Transmutation News – December 2007

I had a really good trip to Europe in October and it is also good to be home getting ready for the wonderful season of winter. I really cannot believe that we are preparing for the winter solstice again. The cycles of the seasons keep coming around faster than ever. It is hard to believe that the year is ending.

Shortly after returning from Europe I had a dream. In the dream there were circles of people in different countries in Europe singing to create change. The circles of people were filled in, meaning they were solid circles. The message that I received was the old songs don’t work anymore to create change. We need new songs of a higher frequency for the changing times.

I found the message in my dream to be important. For we can get bogged down in looking how people in the past worked for different issues. But the truth of the matter is that for there to be life and potency in any work it must address the times. And the times we live in require different solutions than people turned to in the past. We can definitely be inspired by how our ancestors worked. But we must continue to grow and change our ways of working to fully address the issues of the time we live in.

On that note I have written about changes I have made in teaching the healing practice of soul retrieval and how I work with clients. This appears in past Transmutation News and also in the new edition of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self where I added a new Afterword in 2006.

While I was in Europe I really stressed the need to bring in a new element to the soul retrieval work. As I was teaching a Soul Retrieval Training in France I had my participants experience the changes I have made. I also taught Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light in Germany. I was able to share how to bridge some of the work with light with the practice of soul retrieval.

It really is time to move away from emphasizing the past traumas of our clients and to get them to really absorb the light of their returned soul. And to also share the healing stories needed to help people be inspired to change their lives and live up to their creative potential. We need people to feel empowered right now to be able to create positive change in their own lives and for the planet.

Soul is our essence and it is pure light. So in returning lost soul parts to people we are returning light. And in doing so if we can help people to really absorb the light of their returned soul parts it is amazing the healing that happens just like we see with the practice of transfiguration. Since I have been working in this way with clients I cannot even begin to fully share the exponential results I have been seeing.

I really do believe that those people who work with sound and light are the new shamans of our times. For the potential for healing others and the planet is unlimited with bringing in the power of this work.

I know that sometimes I have been criticized for making changes in my book Soul Retrieval. Everything that exists in this world is in movement and is evolving. Where movement stops there is death. It is so important for us working to heal others, the planet, and ourselves and to keep exploring the next steps with our work. For when we stop questioning, exploring, and evolving in our lives and work life stops. I continue to add changes I am making to keep up with the needed evolution of the work.

Another important factor for us to keep looking at is the principle of expansion I wrote about last month. In times of change we tend to contract in the fear of the unknown. This only feeds the state of separation.

This is not the energy needed to fuel our dreams. Our dreams are fueled by expansive energy.

Travel inside yourself – using the principle of as above, so below; as within, so without – find a star in your inner night sky you can merge with. Allow yourself to be as expansive as that star. Notice how far the light extends and how many million of miles it touches with it’s light.

This is the energy we need to work with to fuel and energize our dreams to manifest a planet filled with love, light, peace, harmony, equality, and abundance for all. Allow that expansive energy to shine light and love on all of life.

This experience needs to come from within to embrace the experience of spiritual solidity.

One of my challenges in teaching transfiguration to experienced shamanic journeyers is that they tend to go out of body to experience their divine essence. This is not actually what the work is about and ends up separating people from the physical temple that holds the divine light.

We need to allow the light to shine through from our inner core and not have an outer body experience.

Today more and more gyms and physical trainers are teaching exercises to strengthen the physical core. We need to build on our spiritual core otherwise the energy becomes diffuse and also can drain our physical energy versus healing us.

If you are an experienced shamanic journeyer used to journeying without into other realms try some journeys into your inner world. Reverse directions and go within. Then try to transfigure into your divinity and then try to merge with a star.

As we enter this time of winter journey deep within and be warmed by the fire of your inner light. Strengthen your inner core so that life, light, and love can burst out and be born from a place of spiritual and physical nurturance.

December 22 is the winter solstice. Continue to work with the practice of experiencing the depth of your light shining into the world. To add to this on this day please do a journey or meditation to merge with the earth where you live. If you are new to this work you can read the section on merging with the elements in Medicine for the Earth.

You can do this alone or you can do this in community with a group that you meet with to do spiritual work together. Learn about the changes the earth is going through with the change of seasons. Remember that even frozen earth has a tremendous amount of movement. All healthy elements have movement. All healthy life contains a lot of movement.

Experience the energy and power of the earth where you live during this time so that you can harmonize with the energy. The more we can harmonize with the power of where we live the more harmony we will feel in our life.

And then journey or meditate to speak to the spirit of the earth where you live and ask what changes you need to make in your life to bring more harmony into your life and into the world during the time of winter.

In the merging work we learn by becoming the element we are working with. But we can also do a journey to or we can meditate on an element to get information through the process of direct revelation.

The full moon is December 23. As we create and weave a human web of light within and throughout the earth make sure your light is expanding deep from the core of your being. And let’s continue our healing circle and allow yourself to feel the love and light shining within you as you either experience yourself lying in the middle of our circle or standing in the outer circle. Focus on absorbing that light shared into every cell of your being.

Remember the most important principle that a lower frequency entrains to attune to a higher frequency and not the reverse. To shift the dense states of consciousness within ourselves and on the planet we must shift into a higher frequency. We can do so by experiencing our divine light flowing within and throughout the planet.

Transmutation News – November 2007

I was teaching and traveling in Europe for the month of October. So I wrote the Transmutation News for this month before I left on my trip.

I journeyed on what might be important to share for this month. When I met up with my helping spirits a message was immediately given.

The hope is that you had a chance in October to work with letting go of what distracts you from being able to go deep into your inner world. And that you had a chance to travel into the inner worlds and do the work I had suggested.

The next step is to fully emanate the light from within. We have been doing that for years now but my spirits suggested that we broaden our energy fields. I have been writing about shining your light when you are in the grocery store, the bank, etc. Now we want to expand the light emanating from us to fill the world.

In the past I have shared with you my definition of the spiritual aspect of ourselves. For me our spirit is who we are beyond our body, mind, and past experiences. This part of ourselves is naturally expansive and has no boundaries. And it is a part of ourselves that cannot be seen with the visible eye but others can feel this presence around us.

To remain “invisible” in the world we stuff our naturally expansive spirit into our bodies to clothe our essence. As we allow that invisible part of us to expand forth we change the world by our sacred presence. For our spirit is divine and sacred.

I know those of you reading the Transmutation News are from many different cultures. And most of us reading this column grew up in cultures who on some level taught us to contain our energy. Words might not have been actually been spoken about this. But we were given many messages in unspoken ways that taught us to keep our energy in, don’t stand out, and don’t shine your light too bright.

This way of being in the world has been a way to conform to society and has been an important way of surviving. But what would the impact on our own personal health and the health of the planet be if we all decided to really expand our energy and not contain it. And if we allowed our light to fully flow as far and wide as possible. In some way we have been doing this in our monthly full moon meditation of Creating a Human Web of Light. But I am suggesting a different aspect of the work. Instead of connecting with a web of light you just want to experience your own inner light being projected throughout the world.

If your energy has been very contained through your life meaning you keep your energy in and don’t allow it to emanate and hide your light, you need to take some time to work on this. Everyday allow your energy and light to go a bit further. You might start by experiencing your energy completely filling your house or apartment. And then allowing it to fill your neighborhood, and then your city, and then keep letting it expand. At first try this for a few minutes a day and notice how you feel.

My spirits shared with me this is a good way to focus our energies together to continue to create positive change on the planet. Changes in the environment are moving fast. We must exponentially increase the focus on our spiritual practices which create positive change. If everything is energy we have a choice about what with do with it. We can project the energy of anger and fear or we can project love into the world.

And we can take this same teaching into our work with dreaming the world we want to create into being. We experience with all our senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling the fragrances, and tasting the tastes of a world filled with harmony, peace, light, love, equality, and abundance for all. Just like a seed that grows in the earth or a fetus that grows in the womb at the time of the birth the plant or living being bursts forth into the world.

As we learn how to expand our energy into the world in the same way we can project our dreams for the earth into the world. Experiment with projecting out those inner dreams this month.

The full moon is November 24. Let’s use the principles of this month’s Transmutation News and use the flowing of our light to connect with the light of others to continue to weave a web of light throughout the planet. And let’s continue to use this emanation of light to heal those in our circle who have placed themselves in our inner circle asking for healing and help as is written up in Creating A Human Web of Light.

Transmutation News – October 2007

When I teach my course on Healing with Spiritual Light I share an important principle from esoteric healing. In esoteric healing a client is perceived as divine light. The practitioner does not recognize illness as to work with a label of illness is to add power to the manifestation of the illness.

When a client does come for a healing, one does not deny or invalidate what the client’s complaint is. But it is important for the practitioner/healer to hold the image and experience of the client’s divine perfection.

If we work like this and acknowledge the client’s divine perfection and light we allow the spiritual light and power to move the client into a higher state where healing is possible. We have many case studies that demonstrate the power of this work.

I have written about Jack Schwarz who had amazing power to heal himself. He wrote in his books that the role of a healer is to assist a client in experiencing his/her own radiance. Roberto Assagioli who was an Italian psychiatrist who lived and worked around the same time of Freud taught that people are already whole. The role of the therapist is to help a patient remember his/her wholeness instead of trying to fix them. He named his form of therapy Psychosynthesis. His work was before the time when people could really understand his theory. And his work was not appreciated until a much later time.

Over the years I have written that there is a paradox in life we must continue to dance with. From a spiritual perspective there is only divinity and perfection. From an egoic perspective we experience pain and suffering. And unless we are a true spiritual master who has moved past the egoic states of separation permanently, we dance through the different states that come from being in oneness and then sometimes experiencing states of separation.

So let’s look at the planet today as our client. On one level we can experience the world as being ill caused by the disharmonious behavior of human beings toward each other and life itself.

We can also rise to another level and experience the spiritual state of unity, oneness, and experience the world and the planet in its divine perfection. And this is what we have been working with together for years now as we work with the material in Medicine for the Earth.

When I have written monthly columns over the years I have used the words raising our frequency and vibration. They are terms now being used by many writers and practitioners but many people do not know what they mean.

I can only explain what they mean for me. And I will use a metaphor from music to talk about the terms of raising frequency and vibration. Someone can pick up a guitar or any string instrument and just start plucking on the strings in a way that truly hurts the ears of people who are listening. The working with the instrument is not done with any intention to play beautiful sounds that go together to create a melody that would create peace, joy, and healing.

But a master musician knows how to play notes that create an energy that creates beauty, healing, peace, and deep emotion in all that listen. The vibration or frequency created is the energy that is manifested. Someone can take me to feeling like I am being of light and love by the music being played that make me feel like my energy is actually vibrating higher. I no longer feel myself as a dense being. The quality of my energy is being tuned to a vibration and frequency of the music being played. I hope you get my point.

Keeping with the metaphor of music, in today’s world there are many different music pieces being played on a regular basis. When one watches the news we get a piece of music being played by the words spoken and images shown that typically bring us into a denser energy field.

In spiritual practices that embrace the principles of unity, oneness, love, light, and divine perfection music is being played with words and teachings that take us in to a lighter energy field that create a feeling of a higher vibration in our bodies.

For years I have written that the energy, frequency, and vibration of the earth is changing. And I have suggested adding to your spiritual practice asking to become one and merge with the new frequencies of the earth.

Many other writers right now are sharing that they feel the frequency of the earth is being raised. And it is something you can feel on a cellular level when you allow yourself to disengage from the chaotic music of the outer world.

My experience is that as the frequency of the earth is being raised it seems like the shadow states are also coming to life. It is like a purging is taking place. So on one level we are seeing people moving into higher states of consciousness and into a more spiritual state of awareness. On another level we are seeing greater states of greed, divisiveness, hate, fear, etc.

So as a spiritual practitioner, if our client is our planet and the state of the world, which states of consciousness do you want to attach to and embrace as you begin your healing practice? Do you choose to focus on the disharmony or do you choose to focus on the perfection and assist the planet to rise up into its divinity and light? The planet is already there. We simply acknowledge and feed the state of harmony, wholeness, and perfection.

Many people in the world have chosen to work on the symptoms. And that is fine for there are many levels we can choose to work on and be in service to the world and the planet.

When working with the principles in the Medicine for the Earth work we do focus on recognizing the divine perfection of all we see and experience.

When working with this way we need to disengage from the drama/trauma aspects of what is going on and rise up to observing life from a higher perspective. I find for myself that it is difficult for me to rise up to another perspective while I continue to allow myself to engage in the problems that come from a state of separation.

As we move into fall and winter this is a good time to look at what you need to disengage from in order to do your spiritual work. Are there people who keep bringing you down to a denser level of consciousness? Are there people and situations that keep pulling you off your path?

When you look into the eyes of indigenous people who are fully engaged with the spiritual world you not only see the light shining as I have written about before. You also see in their eyes that they live in a deep inner world and that they are disengaged from the much of the drama of the outer world.

I fully believe that it is working in the inner worlds where we can create a lot of change on the planet. There are thousands of people around the world from a variety of spiritual traditions who are healing all of life by participating in working in the inner worlds to create light in the web of life and to heal the strands in the web that have been broken. This work is done in an invisible way. These spiritual beings do not look for outer validation and tend to live simple and quiet lives where they do not allow themselves to be distracted by what is happening around them.

This is a powerful way to work. For as I have said many times everything manifests in the spiritual before it manifests in the physical.

I have encouraged you to experiment with ways to travel into the inner worlds to do your spiritual work. The practice of spinning fiber into yarn is a potent way for me to work. As soon as I sit at my spinning wheel I am transported away from the world around me and travel within where the process of creation and manifestation occurs. And as I go there and set my intention to create light, love, peace, joy, and harmony in the world those states begin to be woven into the world.

As we move into a seasonal time on the planet where moving within is being supported on an energetic level consider how you can disengage from situations and people who might be distracting you from doing your spiritual work. Where are you getting pulled off your path? And how can you change your relationship with the world around you that might be more supportive to you in working in the inner worlds? Every time you are pulled out of yourself you lose momentum in the inner work that creates huge planetary changes.

Take some time to consider what I have written. I have written all of this before. We have been working with the practice of transfiguration. We have been looking at how we can transmute our state of consciousness and work with the power of words to shift the energy in the outer world to a state of love, unity, harmony, and light.

Is there is a deeper place insides ourselves that we can travel to meet up with other light workers and continue to build webs and bridges of light?

And a question we must continue to ask ourselves is are we living the principle that we cannot change the world until we change ourselves? How are we doing with this process? And are we a living example of the work?

All of this requires some form of disengaging from denser and separate states of consciousness. And nature is supporting us right now in letting go and surrendering to the inner worlds where all life is born from.

The full moon is October 25. Let’s all set our intention to go as deep into the inner worlds as we can and work together in harmony with many thousands around the world to continue to weave a web of light throughout and around the planet which helps all life evolve to its highest potential.

Transmutation News – September 2007

I meet thousands of people between presenting at conferences and teaching workshops. The people I meet range from those known as visionaries in the world based on their writings and lectures to those who are on their own path of evolution. And or course I meet people who work in the outer world who are in service to create change on a variety levels.

One of the conversations I have everywhere I go is how so many of us are not getting visions or insights into the future.

As my own helping spirits keep telling me “you are on a need to know basis”. And they keep reminding me that the future is based on our present actions so the future of where we are going has not been created yet. My spirits also keep me in a place of hope reminding me of all the people who are working to create a harmonious and healthy life and planet.

It is so important to focus on what we are doing right now, today, and each day to insure the creation of our dreams.

Each day acknowledge the spiritual practices you are living which create positive change. You might be working alone or in a group or in a workshop setting. Acknowledge the spiritual information you are acquiring through your own direct revelation, meditations, reading material, messages you hear in lectures, and daily communications.

As we really anchor this information and keep growing into what we are learning and living in each present moment we create a good future for all of life.

For the future is created from our present thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Know and feel the truth of this and do your daily work.

I had a beautiful journey one morning in August. My power animal met up with me and together we watered all the trees and plants on my land with love. We watered all the people I love and creative projects I have been involved in with love.

It was a beautiful feeling to “water with love”. Of course the watering was a metaphor as I was sharing my energy with love.

I keep writing and teaching about shining our light in the world. And so much is known about the power to fuel creative manifestations and dreams if your heart is really in it.

Here is an exercise to try this month. In Medicine for the Earth in the chapter on Creation I ask you write a creation story. I want you to continue your work with this. Imagine yourself as the creator of the world looking down on this planet. And imagine yourself birthing different life forms including the elements from a true place of love. Be in love with your creations. Now write a story about how you created the world from love.

And now let’s put this all into practice. When you eat see yourself energetically watering your food with love before you eat it. Do the same with the water you drink and everything you take into your body. Energetically water all the people you love, all your creative projects, your house, the land where you live, etc.

Notice changes that occur in your life from energetically feeding your life and everything and everyone around you with love and light.

Gail, a friend, peer, and student of mine has shared some wonderful information with me about the scientific research being done about how brilliant our brains are at making physical and behavioral changes.

I had been following some of the research on mirror neurons which shows how our brains link up when we engage with another person. The research on mirror neurons shows that we are constantly connecting physiologically whenever we interact with others. This is part of what contributes to feeling empathy for others.

There is also information through brain mapping that shows that the brain can make more changes that we have imagined. Some call this neuroplasticity.

Gail had written me that teaching people how to focus soul retrievals on bringing back “the good” versus “purging the bad” is on track with the new information emerging. She also wrote that my emphasis in Welcome Home helps to construct and utilize healthier neural pathways.

She gave me the title of a very readable book on the subject, which I did order and read with great excitement. The book is titled The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. Viking Press, New York published it in 2007.

I loved the book and what really excited me is that through brain mapping it can now be shown that the brain doesn’t really know the difference between action and imagination. Great changes can be made with working with imagination.

Based on this I really want to encourage you to focus on the creation work I wrote about in Chapter 8 on Imagination in Medicine for the Earth. Using the power of your mind you do have potential to create a healthier and more joyful life for yourself. But it takes concentration, focus, and persistence to break down the old beliefs and create the new neural pathways that support new healthier patterns in your life.

I am very excited about the new findings coming out through brain mapping. I know I have been writing about focusing on our strengths and gifts for many years now. But now I feel inspired to deepen this work in myself and with the work I teach. I plan to focus a lot on this in my new workshop in February in Santa Fe titled: Rejuvenation and Finding Inner Stability During These Changing Times.

I can see how we can use the assistance of our shamanic journeys and working with helping spirits to create new neural pathways in the brain to create positive change in our lives.

This workshop is listed in The Training and Announcement Section of my 2008 schedule.

 The full moon is September 26. Let’s continue to gather our energies and transfigure into pure light and love to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth. And let’s continue our global healing circle on this day, which is written up on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

 It is quite amazing that we are already looking at celebrating the fall equinox on September 23. To celebrate this seasonal transition I will ask you to review the spiritual work you have done and what you created in this year. For it is now time to let fall back into the earth all that you have produced to feed the earth with love. And then the earth can regenerate during the time of winter to produce new life that will be born from all the love that you have fed it.

 My 2008 calendar is now up on my homepage under the Training and Announcement Section.  Please check it out.

Transmutation News – August 2007

On July 17 there was a worldwide ceremony to create planetary healing by focusing for one hour on joy and gratitude. What a wonderful event to create great ripples throughout the entire web of life.

I think it is great that people are getting spiritual information to do such global ceremonies and wake people up to the need of meditating on joy and gratitude.

And I want to keep creating a continual reminder that these global community ceremonies are potent but the most potent form of healing is living the work. It is one thing to meditate on joy and gratitude for an hour it is another thing to continue to experience what you on in gratitude for continually throughout the day. We need to keep building on the inner energies created.

But we all have to start somewhere and I do believe that as people join in to creating these global ceremonies people will start to wake up to the power of focusing on joy, appreciation and gratitude, honor, and respect for life and our great planet.

There has been a lot on the news about different environmental disasters happening. There was the earthquake in Japan in July that ended up with the leakage of nuclear waste into the environment. There has been a lot of coverage of the extreme drought in the Western part of the United States. And there was a devastating storm that created many millions of dollars of damage in New Zealand also displacing a large part of the population. These are just a few among many other environmental issues occurring all over the planet.

Our planet continues to undergo great environmental change. And I was brought back to a time in my own life when my health started to fail in different parts of my body and the teachings that came from that.

About 15 years ago I started getting different infections in my body. I had an eye infection, a sinus infection and a kidney infection. At the same time I kept getting recurring bouts of the flu. I was visiting different doctors for each different issue so no one was connecting the dots.

About a year later I suffered an injury where I hurt my shoulder. I was in severe pain. After months of treatment with my osteopath he said to me that the injury was not bad enough to not be healing and he felt something else was going on in my body.

So he sent me for a blood test to get my thyroid tested. It turned out my thyroid was not functioning creating problems with my immune system and also not having the energy in my body to allow healing for my shoulder.

My thyroid function was so low that from a medical standpoint I should not have been able to get out of bed. And I was traveling and teaching about 40 workshops a year.

There were a couple of things I learned from this experience. One was how the power of will can keep us moving through extreme circumstances instead of stopping to really look at what is happening and what is needed.

And I also saw how by not looking at the core of a problem but only looking at individual symptoms can lead to missing the true treatment needed that cures the core problem versus chasing and trying to handle symptoms. The body is a complete organism and one cannot just look at what is happening in one organ alone and expect to create long term healing.

I also had to look at every level of my life to create true healing. I had to explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life that had created such physical exhaustion. And I had to look at what my body needed to move into being supported so I could thrive versus being dragged around.

I learned about the strength of my own spirit and how my spirit not only helped me move and continue my life during that time but also how the strength of my spirit had helped me survive other great challenges in my past.

We cannot split the planet up into different countries. The earth is one organism. Just like you must look at the body as an organism and not just treat separate organs we must treat the earth as an organism. So what is happening in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand is happening to the entire organism.

And we must acknowledge that the environmental changes and the extreme increase in all kinds of disease that are hitting the human, animal, and plant population are being caused by disharmony.

We must continue to search for solutions for the pollution problems that are effecting the environment of earth and the internal environment of the physical bodies of all living beings.

And we must keep examining the core changes we all must make in our spiritual and emotional behavior toward ourselves and all of life. We must look at whether we really appreciate the lives we were given and how much we complain throughout the day instead of live in gratitude.

We must look at how much we honor every part of the web of life. For we are all linked together and the health of each individual life form on earth does effect the health and well being of all other life forms.

We must look at the energy of our thoughts that we send out throughout the day. Who and what situations do you send “ill will” to? Who do we think “ill” of? We cannot get lazy about observing the energy we are sharing in the world and we must continue to work on transforming the energy throughout the day.

The more we can wake up to the importance of working on the invisible levels the more we can help to create exponential change on the planet. Just looking at how we can create less carbon emissions by the year 2020 is not enough. Yes, we have to look at the physical changes we need to make to support our environment. But too much is happening too fast for this to be the only aspect to look at. We must approach looking at all levels that impact the body, mind, and spirit levels of our behavior remembering that from a spiritual level our outer world is a reflection of our inner state.

I know I keep repeating myself on writing about this but we need to remember this and work with this on a daily basis. To only address one aspect of the problem right now is not enough.

We can continue to keep “powering through” and surviving from a place of will to a point until there is physical collapse on all levels. Or we can treat our earth and all living beings as one organism and look at what the organism needs to be healed and move into creating the energy that leads to the ability to thrive.

We have a strong spirit. And our spirit does have the ability to help us find ways to create change. I will say once again the spiritual practices we engage in throughout the day does create change. So please keep up the work you already know how to do on a daily basis.

And we must remember that we are working in partnership with many helping spirits including ancestral helping spirits and the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire. We must remember to connect with the spirits that want to team up with us to create positive healing and changes. We are not in this alone.

We must continue to find practices that keep us centered and help us to maintain our focus when the distractions of what is happening in the outer world start to throw us off balance and into a state of fear. We must stay focused on the work, our intention, and our vision.

I would also like you to review what I wrote in the February Transmutation News on the importance of holding the space. It is another focus that should become part of our daily spiritual practice. And it will help to support the process of remaining centered.

Keep reviewing the practices that I have written about on the Transmutation News and in Medicine for the Earth and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. And be inspired by other sources you have found that keep you moving forward with your spiritual life.

And we must remember the teachings that have survived for thousands of years taught by all spiritual traditions. The power of love has the ability to create more change that any healing method. For the key to healing is love. Methods alone do not cure. And it is so important to keep shining our light in the world. Be a light, embrace your light, and shine it.

On that note we continue to weave a human web of light within and throughout the earth on the full moon which is August 28. And we continue the healing work with each other to help us all remember and get in touch with our divine perfection and spiritual light. If you need instructions to do this work please visit the section titled “Creating A Human Web of Light” on my homepage.

The Transmutation News has been translated into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovakian, Portuguese, and Dutch for years now. We now have someone in Romania who wants to make the Medicine for the Earth work and the Transmutation News available to the Romanian community. So we will be adding this onto to our worldwide link. We really are a global community supporting each other in many ways to hold the space and do the spiritual healing work needed that we know creates positive change.

Transmutation News – July 2007

I receive a lot of correspondence from people and everyone is asking me how my sabbatical is going. At the beginning of the year I had announced I was cutting back on my teaching for this year.

As I keep repeating myself I thought I would give you an update. And there is a deeper message to come after my sharing.

My sabbatical didn’t really turn out to be a sabbatical. I have been really busy. On a good day I have only 2 hours of desk work. But most days I have about 4-6 hours of work and that includes weekends. And of course I am always working on a variety of writing projects.

The wonderful part of the year for me has been staying in Santa Fe versus traveling. I do not travel again until October when I go to Europe. I have not been home for more than a few weeks at a time for over twenty years. It has been so wonderful to just stay put. I have been teaching in Santa Fe and I have presented at a few conferences that ended up being in Santa Fe. I have also seen quite a few clients.

I am still spinning away and crocheting blankets out of what I spun. It is a wonderful meditation to spin fiber into yarn with intention. I might spin in love, light, joy, beauty, harmony, and peace. And then when I crochet I repeat those words with each stitch. I find that this keeps me centered no matter what is going on in the outside world.

I have had a garden for years, but this year I have planted vegetables. And I also took a course on raising bees. As the bees here start to prepare for winter on the summer solstice I decided not to start a hive this year. But I have been learning a lot. I have signed up on a beekeeping yahoo group and I am learning how to problem solve situations that might arise when I finally start a hive.

My husband and I are also studying Taiko drumming (Japanese drumming). It is quite the workout but we love it.

My new book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts is doing well and the promotion of the book keeps me pretty busy. And on that note I did do a radio interview with New Dimensions. It will be playing around the country on July 16.

New Dimensions now also has an internet program. You can now listen to New Dimensions Internet Radio. My program #3202 titled “The High Road to Love and Light” will be airing on New Dimensions Internet Radio during the week of July 16.

Go to Click on Listen to NDIR now! Or you can hear it during that week on-demand at the New Dimensions Website as well as its network stations.

I received some good reviews on my new book. But I especially wanted to share the kind words I received from Publisher’s Weekly. I was very excited to be reviewed by them.

How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tool for Personal Transformation  (Sterling Press) $14.95 (120 pages) ISBN 9781402742606

Publisher’s Weekly Web Exclusive (June 11, 2007)

Readers with an open mind will find much to reflect on in the latest psycho-spiritual self-help guide from Ingerman (Soul Retrieval), who provides ways to “manifest positive energy and power in your life”.

With simple, straightforward writing touched with occasional poetic flourishes, Ingerman pulls ideas from a number of disciplines- including meditation, psychotherapy, shamanism and quantum physics- to formulate methods for combating fear and frustration, which may initially confuse readers; it’s this broad reach however that keeps the book firmly grounded in a number of different belief systems, allowing for a flexible approach. Sprinkled with short assignments (“take at least a fifteen minute walk a day; it will clear your head and move the oxygen in your blood”) and fable-like stories, Ingerman’s creative, multi-pronged plan for healing is gentle, practical, and encouraging, making it a fine resource for the overstressed.

In the month of June I was part of a panel discussion at the Whole Expo in Santa Fe. The host of the panel gave all of us who were going to be part of the panel twelve questions that he wanted to discuss. He asked each of us to pick four questions to talk about.

I picked the four questions that I felt really represented what I teach in Medicine for the Earth and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. It is not just that I know how to talk about the subject matter in these books, but they contain the messages I am passionate about sharing in the world.

After each panelist shared the audience could make comments or ask questions.

I have to say that I was quite surprised about what I said and how I heard myself responding to questions. I spoke very little about the spiritual material I had planned on sharing. I spoke more about what nature has to share with us right now.

And I heard myself saying a few times that nature would teach us how we need to change our behavior, we don’t have to talk about and discuss philosophies or hypothesize what will happen. Using the principle of survival of the fitness and “adapt or die” nature would continue to teach us what changes we need to make in our behavior to continue to live on this planet.

Many times I used examples of what is happening to the bees. We all know that bees are dying and disappearing. And there are many causes for this. The insecticides used on crops caused a great deal of death. Then the growing of genetically modified crops was another cause of death. And now some of the disappearance of bees is being hypothesized as due to electric magnetic frequency pollution caused by cell phone towers and wireless internet.

In some countries growing of genetically modified food was banned because of the problems being created in the bee population. And certain insecticides have been banned because of the death rate they created in the bee population.

As we learn what supports life and does not support life we learn to change our behavior. We look to what supports the life of humans but also other living beings that are part of the web of life.

Over the last years I have spent a lot of time in nature. But I think the fact that I am home more to be on the land has been important in many ways. My husband Woods and I have been feeding hundreds of birds for years now. And I have been able to really observe changes in migration patterns and behavior. I have been able to observe changes in how the winds flow and the changes in temperature of the wind.

I have been able to be more aware in changes in landscape and the behavior of animals that come through. In watching all these changes it becomes clearer of the changes ahead. For our future is based on our present.

I feel like we are like lobsters in a pot of water where the heat is raised gradually until the temperature reaches boiling. And if we are truly aware of the gradual changes we can see that we are moving toward boiling temperatures soon.

Of course I still believe that adding spiritual practices to the environmental work that is going on today is essential. The spiritual practices we engage in really do make a difference. And I am still emphasizing the message of the Transmutation News in June about needing to bridge a different state of consciousness into our daily life. We must live the work. We must be a true manifestation of spirit.

Life is so precious. And the beauty and the gifts that the earth provides for us need to be appreciated.

I am still optimistic and I do believe that the earth knows exactly how to heal herself. And I really believe as we live a life filled with love and appreciation for life itself and all of life on the planet all life thrives.

It is the simple spiritual practices that make a difference. And I believe it is the holding and sharing of spiritual energies throughout the day that create positive change.

Throughout this month throughout each day please keep up the practice of expressing in every way you can think of your gratitude for life – your own life and the life of every living being on earth. Shamanism teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit. Feed the spirit that lives in all things with love and gratitude. Celebrate life with each breath and step you take in the world. If we all do this positive change on many levels is sure to happen.

And as Carol Wilde, a beekeeper and reader of the Transmutation News shares: “Whenever you see a honey bee on a flower, wish it well!”

I was consulting with my spirits on if there was anything to add to what I had written this month. I wanted to say something about the publicity electromagnetic frequency pollution is getting right now. When I consulted with my spirits they said that this issue is just a symptom of a larger issue.

The message I received was how important it is to work with the principle of reciprocity of looking at what nurtures you and what do you nurture. I know you all know this information, but it is important to bring it to the forefront of our awareness.

We can be nurtured by engaging in working with crafts and other hobbies, gardening, taking care of houseplants, taking care of animals, the friends and important loved ones in our life, being part of a group, the work we do in the world, etc.

If in our life we nurture and are nurtured in equal proportions this is one way to strengthen our immune system. So many of the physical and emotional problems caused by different forms of pollution come from a weakened immune system. If we raise our immune system we can rise above many of the problems caused by living in our modern world.

This is also another way to feed and create a strong web of light and life. As you nurture and are nurtured a byproduct of this is strengthening the light, love, and joy in the web of life without focusing on the web itself. It just happens.

The expression that we so often hear – stop and smell the roses – is part of the principle of reciprocity. As we are nurtured by nature we nurture nature back. When we appreciate the smell of a rose we feed ourselves and give something back to the rose itself.

We are very focused on the wars going on at different places of the planet. One of the points of How to Heal Toxic Thoughts is that on an energetic level we are being shot, bombed, held hostage throughout our day. So on some level we are all at war and can work to create peace by working on our inner states of consciousness.

We can also take the principle of looking at how we are nurtured to another level. We are very focused on the issue of starvation in Africa. This issue touches all of our hearts. And when you look at people in the West we do see people who are starving on emotional and spiritual levels. And this is also creating death and illness on all levels. As people struggle to survive in this world there are many ways that failure to thrive occurs.

As we look at how we are nurtured and how we nurture we move into a healthy way of living. Nature gives to us on many levels and our level of appreciation as we take in the emotional, spiritual, and physical food and gifts we are given reflects our state of health. We can create balance and harmony in our environment with balancing out how we are nurtured and how we nurture. This is one more place where we can create positive change in our lives and on the planet.

Over the years we have been performing ceremonies as part of “a virtual circle”. We have done ceremonies for issues happening in different parts of the world. We have celebrated together changes in seasons, we have been creating a human web of light within and throughout the earth, and we have added performing monthly healings for those in our circle who need it.

This month consider how the circle reading the Transmutation News joins together. How are you fed by it? And consider how you feed this circle each month. As we work with the principle of reciprocity we can deepen and increase the power of our work together.

The full moon is July 29. Let’s continue to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth with deep appreciation for life. And let’s continue the global healing circle that is written up on “Creating a Human Web of Light” which appears on my homepage.

Stephen in South Africa who reads the Transmutation News wrote in saying:

“I like the idea in your monthly writings of the healing circle. You should advise people to spend half their time around a full moon available to give healing and half to receive. It makes a nice balance.”

I thought this was a good suggestion. I know for myself during the full moon I keep switching back and forth throughout the day. Sometimes I experience myself in the outer circle in a transfigured state and sometimes I lie down in the inner circle fully absorbing the light that is shared.

When I am in the outer circle in a transfigured state I am healed by allowing myself to move into a state of divinity. Healing happens whether I am in the inner or outer circle.

Karen Furr, shamanic practitioner and teacher, shared the following quote:

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”– Carl Jung

Transmutation News – June 2007

The process of birth and manifestation of anything starts from within and then is created as an outer manifestation.

Some spiritual traditions teach that everything lies within. Jesus taught how the key to life is within all of us.

When we look at our world today we are still focused on the outer world. When we look at the problem of violence the solutions that are sought are making outer changes. When we look at the focus on global warming solutions are being explored of how to change our outer behavior. When we seek out help in our own lives we typically call on outer healers and also our outer community.

Obviously looking at how to change our outer behavior in the world and how to call on our outer community is important and essential.

All outer structures have a core structure. Healthy trees and plants have strong and healthy root systems. Well- built homes and buildings have a strong foundation. As we continue to look at how to change our outer behavior to create change on the planet we must also look at how to heal the inner and core structure of own consciousness as well as the collective conscious. Our roots and foundation is the consciousness underlying our behavior and actions.

Transfiguration is a direct means to shift our internal and external world. How you can you beat moving into a state of divine light and oneness for creating change?

And with all states of consciousness there are intermediary states to a state of oneness that we can explore. When I had my near death experiences I went to a being I call God. The God I experienced had no experience of me as an individual. This being was just undifferentiated and unconditional love. When I practice shamanic journeying I experience and meet intermediary spirits of the divine or power of the universe. These spirits can help me as an individual looking for healing and guidance in my life.

So there has been an outer cosmology that I was presented with at an early age where I could explore different states that led me to where I am now.

I have been thinking about and meditating on the inner states that are a reflection of the outer world. And what is the inner process that strengthens our core structure that can support the outer changes we make in the world.

For example when one looks at the Internet and the World Wide Web it is an extraordinary way of connecting people around the world. But the web has an inner structure that makes those outer connections possible.

As we look at new fuels that can help our environment and all the new ways that are being presented to “go green” we need to look at shifts we must make in our own inner worlds to go along with going green.

Transfiguration is the ultimate inner state of oneness. What are some of the intermediary levels on our inner spiritual journey?

One intermediary state is honoring every living being in nature for its contribution to all of life. We talk about a web of life where the damage caused to one species ends up creating problems for the rest of the web.

In the United States bees are being discussed in the media. For in many areas the bees are disappearing. Bees are responsible for most of the pollination that allows for crops growing, which create our food.

Although I am deeply saddened to hear about the bees disappearing what an amazing wakeup call for humans that they are not the only important species on the planet. How many people in the U.S. who never really consider the source of our food will start to wake up to the importance of another species? How many children growing up are taught that bees make it possible for humans to live?

I do believe the bee population can become healthy again as more and more people wake up to the need of establishing good relations with the other beings we share this earth with.

As we have been living in a world where humans have been so self-absorbed it is great to see people looking at “going green” and how to make life style changes that help the environment. But we must also add to that a new state of consciousness where we honor and respect every life form on the planet for their place in the web of life. And the consciousness that creates honor and respect is born from within us.

As we move into a consciousness of honor and respect for nature we begin to understand and honor the cycles of nature including the cycle of birth and death. We then become a part of nature. Separation from nature is one cause for much disease of the body and mind.

Another intermediary level of changing consciousness is working with transmuting and transforming the energy behind our thoughts and emotions as we have been doing for years now. From creating an inner state of harmony we can change what our outer world is reflecting back to us. And this is the theme of my new book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.

Of course continuing the work of using our imagination to experience with all our senses the world we want to live in is such important work. For we are constantly dreaming the world we are living in into being. This is an inner process that manifests in our outer world. And it is a way of changing our inner landscape which will be reflected back to us in the outer world. It is also a way of dismembering limiting thought forms which keep us from making positive changes on the planet.

And if life is truly pulsations of light how do we heal the web of light that has nicks and breaks in it? Just like the worldwide web there is a web of light that connects us all. And how do we strengthen that inner web of light so that our outer web ends up being strong? This is another intermediary place in the inner world where we have the power to create change.

Journey within to the web and heal those connections. You can also do this through meditation. The key is to set your intention to travel to the inner worlds where there are light beings, helping spirits, and spiritual practitioners like yourself who are working together to heal the inner fabric of reality.

If you are not used to traveling within it can take awhile to reverse directions from the outer to the inner. Have patience and do not give up. You will eventually find yourself in a world where the fibers of the web of the light are being repaired and renewed.

Join in on this work. Find your place here. It is not a place where you will get outer recognition for the work you are doing. But it is important place to be working. For here we are working on crucial invisible levels that heal the foundation of our reality.

Adding this to your work of changing consciousness is important work right now. Recognize yourself for the contribution to healing the planet you are making. As I have repeated many times where we all have great power to create change is with the spiritual practices we are engaged with.

The full moon is June 30. Let’s continue to weave and repair the web of light within the earth. And let’s experience with all of our senses a strong and healthy web of light connecting all living beings.

This is also a time to continue the full moon healing work we began a few months ago. If you need a description of this work please visit Creating A Human Web of Light which is on the homepage.

The summer solstice is June 21. It is amazing how fast the seasons seem to be changing. I feel like I was just wishing everyone a good New Year.

A quote from Emmet Fox that I have been working with is: “It is impossible to think one thing and produce another”.

Thought forms and words are seeds. We plant them into our garden and sometimes we expect something different to grow. The laws of nature will produce the same plant as the seeds you plant.

As we move into the bountiful time of summer please create a daily practice of truly working with and reflecting on what is being planted in our earth garden and what is being produced. We keep looking for new methods to change what is happening. And some of the most powerful methods are truly the simplest. It is just that they take discipline.

Transmutation News – May 2007

As we continue to follow what is happening in the outer world it is clear that to use a phrase from indigenous shamans “we are dreaming the wrong dream”.

The incredible violence coming from anger, frustration, and despair keeps growing. The tragedies prominent in the media in Iraq and the new tragedy at Virginia Tech are just two examples. And I don’t think I have to list all the troubled places around the globe. We are aware of what is happening.

The psychic violence that I write about in How to Heal Toxic Thoughts cannot be discounted. And I do believe the weather is mirroring back to us our violent states of consciousness.

Some spiritual traditions teach that the outer world is a dream. I think we can safely say that much of mass consciousness is lost in a bad dream.

I am sure that if people knew how to wake up from this dream they would choose to do so. But so much of mass consciousness is lost in the dream that they don’t even know they are dreaming.

Those of you reading The Transmutation News who engage in spiritual practices and in the Medicine for the Earth work do have the knowledge that the outer world is a dream and the keys to begin waking up from this dream as well as changing the dream.

To continue to get caught up in what is happening in the outer world is actually feeding the bad dream of mass consciousness and is also a way to get lost in that dream.

In March there was the yearly Medicine for the Earth reunion in Santa Fe. I was able to attend for a little while. Isis had brought through a message for the group that I think is relevant for all of us.

She said:

“It is the inner journey that is important. You are still getting caught up in the outer reflection.

The magic happens in the inner worlds and this is where the true light workers and alchemists work. This is where one develops telepathy. This is where magical healings and earth healings occur.

You are still lost in the outcome versus the process. Of course focusing and having vision on outcomes is good. But your outcomes come by your process. Focus more on the process versus the outcome.”

When you travel within, you can meet up with the helping light workers of the earth that come in so many forms. It is a place where we can all work in partnership to truly manifest a new dream.

Through my own journeys and also a key that came from an outside source I seem to be being guided to work with the sense of feeling in working with what I am dreaming into being.

I have been encouraging you to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste the world you want to live in as if it is happening right now.

For this month try focusing on exploring what you want to feel like. Feel the joy and passion that you want to create for the world and for yourself. Really try and get a full body experience of all the feelings you would like to experience. I have found that this is a powerful way to work. As you do this you get a real sense of the energies of creation being birthed.

And it is important to remember that we are working together with a global community. It is not for one person to change the world. We are all in this together and need to support each other and experience ourselves working together. We must continue to hold the space together as mass consciousness searches for a way to wake up from the trance state. We must continue to share the work so that we do not become over burdened or burned out.

Last month we merged with earth during this fertile time of spring. If we truly want to be in service to the earth we must be in full alignment with her. We must move in the world connected to her heartbeat at all times. The more we can be alignment the more information we will receive on what being in service to the earth looks like.

As with our own lives we can see perceive the earth on different levels. We can perceive the earth changes and all that is happening through global warming and overpopulation.

We can also perceive the earth in her divine perfection and evolving and moving into new frequencies.

In merging with the earth you want to shift to the level of earth in her divine perfection and merge with the new frequencies as we did together in 2006. This is the alignment you want to attune with.

And as you continue to merge with earth and her heartbeat and the new frequency she is moving into you want to see how you can stay connected throughout the day.

As is obvious to us all events on the planet show the need to really stay focused on our spiritual work. It is no longer enough to do spiritual practices at certain times of the day. We cannot separate our spiritual life from our ordinary life. They must be merged together so that we are practicing our spiritual work throughout the day. This is key to really creating the changes that are needed to bring us back into harmony. It is the disharmony and how we are not moving in alignment with nature that is causing major problems right now.

I know this is not the first time I am writing this but it is good to be reminded of the need to stay concentrated and focused on our spiritual work.

And of course the best way to stay connected with the earth and nature is to spend more time out in nature. So use whatever opportunities you can to get outside and connect. Communicate with the spirit that lives in all things and give thanks for all you receive from the natural world.

A few weeks ago I had a dream where I was given the message that illness is caused by loneliness.

When I awoke from the dream I thought about this. For I use the words that illness comes from separation and disharmony. I have never actually used the word loneliness as a cause of illness. But it makes perfect sense to me. For we are lonely when we are disconnected from our true nature which is one of unity and divine perfection. It is the ego that gets lonely as we separate from unity and the web of life.

Our transfiguration practice is one way to keep that connection to the divine, which continues to move us to a state of good health on all levels.

The full moon is May 2. We will continue to perform the global transfiguration healing ceremony that I wrote about on the April Transmutation News. We continue our work of creating a human web of light within and throughout the earth. This is such a lovely and important meditation to continue.

If you need instructions for both of these practices please go to the link on the homepage titled “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

In reading the esoteric literature on healing a common theme is the importance of finding practices and affirmations that can be done throughout the day. But it is important not to do any practice from a place of just habit – meaning doing it without adding life and passion to the practice.

So as we continue our monthly full moon practices reflect on how much new energy you keep adding to the work you are doing. Make sure you are not just thinking – oh yes I have to participate in creating a human web of light today. Keep bringing newness, light, and life into the work. We want to make sure we do not participate in any of our spiritual practices from an energy of being half hearted. We want to engage from a place of being whole hearted in everything we do.

Caroline Casey is a brilliant astrologer who wrote the book Making the Gods Work for You. I have had some wonderful astrological readings with her and she has put out some great material to help during these changing times. You can visit her website at: to get more information about her work.

Here is something to think about this month:

“What you think grows.” Emmet Fox

Transmutation News – April 2007

Over the years I have written about a message I received from a descendant far into the future. She had shared with me how in this time on the planet we are acting like fingers that have dropped from a hand thinking they have a life of their own.

And I know through our spiritual work that we have all been working with this message on some level. We have been experiencing how we are all divine light and connected to the web of life. We have experienced how we are not separate from each other or the divine.

We have also been looking at our connection to nature. As we experience our connection to our own physical bodies we must also experience our connection to the organism we call earth. For we are part of her body.

It is our disconnection from our physical bodies, our divinity, also that of the earth that create emotional and physical illness. Our spirit knows we are connected. And our bodies hold the memories of our connection. What creates a feeling of disconnection is a mental construct that is totally based in illusion.

Our work involves the principle of being a bridge. We are divine light, heavenly light that chose to take a physical body here on this great body earth.

So our connection on all levels must be acknowledged. And the more we can be a bridge manifesting divinity through our earth body the more healing we will see for ourselves and for the planet. For we can no longer operate as separate beings.

You have been doing your transfiguration practice of experiencing oneness and your light. This month continue to do that work. But also transfigure into earth. You are earth and not separate from it. As you become earth you will heal any disconnection you might have.

Remember that the word “transfiguration” is defined as shapeshifting. And through intention we can transfigure into anything. So you hold the intention to become the earth and experience it. So we learn about our true connection to the earth by dropping what keeps us separate from earth.

As you transfigure into spiritual light and the earth you become a bridge between the two. And from your connection you will move with a different sense of power, harmony, light, and love.

Allow yourself to sink into earth dissolving your identity that creates separation. Allow yourself to surrender to the love of the earth. The earth knows how to heal herself. And as earth you know how to heal yourself also.

This is such a great time of the year to do this work as beauty bursts through the earth showing how creation manifests from deep within.

Continue to hold the space of the collective as I wrote about on the February Transmutation News. This is such a time of transition and so much that does not support the process of connection, unity, and love is falling away from people’s lives. We must continue to hold the collective during this time of change.

On that note we started a global healing circle in March using the practice of transfiguration. You can look at what I wrote on the March Transmutation News.

This healing circle will continue every full moon and also anytime you wish to be part of it. For the circle is working outside of time.

After being part of the healing circle I realized the need to write up some clearer directions. The directions that I have included here are now permanently as Part 2 of the instructions for Creating A Human Web of Light on my homepage. You can click on Creating A Human Web of Light at anytime to read the instructions. And you can send others you meet who might interested to this link on the homepage.

Instructions for Monthly Healing

It does seem like consciousness is changing faster and faster. There are of course many rewards for this as we learn how to live in harmony. All change requires a death to occur in our lives. For as we transition into new states of awareness and consciousness we need to let go of what is not supportive.

I have never seen so many people going through hard times as I have seen recently.

As I often write on the Transmutation News we must learn how to dance different paradoxes of states of consciousness and awareness. For there are many levels operating simultaneously.

On one level we are all connected and we are spirits. From a spiritual state we are divine and perfect all the time. At the same time part of the human condition is having an ego. And the ego does see itself as separate from the rest of life. And the state of separation creates fear, anger, and a variety of other emotions. It is also the state of separation that causes physical illness.

As we continue to do our transfiguration practice we begin to heal those states of separation. We move into a higher state of consciousness and we need to learn to surrender to the perfection of the universe. And sometimes it is hard to do that and we need help in remembering our own divine light.

To help our worldwide community reading the Transmutation News I have decided to add a monthly healing circle to go along with creating a human web of light. We will continue our weaving a web of light within and throughout the earth on the full moon. And we will also create a circle that allows our radiance to shine through for those asking for help.

Here is what I suggest. If you would like to volunteer as a practitioner imagine yourself standing or sitting in a circle with other practitioners. Remember the Transmutation News is written in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Slovakian.

Our intention is to experience our divine light and radiate it out to the inner circle.

We do not see suffering in our circle. We acknowledge the divine perfection in each person. So we do not lock people into a diagnosis of suffering rather we lift them up into their divinity.

Author and lecturer, Eric Pearlman teaches, “In quantum physics if you change the behavior of one particle, another particle in a different location will instantaneously react whether inches or universes away.” Lower frequencies entrain or attune to higher frequencies not the other way around.

So back to the core principle of the Medicine for the Earth work, we change the world and heal others by who we become – by our presence and by the love and light we radiate.

We are not sending energy or trying to heal anyone. We are only allowing our divine light and love to spark the divine light of those asking for help.

Imagine yourself standing or sitting in a circle of practitioners. Do your transfiguration work and with your hands facing the inner circle radiate your divine light and love.

If you feel you need some help imagine yourself lying in a circle with people from around the world.

Your role is to absorb the light being shared by our practitioners. Think of a metaphor that might help you with absorbing divine light and love into every cell of your being. I will give you a few examples with the hope that you will find a metaphor that works for you. You can think of a dry sponge that has been placed in water and soaks up moisture. You can think of flower that has been in rain for days or weeks and the sun shines and the flower soaks up the rays of the sun. Or maybe you can think of a flower that has been getting too much sun and it begins to rain and the flower soaks up the water nourishing it and giving it life. Or think about a room where the curtains are closed and the curtains are opened flooding the room with the light of the sun.

Allow the light of the outer circle to jumpstart your own radiance to flow through every cell of your body. This reconnects us to our divine perfection and our connection to the web of light. This heals those states of separation that create emotional and physical illness. And it reminds us that we all have the power and strength to rise to the challenges and opportunities that life brings to us.

And you can be in both roles at different points of the day or evening. You can be practitioner at one time and then lie in the middle of our circle at another.

And as we are working outside of time it does not matter when you do this work. It is not necessary to coordinate the times in which we all work.

As with creating a human web of light we are not limited to only working on the full moon. I nurture the web of light whenever my heart calls me to. And we can certainly keep shining our light into our global circle on a daily basis. For truly our work is to learn how to shine our light into the world with each breath and step we take.

The full moon is April 2. Let’s continue to weave a radiant web of light within and throughout the earth. Let’s remember that we are not separate from earth and the web of light is also being woven throughout us.

And let’s also incorporate our healing circle. We have great power of as collective to support each other right now. And with this work the results of our healing ripple throughout the entire web of life.

Transmutation News – March 2007

As we begin to move into spring, it seems like this winter has passed very quickly.

This winter has seemed to be very intense for people. I do not believe that I have heard so many people going through difficult times as I have been in touch with these last few months.

It seems to me that as we are all growing and changing there is a lot of transformation happening on very deep levels. And this has not been an easy time for many.

Some of you who have been writing to me are going through the opposite. You have been through tough growing pains and are now getting the rewards of all the healing work you have been doing.

The one thing we can always be sure of in life is that everything changes. There is a natural ebb and flow that we are part of.

Last year Isis told me that I needed to teach people how to surf. And I feel that is what I have been doing. There have been intense winter storms in many parts of the world. But as I am in touch with so many students there are also intense internal storms that have been touching many also.

These storms are creating giant waves of energy to ride. I have found myself challenged by new energies that I have had to ride these last few months. And I have had to work harder than usual to stay centered and focused. I have been so grateful to have the spiritual practice I work with and the love of the spirits around me. For I truly trust that I am being held always in the loving arms of the universe.

Those of you reading this website have tools to work with. And if you are facing challenges in your life right now it is important to work with the spiritual practices you have learned.

I know during challenging times it is hard to stay focused. But it is so important to remember that the only way out is through. Even if you can only do one small thing each day to keep your energy moving that is great.

I find myself doing more physical exercise as this helps to keep my nervous system in balance as I work through the intense energies I feel are present in my life.

And I also think it is so important to remember that you not only being held in the loving arms of the universe but also being held in the collective love and divine light we have created as a community.

I have found over the last few months that the power of my long distance healings have grown stronger. So I do believe that we can create a lot of healing as we focus our energies together as we work outside of time and space.

On this note I have decided to add a practice for us to do on the full moon. We will continue to weave a web of light within and throughout the planet. And to that I would like to add doing a monthly healing circle for those reading the Transmutation News who would like some support during these changing times.

And here is how I envision such a circle. I suggest that on the full moon, at some point during the day or evening, everyone who feels that they need some healing help to imagine yourself lying down in the midst of a loving circle of our community. Remember we are an international community with people reading the Transmutation News in many different languages.

And I will call upon those of you who feel that you can do some work in behalf of our community asking for help. At some point during the day or evening you want to imagine that you are standing together in an outer circle of helpers. As we are working outside of time and space the time you do this does not matter.

Do your transfiguration practice where you go inside and experience that you are source and divine light and perfection. You can experience yourself as a being of light with your hands facing towards those lying in the middle.

In doing this work we acknowledge the divine perfection of all lying in the inner circle. On one level they might be experiencing suffering. But it is important to remember that on a spiritual level we are all divine light with the ability to transform whatever energies are effecting us in our lives. And by doing our transfiguration work we lift all asking for help to a higher frequency.

I would suggest we do this every full moon. As the full moon is early this month and is March 3 some of you might not have read this page yet. So I suggest we do the healing circle again on the spring equinox which is March 20.

We are moving once again into a cycle of rebirth and spring. And it is important to tend our gardens and plant our seeds. It is so important that we truly believe in every cell of our body that we are creating a good and healthy garden. The seeds we plant are our intentions.

Spend some time this month getting clear on your intention for your life and for all of life on the planet. Really meditate and journey on the intentions you want to see grow. Look at the beliefs you are holding that might block the growth of what you want to experience manifest in your life.

Do some work on letting these beliefs go. You can put your blocking beliefs into the fire asking fire to transform the energy into light and love. You can blow the beliefs into the air through blowing bubbles asking for the energy behind your negative beliefs to be transformed into light and love. You can bury them in the earth knowing the earth will compost the energy and turn the energy into light and love. You can ask water to wash and purify your beliefs into energies of love and light.

Use your imagination – the key point is to do the work of purification so you are ready to plant your intentions that you want to see manifested in spring and summer.

Remember in the January Transmutation News I wrote about how the earth expresses beauty. All the energies we are experiencing right now whether they are joyful or painful can be transformed into great beauty.

As we are moving into a new cycle this is a good time to merge with earth where you live. Learn about the changes the earth is going through by becoming earth. Experience how the earth births new energy into great beauty.

And as a world community let’s plant our intention on the spring equinox knowing that we are tending a garden of great beauty.

A friend and student sent me a quote that I wrote in 2004 that I think is timely for some of you. With all the news that can be so distracting and disturbing right now, we must focus on not getting lost in the chaos of our times and continue to tend the garden. New life will be born out of the chaos. Our role is to stay focused on the tending.

The full moon is March 3 and there will be a total eclipse of the moon on this day. So let’s continue our work of weaving a beautiful tapestry of light within and throughout the earth.