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Over the last months I have been writing Facebook posts, describing some
amazing experiences I have had during the night. I have been sharing these
posts on the Transmutation News as many of you are not on Facebook.

Here is the post I shared recently:

I have been having my most profound visions at night. For the last year or so I have been getting visions and powerful spiritual transmissions that deeply impact my body.

Last year I posted on multiple Facebook pages many of the transmissions that I received from a group of spirits I call The Ancient Ones. The transmissions, messages, and healings I received are still resonating through my body.

Last night in the middle of night I was awakened by a noise. I could not fall back asleep. I just laid quietly in bed.

All of a sudden, I found myself floating in the universe. I work a lot in the Void, and it is the territory where I do my creation and manifestation work.

The territory I was in last night was so similar to the Void, but it had a different quality. I was simply floating in universal love. I saw, felt, and heard that the universal energies that all life is born from is pure unconditional love. The universe is always singing love songs to us. Love just infused every cell of my body as I just floated through the universe. There were no spirits or beings. I was just in a pure field of love.

The song and music I heard was so like the music I heard when I had a NDE experience due to drowning in the ocean.

What the transmission brought me was how much unconditional love we are all being held in. And we are being sung to every minute of our lives.

I cannot tell you how extraordinary this experience was!

But it left me with these questions:

Why can’t humans receive this love that is around us 24/7, and why don’t we hear the music and songs of love, life, and creation?

And how do we start to bring through this love from the universe to flood our current dense collective? As I keep sharing shamans are gardeners of energy. How do we cultivate this type of love in our collective?

I know this is something I must pursue. For if you could feel what I felt last night you would know we are missing so much of the magic of life!

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One of the themes Renee and I are talking about on The Shamans Cave is the importance of understanding the power and meaning of creation stories. In shamanic cultures it was the creation stories that create the road map for the community as well as for the shaman to know the steps of living a harmonious life and also ways to create ceremonies for healing. Creation stories help us to define our role in life and share with us values that we can strive to attain.

When you understand the song of creation and how the creative forces of the universe created you then you have a better understanding of the vibrations and energies needed to infuse a new world of substance.

In the 1990s, as I wrote Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Environmental and Personal Toxins, I shared the importance of journeying/meditating to learn your own creation story that has meaning to you. I continue to write about creation stories in my later books including Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life.


I truly believe that learning one’s creation story is required to fully embrace the practice of transfiguration. For if you do not know who Source is to you how do you experience Source within you? Without getting more of a sensory experience of Source the practice becomes more of a rational understanding. And the mental concepts around what it means to transfigure into one’s divinity does not have the fuel or energy to create the vibration of new life where our work has the widespread effects we are all hoping for. Our work needs to be infused with the true physical experience of Source, God, the goddess, or the creative power of the universe.

So take some time and journey, meditate, or do some automatic writing to explore your story of creation.
Who created you and life on Earth?
Get an experience of how expansive the energy of creation is. The energy is infinite and has no boundaries.
Feel the love that went into your creation.
Experience the light of creation and then journey within to find the Source of your own radiance within.

The full moon is April 19. Let’s join together after experiencing the loving energies of the power of the universe and bring them through as we create a radiant web of light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage to learn the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremonies.

Josephine, in our global community, gave me some wonderful feedback after I posted Tracy Shulsinger’s practice in the March Transmutation News. Josephine has shared with me very interesting work before. I love her dedication to seeking and to her shamanic practice. Thank you, Josephine, for all you do! Here is what she shared with me:

“In 1969 I visited a Japanese Peace Garden in Hiroshima.   It was awesome.  No hint of ‘Look what you have done to us.’  No desire to make us feel shame or regret.  Peace and harmony and of course exquisite beauty.  In those days I normally didn’t feel anything – neither pain or joy.  But in Hiroshima I did feel the joy which comes with peace and harmony.”

Josephine continued by sharing:

“The Shinto approach is before they embark on any project to create a building or garden they discuss it with the Kami, (similar to our Caretakers of the Land) and with the plants and trees and stones  which will be part of the project;  and then  perform ceremonies for the success of the project.  And then more ceremony at the end in gratitude for the successful completion.”

Josephine believes that there are other gardens being created like this around the world. But I wanted to plant the seed with you of the Japanese Healing Garden and the Shinto approach to bringing ceremony into any garden they create.

When we wonder what we can “do” the idea of Peace Gardens inspires us to see that there are many ways to raise consciousness and bring harmony into world communities. We really can become shamanic gardeners providing a huge service by creating Peace Gardens in our communities.

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