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Sandra Ingerman’s website has a wealth of information for those who are seeking a path of shamanism.

Books and CDs: Sandra has written 12 books about shamanism, including Medicine for the Earth, The Book of Ceremony and Soul Retrieval. Walking in Light offers a complete guide for living a shamanic life.

Sign up for a workshop – online or in-person as they become available.

Each month Sandra writes a newsletter that offers inspiration to people who are working for the betterment of the planet. The Transmutation News Includes upcoming events and workshops as well as a monthly video called “Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy” offering a journey or ceremony. The Transmutation News is also translated by a team of translators in several languages.

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Listen to Sandra’s podcasts, watch YouTube videos of interviews and read her articles on Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth, Healing, How to work with omens and much more.

See how spiritual healing affects the energy fields of people and substances in GDV results.

Watch Sandra and Renee Baribeau discuss shamanic topics and offer a short journey on their weekly video on

Find a Sandra Ingerman trained teacher to learn from or a practitioner to work with in your area  on Note: All practitioners have learned how to do soul retrievals from Sandra Ingerman.

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