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On December 21 we flow into a new season as well as moving quickly to the end of the year. We greet winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. What a ride this year has been.

In truth we have no control to stop a change in seasons. We also have no control on where life will eventually take us.

But do you notice how much we fight against where the flow of life and the river of life is taking us to.

What if we are being asked to let go of trying to control changing flows and cycles, and we embrace the flow knowing it will lead us to a beautiful place. This takes unconditional trust in life and in the process of evolution. We can continue to fight, try to control, and resist the flow of life. But we cannot control where the river of life is taking us to.

Our primal life force is moving us in a way it has been programmed to. But what if we can add consciousness to our life force.

We will still flow with the river of life. But using the ancient teachings of bringing consciousness to energy is a way to also transform any energy we meet during our ride. The flow keeps leading us to greater states of awareness, spiritual abilities, and how we can work in partnership with where life is taking us instead of kicking and screaming all the way.

Adding consciousness to primal life force energy will be my exploration in the coming year as I had such a powerful visionary experience of what is possible.

During this time of the solstice reflect on the great turning and the flow of life. Really ask your soul by spending time in nature, using journeying, or meditation to reflect on where you are fighting, resisting, and trying to control where the flow of life is taking you to. For like the changing seasons we have no control over where the flow of life is leading us.

On the solstice perform a ceremony to release old energetic patterns allowing you to enter into this next season of life. Perform a releasing ceremony of your controlling behavior. Call in your helping and compassionate spirits to help you in this. There is a wealth of divine and transcendent forces that are welcoming you into their protection as you drop the false beliefs that your ego or personality can control the flow of life.

Reflect on the old stories that have been anchoring you to the past. Also reflect on the projections others have put onto you covering up your passion for life, your beauty, and internal divine light.

What stories do you wish to carry into the New Year? Perform ceremonies to release the stories and projections that no longer serve you. Spend time in nature filling yourself with colors, images, fragrances, sounds, feelings, and tastes that are absorbed into your landscape. When you do this true beauty is what you will see whenever you open your eyes. This is the field of energy you want to embrace for the New Year!

If you need ideas for ways to design a ceremony please read my book The Book of Ceremony: Invoking the Sacred into Everyday Life.


Once you relax into the flow you will notice more beauty and peace flowing into your life.

The flow will continue to move you in ways that are beyond your imagination and understanding.

Embrace the flow of life and all of its twists and turns. Let’s return to a state of awe and wonder as we watch the beauty and perfection of the path unfold before our eyes.

The full moon is on December 12. Let’s start with our preparation work and then journey deep within to our spiritual light that is eternal and immortal. This light has the ability to transform all that is put in our path. As we radiate our light as a global community, we step into the role of truly being in service to all of life and the Earth.

Let’s join our light and spiritual strength together to weave a radiant and luminescent light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage of this site.

As this year is spiraling into a new year, I want to take this opportunity to thank our translators who continue to engage in so much work to bring The Transmutation News to our global community.

Let us join our hearts together and radiate and emanate love, light, and deep appreciation to all who help to bring the Transmutation News into our mailboxes each month.

Please join me in thanking Sylvia Edwards who pulls together what I wrote into a beautiful format for all to read each month.

And let’s give a heartfelt thanks to our translators:

Petr Němčanský   – Czech
Tea Thum –  Finnish
Carole Laplante  – French
Bea Salgado – French
Barbara Gramlich  – German
Astrid Johnen  – German
Nello Ceccon – Italian   
Flavia Cavallaro – Italian
Els de Graaff – Nederlands
Sandra Koning – Nederlands
Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese
Tatiana Starikova – Russian
Ines Fermoso  – Spanish 
Lena Anderheim – Swedish   
Simin Uysal  – Turkish

Please join me in holding our circle in love during the solstice. May your ceremonies be filled with joy as we honor the Earth, the elements, and all of life during this powerful time of change of dismemberment and rememberment.

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