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I love the month of May. There is an energy in nature during May that always seems so lovely. I feel peaceful every time this month arrives. Maybe the word “May” holds a particular vibration that speaks to me.

When I first started performing and teaching Soul Retrieval, I would share very detailed stories with my clients about what caused their soul loss. I would see the clothes my client was wearing at the time of the trauma. This was typically confirmed by the client. I received long messages about the trauma and then healing stories about the gifts that the returned soul parts were bringing back to my client.

Over time I found that clients and students were getting lost in the stories instead of focusing on absorbing the light, power, and gifts of the returned soul essence.

At the time no one was on the internet. So, I wrote Soul Retrieval newsletters every six months and sent them to my students who subscribed to them. I also added a new Preface and Afterword to my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self.

In one newsletter I wrote about this issue and the advice from my helping spirits of how to correct this. They stopped giving me the details of any past story that a client could get stuck in. Instead, my helping spirits started focusing on the healing stories of the gifts being returned and what the client now had to look forward to.

For in the times we live in, we don’t need more trauma anchoring us to the past. Soul Retrieval brings back the essence that returns the vital health of the client. It the energy that is returned not the words or story that creates positive changes in a client’s life.

I wrote about the shift in my work in my Soul Retrieval newsletters, and I was amazed by the response I got. The same time I changed my work most of the practitioners I trained also had been guided to change their work as I had. We all collectively received this guidance at the same time! It is amazing how the helping spirits work!

This was a big message and teaching for me as we keep incorporating ancient spiritual methods into our modern culture. We can get stuck in our heads and want to understand too much rationally. Information does not heal, energy heals. In contrast people in indigenous cultures just want to absorb the healing energies.

I see this happening now with our shamanic and ceremonial work. People spend so much time in their rational mind, seeing only through ego’s eyes, and wanting to understand messages given in shamanic journeys instead of perceiving the power of the energetic transmission of communication. 

I truly believe that the people who are willing to shift to a “new frequency” of working with higher vibrational energies and songs are changing and evolving in a similar fashion to that of the Earth.

There are so many theories about splits in dimensions where people who choose to stay stuck in the vibration of fear, hate, and separation split from the dimension of people choosing to ride a different wave of a higher frequency.

For years now I have been writing on this column how my spiritual teacher Isis keeps advising us to pick the wave we want to ride- meaning what dimension of reality do we choose to live in? 

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On this wave of higher consciousness, I believe we will be stepping into a new way of opening our senses so that much of our communication is on the psychic level and through energy transmissions.

For when we focus on too many words, we are losing the meaning of our spiritual work and the gift that it provides for us.

Try taking walks in nature and don’t talk to other nature beings you meet along the way. Just transmit love and radiant light. Notice the energy transmission that you receive. My bet is that it is so much deeper than any words. Your awareness and perception of life will change as you do this.

Try some journeys where you remain in silence with your helping spirits and see what transpires through your shared energy. Let go of needing more messages and words. Observe the transformation ` that begins to happen within you.

My guess is that you will feel more clear, peaceful, radiant, and more connected to life, and more rooted to the Earth.

On the note of stepping into different dimensions of reality I taught a seven-week course “Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature: Building Strong Reciprocal Healing Relationships with Animals, Trees, and Other Allies in the Middle World”.

In this course I shared how in shamanic cultures every living being that lived in their landscape of the community was kin. Ongoing conversations went on between the people, the plants, stones, trees, animals, insects, birds, and the list goes on. For everything that lived in the environment was family.

I was so delighted to see how many people woke up to a completely different way of life talking to trees and other nature beings and listening to them talk back to them. Often, we ask for a sign or a message instead of taking the time to talk to nature as a friend and family such as asking a tree how its day was.

I watched as people who stepped into this new dimension did not feel invaded by the denser collective energies due to a new sense of reality had opened for them – one filled with such beauty, joy, a wealth of sharing love back and forth with nature, and kindness being shown towards all of life. I feel like so many people actually opened to and stepped into a new evolution of consciousness. The transformation I watched was stunning. We filled with beauty and then could perceive the beauty in life.

Of course, there were those who got lost in the suffering aspect of how we treat other life forms. For on many levels, we are living in barbaric times especially towards our treatment of nature. We have a lot of healing to do on this level. I move in and out of this state myself.

But to be able to hold all of life in love, kindness, honor, and respect does change the energy field.

And since the destructive forces on the planet are also feeding the collective with so much anger and separation, we have to really step up with our work to flood the collective with love and light. Otherwise, I don’t believe we will see positive change. But there will be people who will organically shift into a new evolution of consciousness through being in such deep connection with nature.

On Facebook a few people posted this absolutely fabulous video. I feel this completely captures what I was teaching in the course and throughout the years with Medicine for the Earth. This is a video of a beautiful woman from the Lakota nation sharing her experience of speaking with water.

The course is a fabulous course, and I transformed so much through teaching it. I feel I stepped into a true flow of love going back and forth between myself and nature and the creative forces of the universe bringing new healing energies into my life. I truly believe this work should be taught before learning shamanic journeying to work with helping spirits.

I did schedule a once a month 6-month Community Group to continue exploring this magical work. The 6-month course will be bundled with the initial 7-week course for those interested in exploring the beauty of nature and communicate with nature beings. Whether living in a city or suburbs these practices are transformative and bring about a feeling of deep peace. I don’t have a link yet for more information yet, but I will send out an email when I have more information on the course and registration.

The full moon is May 18. Make sure to do your work to move into your spirit self and a sacred space. Travel within to the truth of who you are. Under all your feelings and thoughts, you are pure spirit, divine light, and unconditional love. This is the energy you carry. Now let’s join our energies of light together and transmit, radiate, emanate light within and throughout this great Earth. Let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of life that embraces every being on the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News. Please visit Creating a Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions of our full moon ceremonies.

I woke up one morning with a powerful message: It is time to run towards the work instead of away from it so we can plant seeds for future generations!

Copyright 2019 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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