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In many past issues of The Transmutation News, I would ask our global community to join together to perform transfiguration ceremonies to feed the waters of the world with love and light. These ceremonies were different than the work we do on each full moon to create a human web of light.

I would ask people to perform a transfiguration ceremony with a glass of water present on each person’s altar or in a sacred space and then bring the light filled water to a local water source- the ocean, a river, spring, lake, river, pond, and so on. In this way our collective energies would join together to send a message of love, honor, and respect to all the waters of the world which would eventually flow back to its source.

Earth is a water planet and we are mostly water. When we honor the water within and without us water always reflects back to us our beauty, passion, love, and light. Working with water is a wonderful way to send messages to all the elements as they are all touched by the water we blessed.

With all the environmental challenges impacting the planet right now I feel it is time to reinstate this powerful ceremony.

Either visit a local water source and fill a glass of water, water from your home, or buy some spring water. Place the water on your altar or a place you feel is sacred in your home or out in nature.

Perform your preparation work to move your ego and personality aside so you become a true pure and clear vessel for divine energies to radiate through you.

Travel deep within to the source of your divine light and let it flow throughout your body, then into your hands. Let that light continue to expand and grow within you until your entire sacred space is filled with a brilliant flowing light. Feel, see, sense how the light flows into the vessel of water in your space.

Drink a little of this holy and blessed water and feel the healing power filling your body. Then bring the water to a local source. Really open your heart, open all your invisible senses, fire up your imagination and as you experience the water flowing into the local source imagine it communing with all the waters of the world we are collectively feeding with divine light and unconditional love.

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It is a different form of creating a human web of light, but acts in the same way.

This is a powerful way for us to join our hearts together to bring forth unconditional love into the field of energy of the collective and to begin showing our devotion to the elements that give us life. This love and devotion will be returned to us as is the law of nature.

The full moon is October 13. Let’s continue our practice of Creating a Human Web of Light. You can do this on the same day you do your water ceremony and let the full moon add exponential energy to your practice. If you choose a different day then please make sure you do your work to leave your burdening thoughts and ego behind so you can be a strong vessel of light. Transfigure, absorb your divine light into your cells, and let it expand and radiate beauty exquisite light within and throughout the Earth.

This is no time to perform any spiritual practice on a superficial level. Put your heart and soul into this and let’s transform the shadow energies that are filling our collective field. As each of us does this from a true authentic and spiritual place we can transform the current energies. But we have to put our heart into it and work from our highest frequency with full concentration and focus.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our monthly ceremony.

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