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Imagine…“Imagine. Before you were born you were just a little spark of light connected to the creative force of the universe. You looked down on this great earth. What a beautiful planet filled with wondrous life forms. You started to ponder the possibilities of life on earth. Reader, do you remember the preciousness of life and that all life was created to experience love, light, joy, harmony, peace, equality, and abundance for all?   If you can feel this in your bones, then you know it is true. If you cannot, do not despair for I will help you to remember. We are a community of people who can gather our spiritual light and energies together to remember and to create a wondrous life for all living beings. We must remember our vision and then focus on it and hold the vision together.   This is how we thrive together in changing times.” Excerpt from How to Thrive in Changing Times  by Sandra Ingerman (Weiser 2010)

When I was researching different spiritual teachings for Medicine for the Earth I found the underlying principle of esoteric beliefs is that all life is made of light.  As human beings with egos we often forget our true nature and we over identify with our personalities and bodies.  We are light in bodies.

Alchemists did not literally change lead into gold.  Rather they transmuted heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness.  Jesus in Matthew 5:30-20 challenges us not to hide our light under baskets.  When mystics all over the world perform their miracles of healing they are seen to shine and become luminescent.  Throughout Medicine for the Earth I write about the importance of the concept of light in all spiritual traditions.

We are light and we came here to shine.  But most of us have forgotten our true nature as well as why we came here.  We were created from love and light and we are love and light.  It is our birthright to shine as fully in the world as we can.

Many of us have been taught at an early age not to shine too bright.  If we shine too bright no one will love us.  There can only be a few “stars” and it is not you.  Does this sound familiar?

Why can there only be a few stars here on earth?  I have never heard anyone say when looking up at the stars in the sky, “I wish that star wouldn’t shine so brightly it is outshining other stars”.  Why do we have that belief here?

It is time for all us to shine our light, which will reflect back the beauty of the night sky above us.  We need to find our shine again so that we can light up the dark places of the world.

On a monthly basis we will create a human web of light.  This will not only bring light to places that need it right now, but it will heal us and help us remember our true nature which is light.  It will also be quite healing to know that you are hooking up with thousands of others who are remembering that we are light.  As we share this concept with others our web of light will grow which I know will have an impact on the earth and all life on it.

In Medicine for the Earth I teach that intention + harmony + love + concentration + focus + union + imagination = transmutation.  This formula will help us in remembering our light and letting it shine forth.

You can begin to get in touch with your true nature which is light by putting on some relaxing soothing music and allow yourself to get into a quiet place.  Take some deep breaths bringing you to a centered place where you will be able to experience a state of harmony and love.  Allow yourself to go inside holding the intention that you want to experience the light that shines within your being. This will bring you into a state of union with your creator or the power of the universe.  Keep your focus and concentrate on your intention.  Allow your imagination to help you feel and see your internal light.  Give yourself permission to let your light shine fully through you.  This light is always there and cannot be used up.  The capacity to share your light and be filled by it yourself is endless. Your light cannot be destroyed or taken from you. You do not have to worry about becoming depleted, as the source of this light is always abundant.

Make your experience a full body experience.  Begin by letting your light shine forth from the core of your being.  Let that light permeate every cell of your body.  Once you feel yourself filled up with your own light experience yourself pulsing connecting you with   the web of life.  Let your light shine forth through your pulsating body.  Experience your light pouring forth through every part of your body.

Once you have had the experience of your abundant light and have let it shine through you once again use your breath and intention to take you out of the state you are in.  Come back, open your eyes, feel your body, wiggle your toes, and know you are ready to connect with others who wish to shine to bring healing energy into the world.

Begin to practice with letting your light shine through you.  And next practice breathing in light and breathing out light throughout the day.

As you get in touch with your own light and shine it in your life you will change your vibration.  As we gather our lights together and share it in the world we change the vibration of the planet.  It’s crucial to stay focused on your intention.

I suggest that you add no prayers or words as you do this.  Just simply shine and allow yourself to join with a planetary web of light that will reach out to touch all the dark places in the world.

The first meditation began at the winter solstice in 2000 celebrating the return of the light.  During this winter solstice meditation people were instructed to shine their light as the solstice began where they lived.  As we did this the light grew as it moved from country to country.  The light was passed around the globe.   But we did not stop there.  We continued throughout the day and evening to shine.  In this way we began to link the web of light throughout the world by shining at the time of the solstice but we kept this web alive throughout the day and night.

The meditations to create a human web of light continue with each full moon when the power of the full moon will magnify the light we send out.  Each full moon keep working with shining your light and visualizing that you are connected to a global human web of light throughout the day and evening.  And let’s keep this going every full moon.  Imagine the healing and change in vibration that can take place in your own lives as well as on the planet.

If you work with a group during full moon celebrations link hands and link your lights together as you let your own shine come through.  Experience the light of your group linking with groups all over the world.  Experience yourself merging into one giant web of light.

If you are working alone once again get into a quiet place and let your shine come through you.  Experience yourself merging into one great community web of light that is shining around the world.

A friend reminded me that children always shine.  Bring your children into this practice with you.

Remember all life is of the light.  You are light, we all are light, we join together in a great circle and web of light.

In 2010 Kate who teaches Medicine for the Earth trainings in Delaware wrote in a suggestion. She meets monthly with a local group to weave a web of light and they have work in the following way:

“Instead of weaving the web of light up and out, we weave roots down into the earth. Once all the roots are joined with the light from everyone else the lights bursts forth from the earth and envelopes every being on the planet.”

Using the principle of as above, so below, as within, so without it is important for the spiritual community to develop the as within part. For many in the spiritual community have a tendency to leave the body during spiritual work. And the strength of our work is really fueled by our ability to stay embodied as a star shines from within.

Let’s try rooting the web of light into the earth. We want to really feel the web of light within and throughout the earth.

Instructions for Monthly Healing
  For Our Global Community

It does seem like consciousness is changing faster and faster. There are of course many rewards for this as we learn how to live in harmony. All change requires a death to occur in our lives. For as we transition into new states of awareness and consciousness we need to let go of what is not supportive.

I have never seen so many people going through hard times as I have seen recently.

As I often write on the Transmutation News we must learn how to dance different paradoxes of states of consciousness and awareness. For there are many levels operating simultaneously.

On one level we are all connected and we are spirits. From a spiritual state we are divine and perfect all the time. At the same time part of the human condition is having an ego. And the ego does see itself as separate from the rest of life. And the state of separation creates fear, anger, and a variety of other emotions. It is also the state of separation that causes physical illness.

As we continue to do our transfiguration practice we begin to heal those states of separation. We move into a higher state of consciousness and we need to learn to surrender to the perfection of the universe. And sometimes it is hard to do that and we need help in remembering our own divine light.

To help our worldwide community reading the Transmutation News I have decided to add a monthly healing circle to go along with creating a human web of light. We will continue our weaving a web of light within and throughout the earth on the full moon. And we will also create a circle that allows our radiance to shine through for those asking for help.

Here is what I suggest. If you would like to volunteer as a practitioner imagine yourself standing or sitting in a circle with other practitioners.  Remember the Transmutation News is translated into many different languages. We have a large global community working together.

Our intention is to experience our divine light and radiate it out to the inner circle.

We do not see suffering in our circle. We acknowledge the divine perfection in each person. So we do not lock people into a diagnosis of suffering rather we lift them up into their divinity.

Author and lecturer, Eric Pearl teaches, “In quantum physics if you change the behavior of one particle, another particle in a different location will instantaneously react whether inches or universes away.” Lower frequencies entrain or attune to higher frequencies not the other way around.

So back to the core principle of the Medicine for the Earth work, we change the world and heal others by who we become – by our presence and by the love and light we radiate.

We are not sending energy or trying to heal anyone. We are only allowing our divine light and love to spark the divine light of those asking for help.

Imagine yourself standing or sitting in a circle of practitioners. Do your transfiguration work and with your hands facing the inner circle radiate your divine light and love.

If you feel you need some help imagine yourself lying in a circle with people from around the world.

Your role is to absorb the light being shared by our practitioners. Think of a metaphor that might help you with absorbing divine light and love into every cell of your being.  I will give you a few examples with the hope that you will find a metaphor that works for you. You can think of a dry sponge that has been placed in water and soaks up moisture. You can think of flower that has been in rain for days or weeks and the sun shines and the flower soaks up the rays of the sun. Or maybe you can think of a flower that has been getting too much sun and it begins to rain and the flower soaks up the water nourishing it and giving it life.
Or think about a room where the curtains are closed and the curtains are opened flooding the room with the light of the sun.

Allow the light of the outer circle to jumpstart your own radiance to flow through every cell of your body. This reconnects us to our divine perfection and our connection to the web of light. This heals those states of separation that create emotional and physical illness. And it reminds us that we all have the power and strength to rise to the challenges and opportunities that life brings to us.

And you can be in both roles at different points of the day or evening. You can be practitioner at one time and then lie in the middle of our circle at another.

And as we are working outside of time it does not matter when you do this work. It is not necessary to coordinate the times in which we all work.

As with creating a human web of light we are not limited to only working on the full moon. I nurture the web of light whenever my heart calls me to. And we can certainly keep shining our light into our global circle on a daily basis. For truly our work is to learn how to shine our light into the world with each breath and step we take.  

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