Transmutation News – November 2004

If you are reading the Transmutation News early on in the month there is some work for you to do. The election for President of the United States is coming up in just a matter of days. The results of this election will have an impact on the entire world. So it does not matter where you live, please join in with the collective in this work.

In keeping with the principles of Medicine for the Earth I ask you to throughout the day experience a transfigured state and experience the results of the election in divine perfection. You can do this without doing a formal journey or meditation. Throughout the day tap into a state of source, oneness, and light and experience the results as perfect.

The more people we can get doing this the collective energy will help to raise the vibration of the process. This is important work, please participate in this process each day and throughout the day.

The American people are very deep in trance. And one way that people are being kept in this trance state is through fear. The polls show that many women will be voting for Bush for they think that this is how they can protect their children.

There is a lack of information to these women that environmental pollution is as dangerous if not more than terrorists to the children of the world. And if women really wanted to protect their children they would elect a President who was aware of the need to protect and heal the environment.

As there is such a lack of information in so much of the country and the trance state is so deep it is hard to know who will win the election this year. But we put in our best efforts to work spiritually to experience the results in their divine state.

I know that emotions are running high in many of you reading the Transmutation News. It is important to keep doing our spiritual work. This is truly what the earth needs right now. We must continue to work on finding inner peace no matter what the results of the election are. Am I aware of how great a challenge I am presenting to all of you? Yes, I am. And I am challenged in this too. But I do know in every cell of my being that we must not lose ourselves to holding states of consciousness that pollute the earth.

No matter what the outcome of the election feelings will be running strong in the U.S. and around the world. We need you to be strong and help those in your community process feelings. I will be in Europe and know that feelings will be running as high as in the U.S. And yes, for all of you asking I did vote before leaving the U.S. We all need to work in the best way we can to keep our collective energies strong. We do not have to be swept away by “the storms”. We must be like a strong tree and keep our center.

We are here to tend the garden. We must do our work to continue to transmute the inner and outer toxins that effect our garden. Keep your focus. As I have said many times it is easy to keep focused on our spiritual practice when things are going right. It is harder when life presents challenges.

Keep your focus on transmuting your inner states of consciousness. Keep your focus on dreaming a world into being that is in a divine state. And remember that all spiritual traditions for thousands of years have been teaching that everything manifests on the spiritual level before manifesting on the physical.

This means that as a collective we must keep up the spiritual practices we have been working with over the years.

November 26 is the full moon. Let’s keep weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the world.

Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered

Transmutation News – October 2004

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of autumn!

As I told you last month The Rainmaking Institute brought Dr. Masaru Emoto to Santa Fe. The first night was a private benefit for the Rainmaking Institute. There were about 150 people present to that and the event was sold out.

There was a panel of Dr. Emoto, Jose Lucero who is an elder from the Santa Clara Pueblo, Norma Tarango from the Rainmaking Institute, and myself. The panel was set up so that we each said what we wanted to about our work and then the audience could ask questions. There was no interaction between the speakers during this panel, which could have made it more interesting. But I know the evening had a profound effect on the audience so it was a wonderful start.

Dr. Emoto has a great sense of humor, and he told me he loves to lecture. He talked a bit about his work of photographing water crystals. He feels that his mission in communicating about the water crystals is to help create world peace. And of course he is so happy to see the profound impact his work is having all over the world. He feels that with the interest of so many people that the planet is saved already. He is concerned about the direction of America and how it is impacting the rest of the world. So he is happy that his work is being accepted here.

Jose Lucero, who is schoolteacher, talked about the importance of working with the youth. He also talked about being able to go down to his stream and still drink the water. As we continue to buy water in bottles we promote the privatization of water.

Norma Tarango who studied with Hawaiian elders these past few years talked about how the Hawaiians believe they live in a cosmic sea above and fluid ocean below here on earth. And she said that the Hawaiians teach that the waters of the world are moving and are abundant.

I of course talked about the Medicine for the Earth work and the key principles. I shared how it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do. And I spoke of the importance of learning how to transmute the energy behind our problematic thoughts and emotions so we are coating the earth with love and not anger as well as the magic of the words we use and what we manifest on earth with our words. I shared briefly the formula for transmutation and creation of intention, love, union, harmony, concentration, focus, and imagination. I shared how our perception changes our reality and the need to stay focused on our spiritual practices right now to make a difference in the world. And of course I shared the results we get with the water experiments we are doing when we experience a divine state of consciousness.

There were also some people from the Hopi reservation that stood up during the question and answer period to give their viewpoint. The Hopi are losing all their water due to mining in the area. And of course they feel the problems in the environment today are a result of human behavior.

I had met the Hopi people who were present at a conference on the Rio Grande in 2003. They have been very supportive of the Medicine for the Earth work as they say the principles of the work follow the teachings of the Hopi elders.

There were other Native Americans who came up to me at the conference and thanked me for my words.

Dr. Emoto spoke again on Sunday to a sold out audience of 800 people. His work really inspires us to look at the consciousness of water and how it reflects back to us our own inner state.

The Medicine for the Earth work blends so well with his message as he states that we must move to a place of love and emphasizes the need to love ourselves. He does not give people tools of how to work with changing their consciousness. He shows very clearly to people the work that needs to be done, and he can reach a very large population with the power of his photos.

I feel we must be very careful in not leaving people with the message that what all we have to do is tape words on a bottle of water and not do our own inner work. It is always a danger in this culture to look for easy ways to “cure” the planet’s ills. We don’t need a band-aid right now. We need people to really focus on doing the inner work needed to heal the states of separation in the world.

Most of the audience who attended the panel discussion was not familiar with the Medicine for the Earth work. Many people knew who I was but associated me with soul retrieval. People were profoundly struck by the work we have been doing and were excited to know about the results we are getting. There were many good connections made there that evening.

As I have been writing over the last few months my helping spirits keep telling me that one of the keys is being able to receive the abundance that the elements are giving us all the time. We must receive the healing help that is always being offered to us.

Dr. Emoto shows this so clearly with his photos. He shows the water crystal that form from the combination of words love and gratitude. He says if you look at the water crystal formed it is one part love to two parts gratitude. And he goes on to talk about H20. Two parts hydrogen represents the yin, the feminine principle of receiving. Oxygen represents the yang, the dynamic principle of giving.

As we live in a world so focused on the myth that giving is more important than receiving we are being asked by the universe to relook at this. It is a great gift to the creative forces of the universe and the elements to receive and to be in gratitude. Living in a place of love and appreciation creates a state of continual regeneration and abundance. When we appreciate what we are being given that creates abundance versus a state of scarcity. It is definitely something for us all to reflect on in our lives.

I feel that we can and we are changing the morphic resonance field by the inspiration so many brilliant spiritual teachers are sharing and the spiritual practices many thousands of people are engaging in throughout the world. Ripples are being sent throughout the web of life.

And we must let go of the attachment of the timing of when we see the physical manifestation of all the work we are doing. We must keep focused on keeping our practice strong.

We are at a time where we must stay focused and hold the space during these challenging times. We must stay strong within the circles we work with as well as stay strong within the larger world community. Whatever happens in the outer world we must keep focused on our spiritual work.

Part of doing our spiritual work is to acknowledge the shadow states of consciousness that might overcome us during these times. Observing the suffering of others throughout the world triggers many of us. Many of us will be triggered by fears about the upcoming election in the U.S. The whole world will be impacted by this next election, and I know emotions are strong right now.

It is important to not fall into judging yourself for the darker, denser feelings and thoughts arising for you right now. Keep your focus. Breathe into your heart and keep holding an image of life that is precious to you. Allow the feelings and thoughts to come up and do the work I have outlined for you in Medicine for the Earth and in all the Transmutation News.

I had a very interesting dream last month. I dreamt that I was leading a meeting. The meeting was in the morning and people had just finished drinking coffee. The coffee was causing some irritation for some. I noticed how people were being “psychically punched” by those in an irritable state. I pointed out to people what they were doing to others.

We do strike out and “psychically punch” others when we are irritable or angry about what is happening. Our work is to transform the energy of our emotions before the energy moves out and affects others.

I know many people say that they can’t bring spiritual practices into their lives because they have no time. I find that when we make a decision do something the time is there.

Sometimes I teach weekend workshops where I am limited in how much time I have for the class. And sometimes the groups can be very large meaning I need more time than I have. I often start to feel panicked that I can’t possibly complete the material and exercises. When this occurs I take some deep breaths and bring myself back to center. And then I slow down my talking instead of speeding up. I take the opposite action of what one might think would work. I always find that as I slow down so does time and I end up with plenty of time to finish the course in a way I feel good about. Try this. You might get some interesting results.

Also it is important to stop separating our spiritual work from our daily life. We must learn how to integrate our spiritual work throughout the day. The point is not to create a separate time for spiritual work and then forget about our spiritual practices the rest of the day.

People are looking for something or someone outside of them to make life better. This is what has kept organized religion alive for so long. This is what makes people choose politicians who use wording that make people feel that a vote for them will create safety.

I assume most of you reading The Transmutation News are way beyond believing in the archetype of the hero or heroine and know that the responsibility to create a world of harmony, beauty, abundance, love, and peace lies within each one of us.

I was asking my spirits about what is the next step needed to help mass consciousness move out of looking for “a savior”. The word that came back to me was “acknowledgement”. People have never been acknowledged for their creative potential. They have been taught to look outside of themselves for those who can create a better world.

Many are insecure and have forgotten the truth of who we truly are which is divine beings learning about the power of manifestation. So the tendency in the world is to squash the power of others and to make others look smaller. We see this in government, religion, the workplace, and in relationships. It is often the result of hierarchical vertical organizations versus horizontal organizations.

The question that comes up is how do we promote the principle of unity within vertical structures unless we truly empower the creativity and power of everyone involved.

We need to begin to acknowledge the creative genius that lives within each and every one of us. Of course it is important to start with ourselves. And we must also start acknowledging the creativity that lives inside all of us.

This month find a way with your words to acknowledge the creative genius and brilliance in those who you meet. In your families give acknowledgement to the gifts of your children and loved ones. When you work with people give them positive feedback for what they are creating. Sometimes you might not agree with what people are doing, that is fine. But we can find a way to give positive feedback on a verbal and energetic level to support their own creative process.

As we do this we lift others up and they become unwilling to give their power away. The more we can affect people in this way we will find people making different choices in electing leaders. We will look for leaders who truly represent the voice of all of us as a collective of creative beings instead of a “father figure” who will protect us.

In another shamanic journey I received a message that goes along with the above. I was told that when we ask for pity from the universe we lower our frequency. When we send pity to others we lower their frequency.

Energy is vibration. When we look at changing the morphic resonant field of the web of life we must change the frequency and vibration of the energy coming from our feelings, thoughts, as well as from our words.

As we keep up our spiritual practice of perceiving all life in a divine and perfect state and acknowledge the divinity and creative genius in those around the field changes in a way that will create a different force moving through the world.

As I have said many times before:
Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered

In September I led a Medicine for the Earth Gathering in Santa Fe. What an amazing group of people gathered! We continued the work of showing that as we change ourselves and drop our egoic selves into a place of source, divinity, and oneness our outer environment will reflect that shift back to us.

So we worked as we have done before with ammonium hydroxide in deionized checking the pH before and after our ceremony. Now that we have the GDV camera based on the Kirlian effect developed by Dr. Konstantine Korotkov we could also test other substances. So in our ceremonies we also included working with soil, a peach from my peach tree at home, some cheddar cheese fish crackers, and coffee.

We did see a change of one pH point in the ammonium hydroxide water. The pictures that we got for the water, peach, and crackers were pretty amazing. The coffee showed no change. We certainly can take that one to many different interpretations.

Anyway, we are posting the pictures of the different substances that were included in our ceremony on the Results Section of There is also a write up on the GDV camera in that section too.

Again is it important to remember that we do not focus on the water, soil, crackers, peach, and coffee. We simply move into a divine state of consciousness knowing that what is outside of us reflects back to us our inner state.

The photos we get truly inspire us to keep up our inner work. This is where our power lies right now. The spiritual work we do does make a difference.

Back in June while I was presenting at a conference in Santa Fe we tried a long distance experiment. A physicist in Scotland wanted us to see if we could make contact with a plant at his home. He developed equipment similar to that written about in The Secret Life of Plants for measuring the activity of the plant. We did get some significant results.

Mark, the physicist, wanted to try another long distance experiment. So at my Medicine for the Earth Gathering we did some more long distance work.

We worked in a couple of different ways. On Wednesday afternoon of the training we began by drumming and rattling and focusing on Mark’s plant. The rest of the afternoon the group spent outdoors on their own working long distance on people who were lying in the middle of our circle as well as names and items on the altar.

The instructions were to transfigure outdoors on their own and to focus on everything in the meeting space as divine and in perfection. Two copies of a photo of the of the plant were left on the altar.

Wednesday evening we also performed a ceremony to transmute problematic states of consciousness in the field of energy around the world. The photo of the plant remained on the altar.

Mark is still analyzing the data. But here is what he has said so far. He said that between 2:50 PM and 4:15 PM There is a clearly visible signal with a varying frequency of 700 and 900. When he listens to the recording, this signal amazingly sounds a bit like the song of a whale.

As far as the timing goes I did put the photo of the plant on the altar a little before 3PM.

When I get the full analysis from Mark I will write them up. I will also post the photo of the spectrum covering an interval of five hours as well as more information on the Results Section of next month.

In September I also taught my second session of my Two Year Teacher Training in Shamanic Journeying and Healing. This session I taught participants how to teach soul retrievals and bring this potent work back to their communities. We had the GDV camera present and some of the participants were photographed before and after receiving a soul retrieval. We have one demo photo of the results. Again check The Results Section of The photo will be up sometime this month.

Carol Schaefer has written a wonderful book The Power of the Divine Feminine in An Ancient Tear. This is a novel which explores a path of spiritual awakening through the personal tragedy of losing a child, whether by death, miscarriage, abortion or adoption.

Here was my endorsement for the book:
“An Ancient Tear is a compelling story of how a mother’s wounds of losing a child through death, miscarriage, abortion, and adoption can be healed through a connection to and with spiritual realms. Carol Schaefer is a brilliant writer and brings her readers right into the experience she shares. This book is filled with love, compassion, and healing words.

In a time where so many women and men are searching for answers that can’t be answered through ordinary means, Schaefer lets us know that we can turn to the spiritual realms for comfort, answers, and healing.”

Carol Schaefer wrote an acclaimed memoir The Other Mother: A Woman’s Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption. This book was adapted for an NBC-TV movie.

An Ancient Tear is available on Amazon and Barnes& and by going to

On Oct. 27 which is a full moon as well as a full eclipse of the moon let’s continue to weave a brilliant, radiant web of light within and around the earth.

Let’s also continue to do our creation work, which I wrote about in April and August of this year. Let’s together call into being a world where people are empowered in their own creativity. See, hear, feel, taste, and smell a world where people are working together in harmony in behalf of all life. Experience your creation as if it is already done. Call it into being now.

October 31 is a time when the veils between the worlds are very thin. Let’s combine our luminescence with the light of the universe to coat the earth with love and light.

Transmutation News – September 2004

I hope you took the time to fully digest and work with what I wrote about last month. The key to a healthy life is learning how to digest what life brings you. The key to a healthy spiritual practice is fully digesting the knowledge we take in and allowing the process to feed us on all levels. What we can’t take in becomes unusable.

Part of learning how to digest life on all levels comes back to our own transmutation practice. For as we can transmute our emotions and thoughts we create usable energy. Lately my helping spirits have been giving me the metaphor of composting a garden in thinking about my transmutation practice.

Instead of being upset about my thoughts and emotions I can think of composting them which ultimately brings nutrients to the garden within and without. But if compost if not worked through it just becomes rotten. When it is taken care of properly it becomes food for new plants to grow.

I want to suggest another method for transmutation of thoughts and emotions that you can try this month. Go to a store and buy a container of bubbles. You can blow the energy of your emotions and thoughts into the bubbles. I know you want to make a choice not to blow problematic energy into the air, the water, or the earth. As you blow the bubbles into the air just set an intention that the energy be transmuted to love and light.

Today we can see that quantum physics is catching up to what spiritual traditions have known for thousands of years. It is important not to get trapped in thinking that quantum physics can explain all the mysteries. Part of life is being able to hold the great mysteries without trying to understand everything in a logical fashion. But it is exciting that some physicists are beginning to teach what spiritual practices have always taught.

One of the lessons being brought forth today is that there really is no matter. This goes along with the work we did last month. Matter is created from energy. So if you really want to get to the root of illness look to the flow of energy.

If in your shamanic practice you only look at healing the body which we perceive as matter you are not healing the illness. We really need to focus on energetic healing.

For years I have been writing that everything manifests in the spiritual realms before manifesting in the physical. Spirit is energy. When we start to work on energetic levels we see the results manifesting on the physical.

If we can really digest this understanding that most of our bodies and the universe is made up of unpotentiated energy we will evolve toward creating healthy bodies and a healthy planet. As we need to continue to go within and really create a harmonious inner world that will be reflected back to us.

We all not only have this ability, but it is our responsibility as caretakers of this great earth.

Last month I said that we would honor earth and fire as we perform a worldwide ceremony to honor the autumnal equinox. I feel with the critical nature of the times, I would like to honor all the elements together as well as all of life.

The earth shines in radiant colors during the autumn. We learn about the beauty that comes along with change and transitions. We watch how gracefully the trees and many plants drop what they need to let go of for healthy growth to continue. We observe how the earth uses what has been given through death to create new life. It is a powerful for all of life as this is a great time of transition.

The force in the world that creates anger and hate seems to be growing. The violence of war is growing. In the U.S. as the election draws nearer the divisive energies in the country grow stronger.

What is needed right now is a force of love equal or greater to the energies that are manifesting into hate. So many people on the planet have moved beyond anger. And the energy of anger has grown into the energy of hate.

We know from spiritual teachings throughout time that the cause of anger, hate, and fear come from a lack of feeling love and connectedness. Through feeling a lack of love people are connecting with a force of energy that feeds a manifestation of more separateness and feelings of hate.

For those of us who are praying for harmony to return to the planet we must drop our feelings of separateness recognizing that any feeling of being separate is pure illusion of the mind. We must join our hearts together with such passion as to create a field of love and light that is greater than the field of hate.

Many of you have written to me over the years and have said that you do not have other people in your community to do our transmutation ceremonies with. I have asked all circles that have formed around the world to include in all ceremonies those who are isolated.

On September 22, the autumnal equinox, find others you can work with. You might not be able to find people who are willing to transfigure. That is fine. But find one or more persons who are willing to take some time out of their lives to hold hands with you and send love into the world.

If you already work with transfiguration in a circle perform a transfiguration ceremony. In a transfigured state hold hands and allow the force of love and light to permeate through every cell of your being. Be the creative forces of the universe that can work through the dense darkness in the world.

Experience every person on the planet in his or her divinity. This means seeing the people on the planet who are suffering from starvation and thirst in their divinity. Experience those who are victims of war in their divinity. Experience those government leaders and those in corporations who promote inequality and violence in their divinity. This piece is crucial. As we experience all in their divinity we raise each person’s frequency and vibration. Recognize the divinity in all the plants, trees, animals, reptiles, insects, and rocks in their absolute divinity. Create a field of light that comes from your love of life that expands and embraces all of light.

Invite people into your circle who might not be familiar with the spiritual practice you are doing but who are willing to go down into their heart and radiate a field of love that embraces all of life. Bring your children into the circle. They are our future. Teach them about raising a field of energy that manifests into love, which manifests into a planet that loves and respects all of life.

Experience your love and recognize the divinity in earth, air, water, and fire as in the sun which brings us life.

Journey or meditate within with the knowledge that everything occurs on the spiritual level before manifesting in the physical. Create a spiritual energy of love with such passion it has the force to manifest and lift all of life to a way of living through love, gratitude, and respect.

To follow your energy with action create a ceremony where you release into the fire a behavior in which you feed the energies of separation, divisiveness, anger, hate, and fear. Look at the ceremony section of Medicine for the Earth and make and empower an object or talisman with these energies.

Create a fire with intention and ask fire to work in partnership with you to transform and transmute those energies that feed the dark forces. Be clear with your intention.

If we are going to change the energies running our world right now we have to learn to concentrate and focus. Otherwise we are just feeding the forces we say we wish to change.

We live in a culture that would rather “do” than “be”. Doing ceremonies to manifest the energies of harmony, peace, and love are essential to our lives. Being peace, harmony, and love is a whole other level. Being the energies we wish to experience manifest in the world creates a frequency that shifts global consciousness.

Be love
Be peace
Be harmony
Be gratitude
Be light

We change the world by who we become not what we do. Or in Gandhi’s words be the change we want to see.

I have found it to be good experience for me to merge with the earth where I live during a change of season. As I learn how the earth is changing its movement I learn how to change my own movements to align myself with the resonance and frequency of the land I am on. In this way I am more in tune with the river of life instead of moving against it.

Many of you have been merging with the different elements for years now. I suggest you do this journey again. For those of you new to merging with an element please look at pages 152-155 in Medicine for the Earth.

One of the key teachings we get when we merge with the elements is that where there is healthy life force there is movement. We need to keep looking at how our own energy is moving.

And please remember the earth truly loves you and gives unconditionally to you. Experience this love and really take it in. The gratitude for all you receive is an act of love.

September 28 is the full moon. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

Autumn is such a beautiful and powerful season. Embrace it and enjoy it!!

Transmutation News – August 2004

I just love how synchronicity works. After I sent in the July Transmutation News to Bob our webmaster I started getting letters from some of you sharing the water ceremony Dr. Masaru Emoto was conducting in Europe.

Our water ceremony and the water ceremony he put on were just a week apart. This happened once before. In one of the February Transmutation News either last year or the year before I had invited people to do a ceremony for water. That same month Dr. Emoto also created a worldwide water ceremony.

I really feel the joy of the entire planet when these worldwide ceremonies occur. And I personally am in a deep place of appreciation for all who step out to get ceremonies going on behalf of all of life. We all need to exercise our “spiritual muscles”. The more we can learn to focus and concentrate our spiritual energies together the stronger the results of our spiritual work become.

June and July have been very rich months for me with many insights. This month’s Transmutation News has a lot of information and experiences to digest. I suggest you print it out and work with it slowly. To help you work with the material I will suggest places to stop and continue on another day when you are ready to take in more. All the information does weave together. Please work with it in a way that does not overwhelm you.

Last month I wrote that we would honor air this month. The exercises that follow will help us to connect with air in a healing and honoring way. The deeper we can connect with our breath and the air we breathe, the deeper we can go into our spiritual practice. The deeper we can breathe, the more we can receive.

For a few months now I have been talking about the importance of absorbing light and love from the universe and sharing light and love as we breathe out. And I have been talking about the importance of receiving.

If you are still finding you are having a hard time receiving as you are walking in the world you might practice a bit while you are lying down. Work with the metaphors I have suggested over the last few months. But do it while you are lying still. I think it will help you get the sensation.

Begin by placing your hands on your stomach. Take a breath in that is deep enough to move your hands up. Breathe out deeply so that your hands return to their starting place. Do this about ten times. Then begin to breathe in light and love with your entire being. Soak it in like a plant would. Soak it in as if the curtains have been opened in a dark room. Soak it in as a sponge. As you do this you might notice yourself connecting with the heartbeat of the earth and the web of life.

Once you have the sensation of what it feels like in a meditation where you are still you will find it easier to create the same sensation as you move through the world.

As you keep up this practice while you walk through the world and as you take in food, water, and air you will continue to transmute all that you take in. This and keeping up your practice of transfiguration will help you live in a healthy way that affects you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. As you continue these practices the entire web of life is changed by how you are changed.

-Stop here and continue on a day you feel ready for more.

Over the years we have worked with combining the process of manifestation with working in the void. If you are new to this website please look at the April 2004 Transmutation News for an explanation of this way of working.

In June I presented at the ISSSEEM conference in Colorado Springs.
This year at their conference they brought in some presentations that had more of a spiritual flavor. Traditionally they have worked more with hardcore science. I presented the Medicine for the Earth work there.

While I was at the conference I had an exciting conversation with Mark Comings a physicist who is on a mystical path. We were talking about the void. I was sharing what I knew from a shamanic point of view and how I have been teaching people how to manifest from the void. He was sharing that from a scientific point of view most of the universe including our own bodies is more space than matter. Some physicists call this a vacuum. Mark calls this the quantum plenum. Some quantum physicists call this the zero point field. This space is more abundant than matter. Many mystical traditions call this the void. The Buddhist term is empty but full. It is the place of unlimited possibilities. It is the fertile ground we can birth matter from.

Mark was sharing that with the knowledge that we can create from this place it is clear that the concept of scarcity is pure illusion. And he said that we do not have to embrace a world of “haves” and “have-nots”. There is a way to create abundance for every living being on the planet and to move into a place of true equality.

This is part of the paradigm shift that needs to happen. For the collective belief is that only a small proportion of the planet can have abundance.

Our conversation reinspired me to look at my own creation process and how I have been teaching it to others. Ever since I was a teenager I have been deeply interested in the process of manifestation. And I have been teaching in my trainings what I have learned over the years.

The work we did in April is a reflection of some of what I have learned. After speaking with Mark a thought came to me. When I teach people how to manifest from the void we are going outside of ourselves to do this. What would happen if we reversed directions and started to create from the void within us?

As we begin to experience the unlimited place of possibilities within and feel the abundance of all things does this fuel the process of creation in a stronger way?

So much of my work is about experimentation. For as we grew up in a world that moves people away from their own creativity and keeps people in a collective trance we must experiment in how to wake people up to the truth. The truth being that we are all creative beings and divine.

With working with the practice of transfiguration we automatically create and are in an energy of abundance. For if we are truly experiencing oneness, source, and divinity that abundance is naturally within and without.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about the importance of creating from our spirit and not from our egos. I truly believe that the purpose of the ego is to help us know where we are in space and time. It is not supposed to be “running the show”.

The ego which experiences separation does not truly know what to create that is for our highest good. And I think that is where a lot of us get into trouble. We get confused about what to create for our highest good versus what gives us immediate gratification.

In working with creating a life of harmony, beauty, love, and abundance for ourselves and all of life we must surrender to our all-knowing spirit instead of working from an egoic state. So this month I would like to suggest that we combine using the process of transfiguration with our creation work.

This month in your journeys and meditation try doing the same exercise of creation that I wrote about in April. Please look at the April Transmutation News to see what work we began to do. But this time reverse directions. Keep your focus and concentration on creating abundance, love, harmony, and peace from the void within. In actuality the void within is not our own personal void. It is the void of the universe and all the unpotentiated energy that exists.

In the void transfigure into your divinity. From a divine state combine all your senses to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell your manifestation as if it has been already created. And as you do these journeys or meditations breathe deeply. Remember that your breath is the fuel for life and creation.

When I transfigure into a divine state I have always transfigured into the void. It has been an automatic process for me. If you also work in this way you don’t have to journey first into the void for you are already that energy. If you have not transfigured into the void you might try this.

Combining being in a state of divinity which only recognizes oneness and is a state prior to form while experiencing being a human with senses is a paradox. But it is the paradox of life. When we transfigure we experience a state prior to form. But yet we chose to be birthed into a world of form. So we continually hold the paradox of being a spiritual being in form. We can gain a lot in learning how to open our senses and experience the world while also being a state of pure source and light. Work with this and notice how it feels to allow your senses to come through while you are in a state of oneness.

As a spiritual being experiencing our humanness the best we can do is open to our divine guidance. This is the key in our creation work.

In a world that is filled with so much fear and where people live in the trance of a collective belief around scarcity I am highly motivated to help teach others how to bring in equality and abundance to all. And when we create from our own divinity we notice that we don’t need to manifest from a “greedy” place and that we don’t need much to live a life of fulfillment and joy.

-Stop here and continue on another day.

The journey within is such important work for me. In Soul Retrieval I wrote about a message I received in a dream. The message was, “Man has been looking for God outside of himself for 2000 years. Man will look for God inside himself for the next 2000 years.” I don’t know about this time frame but the message spoke to me deeply. In Elaine Pagel’s new book, Beyond Belief, she shares that in the gospel of Thomas it is said that Jesus taught that God is within.

We tend to be so outer directed in our world today. We seek that which is outside of us whether it be teachings or material things. But everything that is outside is also within. This has been a key teaching in the Medicine for the Earth work.

Challenging times force us to grow and learn. The drought in New Mexico keeps me searching inside for how to work spiritually with the trees on the land.

I have been going around and singing to the trees and sharing healing energy with the trees that seem to attract my touch. During one of my morning journeys I met a spirit who told me that the problem with the trees is a root issue. If I want to share healing energy share it with the roots. For the roots are key in drawing up the needed water from the earth.

I thought how that was a perfect metaphor for me right now. For so much of my teaching is about going within. The process of going within is like the trees going down for water instead of depending on the outer rain from the sky.

So in working with the landscape where I live, I am being challenged to go as deep as I can within inside myself to find answers, creative energy, and the moisture to nurture my own being. I will personalize this and say that the land I live on reflects my need to strengthen my own inner root system.

The key that keeps coming up over and over in my journeys is receiving. We talk about unlimited light and love in the universe. But on the same note we talk about limited resources from the earth.

In my journeys I have seen that there are no limited resources. It is a collective belief. Now I realize that this is a controversial statement. One can say that I am giving a rationalization for overusing resources.

Please don’t take it this way. The core issue is that we must balance out how much we take with how much we give back. Because of science and technology so many people have forgotten the source of life. We have forgotten our stories of creation. We have forgotten how earth, air, water, and the sun give us food and life. So we no longer appreciate where we get our resources. This in itself creates a limitation. For where there is no love and appreciation there is illness. In this case the illness is manifesting as scarcity.

In looking at the principle of abundance for all we must appreciate all that we have been given. So with the drought in Santa Fe first we need to respect water and be in appreciation of water before healing the issues of scarcity. It would not be ethical or appropriate to teach people about creating abundance and then overusing, overbuying, etc. without any consciousness to the preciousness of our resources. And to go back to the work we did earlier we always want to create from our divine guidance.

We do not talk about “chi”, “prana”, or light as limited. You might want to consider how you personally block your own inner resources as well as the abundant feminine nurturing energy of the earth. Do you fully receive and give thanks for all that you are given? As we balance out how much we can take in and at the same time what we give back energetically we create a partnership with the earth and the spirit that lives in all things. We can receive the abundance being given to us and we feed back the energy with love and appreciation which fuels the energy that gives life, light, nurturance, and abundance to all.

This is a lot to work with. And it is important that you get this on a bodily sensate level. This information will not have an impact in your life if you only get it on a mental level. So really work with receiving and giving back energetically. Keep exploring in your meditations and journeys where you limit yourself on how much you take in and how much you give back. Set an intention to balance out your giving and receiving energies.

-Stop here and continue on another day.

Recently I was having dinner with a friend whom like myself travels a lot and has devoted her life to spiritual practice. I was telling her about my thoughts about the creation process. This conversation led us to talking about the forces in the world today. Many of us are concerned about the “darker” forces that promote greed and the annihilation of nature and species in the plant and animal kingdoms, that pollute the environment, and create hate and war.

As I wrote about years ago this force is extremely focused. We talk about in spiritual communities that we want to create change. But are we focused enough in our spiritual practices to do so. Do we gather our collective energies together as well as the darker forces do? Or are we scattered and distracted? We oftentimes scatter our energies as we move from practice to practice and not getting stronger in our divine selves. So many choices of things to do and what is happening in the outside world distract us.

My friend raised the question of how we can organize on a major scale different spiritual teachers really getting the international community to focus our energies to create the light needed to transmute the darker forces. This is an intention I will continue to explore.

I think that one thing that is needed is for those of us who say we want to live in a world of harmony, love, abundance, and peace to stop focusing on what is not working. We sure do spend a lot of time complaining. As I travel around the world I mostly hear people complain about the environment, politics, and war. It is of course important to identify the problem. But to stay focused on what is not working is actually feeding the darker forces.

In Welcome Home I shared a journey I had with my non-ordinary reality teacher Isis. She said in challenging times we must stay focused, positive, and centered.

As we work with combining the process of transfiguration and creation we can focus our spiritual light that manifests unpotentiated energy into form to create a world that supports all of life. It is crucial we stay focused on gathering our spiritual energies to create a world that embraces harmony. We call it into existence with keeping a strong heart. We must set a strong intention, keeping our focus and concentration strong and not allowing ourselves to get distracted and pulled out of our vision and ourselves. We need to stay in a place of union with the divine and find harmony within, and let our imagination pave the way.

-Stop here and continue on another day.

It is important for us to continue to gather our spiritual energies together. It is vital that we can continue as a collective to create from a place of divine guidance. We do live on this wonderful planet and were given the gift of having bodies that can experience the beauty all around us. Air gives us life. We are constantly in relationship with it. As a worldwide ceremony this month let’s focus our transfiguration practice on air. As preparation for this work continue to focus your attention on your breathing. Continue to take time everyday to absorb light and love from the creative forces of the universe and breathe love and light out to all of life. Remember to focus your attention on taking in the light and love of earth, air, water, and the sun as you eat and drink.

Take some time to really consider the nature of air. Consider the power of the stillness and the power of the winds. Have you had any experiences that have touched your life with wind or have you received any messages from the wind? Have you had any experiences with the stillness of the air? Of course you want to consider how air has given you life. It was the first living being you bonded with when you were born as you took your first breath. And it is the last living being you say goodbye to as you leave this life with your last breath. Take time to think about all the gifts air brings to you and take some time to appreciate air.

On August 15 let us all be in a state of appreciation for the element of air. And let’s do our transfiguration practice keeping a focus on our love and appreciation for air. You can work in a group or work alone. And I would suggest you be outside as you do this work.

In a transfigured state breathe in the purity, life, and light of air. Breathe in the fragrances. And as you breathe out send out purity, love, and light.

Remember as you keep up your transfiguration practice you create coherence and resonance in your cellular structure. This coherence is the perfect communication between all your cells, which creates a healthy body.

Many of you have been writing to me about the new film that is out called “What the Bleep Do I Know? It is a spiritual film that combines quantum physics, multidimensional visual effects and animation, a dramatic story, and interviews with leading scientists and mystics. It is supposed to be an extraordinary film. It is coming to Santa Fe in mid-August so I will see it then.

For those of you who live in the U.S. you can go to for when and where it is playing. At some point it will be out on video and I will post an announcement for those of you who don’t have access to the film.

August 29 is the full moon. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light within the earth and around the world. And during this time let’s hold the possibility of unlimited abundance for all of life.

I have been writing about the formation of The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. You can now visit our website at

If you want to read the Transmutation News in German, Italian, French, or Slovakian please go to the Important Links section on my home page.

Next month we will be celebrating the autumn equinox. During this time we will be honoring both earth and fire.

And please remember and feel in your entire being how every change in consciousness you make affects the entire web of life.

Stay focused.
Stay positive.
Stay centered.

Transmutation News – July 2004

In my journeys I keep going deeper with the principle of “receiving” that I have shared with you on and off over the last year. I keep getting that as we learn to receive on a deeper level only then can we really learn how to give. I have written over time that giving and receiving are all one process. As you know there are always deeper levels we can attain with our giving and receiving process. And as we learn to receive more, we honor the empowerment of feminine energies on the planet.

I want to emphasize the importance of keeping up a practice of receiving light, love, and nurturance from the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the light you take in. Continue to work with metaphors that I spoke about in the May Transmutation News to help you receive on a deeper level.
And keep up the practice of breathing in and absorbing light and love from the universe and breathing out light and love back into the universe.

On June 8 there was the eclipse of the planet Venus with the sun. This was an event that received much attention from the scientific community. And of course this eclipse was also acknowledged by many spiritual communities which manifested in different prophecies about this time being shared.

The night of the eclipse I had a powerful dream. I dreamt that a young man wanted to go visit some of the major wartime sites on the planet. In my dream there were two sites that he visited. At each site there was an elderly veteran guarding a small cage with a very large snake in it. I am not sure whether the young man or myself as the dreamer was horrified at this sight. For the snake could barely move within the cage. Either the young man or myself freed the snakes out of their cages.

I felt real strongly that there was a power being caged represented by the snakes. And of course to me, it represented the freeing of feminine energies that have been caged up.

Part of allowing the feminine energies to be free has to do with the principle of receiving. We have a great opportunity at this time to balance out our own giving and receiving natures.

I continue to work daily and minute to minute with the spiritual practices that help me deepen my own giving and receiving nature. I continue to work daily and minute to minute with remembering my own divinity and that any feelings of separation from source and the rest of life are pure illusion.

As we all continue to bring spiritual practices into our lives that heal our feelings of separation the energies of separation that we see on the planet today creating war, hunger, hate, and violence will be healed.

Remember every change in consciousness you make affects the entire web of life.

On this note last month I said we would work with changing the field of energy using ceremonies with the elements. We already did some of this work throughout the years. But it is important to keep it up.

There are so many people leading global ceremonies through the web right now. This is great. The more people engage in whatever level they can to honor the earth, air, water, and fire the more the web of life is affected. A collective shift begins to happen. And we must not get caught up in looking for outcomes. We must just continue to do our spiritual work with the deep cellular knowing that a shift is occurring on some level. As I have said many times before, everything starts in the spiritual level before manifesting on a physical level.

I thought this month we would work with water. We have done the following ceremony a few times already. Let’s all try to work together on the new moon, which is July 17.

You can do this ceremony alone or you can work with a group. And please invite your children to participate on any level they are able to. You can go to a body of water where you live and work in nature. Or if you prefer you can gather a bottle of water from a water source near you and work with it at a sacred place for you.

As preparation take 15-30 minutes and walk outside focusing on absorbing the light and love from everything around you and send back light and love with your breath.

While you are at the source of water you want to honor or at your sacred place do your transfiguration practice. Experience yourself fully in your divinity and with the cellular experience of oneness. Use toning as we have done in the past to deepen your experience. We have learned over time in the experiments I have shared with you that harmony within creates harmony without. The water will reflect back to you your divine nature.

If you are working in nature at the water source finish with giving great love and appreciation to all the waters of the world and the rain that comes down which nurture us on all levels.

If you are working with a glass, bottle, or bowl of water bring it back to the water source you got it from. As you empty the water give your thanks and appreciation. Ask the water to send the message of how much we love and appreciate water to all the waters of the world.

We will continue this process next month with air. Remember the spiritual work we do does make a difference.

As I said earlier it is quite a dance to hold the polarity of experiencing one’s divinity and at the same time being human and experiencing the human condition.

As I find myself experiencing a greater joy of life I also keep finding it harder and harder to observe the pain in suffering in children that comes from living in a world of inequality and where the experience of separation creates hate and violence.

Also on the new moon, let’s also honor the energy of innocence. The innocence in children of all species of life and the child within every one of us. Again this can be done through transfiguration or through an honoring ceremony you are inspired to create.

At the end of May I presented parts of the Healing with Spiritual Light training at the Third annual Conference on “Shamanism in Medicine, Expanding Worlds of Healthcare” in Santa Fe, NM. The conference was sponsored by InnoVision Communications.

As part of my presentation we did an experiment. While I was presenting the Medicine for the Earth work at a conference at Findhorn in Scotland I met a physicist who lives in the Findhorn community. He had built a device similar to what was written about in The Secret Life of Plants to measure a plants response to outside stimuli.

While I was at Findhorn, Mark, the physicist asked me if I would ever be willing to try a long distance experiment to see if a plant in his apartment would be aware of communication from a group I was working with.

We tried such an experiment at the conference in Santa Fe. I showed the group a picture of Mark’s philodendron. The picture was on the altar as we did our singing our dancing. It was on the altar as we did healing on each other that involved the process of transfiguration. And then we also did some toning focusing on the plant.

Mark has been moving so he has not had the time to fully examine and interpret the results. He did say that the computed spectrogram shows several interesting variations of the signal. There were some peaks right in the middle of our activities. I wait for more information from Mark. But it is an example of how time and space do not interfere with communication with all of life.

The full moon is July 2. Let’s continue to weave together a planetary web of light. Experience the web of light within the earth getting fuller and stronger. Transfigure if you can or visualize, feel, smell, taste, and hear the web of light circling the earth strong and bright and filled with love.

Transmutation News – June 2004

I had a wonderful trip to Scotland and England. I presented Medicine for the Earth at a conference at Findhorn in Scotland, and I felt the audience was very grateful for the work.

It is always good for me to present at conferences outside of the U.S. to get an opportunity to meet and listen to presenters who I might not hear in the U.S. Marko Pogacnik was a presenter I had met before at a conference at Findhorn in Scotland four years ago. Marko was born and lives in Slovenia. He studied sculpting and acquired an international reputation in conceptual and land art. He has developed this further into “earth lithopuncture”, which aims at healing disturbed landscapes and power points. He leads seminars in earth healing in several countries and provides advice on landscape matters for communities and businesses. His website is As with the Transmutation News, he gives suggestions of spiritual practices we can do during these changing times.

Although Marko’s work is similar in principles to Medicine for the Earth he has a different way of working and viewing things. At the conference he reminded people to honor the mystery of what is happening with the earth and our environment. And that what is happening might not be an environmental crisis, but more as a process of the earth recycling because of the damage we have caused.

Marko and I hope at some point to do some teaching together. I think it would be interesting as he has such a different way of teaching although some of our messages are quite similar. I will continue to incubate this dream.

After leaving Findhorn and touring around a bit, I went to England to teach a training combining Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light. The spirits gifted us with incredible sunshine during our time together which was great. April can typically be rainy and cold. It was good to journey a lot and work hard and then be able to be on the land and in the sun. The night the workshop ended, there was a huge thunderstorm. I felt this as a blessing from the spirits.

The group was extremely excited about the work, and I left knowing that very fertile seeds were planted and would grow throughout Europe adding to the spiritual work that is already going on in many circles around the world.

We did work with putting ammonium hydroxide in distilled water. There was a significant drop of two pH points after our ceremony once again teaching that it is who we become that changes the world and not we do.

Last month I reminded you to make sure you are not leaving your body while transfiguring. You are simply experiencing your own true nature which is divine, source, and oneness. We leave our bodies and experience source after death. Our task while we are alive is to embody our divinity.

One of the intentions I have given students to focus on while journeying or meditating to transfigure is, “Please take from me what keeps me separate from source, oneness, my own divinity.” It has been a short cut to talking about and going into dismemberment as I discussed in my book Medicine for the Earth.

When I was in England teaching Medicine for the Earth I again gave this intention as one way to begin to transfigure. We kept up the process of transfiguration as we moved into the work of healing with spiritual light.

A wonderful young man at the training, with a very bright spirit, gave me some feedback on the use of this intention. His feedback had to do with what I have been writing about the difference of petition and decree. When we petition we are asking for help. When we decree we are stating we know that the help we need is already present.

One example would be instead of saying, “Please help me,” you could say, “ The help from the powers of the universe is here with me now”.

When we move into working with decree we raise the frequency and resonance of our work. You can feel the difference when you “beg” for help instead of stating the help you need is here now. A decree carries more life and vibration along with your words and prayers.

If you are new to the Transmutation News you might wish to visit the archives, listed on my home page, and read the July 2003 Transmutation News. I wrote more about using decree versus petition.

This young man at my training said that as he kept transfiguring using the intention, “Please take from me what keeps me separate from source” he felt like this was a petition. He is right, it is. Instead during the drumming he used the intention, “I am divine”. Again this was after the initial journey to learn how to transfigure so he had already had the experience he could drop into again. His feedback to me was that he felt there was a higher frequency and vibration to his experience.

I was very excited to receive his feedback as I have been putting out the intention that I want to look at how to raise the frequency and vibration of my own transfiguration work. Here is one step that you might wish to try. As you keep up your transfiguration practice simply acknowledge that you are divine, source, oneness, God, the goddess, the power of the universe (you must find words that work with your philosophical and religious beliefs). Notice if you feel a change in your experience.

There are different ways you can work with this depending on the senses you use to take you to deep levels. You could work with the symbol of your creator and holding that in your body and consciousness while you journey that was described in Chapter 1 of Medicine for the Earth. As I wrote in a previous Transmutation News, the creator or creative force of the universe has many different facets. You can see examples of this teaching in different cross-cultural creation myths. You might repeat the exercise that I suggested in Chapter 1 of Medicine for the Earth to keep learning about different aspects of the creative force.

I am not a visual person when I journey or meditate. I do have a picture of my creator in my office to remind me of the truth of who I am when I am pulled out of myself. But working with this image when I am transfiguring does not stimulate a change in consciousness.

I am very auditory. Sound creates a resonance that vibrates deep within my cells. When I tried using the words “I am divine” to move me into a transfigured state, I found these words did not have a high enough frequency for me. I have been experimenting with “I am radiant” and “I am that which radiates love and light”. When I worked with these words they seemed to stimulate a transfigured state which carried a very high vibration with it.

The point is that you have to find an intention which contains a decree whether it is a symbol, a sound, a feeling, a smell, a taste that puts you personally into a transfigured state at the same time raising the frequency of your past experiences. The key here is experimentation.

As I keep looking at how we can evolve to a deeper way of working I am always looking at raising the vibration. Part of raising the vibration has to do with “right timing” for us as individuals and also as the collective. Part of it has to do with not getting into too much routine in our spiritual practice so that it continues to evolve and grow.

Last month I suggested you begin an ongoing spiritual practice of absorbing light from the elements as you take them into your body. As I continued to work with this my helping spirits gave me a practice to add to this. I was guided to begin a practice of going outside and walking on the land. As I walked I was to breathe in and absorb light and love from the earth and the universe and then to breathe out light and love.

I was told to do this only as long as I could maintain my concentration and not get distracted. Short periods where I could concentrate are better than continuing the work while thoughts were distracting me.

The first time I did this I was taking a walk in the arroyo where I live. I have been walking this same arroyo for close to ten years. After about five minutes into my walk three deer crossed my path. I have never seen deer in the ten years of living in the location I am. After another couple of minutes there was a bull snake (a very friendly snake and a sign of good luck in my locale) lying in my path. I have never seen a snake while I have been walking in the arroyo. I do feel nature was responding to my practice.

As you continue to keep up the practice of absorbing light from the water you drink, air you breathe, food you eat, and the sun which gives you energy try to also incorporate the practice I wrote about above. Just do it for a few minutes a day. You can do this in an urban or rural environment. The practice itself continues to help you on an energetic level while at the same time showing your love and appreciation for the earth and all of life. It is another way for us to stay connected to the web of life.

This is another practice that is important to share with your children.

Starting July we will use this practice as preparation for some worldwide ceremonies we will perform to work with the morphic resonance field with ceremonies in working with the elements.

A student of mine sent me an article from a newspaper from Daytona Beach, Florida. The article says that for the second time in 12 months, a national panel of scientists and experts has concluded the United States is treating the oceans more like poorly managed cesspools than water gardens. A federal report released concludes it’s time that came to a stop.

The article goes on in more detail with suggestions for change and education about our oceans. The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy was accepting comments from officials and individuals until May 21.

The more we can educate the public to what is happening on our planet, hopefully people will wake up to the need to change our attitude and behavior toward the oceans and the rest of our environment. I do see articles like the one written in Daytona Beach as a good sign.

David Corbin and Nan Moss are dear friends of mine who are also brilliant teachers in the world. They developed and self-published a divination deck of cards called “Cloud Dancing”. The cards are beautiful and healing just to look at. In the accompanying book David and Nan explain how to use the cards as a divination tool. They do not give interpretations for the different cards, rather they inspire us to learn how to read the signs given to us by nature to help us with our questions and in our lives.

To learn more about the Cloud Dancing cards and the work of David and Nan, please visit

Over the last few years ShamanicCircles has helped me to create a scholarship fund for my Medicine for the Earth Gatherings. Shamanic Circles is a non-profit organization that I have been connected with. They do wonderful work in networking shamanic circles around the world and fostering global communities. I hope you will visit their website at They are also listed on the Important Link section of this web page.

Thanks to the generosity of Shamanic Circles, which is a non- profit foundation, people have been able to make tax deductible donations for scholarships to those in need who want to attend my Medicine for the Earth Gatherings. This has been a great success as I have been able to help anyone who cannot afford one of those trainings.

This fund has now been expanded where donations are being accepted to help people who want to attend my other shamanic trainings.

If you want to donate to this scholarship fund, please send a check made out to Shamanic Circles to me at:
Sandra Ingerman, P.O. Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502. Specify on the check if you want this to go to Medicine for the Earth Gatherings or to a general workshop fund. I will send the check off to the treasurer of shamanic circles and you will receive a letter that you can use as a receipt for a tax deduction.

It has been such a great feeling not to have to turn people away from the Medicine for the Earth Gatherings because of lack of funds. I hope to be able to expand this out to my other trainings.

And I wanted to share with you some good news. For years I have tried to find a French publisher for my books without success. Finally a publisher in Paris will be publishing Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth in French.

And here is something fun. The magazine Country Living has a one page piece on Medicine for the Earth in the June issue. The short piece just includes simple suggestions of how we can connect with water and it mentions my book. Check it out. If you just want to look at the magazine at a bookstore it is on page 77.

A few months ago I announced that the lecture CD, “Miracles for the Earth” produced by Sounds True will be out this summer. It actually won’t be out until November. I will be happy when it is out as it does contain exercises and a guided visualization to move people into a transfigured state, which can be shared with people who are not interested in shamanism and shamanic journeying.

For this month work with the information I shared with you in this Transmutation News to experience a deeper level to your transfiguration practice. Take a walk for 10 minutes a day where you absorb the light and love from the earth and the universe and breathe out love and light to the earth, universe, and all of life.

Continue to work with calling your dreams into being with the practices in working in the void I wrote about in the April 2004 Transmutation News.

The full moon this month is June 2. Let’s continue to weave a global web of light as well as experience the web of light in the earth that connects us all. Experience yourself as an appendage growing out of the web of light caretaking “the garden”.

With all the news that can be so distracting and disturbing right now, we must focus on not getting lost in the chaos of our times and continue to tend the garden. New life will be born out of the chaos. Our role is to stay focused on tending.

The next few months of the Transmutation News will focus on worldwide ceremonies to work with affecting the morphic resonance of the elements. The more you can work with the practices outlined in this month’s Transmutation News the more effective our work will be.

Transmutation News – May 2004

I wrote this month’s Transmutation News the first week of April as I am in Scotland and England until April 30. I will let you know how my teaching went there next month.

Recently a friend of mine gave me a tape of a lecture Andrew Harvey gave at a Prophet’s Conference in Oxford, England last year. Although I felt I did not learn anything new his impassioned lecture gave me a lot to think about.

He spoke about an unprecedented holocaust of the environment and animals. He also spoke about the need to be active on all levels about this.

During the years of writing the Transmutation News I have written about my struggle of how to be of service to the planet in the best way right now. I do believe that the spiritual work we do does make a huge difference as everything that manifests on the physical world starts in the spiritual realms.

I have talked about the need to educate others about what is happening in the environment. The ignorance of Americans to “the environmental holocaust” is staggering. The feeling of entitlement that Americans have about the use of resources is amazing. I know that this is also true in other places besides America. But as I live here and get to see the news everyday and how people are choosing to ignore how humans are affecting all of life.

My struggle over the years is how to educate and be vocal about what is happening and at the same time not coat the earth with my anger.

Andrew Harvey talked about Gandhi and the Dalai Lama as a couple of examples of people who have been able to create change in potentially explosive situations by being able to hold the energy of compassion.

This is a place I am constantly striving to get to. For I want to be able to teach people about what needs to change without creating explosive anger at the same time. So I keep up my practice of transmuting my thoughts and feelings knowing this will keep me on the path of love.

As I have said before we all have a destiny to pursue. I cannot say how each one of us needs to act right now. But it does feel like the situation in the world is critical. I have seen the positive affects of communities of people gathering together to do spiritual work. I have seen how the spiritual work I have done for my trees where I live has made a difference. And I constantly hold the question of how else can I be in service? What else should I add to what I am already doing?

It is so important not to become complacent in our work and to keep looking at what is important to add to our life and practice right now. Keep looking. Keep asking the spirits you work with for guidance. We will all be shown different ways and different paths. And this is part of the beauty of this time. The answers do not lie in one or a few but in all of us.

There is another aspect of the work that I feel is very important to explore at this time. Many people who are drawn to spiritual practices tend to be people who “live out of body”. I think that it is essential to learn to find our inner light and embody it.

The practice of transfiguration as I have been teaching it is an inner body experience. We do not go outside of ourselves to experience the light. Rather we let go of what keeps us separate from our own inner light. This is an important distinction and it might be time for you to reflect on your own practice of transfiguration.

In a journey I was given the following practice to start to perform. I was told to really focus and concentrate my energies on absorbing light from the sun, the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat which comes from the earth. Receiving this light, nurturance and love is an essential part of the experience of feeling embodied.

One way to work with this is find a metaphor of how it feels to fully absorb. The metaphor might be a flower taking in mist after a hot day. I like working with the metaphor of being in a room where the curtains are closed and opening them up and letting the room fill with sun. It might be a metaphor of trees drinking in the rain or sun through their leaves and roots. Think about a metaphor that works for you and use it throughout the day as you absorb the life giving forces of nature.

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I was shown that as we journey, meditate, and connect with all of life while we walk through the world this creates a tremendous amount of joy and healing for the plants, trees, rocks, elements, and animals. I was shown in the dream how much they revel in the connection and how important and beneficial our continued work to connect and have a relationship with all of life is.

I thought we could combine connecting with all of life and absorbing the life giving force of nature on May 9, which is Mother’s Day. As we focus our intention as a global community to connect with all of life and take in the nurturance we are offered from the elements joy is created throughout our environment. And we can add to this experiencing the web of light we have been weaving around the globe as well as tapping into the web of light in the earth we started to experience last month. Connections and relationship create joy and healing. This is a good place for all of us to focus our energies at this time on the planet for it feeds the energies of love, honor, and respect for life. And by receiving the nurturing gifts of our environment also fosters these same energies of love, honor, and respect for the web of life, which we are apart of.

The full moon is May 4. This month there will be a total eclipse of the moon. Let’s keep focused on weaving a human web of light around the globe. Let’s keep experiencing the strength of the web of light within the earth that connects all living beings. Let’s ask the moon to bring us dreams of how we can be in service to life and caretake our home, which is earth.

Transmutation News – April 2004

The last few months I have been writing about manifesting the dreams that we planted the seeds for during the winter solstice.

Since the early 1990’s I have been actively trying to teach people about the importance of tapping into our personal creative abilities. After writing Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self I realized that after shamanic healing people have more energy to manifest with. Actually after any healing we have more energy to manifest with.

For most of us our families, teachers, and other authority figures did not validate our own creative potential. We were mostly taught how to behave and fit into society.

I began to notice that as people received lost soul parts back that it became critical to teach them how to create a different present and future than the traumas from their past. I began to watch people creating old situations over again, as they did not consciously look at other options. This issue prompted me to write Welcome Home: Following Your Soul’s Journey Home. This book was about what I called “life after healing”.

In Medicine for the Earth I continued to write about this topic. For when we talk about reversing environmental and personal pollution we must also add to our work creating the world we want to live in. As I wrote in the first chapter of the book we have the same creative potential as our creator or creative forces of the universe.

Over the last couple of years I wrote about the importance of using all of our senses in our creation and dreaming work. We must be able to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste what we want to create. We must experience our creation in present time or else we are always creating our dream in the future instead of the now. And the most potent fuel for our creative abilities is having passion and love for what we are creating.

Last year I started to write about how I use working in the void to create from. The void, which many people think of darkness and a place of nothingness, is actually the place from which all things are created. Back in the late 1980’s my spiritual teacher, the Egyptian goddess Isis, kept encouraging me to work in the void. She kept on saying go back before creation. In reality the void is a place of unlimited possibilities and is a wonderful place from which we can work.

In my own transfiguration work I transfigure into the void not the light. As over the years I have done so much work in the void, this is a natural practice for me. When I set my intention to let go of what keeps me separate from source and oneness, I naturally end up as the void.

During one of my trips to Egypt in the late 1990’s our group received permission to go down and be with the sphinx. It was a very hot and sunny day and I found myself searching out shade. I found a spot on the body of the sphinx that I could lean up against that would protect me from the shade. As I rested against the sphinx with my eyes closed I had the most marvelous vision. I found myself being transported rapidly into the great void, the place before creation, and the place of unlimited possibilities. While I was there I watched the birth of the first cat to ever manifest on earth. I watched as its form began to take shape in the void. Then the void began to shimmer and move in an extraordinary way. The head of cat squeezed through the opening with it’s body following. It was truly an incredible vision and experience.

We had at least one practice session working in the void last year. I thought that in this wonderful time of spring as so much new life is bursting forth we could continue manifesting our own dreams and visions.

I have been teaching this process in many of my workshops over the last few years. Together let’s start from the beginning. If you practice shamanic journeying ask your power animal or teacher to escort you to the void. For me the void is in the Upper World. But the void is in many places so allow the spirits or your intention to take you there. To begin with just experience the void for a few minutes or whatever time feels comfortable for you and then return.

If you do not practice shamanic journeying you can still have an experience of the void through using meditation. Close your eyes, breathe through your heart, and get into a centered place. As you continue to breathe deeply set your intention that you would like to experience the void. Your breath and intention will create the experience you are asking for. When you feel you would like to return from your experience in the void just set your intention to do so.

Once you are comfortable in traveling to the void you can proceed to the next step. Start with something small that you wish to create in your life. Oftentimes our visions and dreams become so big we can’t keep our concentration and focus on the steps needed for manifestation.

Here again are some of the keys for creation. We need to remember that we are one with our creator or the creative forces of the universe (union). We need to love what we are creating in the world (love). We need to be able to set an intention of what we are creating and stay concentrated and focused on our work and our vision (intention, concentration, and focus). We need to imagine our dream being manifested into the present by seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting our manifestation as if it is here now (imagination). And of course we want our dreams to serve the highest good of all of life and not cause harm to anything or anyone (harmony). We see here that the formula for transmutation and transformation is also the formula for creation.

To continue working, travel to the void through a shamanic journey or during a meditation. Once in the void do your work of breathing life into your creation by using all of your senses to experience your manifestation as if it is here in the now. Using your senses combined with experiencing love and joy for your manifestation creates the energy to call the form into being.

As you experience the form coming into being, next experience it moving through the void and into the world. Remember you must be able to fully concentrate while doing this for your results to be successful. You might repeat this work over time in smaller time increments so you can truly remain in a state of concentration and focus.

In March we had our third Medicine for the Earth reunion in Santa Fe. People who have been attending Medicine for the Earth Gatherings have been coming back once a year to go deeper into the work together. We have a core group that shows up every year, and new people come as they feel called to. It has been a wonderful way to build community and to evolve our work together. We continued our transfiguration work together and took some pictures with a GDV camera.

Last year I shared with you that I purchased a gas discharge camera (GDV) based on the Kirlian effect. Information about the camera as well as some of the pictures of water we took at a gathering are posted on the results section of

I had purchased the camera so that we had different options for testing the effects of the transfiguration work we were doing besides only testing for changes in pH in the water. I still do check for changes of pH, but I wanted to expand our possibilities. I felt that the GDV camera could show us if the life force of the water was expanding. So far we have gotten some good results.

The GDV can also take pictures of other substances. So far we have taken pictures of water before and after our ceremonies. We have also taken pictures of participants before and after they have transfigured. At the reunion we worked on soil for the first time. We took soil from the road where cars were driving on it. We placed some of the soil in our circle along with the water. We took pictures before and after our ceremony. The pictures did show a significant change in the soil we worked on. There was definitely more life force in the soil after we transfigured. These new pictures will be posted on the results section of

In March I also taught my first week of my new two year teacher training in shamanism and shamanic healing. It was an extraordinary week. The group consists of some of my oldest students. I was really touched how the group was able to honor the traditions of shamanism and the teachers they had studied shamanism with and at the same time be willing to look at how the work needs to evolve. There was a gracious energy in the group. There was no divisive energy about needing to compare what way is better. There was a fluid movement of acknowledging what we were all taught and how to improve on that.

We did a series of journeys of how we personally needed to evolve along with the work and how to bring the work out into the world to take people today to a deeper place with it. We also talked about the need to take this work to different populations of people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic structures. I have great hopes for how the collective brilliance of this group will manifest the movement of shamanism in the world. I am inspired at how the group worked and the personal visions each person came up with.

It is really great that we have an alliance of Medicine for the Earth teachers along with an alliance of shamanic teachers who are planting seeds of the possibilities that come with spiritual practice around the world. It is really time to empower others, and we must take the work out to those who are hungering for a spiritual foundation that grows out of direct revelation.

The full moon is April 5. In my own journeywork I have been guided to expand the work I have been doing in creating a human web of light. I was shown the web of light that is under the earth that connects all of life. I have been touching in to that web of light in the healing work and transfiguration I have doing in trying to help the trees suffering from the drought where I live. It has been an extraordinary experience to tap into.

As we continue to weave a web of light around the globe, on April 5, let’s also experience the incredible of light within the earth that connects all of life.

As we watch the new growth of spring we are reminded of the great joy of birth into the light. Experience the joy of life and let’s all continue to give thanks for our lives.

Transmutation News – March 2004

For the month of February I planted the seed that we make the entire month a ceremony of invoking inner peace. Please take a moment to reevaluate how you did. Did you deny feelings and thoughts coming up or did you work them through? Were you able to remember to stay focused on transmuting your state so peace did shine through you as you walked through the world?

Many mystics and shamans were and are either born with a predisposition to only feel peace in the midst of suffering. Or it might be that the years of initiation experiences wore away any feelings or thoughts of separateness creating a cellular knowing of unity and perfection. Peace and light would shine through in the midst of all human conditions.

For many of us who might be coming at a spiritual path through other doors, we might move toward emanating peace and light at more gradual stages. This means many of us must learn how to hold the paradox. On one level we know our own divinity and experience the divinity in all of life. At the same time we work through the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes that arise by watching the behavior of those around us and conditions in the world.

As I have already written many times before, feelings are natural and are to be explored and worked through, not to be repressed. To repress our feelings, thoughts, and attitudes can create illness and also cause us to behave in inauthentic ways. I don’t know if you have ever been around someone who keeps saying, “Everything is perfect” while you can see the opposite belief seething through his/her pores.

Remember alchemy is the working with and through the dense darkness inside. This means not repressing what is coming up from below the surface but rather experiencing the feelings and working them through.

Some of you might be saying this is too hard and give up and judge yourself for not being able to meet the challenge. It is not too hard and yes it can be challenging. All exercise is challenging whether you work on emotional, physical, or spiritual levels. But as you know there are always great rewards for meeting the challenge. The rewards in our spiritual practice are experiencing the beauty and joy of life while at the same time creating a better world for all life to live in.

We all have to find ways to work with and through our darker emotions and thoughts so the light and a state of peace can naturally shine through us. Throughout Medicine for the Earth I offer many different ways to help us fully work through feelings of separation.

Here are some suggestions you might try this month:
-Surround yourself with words you have written on pieces of paper that help you work through a problematic state of consciousness.

-Surround yourself with pictures such as a precious loved one, child, animal, plant, tree, or a scene in nature that reminds you of what if truly important and can help you reframe and move through your current state of consciousness.

-Write out your thoughts and feelings about an issue or event causing you upset. Research has shown if you write out your objective thoughts along with your emotions you will come to a place of peace and improved health. Writing out your emotions only does not have the same affect over time.

Writing for ten minutes a day for a few days in a row is usually enough to establish a sense of peace and completion about an issue. Obviously if you are working with a severe trauma you might need to write for more than a few days.

-Check out some of the Heartmath material. I have written about their work before. They have extremely simple exercises that can get you out of a problematic state of consciousness into a heart space very easily. You can check out their work at

In Overcoming Emotional Chaos, Doc Childe (one of the founders of Hearthmath) gives many suggestions that have been helpful to me. My favorite suggestion that works really well is breathing through my heart and at the same time repeating to myself, “Take the significance out”. I find that this works really well when I can’t sleep because my mind is looping on some angry thought. I only have to say to myself, “Take the significance out” about three times before I drift back into a deep sleep.

I have a bell hanging up in a porch by my garden. I have come to learn that often the bell will ring when the “spirit people” or “little people” are trying to communicate with me.

Sometimes I will leave my house or come home disturbed by some event or conversation. I find that at these times although the air is perfectly still the bell will begin ringing loudly.

I stop and feel the preciousness of these beings trying to make contact with me. This precious connection is more important and vital to me than the negative thoughts and emotions that arise from buying into the world of illusion. I remember what is true and important to my heart, and I find the soil turning inside of me and uncovering a treasure of joy inside that transforms but does not deny what I am feeling or experiencing.

Look to nature. Nature is always reaching out to us and communicating and teaching us how to till the soil within.

Don’t deny or repress what is coming up for you. There are so many things to trigger negative thoughts and feelings today. Be authentic with your feelings and communication. And keep working them through. Find practices and tools that help you so the end result is that we do not coat the earth with anger, fear, despair, and feelings of separation. Rather let’s coat the earth with love and remembering there is only one heartbeat, only one source that is pure light and love.

As I have written before I have an ongoing journey practice of visiting descendants to keep learning how to work with oneness, light, and sound for healing others and myself. Last month I had a wonderful journey with a descendant. She gave me the experience of fully feeling my connection with the one pulse of life. Then she gave me the metaphor of a pinky finger deciding it was separate from the rest of the hand and body and dropping to the ground. There needs to be a procedure for reattaching the finger to the rest of the hand where it is once again part of the body.

She said that when we feel separate we are like a finger that mistakenly identifies with itself as a separate entity. She said that this creates illness on many levels and healing must happen to reconnect us with what she called “the lifeline”.

On a similar note, over the past few months I have received letters from some of you who are disturbed by the power struggles, egos, and divisive energy in the shamanic community. I have a friend who is a very respected teacher in shamanism who says that shamanism will die out because of the inherent issues of power.

I don’t agree. I am not an anthropologist and my own helping spirits has guided my shamanic work. But as I have so many students who have traveled to indigenous cultures around the world it is clear there are shamans who heal others by embracing the principle of divinity, light oneness, and unity. And then there are shamans who still work in the framework of illusion and separation.

Some people say the spirits will take care of this issue. I feel that how the spirits take care of this is by finding those who are willing to work in partnership with them to bring forth the model of harmony, oneness, divinity, love, light, and unity. We must feed this heart rather than the heart of divisiveness, separation, ego, and manipulation of power. In this way the true essence of shamanism shines through into future generations.

There are many ways to make changes in the world today. We all have to find where our contribution is. Some of us choose to work on the spiritual levels with the knowing that all change on the physical starts here. Another way is to be more of an activist. All ways are important.

I read in the newspaper about a teenager in Denver who is choosing to have the courage to speak the truth about her feelings about the circus. She has no problem with clowns and trapeze artists. But she feels strongly about lions and elephants being trained to leap and dance for the public’s enjoyment.

Heather Herman is a high-school freshman and has gathered enough signatures last month to put a question on Denver’s Aug. 10 ballot asking residents to ban performances by exotic animals.

She says, “I believe animals do not belong in the circus, that they shouldn’t perform, shouldn’t have clothes put on them or have people riding on them. To make animals perform, you train them and to train them you must break them, which requires physical force.”

Of course you can imagine the response from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and some of the Denver government officials. Their only response has to do with how this would effect jobs and the economy. One Councilman said, “I firmly believe the ballot process is getting out of hand. I think it’s getting wacky, like California.”

While we are all entitled to our opinion, my prayers and thoughts are with Heather Herman voicing her concerns about the disrespect and dishonoring of the animals we share this earth with. They were not put on earth only for our enjoyment. And I applaud her courage for not only speaking out but by trying to get her community involved in taking action.

March 20 is the Spring Equinox. I know many people are happy to see this time of rebirth transition into our lives again.

I suggest to celebrate the equinox that we all take some time during this day to journey or meditate to merge with the earth. Use this practice to learn by becoming what changes the earth is experiencing during this time. Our bodies and the earth are one. As we learn how the earth is transitioning we learn about ourselves and harmonize with the changes of this time.

During the winter solstice we began to dream together what we want to see burst forth in our own lives and for the world. Through your meditation or journeys check on the seeds of the dreams you planted. Are they growing? What kind of nurturance do they need?

Celebrate the beauty of nature. On the equinox take a walk outside alone or with your family or friends. Be in appreciation of the beauty of nature. Depending on the weather patterns of your area you might observe new growth coming forth from the earth. Observe the power of new life and how it stands strong.

For as much of the month as you can take appreciation walks. The more you can take in the beauty of nature, the more you will be able to reframe what is happening around you. Our perception creates our reality. As we see the beauty in the world our reality changes. And please remember to share this practice with your children.

In the late 1980’s I was gifted with meeting Christina Crawford. Christina is a woman who has survived a lot in life, and has used what has happened to her to help others heal from their own abuse. She was very courageous in writing her book Mommie Dearest and was one of the first people to publicly speak to the issue of abuse.

Christina attended a workshop I was at where I did a demonstration of a soul retrieval. After the workshop she asked me if she could come to Santa Fe to learn soul retrieval from me. At that point I had never taught soul retrieval to anyone.

Christina did come to Santa Fe. For the final part of her teaching I had her perform a soul retrieval on me. I gave her no information and just told her to bring back what she was guided to by the spirits. The soul retrieval she performed for me ended up curing chronic depression that had been with me since my teenage years. So I have always been extremely grateful to her.

Christina also became a mentor for me while I was writing Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self. I was so insecure about writing a book and her support and friendship was instrumental in Soul Retrieval being written.

Christina has just published a new book titled: Daughters of the Inquisition Medieval Madness: Origins and Aftermath. This book is filled with fascinating information. It is a 400 page hard cover in which Christina traces the story of women for eight thousand years. Christina spent nearly a decade researching the material for this book. This is a dedication of passion and tears that Christina hopes will shape the present and the future by introducing new insight from the past – history which has been ignored because it was herstory.

Daughters of the Inquisition is published by Seven Springs Press. It is available through Amazon. You can also contact Seven Springs Press for ordering information: 208-274-2470 or

The full moon is March 6. Let’s continue to transfigure and weave our lights together throughout the globe. Let’s fill the world with light and love.

I wish you a very joyous spring as the seeds you have planted show their beauty in the world.

Transmutation News – February 2004

When we transfigure into our divinity, source, and light one of the effects is to experience a feeling of peace. These feelings of peace might carry on after our experience for some time. For many of us the chaos of life can easily disturb those peaceful feelings.

As it has been important for us to experience our light throughout the day, it is important for us to focus on staying centered and peaceful in ourselves.

I have had many conversations and received letters from friends and students all stating that they are looking for a more peaceful and balanced life in 2004. It seems like the world and life is spinning faster and faster. Time will not slow down for us until we slow it down ourselves. We will continue to get caught up in “the spin” until we find peace inside of ourselves. We tend to get caught up in life moving too quickly when we become dependent on the outside world for a sense of identity. When we can get still and peaceful and feel one with ourselves and our divinity we can step out of the chaos and spinning energy of the world today.

Throughout last year I wrote about how gifted shamans and healers eyes sparkle and hold a joy that we don’t see in many practitioners eyes today. That sparkle and light emanating from these healers comes from being in touch with their divinity and light. But it also comes from finding peace with themselves, the world, and their pain and suffering.

As we can find peace with what life brings us it allows us to emanate a state of peace once again changing the field of energy in the world. I am not saying that we should stop focusing on creating changes in our lives. But I do feel there is a delicate balance of actively manifesting our dreams while at the same time finding peace with what is.

In Chapter 6 of Medicine for the Earth I wrote a section on the power of putting one’s attention on an issue. It is a nice idea that we can create a feeling of inner peace that will last throughout the day. But some of you might not know the steps of how to get there. One way that I have found helpful is to hold the intention. As I hold the intention and keep my prayers focused on wanting to create a state of being into my life, I find over time I do notice shifts in a positive direction.

In December we began to dream into being the world we want to live in. Part of this requires rescultping our inner world. We want to add to our regular transfiguration practice the intention to also maintain a state of inner peace.

Some of you perform spiritual practice for your own enlightenment, growth, and evolution. Whatever practice changes ourselves will naturally affect the web of life. I wrote about this last month.

Some of you also want to be actively affecting others in the world. Those of you who are in some helping profession are actively trying to help others to shift their awareness. And as we know teaching, healing, and serving comes in many forms. We all can affect people around us no matter the profession we are in.

As I have stated during the last year many people are asleep right now. The trance is very deep and people are kept in this trance by very powerful and controlling forces.

I do not believe that words and preaching to others is a way to wake people up. Your words might stir people a bit, but the lure of sleep is too strong to really wake people. I believe the way to wake people up is by showing through example the rewards and what is to be gained.

If people around you notice you are healthy, happy, “glowing”, and you carry the energy of peace in your being they will want to learn about what you are up to.

If your garden, land, houseplants emit a quality of health and growth people around you and in your community will want to know what you are doing.

If your house, apartment, or office emits an energy of peace, serenity, and life and soul affecting those who enter your space, a desire for knowledge becomes stronger.

If you only preach to people about spiritual concepts it doesn’t provide enough incentive to create momentum in the sleep and apathy that society supports.

This month attempt to bring the light, energy, and peace stimulated by your spiritual practice more into your daily life. The more you “shine” and seem happy and peaceful the more curious people around you become about who you are and what you are doing. Let’s focus our energies on giving people a reason to want to change.

The work toward emanating light and peace through your own being is called “The Great Work” in alchemy. Remember it is the light within which connects us all. Experiencing your light and a state of peace as much as you can throughout the day will be the daily ceremony we perform together as a global community this month. Continue to be in a state of love and appreciation. Reframe your problematic experiences so you see the beauty. Be in a state of appreciation for all you are being given – food, water, air, sunlight, the people who cross your path and life situations.

Let’s make every day in February a ceremony.

I have finally decided to take advantage of the internet to list shamanic practitioners who have trained with me who perform soul retrievals and other shamanic healing methods. Up to this point people have had to write me to obtain a list of local practitioners.

As I have announced in past Transmutation News I now have a website that lists local shamanic teachers. There is now a section on that website that lists practitioners. The list is not totally complete as I am still waiting to hear from some of the shamanic practitioners I have sent letters to. But there are many practitioners listed now.

Some of the practitioners in Europe chose not to be listed on the website. So for a list of all the practitioners in Europe people still have to write me or email Ruth Aber at If you email Ruth for a list you need to include the country you are looking for practitioners in.

I have been a fan of Alex Grey’s artwork since I was introduced to it a few years ago. Alex Grey’s unique series of 21 life-sized paintings, the Sacred Mirrors, take the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining, in detail, the body, mind, and spirit.

His most recent book Transfigurations is Alex Grey’s second large format monograph containing over 300 color and black and white images of his work.

He has two websites you might want to check out: and

He is working on creating a Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York. I have been trying to support his project and one way I can do this is by letting you know about his websites.

I know many of you are familiar with Alex Grey’s artwork and hope you will visit his websites and see what he is up to.

A friend of mine recently wrote me and asked me if I ever considered working with an editor to clean up some of my writing on the Transmutation News. Although I love to write and enjoy writing the Transmutation News I am aware that there are grammatical errors.

As I write the Transmutation News once a month in the midst of traveling and teaching it is not possible for me to also work with an editor. The time involved would not allow me to keep the Transmutation News going on a monthly basis.

So I do apologize for the lack of editing. I know how appreciative people are that I keep writing the Transmutation News and hope you can continue to read beyond my grammatical errors.

February 6 is the full moon. Let’s weave our inner light, peace, and love into the web of light we continue to create around our great earth.