Transmutation News – December 2006

In the last few months I met hundreds of people through all the workshops that I led. In my time with so many students I was able to get a sense of where people are still getting stuck with some of the spiritual work we are doing together as a community.

In working with the Medicine for the Earth material we are working in an esoteric way. This means getting comfortable with different paradoxes in life. On one level we are separate beings who experience pain and suffering. On another level we are divine and beings of perfect spiritual light.

Most of us dance back and forth between the two levels of duality and non-duality. It depends on how clear we are at different times of doing our spiritual work. This is normal as we fall prey to the denser states of consciousness of our collective world.

When we perceive life from a place of non-duality, a place of oneness there is no illness only divine perfection. When we perceive people in their divine perfection we allow them to lift up into their own spiritual light and out of a dense state. In this way of working we are not doing anything to them or sending any energy or healing to them. We are just changing our perception of how we view them knowing that this makes a difference.

The nature of being human is that we project onto others. The truth is that you are going to project on to every living being. You have a choice. Do you want to project suffering onto others sending them deeper into their hole? Or do you want to see them as divine beings who have the strength to rise above their situation? You are going to see people one way or another. Why not make the choice to see people as spiritual light who have the capacity of healing and changing their situation?

In this way of working we are creating change by essentially doing nothing. You are not performing a healing on the person you are just working with your perception.

The confusion I find with some of my students is that when we see people in their divine perfection we are doing something to them or taking them to another realm. We are just looking at them through another set of eyes. And from the spiritual teachings from around the world this is enough to help a person rise up out of a dense state of consciousness into a lighter state. Validating the inner power, strength, and radiance of another does this. If we continue to label people as ill we help to lock in the diagnosis.

I hope this makes sense.

Of course the biggest challenge with this work is when we look at some political leaders, terrorists, police who abuse prisoners, etc. Our human reactions bring us to a place of anger. And this anger actually feeds the problematic behavior.

Thomas Merton was a great philosopher and wrote many books and still has many students of his teachings. He said that any work carried out by a peace activist or humanitarian, can actually perpetrate a kind of violence against whoever the activist is tending if he/she is not coming from a place of love and peace.

When we constantly react with anger towards the behavior we observe in others we are feeding the heart of hate and not love.

For most of us this is a very difficult teaching. For we might understand that if we are angry we feed the heart of hate. But how do we change our feelings in the midst of so much injustice.

The Dalai Lama who tries to educate people about the plight of Tibetans under Chinese Communist rule does not incite anger and hate. He inspires people to have compassion toward those who take abusive roles.

Michelle Bachelet is now the president of Chile. She was once imprisoned by the former government and tortured. In her inaugural speech she talked about the need for love. Being a victim of hatred she has made a commitment to reverse hatred and turn it into tolerance, understanding and love.

Gandhi worked on many levels. He was an activist who created great change in his country through education. But he also was an activist who understood that to see peace one must find peace inside oneself.

Our task right now can seem impossible to some of us who are reacting so strongly to the violence and injustice toward all of life.

I do believe that we must continue to educate people in whatever way we can to the preciousness of life and the importance of honoring and respecting all living beings.

And at the same time we must find spiritual practices that bring us to a place of compassion.

There are meditative practices that you can explore. The way I have shared to work with this is going back to the principal of projection. For everything we are seeing in our outer world is a projection of some inner state of consciousness.

When working with projection if I get angry at an abusive police officer I need to look within and find that part of myself that I am hiding that might have wanted to be abusive at some time of my life. This is working with the shadow states that dwell within. The shadow states are the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. But when we see these states in others we become inflamed by looking into a mirror that another person is holding up to us.

For me this is the most difficult work. For I have no tolerance for abuse of not just humans but of any form of life. As I struggle with this issue of finding compassion I feel I have no choice but to walk this path. For now I know too much of how the energy I send from my anger ends up feeding the states of consciousness in the world that I cannot tolerate.

This does not mean that I now say that abusive behavior is okay. No that is not true. But it does mean that I work with my energy so that I am not feeding more abusive and violent behavior in the world. I do this by finding compassion for what creates violent and disrespectful behavior. I do this by projecting divinity onto people I do not like with the knowledge that this creates a collective change on the planet. I do this by recognizing the state of oneness that all spiritual teachers for thousands of years have been speaking about. We are all part of one web of life and we are all connected to this web.

As we move into the winter months reflect on what you are projecting onto others. Take some time to consider whether you are feeding the heart of love and unity or the heart of hate and separation. Start to explore practices that can help you heal these states of separation.

You can work with the material in Medicine for the Earth. I hope what I wrote inspires you in some way. And of course you can explore other traditions that teach about compassion practice.

If we want to see an end to abuse and violence we must look at the places inside of ourselves that hold these states. And we must release them. And we must look at how we can be a positive force with our children and within our communities to create change. This means finding ways to educate people and raise their state of consciousness.

Recently I merged with Isis and brought her through to speak to one of my groups. She talked about when we say we are willing to be a bridge between the spiritual realms and our communities we have to work on creating stronger connections.

She asked us to think about a physical bridge. If the bridge is missing the material it is made of at any part of the bridge people, cars, trains, etc. will fall through. She said all the connections must be strong.

If we think of ourselves of being a bridge to different levels we must look at how strong our connections are with the spiritual realm. I know many of us move back and forth in trusting our spirits and not trusting the information we are getting in the spiritual realms. We move back and forth between trusting ourselves and not trusting ourselves.

Everytime we move into a place of doubt our bridge collapses.

I started to think about this and also the word connection. Personally I think we start to lose the strength of our connection as we begin to feel alone in the world. I think the feelings of being alone are a common state we all experience. When we feel alone we are no longer connected.

I am not talking about being physically alone. When I use the word “alone” I am speaking of the feelings of loneliness.

As we continue to learn how to become stronger with our spiritual practice we must learn how to recognize when we start feeling alone, isolated, insecure, left out and work through this state. The truth is none of us are alone and we are always connected to the divine and to a state of oneness.

At this time on the planet we need to stop questioning our connections to the web of life, to others, and to ourselves. When we stop questioning our connection to the spiritual realms we grow stronger in our spiritual work and can truly be a bridge and bring through spiritual energies into our world.

And as we do this the separation between the spiritual and ordinary realms collapses and we go back to how in ancient times these worlds were one. As we allow the spiritual to dance through our ordinary lives healing happens for ourselves and for the planet.

So do the work you need to do during this time of winter to really strengthen your connections. This takes intention, concentration, focus, staying in a place of love for ourselves as we work through our feelings of being separate. We must remember in reality there is a web of life we are in union with, and use our imaginations to help us to stretch into remembering our connection with the spiritual world is more real than we imagine to be possible. This will all bring about the harmony in the world we are seeking.

I received a letter from a friend of mine letting me know that I quoted the Scriptures backward in the November Transmutation News. So I wanted to give you the true quote:

“Scriptures teaches the importance of being of the world but not in the world.” What Jesus taught was to be IN the world but not OF the world. Thank you Karen for correcting me on this!

A few months ago I had the honor to read and endorse the book Grandmothers Council the World written by Carol Schaefer and published by Shambhala.

Thirteen remarkable indigenous Grandmothers from around the world, keepers of their tribes’ teachings from original times gathered together in mid-October 2004.

The wise women, curanderos, shamans, and healers of their tribe brought to the council new visions and prophecies for humanity as well as their tribes’ rich and varied sources of wisdom, and each tribe’s unique and secret teachings for living within the Divine Order of things.

I was very moved by reading the personal stories of these women. And I was inspired by the information they shared. And of course I felt they provide a wonderful example for all of us as these women from different spiritual traditions gathered together as a community in behalf of the planet.

The book can be found or ordered through your local bookstore and you can order it on or Barnes&

For the winter solstice, a time of deepening into the truth of who we are, reflect on the strength of your connection to the spiritual work you are involved with. If you work with others in a group share with each other your fears, your insecurities about your work knowing that the support and love of others is a great way to honor where you are at and keep you moving on your path.

If you work alone use this day to reflect on your spiritual work and do some writing or painting to express where you are.

Whether you work alone or in a group none of us is isolated. Allow yourself to feel your connection with a world community who is working with you. And honor all who are working in this way.

Take some time to honor the earth and all of life and how precious life is. Be in a place of deep love and appreciation for all you do have and for your experiences even if they have been challenging as all life experiences stimulate growth and movement.

The full moon is December 4. Let’s continue to connect with each other and from a state of oneness and divinity let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of light within and throughout our great earth.

Happy Winter Solstice!!!

 To begin the New Year in January we will look at expressing beauty.

Transmutation News – November 2006

This fall has been a teaching whirlwind for me. I tend to book back to back trainings each fall as fall is the season in which I feel the strongest. In some way I almost feel as if the seeds I plant in the fall can go through the gestation process of winter and be given the heat and power needed to burst forth in spring.

So I write this Transmutation News in between workshops. I might be brief but there are not a lot of words needed to keep the power of inspiration going.

For months now I have been encouraging you to merge with the new frequencies of the earth. And I have shared with you how this has brought me more into an energy of joy and peace.

That is not the only effect it might have on people. For some of you as you move into a higher frequency the parts of your life that need to be let go to support this new space might start to dissolve. You cannot shift into a higher and lighter frequency carrying a dense and heavy burden. So one of the effects of this work is to truly let go of the heavy leaded consciousness that might be burdening your journey into a lighter realm of existence.

And of course this could be hard for some of you. As human beings we tend to hold on to the known even if it is not always good for us.

For some people as you shift into the new earth frequencies you might also find yourself disconnecting a bit to what is happening in the world. A devoted student to this work reminds me that the Scriptures teaches the importance of being of the world but not in the world. So we might find ourselves detaching from dense states of consciousness around us for we are moving into a new way of being in the world. If you find yourself doing this make sure you hold the energy of compassion for the world around you.

Arrogance does not match the new way of being we are being led to. Compassion for what is and moving forward to a lighter way of life simultaneously is what is called for.

There is no way to keep in your life the burdens that keep you from a lighter higher frequency. That would be like trying to set sail on a boat but refusing to lift up the anchor. You either lift up what anchors you to shore or you don’t move no matter how much you are seeking the adventure of sailing through new waters.

If you have been working with the intention of merging with the new frequencies of the earth there is a certain amount of surrender to change that you will be required to do. And this also takes a lot of trust of knowing that the universe is partnering with you to move you into a life that creates a new evolution of consciousness rippling through the entire web of life creating opportunities for others to do the same.

This is powerful work we do on behalf of ourselves but for all of life. If we continue to get lost in the density of consciousness right now we cannot be of true service and create new change for the planet. As we work spiritually to move to a different level of consciousness we hold a light and create a space of opportunity on the planet for others to make positive shifts.

Remember the crucial teaching from all spiritual traditions that all change on the physical realms begins in the spiritual realms.

The full moon is November 5. Let’s continue to move into the light that resides within us and connect with others doing the same. From this place of light, love, and oneness let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

Keep making the energetic shifts that create new states of consciousness for you. Continue to allow this powerful time of autumn to support your work in letting go of what keeps you from making the shift into a new evolution of consciousness. We are moving from a consciousness of separation to oneness. We are moving into a consciousness of honoring all of life and nature. We are moving into a consciousness of cooperation with each other and the spirit that lives in all things. As we shift into a new consciousness new understandings of how we can heal the planet and all of life will be shown to us. And we will feel the joy and preciousness of life.

Transmutation News – October 2006

When we observe the current state in the world whether looking at political situations, environmental changes, economic inequalities, or social injustice our minds can loop through different questions. Questions that might arise are:

What is the karma and destiny of those who go through tragedy and injustice?

Where do I take a stand and do my creative work?

Do I just surrender to all that is happening?

Is everything just perfect as it is unfolding right now?

Where do I have the power to create change?

Our minds will constantly loop around to different states and thought forms as this is what minds do. And on a mental level we often feel as if it we must understand everything that is happening.

This month I would like to bring us back to focusing on the basic principle of Medicine for the Earth that it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do.

There is an article that has been circulating the Internet. The article is about the work of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len in Hawaii. His work is a powerful example of putting “It is who we become that changes the world” into action.

The article that I read on Dr. Hew Len which is circulating the Internet was written by Joe Vitale. I was inspired after reading the article to do a web search on Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. The search revealed a number of interesting sites that provided more information.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is a therapist who in Hawaii cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients without ever seeing them. He would study the inmate’s chart and then look within himself to see how he created the person’s illness. He did his own inner work and then that was reflected by an actual healing of the person.

Dr. Hew Len worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. He worked with the ward that was filled by what was labeled the criminally insane. The staff and psychologists quit on a regular basis as the work there was so difficult and dangerous.

Dr. Hew Len actually healed the part of himself that created them. He believes that the total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life – simply because it is in your life – is your responsibility. He believes that the entire world is your creation.

We know this belief from different spiritual teachings and I speak about this in the Medicine for the Earth work.

Dr. Hew Len works with the Hawaiian tradition of ho’oponopono which means loving yourself. He works with the tradition that to heal others you must heal yourself.

When Dr. Hew Len would read the files of the patients he would just keep saying, “I’m sorry” and “I love you” over and over again.

The end result was after a few months of working in this way patients that were shackled began to walk freely, some patients got off their heavy medications, and some patients were actually released.

The staff had a turn around and began to enjoy showing up the work. There was more staff than was needed as patients kept being released.

And to add to this remarkable story today the ward is closed.

Dr. Hew Len is now 70 years old and is somewhat a reclusive. But what a powerful teaching he has shared with us.

It takes us back to the work in Medicine for the Earth where we look at what we are projecting onto the others and in the world. In order to change the world we must change ourselves first.

In the words of Gandhi we must be the change we want to see.

I hope this story provides you with inspiration to really look at how you are continuing the practices we have been working with together over the years on our outer world is a reflection of our own inner state.

Keep doing the work – it really does make a difference.

One of my friends did do a search on Dr. Hew Len and found this prayer in an article on him and the practice of ho’oponopono:

“Divine creator, father, mother, son as one…. If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light…And it is done.”

And of course you can work with his shorter version of:

“I’m sorry, and I love you.”

The full moon is October 6. Let’s continue to spin and weave a beautiful web of light filled with love within and throughout this great earth touching the hearts of all.

Transmutation News – September 2006

Last month I wrote about my talk at the United Nations. I really felt that much of the purpose of my being there is that the United Nations needed a burst of spiritual energy. Thousands of you focused divine perfection on the UN on July 27 while I was there. And if you have been following the news the energy is starting to move for the UN.

People at the UN were thrilled to know that thousands of people reading the Transmutation News were focusing light on the UN that day. I do believe that there was no mistake on the timing of the talk and the need to focus our energies there.

At my talk I connected with a wonderful woman named Kathleen and I am trying to help with her organization’s mission.

Kathleen is a UN NGO ECOSOC representative for Information Habitat. Kathleen works to develop the global environmental economy and environmental industry as instruments of peace within and between countries.

Kathleen herself and her organization are extremely focused on the human rights issues in China. In April 22, 2005 she gave a UN press conference speech televised to support human rights in China.

She was very struck when I had shared in the meeting that thousands of people around the world were focusing light and divinity on the UN during my talk. And she asked if our community could focus our light on China.

There are so many issues going on in the world right now that touch our hearts. And many of us feel pulled in different directions.

I believe that we can focus our energies on sending light to the dark places in the world and the situations that need some light.

The Communist Party systematically terrorizes, tortures, and murders its own people to try to maintain control. The majority of people in China want freedom including the Chinese military who do not receive good care. In numbers and spirit the Chinese who want freedom vastly outnumber Chinese communist torturers.

The above I paraphrased from Kathleen’s speech. Now I would like to quote the next part:

“Einstein said that the imagination encircles the globe. Envision the world as a powerful circle around China. Many members of the global civilized community are lovingly present with the Chinese people and are horrified that your own countrymen would inflict atrocities on their own people. You, the Chinese people, are our global brothers and sisters- we are one in partnership with you for peace and freedom on your land. Together, with you, we will imagine China’s communist catastrophe disintegrating into dust. We call on your wise and loving ancestors to correct the communists, reverse their damage and restore human dignity to all Chinese people. Until communism fully dismantles, reach from your hearts into the earth’s heart to draw loving-strength and compassion from the global heart.”

If you find yourself feeling called to help with doing transfiguration work yourself or in your groups I know this will help.

I suggest starting this work on Sept. 7 on the full moon and keeping it up when you can.

As we watch the state of the world it continues to be clear that an old paradigm is falling apart. And as the old paradigm falls it is so important to have people dreaming new possibilities into being and willing to hold that dream through the time of chaos.

Set your intention and commit to being a visionary and hold the light during this time on the planet.

Set your intention to do the inner work on the path towards unconditional love. You might find yourself meeting “the demons at the gate” and being confronted with the energies of jealousy, envy, ambition, judgement, etc. You must be willing to do the work of alchemy of working within and through these inner states. The end result will be being filled with a light and loving consciousness.

You must be willing to admit that you have creative brilliance to add to the work and that you are willing to own your power and “step up to the plate” right now.

And you must not feed into feelings of hopelessness that can come if we do not see immediate results in our physical world. There is a lot that goes on in the invisible realms that will manifest when the gestation process is complete.

It is so important to learn to stay centered during these times and not lose hope. For as you lose hope you fall into the dense state that mass consciousness is in. As you hold the light you move into a higher frequency where you are fed with hope and unlimited possibilities.

The issue of dealing with a crisis of faith came up on one of my Two Year Teacher Training yahoo groups. It is easy to fall into questioning the power of our spiritual work and whether we are sticking our heads in the sand.

Elise, a brilliant teacher in New Jersey. wrote a response to this question which I found very helpful. I asked her permission to share it with you.

First she starts off by quoting Eric Pearlman. “In quantum physics if you change the behavior of one particle, another particle in a different location will instantaneously react whether inches or universes away.”

Elise goes on to share that lower frequencies entrain or attune to higher vibrations and not the other way around. She says it makes sense not to hook in to the trauma/ drama of situations but to work with the ideal. She says: “The less I hook in to the specifics of the here and now the better. Then the Divine Harmony and the Uncorruptable Love has more room to create the miracle. The spirits taught me about HOPE. It needs to be open ended or it limits what can manifest.”

She goes on to say:

“Creation is a dynamic changing thing. It makes up new thought forms that support Peace, outside of the box of anything that has happened before this. That is why History may not be useful in this endeavor. To be Visionary is to have a vision of the future. To Decree is to intend it to happen in the present and not wait for History to resolve itself. We do not have time for that now.”

“Is there a Universal Intelligence that I can Co-create with? Do I believe in the biggest miracles I can imagine? Can I rally others to believe with me and raise up the frequency? Why not? Why not now? Why not easily?”

These are questions we must answer yes to now. For to be able to truly live our lives with the understanding of the true power of raising our frequency is to put us in complete harmony with the new frequencies of the earth. I have been writing about this for the last few months.

We cannot say we want to merge with the new frequencies of the earth and at the same time question the miracles that come from doing this.

Over the years we have been doing journeys and meditations to merge with the elements earth, air, water, and fire. When we talk about the elements they are interrelated. We don’t talk about a body as arms, legs, a head, etc. We see an interconnected body.

The earth is making a statement right now with all the dramatic environmental challenges many countries are experiencing. For many water is showing us how out of balance we have become as the extremes of drought and flooding continues.

This month I would ask you to merge with water as part of the earth. In a merged state experience the interrelatedness with the earth, air, and the sun.

During your journey or meditation feel yourself coming back to a place of harmony within yourself knowing it will create balance in our outer world.

I suggest you do this on the Autumn equinox Sept. 23 as part of our world community experiencing harmony within which manifests as harmony without.

There might be other ceremonies you have performed before to honor this powerful transition time as summer moves into fall. I have found that repeating ceremonies that you have felt powerful to you is key. There is a power that continues to build in the repetition. Ceremonies that are only performed once don’t have the same impact as those that are continued over time.

I have also personally found something that all spiritual traditions have always known. If you engage the helping compassionate ancestors in your work they are a real force in helping manifest change in your life, community, and the planet.

Here are a couple of poems that people shared with me last month.

Julie wrote this at the time that I was at United Nations:

Earth you are my spirit, every mountain strong,
Every summer daydream, every sparrow’s song,
Every flower’s sweet perfume,
Every wave on the sea
Lives within my spirit.
You’re part of me.

And Eva sent in an English translation of poem written by a German poet:

All is possible,
is mysterious.
The cycle of love and pain
never ending.

Often the unweaponed heart
is standing alone
in front of important change.

The full moon is September 7 let’s add to the light we are sending to China and continue to fully embrace the planet and all of life with the web of light we have been weaving as one heart beating together.

Fall is such a powerful time of deep change on the planet. It is a time of great beauty. Change comes in many forms. Learn to stay completely centered and move with the energy of the earth. In this way we can be of true service to the earth and the spirit that lives in all things.


Transmutation News – August 2006

I just returned from New York very late last night so I am a bit spacey. But I wanted to let everyone know about my time at the United Nations.

First of all I want to thank everyone who sent prayers that people would be touched by the Medicine for the Earth work. For indeed that did happen. The lecture went very well and it was well received by everyone who attended.

I thought I would give you some of the history of just organizing the talk over the last year. For I think you will get some idea of how the spirits were working behind the scenes.

In October of 2005 I was a keynote presenter at a Health Fair that was sponsored by a college in New York. I presented the Medicine for the Earth material during my lecture. At the end of the lecture Tom, someone I had met in a workshop in the 1980’s, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to present this lecture at the UN.

I told him I would be happy to and I would contact him after I got home from teaching in Europe. So then began the journey of setting a date, which proved to be most difficult, as I have had such a full teaching year.

Originally we talked about the end of April. And it just felt like things were not working out. The only time I had free besides April was in July. So I just tuned in and asked if July 27 was free.

Once the date was set and everything was in place for me to come, I got the news that a lot of the people I would be trying to reach would be on vacation in July. I immediately started to question my judgement in committing to this date. But I really had no choice but to move forward at this point. I had to trust that the right people would show and that at least a door would open that would create the opportunity for further dialogue.

The meeting at the United Nations was sponsored by The Values Caucus at the United Nations in association with The NGO Committee on the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

The Millennium Declaration at the UN speaks to the issues of equality, freedom from hunger and violence, freedom from oppression and injustice, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature, and shared responsibility. These are just some main headings of the declaration.

The night before my talk I met with some people for dinner. One of the women whom I met was on the Indigenous Committee and was key in helping to put on the lecture. Her name is Pam and she has been working at the UN for 12 years. She said she received many phone calls from people apologizing that they could not come to the talk as they were either on vacation or could not get off work from other jobs. But she reminded me that the United Nations had a spirit and it was alive. And that the UN was in deep trouble at the moment so that a lot of healing needed to take place. Pam felt that the timing for my visit could not have been timed more perfectly.

And this was so true. Everytime I talked with Tom he kept saying how crazy things were at the UN. Think about the timing of the talk. Everyone at the UN is busy dealing with the situation between Israel and Lebanon.

I have one student from Slovakia who is now working at the UN representing his country. He is sitting on the Security Council. And he kept telling me how chaotic the energy was at the UN.

And now Pam was reminding me of how the UN as a life force and spiritual entity needed healing. I realized the absolute perfection of the date. For it did not matter how many people attended the meeting. I had put out a request for support to all of you. That meant that thousands of people around the world were focusing divinity and perfection on the UN that day. For the Transmutation News is in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovakian, and Dutch.

So there was what was happening on a visible and tangible level of sharing the information verbally with those who could take the work out into the communities they worked with. And then there was the invisible work of infusing the UN, which is a living entity with the spirit of divine perfection at a time when great healing is needed.

There was a good turn out for the talk. I started by sharing how we were gathering as a community who cares about the welfare of all of life at this crucial time on the planet.

For thousands of years shamans and spiritual teachers from around the globe have offered us spiritual teachings and solutions to the challenges of life.

As our environment and the violence of war challenge us to the depths of our being it is now time for us to listen to those ancient teachings with new ears.

I began by honoring the ancestors and the descendants as well as the helping spirits.

I spoke some about soul loss/soul retrieval as I feel with all the trauma caused by violence and environmental changes it is important that the power of this work be known.

And then I spoke about the key points of the Medicine for the Earth work.

Everything manifests on a spiritual level before manifesting on the physical. This means that the spiritual work we do does make a difference and it is where we have all have power right now to create change.

I described the web of life and the work of shamans. I also talked about how shamans weave the fabric of reality and work on the invisible levels.

The toxicity we are seeing on all levels today is the reflection of our inner toxic nature. And I shared the principle of it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do.

I talked about how to transmute and transform the energy behind our negative thoughts and emotions. And I gave the examples of phrases we use everyday of how we might feel shot down, back stabbed, kicked, held hostage, feeling as if we are in explosive energy. These are terrorist terms and from a shamanic point of view this is actually happening. So how can we say we want peace and a clean environment when our behavior does not reflect a harmonious way of living?

You could tell people were moved by what I was sharing on this level.

And then I talked about working with the power of words.

I shared how we can project divinity and light and perfection on people around the world who are being challenged instead of pitying them. I have been writing quite a bit about this topic over the year on the Transmutation News.

And of course I talked about reconnecting with nature and the web of life.

Then I talked about how we can work in community and also the ceremonies we can perform. I described the formula for transmutation and creation. And then talked about the ceremonies we have performed in Medicine for the Earth gatherings and the pilot research study I did in collaboration with the University of Michigan. I shared the results we have been getting.

I talked about the paradox we are all living with as we are egoic beings who see ourselves as separate but on an esoteric level everything is perfect and everyone is divine. And it is truly our perception that creates our reality. And that part of the key to our work together is moving into a place of love and appreciation.

People were very touched and I saw heads shaking in affirmation when I talked about the division I saw in the spiritual community and how we do not know how to focus together as well as some of the more fundamentalist groups. There seemed to be great agreement in this point by watching the expression on the faces of the group present. So we have our work to do in learning how to support each other in focusing our spiritual energies to move forward and create positive change instead of judging whose work is more powerful.

I then let people ask questions or bring up issues for discussion. By the questions I could really see that people were effected by what I shared and were thinking deeply about things.

And then we ended with a short transfiguration ceremony with water in the middle of the room and ending with drinking some of the water while we shared words of power for the world and the time we live in.

Within twenty four hours of my talk I started getting messages on my voice mail from some who were present and I have agreed to consult with them on how to put some of this work into action.

After the meeting friends who came to support me along with some of the organizers went to the UN cafeteria for some snacks and to talk. Carl is the head of the Values Caucus at the United Nations and it was interesting to talk more with him and get some feedback. He also has been working at the UN for a long time. I think if I remember what he said he has been there since the 1980’s.

He commented that he could see my work being implemented if it was done in the right way meaning woven into things without spiritual terminology.

He talked about how when he has met the ambassadors one on one in social situations they are just wonderful people. But he said the UN has a very old and very rule oriented way of working with things. So they have documents that they read in which certain principles are read for certain situations.

So he said the same ambassadors that are quite open in social situations become very closed and rigid in meetings and only speak “the party line” when they talk in behalf of their countries.

But of course as we know the old rules and party lines are no longer offering solutions to the challenges we are all facing on all levels right now. Carl talked about the UN being on a treadmill now.

So we will see what happens. I felt very good about the talk and I felt participants really got what I was sharing. And I really shared basic human principles of how we can all work to change what is happening in the world right now. And I know I will keep in touch with some of the people who were at the meeting and continue to bring in the work on whatever level is possible.

So I again thank you for the personal support. And I feel we must all trust in the spiritual energy that was infused into the UN on the day from of all of you. I do believe that there was a reason that my presentation was given at such a challenging time at the UN. And we all have to trust that our work provided positive input.

I flew home from New York and I had to change planes in Dallas. As we were flying in to Dallas I could see how parched the land was. There were hundreds and hundreds of homes lined up in rows in the middle of parched land with no trees.

Seeing this scene led me to some thinking. I just wondered if all people woke up everyday and gave appreciation for their lives and honored earth, air, water, and the energy from the sun for all that was given how the landscape all around the world would change.

The spiritual work we need to do is so basic. But it takes a commitment and deep focus during these times to remember the truths.

We cannot say we want peace and a good environment to live in if we are not willing to do the work to create the inner landscape that supports that change on the planet.

Over the last few months I have been sharing with you about finding ways to fully merge and become the new, higher, and more refined frequencies of the earth.

 I want to give you a report on how this work has been going for me. I have been doing all the exercises I have been suggesting to you over the last few months. What I am finding is that I feel more joy. I am laughing more. I feel lighter inside of myself. This feels so healing for me and also what I am feeding the collective energies with.

 When I was a child I was filled with joy and was also in deep wonder and awe of the beauty of nature. Although I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and surrounded by buildings and concrete I could not believe the incredible beauty of the trees, plants, animals, and the sky above.

 Although this appreciation of the beauty of the earth has stayed with me a lot of the joy of being alive and being part of this great earth left me. And that incredible joy has returned. My feelings of gratefulness for the gift of life are at an all time high. And I know this healing I have received effects all of life.

 And it all came through journeys and meditations to merge with the higher and more refined frequencies of the earth. So I urge you and encourage you to keep up this practice which becomes a way of life no different than breathing.

 One night in July I was kept up from the most amazing thunderstorm. I could barely believe the intensity of lightening in the sky. It was after midnight and there was no way to sleep in the middle of this lightening, thunder, and pounding rains. As Santa Fe has been in such drought I was so happy for all the trees, plants, and animals who were receiving the gift of nourishing water.

 In my twilight state I received a glimpse into the future. I truly experienced with sight and feeling where we are moving to in the evolution of consciousness. I saw as we continue to raise our frequency we will move into becoming lighter and less dense beings. Communication through the psychic realms will be instantaneous as well as our ability to manifest light into form. Physical and emotional healing will be easier as our level of density lessens. Movement and change will be facilitated in a faster, easier, and more graceful way.

 The final message I was left with was where we are moving to is so wonderful. Don’t hold on to your current way of life which feeds into denser energies. We are moving into a joyful light time. Do not be afraid of the coming changes.

The full moon is August 9. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light vibrating with joy within and throughout the earth. We must remember that our spiritual work is working with invisible energies knowing that what we do in the spiritual does manifest in the physical. Let’s keep joining our hearts and spirit together in behalf of the spirit that lives in all things.

Transmutation News – July 2006

I am back from Europe and I had a wonderful trip. I hope you had a wonderful summer solstice. I completely lost track of time and forgot to acknowledge the summer solstice on the June Transmutation News. Time is moving so rapidly it is hard to keep up.

Last month I said that I would write a bit about my trip to Iceland. I really loved it there. It is a very unique part of the world and the land is quite beautiful. The land is relatively new compared to other locations in the world. What I found in this newness was a very clear psychic field. As I traveled around I could just close my eyes and have access to all non-ordinary information I was searching for. I really liked being in such a field. I felt like I could really sink my feet into connecting deep within the earth.

Fifty four percent of the residents of Iceland believe in the hidden folk. Out of the 44% who question their existence 37% are unwilling to completely discount their existence. Many of the people grew up on stories about the hidden folk so they are not willing to completely say they do not believe in them as the old myths and beliefs still exist.

I did have an opportunity to go to Elf School, which is run by Magnus Skarphedinsson. Magnus is a historian, researcher, and also a psychic. He is an incredible wealth of information when it comes to talking about the hidden folk.

We spent about four hours with him and he told one story after another. And I also had the opportunity to talk about shamanism.

Although Magnus does talk about 13 different types of elves, the existence of gnomes, dwarves, and fairies he mostly talked about the hidden people. There are three races of the hidden people and they are human like us, but the best way I can describe them is that they live in another dimension.

Magnus has a huge resource of stories that he has collected from around the world where the hidden people came through to make contact with humans of our time. He also has worked with mediums to make contact with these people.

The hidden people live a simple life and are in deep connection with the earth and honor nature. They have decided to remain hidden because they say humans of our world lie and cannot be trusted. I found that to be interesting.

There are many stories where the hidden people came through to help someone who needed help while hiking in nature and also people who needed some healing help. They seem quite sophisticated in their knowledge of healing. Many children have also had hidden people children as friends.

I asked Magnus if the hidden people had any messages for us. He said that they have stressed that we must protect nature. We must protect our karma and destiny by having good behavior towards others and ourselves. We must stop lying. We must learn how to love ourselves.

These are all things that we are all working on right now.

Iceland is a great place to visit. If you are interested in going you need to know it is very expensive so you must be prepared for that.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel in Reykjavik called the Hotel Phoenix ( The hotel was the only part of our trip that was not too expensive. The owners really put themselves out to help make our trip wonderful. We have never experienced such care and service in our travels. Although they did not share our spiritual beliefs they had great fun humoring us.

Magnus Skarphedinsson runs Elf School on Friday afternoons. If you are interested in finding out more information here is the contact info for the school:

The Elfschool
Sidumuli 31
108 Reykjavik

phone 354 (country code) 894-4014.

The current email address I have is:

But please be aware that they do not answer correspondence in a timely fashion.

Although Icelandic is spoken in the country most people speak English. And our hotel owners and Magnus also speak German. There are probably more languages that they speak, but these two I know they do.

Over the last couple of months I have written about working to raise your frequency. This is such important work for the times we live in. The dream of mass consciousness is so entrenched in our psyches we must work harder to wake up. As we wake up and move into a different frequency we have a different experience of life.

As I have already written you can raise your frequency by connecting with the true vibration of the earth. So when I work with this I ask to experience the true resonance beyond the concrete and beyond the illusions mass consciousness has projected onto the earth. I ask to go beyond illusion and be connected with the true vibration and just to experience that.

I know some of my students want to connect with these new frequencies and just do not know how to do so. I think the first step is to set your intention to do so and to ask for your own personal guidance in your journeys and meditations.

Personally I find that the setting of intention is key for me. Once I set my intention my prayers are answered and I can tap into the higher frequencies when I take the time to do so.

As with everything we are working with it is all about practice.

And please remember that you are already connected to the earth and you are earth. You are connected to new frequencies and you are the new frequencies. Drop the veils of illusion and delusion that separate you from that which you are. Experience and radiate the new frequencies now.

I wanted to let everyone know that my talk at the United Nations on Medicine for the Earth is still scheduled for July 27. I do not have more information than that right now.

My hope is that spiritual work is seen as an important element to blend with the political and environmental work being done today. I also want to bring through a message of hope. I hope you will keep a good thought that the message gets through to those who attend.

I will also talk some on soul retrieval as I think that this is such an important issue that so many people are dealing with today.

I could use some support too. I feel the lecture is important and I am happy to do it. But I must admit I am nervous about it. And I trust the spirits I work with will come through to help guide me with the words needed to touch the hearts of all who are present. I know I will not be alone during my talk. I trust in my spirits and I trust in the power of love and light.

Also the new edition of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self with an added Afterword and new cover should be in bookstores around July 20. The cover is really quite beautiful and definitely holds a different frequency than the previous cover.

The full moon is July 10. Let’s continue to weave a vibrant web of light within and around the planet touching all of life with love and new frequencies to lift us into harmony and peace.

Transmutation News – June 2006

As I travel around and have conversations with people in different spiritual communities I find that there are differing opinions about the times we live in.

There are those who truly believe that the end of the world is coming and that the imbalances are too far along to be remedied. Then there are those who truly believe that all can be changed as we imagine the world we want to create.

I find myself living in the middle of these two beliefs. I do believe that the world as we know it is dying. I do not see this death as an end but as a transition from one way of life to another.

In spiritual traditions death is not an end, but a rite of passage and a transition. During our lifetime we go through many little deaths before making our final transition out of our body.

We can look to nature for metaphors and see the transition as a snake shedding her skin, a butterfly coming out of his cocoon, the seed of a new plant bursting forth from the ground. All of these are transitions that take a letting go of the old and bursting forth into new life.

I do believe that we are entering a time where we must continue to use our imaginations to create the world and the state of consciousness we want to live in. And we must also realize that there will be a transitional state between where we are now and where we are going.

How long and stressful this transition might be is directly proportioned to how asleep people are and how loud “the alarm clock” must get to wake people up.

The more we do our spiritual practice and raise our frequency we can all keep weaving a new fabric of reality with beautiful colors and textures which include a great deal of joy and grace during these changing times.

In the outer world this is an incredibly busy time of traveling and teaching for me. But when I go inside myself right now there is a deep quiet and a need to remain quiet. It feels to me like there are different frequencies we can choose to ride right now. We can choose to raise our frequency and ride a different wave of energy. It takes going within to change our choices and to shift our energy.

One way to do this is to take some time for reflection.

This month please continue to connect with the heartbeat of the earth as I suggested last month. Keep working on merging with the new frequencies that are associated with the change in consciousness being birthed into our world.

Re look at your work with the formula for transmutation and creation: love + union + intention + harmony + focus + concentration + imagination.

How strong is your ability to set an intention, concentrate, and stay focused on your work right now? Reflect on this question and meditate on any daily spiritual work you need to do to strengthen these spiritual muscles.

Do you really experience yourself being in a state of union with the divine and the web of life? Reflect on this. How can you bring more light through in your daily life?

Can you hold the energies of love and harmony within while we live in these times of transition? Reflect on whether you are really creating a foundation of love and harmony in the collective right now.

Are you staying strong in your powers of imagining and visioning a good dream for the earth and all of life? Reflect on this. How can you deepen your visioning work?

It is so important to keep reflecting on the spiritual work you are doing. For this work does make a difference. But it is important to keep deepening the spiritual states of consciousness you hold throughout the day. This is what continues to raise our frequency and create the changes we all long for in our lives.

I wanted to let you know that I am scheduled to lecture at the United Nations the end of July on Medicine for the Earth. My goal is to bring through the importance of bridging spiritual work into all the work that is being done to help the environment and human rights as well as the rights of all of living beings.

I hope you will keep a good thought. I will let you know more information as I have it and will give you more details on the July Transmutation News.

And again I wanted to remind everyone of the conference I will be part of in July put on by the Society of Shamanic Practitioners. I wrote about this last month, so you can look at the write up on the Transmutation News May 2006.

The full moon is June 11. Let us keep weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

Remember that we are birthing into being a beautiful world for all of life with every thought and every breath we take. Hold this precious web of life in your heart in every one of your waking moments.

Transmutation News – May 2006

Even if I did not watch the news, just listening to the predictions of the times ahead that my friends and students talk about in conversation I can find myself moving in a state of fear and hopelessness. I listen to people predicting the demise of civilization through the bird flu, the potential of terrorist attacks, and climate changes.

I think that people are sensing a great deal of tension in the air. And also changes are speeding up. But personally I do not believe that any of us are privy to exactly how the great changes will occur. Climate changes of course are obvious – they are happening right before our eyes.

The fabric of reality as we know it is breaking down. And I keep repeating that everything manifests in the spiritual realms before it manifests in the physical.

True shamans have always worked on the fabric of the invisible worlds by weaving new patterns of harmony through the use of art, song, dance and ceremonies.

In this great time of change we must continue to do our work. I have been outlining key practices the last few months and I hope you will continue to do them.

This month spend time merging with the earth or transfiguring into earth- whichever practice you know how to do or prefer to do. If you are new to this work review the section on merging with the elements in Medicine for the Earth.

The soil is very active during this time of year as new growth is bursting forth. As you become one with earth connect your heartbeat so your heartbeats are one.

Start all of your shamanic journeys or meditation practices from this place of one heartbeat and deep connection. Once you are in this connective state embrace the earth energies with the understanding that you and the earth are one – one organism, one heartbeat.

From this place of connection ask your questions, do your healing work, and/or meditate.

If you are connected the information you need abut coming changes will be given to you. From this place of deep connection and oneness with the earth you will weather the changes of the coming changes.

And remember thoughts and words create action and form. Keep looking at the energetic pattern behind your words and thoughts. Look at how you can help to change the pattern so new forms are created.

And as I keep writing it is so important to:

Stay positive

Stay focused

Stay centered

Do your work and stay focused no matter what changes are manifesting around you. You came here this time around to be part of and to help birth a new evolution of consciousness.

The full moon is May 13. From a place of being one with the earth and heartbeat spread your light into the web of life embracing all of life with love.

Transmutation News – April 2006

When one watches the news there is so much hate and fear being reported. And we can all see for ourselves the rapid climate changes creating challenges we all have to face. The world situation can feel very overwhelming.

As I said last month it is the simple practices we do incorporate into our lives that have an impact. Last fall I took part in a ceremony at a workshop I was leading. I met a spirit who gave me an important message. He said that the purpose of humankind was to be a bridge between the heavens and the earth. He said that because we have forgotten this the earth is trying to reach to the heavens and the heavens are reaching down to the earth. Earthquakes, flooding rains, hurricanes etc, are the heavens and earth making contact with each other. If we would remember to be this bridge the heavens and earth would not have to work so hard to “touch hands” and reach each other.

Bringing attention and love to what you do as I suggested last month is definitely a powerful way to be a bridge between the earth and heaven. And we should continue living our lives in an intentional way.

Also by grounding the light of our transfigured state into our body is a way of bridging these energies.

Life on this planet is so precious and such a gift. But we forget the joy of life as we get caught up in survival. The pace of life has quickened so we forget how to appreciate the simple joys of touch, the beauty of nature, the fragrances, the incredible sounds, and tastes. We distract ourselves with gathering more and more information and forget to stop to just experience life in the moment.

To experience the simple joys shows honor and respect to nature and the natural forces. Balance is the result of acts of honor, respect, and appreciation.

Every day take a few minutes to be grateful for the simple pleasures of life. Listen to the sounds in nature, taste your food, feel and see the beauty of the earth, and smell the wonderful fragrances from a place of joy and gratefulness.

Performing ceremonies of celebration are also a potent way to create change. Ceremonies open the veils between the realms where miracles can happen especially when we keep our concentration and focus.

When we work in ceremony and with attention in our daily lives we work in partnership with the invisible worlds and helping spirits in behalf of all of life.

This month lie down and breathe and harmonize with the heartbeat of the earth. Hold a larger earth energy in your body than you are used to and bridge into that energy light, oneness, and divinity.

Let’s do the greatest ceremony we can do for the earth and earth our appreciation and prayers by planting a seed or a stone of love on the full moon.

The power of group mind is great. Let’s create a group mind that is focused on the honor and respect for the earth and all of life.

Continue to do the work of coming home to yourself and learning to center so you can ride out the storms ahead.

The work we are doing this month is the work of a gardener. Tend your garden with joy and love and reap the rewards of a beautiful harvest.

It’s the simple acts of love, honor, respect, and appreciation that create the biggest magic.

The full moon is April 13. Let’s continue to weave a web of light throughout the planet. And let’s plant our seeds of joy and love into the earth. Let’s connect our minds and hearts together to create a collective of love.

Transmutation News – March 2006

I think that most of you who have been reading the Transmutation News have been engaged in spiritual practices for quite a long time now. You have probably read numerous books, attended a lot of workshops, and listened to many lectures.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. And it is important for all of us to find ways to put into action all that we have been learning. And of course over the years of writing the Transmutation News I have been giving you ideas of how you might do this.

As the stresses in our lives continue to increase I am just not sure how seriously we are watching the signs and following the energy of what is being manifested for all of life. The changes we are seeing are showing us just how disharmonious the collective is.

I think that we get caught up in how overwhelming everything seems. So it is human nature to move into a place of passivity and start to believe that either the situation is hopeless or “someone” will figure out how to fix things. And we all know that this is just not going to happen.

I still maintain that it is the simple spiritual practices that we bring into our lives that can change the collective. So I want to encourage putting what you have been learning into action and at the same time keep it simple.

The last few months I have been encouraging you to find your way back home to yourself and journey within to find your light, spirit, power, and center. It is so important in the coming times to continue this practice. This is where your strength and inner guidance comes from.

This month I would like you to add to the practices you are doing by looking at how you can live your life with more intention.

In January a friend came to Santa Fe and taught me spinning on a spinning wheel. To my surprise I immediately took to the practice of spinning. And the practice that I have brought into my life is to spin fiber while keeping a certain intention. I might choose a fiber and while I spin I focus on love, unity, light, and oneness going into the yarn. Or I might spin healing energies into fiber I am spinning to help out a friend. I also spin yarn in honor of the elements, the hidden folk, the ancestors, and for all of life.

I love to spin. And you are probably familiar with different stories of how spinning was how women went into altered states and received visions. I wish I could spin for hours a day. And I find that life pulls me out and I have to settle at this point anyway for about an hour a day.

But an hour a day of doing something with great intention, focus, and staying in a place of prayer does create great change in the collective. As you bring intention into simple acts and practices that you do throughout the day you break down the veils of illusion and open the veils between the imaginal realms and physical realms. You end up working in harmony and from a place of love and joy. This creates enormous healing in the world.

Modern technology is wonderful, and it also has taken us off course. Most of us no longer eat food that was prepared with the intention of love. People who are working under substandard conditions make a lot of our clothes. You can only imagine the lack of love going into the clothes and fabrics that we wear against our skin. And the list goes on.

This month to add to the spiritual practices that you already do make a commitment to do one task during your day with intention. If you are really busy keep it simple so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Cook one meal with maintaining your full intention and attention to putting love into what you make. Take just a moment to remember where this food came from and the elements and life that gift you with this nurturance.

If you are into a craft such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, carving, painting, sculpting, or writing create something small that carries the intention of love into the collective. Sing or dance sending love out into the world.

Use your imagination and do one task everyday that carries the intention of love and notice if you feel a difference. I find that I experience a lot more peace and joy in my life as I live with intention.

Every minute you live your life with intention changes the web of life. Think of a ship that has gone off course. We need to work in the invisible realms to change the course remembering that everything manifests in the spiritual before manifesting in the physical. Work energetically and with intention. And if we all engage in a life with intention the collective will shift and so will our world.

The spring equinox is March 20. When we think of the energy of spring we think of new birth and creation. Let us put our creative energies together to honor the new birth of life coming into the world. And on the spring equinox let us all together perform every task during our day with carrying the intention of love into the collective in celebration of our lives and for all of life.

There is a wonderful woman I have been in frequent communication with around the Medicine for the Earth work. She recently sent me an article that comes out of Yes! (the Spring 2003 issue of Our Planet, Our Selves). In this issue there was an article written by Francesca Lyman titled “Restoring Nature, Restoring Yourself”.

In the article she talked describes a man by the name of John Beal who was broken by war healed himself by physically cleaning out the garbage in a stream by his house. John Beal was recovering from bullet wounds, was haunted by flashbacks, suffered from PTSD, had gone through three heart attacks, and had been in a serious motorcycle accident.

Instead of moving into a place of despair he literally started to pull out garbage. When he yanked a big refrigerator out of the stream he was not hurt by the activity. Instead he found himself feeling better.

He has directed his energies to cleaning up and restoring this polluted stream flowing out of Seattle’s industrial south end. He moved on to restoring the entire watershed of which it is part of.

The Dunwamish River and its estuaries had been written off as a lost cause. And due to John’s efforts restored them to health.

Beal has recruited hundreds of crews to clean up and replant the streams.

His efforts have been hugely successful and there is one story about his work on the Hamm Creek. Within days of a huge effort to daylight and replant the area little salmonids began appearing. What was once a culvert dripping with waste is now a beautifully recontoured and replanted stream brimming with beaver, salmon and other fish.

Not only has his efforts been healing to nature but the people who engaged in his projects also benefited by the work. He describes dozens of cases of people disabled physically or psychologically helped from the exercise and the feeling of accomplishment.

John talks about a young man who had been in a wheelchair for eight years. He came out to help weed and plant. After two years he was almost walking.

John says that no matter how stressed, angry, depressed or troubled they are, whether it’s a jail crew sent to clean up litter for the day or a class of disabled students, they seem to find pleasure from the work.

This is one example of how bringing intention to what you do heals nature and all the people engaged in the activity. I hope this story inspires you to gather a community of people together to work in your locale.

Francesca Lyman, the author the article, writes the Your Environment column for MSNBC online. She was recently awarded the Society of Environmental Journalists’ first prize for online reportage.

For those of you looking for a copy of the article it was published by the Positive Futures Network, PO Box 10818, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110-0818.

Here is a summary of practices that would be great to continue working with throughout the day. Keep your focus when you can with the understanding that you will deepen the practices the more you continue working with them.

Keep transmuting and transforming the energy behind your problematic thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and belief systems. In this way you continue to send the energy of love and light into the collective.

Keep watching the words you use. Words are magic and have great power. Be aware of the vibration you send out into the universe and what will manifest from that vibration.

Continue to work with the projections as I have written about in the Transmutation News December 2005.

As much as possible live your life and perform daily tasks with the intention of putting love into what you do.

Keep up your practice of transfiguration so you embrace your light and divinity. This is healing for yourself and for the world.

Get out into nature and connect! This is healing for both you and the planet.

The full moon is March 14. Let us continue to weave a web of light, divinity, and love within and through the earth. The spiritual work we do with the web of life and the web of light ripples throughout the planet healing the collective as it moves. This work does make a difference!