Transmutation News – December 2020

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We are definitely moving forward to a new year. I would not dare to try to make a prediction for the coming year. I was responding to a post on Facebook and this magic sentence typed through my fingers.

“The world outside seems smaller when you grow from within”. This is certainly a time to grow bigger within to help you withdraw some of your attention away from the true madness.

I was looking for a file in November, and I came across an old Transmutation News with the perfect message to end our year on. Here is what I wrote:

Transmutation News October 2017

We continue to hold all of life in our hearts who are being impacted by storms, fires, and earthquakes. We continue to see all in their divine strength having the tools to navigate the changes. And to all of life that died in these catastrophic events we thank you for gracing the Earth with your presence and wish you a smooth and graceful journey home. 

Remember one of the keys of our work is not trying to change the weather and join the ranks of humans who feel they can control Mother Nature.
Instead, we need to perform our spiritual work and live a life of honor and respect for all of life. And then using the principle of reciprocity the Earth will respond in kind. 

In September, during a session of my teleconferencing course on the Shift Network, I taught how to merge with a helping spirit to see the world out of the eyes of spirit instead of through the eyes of ego. As a demonstration of how to merge with a helping spirit, I brought through the
Goddess Isis. I had asked Isis to speak to the group about the topic of suffering. For it seems that so many friends are students have lost hope, feel stuck in gazing upon so much suffering and poor behavior by humans towards each other and all of life. Practitioners of a variety of spiritual practices are losing hope and focus. 

I felt that the message Isis shared was a powerful one, and I wanted to share it with all of you in case it speaks to you and touches you on some level. I am sharing only the core of her message:

“There are an abundance of planets and dimensions where spirits incarnate to learn and evolve. 

Here on
Earth, you were born to experience love, light, and joy, But the lesson was to first experience suffering and then to be able to reach beyond that dimension where inside of you (not outside of you) there is an inner sense of love and joy. Actually, joy is not the correct vibration for in reality it is bliss that your spirit feels. 

In your world, teachers, including your own, encourage you to open your heart to the spirit of love. 

But this teaching is not correct on the level of heart that you are being asked to connect with. 

For the focus has been on your physical heart which is simply part of your ego. And so many of you are experiencing and seeing suffering which on an evolutionally level is expanding your sense of compassion. It takes you so deep into your humanness. But you are still trapped in the energy, vibration, and frequency of suffering and that is the energy you are feeding in the world. And by carrying the energy of suffering so many people are becoming ill. 

You are now literally and metaphorically being cracked open to the deepest place within where all the knowledge and wisdom is waiting for you to learn from as you touch deeper into your humanness. 

Behind your physical heart is a spiritual heart. You do not have to travel that deeply within to connect with it. It is talked about by many gurus, mystics, and spiritual teachers.

And this spiritual heart – one with Source and the joy, bliss, and unconditional love for all of life and creation knows no suffering. It knows bliss, it knows unconditional love, but has no experience of suffering on this Earth. 

In the Land of
Dreams, I see millions of egos dreaming the illusion you are seeing as it is being created again and again on Earth. 

Shift out of this Land of Dreams to where evolved spiritual beings are dreaming joy and love into the world. 

You are caught and trapped in your ego. Transcend into a dimensional reality situated beyond your ego to your spiritual heart which is only experiencing eternal joy, bliss, unconditional love, and the light of Source. 

You are in a new time and new evolution on Earth. Drop your current role in the play of life. Step into the life of an awakened spiritual being. You keep trying to raise your vibration and frequency when you need to work from a higher vibration and frequency. 

I hold you in my arms and say you do have more choices than you know. You can shift to a higher level of consciousness.”

This month listen to some shamanic music or meditative music or spend some time in nature. Imagine traveling right behind your physical heart to your spiritual heart. It is the place where divine love, light, and bliss emanate from. Bring your burdens to your spiritual heart and experience how quickly they are transmuted and transformed into light. 

Perform your transfiguration work and radiate light from your spiritual heart. Be a presence of love as your heart emanates pure and non- personal unconditional love.  

In past issues of the Transmutation
News, I have shared the exercise of traveling to the Land of Dreams as I wrote about it in my book Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

You can perform a journey or meditation and ask to be taken to the Land of Dreams where an evolved spiritual community of people from all over the world are focusing their daydreams only on experiencing the most positive, beautiful, and awe inspired dreams for the planet. Take your place among this circle of
dreamers and do your work. 

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The winter solstice arrives December 21 with lots more teachings and opportunities to grow from within.

On the solstice, go out to a park or a favorite piece of land. Open up all your senses and take in the beauty of nature. Feel your love for life, the exquisite nature beings we share the Earth with, and with Gaia herself.

As you lie down on the earth imagine your heartbeat connecting with your home which is billions of years old. Take that feeling deep into your body. When I do this, I cannot even wrap my mind around the depth of this ancient connection.

Feel the wind or gentle breeze around you. As the wind kisses your cheek feel the depth of your relationship with the living being we call Air, which is the first life form on this earth. And this being which is billions of years old stopped by to kiss your check or play with your hair.

If you are by a body of water dip your feet or hands into and imagine connecting to the primordial sea. Notice if this ancient being which is also billions of years old has a message for you. If you are not by water, you can do this as a shamanic journey or a meditation.

And then absorb the power of the sun, the moon, the stars- think about how long they have been shining on all of life. And now they are shining on you. Feel the passion of the ancient fire burning deep inside Mother Earth. Is your inner fire burning to meet the ancientness of this powerful element?

Really sink into the timeless reality we live in. We are inhabiting Earth for such a short amount of time.

First really feel the power of your relationship, the love, and support of these ancient beings. It is really beyond anything we can grasp mentally if you
really allow yourself to open up your cellular awareness and feel your connection.

Now reflect on why you are here. You are here for such a tiny amount of time. What do you want to do with this time on Earth? And reflect on one simple life change you can make to lighten your footprint on Gaia.

Feel love for all of life, forgive yourself for anything that needs to be forgiven, and honor your ancient connections with the elements as well as honoring your ancestors and the ancient ones who lived here. All the phases of life we are observing now have all been experienced many times before in Earth’s history. Imagine the stories the ancient ones can tell you. Ask them for a simple lifestyle change you can make that will lead to positive changes over time.

This is the greatest gift you can give Gaia. And as you are willing to embrace the love of the elements and ancient ones you gift yourself and all of life.

Wishing you a beautiful solstice into winter or summer!

The full moon is December 29. This is our sacred time of coming together as a large community to flood the collective with light and love for that is how
unwanted energies are removed. This is not the time to sit down in the dark. We must keep moving forward.

Stand up and drum, rattle, dance, and sing. Travel within to your inner starlight and shine like the brightest star in the sky.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

As I wrote last month, I will continue to write The Transmutation News in the format we have now. And the columns are so generously translated into many languages.

To add to the offering each month I will prerecord either a journey for us to do together or a guided ceremony. Sylvia Edwards has agreed to record the
offerings on Zoom and a link will be posted.

After time goes by, I will invite teachers listed on to record an offering. Their work is brilliant, and I want to introduce them to you. So at some point we will rotate. But I will do most of the recordings.

To be clear there will be one recorded journey or ceremony per month.

Then the exciting news is Sylvia and I started a new Facebook page just for our global circle. The Facebook page name is Shaman’s Are Gardeners of Energy. If you have been reading the column you know this became my favorite teaching The Ancient Ones shared with me.

If you want to join, click on this link:

There is a question to join. The answer is Transfiguration.

This Facebook group is only open to people on my email list who have been in this circle.

The focus of this new Facebook page Shaman’s Are Gardeners of Energy is to flood the collective and Nature with reverence, prayer, unconditional love, and light. Light is the highest frequency we can work with.

If your post does not reflect a positive attitude, honor, and reverence it will be removed. What will happen to our circle if we immerse ourselves in the same consciousness we want to live? Do you want to get lost in the noise or experience another choice; another way to live our lives?

I am very excited that we have a format to do some powerful work together and share it!

And as we are cycling into the end of the year, I want to thank Sylvia Edwards for her continuous help with helping me get the work into the world! She is
truly a gift to this planet. Sylvia always has a way of staying positive, inspirational, and in a sacred space.

Please join me in thanking Sylvia and all our translators for their generous offering. There is so much time and effort that goes into the translations.
Let’s hold them in love and light.

Petr Němčanský   – Czech
Carole Laplante  – French
Catherine Meyer – French
Bea Salgado – French
Barbara Gramlich  – German
Astrid Johnen  – German
Nello Ceccon – Italian   
Flavia Cavallaro – Italian
Miha Masuda – Japanese
Ai Suzuki – Japanese
Els de Graaff – Nederlands
Sandra Koning – Nederlands 
Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese 
Tatiana Starikova – Russian
Ines Fermoso  – Spanish  
Lena Anderheim – Swedish   
Simin Uysal  – Turk

Transmutation News – November 2020

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Obviously I wrote the November Transmutation News before the election in the United States, so I am sure there are all kinds of emotions flying around inside you as well as our collective.

No matter if you are happy or angry about the results the Medicine for the Earth work is a way of life that is unconditional and the practices and ceremonies continue whether we are happy or angry.

Ceremonies are a sacred act and are the shaman’s vehicle of change. We don’t stop doing the work.

The Transmutation News has been through different phases over the years. Originally the idea for a monthly column was seeded by Bob Edgar’s encouragement. Bob was the husband of Carol Proudfoot Edgar who was a brilliant shamanic teacher. She still is as she works with her local community. I became part of their website

At the time I had self-published a visionary novel A Fall to Grace. Each month I included an excerpt of wisdom from one of the helping spirits talking, and I suggested a journey to go with the teaching. I hand wrote each column and faxed it to Bob who typed it up.

Then in 2000 the monthly column was transformed to Medicine for the Earth. I wrote on the Medicine for the Earth work and was quite prolific. I had some monthly columns that were 5 to 10 pages with no announcements. Times were different then.

I also began our monthly ceremony, The Human Web of Light. The first year a Buddhist monk wrote me a letter saying that his monastery joined us each month. I received a letter from a pastor saying they wrote a song for the transfiguration ceremony, and they sang it and joined us each month.

It has been a rich experience for me to share the work with so many people from all different walks of life and backgrounds.

As the needs of our collective changed people no longer wish to read long blogs and newsletters. I also have less to share. The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light work are simple practices and ceremonies that immerse us in divine light, unconditional love, and Nature.

These practices and ceremonies although simple, take a lifetime to master in order to get the miraculous results possible. Levels of focus and concentration are needed that are beyond the scope of what people in our culture are trained to be able to hold. And performing ceremonies and your daily work cannot depend on the outer conditions of your life or the world. Mastery demands unconditional love in the midst of trauma and dissolution.

So there is not new material for me to write about except to remind you and inspire you to keep up the work.

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In this regards The Transmutation News is going through another phase of change.

I will continue to write The Transmutation News in the format we have now. And the columns are so generously translated into many languages.

To add to the offering each month I will prerecord either a journey for us to do together or a guided ceremony. Sylvia Edwards has agreed to record the offerings on Zoom and a link will be posted.

After time goes by, I will invite teachers listed on to record an offering. Their work is brilliant, and I want to introduce them to you. So at some point we will rotate. But I will do most of the recordings.

To be clear there will be one recorded journey or ceremony per month.

Then, the exciting news is Sylvia and I started a new Facebook page just for our global circle. The Facebook page name is Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy. If you have been reading the column you know this became my favorite teaching The Ancient Ones shared with me.

If you want to join, click on this link:

There is a question to join. The answer is “Transfiguration”.

This Facebook group is only open to people on my email list who have been in this circle. You can join the Facebook group now and I will participate in the discussions starting December 21 on the Solstice.

The focus of this new Facebook page Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy is to flood the collective and Nature with reverence, prayer, unconditional love, and light. Light is the highest frequency we can work with.

If your post does not reflect a positive attitude, honor, and reverence it will be removed. What will happen to our circle if we immerse ourselves in the same consciousness we want to live? Do you want to get lost in the noise or experience another choice; another way to live our lives?

I am very excited that we have a format to do some powerful work together and share it!

The full moon is November 30. Let’s concentrate and focus, after some good preparation work, on perceiving ourselves as a bright star in the night sky flooding the Earth and all of life with unconditional love and divine light.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

November is when Thanksgiving is celebrated in America. Let’s use the power of gratitude in the United States and add to that energy for the good of all of life.

Transmutation News – October 2020

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Please note that I wrote this column for October before the fires became out of control on the West Coast of the U.S. I thought about adding material. But I think with all I have written in the past about climate change what I wrote here is still perfect.

Those of us reading this column I imagine to be spiritual deep thinkers who have the ability to watch patterns. I know for myself as I watched the Covid appear that the door had opened to other forms of dissolution.

For if you observe patterns like I do the door to dissolution actually opened before the Covid.

There were devastating climatic events all over the world. Two that really touched our hearts and made the news were the fires in the Amazon and in Australia. But there were so many tragic events that simply were not covered in the news.

All these events demanded for a new normal. Did we wake up and listen?

When the Covid came into our collective a new normal was demanded by by the Earth and the forces that be.

Now we watch people desperately trying to get back to their “old” comfortable normal that didn’t force changes unless we were individually impacted.

I find it both fascinating and sad to watch. Now the climatic events are getting so severe when will people actually hear normal as we know it is no more. We really have to embrace and answer the call of the Earth and all of Nature.

In my own life I find the psyche needs time to embrace and integrate the changes. And often this brings us to a place of emotional exhaustion where self care is needed more than ever.

This month look at ways to not just get physical rest but emotional rest. Spend more time in Nature. If the noise of the news and social media is wearing out your nervous system take a break. Find spiritual practices that are regenerating to you. Create prayer altars in your house so you can rest in the sacred space of your house.

Continue to perform your ceremonies to release the hurts, traumas, and states of consciousness holding you back from creating a more balanced and healthier life. And most of all perform ceremonies to forgive yourself, others, and to dream a new dream of the Earth.

If you can’t love yourself there will not be a spiritual practice that contributes to healing yourself or the planet. We came here to experience the same love the Creator or creative forces of the universe have for us. Love is the law. And we broke this spiritual law on so many levels.

We must start here in weaving a new dream for the Earth into being.

And yes, we must do honorable closure ceremonies everyday to thank every living being who died for their unique beauty they brought to the web of life. And then wish them a beautiful journey home filled with grace, light, and love.

I do this everyday. Please join me.

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Recently I gave teachers who trained with me permission to teach shamanic healing courses on line- something I said I would never approve of. The reason is if you can’t watch students perform healing work in workshops then the teacher cannot watch for the students’ proficiency. This sets up a ripe situation for future clients to get hurt.

So I gave permission to teachers listed on my website to teach online classes for 4-6 students where each student has to perform the healing work in front of the group so they are observed and can receive helpful comments.

This was not a decision I wanted to make especially with the issue of Zoom Exhaustion which is now becoming a psychological label.

But there are people who want to learn soul retrieval, extraction, and psychopomp work to be in service to help others.

Mostly teachers will teach hybrid workshops of teaching preparation journeys online and healing work at a physical workshop with masks and social distancing.

Hopefully we can go back to doing all our work in physical workshops as online training lacks a depth that then leaves students lacking a wealth of shamanic teachings that are transmitted in the physical but can’t be transmitted online.

I really see this as a temporary solution. And I also know the practice of shamanism will morph over the years as conditions demand a new way of working. Shamanism has been changing and evolving since its beginnings.

We have the incredible blessing of two full moons this month October 1 and 31. Let’s gather our spiritual energies together to be a true light for all of life and the Earth. If we don’t weave a web of light within and throughout the Earth what new dream gets created for when the rebirth happens. Let’s do our work to strengthen the web of life for this web is a foundation of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

Transmutation News – September 2020

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I had the most beautiful vision recently while I was doing some deep spiritual work. I was wandering around in a vibrant ancient forest. And the leaves of many trees started to reach for me. They gave me a message which all of nature has been sharing with me recently.

The message is Nature is reaching out to us as much as we are reaching out to nature.

There is so much healing. We keep trying to talk to nature beings with our rational mind. But Nature is communicating with our other bodily senses not with our minds. Nature beings don’t want to talk to us. They want to touch us and feel their touch and how the scent of nature can be such a high healing force for us.

I also was truly immersed in the web of life and felt with every cell how every being in nature gets and gives support to each other. It was a true “sixties” experience of oneness, connection, and how much we are loved.

September 22, we flow into the equinox. The equinox is the best time to be in nature as the weather is so perfect for immersing ourselves deeply in the earth.

To celebrate the equinox, move from separation to connection. This is the best thing you can do for all of life and for yourself right now. For the rest of what is going on is true insanity. Don’t fall down that hole.

There are so many different fields of energy being presented to us right now. Pick wisely on the equinox which field of energy you wish to live in as the seasons flow from one to the next. You can flow also to a healthier way of living a simple life.

Let nature show you how.

If you are looking for a good ceremony to perform for the equinox check out my book, The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred into Everyday Life.

The full moon is September 2. Let us drop into the depths of our spiritual light that is reaching for us. Meet the reach with your own light. Join with the radiant light of our global community, and let it build a healthy field of energy for all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony in Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I join our circle in wishing you a lovely equinox.

Transmutation News – August 2020

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For so many years now I have been writing about the shadow side of the shamanic community riding surface waves. When riding surface waves, we learn how to tread water well.

But do we end up missing a valuable part of the initiation and the journey to come home to our true selves when we don’t allow ourselves to sink under the surface waves? Although we live in the unknown, we prefer an unknown that does not involve sinking into the darkness of life – an initiation commonly called the Dark Night of the Soul.

But this is where we learn to talk to our soul. This is where we shed our former identity to see the beauty, gifts, and strengths of our inner landscape. And when we find this we step into a glory of love and light that we never experienced on this Earth. But it takes being willing to make a journey that is in an unearthly territory that we all walk through when we get ill, lose something important to us, experience grief, dissolution, a lack of faith, and so on.

In the modern western world, many of us called in transformative energies during this time. We said we wanted to transform. How we tried to do this was by discovering practices that make us feel peaceful and raise our endorphins to make us feel good. But this might not have been the best decision to make. For this keeps us swimming in the surface waves of change.

When you ask for transformation in shamanism you ask to enter into The Dark Night of the Soul. This is such an amazing territory that sounds scary as once there you are stripped of your identity and everything you think you know.

But what a rich journey that in the taking away that which no longer serves your identity leads you to finding your true identity, power, strength, inner light and love. For you are a true reflection of the creative forces of the universe, and this is what you will discover as you traverse the territory called the Dark Night of the Soul. You will discover aspects of unconditional love and experience a light you did not know existed.

In this initiation you die to your ego while alive, being reborn into a being who is self-sufficient in all your needs.

I really believe that when one learns how to traverse The Dark Night of the Soul you learn how to ride out any wave life brings with power and strength. You become a presence of unconditional love and light beyond what you have experienced to this point.

If you would like to learn about this territory and learn how to walk it you can register for my new course The Dark Night of the Soul as a Portal to the Shaman’s Light.

You can register here:

I have left Facebook for a while. I just needed a break. But I will be back to work with participants in my new course.

Before I left, I read this beautiful poem by Jack Wyrd who posted it on the Facebook page for The Shamans Cave. Jack gave me permission to share this with all of you.

Blessings of the Dragonfly

august 2020 1200x630

Exuviae are the remains of animals which must shed their skin in order to grow. The dragonfly is such an animal. It spends its first two years as an aquatic nymph. Swimming and breathing water, never touching the air. But once they have found all they need in the wet world below the waves – they crawl up into the air. There, they are unable to breath, unable to see. They trust they most go towards the light, into the unknown. There, helpless, they burst out of their back and unfurl their wings.

This is a summer thing. As they drink air into their lungs for the first time, they must lay in the sun drying their wings and hardening their shell. They don’t know what to expect, but they know they must. They don’t let fear stop them; they only know it is right. As they rise up, dragons of the sky, they leave their old exuviae behind. They don’t look back, they just fly.

It is summer, time for transformations under the Sun. May you be like the dragonfly, trusting enough to make the transformations you must and flying free as you were meant to be. May you embody the beautiful blessings of the dragonfly.

Exuviae is latin. It is pronounced ig-zoo’-vee-ee

Jack Wyrd practices and teaches core shamanism and hosts monthly community journey circles in the Bangor, Maine area. He has an upcoming spiritual folklore book, tentatively titled Maine’s Rarest Creatures: a Field Guide to Mythological and Legendary Creatures and Beings of New England and Adjacent Canada, it will be published in June 2021 by Down East Books. You can check out Jack’s page on FB.

The full moon is August 3. Let’s drop into the depths of our spiritual light that is reaching for us. Meet the reach with your own light. Join with the radiant light of our global community, and let it build a healthy field of energy for all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony in Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

Transmutation News – July 2020

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I have found myself really drawing inward and just feeling a need to be quiet during these times. All the turbulence we are seeing is all part of the dissolution of life as we know it.

Protesting is so important to express our cries for justice, fairness, equality, and kindness. I had my years of being a passionate protester. My health no longer supports that kind of action in the world.

But I fully believe in the Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light work. Shamanism provides every tool and all the guidance we need to find our flow, what we are called to do and change, and the importance of keeping up our ceremonies.

We are all being pushed to the wall to do our spiritual work and focus on it completely.

I am spending as much time as possible in silence, holding space for the collective, and doing the spiritual work I have been teaching over the decades. I am amazed at the deep levels of silence I am being called to.

What does break my heart is to see the division in the spiritual community growing. I have actually been talking about this division for forty years, and I am watching the limits of the division stretch so much there might not be a point of return. We might simply dissolve into different dimensions of how we see and live spiritual work. There are so many different perspectives on life when you look out of the eyes of Spirit while so many are still looking out of the eyes of ego.

I choose to stay on the path that brings me to the levels of consciousness I have been reaching for with my ceremonial and transfiguration work.

With the last few online courses I taught for the Shift Network I really did step out of some unhealthy fields of energy, and I am building new radiant fields to step into with my practices.

july 2020 1200x630

About a year ago I invited our circle to share inspirational stories. Here is one that Nancy shared with me. I asked her permission to share it with you. I love the part about “you got the story wrong……”

“Dear Sandra,

The drumming group, met via zoom last night and I had a lovely journey that I wanted to share with you. It seemed to continue from an image I received late last year of standing, looking into a huge wave that had paused before breaking, and being told to look through the wave.

This journey began with a large group of people – I think representing all people – laying on our backs on the ground. “Yes, the wave has hit,” I was told. We were not hurt, just flattened and our bodies were arranged geometrically (It reminded me of the pattern of synchronized swimmers, or the June Tailor Dancers viewed from above in their formations). Slowly, we settled into the ground beneath us until our chests were at ground level.

As we lay there, the water began to move gently around us, to soothe us. The sun shone down on us to warm us and nourish us. I began to see a sprout growing out from my heart and thought it was a message of us each having something new that would emerge but was told to be patient.

Over the next few minutes. sprouts began to emerge from our finger and toes, mouths and throats, foreheads and bellies. Though they were very small, every person knew that some were fruit trees and other conifers, some were vegetables and others flowers, and still other grasses and clovers… Each sprout carried its own fulfillment and would in time grow and ripen.

Then the message came. “You have the story wrong. You think that you were placed in The Garden, and then you were forced to leave it behind. You ARE the Garden. From your being emerges the flourishing of the Earth. You are the soil through which creation brings forth new life. Earth sustains you all.

It was an amazing experience of deeper connection with the Earth and All Living Beings than I have ever had before.  I knew that you would enjoy hearing about it.

As I do ceremonies of honorable closure, I am lifted by witnessing the beauty and blessing of each life as it lifts from Earth to return to the Source of Light and Life. I have begun adding at the end of the ritual an expression of deep gratitude to all the living beings who are willing to remain here during these difficult times. I am so grateful that you remain with us. Your presence here is wondrous encouragement and wisdom.” 

The full moon is July 5. This is a time where we can really contribute to healing our collective and bringing light into the darkness. But the work will not be successful if you work from your mind versus the deepest reaches of your soul and spirit. Please do your preparation work to move your ego out of the way. Your spirit is pure radiant light with the power to transform everything your light touches. So, shine your light within and throughout this great Earth!

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light as well as How to Prepare for Ceremonial Work on the homepage.


Transmutation News – June 2020

transmutation news june 2020 1200x630

In the newspaper I read an interview with a man who said he did not feel life was important enough and wanted to go back to work to protect his children and grandchildren in the future. What a noble gesture.

 The issue is that people are more interested in money than they are about life. And that about sums up what many people in the world want – material things. Yes, we need rent money and food. I am not writing this as a debate.

 But when does mass humanity get that placing pollutants and poisons in the water we drink from, the earth we eat from, the air we breathe, is not an action that protects loved ones and future generations?

Is this truly what we have come to?

But in reality, I can see outrageous statements made from people of every walk of life, every spiritual and religious tradition. And what I am seeing in everyone’s behavior besides fear is pure rage and anger.

The saddest part of the pandemic for me, besides all the death and suffering, is the division being created. There is division among countries, economic levels, the ill and the healthy, and politics has gotten just crazy and scary.

And enter the spiritual community. We know from all the ancient teachings that magical healing abilities are created when we stand strong together as a collective, as we get to see an exponential rate of healing. But this takes focus and the willingness to work with an incredible amount of discipline to not have weak links that leaks the healing power out of the circle.

The spiritual community seems to have challenges in coming together. Of course, we have our own ways of working. All shamans do. The key is to perform the healing work you are guided to do and not judge what others are doing. If you are emanating love, Light, kindness, honor, and respect, does it really matter how and when people do their work.

Last year I shared a powerful journey I had with Mother Earth. She shared that she is evolving to be part material form and part light, iridescent and transparent. There won’t be survival of the fittest as all the creatures inhabiting the Earth would be in this balance of form and spirit, with much more interplay than we experience now.

This is an evolutionary leap I won’t see in my lifetime. But I can see this as a future time with an Earth filled with beings who understand the power of love and live it rather than speaking about it.

You can only imagine the dissolution of life as we know it to get to this place. And maybe we are experiencing dissolution right now to step into a greater experience of what it means to be human and a nature being. And this new dream includes how we can live in harmonious communities together without domination, but mutual cooperation.

When we look at the core issue, what we are seeing are the egos from all walks of life and viewpoints blaming everyone outside of themselves for everything that is happening from climate change, world issues, the virus, and so on.

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This is a time for reflection. We are all facing our death whether from the virus or other earth changes. It is time to go within and own your projections on whom you are blaming and do your work to heal and grow. No matter what happens I want to leave as evolved as possible. Blame leads us away from working with higher energies.

The full moon is June 5. I don’t think I have to tell you how important it is to leave surface practices and go as deep as you can. Let’s join our hands and feel the love for our circle and life. Travel within with so much love in your heart for all of life and shine your divine light on all you love.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

We also join hands together this month to celebrate the summer/winter solstice. The sun gives us life. Let’s honor the change in seasons and the new motion of the sun. Go outside if possible and lie on the earth. Tell her how much you love her and receive fully how much she loves you! Reflect on the beauty of life.

Wishing you a beautiful solstice!

Stay well and filled with light!

Transmutation News – May 2020

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In 2000 I began teaching a workshop internationally titled Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light. This work ended up being so powerful for so many who learned that this work not only heals us individually and also showed through scientific experiments how we could transmute toxins in our environment.

In introducing the work, I always share that there are two phases. There is the personal work we need to do to change unhealthy habitual patterns of how we act in the world. There are shadow states, anger, fear, old wounds that live in all of us. And as we live our lives we want to heal from our past and become the best people we can be. There are daily spiritual practices we must perform to transform our state of consciousness so that we treat ourselves and all of life with kindness, honor, and respect.

The second phase of the work is the ceremonial work that we can join together to perform. Ceremonies are the shaman’s vehicle for creating change. But performing ceremonies without integrating the daily personal work you need to do will not be successful in getting good results. Doing the personal work to transform yourself into a more evolved person and performing ceremonies as you work is the perfect combination to actually see successful results.

People’s lives have been changed in a positive way from doing this work. And students continue to communicate with me via email and through social media that they cannot tell me how well they are riding the current wave of change we are in due to the corona virus in ways that they feel calm yet empowered. They are just loving engaging in the practices daily.

As I shared last month one teaching in shamanism is epidemics are birthed through the flooding of the collective with negative thought forms. And as I wrote last month, we have had such a string of trauma that has triggered pretty much all of humanity. We don’t all agree, but we are doing a great job shooting poison darts into the collective negatively impacting all of life.

We have been doing our work, but this is time to really step up our minute-to-minute practices, so our lives are filled with sacred acts such as bringing ceremony into how you cook, clean, communicate with others, and so on. Everything in life is a ceremony. Perform your ceremonies with consciousness.

I found myself before the corona virus needing a lot of alone time and quiet time. By the time we were in isolation I realized I have been in isolation for a long time

I have needed time to listen to my soul. My own inner voice, my body, my heart. It has become so loud “out there” that I can’t hear my voice anymore. So, I spend every free minute in silence. Just to meditate and be with my own thoughts. Such inspiration comes through when I do this. I also felt like I had lost my own sense of flow. Finding flow is critical to good health on every level. And then I feel my own strength and don’t get lost in the wild collective states people are immersing themselves in right now.

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A key to our survival will be listening to the wealth of information coming through you – not others.

I do as part of my work in the world glance at Facebook. I have been so inspired by the wealth of wisdom the native people from different shamanic cultures are sharing right now.

And what touches me the most is how all the information matches what each elder from different tribes are bringing through. The guidance was brought through from being in all night ceremonies for nights.

Life is a ceremony. A ceremony performed for a few minutes without building a strong relationship with nature and the helping spirits simply falls flat.

Create a sacred life. Honor your life throughout the day. Be diligent with emanating love, Light, kindness, honor, and respect to all that is alive. This is just one action we can take to heal the field of energy we created.

In the 1980’s I was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud booming voice. The voice shook my entire room. The message of the Voice was “Humans have been looking for God outside of themselves for 2000 years and the next 2000 years humans will be looking for God within”.

I definitely felt the truth in this message and of course can see so many on this inner journey.

It was interesting that the voice returned 2 years ago. My husband and I were booking an adventure. As we were filling out the paperwork, I heard that same voice say, “You won’t be there.”

We do get important practical information if we learn to listen.

It is so powerful to bring transfiguration ceremonies to your loved ones and your community. If you click on the button for The Transmutation News you find a transcript of a transfiguration ceremony I led for four hundred people. Feel free to use it to bring this vital work into your community. Adapt it or use it as it is.

The full moon is May 7. Let’s step up the frequency of our work. Certain harmful energies cannot live in higher frequencies. Fill yourself with your divine light, absorb it into every cell, and then radiate this brilliant light and frequency to all of life.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

Stay well and filled with light.

Transmutation News – April 2020

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I am delighted to share the news that. I was named by Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People for 2020. I made it to number 24 on the list. I feel that my work being honored also honors shamanism and all the good work we are all doing.


The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light work is so important to work with daily. When I first started studying shamanism, I learned that viruses are created from negative thought forms. Think of all the negativity being flooded into our collective due to anger over world politics, the fires in the Amazon, and the fires in Australia.

The Amazon is seen as the lungs of the Earth. And now we have a virus impacting lungs.

Everything is truly connected. I think the changes we are seeing will continue until people not just wake up but shift priorities to life being more important than money.

We have great ability to maintain our health, support our communities with transfiguration work, and do our practices together to transform negative states of consciousness.

I am teaching a special course for The Shift Network where I am taking the most powerful practices of The Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light work and created a seven-week course.

The course will have three levels. We will work on maintaining our personal health physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will perform transfiguration and other healing ceremonies to keep our global circle strong, and we will perform ceremonies for all of life. And of course, we will look at how to share this work in our local communities if this of interest to you.

Not all the material will be new to you. But this course is a way to keep up our practices together keeping them alive and vibrant feeding their power to keep us safe, opening to bigger teachings, expanding our perspective, and joining together for ceremonial work. I will be guiding all the exercises and there are no prerequisites for this course.

The free introductory call will be on April 1 and the course will begin April 14 on Tuesday nights for 7 weeks. The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

You can register here for 3 Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity: How to Strengthen Your Health, Navigate Fear & Empower Your Community:

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I wrote The April Transmutation News early as I had an upcoming workshop and travels I needed to prepare for. Although this column does not talk about the corona virus, I feel the message shared is so important to maintaining our health.

I was journeying and all of a sudden, my helping spirits started talking to me about the election in the US. I did not ask about the election. It was a spontaneous message. My spirits did not get into detail, but they left me with some huge insights. The path is a little twisty so you will need to follow where their conversation with me took me to.

Around the election the information was quick and simple. I was told that people will vote for the candidate that makes them feel safe and cared for.

This led me to the environment. For when picking leaders just to feel safe the environment is often left out of the mix.

This is where this statement led me. I keep writing that we are nature and not connected to nature. What I was shown that our abuse towards nature is like abusing our organs in our body to the point that the body starts to attack itself with autoimmune issues.

And we are seeing many mysterious autoimmune issues on the planet today. And if we don’t start caring for our body which is nature, the attacks on us by ourselves will keep increasing.

Then this led me to my personal work. I was told that my constant self judgement on what I did wrong instead of acknowledging what I did right is feeding into health problems. For when we don’t feel worthy, are critical of ourselves, and can’t absorb love we end up attacking ourselves. This creates auto immune issues and extreme inflammation which is so prevalent today.

The core of the message for me was if we want to heal ourselves and the planet, we must absorb divine unconditional love, work through how we judge ourselves, and emanate constant love to nature and follow up by changing our actions and behavior towards all the sentient beings we share the Earth with. And we know how these practices feed our soul.

The full moon is April 7.  Drop your ordinary concerns and expand your perspective to embrace a larger picture. Perform your preparation work and experience your true brilliance radiating within and throughout this Earth. Let your light and love emanate to every living being on the planet.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for directions for our full moon ceremonies.

Transmutation News – March 2020

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On March 19 we cycle into the equinox. Time continues to move so fast and the climate changes we are seeing are gaining momentous speed. As we all know some of these changes are simply where the evolution of the planet is taking us. But some changes are human caused.

Many are waking up and working together spiritually and many are taking physical action to walk with a lighter step on the Earth by changing how they live their life, their diet, what products they are willing to buy, and so on.

As I have been writing, my deep concern is about practitioners of different spiritual practices trying to join together to manipulate weather patterns. Nature won’t be manipulated, but she certainly is trying to give us a strong message. And manipulating weather has dire consequences as the balance is changed so tragic events happen in other places that would have been safe if the natural balance was allowed to stay in place.

For me there is one essential teaching. I believe we must build a strong relationship with the land we live on, the ancestral spirits protecting the land, earth, air, water, and fire. If we establish a strong relationship with them as kin, then we can communicate with each other and negotiate with them as they love us for honoring them.

Right now, there is no honor as we dump pollutants into the elements that give us life and try to move them in ways we think we need and would benefit the land.

Learn from the land and elements.

As we welcome in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere here is an exercise to perform.

Take time and start to build a strong relationship with the land, the helping/compassionate ancestral spirits of the land, the elements and any other nature beings you wish to communicate with.

Decide which being you wish to speak with and ask “May I step into your field of energy?” And then begin by emulating love and light.

Introduce yourself and start up a conversation like you would with a new friend. Learn about the land and spirits life and history. What has it been like for them to live on Earth? Once you have a good relationship and conversation going ask for a message on how you can work spiritually and what actions you need to take to live in harmony on the land.

As we all continue to do this, we will see changes happening where we live in a positive way.

This is how the Native people around the world work. The land they live on, the elements, and all the sentient nature beings where they live are seen as kin in a shared living place. They are working hard now to appease the spirits. Right now, they are doing their work while non-native people do not understand the principle of reciprocity taking away from the power of the work. If we join in on such a powerful practice, we will learn a lot and help to alleviate a lot of suffering.

The full moon is March 9. Let’s ask the power of the moon if she will help us exponentially to radiate our light within and throughout the Earth. Perform your transfiguration practice with your light radiating so bright there are no places on this great Earth that your light does not touch.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions on our monthly full moon ceremonies.

I join our radiant circle in wishing all of you a beautiful equinox filled with deep wisdom as you connect with the land and the elements that give us life.