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Over the years of writing my books and the Transmutation News I have shared how people can have different emotional needs during the changing seasons. For me, the time of summer calls me deep within just as many people feel a need to move into a state of “hibernation” in the winter.

Right now I feel my spiritual path is leading me to contribute to the web of life through finding more time to be in silence and transmit and emanate love and light into the collective. Combined with being in summer I am becoming quite the recluse.

After all we are similar to crystals which are brilliant transmitters and receivers of energy.

So much of the communication with nature beings is on a psychic level. Nature beings pick up on energy, they pick up on warnings and important information for their survival, and they communicate through emitting vibrations that make up beautiful songs. For everything in nature sings as does the universe itself.

We don’t understand how many of our thoughts and words end up transmitting chaotic and destructive vibrations and songs into the web of life.

We try to use our own language to connect with and communicate with nature.

But nature is reading the energy we transmit and not our words.

How much are we missing in the dance of life by not opening to the language of vibration that we can transmit and receive? We are missing messages from the environment as well as from the exquisite beings we share the planet with. And we miss the joy of true heart to heart conversation.

We would learn more tools for survival and have deeper interactions with other species if we start to open our invisible eyes and ears and tap into our body knowing. And nature would get to learn about us as we start to communicate with the elements and other species on a heart-to-heart level and also as we are willing to transmit energies of love, honor, and respect by opening our psychic senses. When we do this we naturally open up to a new dimension of life.

Spend more time in nature this month as you sit in silence. Lift the veils between the dense field of realty we tend to inhabit and open to being a crystal transmitter of love and light. Engage your psychic senses and notice the energetic communication you receive and the songs you hear in return.

The full moon is July 16. Begin by asking the moon if you can step into her field of energy. Keep building your relationship with the moon so you feel as if the moon is part of your family. Learn about its exponential power to support you in your work. Take time to prepare before performing your sacred ceremonial work to transfigure. Allow your inner divine light to flow while emanating unconditional love for all of life. Let’s continue weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the Earth touching all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light for the instructions of our full moon ceremonies.

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