Transmutation News – December 2017

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As we look at some of the issues we are facing in the world, one enormous issue is the lack of nurturance so many children receive today. And of course, the issue stems from the fact that parents were not nurtured by their parents, and then the unhealthy behavior keeps getting passed down.

The solution lies in learning how to nurture yourself. So many of us look to outside sources and people for nurturance. Many missed the true experience of being unconditionally loved and nurtured as a brilliant little being of light who deserves to receive the love and give the love that is our destiny. Or some people shut down due to not knowing how to relate to others as they do not know how to relate to themselves.

I feel it is so important to explore ways to nurture yourself as you adapt to the changes impacting us all.

During the time of celebrating the solstice some religious and spiritual traditions talk about the birth of the holy or magical child.

Is it possible, using the principles of shamanism, to perceive yourself as the magical child? Take some time to reflect on this during the solstice.

Explore ways to nurture yourself. If you want to help yourself, all of life, and the Earth this one practice will change the world. For using the principle of unity consciousness if you learn to love yourself, everyone is lifted up by the energy you bring into the web of life.  And without consciously knowing it you have helped to change the world in a good way by bringing into the collective the much-needed energy of self-love.

The full moon is December 2. Reflect on the unique energetic signature you are adding to the web of life. Travel within and experience your inner radiance, starlight, sunlight flowing within and then throughout the Earth. Our light extends deep into the Earth as well as to all locations on the planet. And our love and light vibrate throughout the web of life bringing healing as we weave a new tapestry of reality into being.

We commit to our circle and all of life that we will continue to weave a web of light no matter what the outcome is. For the practice of shamanism is not about “winning”. It is learning how to plant seeds through your spiritual work and nurturing the seedlings until they grow into beautiful radiant plants that create change in the right time which might not be the timing our ego desires.

For instructions for our full moon ceremony please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

We join together on December 21 to celebrate the solstice. Depending on where you live you are flowing into winter or summer. And nature is such a great teacher about how to flow with change. For everything in nature is in constant movement. Storms, seasons, lunar cycles, and growth impact our life on a daily basis. And once we connect with nature’s flow we connect with our own internal flow and walk moving gracefully with the flow of life.

This solstice, spend time in nature and see if you can awaken your own inner flow. Spending time in nature is so healing to you and all of life as you feed the web of life with your dreams, love, and light.

Perform your preparation work. If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News, I wrote my suggestions for preparing for ceremonial work. The instructions are posted on the section “The Transmutation News”.

You can drum, rattle, chant, and dance. But most of all be present to the gift that nature brings to us every minute of your waking life.

Feel the sun shining on your face. If the sun is not out and shining brightly imagine the warmth of the sun bringing a glow to your face. Share your gratitude with the living being we call Sun. Reach down and feel the texture of the earth you are standing on. Stand for a while on the earth rocking back and forth or moving as you find your inner flow connecting with earth where you live. Give thanks for all Earth provides for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bless the wind as it caresses you. Thank Air for bringing you life and being an ongoing companion with each breath in and out. If you can visit a body of water, please do so. If not work with water in your home. Radiate your inner light to any water you can be with. You can radiate light focusing on a bowl of water and then feed it to a local body of water or to the earth. Planet Earth is a water planet, and you are a being of water to. Water flows within and without effortlessly always in the flow of movement of returning to Source – the great sea. You would not be alive without water. Please give Water your heartfelt thanks.

As you do this, notice how your body connects to the change in season. The change impacts our inner and outer world. 

The only stories I have left that you shared are ones that speak to how touched you are from practicing the work shared in the Transmutation News. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I had a thought that for 2018 I would invite you to let me know what issues you would like me to address. I will only address issues pertinent to the teachings I am sharing in the Transmutation News. And I will not have space to share every issue so I will be picking and choosing what I feel I can address in the most powerful way that helps and speaks to our global community. You can use the email, and I will compile a list of issues that I can address over the year.

At the end of each year, I feel so moved to honor Sylvia Edwards and the translators who are generous with their time to bring the Transmutation News to non – English speaking readers. All of these translators have their own lives and work to navigate. So to take the time to translate the monthly column to expand our international circle is such a remarkable act.

Please join me in thanking Sylvia Edwards who does so much work to help me get the Transmutation News ready each month, send it to the translators, and then to all of you. Thank you, Sylvia, for all the love you infuse into each month’s column and helping to share the column with our community. We wish for you great joy and all the best for the coming year.

And let’s join together in sending abundant blessings to our translators:

Lena Anderheim – Swedish
Nello Ceccon  – Italian
Jorjette Cristescu – Romanian
Ines Fermoso – Spanish
Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese
Els de Graaff-van Meeteren and Sandra Koning – Dutch
Astrid Johnen and Barbara Gramlich– German
Miriam Kisssova  – Slovakian
Carole Laplante and Bea Salgado – French
Petr Němčanský – Czech
Irina Osechinsky and Anton Uvarov – Russian
Tea Thum – Finnish
Simin Uysal – Turkish

And finally let us join together to send blessings to each other as we welcome in the solstice!


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Transmutation News – November 2017

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In the last few issues of the Transmutation News, I have been sharing how people are writing me about being in a state of despair and having a hard time keeping up with their spiritual work. Well now these communications being shared with me are changing in ways I did hope for and expected.

With all that is going on in our inner our outer worlds we are truly going through a death. And as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross so brilliantly outlined there are different phases as a person prepares for death and also when people experience grief. Of course, she was referring to people given a terminal diagnosis. But these phases certainly pertain to the death of our current egoic state of consciousness. The phases she described are not in a particular order, and she also admitted some people never experience these stages. But I find them remarkable as I have worked with so many people facing death and experiencing deep states of grief.

First there is denial. And then there is the anger that life is changing in ways that seem bleak as we look out of our human eyes. When great shamans gaze out of their eyes, they look beyond this material world we are living in into other dimensions of reality where hope and healing are always present. After people move into states of anger, they might move into bargaining with a divine force for a miraculous healing

At some point anger about death and change can transform into acceptance. Some people perceive that acceptance is giving up. And that is not true. For even with acceptance, we have tools to stand strong together and continue our work and not give up on our dreams. At the same time when we accept that a death is occurring, we actually learn how to adapt to the necessary changes occurring so we can move back into a state of balance.

And what people are starting to communicate to me is that with the “ego death” being experienced and the sculpting away of lives people are experiencing deeper journeys, ceremonial work, and healing work. The current crises we are in are actually opening up the veils between the worlds where greater insights and guidance is waiting for us. And the path between the ordinary and the non-ordinary realms is getting shorter as we learn to shift our perception and gaze into dimensions beyond this one as shamans have done for millennia. And in that gazing into these other dimensions of reality we truly can bring through higher energies to help us make the much-needed shifts into rebirth and illumination. These phases follow any death and dismemberment experience.

In the United States November is the month where Thanksgiving is celebrated. Each year I write the same message. In shamanic cultures, every day was a day of Thanksgiving. The sun was greeted and welcomed each day. Each community member greeted the sun with gratitude for the life and energy it provided all of life to thrive. Gratitude was given for life on a daily basis and for the plants and trees that helped to heal and feed the community and the abundance of animals that sacrificed themselves so that others could eat and survive. Through the power of such gratitude and acts of honor and respect flow and balance was created between the people and the elements earth, air, water, and the sun.

And people focused on their greatest dreams and visions daily instead of feeding what was not working in their outer world. There was gratitude for the wealth and treasures of the divine forces that live within each of us.

Every day was a day of Thanksgiving, and we could create such potent dreams if we would bring this simple and most magical spiritual practice into our daily life. For whatever is happening in life we always have life itself to be grateful for.

The full moon is November 4. The full moon is always a powerful time to join our collective energies together to radiate light and share unconditional love with all of life as we continue to weave a beautiful web of light within and throughout the Earth. Remember to do your preparation work so you can truly step into your divine light and join our global community as we shine and focus on all the places on the planet that can use spiritual healing at this time of dismemberment and rebirth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage so you can learn the instructions for our full moon ceremony. 

Inspirational Story of the Month

Thank you, Anne, for sharing the following story and photos! We wish you the best of health!

Just before the surgery to remove my left kidney and ureter, my sister and I were with my husband in our backyard. I was walking slowly on a path flagstone meditation path near the Buddha.  It’s mid-December, I had already had 2 exploratory surgeries and knew that I had cancer and that it was serious, life-threatening.  As I walked, I communed and prayed to the Helping Spirits, to Buddha, letting go of all expectations of outcomes.  My sister took this photo as I walked.  The wintery sun was angled from the South, there was nothing in the material world that could have caused this rainbow light shining directly on to the area where the operation would occur and where the cancer was located. Spirit’s answer- all deep healing comes from Spirit. Trust!

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Transmutation News – October 2017

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Lorem ipsum We continue to hold all of life in our hearts who are being impacted by storms, fires, and earthquakes. We continue to see all in their divine strength having the tools to navigate the changes. And to all of life that died in these catastrophic events we thank you for gracing the Earth with your presence and wish you a smooth and graceful journey home.

Remember one of the keys of our work is not trying to change the weather and join the ranks of humans who feel they can control Mother Nature. Instead, we need to perform our spiritual work and live a life of honor and respect for all of life. And then using the principle of reciprocity the Earth will respond in kind.

In September, during a session of my teleconferencing course for on the Shift Network, I taught how to merge with a helping spirit to see the world out of the eyes of spirit instead of through the eyes of ego. As a demonstration of how to merge with a helping spirit, I brought through my teacher, the Goddess Isis. I had asked Isis to speak to the group about the topic of suffering. For it seems that so many friends are students have lost hope, feel stuck in gazing upon so much suffering and poor behavior by humans towards each other and all of life. Practitioners of a variety of spiritual practices are losing hope and focus.

I felt that the message Isis shared was a powerful one, and I wanted to share it with all of you in case it speaks to you and touches you on some level. I am sharing only the core of her message:

“There are an abundance of planets and dimensions where spirits incarnate to learn and evolve.

Here on Earth, you were born to experience love, light, and joy, But the lesson was to first experience suffering and then to be able to reach beyond that dimension where inside of you (not outside of you) there is an inner sense of love and joy. Actually, joy is not the correct vibration, for in reality it is bliss that your spirit feels.

In your world teachers, including your own, encourage you to open your heart to the spirit of love.

But this teaching is not correct on the level of heart that you are being asked to connect with.

For the focus has been on your physical heart which is simply part of your ego. And so many of you are experiencing and seeing suffering which on an evolutionally level is expanding your sense of compassion. It takes you so deep into your humanness. But you are still trapped in the energy, vibration, frequency of suffering and that is the energy you are feeding in the world. And by carrying the energy of suffering so many people are becoming ill.

You are now literally and metaphorically being cracked open to the deepest place within where all the knowledge and wisdom is waiting for you to learn from as you touch deeper into your humanness.

Behind your physical heart is a spiritual heart. You do not have to travel that deeply within to connect with it. It is talked about by many gurus, mystics, and spiritual teachers.

And this spiritual heart – one with Source and the joy, bliss, and unconditional love for all of life and creation knows no suffering. It knows bliss, it knows unconditional love, but has no experience of suffering on this Earth.

In the Land of Dreams, I see millions of egos dreaming the illusion you are seeing as it is being created again and again on Earth.

Shift out of this Land of Dreams to where evolved spiritual beings are dreaming joy and love into the world.

You are caught and trapped in your ego. Transcend into a dimensional reality situated beyond your ego to your spiritual heart which is only experiencing eternal joy, bliss, unconditional love, and the light of Source.

You are in a new time and new evolution on Earth. Drop your current role in the play of life. Step into the life of an awakened spiritual being. You keep trying to raise your vibration and frequency when you need to work from a higher vibration and frequency.

I hold you in my arms and say you do have more choices than you know. You can shift to a higher level of consciousness.”

This month listen to some shamanic music or meditative music or spend some time in nature. Imagine traveling right behind your physical heart to your spiritual heart. It is the place where divine love, light, and bliss emanate from. Bring your burdens to your spiritual heart and experience how quickly they are transmuted and transformed into light.

Perform your transfiguration work and radiate light from your spiritual heart. Be a presence of love as your heart emanates pure and non-personal unconditional love. 

In past issues of the Transmutation News, I have shared the exercise of traveling to the Land of Dreams as I wrote about it in my book Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

You can perform a journey or meditation and ask to be taken to the Land of Dreams where an evolved spiritual community of people from all over the world are focusing their daydreams only on experiencing the most positive, beautiful, and awe inspired dreams for the planet. Take your place among this circle of dreamers and do your work.

The full moon is October 5. This is a great time to keep “harvesting” the plants we have been planting with our seed words, thoughts, daydreams and keep up our practice of radiating light into the world.

Let us join together on this day. Perform your preparation work to leave your ordinary reality burdens and distracting thoughts behind. Travel within to your spiritual heart, to the place of your inner   starlight, sunlight, flame of light and radiate immense waves of light that connect all in our circle as we feed all of life with love and light. We radiate light within and throughout the Earth creating an awe-inspiring web of light.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News, welcome to our circle. You can find the instructions for our full moon ceremonies on the homepage link “Creating a Human Web of Light”.

Story for the Month:

Anne wrote:


 To your point about just being a loving presence; it goes the distance.

I have relegated divisiveness as an energy that other’s experience because they need to clear stuff in their own system.

I don’t pay attention to it but rather I operate as uplifted and kind to others as I can in all situations.

Family, grocery store clerks and anyone I run into. Being happy and relaxed and just listening to people is key.

You don’t need to comment or solve or get involved. I have seen tough situations become transformed immediately by this practice and ongoing.

I have family members who are all going through tough stuff. I compliment their strength, listen to them and generally remain happy and easy going with them and it lightens everything for them.

I take it further in daily intention by saying “For all I encounter and all I do is for the highest good for all in all directions of time and space and all dimensions.”

Keep up your good work. It’s all going to be fine. This is just a rough patch in time. We’ll get through this.




Thank you, Anne, for sharing this inspirational message with us.


Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved. 

Transmutation News – September 2017

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I have been encouraging all of you to align yourself with new higher vibrations and frequencies that will shift you into living in a more “pleasant and evolved dimension” than what we are seeing now in the denser collective states of consciousness. At the same time, there are consequences in making these shifts.

Like many of us I have been working on navigating new vibrations and frequencies through my body. I have had a variety of challenges with this. I journeyed and set my intention to ask for some guidance on this issue. I met this amazing helping spirit who told me that when a plant, tree, or any creature mutates there is no going back. The mutation is the new normal. 

The compassionate spirit shared that it is important for our body to be in a state of coherence. For right now many of us are like an ant hill that has been disturbed. When ants are acting in their usual fashion they march in complete order and communicate with each other. When something disturbs them, they scatter and move into chaotic formations and stop communicating. 

At this point he shared with me that this same phenomenon is happening with the collective. As you know I often refer to the collective as an organism. 

The compassionate spirit I met said that this is what has happened to the cells of our collected field of energy.  He said they were disturbed and no longer communicating or are in connection. And choosing to move back into a state of coherence is part of our greater healing and moving into a new state of evolution. 

I felt that the information about experiencing a “new normal” is what is happening to so many people I know who are struggling with tuning into new energies. And to be a presence of love and light, as I have been encouraging you to do, takes some deep work to be diligent about working on body, mind, and spirit. 

Also, I feel the metaphor of the ant hill is an appropriate metaphor for much of the behavior we are observing in the world today. For there is a sense of a lack of natural order and that the energy has become chaotic. I think that this is why people are acting more aggressively.

I believe this phenomenon is happening to many of us as on an egoic level we are still operating out of old patterns. At the same time, as we keep up our spiritual practices, we are experiencing a shift in our vibration and frequency. This creates a natural state of chaos until we discover how to become more aligned on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. 

The instructions the helping spirit gave me was to spend time in the void where patterns could be reset. This message was interesting as a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher I know had brought through that she could reset her patterns by spending time in the void. 

He also recommended working with sound to create a sense of coherence in the collective and to attune to the new energies.

Once we move back into a state of coherence, our presence naturally changes for the better.

Journeying and finding ways to return to a state of coherence on personal and global levels is what is needed at this time.

I still believe that spending more time in nature is a way to do this. And moving our body more through dancing is helpful. Also singing and playing instruments that help us to align our vibration which will move us back into a state of coherence. And of course, deepening your practice of transfiguration has benefits for all of life but also for your own personal alignment and attunement to the new energies entering into the Earth.

We celebrate the equinox on September 22. As nature resets, this is a potent time for us to reset our old patterns. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere this is a perfect time to journey or meditate on a ceremony you can perform to release old egoic patterns and burdens from your past that keep you from fully being able to step into a life filled with harmony and coherence. I suggest that you do some work in your inner garden removing old plants holding beliefs and wounds that no longer serve you to carry around any longer. 

For those in the Southern Hemisphere as you welcome in spring travel into your inner garden and regenerate your soil. This is also a great time for you to remove those old plants of sabotaging beliefs, anger, and fear that no serve your health and well-being and that of the planet. Take some time to design your inner garden and plant those seeds that will bring love, light, and a feeling of renewal into your life.

The full moon is September 6. Let us make a clear choice and commitment to deepen our work and live from our inner light. This is a great time to make such a commitment to yourself, our community, all of life, and the Earth. Let your light flow and weave together with the light of our community. Radiate this light within and throughout the Earth bringing light and love for all of life. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.

In the April Transmutation News, I wrote about the exquisite being Octopus. I shared about the amazing abilities that octopuses have on a physical and intellectual level. My point in sharing was to encourage you to explore the magnificence of creatures we never think about when we tune into the amazing energetic signature that all life brings to the web of life. And I encouraged you to learn about the gifts of nature beings that you are not familiar with. For we live on a planet with a wealth of fascinating nature beings. 

Well, recently someone posted a short video on Facebook. And it was so heart opening to watch. A man had found an octopus that had been beached. He placed it in a cup and let it go back into the ocean. The octopus swam out of the ocean, got itself to the man who rescued it, and placed one of its tentacles on his shoe and then shortly after swam back into the ocean. To watch this octopus give gratitude to this man for saving its life is an image I will never forget. 

I know that we are experiencing challenges on the planet. And I know these changes impact all of us on different levels. But I have to say nature beings are so precious – from the microscopic to the large animals that we share this planet with. They are exquisite beings trying to survive like all forms of life. And they deserve the best we have to offer in being of service to nature during this time of extreme change. Please keep up your spiritual work. It really makes a difference!

In a recent session I taught in my Shift Network teleconferencing course we performed a remote long-distance transfiguration experiment. There are people from around the globe in the class which also makes doing transfiguration work so exciting to perform together. 

Sylvia Edwards was in a hotel room in Louisville, Colorado with a variety of substances to test before and after as well as volunteer participants who would soak in and absorb the light shared from all our global community who gathered to do the work. We got some great results. You can see them by visiting the homepage of this site and clicking on “GDV Results” and then click on “2017 Remote Transfiguration Experiment Report”. You will love the image of the marble. And we had some great narrative stories from the volunteers present about how they felt before and after the work. 

Although we know from our experience and practice how well transfiguration works it is always awe inspiring to witness the actual results of the work. 

Only a few of you sent in stories to share which is fine. I was just opening an invitation to share with our community. I will share the few stories I received over time.

Here is a lovely story that Diane shared:

“Hello Sandra,

I wanted to share a story of a recent experience I had with my mom.  My dad and brother’s ashes were spread off the shores of a beautiful place in Maine. Mom was visiting me and we went to the place near where the ashes of both dad and my brother were laid to rest.   The day was sparkling and clear overhead.  So too was the ocean and waves crashing on the rocky shore. 

We sat on a bench and talked about our loved ones and how magnificent a place to come and visit them.  We were expressing and feeling a lot of love! I had taken a couple of pictures with my phone looking out at it all.

When we got home, we looked at my pictures and saw that there was a very visible shaft of light in front of us. There was another with a shaft of light to the left of us.  I had taken these 2 pictures in succession from the same spot, standing next to my mom.  The sun was not overhead.  These shafts of light were not visible to us when we were there.  As a photographer, I’ve taken thousands of pictures outdoors and never seen shafts of light like this.  We knew that our loved ones were literally shining down on us.  

What occurred to me as I was reading your transmutation news, was the love that was being exchanged that day… made me think that when we send out love with our hearts, our thoughts, and our actions, love returns in kind.”

The photos Diane sent were beautiful, and I want to thank her for sharing her inspirational story with us. 

september 2017 340x192 1
september 2017 340x192 2

I join our circle in wishing you all a beautiful equinox!


Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – August 2017

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Recently I was driving by a church that I pass driving home from doing my errands. They always post a message outside of the church, and some of the messages are quite inspirational.

I felt the message that was posted recently was quite powerful for the times we are living in. It said “Don’t tell me you love me. Show me”.

We are all concerned about what is happening in our outer world. And I join you in my concern. As I shared last month I get a wealth of emails and Facebook messages from people who are so angry about what is happening to our environment and other nature beings that they don’t know how to deal with their feelings and keep up their spiritual work.

Last month I gave some suggestions of working with the principles of neuroplasticity and also with performing ceremonies. You can review last month’s Transmutation News to reinforce what I am sharing this month. You can click on this link to read last month’s column:

I keep sharing again and again that we all must express our feelings, then transmute and transform them, and feed the planet and all of life with love and light. We have to keep up our practice of transfiguration for this practice truly creates miraculous healings beyond what we can imagine on a rational level. I am continually amazed at the case studies people send me that come from radiating light while focusing on others and even on challenges in local communities.

My big concern is what is happening to our collective. For as you know there is so much hate, anger, and despair being sent into the collective. And this is something I can understand more with people who do not have a spiritual practice and are lost in the trance of the material world.

But as I am so present on email and social media I am shocked at how much anger is being sent into the collective from people who do have strong spiritual practices. And I am seeing more posts, than I care to read, that show that many people in the shamanic community have become divided. This ends up feeding our energy field with more anger.

For if you have a spiritual practice you have to be awake enough to know the consequences of dividing instead of standing strong together.

Recently I had a powerful dream. And the message of the dream was, “What if you let go of all the principles you teach and the rules you hold about life and just be a loving presence throughout the day?” The message of my dream is that experiencing a shift in our presence is needed. We took a body to share and receive unconditional love. We came here to love and be loved.

Well, I find the messages I receive in my dreams to be quite powerful as the energy of the words I receive telepathically go straight into my Inner World shifting my vibration. And I know that the message I received was true. At the same time, I know this is a life process to learn how to “be” a being that is simply love just like the creator formed us out of unconditional love.

We do have to start somewhere, and the work we have been doing together has been opening up our hearts. Our continued work helps us to experience an increase in how our inner light shines through us. And with all that is going on in the world so many people feel their hearts are breaking which is an initiation that opens us up to greater levels of compassion.

But we cannot fall back asleep and feed our collective field with anger and divisiveness. This only feeds the problem instead of the solution.

This month I ask you to imagine yourself planting two pots with seeds of your favorite vegetable or herb. And as you imagine yourself watering one pot focus on all the ordinary thoughts you think about during the day when you reflect on what is happening in your life and in the world. And then imagine yourself transfiguring and watering the other pot with unconditional love and divine light.

After weeks of doing this practice notice, with your imagination, how the two different plants are growing. And reflect on which plant you would like to eat.

I know I have given you similar exercises before where I have asked you to plant parsley seeds (as they germinate and grow so quickly) and focus on the energies you want to feed the plant and what energies you want to absorb when you eat the plant. This exercise was one I have given a few times to do physically versus through your imagination.

We have to wake up and be conscious about the energies we are feeding in the collective. For the collective field of energy keeps becoming more toxic. And what I am noticing is that people are becoming more aggressive on all levels. Even some of the gentlest souls I know are posting words of hate and division.

I find myself praying more for the collective field of energy and doing more work to transmute the collective toxic energies being shared and sent. We are not going to see any changes on how humans are treating each other, all of life, and the environment if we keep feeding the collective field of energy with anger and divisive energies. There is no way for healing to occur until we learn how to feed the collective with unconditional love and light filled energies. This has to be common sense for all of you reading this column.

august 2017 1200x630

I have been so grateful for all the beautiful case studies that so many of you have sent me about using the practice of transfiguration and other shamanic practices I have shard on this column. And I have shared wonderful case studies with you over the years. I am always delighted to hear from any of you who have a good inspirational story to tell that I can share to uplift our community and keep us focused on our spiritual work. If you have an inspirational story to share you can email it to

Recently I heard from a woman who is dealing with life challenges as we all are. And as most of us she has found solace by spending time in nature. One day she was washing the dishes and was watching two pigeons grazing in her backyard.

That night she had a dream/vision. She watched herself washing the dishes again and seeing the pigeons grazing in her backyard just as she had seen during the day. This time when she looked outside at the birds they were illuminated by a kind of starlight radiating from within. As a new reader of the Transmutation News she was not that familiar with my work with transfiguration and how I explain the practice as experiencing our inner starlight.

She knew that was the true nature of life on Earth; light. This dream/vision helped her to develop a broader perspective of life.

I wanted to share this story as when we do have a deep experience with transfiguration where we fully feel the flow of our radiant starlight our lives are transformed forever. And when we can see that light in all of nature and flowing through the Earth we can see the power of feeding the light in all of life instead of feeding the suffering.

This does not mean we will not experience the personal challenges or negative feelings about what is happening on the planet today. But when we do perceive only the suffering we are looking through the eyes of ego. When we can perceive the light in all of life we are looking through the eyes of spirit. And this is the perception we are all striving for in our spiritual work and evolution of consciousness.

So join me in our ongoing commitment to learn how to express our feelings, transmute the energy behind them, and feed the collective field of energy with unconditional love and radiant light.

The full moon is on August 7. Let us deepen our transfiguration practice by making a clear commitment to the compassionate spirits and the creative forces of the universe that we will continue to support those in our global community doing spiritual work together. We hold you in love during the challenges you face. And we also see you in your divine light and strength. We do this for our community. And on the full moon we perform our preparation work so we step away from our ego, our rational thoughts, and our burdens. And we journey within to our inner landscape where our light is always shining as brightly as the stars, the sun, and the moon.

Let us join our hearts together and weave a beautiful and exquisite web of light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon practice.

Please join me in sending blessings and gratitude to Petr Němčanský who will be translating the Transmutation News in the Czech language.

Transmutation News – July 2017

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I have been diving deep into the writing process of my new book on how to design and perform ceremonies. It is being published by Sounds True in the fall of 2018. That is the scheduled publication date for now. But I suspect the book might be published earlier.

I have so enjoyed writing the book, and it has brought back such incredible memories of performing ceremonies with groups for over 35 years. Participating in ceremonies at my workshops are not only some of the happiest memories of teaching, but also have produced positive and miraculous healings for so many. The healings that have occurred have been beyond my imagination showing that joining with the power of the unseen worlds does work to create positive change for us personally and globally.

Performing ceremonies is a way for our inner divine to commune with the divine forces in the universe to make our prayers for healing and blessings so.

I feel this is an important book for the times we live in. For in our modern world people often fear performing ceremonies and relate them to dogmatic teachings that many experienced while being raised in different religious traditions.

But in reality, ceremony is a magical process (in the highest sense of the word) where we can work in partnership with our helping spirits and divine forces to change the dream we are dreaming for ourselves and all of life.

When I wrote my book How to Thrive in Changing Times (now titled The Shaman’s Toolkit) I wrote about the science of neuroplasticity and how it teaches us to change our brain chemistry by shifting the negative thoughts we focus on to holding a positive vision.

I started to use the principles of neuroplasticity as I shifted how I performed soul retrievals. For so many clients who come for shamanic healing are stuck in a trauma loop, and I felt based on the science of the brain we can help people shift out of this loop to be inspired that health and joy is possible in their lives.

My power animal, who works with me in all my healing work, encouraged me to move away from talking about past traumas to focusing on sharing healing stories that would start to create new neural pathways in the brain. New neural pathways are created by thinking about the positive things in life.

I started sharing healing stories with my clients about the gifts, talents, strengths that their lost essence returns with during a soul retrieval. I also started talking to clients about “soul” being “essence” which is light. And after performing my healing work I began the process of asking clients to absorb the light of their soul into their cells before even telling them any story I was shown in my journey. This led me to write a new Afterword in my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self.  For I felt working with telling healing stories instead of embedding the story of the trauma deeper into the client’s psyche was such an important factor in creating true and long-term healing. And I found when I shifted to this way of working the results of my soul retrieval work became more powerful.

This is not about denying that we have all suffered different forms of trauma. But unless we stop carrying our past around we do not have the opportunity to create a better life for ourselves. Last month I wrote about how carrying our past burdens can become too heavy for us on physical and emotional levels and can create illness.

The principle of changing brain chemistry, by shifting our looping thoughts, was what prompted and inspired me to create the Transmutation App. For the app is a way to stop and reflect on our thoughts and help to create positive energy by looking at the Library on the app to be inspired by an encouraging word, blessing, phrase or uplifting photo.

Although I created the app a few years ago I still use it everyday. The sound of bells, a Tibetan bowl, or chimes alert me to stop every two hours to reflect on what I am thinking about and transform any negative thoughts and dreams I am imagining to something I do want to see manifest in my life.

Now every website I visit, interview I listen to, books I see advertised are all talking about neuroplasticity. It is really a powerful form of healing, but as with all powerful ways of working it takes discipline.

I am finding that many people are in such despair about what is happening on the planet that they simply do not have the energy to engage in spiritual practices. For the challenges being experienced seem so overwhelming and more people are feeling hopeless and powerless. Of course there are many people who feel their power returning as they are becoming social activists and deepening their spiritual work.

In the times we are living in only focusing on the challenges and what is not working is perpetuating the bad dream that we are imagining. For when we imagine things so completely we bring them to life.

As always, I will encourage you to use the gift of your imagination to change your brain chemistry and start creating neural pathways. Yes, it takes work, but it is how we will change our lives and that of the planet.

We must continue to step into the new dream we want to live and engage all of our senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. We need to step into the dream as if we are living our new life now and live from the dream. In this way, we start to shift what we are calling into being through our imaginations.

Performing ceremonies embraces all the teachings of neuroplasticity and helps to change our psyche. Performing ceremonies is a wonderful tool to help you shift your thinking and visioning. Journey or meditate on a short ceremony you can perform inside or outdoors to release what is burdening you from you past. And then you can perform a blessing ceremony to commune with divine forces to invite in a new vision, a new way of life for yourself and the world.

I think that performing ceremonies alone or with a group has great power to transform our lives and the world we live in. And this is why ceremonial work was performed so widely by shamans around the world for thousands of years. It was a way to change thinking and to call in harmony for the community.

We have so many tools to use right now to be in service to the planet. We just have to make a choice to break out of the trance we fall into as we watch or read the news and listen to the media. This just leads to feeding the negative thoughts we keep looping. We have to choose to break this pattern and use our imaginations to envision, live, and manifest a different dream.

And the practice of transfiguration is such a powerful way to change our own health and well being. Transfiguration is also a way to heal our environment, all of life, and the Earth.

The full moon is July 9. The full moon is a powerful time to perform ceremonial work as spiritual work is magnified during this time.

Perform your preparation work so that you are not carrying your ordinary thoughts and concerns into the sacred space of our collective. We want our collective energies to be positive and safe for our community to join into.

Travel inside through journeying or meditation and experience your divine light flowing through you while it weaves together with the light of our global community within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for the instructions for our ceremony.


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Transmutation News – June 2017

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We continue to hold all who are impacted by challenging environmental and political events in love and light. We continue to perform our spiritual work from the deepest place of our soul to change the vibration of the collective consciousness. It is important to keep our focus on the spiritual work we need to do to make a difference in the world. There has never been a more important time in our lifetime to stand together.

I have been receiving a number of emails and Facebook messages from people all over the world requesting prayers for different environmental issues in cities, local areas where spiritual help is needed. This is why I share the transfiguration practice and Medicine for the Earth work so widely. For we need communities of people to gather locally to perform transfiguration ceremonies in desperate need of assistance.

Together we celebrate the solstice on June 21. In the Northern Hemisphere we cycle into summer while the Southern Hemisphere cycles into Winter.

The solstice is a powerful time for us to do some work together.

In April, I was a guest on Michael Stone’s New Moon call. He creates the calls to talk to a guest presenter about a deep subject on spiritual practice, and then the guest on the show facilitates a ceremony.

I am using an adaptation of the ceremony I shared during my presentation for all of us to gather as a global circle to bless our community on this solstice. For it is important for us to receive the blessings of love and light to support us in keeping up the practices we are doing together. We might have different beliefs about what is happening in the world, but we come together out of love for the Earth and all of life.

On the solstice begin with your preparation work so that you are not taking into the unseen realms your thoughts and what anchors you to ordinary reality. When you are ready join in the ceremony I have written up.

You might want to put on a favorite drumming or shamanic music track that can support you while you perform the ceremony. You can also drum, rattle, sing and dance, after you have read the ceremony a few times, and continue to work in your own way.

Start by placing your hands on your heart. Think about something in life that you are in awe and wonder of. We all have something that is precious to us. Maybe it is your favorite flower or another nature being. What is your favorite fragrance or your favorite taste? What are your favorite sounds? Place what is special to you in your heart.

Breathe into your heart. As you breathe, imagine yourself stepping away from your ordinary thoughts and your concerns for now. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to join together as a dedicated, collective, in service to life and the Earth. Use your imagination to experience yourself stepping into a loving circle. Breathe deeply and connect to your heartbeat.

Connect to the heartbeat of the Earth. We are always connected to the Earth’s heartbeat. Connect to the spirit of the land where you live. The more you connect with the land where you live, the more gracefully your life will flow. As you connect with the helping ancestral spirits of the land you live on your ceremonial work will be more fluid and successful.

Feel the power, love, and the spiritual light of our virtual circle. We can’t see each other, but we can feel the presence of each other with our non-ordinary senses. Feel the power, the love, and the spiritual light flowing through you. From your heart, let’s welcome each other. No matter how you are feeling right now, no matter what is going on in your life you are welcome in our circle.

We welcome and greet our helping compassionate spirits and the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire. We greet the spirit that lives in all things as well as the moon and the stars. We know the creative power of the words we use. Words are seeds, and what you plant grows. With your words you bless yourself, loved ones, others, and all of life and the planet.

It is also well understood that thoughts are things. Our thoughts feed into the dreams that manifest in our physical world.

Close your eyes and focus on your heart.

Imagine yourself standing up from the place that you are journeying or meditating in. Step out of your front door. As you do this, imagine yourself lifting a veil between the ordinary world to the power of the unseen and the invisible realms.  As you lift the veil between the worlds, you step out onto a beautiful path in nature.

As you walk the path you might be surrounded by trees or find yourself walking through another beautiful landscape. Feel the earth beneath you. As you walk reach down and touch the soil, the earth, or the sand, and feel its texture. As you continue to walk, gaze upon the beauty of nature that surrounds your path. Observe the greenery, the rocks, the animal beings, the insects, the flowers, and other nature beings.

What a gift to live on this amazing planet. What a gift to be in community working through our personal and planetary challenges together. No matter how dark we feel as we walk the path there is always light ahead. In nature, there is always the darkness and the light. There is always death and then rebirth. There is the dissolution and then the illumination.

Continue to walk this path. Take a deep breath and smell the fragrances. Listen to the sounds of nature and even taste the air. Notice how you are feeling right now as you do this. Acknowledge that you are getting ready to stand together in community with openhearted people like yourself.

You come to a meadow where you are greeted by guardian spirits waiting for you. As you are greeted by one of the guardian spirits he or she will spiritually cleanse you. The guardian spirit might use incense to cleanse you or a feather to wipe away anything that needs to be cleared. Before you move into sacred and holy space, you have to let go of your burdens for any ceremony to be successful. As you are cleansed, you will notice that there is a powerful fire burning in the middle of this meadow. Enter into a circle forming around the fire. You might be drumming, rattling, singing, dancing, or you might be silent.

Smell the fire burning and listen to the crackling of the fire. As we stand together in the circle, let’s take a moment to look around and gaze into each other eyes, see the light, and feel the love of every person in our circle. We have gathered outside of time to bless each other, to stand strong together in unity and in love for ourselves, for all of life and the Earth. You will notice that on the ground there are offering bowls and exquisite flowers. Fire is a living being and intelligent and is reading your heart and soul right now. Fire knows your wishes.

You will notice that there are bowls filled with sticks that have yarn wrapped around them. Walk up to one of the bowls and pick up a stick that has yarn of your favorite color. Notice what color that you have picked, what it means to you, and how it makes you feel on a cellular level. Now, travel within and imagine a word whose vibration holds beauty, power, and love. The vibration will travel up into the universe and will manifest back on the Earth.

Every word that holds the frequency of love, light, and unity is perfect. It is a word of blessing, a gift that you want to contribute to our community. Blow the power of this word into your prayer stick. As you do that, walk up to the fire and put your prayer stick in the flames with the intention of blessing yourself, our community who has gathered together, all of life, and the Earth.

As you place your prayer stick into the fire, the fire will take this blessing up to the creative forces of the universe. The universe will join you in partnership in this blessing ceremony. Once you place your prayer stick into the fire you will notice there are sacred herbs to put into the fire in thanks and gratitude. Place some herbs into the fire in gratitude, and come back into the circle. Gaze into the eyes of each person, seeing their light shining through them. Experience the vibration of unity.

Let the love and light you are feeling flow. Now I ask that as you look around the circle you state out loud the same word you chose to bless our circle.  I will join you as you do this as I share the words “exquisite”, “magic”, and “luminescence”. Then let’s hold hands, and continue to feel the power of love and light flowing through our entire circle.

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As humans, we are the bridge between the earth and the sky. We bridge the power of the universe through our hearts. Feel the love flowing. Let us be that bridge of love as we stand strong together in service to the planet. Once again, look at the beauty of the fire and of nature. It is now time for us to take our leave. Let’s give thanks to our circle, and drop hands.

Turn around and start to walk back down the beautiful path in nature into the room that you are journeying or meditating in. Thank the helping spirits who we called in, who have supported our work, and who have held each of us in unconditional love. Return to the room that you are journeying or meditating in. Step through the veil of the unseen realms into your ordinary space. Notice how you feel right now. Make sure you feel grounded, making sure you feel deep roots connecting you with the earth. Take some deep breaths and open your eyes. Our work is done for now.

You might choose to put the word of blessing onto your altar continuing to bless our circle and hold us all in love.

We join our hearts together to wish you a glorious solstice!

If you would like to listen to the interview and conversation I had with Michael Stone and/or listen to the live ceremony as I drummed and sang for the group please click on the link below. Michael does these free calls each month and you can learn more if you are interested.

Here is the link for the New Moon call.

The full moon is June 9. There is so much going on in the world today that needs our attention and love. Let us drop into our Inner World and experience the depth of our divine light. Feel it being absorbed in all your cells so you are being healed by it. Let it continue to flow effortlessly connecting your light to the inner starlight radiating through our entire global community. Let’s radiate that light within and throughout the Earth touching every precious being in the web of life.

For new readers of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” for instructions of our full moon ceremony.

We have two new volunteer translators who will help to bring the Transmutation News to communities who do not speak English. Bea Salgado is joining Carole LaPlante in translating the column into French. And Jorjette Cristescu is now translating the Transmutation News in Romanian. Let us join our hearts together to give deep thanks and gratitude for helping us to expand our circle. And let us share blessings with them for their generosity of spirit as translating this column each month is a lot of work.

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Transmutation News – May 2017

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We are all going through an initiation. This initiation is not just about the changes and deaths we have to experience in order to evolve and weave a new fabric of reality into being. It is about diving deep into our own soul and cleansing what we need to let go of that binds us to our past. As I have written before initiations sculpt away our ego/personality so that we can step into living and working at higher frequencies.

The process of initiation can be quite challenging. It can challenge us physically and emotionally. It can place us into a place of despair and hopelessness as we see our lives being changed in ways we did not expect.

The despair and hopelessness takes us to a deeper place into our inner landscape where we are led to the personal healing work and shadow work we tend to avoid. The ego part of ourselves prefers to just go with the surface energies and react to what is happening to us personally and to the events in the world.

But in actuality the events in the outer world is not all that is calling us within. Our soul’s evolution is calling us within. We must choose whether to ride the surface waves and remain in a state of suffering or keep going deeper and deeper within where we have the opportunity to tap into how to love and forgive ourselves. Once you reach a deep level of unconditional love for yourself and unconditional forgiveness for your past actions you perceive the events in the outer world in a different way. And from this place you move from a place of reaction to responding in healthy ways.

Recently I was shown, by a helping spirit, how our past can actually create too much weight on our body to keep carrying around. And this extra weight we carry can create illnesses on different levels. We must honor our past, revel in the good memories, work through the challenging times in our past and then let go. Then we can move on to forge a new path in the present and future. When we keep “dying” to our past we move into a place of freedom. And I know feeling free is something we all desire.

This of course gives us a better opportunity to navigate the changes in the present and future. We can then be in deeper service to all of life and the Earth.

I think many of you were inspired last month by the healing story I shared about working with a Prayer Tree.

The practice of shamanism has so much to offer us. The case studies I receive are so hopeful.

Recently a peer, student, and one of my former clients died of a rare form of cancer. Years ago I did some healing sessions with her that may have helped to extend her life. Her blood tests would show positive changes after we would work together. And at some point it was time for her to do her own work. We stayed in contact from time to time, but in the last year I did not follow up with her to see how she was doing.

She had taken many shamanic workshops with me including a workshop on Death and Dying. And she also loved the transfiguration work.

Her partner called to tell me my former student and client had died. I asked how her death was. She responded by telling me that she kept repeating,” Sandy taught me so much about how to die I do not fear death.” And her death ended up being filled with peace and grace.

During the times we live in the practice of shamanism, which includes working with light, has so many wonderful tools to offer us. The practice teaches us how to live from a place of trust, feeling empowered, how to surrender to spirit, how to ride the waves of both the joy and suffering that life brings for us. The practice teaches us how to live, but also how to die during the initiatory deaths we all experience and the big death we face at the end of our lives.

It is important to remember that as shamanism is a path of direct revelation the helping spirits can teach you all you need to learn. Some people really want to be part of a community and seek out workshops. And some people like to work in solitude to perform their own journeys and meditations to receive the wealth of healings and information that is available to us from our helping spirits.

Keeping to a similar thread I was having a conversation with someone in a service profession. He asked me if I noticed that more people our age (we are both in our sixties) are suffering from more health problems and dying earlier than the current statistics predict. Well as you know people have always died earlier than expected.

But the rare and known illnesses that are impacting children, teens, and adults is very high. And we all know that this is due to the dietary issues and the environment we live in. In a previous monthly column I encouraged you to do your transmutation work as perceiving what you eat, drink, and how you perceive the environment, as light. We want to ingest and digest light. This is not a form of denial of the fact that as humans we have helped to create a planet that does not support our health. But there are practices we can do daily that help us.

As I shared in Medicine for the Earth there have always been shamans and mystics that survived experiences that most would not live through during initiations, including some who could transmute poisons that were ingested. If one person on the planet can transmute toxins that he or she ingests it means we all have this same power. We are born with the blue print of how to survive and thrive.

That is one reason I wrote about different nature beings last month and the energetic signature they share with the web of life. For using the principle of unity, we can also tap into the wealth of knowledge that different nature beings use to survive. For example, there are mushrooms that thrive and live on eating radiation. How do they do that? Well we can use our spiritual practices of journeying and meditation to learn from them. This is a time to reach out spiritually to those beings who can transmute and regenerate in ways we never imagined. There are ways to live and practices that can support our life as the Earth herself goes through many changes.

This is a time to connect with the amazing nature beings who can regenerate and transmute toxins and to ask for their help.

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As I shared last month, there is a lot of support from the universe and the Earth to shift to a higher frequency. But there are ways of living in health that your own body can teach you if you ask it to share what is in your blue print and as you reach out to other species who can thrive in the environment we have created.

Take time each day out of your busy schedule to deepen your spiritual work. We must learn the lessons that come from the challenges we face on emotional and physical levels. But we also must learn how to create a more harmonious way of life integrating ancient spiritual practices throughout the day.

We have more abilities to thrive than we know. As you already know research shows we use so little of the capabilities of our brain. The time is now to wake up more parts of our brain so we can evolve and grow as I know each of you desire.

One of the issues I have been looking at that goes along with what I wrote is looking at the difference of how we “react” to daily events, people, and to life itself rather than “respond”. This is an interesting issue to journey on or meditate on this month.

I think that as we learn how to respond we can shift into a more harmonious and healthy way of life.

The full moon is on May 10.  Connect with yourself and open to the possibility that you have capabilities to thrive today with incorporating practices into your life that you might have not yet explored.  Feel excitement in the knowledge that there is so much to learn about your capability to heal yourself. Open to the power of being part of a loving and supportive community as we join our hearts together. People who read the Transmutation News live all over the world. Open your heart to our community. Open your spiritual awareness to connect with the nature beings who contribute great gifts to the web of life. Feel your heart expanding in love and compassion. As you do this travel within and experience your divine light radiating out embracing all of life. Be a light and radiate light. As you do this with love in your heart you do create positive change. Love and light are the greatest healing forces.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony in “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

I wanted to say something about my announcements this month. For I realize that this is the longest Announcement Section I have written to date. Please do not feel you need to read them if you are not interested in more than reading what I wrote in this monthly column.

Due to the fact that I am not traveling to teach this year I have made a decision to be part of more summits, free events, online courses where I can share the beauty and power of shamanic work with a broad population. And part of my commitment in being part of these events is to share full write ups.

We can get so overwhelmed by digesting all the bad news that we hear. And a “cure” for this is to listen and watch events that share a deep wealth of information and inspiration. We can all use some inspiration right now.

I do not plan on continuing to present on many summits or free events. I am actually writing a new book for Sounds True that I will write about at the appropriate time.

For now, please read on to see what events are coming up that you might be interested in. Or stop reading at this point and enjoy your day or night.

Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

Transmutation News – April 2017

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As I shared last month I continue to receive miraculous case studies about using shamanic work to help people heal on all levels.

I recently received a wonderful email from Ann who had remarkable results working with creating a Prayer Tree. I have shared the instructions on how to create a Prayer Tree in previous issues of the Transmutation News. I also wrote about creating Prayer Trees in my books Walking in Light and Speaking with Nature (co-authored with Llyn Roberts).

Ann shared a powerful story of creating a prayer tree at her home. She has a cousin who developed a sacral spine wound and as a result of being wheelchair-bound wounds set in that were painful and life-threatening.

Ann empowered a piece of yarn with focused intention to heal the wound and tied the yarn on her tree. The process was repeated several times.

The wounds on her cousin completely healed up. This healing was accomplished in less than two weeks. As you can imagine his visiting nurse was amazed as no conventional treatment had worked in the six months of trying to heal the wounds. It seems impossible that the wounds first reduced in size and then vanished.

No need to tell you: in the world of medicine, this rapid wound closure would be considered “impossible”.

The healing seemed to extend beyond Ann cousin’s physical disability.  It affected his attitude. He no longer thinks of himself as a victim of his disability and is now offering to pray for others (friends and family).  He started his own prayer list.

As you can imagine Ann and her cousin are so grateful!

On March 12 I led a transfiguration ceremony to close out the first phase of the Year of Ceremony sponsored by Sounds True. It was a lovely ceremony. When I went to bed that night I received a powerful vision. I was not asleep, but I was not fully awake either. I was in an in between state of consciousness.

I was shown how the Earth is a body and is evolving just like all of life. And in her evolution, there are now new Earth energies coming through. I saw that the Earth is bringing through a new quality of love and a higher vibration that we can tap into.

But I was told everyone has to make a choice. We can only experience this new vibration and the new earth energies flooding the Earth if we continue our spiritual practices that lead us to living at a higher vibration and frequency. For as long as we stay attuned to the denser collective consciousness we will not be able to experience this new energy that is now coming through.

I was told everyone has to make a choice which energies we want to open to. This is similar to the message of my teacher, the Goddess Isis, that we all have to pick the wave we want to ride on right now – the wave of living life from a higher level of consciousness or getting stuck in the level of consciousness where people are still asleep and living in a trance.

We can open to the new Earth energies coming through now. You just have to make a choice.

If you keep up your daily spiritual practices especially transfiguration you will naturally find the door to the dimensional shift you are desiring.

It was an amazing feeling to experience these energies filling up my body. I wonder what you will experience if you choose to open to the new quality of love and light coming through.

I have been encouraging you to lead transfiguration ceremonies with your friends, loved ones, and in your local community. In the past, I have shared a transcript of a transfiguration ceremony that I led for a group of 400 people. But as new readers keep finding the Transmutation News I felt it would be helpful to post the transcript that can be read and printed out at any time.

Sylvia Edwards posted the transcript on the section marked Transmutation News where the instructions for our full moon ceremony “Creating A Human Web of Light” and “How to Prepare for a Ceremony” are also posted.

I will keep encouraging you to share this powerful work.

As you all know I am in love with nature. And I also have learned so much from all the nature beings from microscopic to massive and those who live under the water, roam the earth, and fly in the air.

I have my BA in Marine Biology, and I specialized in the study of algae. There are algae that are so beautiful, fine, and delicate like nothing I have seen on the earth. I also did a research study with hermit crabs that gained a lot of attention from the scientific community. This was back in the 1970s.

I know that we tend to focus on nature beings that we see all the time as we hike in nature or in the media. And I love all these beings too.

But my attention also gets drawn to species of nature beings that people don’t tend to focus on much. A few years ago, I was entranced with sloths. And I bought numerous books on sloths and learned a lot from them in my journeys.

Recently someone posted an article about octopuses on Facebook. I have always loved octopuses and slept with a stuffed toy octopus for quite awhile. In this article, it was shared that octopuses have DNA that have not been seen in other life forms, and some scientists were wondering if octopuses were alien beings.

I was intrigued for obvious reasons. So I started researching octopuses on the web. And I found more scientific articles about their amazing genetic makeup. The octopus genome is almost as large as humans and contains a greater number of protein coding genes – some 33,000 compared to 25,000 in humans. One remarkable gene group regulates development of neurons creating their large brain. Half a billion spill out from their head through their arms.

They have a genome that explains their intelligence and how they adapt their neural network properties to enable extraordinary learning and memory capabilities.

So I am enjoying learning about octopuses and the energetic signature they bring to the web of life.

For every living being brings an energetic signature to the web of life that complements the vibration and frequency of each other. The vibration of all of life dances together in a mysterious and remarkable way bringing such a wealth of beauty and unique qualities to our planet.

I encourage you to focus on learning about some of the nature beings that might ignite your curiosity or who live in your locale. For example, maybe there is moss on your favorite tree. You connect with the tree, but maybe not the moss.

There are amazing and exquisite beings we share this Earth with. I think it brings a new dimension to life when we step out of the box of only focusing on the living beings we tend to see a lot and forget those small and often forgotten beings who bring such gifts to the web of life.

Be curious and learn more about the wealth of beings we share this great Earth with.

april 2017 1200x630

As you all know I am in love with nature. And I also have learned so much from all the nature beings from microscopic to massive and those who live under the water, roam the earth, and fly in the air.

I have my BA in Marine Biology, and I specialized in the study of algae. There are algae that are so beautiful, fine, and delicate like nothing I have seen on the earth. I also did a research study with hermit crabs that gained a lot of attention from the scientific community. This was back in the 1970s.

I know that we tend to focus on nature beings that we see all the time as we hike in nature or in the media. And I love all these beings too.

But my attention also gets drawn to species of nature beings that people don’t tend to focus on much. A few years ago, I was entranced with sloths. And I bought numerous books on sloths and learned a lot from them in my journeys.

Recently someone posted an article about octopuses on Facebook. I have always loved octopuses and slept with a stuffed toy octopus for quite awhile. In this article, it was shared that octopuses have DNA that have not been seen in other life forms, and some scientists were wondering if octopuses were alien beings.

I was intrigued for obvious reasons. So I started researching octopuses on the web. And I found more scientific articles about their amazing genetic makeup. The octopus genome is almost as large as humans and contains a greater number of protein coding genes – some 33,000 compared to 25,000 in humans. One remarkable gene group regulates development of neurons creating their large brain. Half a billion spill out from their head through their arms.

They have a genome that explains their intelligence and how they adapt their neural network properties to enable extraordinary learning and memory capabilities.

So I am enjoying learning about octopuses and the energetic signature they bring to the web of life.

For every living being brings an energetic signature to the web of life that complements the vibration and frequency of each other. The vibration of all of life dances together in a mysterious and remarkable way bringing such a wealth of beauty and unique qualities to our planet.

I encourage you to focus on learning about some of the nature beings that might ignite your curiosity or who live in your locale. For example, maybe there is moss on your favorite tree. You connect with the tree, but maybe not the moss.

There are amazing and exquisite beings we share this Earth with. I think it brings a new dimension to life when we step out of the box of only focusing on the living beings we tend to see a lot and forget those small and often forgotten beings who bring such gifts to the web of life.

Be curious and learn more about the wealth of beings we share this great Earth with.

The full moon is April 11. Let us begin by imagining yourself fully connected to the web of life. Start by doing your preparation work so your ordinary concerns are not spilling into the sacred work you are doing. Settle in, and sink into the vibrational energy that is unique to each living being that is part of the web of life. Feel how the vibrations from all living forms on this great planet Earth dance together. For we are all connected to the frequency of all life forms in ways that most of us have not explored or are aware of.

There is something so special about tuning into our feeling sense to experience the gift that every living being that lives under the water, in the air, and on the earth brings to life here on Earth. And as I said earlier this includes the microscopic to the massive. And it includes the rocks, crystals, and so on. Feel the connection of the different frequencies in your body while knowing we all live here in cooperation and in partnership. We impact each other by what happens in the life of all.

Feel the love in your heart for all the nature beings we share the Earth with. And make a clear choice to travel deeply within and radiate your inner divine light to embrace and uplift all in the web of life. Radiate your light within and throughout the Earth. Feel the sensation of connecting with thousands of others in our global community as we connect our hearts and radiate our light together.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit “Creating a Human Web of Light” posted on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.

Let’s stand strong together to hold a positive vision for the Earth and all of life. We must keep up our social activism work, continue our transfiguration practice, and keep praying to the helping spirits to intervene in ethical ways to help protect all of life due to unconscious choices being made by humans who have forgotten their destiny to caretake the Earth.


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Transmutation News – March 2017

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I have received quite a lot of correspondence over this last month from readers of the Transmutation News. The letters, emails, Facebook messages I have received are quite varied.

I hear from people who are locked in fear and anger and can’t seem to move into their spiritual practices. Then I am receiving a wealth of feedback from people who are having miraculous experiences keeping up their practice of transfiguration. There have been miracles that people have reported to me in just transfiguring for a few minutes daily. And then I am also receiving some miraculous case studies in transfiguring for others and even some wonderful changes with local environmental issues.

I feel like our global community is vibrating at an entire bandwidth of frequencies. And we all need to experience whatever is happening for us right now as there are enormous teachings in the challenges as well as in the miraculous.

Over the last year so many in the media and social media have been talking and writing about the shadow that is becoming so obvious around the world. And this is true. We are finally seeing the depth of the shadow showing itself.

In shamanic traditions it is understood that the shadow is simply part of nature. For the sun rises each day and then the darkness sets in. Seasons change from the brightness of spring and summer.  Autumn and winter lead to the darkening of the days and the change in plant life, animal life, and migration patterns of birds, and so on.

We continually cycle through phases of initiation and dismemberment. Dismemberment entails disintegration, illumination, remembering, reconstruction, and re-emergence. And this cycle repeats itself over time. Again, as we are nature, we are ruled by the cycles of nature which includes initiations and dismemberments.

In Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life I wrote a chapter on initiation and dismemberment. I shared a teaching from the Belgium physicist, Ilya Prigogine who won a Nobel Prize in 1977 for his theory of dissipative structures. This is a kind of chaos theory. He showed that a period of dissolution is necessary before any system – a cell, a person, society, or solar system – can jump to a higher level of organization. Seen this way, unraveling, disintegration, or dismemberment is a vital creative event making room for the new.

As I keep sharing what we are seeing in the world is necessary. For the old must be dismembered before we can weave a new fabric of reality into being. And here we are!

Taking a look at the shadow as it is part of nature is some powerful and healing work for all of us to explore.

In humans, the shadow is the state we feel on a personality/ ego level when we feel separate, fearful, angry, hopeless, and so on. The shadow is represented by such states as greed, people wanting to control others and life itself, and people who are power hungry. These unconscious states rise up in our life to take us into the depths where we eventually remember the truth of who we are and are reborn like a new plant bursting through the earth in spring. But many people try to keep their shadow states under the surface of their consciousness. We don’t always want to recognize these “undesired” parts of ourselves. And we end up projecting onto others the states we have repressed and keep hidden.

One of the journeys I lead in my Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Trainings is to visit a helping spirit and ask to be shown the nature of the shadow. You can also journey to learn about the nature of your own shadow. But as the Medicine for the Earth work is more focused on the environment, I ask people to journey on the nature of the shadow.

After the journey is over, I ask people to go around the room and say a phrase or sentence that is the core of the teaching they received. And after we finish sharing, we are all struck by the beauty and the necessity of the shadow. In teaching Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light internationally since 2000 I have never heard a participant receive any teaching about the shadow that was not inspirational, moving, and so natural.

This month I suggest you perform this journey. You can also do it as a meditation if you do not know how to journey.

If you have a practice of shamanic journeying visit a helping spirit you trust and ask to be shown the nature of the shadow. And be inspired and comforted from what you learn.

You can also do a meditation where you just hold the question and observe what comes up through the silence.

You can put on some music and do some automatic writing. Write your intention on the top of the page and just let your hand write without thinking about it. The information you will receive will come from the deep well of spiritual knowledge that lives inside of you.

You can also put on some music and dance with this intention and notice how your body moves and changes as you touch into how the shadow impacts your own body, its rhythms, and flow.

I hope the work removes some of the fear of the shadow. It is a phase in nature that comes and goes and is part of life. 

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On March 20, we celebrate the equinox – spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. So, we are moving through a change of seasons where we live but also in our own lives.

I journeyed to ask what would be a good ceremony for me to share with all of you to welcome in the equinox.

I was shown that a powerful ceremony would be to find a place in nature where you can walk and take some time to reflect on the season you are moving out of in your life and the season you are moving into. Reflect on the changes in nature that you see all around you. Notice how the quality of air is different, the colors of the plants and trees are starting to change, animal behavior is changing, migratory patterns are changing. Notice the wind and messages that come to you as walk in nature. The fragrance of the air might seem a bit different. There might be a variation in the texture of the earth. Notice how the currents in the bodies of water where you live might be shifting – the movement and nature of the water might be just a bit different. The voice of the water might be singing about the signs of a change.

You might be in a city park or you might be able to get out a little further out of town and find a more isolated place where you can walk. Wherever you are, get down on your knees and put your hands on the earth and start to hum. I realize that if you are in a park with other people this might not seem too comfortable. Try and find a place where you can be alone for just a few minutes. It would be powerful if you can do this with a group of friends or people who you perform spiritual practices with.

Just hum while touching the earth. Try and do this for about 10 minutes. I was shown in my journey that you will notice a distinct change in the flow of your energy moving through your body. You will feel a strong and deeper connection with the earth than if you just take a walk. Humming while touching the earth with your hands might bring you to a feeling of the ancientness of the land where you are. And you will have a stronger connection with the heartbeat of the Earth.

If you cannot go out into nature for whatever reason you can do this in a journey or in a meditation by using your imagination to touch the earth and hum.

I was told in my journey not to chant or sing a song. Just simply hum.

I was also shown as thousands of people around the world do this on the same day some wonderful and exquisite change will happen all around the Earth. Use your imagination to feel this change rippling through the Earth.

The full moon is on March 12. Let us do our preparation work and be fully present in our ceremony to go beyond our body and mind to experience our authentic self which is pure spiritual divine light and love. Perform your transfiguration practice in a way that works for you whether through a journey, a meditation, singing, dancing, drumming, and/or rattling. Allow your light to flow through you. First absorb that light and unconditional love into all your cells so you feel refreshed and regenerated. Then allow that light and love to radiate out creating a human web of light within and throughout the Earth. Feel the connection, the change in vibration, and frequency of our entire circle while we do this.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

Let us join our hearts together and wish everyone a beautiful solstice. I can already feel the power of all of us humming together!

Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.