Transmutation News – December 2008

As the time grew nearer in the United States presidential election it felt to me like the collective conscious was getting very stirred up. This election created a lot of emotion on many different levels. I found myself having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep as I felt my psyche was tapping into a great deal of chaos in the collective.

Without getting into politics I do feel the results of the election were significant, exciting, and hopeful. For I feel as a collective we were faced with a choice of whether the collective was choosing to move forward to a future of new possibilities or whether fear would keep the collective choosing to move backwards in time.

There are worldwide challenges that keep growing. And the challenges keep forcing us to look at how to create a life that is simpler and more balanced. And the challenges we face also ask us to stay focused on our spiritual work.

This is not a time to feel that any one person or political party will create sweeping changes for us. We are responsible to be part of the changes that need to happen. The present and future still rests in the hands of the collective.

The election in the United States was an example of how the collective can join together and create a shift in leadership. We can learn from such focus. It is a time to continue to build on the collective energies that have been put into motion. And how we do this is to continue to be a spiritual presence in the collective as I wrote about last month. And to add to this we must support and strengthen the collective energies that can move us into greater change and be a healing force on the planet.

Find a place within your home or outside in nature to build a small altar that represents the global spiritual community working together in different ways to create positive change for the planet and all of life. Everyday visit the altar and put a small offering such as a stone, a flower, or a prayer to give thanks and to honor all those working in behalf of life.

Over the years we have been working together to dream the world we want to live in into being. I have given different suggestions of how to work with creation and manifestation out of my book Medicine for the Earth.

Recently my helping spirits gave me an interesting exercise to suggest. As you know there are many books written on the law of attraction. These books have been popular since the early 1900’s and today there is a resurgence in the topic.

I was told to suggest that you find a magnet and a pin to work with. When I did this exercise I worked with a strong refrigerator magnet.

Hold the pin close to the magnet and notice the pull, as they are attracted to each other. Repeat this everyday a few times a day to get the feeling in your body of what is needed to actually attract to you what you are working on manifesting.

In doing spiritual work it is one thing to be able to experience something being created in the invisible realms. It is another to understand how to pull the creation through, to birth it in the physical realms.

Here is another exercise I was given. I found that as Election Day in the United States grew closer I had to deal with feelings of anxiety.

I kept doing a lot of work to surrender to whatever outcome occurred. And I had good days and challenging days. One day I found myself thinking the worst.

I immediately felt the presence of Isis surrounding me. When I finally took some time to get quiet and go within she showed me a ball of yarn sitting on the floor that represented my desired outcome. And she asked me to reflect on what thread of thought I was feeding into the yarn. It was a real wakeup call for me as I realized I was not aligning my thinking with the result I was hoping for.

I think that the more we can get our body and mind to work in partnership with our spiritual practices the more fuel we give to the work we are engaged in.

Find a ball of yarn or some other object that you can use to represent what you consider a healthy and balanced planet. You can also create a drawing or you can write your goal on a piece of paper. Place these on an altar. Run pieces of thread, yarn, string to your ultimate goal that are infused with thoughts that would align with this goal as well as those infused with blocking beliefs.

Take some time throughout the day and especially before you go to sleep to reflect on the threads you have been feeding. Did you feed the thread leading to your ultimate goal or away from it?

Try to get a tangible feeling in your body of how these “threads of thoughts” contribute to creating your ultimate goal.

I think both exercises of working with magnets and watching what threads of thought you are feeding will help you to make changes in your daily life. The goal is to contribute to the global community from a deeper level of awareness as we work together to create positive planetary change in behalf of all of life.

Shamanism as well as the Medicine for the Earth work practiced as a way of life requires you to be fully embodied. For so much of the practice of shamanism has to do with deep listening and observation of nature. In this way we are living as part of nature and truly working from a place of full cooperation and collaboration with the spirit that lives in all things.

In today’s world many people are drawn to spiritual practices because they don’t want to be in a body. Past experiences have people disappointed in others and life itself and looking for an escape.

But spiritual practices as they were developed in ancient times were never meant to create out of body experiences. Part of thriving and living a life of joy means being fully in our body and fully inspirited.

Some of us are losing out and missing the point of spiritual work. In the October Transmutation News I wrote about losing our sense of wonder, awe, and becoming complacent creates life as more of watching a movie or program on a flat screen TV. We miss out on truly living as part of nature when we reject our own bodies.

Winter tends to be a time of stillness in nature. This stillness supports us to take the time to draw our energies within.

In 2008 I asked you to merge with a star and notice how solid starlight is. It does not try to shine. It just does from an inner solidity and that light reaches across many millions of miles.

I also asked you to merge with a seed to understand and feel in your cells the intense power of unpotentiated energy.

If you did not do these journeys/meditations I suggest you do them as a foundation to work with.

As we move closer to the time of winter begin to draw your energy in. Review your successes. Look at where you might have lost faith in yourself as a being who has the potential to share brilliance and beauty in the world.

Everyday make yourself “love potions” where you infuse love into everything you eat and drink. Remember what you bless, blesses you. What you honor, honors you. In this way of blessing and honoring yourself you bless and honor the earth. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the winter solstice, which is on December 21.

During the winter solstice take some time to be still and silent. And tune into the stillness and regeneration process of the earth. Ask the earth how you can support her regeneration during this time of change and transition.

The full moon is December 12. Let’s continue to strengthen our spiritual presence in the collective as well as strengthen the fibers we are weaving in the web of light.

As this year draws to a close let’s continue our healing work in our circle to empower each of us so that we have the energy and passion to keep up our spiritual work to help with the changes ahead.

If you are new to this website please read Creating A Human Web of Light for instructions for our full moon meditations.

Transmutation News – November 2008

In this month’s Transmutation News I am going to start by writing about work we have already been practicing and then lead you into a new place to work from.

The winds of change are really blowing hard and fast. And there are many ways that we can react to what is happening. Between the global economy spiraling downward, the extreme emotion over the United States election, and continual changes in the environment people everywhere are being triggered.

As I go out into the world for my daily activities I notice the fear in the eyes of people who are acting in anger. The energy of the collective is very chaotic making driving an “interesting” activity.

The winds of change are blowing for a reason. We have not been living in balance. We might not like the strong winds blowing but they are here to help us simplify and get our priorities straight.

You have a choice right now. You can feed the collective energies of fear and anger or you can choose to stay positive and do your spiritual work knowing that there are spiritual forces that are behind you and supporting every positive thought and change you feed the web of life with.

I wrote a column on the October newsletter for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners ( And I shared some of the spiritual practices we need to keep doing to stay centered and focused during this transition. Here are the practices I shared:

It is really key right now for all us to keep focused on our spiritual work and to be part of the solution by watching the energies we are feeding in the world. We must stay focused on not allowing ourselves to continue to feed thoughts of fear and disaster.

If you are having troubles right now in being able to stay centered in the midst of this great time of change and readjustment it might be worth visiting your helping spirits. Ask for ways you can shift your perspective and for practices you can engage in throughout the day to stay centered and focused.

I would not journey to ask for predictions about the future for the future is being created by our present behavior.

Other tools you can work with utilizing shamanic practices is to remember to walk through your life with honor and respect for the earth, air, water, the sun for their life giving properties. You can honor the spirit that lives in all things by remembering to live your life honoring all living beings even those who trigger you into states of anger.

Remember to be grateful for being alive and for all that you love about life.

Remember the shamanic teaching of what you bless blesses you return.

You can shift out of a negative way of viewing the world by working with the power of gratefulness. This is a teaching that comes from all shamanic traditions. It is interesting to note that the alpha waves in our brain help to support our immune system. It is now known through brain mapping that being grateful is a potent way to increase alpha waves in your brain.

Keep up your creation practices where you continue to focus on dreaming into being the world you want to live in rather than focusing on what creates fear and anger for you.

Use all your senses and fully engage in an experience of participating in a life and world that brings joy, love, peace, light, harmony, equality, and abundance to all.

See the visuals of such a life and world, hear the sounds of nature and children laughing, feel the feelings of living in such a world, smell the fragrances, and taste foods that are prepared in love. Don’t watch your creation like you would a movie on TV. Rather make it three-dimensional by fully stepping into your dream.

And remember to watch the energy behind your thoughts that you are sending out to others. In shamanism thoughts are things. When we send out thoughts of hate we are sending psychic arrows to others that only feeds the energies of fear, hate, and warfare. We must learn how to see the divine in all creation and transmute the energies we send to ourselves, to others, and into the world. We must also learn not to pity others but rather have compassion for their suffering.

Remember we are caretakers of this great earth and we must continue to tend our beautiful earth garden. Don’t allow yourself to stay in dense states of consciousness. Use your spiritual practice to rise up and fill the world with love and light.

We are limited as egoic beings from really being able to get a full perspective of what this time is about and what it is all leading to. Journey to merge with a teacher and walk around (not drive) and look through the world with “spirit eyes”.

Over the years I have gotten very powerful guidance from the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire. They have assured me that I am not working alone but in partnership with them and that I can count on their support.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis who is my spiritual teacher has been teaching me for years how to ride a different wave than the wave of fear. She has assured me that my thoughts and attitude will create the dimension of reality that I wish to live in.

She started talking to me about this when I had moved into a state of fear after watching a program on TV in the 1980’s predicting extreme droughts and famines in the future. After watching my reaction she shared with me, “If you think you are not going to have water to drink, you will not have water to drink. If you think you will not have food to eat, you will not have food to eat.”

Her words follow me as I find myself being impacted by the news. Even newscasters and financial experts are saying that the turn of the world economy is being fed by fear. We are being shown what fear can create in the world.

This all takes us back to the work we have already been doing. And we have been doing this work together as a global community for many years now. Keep doing your spiritual practices. Choose to ride a different wave than mass consciousness is riding right now.

And it is so important to understand that strength and change comes in numbers. This month I ask you to meditate on or journey on a practice you can engage in to feed the collective energy of the spiritual community who is shining light and love versus hate and anger into the web of life. Even if you choose to focus a few minutes a day on experiencing yourself as part of a community working in behalf of all of life this is so important to being a changing force in the world.

I am now receiving some more guidance about this from the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire, as well as Isis. They said to me that it is important to learn how to project your spiritual energy in the world.

This brings up interesting issues. For one many people engaged in spiritual practices want to remain “hidden” even in the psychic levels. The reasons for this are varied. Some people live in fear of being punished for working spiritually as we remember times when many were killed for working in this way. Some people want to remain humble and staying invisible is seen as a way to do this. Some people are afraid of the attention it will bring to them. And some are afraid of intruding their energies on others space.

But my spiritual guidance is telling me that the time to remain hidden on psychic levels is over. For this is a level that we do need to project our light and loving energies on. As long as you are not trying to force a result moving into working with the principles of “power over” and “manipulation” you are fine.

You can say that you have been doing this in our monthly meditation Creating A Human Web of Light. Well maybe you have. But I ask you to spend some time this month on reflecting on how much you actually project your spiritual divine light and love into the world. And how much do you project your spiritual energies into the world – not trying to manipulate, but rather simply by being a strong presence in the collective. There is a difference between watching yourself be a light as if you are watching a movie or TV and fully stepping into the collective and engaging in it.

I imagine that some of you will notice you have not been a strong personal spiritual presence in the collective. You shine your light to a degree while hiding or holding some part of you back at the same time.

There are many writings from authors who speak to the issue that humankind has destroyed the planet before whether through ordinary means such as warfare or through spiritual means as humans started to move into abuse of power on psychic levels.

So here we are again in human history needing to look at next steps and choices. Are we going to repeat what has been done before?

In using the principle of the hundredth monkey that has been talked about so much throughout the years we really should have seen more change by this time. This statement contradicts what I have been saying for months now in saying we must do our spiritual work and not get distracted by the results that we are seeing in the world.

And I still believe this. But at the same time I also think that many people are becoming complacent with the practices we are doing. Complacency is an issue I wrote about in the October Transmutation News.

We need to keep deepening our practices and evolving our work. For example, when I first started learning the practice of shamanic journeying I was taught to journey into the non-ordinary realms and work with my helping spirits and then at the return beat on the drum to say good-bye and come back.

But I never truly felt that this was a traditional way of working in shamanism. I never felt inside myself that the lines between the worlds were drawn so strictly. Yes, shamans had regular lives and jobs and families. But in watching indigenous shamans it never looked like there was such a strong boundary between “here” and “there”.

So then when I started teaching the practice of transfiguration in the Medicine for the Earth work I did not bring people all the way back from the transfiguration work. Rather I encouraged people to hold that state of divine light throughout the day as much as possible. And I started reminding people that in transfiguring you are not going anywhere you are just allowing your own spiritual light to merge with who you are on a personality level.

In working with projecting oneself more into the spiritual realms there is no longer a boundary between here and there. You are in both realms simultaneously here AND there. And I think this is one of the keys to how true shamans and mystics work. They are in ordinary and non-ordinary realms simultaneously all the time.

The key is not to try to manipulate energies in the ordinary or non-ordinary but to simply be a presence of love and light as we have been doing in the Medicine for the Earth work where we engage with the feminine principle of “being” versus “doing”.

When we do try to manipulate then we get into a place of working with “power over” and that is where psychic abuse comes in. To avoid moving into such a trap it is crucial to keep working on our egoic self that wants to control.

As you tap into the power of “the unlimited” the ego can easily be tempted to use the power to manipulate spiritual energies.

It is also important to be as fully embodied in your physical body as you are in the spiritual realm. You need to continue to do whatever emotional work that needs to be done so that you are fully present in both the visible and invisible realms.

Last year I did write about the journey/meditation where I was led into the Inner Chamber of Light. And I have now added this ceremony into my Medicine for the Earth Gatherings. In this work we become part of an anonymous global spiritual collective that works in the inner worlds to weave and strengthen the web of light. And I still work on this level.

In this meditation/journey you experience yourself going into the inner realms where you are met by two anonymous figures
who bring you to a place to work in strengthening the web of light. The beauty of this place is there are millions of other people working here anonymously to heal the web of light.

Now my spirits are asking me to add to that work. For working in the inner worlds and on a level of anonymity is important work. And at the same time – the operative word here is AND – to also be more of a stronger presence in the collective.

You can think of it this way. You know what happens when someone in a state of love and light walks into a room that is filled with people in emotional chaotic states. The whole energy in the room calms down. Well our collective is in a chaotic state. Project your spiritual presence filled with love and light into the collective and allow the chaos of the collective to calm down by your state of being. As with all our work there is nothing to do. Just be a presence of light and love.

I feel that as a spiritual community we are still allowing ourselves to be limited by human laws of what the collective believes is possible. We continue to get caught up in limiting methods for healing and change. We continue to be influenced by what science says is possible and not possible. We continue to be more influenced by collective beliefs than by allowing ourselves to open the prison doors from ordinary laws and allow ourselves to move deeply into the spiritual.

Journey and/or meditate on this issue this month. We can be a strong psychic presence that creates change. Other factions have been doing this for years now but maybe not with the same motivations that we are working with. As long as we don’t try to manipulate others we can be a greater positive force than we have been.

For years now I keep getting that the work we do spiritually and on psychic levels is where change can happen in big ways. And I am getting stronger messages on this as the psychic level of the collective keeps being fed and moved by fear and anger. Imagine how the collective can change which also impacts our physical reality if we feed the collective with love, light, hope, and inspiration.


I don’t know if you heard this news but penguins ended up in the oceans of Brazil. I can’t think of a better example to show how much confusion is feeding the collective of all of life right now. Be a positive force in the collective – don’t be afraid to be a strong spiritual presence. We must remember to be part of restoring balance to nature not just ourselves but for all of life.

And most of all remember that there are many waves of consciousness people are riding right now. Choose a wave that matches your change in awareness and consciousness.

Be excited and remember the power of being in awe and wonder as I wrote about last month. For the universe will match your state of excitement bringing joy into your life.

The full moon is November 13. Let’s use the principle of projection that I wrote about this month to be a stronger presence of love and light in the collective while we continue to weave the web of light throughout the earth.

And as always we continue to support our global collective by performing the transfiguration ceremony for those of you in need as is written up in Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page of this site.

Transmutation News – October 2008

For months now I have written about experiencing joy and love. This has been a theme of the Transmutation News for years now. The piece I wrote about last month was the importance of being able to feel joy, love, and gratitude in our bodies rather than it all being a mental concept.

And I have continued to write again and again that indigenous people do have a joy and light emanating from them that goes beyond what is happening in the physical world.

A known belief is that we teach what we need to learn. For everything I write on the Transmutation News I am working towards the same goals I write about.

I have a really good life for which I am so grateful. So I keep sitting with and meditating on what keeps me from being able to fully embrace joy and shine my light fully in the world. Yes, I can do it for times throughout the day and when I with groups. But what is it that prevents me from fully experiencing joy and love all the time.

I started to think about my childhood. Like many people my life circumstances as a child were challenging. But I did experience true joy. And I do remember that very clearly. My joy did not depend on what was outside of me.

When I sat with what created that joy the answer that came to me was that I was in awe and in a state of true wonder about the beauty of life. I had great excitement about trying everything from sports, to writing, to drawing.

And I had to look at how much I am still in awe and a state of wonder. I had to look at how fear of failure prevents me from being totally excited about trying new things. And as I wrote about last month becoming complacent with life definitely limits feelings of joy.

I started to think about people today. There is a vacancy in many people’s eyes and most of the people I see today have a glazed over look.

Where is the awe? Where is the excitement of the promise of what life can bring? And I realized that until we move back into a state of awe and wonder we can’t truly experience joy.

In the early 1970’s I lived part time in San Francisco and for a few months a year lived with a friend in Mount Shasta. For me Mount Shasta is such an extraordinary place of earth. It was such an amazing experience for me to wake up in the morning and see the mountain. I had only been away from my home in Brooklyn, New York for less than a year so I was not used to being surrounded by such natural beauty.

I remember asking my friend who lived all year long in the town of Mount Shasta if he ever took the mountain and the beauty of the place for granted. Did he wake up every day in complete awe as I did? I think I surprised him by asking him this question.

When we do take life and its beauty for granted we lose something crucial for experiencing all the gifts that the earth and life bring to us. And I do believe it is essential to get this state of wonder and awe back.

After I had this realization I picked up a magazine that had some articles I had wanted to read. I had this magazine by my desk for over a year and finally got around to reading it. And there was an article by Matthew Fox writing almost the same words I just wrote here about the need to return to a life filled with wonder and awe. It was quite an omen for me that made me feel I was on the right path.

This month ask yourself if you have become complacent with life and all the beauty around you. Do you wake up in awe of the elements and all the gifts they bring? Are you in amazement about all the food the earth supplies for our nourishment? Are you struck by the beauty of water and all it gives to you? When you breathe are you in appreciation for the life that air gives you? And do you fully connect with the life force of the sun that gives the power for you to thrive?

Look at where you have become complacent and what you do take for granted. And this question might lead you back to a life of awe and wonder that brings you to experiencing true joy.

In the past few months we have looked at how the creator or creative forces of the universe created us from a true place of unconditional love. And I have asked you to experience how much love went into your creation.

This month I want you to look at how much you love yourself and what you have created in the world. Using the principle of “as above, so below, as within, so without” are you in a place of unconditional love as you create in your life and in the world?

I have been debating with myself about saying anything about the current election for President of the U.S. I know there are a range of feelings from fear, anger, confusion, to curiosity about what might occur.

And of course the campaign focusing on the economy versus the environment is a real statement of how separated people are from the understanding that it is crucial to take care of our home.

So whatever happens “out there” in the physical realm we must keep up our focus of taking care of our earth in whatever ways we are called to. And we must keep up our spiritual work as we have been doing over the years.

I am sure I will have more to say at a later time.

Terri in New Zealand shared the following journey with me. I asked her if I could post her journey for all of us to read. I thought it was quite beautiful.


Terri’s Planetary Healing Journey

I put out a strong intention to do planetary healing in whatever way I am guided and shown to do.

I hear the drumming and journey very quickly with ease to the water hole at Muriwai Beach. I am alone, looking into the swollen murky fast flowing high waters. Rain is pouring down and high winds are all around. There are large whirlpools in the water hole and they are taking everything into them and down under to the bottom to be composted into mother earth. I am told it is a good thing to be done.

I see and feel my wolf power animal come to be with me. He is my teacher and tells me to follow him. We both dive into a huge whirlpool and it becomes a vortex to the other side. We dive deep down into the earth and then we are blasted out into space. He has become very streamlined and I ride with him circling around the planet. We are both very large. We see mother earth in all her beauty, it reminds me of a picture I have seen of planet earth taken from out in space. We are weightless and gliding silently just observing the beauty of the planet, the stars and the universe.

Then we are taken swiftly, diving into the centre of the earth. I know I am in the centre of the earth. It is a beautiful open space, lots of soft greenery around the edge, tumbling over the smooth dark charcoal coloured shining rock walls. They have an emerald green tinge to them too. There is a warm sunlight infusing the whole area. I am told it is the central sun and as we have a sun above us mother earth also has a central sun within her.

My power animal passes me an opened wolf medicine bag and I take out the large green seeds and am told to plant them in the warm, rich, brown soil. They are love seeds. Instantly I see them grow up into people of all colours and creeds and dressed in all the rainbow colours. They are gardening in this internal, warm, sunny field, and there are hundreds of them, woman, men and children. There is a feeling of harmony, peace and playfulness. They use thought to communicate. No words are spoken.

I am observing this when I then see above us a rainbow form in the sky and then many, many more, filling up the whole sky. I am told to watch, as the central sun energy, weaves these rainbows in to balls. I know it represents our future and the ball of rainbows is the new web of life. I then see and am taken on shafts of this rainbow light travelling upwards in all directions to come through the surface of the planet earth. I see that the same scene of people working in harmony, peace and laughter is also taking place around the whole of the earth surface. As above so below.

I am then taken out high above the planet again and see earth in all its beauty. Then I have another strong sensation enter my body on the floor in the room and I am feeling colder and my blood and flesh is tingling. I feel and see the other people in the room as golden pillars of light holding the space. I hear the drumming strong, holding and steady.

I am out in space. I see the earth and hear her speak to me. She says to be with my breath and she will be with hers. I see her breathing and exhaling as one being. She shows me and teaches me. She inhales and she is form and I see her in all her beauty. She then exhales and I see and feel her expand, and gently explode into no form, just sparkling golden and white light taking up all space. No beginning and no end. I am also melted into this never-ending sea of light and feel and know from being dissolved into it, what she is saying. She breathes in again and says form. She breathes out again and says no form. It is a wonderful feeling of natural ebb and flow, ebb and flow. This is happening all the time we just don’t see or know it. I am just resting in it and experiencing the wonder of the teaching. I feel like a soft baby held in the most exquisite light and love. She is saying we will create with each breath our earth and with each exhale we will expand into light. I experience the earth as so alive now and forever.

I have a knowing that by doing this spiritual healing work we are creating our new world and new ways to live in peace and harmony. I see and experience that when we have form, always behind it all is formlessness and light (Source). We are the light workers, the spiritual gardeners. Love and light are there for us forever, no beginning and no end and we will create from it. I stay, dissolved; experiencing this ecstasy until I hear the drumming again and I know I need to return. Wolf comes to me and says its time to go home. He has to pull my energy out from where I am as I have a reluctance to return. I slip into my body beside him and fly back to the water hole at Muriwai Beach and then back into the room.

I have tears of joy on returning and sharing.

The full moon is October 14. Let’s be in place of awe for the beauty of the moon and the night sky. And with joy and gratitude for our lives and for what a gift it is to be here on earth let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of light throughout the world.

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Transmutation News – September 2008

An important announcement:

Over the years many students have suggested I start an email list where I can send announcements. I have finally decided to move forward with this suggestion.

I am exploring adding some on-line courses and teleconferencing to help assist in the teaching of Medicine for the Earth practices and also the practices of healing toxic thoughts. I think there are ways I can work with connecting our global community without all of us traveling. And I am exploring ways to do this.

I have scheduled a few of my regular workshops for 2009 which will appear on my 2009 calendar which will be up later this fall. But if you want to know about new classes I add during the year you might want to sign up on my email list. Also some of you have asked for an email to let you know when the monthly Transmutation News has been posted.

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Oftentimes I find a theme presenting itself in the conversations that students and people who write me want to discuss. Whenever I start to hear the same issue coming up again and again I pay attention.

A topic came up in a workshop I taught in August and also in some of the letters I received from people looking for shamanic healing help. As we have brought shamanism into a Western modern day culture it is starting to get watered down. Some teachers who teach alternative forms of healing seem to emphasize technique instead of finding individual and unique ways to help clients. And shamanic practitioners tend to give their power away to human teachers they study with instead of relying on the guidance of their helping spirits.

This is an important issue that I stress in my workshops and in my books. Techniques do not heal, but creating a sacred and loving space does heal. Treating people as individuals versus as a label given to them by the medical establishment whether it is a physical or emotional issue is not what people need right now. And in shamanic healing the spirits are who can really bring through unique and powerful healings for the client.

In our culture we keep putting our clients in a box by giving them labels and devise treatment plans for the labels. We should be looking at each person as an individual. And as practitioners we often put ourselves in a box by following method protocols rather than relying on our unique spiritual guidance.

As I have written in the past, I have never seen two traditional shamans in any culture work in the same way. Yet in our culture we all try to work within certain methods taught. And as we continue to do this the power of old traditions are being watered down and we are not coming up with creative and unique solutions to truly be in service to others and the planet.

Doctors are telling many people that they have symptoms that don’t really fit into traditional diagnoses. The severity of post traumatic stress disorders and other emotional issues stump psychologists and therapists. Environmental issues on the planet today also are beyond the control of scientific methods.

This means that it is crucial for us as we keep looking at how we can be of service to think and work outside of the box. Working with divine light and perceiving the divinity in clients and the planet has been taught for thousands of years. And this is a vital way we can go beyond the physical and truly work on the spiritual levels. Remember everything starts on the spiritual level before manifesting on the physical.

Use meditation and shamanic journeying to look for original solutions to different problems that are being presented to you. Allow yourself to be inspired and go beyond what you have been taught. Keep looking at how you can take your work to deeper levels. Being part of a factory of workers devoted to form versus direct revelation is not what any of us need right now. Follow your own spiritual guidance.

On this note I had an interesting dream in August that I am still sitting with. In the dream I was told that the purpose of life on earth was learning about differentiation. And that it is our destiny to manifest our own creative ways of working. We are part of source and as source differentiated when we were born into the world. The word “differentiate” was repeated over and over in the dream.

When I woke up from the dream I thought about this. When life begins to form at conception the cells differentiate into different organs and parts of the body. And in this way if we experience ourselves as one with the earth and part of the earth we are all cells that have differentiated for a particular purpose. We are all part of the earth.

On a spiritual level we are source. And we contain source in every cell of our being. On a physical level we all have differentiated to manifest an aspect of source on the planet.

We must tap into our own uniqueness and gifts of what we are bringing to the world. We need this for our emotional and physical health and well being. Unless we are living a life of joy and passion we move into a place of despair. Unless we are living our destiny and recognize we are not separate from source we are not tapping into our full health.

Please ponder whether you have become complacent with the work you are doing. Keep looking at how you can keep going deeper. Even if your main way of working is through transfiguration ask yourself if you have become complacent with your mode of the practice. Are you exploring ways to deepen the process?

Last year I wrote in one of the Transmutation News that I was receiving spiritual guidance on how important it is to hold the space right now. We tend to focus on things we can do in the outer world. And I just want to encourage you to keep working with the invisible ways of working that create a loving and sacred space for the planet and all of life. This is one way we are being called to tend our earth garden.

For my own personal healing and evolution I have been working with practitioners who have trained in Brain Dynamics. This is a highly technological form of working where first your brain is mapped. With the brain mapping the practitioner can see what parts of the brain are overactive and need to be quieted and what parts of are underactive and need to be stimulated. Then there are protocols used with visualization and music to help stimulate parts of the brain and calm down other parts.

I learned something important while doing this work that I wanted to share with you. We have different brain waves and I have written about them in some of my books. Basically beta is our ordinary thinking mind, alpha is a meditative state, theta is the state of the brain that allows up to journey into invisible realms, and delta is the state we go into when we dream.

What was new to me is that it is the alpha state that rules our immune system. So to improve our immune system we need to learn how to create more alpha waves. The quickest way to get your alpha waves moving is through gratitude. It is interesting to me that spiritual practices for thousands of years have been teaching the power of gratitude. And now with science we can see how those gratitude practices stimulate the part of the brain responsible for our immune system.

I have written about gratitude practices throughout the year. So you might want to look at some of the previous Transmutation News for 2008. The Transmutation News you might want to take a look at are February 2008, April 2008, May 2008. Also you might wish to review the August 2008 Transmutation News for more inspiration.

During a transfiguration practice I found myself seeing myself unzipping my body and stepping out of it as pure spiritual divine light. It worked great for me and I have shared this way of transfiguring with others throughout the month of August. Give it a try for yourself and it might be a simple way to describe the practice to those you introduce the work to.

Another practice that has been calming and healing for me is to hold the intention to go back before life began, back to source, back to the void. When there I see myself floating in that wonderful state of pure consciousness while I state the decree, “I am in perfect harmony and unity with the one”. It has been a wonderful practice I have brought into my own personal work. You might want to try it.

I love to share great books I have read. I recently read a book titled Coyote Cowgirl by Kim Antieau. It is a great fiction book that is light, fast moving, filled with imaginative characters and situations. It also has some great spiritual teachings and there are even some food recipes that I have tried out. One of the spiritual teachings in the book is how food can be empowered with the thoughts we have. If you are looking for a good book that is a just a great story I recommend Coyote Cowgirl. The book is available on Amazon if you can’t find it at your local bookstore.

The full moon is September 15. Let’s continue to deepen our transfiguration practice and together hold a sacred divine and loving space on the planet by weaving together fibers of divine light. And we continue our monthly healing for our community.

Any of you new to this website please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

The fall equinox is September 22. This is truly my favorite time of year. During the fall equinox over the years I have asked you to let something go that no longer serves you. This year we will continue on this theme.

These last few months I have asked you to experience the true love of the creative forces of the universe and the earth and also to experience your gratitude for life.

When this becomes a cellular experience you will evolve to a whole new consciousness and your own life as well as the life of the planet will take on a new way of being.

I find that often times the experience of love and gratitude becomes more of a state that our mind embraces rather than being absorbed on a cellular level. For in an egoic state of consciousness we experience separation which creates different fears such as what if I lose this love or this joy?

In life we experience many little deaths. And it is only through some type of death that something new can be born. We reach a state of consciousness and awareness and then the ego holds on to it and is afraid to lose it. For some of us we don’t allow ourselves to fully absorb love and joy for there is an underlying fear that we might lose it.

On a physical level everything does change so everything that we have on a physical level will be lost. But nothing is ever lost on a spiritual level. Love is permanent, joy is permanent and is beyond what is happening in our physical lives.

I do believe that we are in a time of great transition and change which is leading to an opportunity to evolve to greater and new states of consciousness that have never been seen on this planet.

And this means we must open our hearts and cells to absorb the love and joy that comes from being alive. And it is important for all of us to reflect on or journey on what keeps us from fully letting in the unconditional love and joy.

This is not something most of us can identify in a short ten-minute meditation or journey. I suggest you take a full day to reflect on what beliefs you need to return to the earth and the universe to be composted this fall so that you might fully absorb light, love, and joy so that the experience goes beyond words and you become these energies. For many of us this is a work in progress but we must start somewhere.

Start by reflecting on whether you experience the light and love of source fully in your body. Do you feel gratitude and joy in every cell of your being? Then reflect on what is blocking your depth of the physical feeling of love, light, joy, and gratitude.

The reason I love shamanic journeying is that my helping spirits assist me in identifying the truth of what I need to work with for me to keep evolving into a higher frequency and way of life.

For some of you meditation might be a way for you to journey deep into your psyche. And for some of you being alone in nature might be important.

I like to journey and also spend time in silence in nature where I can truly connect back to myself and also the earth, the air I breathe, the water, and the sun.

If you work in a group you might pick a day together to spend some time in silence and in nature and you might also use the support of the group to speak your truth of what you learn about your own self.

Let’s use the support of the seasonal change of letting go of what is no longer needed and release those blocking energies back to the earth and universe to be composted so that new beautiful life might be born from what you let go of.

And to add to this let’s merge with all the elements this fall to experience in our bodies what this time of seasonal change is leading us too.

If you are new to this website and this work and need to learn how to work with merging with the elements please look at my book Medicine for the Earth or listen to my CD “Miracles for the Earth” for instructions on how to merge with the elements.

There is so much opportunity to create a new world as we let go of what does not support the new forms being created. We have unlimited potential. Don’t miss the opportunity for the change you came in to experience in this lifetime. Reflect on the programs from society you took on which you to need to let go of so that you can step into a new way of life. There are thousands of years of history to let go of. There are programs we got from society that need to be deleted. When we free ourselves from the past and open our hearts and cells to the beauty and unlimited possibilities of life we dream a whole new world into being. Step into your power. And let’s join our hearts together as a global community to make this happen.

Congratulations on releasing of the old and enjoy the fall!!!

Transmutation News – August 2008

The fires in California that have occurred this summer brought up quite a bit of emotion for me. I had students and friends who lost their homes or were in danger of losing them. I have friends whose health became seriously challenged by the smoke created by all the fires. I received a variety of emails speaking to the effect of the fire on the animals. I was very touched by a siting of a mother bear carrying her cubs toward the ocean to try to escape the fire. I continued to receive emails asking for prayers and help.

In the past I have written that we are in a time of great change. There is a part of climate change that has been created by humans by the lack of respect for nature and helping to keep balance in nature. We have to ask what kind of life form destroys its environment? And then we also have changes that are a part of a cycle as the earth evolves and changes.

The reason doesn’t matter at this point. The key is to keep up our spiritual work.

Keeping with this, I have spent the last couple of months writing away. In July I completed the writing of a new book of how we can come together as a global community to use spiritual methods to create change. For as we have been working over the years there is so much potential we have to create change if we would make a decision to focus our spiritual energies together.

This new book I have written has not sold to a publisher yet. But I am sure a publisher will pick it up. And I will give you more information once this happens.

It is so interesting to listen to publishers’ responses to books written about healing the earth. They say that the public is so overwhelmed by the problems happening today they don’t want to read books about healing the planet. Readers are more interested in their own personal healing.

I can certainly understand this. I do write that we must continue our own personal healing. But as the earth is the home where we live we can’t abandon taking care of our home. We can do both at the same time. We would never say I am not going to grow food this year because I am involved in my own personal process. We have to garden and take care of ourselves simultaneously. And as we heal ourselves we ultimately heal the planet.

When Gandhi was asked if he thought India would be liberated from England he said, “That’s none of my business. But I do my work because I am here to serve. Because it is right to try.”

In this regard I am thankful to you readers who are working together to create change on the planet. We do not know what the end result will be but I am thankful to be working with a community who continues to do the work.

I am also co-writing a book with Hank Wesselman who is a wonderful shamanic teacher and writer. The book came out of a vision I had to join together with some other shamanic teachers and writers to teach about what shamanism is, what practices are part of shamanism, and describing different practices we can engage in to transform ourselves and the world around us. I invited board members and advisory board members of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners to contribute to the book. And Hank and I will weave all the different material together. This book did sell to Sounds True who published my book Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide as well as my audio CD lectures.

Once we have the contract signed I will share with you the title and the expected date of publication.

I am a board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and you can learn more about the organization by visiting

Love heals. I think we all understand this teaching. There is a difference between knowing you are loved by the creator, the earth, the elements, and nature and feeling that love throughout your body and on a cellular level.

People are attracted to trance states. And I think the reason for this is that when we get into an expanded state of awareness we typically bypass the mind and can feel more in our body and on a cellular level. And it’s on this level that true healing happens. When we can feel fully how much we are loved we not only heal on a personal level but we heal the planet too.

This month journey or meditate to feel the unconditional love of the universe. Some of us who did not get the love we needed as children need to feel the love of the male creative forces; some of us the female creative forces. Whether you use the terms father or mother god, the goddess, earth mother connect with the creative energies to feel true unconditional love in your body.

In the June 2008 Transmutation News I did ask you to go back and experience how much love went into your creation by the creator. The next level is to fully feel it and try to hold that feeling more each day. As we engage with others in the outer world we often lose our ability to feel the unconditional love that life continues to share with us.

There is no light without love. To fully be a light in the world you must feel love.

Dave in Ireland gave me permission to share his lovely story of creation with us.

Creation Journey

“In the beginning there was a breeze, a dancing warm playful movement, seeking and searching. Something like heat and warmth, something like music – soothing, moving, transforming, smiling. The breeze was lonely. It loved itself and could form anything. It had only one intent. It wanted to feel and be felt.

The breeze became a whisper in the dark, a stirring and echo, a vibration, a breath, and it began to form, to interact, to relate, to intertwine. It had only one intent, it wanted to speak and be heard.

The whisper became a seed, bursting with potential – a seed that could grow into anything, and become anything and that seed had only one intent. It wanted to grow and become.

That seed became me and within me the breeze still stirs and the whispers echo. We have only one intention we want to love and be loved.”

Over the months I have been asking you to watch your thoughts and the words you use throughout the day. Linde in Austria found an interesting note in a German magazine called “Focus on Light”. It was a report about the idea of Will Bowen for a complaint free world. You can learn more about his work by visiting

From reading about his work Linde suggested that we can be supported in watching our thoughts and words by wearing a bracelet. If you find yourself complaining you change the bracelet to the other arm.

She said that the idea helps you to be very aware of your thoughts and words and the use of the bracelet is the visible outcome of your inner attitude. She used one of her bracelets to try it out. And she felt it was an interesting experiment.

In March I co-taught with Kappy Strahan an advanced workshop on the “The Spiritual Practice of Spinning”. One of the exercises I gave participants was to make a bracelet for someone else in the group. The intention was when we each wore the bracelet and looked down at our wrist we would ask ourselves the question, “What are you thinking right now?”

The intention was to become more aware of what we were thinking and then to replace any negative line of thinking with thinking that would lead us to our desired outcome for our own life and for the world.

I still wear my bracelet each day and I find it very helpful. You can make a bracelet out of yarn, string, or beads. Use your imagination. Just hold the intention that this bracelet is to help you become more conscious of the thoughts and words you use.

And as Linde suggests you can try moving the bracelet to your other wrist when you find yourself complaining or thinking defeatist thoughts.

Kappy and I are co-teaching a multi-level workshop on The Spiritual Practice of Spinning November 6-9 in Santa Fe. It’s a chance for those who wish to learn how to spin fiber into yarn with intention to join those of us who love to gather together to spin with intention in a group. For more information please email Ruth Aber at:

The full moon is August 16. Creating a human web of light around the world is a powerful way to work to create change. We continue to experience the divine light of the planet and of all of life. In this way we continue to weave a new fabric of reality into being.

And we continue our monthly group healing to help those in our community that need some healing help. For instructions please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on my homepage.

I was asked by Sounds True to contribute an essay on Medicine for the Earth for their new book: Measuring the Immeasurable:

The Scientific Case for Spirituality. Below is some more information on the book.
Available: September 1, 2008
Can your thoughts heal another person, even from across the globe? Can meditation create “superhuman” levels of perception? Do prayer and intention actually affect reality? A few decades ago, scientists would have dismissed such ideas as superstition. Today, a growing body of persuasive research has turned many scientific thinkers into believers in the power of spiritual practice. Measuring the Immeasurable brings together some of the most prominent and informed authorities on the new frontier where science and spirituality intersect.
The scientific evidence continues to mount to support and question
spirituality. An essential collection of new essays and research from today’s most compelling pioneers of “frontier science.”

“Measuring the Immeasurable is a superb collection examining the
relation of science and spirituality. Full of insights from some of the
most respected names in the field, it is highly recommended.” Ken
Wilber, The Integral Vision
Contributing Authors
Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D., Tina Amorok, Psy, D. James H. Austin, M.D., Denise Bendl ,Gregg Braden, Dawson Church, Ph.D. Karin Cooke, Larry Dossey, M.D., RobertA. Emmons, Ph.D., Les Fehmi, Ph.D, Owen Flanagan, Daniel Goleman, Joan H. Hageman, Ph.D., Rick Hanson, Ph. D., Sandra Ingerman, Katherine N. Irvine, Ph.D., Leila Kozak, Stanley Krippner, Ph. D., James Lake, Peter Levine, Ph.D., Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Justin Mager, Nancy Marriott, Lynne McTaggart, Dan Moore, Andrew Newberg, M.D., Candace Pert, Ph.D., Kenneth Rachlin, Dean Radin, Todd Richards, Jim Robbins, Peter Russell, Suzanne C. Segerstrom, Ph.D., Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., Dan Siegel, M.D., Gary Small, M.D. Leanna J.Standish, Charles Tart, William Tiller, Ph. D., Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D., Sara L. Warber, M.D., Ian Wickramasekera, and Garret Yount, Ph. D.

Various authors
Hardcover, 552 pages
U.S. $24.95
Category: Spirituality, Science
ISBN-10: 1-59179-654-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-59179-654-1

Transmutation News – July 2008

Changes are happening very rapidly. We have been watching change in the world increasing exponentially, but one cannot miss observing how speedy things are happening.

On one level advances in technology are growing at rapid speeds. But we are also seeing more natural catastrophes occurring throughout the world, as life has become so out of balance. One can say that the earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons represent a natural change in the earth. And I do agree that there are natural cycles and shifts and changes that we are part of. But I cannot help feeling that maybe some of “the violence” of these changes could be tempered by a global shift from living life from a stance of power over nature and fueled by greed to living from a place of honor and respect for nature and all of life.

With the changes in nature, the economy, the state of health many are in right now it feels like we are being forced to shift our priorities of what is important and to seek a simpler way of living. The nature of humans is often to be forced into making changes rather than stopping and reflecting on what supports a healthier life style. I look forward to the day when people move away from learning and making change through pain and suffering.

As change in the world is swirling so swiftly I feel it is important to look at how you can stay centered in the midst of change. One important factor in staying centered is making sure you are finding some time in your life for the quiet needed to adjust to everything that is happening and to regenerate. Spending time in nature is essential to keep the feeling of connection to the web of life. There is a larger picture going on than what our ordinary eyes can see.

In the past I have asked you to set an intention to observe the world through “spirit eyes” instead of an ordinary way of looking at what is happening. I would suggest that you continue to keep up this work.

Spend some time in meditation or through shamanic journeying to find centering practices. This will change how you respond to what is happening in the world and also in your own personal life.

We really are being forced to look at finding simpler ways to live that create more time to regenerate and to absorb all the changes that are leading to a new evolution in the world. We need time to reflect on how we are being asked to change our lives and to live spiritually to help balance return to the planet again.

I know for myself I can force myself to continue to work at the pace that I used to. But I don’t want to anymore. On a psychic level I need so much more alone time then I ever needed. I have always been an introvert and needed time to be alone. But this need to be alone and quiet is extreme right now. My own psyche is calling for a time out and a time to just be.

This need for quiet ties into the shamanic teaching of “deep listening”. As our consciousness is evolving and a new way of life is being born we need to be able to slow down and listen for new direction. The guidance we truly need right now will not come while we are moving at a frantic pace.

We need to make the choice to slow down and listen before that choice is made for us. In this way we begin to make the positive changes called for in the healing of our planet.

Over my twenty or so years of teaching shamanism, seeing clients, and teaching workshops on reversing environmental pollution I have witnessed countless miracles when a group gathers its energies together in behalf of a purpose.

There is a result that happens when one works alone that is different than when a group focuses its energies together. There is exponential healing when a group gathers their energy together.

When I started teaching Medicine for the Earth trainings we began experimenting with the process of transfiguration in a group setting. First we started working with placing ammonium hydroxide in deionized water and taking the pH to a toxic level.

Using the principle of it who we become that changes the world and not what we do we focused on transfiguring into our divine light and perfection knowing the water would reflect the change in the circle. We did not pray for the water or focus on it in any way.

After a few years working with ammonium hydroxide in water I purchased a gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera which is based on the Kirlian effect. The camera was developed by Konstantine Korotkov, a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. He has published over 70 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and holds 12 patents in biophysics inventions.

The GDV camera is a special camera that allows one to capture the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies emanating to and from an individual, plant, liquid, powder, or inanimate object and translate those energies into a computerized model. This diagnostic camera measures and evaluates the energy of the auric field and integrates the information into a computer-generated report with pictures. This camera enables us to document the change in energy that we place inside our circle during our transfiguration ceremonies. We have worked with different foods, soil, as well as have continued to work with water. For the results and some of the photos taken you can visit and click on “results”.

What I wanted to share here is what happened when we worked with a peach taken from the peach tree from my garden. This was a few years ago and Santa Fe had been in an extreme drought when the peach was growing. As I could not give the trees at my home the water they needed, I walked around each day visualizing each tree in its divine light and perfection.

When we took the first picture of the peach before the ceremony the light it was emitting looked good. But it looked even better, and significantly brighter, after fifty people performed a ceremony of transfiguration. This was a great teaching for all of us about the power of working in a group versus working alone.

We have such an opportunity to gather our energies together as a global community. Twenty years ago it was not possible to reach out to thousands of people around the globe over the internet. Today it is.

As you do any praying, meditating, shamanic journeying for yourself, people you know in need, for the world at large allow yourself to feel yourself as part of a global community working along side with you. You know what it feels like to try doing a task in your life on your own. And how it feels so good when others volunteer their help to get your project done.

Let’s use this same concept for sharing the task of being a positive force in the world. Include all those people who are working spiritually in behalf of all of life. There are people of all different spiritual traditions who work to be in service. Let’s join our hearts and spiritual energies together in every spiritual practice that we do. And this will help to create exponential shifts toward healing and achieving balance.

Of course we can focus on one intention to heal a place or situation. But I would like for you to start working with the awareness that a global community constantly supports you. This community is not asking anything from you, taking anything from you, or sending anything to you. This is just a collective energy that can empower all the spiritual work we engage in throughout the day.

It is also important to keep up your creation work of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting the healthy world we are dreaming into being. If you are new to this work you can read the chapter on Creation in Medicine for the Earth.

The full moon is July 18. Let’s fully gather our spiritual light together to shine bright and experience ourselves weaving our light together throughout the earth.

And let’s continue empowering each other with our monthly healing circle as is described on my homepage under the topic Creating a Human Web of Light.

Transmutation News – June 2008

During April and early May I had a wonderful trip to Europe. I taught workshops on Medicine for the Earth including some of the practices in Healing with Spiritual Light in Ireland, Scotland, and Portugal.

It always touches me deeply to see how people respond to working with the practice of transfiguration and also understanding the need to bridge spiritual work into our lives and not separate out our spiritual work from our ordinary lives.

It takes a lot of discipline and commitment to watch our thoughts and words throughout the day to be conscious of the energies we are sending to ourselves, others, and into the world. It takes continued intention to watch what energies we are feeding. Do we spend more energy on feeding what isn’t working? Do we align our thoughts and words with what we want to see manifest in our lives and on the planet?

The outer world we observe will not change until we birth from the inside out a new world into being. We need to learn how to travel into and work in our inner landscape and keep forming our creations by engaging all of our senses as we have been working with throughout the years. We must continue to keep our focus on where we are going and not lose focus by getting caught up in what is happening in the outer world.

Once we start to cultivate our inner landscape it is easier to blend non-ordinary states of consciousness into ordinary states of consciousness. This is how a flow begins from the invisible into the visible and where we start to see the results of our spiritual practices.

The key word I would like us to focus on is “flow”. Allowing the flow between the visible and the invisible is what happens when we stop separating out performing spiritual practices from our ordinary life.

And when we move into a flow we naturally “become” the work rather than force a state of doing. This creates more of the feminine energy of being a part of nature and moving through life with grace and ease.

We are a seeing a great deal of breakdown of old forms of consciousness based on hierarchical structures and also a belief in power over. For what happens when nothing you “do” works anymore? You stop and let the flow of life sculpt you into the being you were meant to become.

When flowing through the river of life there are times of peace and then there are times we are going down rapids. You must keep focusing your vision of where you are going no matter what state the river is in during your travels. You can’t stop paddling, you must keep moving.

You find yourself flowing through denser states sometimes and sometimes in lighter states. And the state you are in continues to cycle back and forth. You must respect the cycles of nature of which you are a part of. Don’t get attached to a particular state. Getting attached to the lighter and ecstatic states causes suffering. Be in the world flowing with your new awareness of being part of life and don’t get attached to what is happening on the outside.

One of the experiences that kept coming in participants journeys in Ireland, Scotland, and Portugal is that it is not what happens to us in life but our response to what other people and life bring to us. We always have power to choose our attitude.

This month I would like you to focus on the experience of flowing. How does your work in the invisible flow into the visible realms throughout the day?

Keep creating an inner state of awareness and consciousness that will effect your outer world remembering that all is born from within.

We have worked over the years with merging with earth, water, air, and fire. In reality these elements flow with each other and are connected. Start to experience the flow of the elements and their connection with each other.

I also would like you to work once again with your story of creation as was written in the first chapter of my book Medicine for the Earth. I want you to focus your journeys or meditation work on how the creator created you from love. It is really a life changing experience when you get how much love went into your creation.

Focus on absorbing that love and then treating yourself and all of life with that same love. As you work on developing your inner landscapes and continuing your creation work make sure the fuel of your work embraces that same love.

If you watch the news you are aware that there have been a number of world- wide disasters. As you witness the pain and suffering of those who lost loved ones and homes please remember to see them in their divine light. Perceive them in their spiritual strength which helps to empower them energetically versus pitying them and pushing them deeper into a hold.

Hold the space for those who are suffering with love and compassion. I know when I see the faces of the newly orphaned children in China it fuels my intention to do everything possible to create a world of harmony on all levels for all of life.

June 20 is the summer solstice. The greatest gift that we can give the earth during this time is love, appreciation, and respect. Create a ceremony for yourself or with the group you work with to honor the earth during this time of change.

Spend time in nature. Bless all that gives you life. Reflect on your love for the elements. Remember what you bless blesses you in return.

Look at what you are still holding onto from your past that holds back your growth. This is a wonderful time to explore this issue and journey and meditate on how to let go of what holds back from growing into your light.

The full moon is June 18. Let’s continue our work together as a global community connected by love for our lives and the life of all living beings. Together we let go of what keeps us separate from the brilliant spiritual light that shines from within. And we connect our light together to feed the web of light within and throughout the earth.

We continue the wonderful healing work for our community through our transfiguration practice as is described on the homepage under Creating A Human Web of Light.

I have scheduled the first meeting for a new Two Year Teacher Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico for September 20-25 2009. For a course description as well as course requirements and an application please email Ruth Aber at

Ruth will be out of the country until June 6. So please wait to the middle of June before requesting information from her.

I wish you a joyous and light filled summer!

Transmutation News – May 2008

There is no permanent happiness when we gauge our lives on what is happening on the outside. Happiness and peace must be born from within us.

Last month I asked you to merge with a seed to experience a seed’s power and true creative potential. If you did this I am sure you were amazed at just how much potential a seed holds.

A seed needs a nurturing environment to grow in. A seed on it’s own cannot grow unless it is placed and planted in a healthy environment. Although a seed has creative potential, all is lost unless it has healthy soil to grow in. water to nurture it, the warmth of the earth and the sun, and soil that is well aerated.

This month I would like you to use your journey or meditation practice to merge with the earth inside yourself. Imagine, journey, or meditate on your body as earth. Feed the soil within with water, nutrients, compost from nature, the light of the sun, and the life giving force of air. Once your soil is perfected imagine yourself planting seeds of love, light, peace, joy, and whatever you desire into this healthy and nurturing environment.

Keep visiting your inner garden and continue to take care of it. Make sure your thoughts and words, as well as the words you listen to all feed your garden with good nutrition.

You know the excitement of watching new seeds create sprouts. Feel that excitement of new life sprouting within you.

Another way to feed your inner garden is with love and appreciation. I have written about working with gratefulness over the last few months. When we start our day feeling grateful for our life we are creating harmony and moving in alignment with the river of life.

Each morning as you wake up think of five things that you are grateful for. And as you do this come up with a decree that you can repeat throughout the day to keep you focused. I have written about writing decress in How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. This will help you to keep transforming challenging states of consciousness that come up throughout the day. This will help you to change your thoughts and keep them changed as I wrote about in March.

Last year I also wrote neuroplasticity where science has discovered that we can create new neural pathways in the brain. But as our thought patterns have run deep to create one path it takes discipline to create a new path.

As we focus on what we are grateful for and start to work with decrees we start to move away from the negative thought patterns we have created giving way to new opportunities to grow into a new positive life.

In working in this way we do not deny what is not working. We just help ourselves to create a life where we are grateful for the opportunities we are given to have life and to learn and evolve from what we experience in life. As we change our perception we change our reality.

It is also important to remember we are more than our bodies and our thoughts and keep experiencing the divine light within. Keep transfiguring and hold that state of experiencing your inner light shining through you like the light of the star we have merged with. I wrote about merging with a star in the December 2007 Transmutation News.

And please keep bringing this work into your local communities as I wrote about in January. Coming together in community is where we have so much power to create change right now. Let’s use the resources we do have to be fully in service to life right now.

A friend of mine wrote a fascinating book titled Tree Barking. The author Nesta Rovina was born in South Africa, lived in Israel and experienced family tragedy there, and then moved to the United States where she became a home health-care worker in Oakland, California. She shows compassion and understanding for her housebound clients, many of whom – no matter their circumstances – carry on with faith, humor, and kindness.

The book was published this spring by Baytree books.

The full moon is May 16. Let us continue to join our divine light together to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth nurturing loving energies. And let’s continue the healing work for our global community as I write about in Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page.

A favorite quote of mine that I shared many times is a good one to focus on this month. Caroline Casey who is a wonderful astrologer ( wrote:

“Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.”

Transmutation News – April 2008

In March I led the Medicine for the Earth reunion that meets in Santa Fe each year. A core group of people has been part of these reunions since 2001 and new people come and go each year.

This year the theme was to reflect on our relationship with the Medicine for the Earth work. We all have a desire to go deeper with the work and this means looking at how much the work has become part of our lives.

I cannot go through everything that we did throughout our four days together. But I can share some of the key principles that we looked at.

Some of the principles of the Medicine for the Earth are:

– It is who we become that changes the world.
– We need to be a light and lift everyone up by our presence and perceive everyone in his or her divine perfection.
– The outer world is merely a reflection of our inner state of consciousness.
– Words are magic and thoughts are things. We create the world we live in through our thoughts and words. As thoughts and words are seeds we end up eating their fruits.
– We must continue to transmute the energy behind our thoughts, emotions, and belief systems. We must continue to do the alchemy work to work through the dense states of consciousness and change heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness.
– The elements are living beings and we must continue to deepen our relationship with them.
– We are a reflection of our creator and through the gift of our imagination we can create a healthy planet.
– Harmony within creates harmony without.
– Our perception creates our reality.

You need to reflect on how you work with these practices moment to moment and not just at certain times during the day. You need to ask the question do you shine so brightly that people who meet you are hungry for what you have? Do you truly lift everyone up who comes into contact with you? Do you lift up the planet and all of life by the power of your words and thoughts?

Are you dependent on results in the outer world to be in a state of peace and joy? Does the outer world distract you? I did write about this last month. Please review the March Transmutation News.

Have you found joy within? Do you understand that your state of consciousness is birthed from the inside out and not from the outside in?

Are you in a state of appreciation for your life and all you experience throughout the day?

These are some questions to reflect on. The Medicine for the Earth work lights the path and now we must walk the path. And it is a process. From time to time it is good to stop and reflect on your commitment to the work.

There were some exercises that we performed in the reunion I encourage you to do this month.

I continue to write that words and thoughts are seeds that grow into plants. And I have asked you to consider if you are growing plants of love and inspiration or plants of fear and hate.

Seeds have enormous potential. As we look at the plants we have been growing it is very important to look at the creative potential of a seed.

During this month and the time of spring you can perform a shamanic journey to actually merge with a seed so that you can truly experience it’s creative potential. If you do not practice shamanic journeying you can use meditation. Find a quiet space to work and set your intention to merge with a seed and learn about its power.

This experience is a very potent way to really experience how much creative potential your own thoughts and words have.

As I wrote in December 2007, it is important to make sure we are not leaving our bodies when we transfigure. When we transfigure into our divine light we are letting go of the body and thoughts that clothe our spirit. We are experiencing the truth of who we really are.

I had suggested in the December Transmutation News to journey or meditate to merge with a star to experience the solidity of a star’s light and how we can experience the light of a star millions of miles away. We too are starlight and can expand our light to a greater extent then we are presently doing.

During the day as we let that light shine through us we can walk through the world looking through “spirit eyes” instead of our ordinary eyes. In this way we can really shift the perception of our lives and what is happening in the world.

In my book Medicine for the Earth I encourage people to write their story of creation and learn about their creator. It is important for you to keep working with this and to keep reflecting on your relationship with the creator. For you also have that same creative potential inside.

Reflect on your relationship with earth, air, fire, and water and ask the elements through a journey or meditation how you can deepen your relationship.

Look at the formula of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transmutation and also creation. Do you need to strengthen your practice with any of these elements of the formula?

What is the vision for your life and the planet? And are your thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with this vision?

Are you embracing a vision of unlimited possibilities?

Continue to do the creation work I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth to use all your senses to dream a new world into being. Fuel your creation work with the power of love.

In March I was interviewed for a movie on God. One of the questions I was asked was what was needed for the healing of the planet. I said that we need to move from a hierarchical structure where we believe that a few people have the ability to save the world. We need to move to a horizontal and feminine structure where we all understand that we hold a piece of the puzzle and that we can work together to create positive change. We are all brilliant and creative beings. There are not a select few that have the ability to “save the world”.

By continuing to work over time with the issues I have presented this month will help you to work with the power within you so that we can gather our energies together to create exponential positive change for the planet and all of life.

Heidi in Germany shared a couple of practices she does in her life. She says that the exercises she does each day are what are important versus doing big ceremonies. She tries to do all things with consciousness.

Heidi is known for her animal communication work and she cares for many animals. She writes:

“When I look into my dog’s eyes and stroke her, I think that my love for her is flowing through all dogs in the world. And when I stroke my pigs’ stomach, I think that this ease and light is flowing through all pigs in the world, especially to the pigs at the slaughter-houses including all people who work there. Or when I fill the trough for my horses with water, I send light in this water and think that my light is flowing through all waters on the earth.

Another thing is, I bless the earth everyday. When I walk with my dog through nature I bless the earth and give thanks with every step. When my feet touch the earth I send blessings and thanks deep in the earth. And a few weeks ago I suddenly felt, that the earth began to give me thanks back. Now I touch the earth with my right foot and send my blessings and thanks and when I touch the earth with my left foot the earth sends me thanks and power. It feels like a power-circulation and a special connection with the earth.”

Heidi’s words are a direct teaching of what we bless blesses us back. And I thank her for sharing her work with us.

She also shared something she does in the winter that we can all adapt to a springtime practice.

“After a snowfall I walk through the fields with my dog and write in the fresh snow with my finger – peace, love, wisdom, freedom, joy,….

And I think, when the sun is shining the snow water brings the energy from these words into the earth.”

We can adapt this by writing in the earth and letting our words soak in after a wonderful spring rain.

Annette from Germany shared the words of a wonderful song:
One by one,
comes to remember,
we’re healing the world
one heart at a time….

I am in deep appreciation for those of you are willing to share some practices you engage in which inspire and remind us that we are a global community working in behalf of the planet and all of life.

A few years I participated in a one-day event with the Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. He has written some wonderful books. He has been writing about the feminine and the world soul on:

Here is one excerpt from Llewellyn’s writing from Teachings on the Feminine and the World Soul:

What does it mean to reclaim the feminine?
It means to honor our sacred
connection to life that is
present in every

Please visit his website to learn more.

I was a contributor in a beautifully written book titled Soul Companions. The book was published in England but I wanted to let you know it is now available on Amazon for sale in the United States.

I also wanted to let those of you who read the Transmutation News in French speaking countries know that we have found a translator to continue to translate my monthly column into French. I am in deep gratitude for Annie Idrissi being willing to donate her time to do this.

And I also I wanted to let you know that my book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts is now out in French. The publisher is Tredaniel. You can visit to get the link that will assist you in purchasing the book in French. Tredaniel published Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth in French last year.

I have just found a publisher in Brazil who will be publishing both Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts into Portuguese.

And I have found a publisher in Italy who will be publishing How to Heal Toxic Thoughts in Italian. Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth are already published in Italy. And my book Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide will be out in Italy shortly.

All of my books have been published in German. It is wonderful to see the work spreading around the world.

The full moon is April 20. Let’s join the light within with the light without to continue to weave a brilliant web of light throughout the earth.

And let’s continue our healing circle with light for those in our community in need.

For those of you new to this website please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the Transmutation News page for the instructions and information on our full moon practices.

Transmutation News – March 2008

In America we are being flooded by media coverage about the current election. The word that is being used to try to sway American voters is the word “change”. People seem to be responding to that word, as we all know that a change is needed.

It is true that we need to change the way the “political system” works. But once again we are seeing people wanting someone else, an authority figure to change our lives for us.

We need to continue to focus on the internal changes we need to make for there to be true change in our lives and on the planet. We need to stand up and own our personal responsibility for making changes for a healthy planet. The key to the Medicine for the Earth work is it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do. We continue to work with the principle that comes from so many spiritual traditions of “as within so without”.

When we look at the phrase “as within” that applies to our thoughts and words. When we look at the phrase “so without” that applies to the physical manifestation in the world. The “as within” is the invisible energy that creates the manifestation in our outer world.

When I wrote Medicine for the Earth and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts I explain the need to transform and transmute the energy behind our thoughts and words so that we are conscious about feeding the world with love and light.

This month I would like us to begin to explore another aspect of working with our thoughts and words. Again I will repeat that many spiritual traditions throughout time have been teaching that we must work with our inner state of consciousness in order to see real change in our lives and on the planet.

We need to look at what are the thoughts that we give most energy to for that is the energy that ends up manifesting in our lives. I have spoken before about the work of Emmet Fox. He was a New Thought Minister as well as a teacher, healer, and best selling author. For 20 years thousands of people showed up for his weekly services. They filled the ballrooms in New York hotels, Carnegie Hall, and even the Hippodrome.

He termed a phrase “the mental equivalent” which he took from science. He took the concept of how much electricity or power it would take to make a piece of equipment run and translated that into how much energy is needed to manifest what we truly desire in our lives.

One of the things I watch as I teach is when people gather in community to do spiritual work a loving and supportive space is created. This space that is created makes it very easy for people to engage in spiritual work. Then I sit at a table during a meal time and watch the energy created as someone talks about a physical complaint, or a complaint about what is going on in his or her own life, or about a world tragedy. Often I notice that more energy goes into talking about complaints then into the spiritual practices we are engaging in.

If everyone channeled the energy created from our complaints about what is not working to positive thoughts and intentions can you imagine how much positive change we will see on the planet?

Most of us can keep positive thoughts when we are in a group experience where we are experiencing love, harmony, and unity. But few people can actually take that out into daily life. And this is what is needed right now.

We need to change our thoughts and keep them changed.

I remember when I first starting working with transmuting the energy behind my thoughts. It was about 1991 and I was driving down my road headed into town. And I was thinking about someone I was angry at. As I was driving I heard my spiritual teacher Isis ask me: “What was that thought and where did you just send it to?” I remember being shocked out of my angry state to the realization of what I was doing.

From that day on I began my practice of transmuting the energy behind my thoughts so that I was truly sending out energy of love and light to myself, others, and into the world.

But I do remember how hard it was to not fall into my old habits of thinking. I would slip constantly and I really relied on Isis to come into my consciousness and continually ask me the question: “What was that thought and where did you just send it to?”

I wrote about this in my second book Welcome Home. And then continued with writing about this in all my books to come. As I continued the practice over the years I found it did not take so much energy to work with transmuting the energy behind my thoughts. It became easier and easier and now it is just part of my way of being in the world.

As I read Emmet Fox’s writing on the concept of the mental equivalent I realized that although I no longer sending “ill will” out into the world I still spend a lot of time complaining.

I have my spiritual practice that I work with throughout the day to experience everyone and everything around me in divine perfection and light. But I do allow my egoic self to get the best of me during the day. I complain about some pain I might be experiencing, or about the traffic or long line I had to stand on line at the post office, or about something I see going on in the world. And when I do complain my complaints have a lot of energy attached to them.

It is important not just to focus on transforming the energy behind my thoughts that I think about others, but I must change my thoughts and the words I use about life and keep them changed.

Thoughts create physical manifestations. We attract what we continually think about. Most spiritual traditions have been teaching this for thousands of years.

We need to observe what we are thinking about throughout the day and the energy we are fueling with our thoughts.

The Scriptures say, “Without a vision the people will perish”. We need to look at what vision we are feeding. And are we holding to the vision that we would like to see for our descendants and ourselves? What is the vision of the world we want to live in? We need to get that vision and to keep doing our creation work as I wrote about in Medicine for the Earth and in past Transmutation News. We need to set an intention and find the thoughts and words that go with birthing that manifestation. We need to focus our thoughts and keep them focused. We need to hold steady to the work.

And we cannot base our happiness or feelings of wealth from what is happening in the outer world. I have written in the past about looking into the eyes of people in indigenous cultures. Many of them shine a light and joy through their eyes that we are hungry to experience for ourselves. But yet these people have nothing in the material world that would define them as “wealthy” from a western standard. But they are wealthy within. They have a rich inner life and they look through “spirit eyes”.

In the Transmutation News May 2007 I shared a message that Isis had given me for a group I was working with. She said:

“It is the inner journey that is important. You are still caught up in the outer reflection.

The magic happens in the inner worlds and this is where the true light workers and alchemists work. This is where one develops telepathy. This is where magical healings and earth healings occur.

You are still lost in the outcome versus the process. Of course focusing and having vision on outcomes is good. But your outcomes come by your process. Focus more on the process versus the outcome.”

In doing our spiritual work to transform ourselves and the world around us we must work from the inside out. Too many of us only focus on the outer world. When we only focus on what is happening in the outer world we start to feel like we are on a rollercoaster ride.

Someone tells you look great and then you feel happy.
Then you get a bill in the mail you were not expecting and your emotions take a dive.
Then you go to work the next day and you get a promotion and you feel great.
Then while you are working someone tells you that you are being arrogant and you feel terrible.
Then you go home and watch a human interest story on the news and you feel warm and loving inside.
Then you watch a story about war in some part of the world and you lose all hope.

This goes on and on unless you come to the realization that your happiness, peace, joy, and wealth lie within. And once you get this realization then you must change your thought process.

In How to Heal Toxic Thoughts I wrote about working with decrees. I would suggest you review this chapter and start to find some phrases you can use throughout the day to replace the phrases you typically use to describe the problems of your life experience. You need to stop focusing on the problem and you need to change your thought process within that will create a different outer experience.

And you need to keep exploring your beliefs on why your vision is impossible to attain. For we need to identify and weed out the beliefs that we hold that keep us in a place of disempowerment and despair.

What is your vision of beauty for the planet? How are you feeding this vision? What seeds are you planting with your thoughts and words? And what thought forms around your work need to be weeded out?

Do you truly live the principles of the Medicine for the Earth work and do you really believe that this work has potency to change the world? Do you believe that the spiritual work we do does make a difference in the world?

We need to embrace a bigger vision filled with unlimited possibilities and potential. And if we truly create global support for this work we create a road that leads to the successful manifestation of a world filled with unity, love, light, peace, and abundance for all. But we need to work from the inside out.

Alchemists talk about the Great Work. And the Great Work refers to it is who we become (inner work) that changes the world (outer reflection and physical manifestation).

We need to keep working with the alchemical principle of transforming heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness.

There are many very popular books on creation and manifestation today. And one of the issues that they do not speak to is that we create what we believe.

As we continue our creation work we must continue to meditate on or journey on those deeply seeded beliefs that we are holding that sabotage our work. We need to keep finding practices to weed out these beliefs so that we have a clear inner space to create from. We need to change our thoughts that focus on the problems of the outer world to thoughts that focus on that we are divine love, divine light, and divine perfection. We need to change our thoughts and words we use and keep them changed.

I know for myself as I look at changing my habitual thinking I do need some support. Let’s set our intention as a global community to support each other energetically in this work.

You might find a friend you can talk to and create a support system to help you stay on the path.

And continue to do the gratitude walk that I wrote about last month for that will create a strong and positive foundation to live from.

You might also review the Disidentification Exercise that I wrote up in Medicine for the Earth. That exercise helps you get in touch with “The Self”. The Self is your stable of consciousness that is always there. It is a source of stability and clear perception in the midst of change.

What a great gift you can give to the earth by working with thinking beautiful and inspired thoughts on the spring equinox which is March 20. We need to do this every day and throughout the day. But really concentrate your efforts on this day. And let’s work as a collective in behalf of the earth to create positive change.

The full moon is March 21. Let’s weave a beautiful web of light within and throughout the earth by experiencing our divine light and the divine light of all that is alive. And let’s keep our thoughts and words in alignment with the divine light that embraces us all.

We continue our healing circle for our global community on the full moon as is written about on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Malou Thein has been translating the Transmutation News into French for years now. As you can imagine the translation is a lot of work. And we give thanks to her for her gift of service. She is no longer able to continue to translate for the French community.

If there is someone reading the Transmutation News who would like to take over the French translation please email Ruth Aber at: If you do email Ruth sometimes her replies to people end up in a spam folder and people think she did not answer. So please check your spam folder if you do not hear back from her.

I know we all appreciate the knowledge that this work is accessible to people around the world.