medicine for the Earth. Due to a series of “coincidences” I was led to publish with Three Rivers Press which is a division of Random House. I trust that the spirits I work with did not lead me astray. But my nature is to worry. And yes I do my work to transmute my tendency toward worry. At this point the spiritual work I have been working with in some ways is grass roots. I know it will take off when more people realize that we really have an environmental problem and that many health problems today are caused by environmental pollution. But for now I am trying to get us all organized in a way so that we can easily slip this work into a larger public when the ground work has been laid.

I know that even if Medicine for the Earth would go out of print I could get it republished. But there would be a six month to a year lag time. This could be damaging to the work. I can only share a certain amount of Medicine for the Earth with you on this web page. In my trainings and lectures I only have time to share a piece of the work. Having a book which includes all the information the spirits want people to get is essential.

If you feel that it is in your heart to let the publishing world know that books like Medicine for the Earth are wanted and needed I hope you will help spread the word to people you know.

I meet many people as I travel who tell me that they love my web page, but they have not bought Medicine for the Earth yet. If you are one of these people I hope you will consider buying the book now. Or maybe there is a friend you might want to gift with a copy of the book. Or maybe there is an organization you might want to gift the book to.

Remember the key to our work is working in cooperation and collaboration with the spirits. They will not do it all for us. I am moving into a more active role myself of trying to get Medicine for the Earth to a broader audience who is interested in environmental work. I hope if this work speaks to your heart that you will help in whatever small way you can.

If you have questions about the transfiguration process or if you have any ideas on organizations I should contact about the work, please drop me a note at:
Sandra Ingerman, P.O. Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

Thanks for your commitment to being in service to the planet in whatever way destiny leads you to. I do feel the greatest service to the planet is the light and love we allow to shine through us as we walk through the world.

As St. Germain said, “The high road as distinguished from the low road, is the way of the alchemist, whose heart is in the shining glory all the day and all the way that his pilgrim feet walk the dusty ways of man—transmuting, transmuting, and transmuting that dust into purest radiance.”

Please remember that we join our hearts and light together to continue to weave a human web of light around the globe on the full moon which is July 24.

Transmutation News – June 2002

In a great time of change, as we are in now, there are different ways to react. Many people react with fear that often leads to anger. Many people look to outside authority for direction on how to feel safe. Many people flow with the changes well and see change as an opportunity for growth.

Some people appreciate what they have while others complain about what they don’t have. Some people experience their glass as half full while others as half empty.

This all boils down to an issue of perception, as it is our perception which creates our reality.

As many people fear for their future we see a movement around the world of people choosing right wing forces to create more control and a perceived feeling of safety. Many people are returning to organized religion for the same reason. Many of us have been conditioned not to believe that each of us has the ability to create our present our future. This leads to people wanting to put their lives in the hands of others who say, “Don’t worry, follow me, listen to what I tell you to do and you will be safe”.

Throughout history we have learned this does not work. But people don’t always learn from history.

Those of you reading this know you have personal power to create change. There are no political, religious, or spiritual leaders to do it for us. The power lies in each and every one of us.

It is important as we watch people around us react with fear and anger not to get pulled out of ourselves. Once again, as I have mentioned many times, it is important to stay focused. When we get pulled out of ourselves and lose focus it is hard for us to receive our own spiritual guidance. What we do on the spiritual level does make a difference. But we must accept that the changes our work makes might not always be obvious to us on the physical.

I heard recently that a rabbi, who was obviously in a state of great grief after a suicide bombing said, “What is the use of praying anymore?” It is easy to see how one can lose faith in the invisible forces when so much violence is being acted out on the physical. But we cannot say how situations might evolve without our prayers and spiritual work. There are forces working that we don’t understand. There are foundations and structures that need to end so that evolution and growth can take place. There is more than what the eye can see to what is happening right now.

I had an interesting journey around the issue of judgment and judging. The helping spirit who was speaking with me shared that to judge appropriately we must understand everything about the person or situation we are judging. This is virtually impossible as there is so much about people and life circumstances that we will never understand.

So we tend to judge without a true understanding of what we are judging. The bottom line is don’t judge when you don’t understand.

We must stay true to the truth that lives in our hearts which is in order to create a more harmonious way of living change must occur. As human beings so many of us have to be pushed to our limits before we will change. What we are seeing on our planet is a result of people not willing to let go the behavior that no longer serves all of life. We are being shaken up in the core of our beings. As I have said before move with the changes or suffer the changes. The spiritual work that we do helps us to learn how to move with grace instead of react and resist.

Earth, air, water, and fire are living beings and we need to work in partnership with them. and not try to impose change on them. Partnership, cooperation, collaboration is all strengthened with relationship.

Over the last four months we have together as a great worldwide circle honoring all the elements. This work must be kept up. The rituals we performed should not be only done one time. Ritual and ceremony establishes relationship. We can keep up the potent work of honoring the elements around us and which comprise our physical bodies. As we continue to do this work you will see changes in the physical world. All relationships improve in all worlds with honor, respect, love, and appreciation.

Love creates a feeling that life is magical. When we are in love we experience everything around us in a different light. The magic of life is fed by love. Think about some aspect of your life, nature, or an element that you are in love with. Feed the magic of this life force with your love. Watch your relationship deepen and grow with love.

This month let’s honor all the elements together. Do this by choosing elements at the place where you live – the earth you live on, the sources of water near you, the air you breath, the sun above you. Let’s honor all the elements and state our willingness to work in partnership. During this time as we are experiencing strife on the planet, let’s bring celebration for our lives into our ritual work this month. Celebration is an energy that tends “the garden”.

Let’s do this joyful celebratory work together on June 21 as we honor the summer solstice. Life is bursting forth and blooming all around us. Allow yourself to burst forth in dance and song today. A healing energy for the earth is joy. Even if your heart feels heavy about something in life allow yourself to feel joy by finding something to be in gratitude and appreciation for.

Your assignment for today is to speak to someone who you believe is closed down to his or her connection with nature. Mention something to them that you think is beautiful. You might say something like: “Isn’t the sky glorious today?” “Aren’t these flowers on the desk beautiful?” “That picture on the wall reminds me of the beauty of nature.”

Create a spark of appreciation for the beauty of life. Plant a seed of appreciation and joy in someone who is not in your inner circle that you work with spiritually. With thousands of us doing this together today we plant seeds with the knowledge that they will sprout in a way which nurtures all of life.

Please let’s join in together to continue to create a human web of light on the full moon which is June 24.

A friend of mine recently gifted me with a wonderful book I wanted to let you know about. The book is titled Kiss of God is written by Marshall Stewart Ball. Marshall is a brilliant child can neither speak or walk and depends on others for physical help.

I was touched and inspired by a child who seemingly has so many challenges to leading a joyful life, but experiences joy in his connection with God and the people he meets. He shares his love and inspiring words, which has an impact on everyone he meets.

And he inspires us through his absolute brilliance and love in his writings.

During a time when people look at what they don’t have, I found Marshall’s writing to bring me to absolute tears of how one can be in such appreciation and joy with what I perceive of a challenged life.

The book is published by Health Communications. I know you will be in awe of this being Marshall Stewart Ball when you read his story and his words. And I hope you be as inspired by his story as I was.

I have added some new trainings to the Training and Announcement Section of this web page. I hope you will go to it and look at the additions.

I will be teaching a weekend Medicine for the Earth gathering in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Oct 4,5,6 of this year.

In January 2003 I am teaching a new training I have not taught before. I feel that as the causes of illness today are different than in ancient times, our healing methods must be updated to deal with modern day illness. So much of the illnesses we are seeing today such as the epidemic rate of cancer and the increase in immune deficiency problems are a direct result of the chemical pollution in our environment.

Using the work of transfiguring into our divinity as well as learning how to merge with compassionate helping spirits, this training will focus on how to heal others by bringing through the power of the universe that knows how to heal and transmute illness. We will also look at how to transmute and transform illness and toxins in ourselves.

Transmutation News – May 2002

In April I attended an extraordinary gathering in Oracle, Arizona which Shamanic Circles put on. Shamanic Circles is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to networking people involved in the practice of shamanism worldwide. They also sponsor Carol Proudfoot’s workshops and co-sponsor my Medicine for the Earth gatherings. Through their web page ~ they have connected people around the world whom might not have people in their own communities to share their work with in shamanism. In the US. this is not so much of a problem. But in many countries there is not as much shamanic work going on and often people can feel quite alone in their journey. I appreciate Shamanic Circles for keeping the fires alive around the world where people can share their stories from where ever they live.

Carol Proudfoot, an extraordinary shamanic teacher and one of my closest sisters, founded Shamanic Circles. She is a true visionary.

About 115 of us came together from the US., Ireland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, and England with a focused intention to work on behalf of the Sacred Hoop, the Tree of Life, and the Web of Life. Throughout our week we did ceremonies for transmutation and visioning. There were a variety of offerings of short workshops from teachers involved in shamanic work. Just to give you a sense some of the workshops offered were using shamanism to work with grief, plant spirit medicine, mask making, drum making, and others. It took us days to create a sand painting of a world map on a volley ball court at the site where we were. Also included in our time together we did an all night “Earth Renewal Dance” around a fire.

It was a wonderful experience to be around people who could keep their hearts open as we served one purpose together that of healing and renewing the earth.

There was a previous gathering two years ago and I look forward to more to come. I hope you will visit the Shamanic Circles web site.

As the levels of violence toward all of life continues as well as the unconsciousness to the sacredness of our environment we must step up our commitment in our spiritual practices. I recently heard that just the wing motion of one butterfly could alter a hurricane. Think about that. We talk about the web of life and how everything is connected. Here is an awesome example of how such a small being can effect such a giant life force.

Let’s use this metaphor to describe how the motion of our spiritual practices can affect the storms ravaging through earth today. I have asked you this question many times, and I will ask it to you again now: What are you willing to commit to in honor of the earth we live on, the air we breathe, the water that nourishes us, and the fire that gives us life? What are you willing to commit to for visioning a planet that embraces the principles of harmony within creates harmony without? What are you willing to commit to as you act as caretaker of the earth and all living beings?

Your commitment to your spiritual practices does make a difference. Skim through Medicine for the Earth, which is filled with suggestions of spiritual practices for transmutation which you can integrate into your life. Find one practice that you can focus on this month. Like the wings of the butterfly you will affect the movement of the “storms” around you.

So far since February we have done short simple ceremonies to honor water, earth, and air. It is now time to honor fire. Fire creates light in our lives. Fire is passion. There is no life without passion. Before we had electricity and heat the power of the sun and fire were honored daily. People around the world drummed up the sun for the sun coming up meant a new day of life. The sun gives power to plants that is passed onto us. The sun was worshipped by many around the world for the light it shared on all levels. The fire inside the earth keeps her life force burning.

As above, so below; as within, so without. We must honor the fire that lives inside of us.

During this month I ask you to merge with the fire which burns inside of you. Look at pages 152-155 in Medicine for the Earth where I write about merging with the elements. Check out the health of your own fire. Fire, as all living beings needs to be fed. Do you have too much fire burning in you causing you to be anxious or angry? Is your fire burning too low causing depression and fatigue? How balanced is your fire?

The full moon this month is May 26. Let’s all together wake up at dawn and greet the sun. You can drum up the sun, rattle up the sun, sing up the sun, dance up the sun, or be in silent meditation when the sun rises and greet it with the power of love in silence. You can do this alone or in a group. I know of groups who on a monthly schedule meet together to do a meditation in nature at sunrise.

Then during the day and evening of May 26 light a candle for a short period of time and meditate on the power of light and fire. Fire is known worldwide as the great transmuter. Journey and merge with fire and learn about fire by becoming it. Again the instructions to do this are on pages 152-155 of Medicine for the Earth. When I lead this journey in my trainings it is quite profound for people. There is so much we can learn from this great living force.

The principle we are using in the simple ceremonies I am suggesting is that as we join together in a great circle around the world to honor the elements, the elements will honor us in return.

May balance and harmony return to the earth and all living beings once again!!! Let’s together vision it as it is happening now.

Please remember to join in on Creating A Human Web of Light on the full moon May 26. There are so many thousands of people around the world of all traditions who have been joining in. It feels so good to connect our lights together.

Transmutation News – April 2002

I hope that you honored the change in cycles as we moved into spring with performing the simple earth ceremony I suggested. Even though the rituals I have been suggesting are simple they are at the same time very powerful. As we have thousands of people at approximately the same time expressing gratefulness to earth this does make a difference.

As I live in the Southwest where we are experiencing once again a drought I have been watching the water situation in the world. I know some of you live in areas where you have received a lot of moisture. But the bottom line is that a good portion of the world right now is in drought.

On a previous web page I wrote that as we are no longer feeding our relationship with the earth, the earth is drying up. Honoring is one step to creating harmony and balance once again in our environment.

As we continue to watch the devastation of our environment it is easy to fall into a place of hopelessness. It is important to know that where we do have power is working in this world on the spiritual realms.

We need to once again recognize the sentient nature of our environment. We need to once again honor the elements as living beings. We need to honor the elements inside of us as well as the elements outside.

Through honoring we begin to establish a strong relationship. We cannot work in cooperation with nature. without a relationship with nature. Establishing relationships take time and work. What we are talking about here is joyful work. The joy that comes from being in communication with the elements and other living beings creates a feeling of connectedness. We all crave connection with the rest of life.

I don’t think what I writing here is news for those of you reading this page. And you might fall into a trap of thinking that if the rest of humanity does not see that the earth is alive what is the use. Every shift in consciousness that each person makes creates an exponential change on the planet.

There are many thousands of people who do honor earth and the elements as alive. The more each one of us chooses to commit to be in service to the earth change will occur. But we must commit to concentrate our efforts on establishing a strong relationship with the earth and the natural world daily not on an occasional basis.

By the act of honoring and expressing gratitude and appreciation for all you receive from the elements you keep feeding the relationship. You know in your own personal. relationships where there is honor and appreciation there is a strong bond.

I have been doing a lot of shamanic journeying on the drought. My own helping spirits have not been saying much. The drought is really a symptom of the bigger issue of how out of balance we are with nature.

But the interesting message that the spirits keep sharing with me over and over is that places will weather the drought where the spirit of the land is strong. I started to think about our bodies and immune systems and the strength of our spirit. When our spirit is raised and strong it is much easier to weather trouble in our lives. When our spirit is low it is hard to temper tough times.

As you nurture your relationship with the land where you live, you build on the relationship which will naturally strengthen the spirit which helps to carry all life through challenging times.

In sitting with all this you might ask yourself what you are willing to commit to? Putting our efforts together we can temper the environmental changes. It does take a commitment from all those who are willing to be in service to the earth.

In my own spiritual practice it has just become habit for me to give thanks to the elements for all I receive. Everyday I give thanks to the earth. As I drink and use water I give thanks. At different times of the day I give thanks to air as I breathe. I look up to the sun and thank it for its warmth and the power it gives to all of life. The affirmations I make are simple. Simple is good. The effect on me has been quite profound. It not only feeds my own spirit as I feel my connection to the web of life, it opens me up on a heart level. I have also found that my ability to receive life has expanded which strengthens my own spiritual self helping me tap into my spiritual light. Spiritual light is really what all of us are truly seeking.

You want to establish a new habit of honoring and being in a state of appreciation of how you are part of a great web of life. You might want to put little notes around your house or your office saying: “Have you fed your relationship with earth, water, fire, air today?”

In many transmutation news I have written that some of us must be willing to “keep tending the garden” while all the disharmony continues on the planet. One way to tend the garden is through what I just wrote about love and appreciation. You have I am sure visited a garden that has been fed with love. I am sure the light, spirit, and beauty of that garden touched you.

We also must learn how to hold the space by holding the light. This is so important during a time where our garden is not being honored by many and is being trampled by unconsciousness and ignorance. To hold the space and the light takes a great deal of concentration. Remember “concentration” is one of the elements of the formula for transmutation. To hold the space we must also keep our hearts open maintaining a state of love for our garden.

Try everyday to do a simple meditation. Imagine breathing through your heart. Think about some place on earth that you really love that is precious to you. Or think about some life form that is really precious to you. Keep that feeling of preciousness in your heart allowing your heart to expand in love. Keep breathing through your heart experiencing love for the garden of life.

If you are new to meditation just start with five or ten minutes a day. Building concentration takes time. So you want to meditate on holding the light only as long as you can maintain concentration. Have faith you will build up your ability to concentrate it just takes practice.

This month we want to join together and honor air. April tends to be a time when the winds increase so it is a good time to honor this life-giving element. When we are born the very first relationship we bond with is air as we take our first breath. Our relationship to this life ends as we breathe out our last breath. With every breath we are in relationship with air. In indigenous cultures it is believed that air through wind carries messages throughout the world.

The air we breathe gives us life. On the full moon of this month, April 26 (because of the time of the full moon it will be full on April 27 for some of us) throughout the day whenever you can remember to honor air for the life it brings to all life. Imagine the air as you take it in to be pure and holy. Imagine the air you breathe back out to be pure and holy. As we do all do this through out the day we honor the element of air and remind it that air is loved and appreciated by many.

Last month I invited you to write to me if you wanted to make a comment on the honoring ceremonies we have been performing.

A friend wrote me that I didn’t put in my address. I apologize for this faux pas.

You can reach me at:
Sandra Ingerman
P.O. Box 4757
Santa Fe, NM 87502

As I will be traveling and teaching most of the month part of it in Europe, please give me some time to respond to you.

Last month I did travel back to Brazil to visit Joao de Deus (John of God). I wrote about my extraordinary first trip to him in the August 2001 Transmutation News. He is in service by allowing his body to be a vehicle for spiritual entities to work through him to relieve the pain and suffering of others. It is quite extraordinary to watch him work and be worked on by the entities he brings through.

I choose to go to see Joao de Deus with Heather Cumming who serves as a wonderful expert guide and translator. You can take a look at her web page

Heather and I planning to combine a five-day Medicine for the Earth training in Brazil with a week trip to visit Joao de Deus. Right now we are thinking about June 2003. 1 will give you more details, as I know more.

Please remember to join in on our full moon creating a human web of light meditation on April 26 or April 27 (depending on where you live).

Remember, it is only love that heals.

Transmutation News – March 2002

I just returned from meeting with a group who participated in the five-day Medicine for the Earth Gathering in June of last year. We decided to meet again and share how our work has been going. It was very exciting to see how everyone is taking this work out into the world in his or her own way.

During one of our sessions we got into a discussion about transfiguration. In Medicine for the Earth I shared how in a dream I was told that this was the missing piece to the transmutation work I was attempting to share.

There was agreement with the entire group how invaluable the practice of transfiguration has been in each person’s lives. The positive changes that this practice has produced for everyone is quite exciting.

There is such brilliant work going on from all different groups around the world in working on solutions to our environmental issues. The piece that the Medicine for the Earth work brings to the puzzle is the process of transfiguration.

Although everyone in the group agreed that this process has been life changing there were a lot of questions of how to explain transfiguration to others. Sometimes we can experience spiritual practices and have a great effect from them, but it can be hard to find the words to share in the explanation. I figured if the people who are practicing transfiguration are confused on how to explain and understand the process you might be too.

As this is so key to the transmutation work I describe in Medicine for the Earth, I would like to explain it again.

In different esoteric teachings you will see the statement “as above so below, as within so without.” In our lives we often put spiritual sources of power outside of ourselves. We see God outside of ourselves, power animals and spiritual teachers outside of ourselves, deities outside of ourselves, etc. From a spiritual perspective these spiritual forces are “us” too.

In all my books I shared a message from “the voice” which came to me in a dream in the 1980’s. The voice said, “Man has been looking for God outside of himself for the last two thousand years. Man will be looking for God inside of himself for the next two thousand years.”

Transfiguration is a practice that helps us experience our own divinity in whatever form that takes to fit our philosophical, religious, and spiritual beliefs. The actual definition in Webster’s of transfiguration is shapeshifting. So in the process we shapeshift into a divine force.

Many saints, mystics, and spiritual masters are sometimes described as shining brighter than any light seen. This is the process of transfiguration. And the process is not reserved for spiritual masters. You can do it to.

When we look at the obsession today with gathering money, material objects, relationships, etc. what are people truly seeking? We are seeking spiritual light. We are just looking for it in all the wrong places. When we experience spiritual light through some divine force inside of us we are fulfilled. We realize that what we need in life is available to us in ourselves. We stop reaching to outside forces for safety, enlightenment, and happiness. We begin to get in touch with our creative energy. We start to transmute as we walk through the world.

If you have not been working with the process of transfiguration please look at the section which discusses the process in Medicine for the Earth. I am not suggesting you transfigure to a level where you cannot live your life and you have to move to a cave where people bring you food. There are many levels to the process. I am talking about getting in touch with your divinity and letting your light shine through you which will give you the power to manifest light and love in your life and transform those problematic forces which need to be transformed.

One of the questions that the group I was in spoke about is how there is not one way to transfigure. As people sat around talking about the process we realized that everyone did it in a different way. So although I offer suggestions in Medicine for the Earth you might find that you need to find your own way. You will find that you need to encompass all the elements of the formula for transmutation. You need a strong intention and must stay focused and concentrate on your intention. You need to embrace love for yourself and your divine nature and be clear that you are doing this to bring harmony within and without. You need to be in union with your creator. And you need to be able to imagine that you have the capability to transfigure into the divine.

I find in my own transfiguration practice my level of concentration only allows me to stay in this state for a short period of time. With practice one can maintain this state for longer periods. Again the end result we are looking for is carrying a light inside that transforms your life and the environment as you walk through the world.

I hoped you felt good about the water ritual you performed in February. I think it is very important to understand that the more we can work together as a collective the better results we will see in healing our environment, creating a new dream, and transforming consciousness.

A friend of mine shared with me the following excerpt that was on an online Reiki newsletter:

Global Consciousness is Being Measured by William Lee Reed

“A team of researchers headed by Roger Nelson of Princeton University has been conducting an experiment to measure the effects of focused global consciousness on random events. They have had some very interesting results.

Called the Global Consciousness Project, their experiment involves the use of 37 computers located around the world using random number generators to flip virtual coins. The experiment has been going on since 1998. Each computer flips 200 virtual coins at a time and the results of all computers are compared. The results are usually completely random, with the virtual coin tosses come up heads or tails 50% of the time.

However, when a global event takes place that focuses the attention of billions of people, the randomness of the coin tosses changes and they tend to go significantly more one way than another. In other words they become more coherent or non-random. This took place on September 11 when so many people worldwide were focused on the events of the World Trade Center disaster. This produced the strongest effect so far, but other events have coincided with changes in randomness too, including:

Each New Years Eve, the papal visit to Israel, the first hour of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, a variety of global meditations, several major earthquakes, the funeral for Princess Diana and last years sinking of Russia’s Kursk submarine.

This seems to indicate that consciousness has an effect on other wise random events.”

I spoke with Roger Nelson a few years ago as I was thinking of trying to get a random, number generator to use at my workshops. It was clear that I was not ready to work with one yet, as it is a quite complex system. But I think the point that is being shown is that when we focus together something happens.

Last month we focused together to let the element water including all the waters of the world know that we love you and appreciate all that you give to us. We placed pure water into a water source where we live to help water remember its purity and divinity.

As we will be celebrating the spring equinox together on March 20 I suggest that we honor “earth” together. On March 20 go outside and hold some soil in your hand. Rub the earth between your fingers. Give love and appreciation to “earth” for all it provides for us and for its life.

If the only way you can do this is with soil from a potted plant then use this. The point is, just do it!

As I wrote in a past transmutation news: The earth is alive and if we would deepen our relationship with it, it would once again produce an abundance that we can only imagine.

We must once again feed our relationship with “earth”. As our relationship with earth is drying up so is the earth.

Here is another practice that you can start with the beginning of spring. Plant some seeds in a pot in your house. You might consider using some herb seeds that are easy to grow like parsley. You can also get a new houseplant. Over the next months notice what thoughts and beliefs you are feeding “your garden”. See this plant as the garden of your life. Notice how you take care of “your garden”.

Notice how with nurturance your plant grows without being forced to grow.

This month be observant to how balanced you are in allowing growth and change in your life versus forcing it.

In a shamanic journey once, the Egyptian god Osiris said to me, “It doesn’t take real strength when one only uses will. Real strength is when one can open and surrender to the powers that be.”

If you would like to contact me about how the ceremonies for water and earth have been for you, please write me at P.O. Box Santa Fe, NM 87502. If there is any comments you would like publish on this web page let me know.

Please remember to join us in continuing to nurture the global web of light on the full moon which is March 28. If you have been practicing transfiguring into a divine force, you might wish to try transfiguring before you work with the web. You will find that your experience changes and what you contribute to the web is greatly amplified.
Next month we will perform a ceremony to honor “air”.

Happy Spring!!