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GDV Results -Goldfish Cracker

Experimenting with Food



At a Medicine for the Earth gathering held in September, 2004 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, images were taken of food items before and after the transmutation ceremony.  The image to the left is of a generic goldfish cracker photographed by the Gas Discharge Visualization camera before the ceremony. There is little to no energy coming from the cracker.   

Goldfish Cracker Before Transfiguration
Goldfish Cracker After Transfiguration



After the ceremony where individuals transfigured into their divine essence, the crackers were photographed again.  In the “AFTER” image, there is an expansion of energy inside the cracker and around the outside of the cracker.  Notice the gold field of energy around the outside of the cracker that wasn’t there before and the large blue dots of energy inside the cracker.  Staying in a state where we keep our vibrations high affects everything around us including the food we eat.