For many of us our lives have become so busy that we don’t really appreciate the preciousness of life. I find that many people I know use the words that life is precious but we are moving too fast to really experience it.

Last spring I moved both of my parents to Santa Fe. They are now both 95 and are quite frail and fragile physically. Of course I see them in their divine light. I love them very much and I spend a lot of my time with them.

Every day I walk in the door of their apartment they are both sitting on the couch together fast asleep holding hands. If they are not sleeping they are just staring and holding hands. I am five foot three inches. And I tower over them. Neither of them is anywhere close to five feet at this point in their lives.

This image of these two tiny people sitting and holding hands hour after hour appreciating and treasuring every breath they still take really touches my heart and typically brings tears to my eyes. They appreciate life so much and the time they have together. The preciousness of every minute does not escape either one of them.

What a teaching! And one we should all be getting right now. It doesn’t matter how busy your life is. As we enter this time of spring and new beginnings make it a priority to take walks and meditate on just how precious life is. When you do this your entire existence will take on new meaning. You will open a pathway for the blossoming of wonderful things in your life.

If you want a simple place to start practicing this think of something precious to you like a flower or some other aspect of nature. Give love to what you find precious without any conditions or attachment. Just appreciate!

And part of experiencing how precious life is learning how to receive love.

In December of 2009 I sent out an email to my email list about coming together to spread love throughout the planet during the blue moon on December 31. I had also asked people to spread this email to as many people as possible.

I got a lot of very positive responses from people around the globe who had joined in on this ceremony. For this request to join in was also posted on Facebook and MySpace.

Here is just one piece of what I wrote:
“Start by experiencing love for yourself and all you have been through to get you to this point in life. And when you feel ready expand your heart and allow your love to flow out to our circle throughout the world. Let’s create a strong focused energy of love just simply pulsating throughout our global community.

Remember that you are part of life and that you cannot give love without receiving love. So as you breathe through your heart allowing love to flow through you remember to breathe in the love so that our circle is complete. The earth, our circle, and the rest of life will not receive your love if you cannot receive the love yourself.”

Feedback that I received from people was how much they were impacted by the sentence: “The earth, our circle, and the rest of life will not receive your love if you cannot receive the love yourself”.

This is such a big issue for so many in the Western world – knowing how to open to love, thinking that giving love is better than receiving love. On an egoic level many of us are afraid of being disappointed or abandoned. We tend to not allow ourselves to open fully to deep love and deep joy.

In order to stay healthy emotionally and physically we must be able to receive love. In order to be in service to the planet we must be able to receive love from the earth. For you cannot understand giving if you cannot receive. Giving and receiving are all part of one cycle. If you do not receive the same love you are giving you break the circle and the cycle.

For those of you who have a copy of How to Thrive in Changing Times please re-read pages 74-77 where I asked you to write a story of creation and observe and absorb the unconditional love that the Creator put into your creation.

If you do not have the book in your language please do this work of allowing yourself to imagine and write a story of creation. Write a story about how the Creator manifested the earth and all of life from a place of unconditional love. Then experience through every cell of your being the love that went into your creation.

Then re-read page 105 – 106, which is about absorbing love and light.

Again for those of you who do not have the book in your language spend some time taking walks and absorbing love from earth, air, water, and the sun. As you eat absorb the love and light of your food. As you drink absorb the love and light of water.

Remember if you cannot receive love you do not understand what it means to give it. Focus on completing the cycle.

I recently lectured on How to Thrive in Changing Times at a bookstore in Santa Fe. After my lecture a woman named Nancy sent me some writings about some of what her helping spirits have been sharing with her about healing and working through wounds.

I wanted to share with you one of the teachings she received from her guides.

Nancy wrote:
“My guides explained that although it’s difficult to see this from our earthy perspective, from the Upper World, it’s clear that mankind has been moving in a positive direction. This collective has held more pain than wisdom up to now, but so many people have done spiritual work that the balance is shifting…we are getting closer and closer to a tipping point. When we reach that point, the balance will shift, there will be more wisdom than pain in the collective…and when that happens, all of mankind will feel this spiritual shift.

Each time we complete the spiritual work to heal a wound/learn a lesson, all the pain and wisdom that made that healing/learning possible becomes part of the collective. In this way, our personal work benefits all of mankind.”

This goes back to one of the statements I continue to make which is every change in consciousness each of us makes ripples throughout the entire web of life. It is inspiring to think of how all our transformations are part of healing all of life.

Dory Cote in Maine (listed on, is a wonderful shamanic teacher and practitioner. Dory sent me a case study about working with a client who had had a stroke. This case study is from 2007 and I received it from Dory in the last few months and felt it was a great example of how we can bridge transfiguration into our work with others.

I thought a lot about this case study and one of the messages it teaches us is the power of persistence with our transfiguration work. Last month I shared the story of transfiguring during the drought in Santa Fe. My practice of transfiguration was everyday during the summer where I was in my divine light and I perceived all the trees on my land in their divine light. It was not something I did occasionally.

I have collected so many case studies where clients did have immediately results, often quite miraculous, from being part of one transfiguration ceremony. And there are going to be times and situations where you must be persistent with the work.

I think many of us give up too easily when we don’t see instantaneous results. The transfiguration work of experiencing your light and perceiving clients, friends, loved ones, all life on the planet, and the planet itself is a way of life. And by bring this work into your daily life is where we heal ourselves which using the principle of oneness naturally leads to planetary healing.

So here is Dory’s story.

The wife of a man who had a stroke contacted Dory. The medical community had given up on his being able to progress any farther and the wife believed in his capacity to continue to improve.

Dory agreed to work with the man. He walked with the help of a cane, but was slow and had balance issues. He had no feeling or ability to move his right arm and he could not speak at all except to repeat the numbers “one” and “two”.

During the first sessions Dory performed soul retrievals and power animal retrievals for both the man and his wife, and some extraction work was performed for him. Then she proceeded to do transfiguration on his behalf as she had done everything she could with her traditional shamanic tools. Dory did not make a promise of the type of healing that would occur but said she had a strong belief in its capacity to create deep, personal healing. And she asked them to join her in this belief, with all their hearts, but to not write a script about what form the healing would take.

She began to see him once a week and practiced transfiguration for about an hour each session. He loved the work and beamed with joy at the end of the sessions. The light began to return to his eyes after about 6 meetings, and his increased cognition became evident.

He did no other work during that year they were doing transfiguration, except some basic occupational therapy sessions, which he hated. After about 3 months of weekly transfiguration sessions, he was able to walk without a cane and his balance was greatly improved.

About 5 months into the work he greeted Dory by name creating tears of joy for all. Slowly his speech began to return, and within 7 months of continuous weekly work he was able to speak full sentences.

About 8 months into the work, he reported that he felt tingling in his right arm. Dory commented that maybe the nerves were beginning to regenerate and that he should focus on seeing his nerves reconnecting. The feeling began to return quite rapidly and within about 6 weeks he was able to move his arm away from his body. At that point, Dory suggested he needed some physical exercise to rebuild the muscles. He began working with lightweights and practiced holding objects in his hand.

By the time the work had gone on for 9 months, he was able to cook dinner for his wife, make his own lunch, do laundry, mow the grass, go for walks, work on his stationary bike, go biking in the neighborhood, and communicate for short periods of time on the phone with friends and family.

After a year of weekly sessions, he was able to talk slowly but clearly and hold a conversation about many topics including golf (one of his passions which he was eventually able to return to), politics, his family, TV shows and movies, books (he was able to read again), and he was able to navigate the complexities of electronic things like his computer and cell phone.

His improvement continues and he has a life in which he can talk, walk, write, and perform basic daily tasks as well as getting his driver’s license.

Dory referred him to other practitioners who could give him physical support in the way of muscle rebuilding and aerobic exercises. She sent him home with guided meditations she had created for him as well as copy of Jonathan Goldmans’ “Ultimate Om” to take him back to that deep place of relaxation he had come to know through the work. (A note: I play “The Ultimate Om” in my trainings where I teach transfiguration).

After I received a copy of this case study I asked Dory some questions. I wanted to know if only she was transfiguring during the sessions. She said yes and that he would lie on a massage table in her healing space.

She would give him some kind of visualization to work with while she transfigured. For instance, visualize yourself playing golf, or visualize yourself sitting at your computer typing messages to all your friends. Or visualize the nerve pathways in your brain reconnecting. She would play “The Ultimate Om” CD so the client and his wife could hear it. She would get into a transfigured state and do some toning as I suggest to students to help them hold the transfigured state. Sometimes she would place her hands around his head, other times on his arm or leg, and other times did not touch him at all. She would stay transfigured and toning for about one hour.

At the end of the session Dory would come back slowly and the man and his wife would move back over to the couch and chairs where the wife would be waiting. He would usually be beaming with light and eventually after a few months, he was able to say, “This was good. Good light and healing, thank you!” The wife would sometimes report seeing small balls of light floating around the room or she would hear sounds that were not part of the CD.

This was a long time to hold the transfigured state for Dory, as it would be for any of us. So she saw him at the end of the day where she had nothing to do after the sessions except eat a bit and be in bliss.

When I read this case study I was moved by the work and the results and wanted to share it with all of you to inspire you to use the practice of transfiguration with your work with others as well as for the planet.

Since writing up this case study Dory Cote uses the CD “Wavepool” for her transfiguration work. I wrote about this CD in the announcements section of the February Transmutation News. It is a marvelous CD to transfigure to. For further information and to order it please visit:

To Celebrate the Spring Equinox together:

Giving gratitude to the elements of nature and to the creator for your life is something we do every day. And experiencing the preciousness of life is of course another practice to do daily.

For the spring equinox on March 20 let’s really focus our energies together as a global community. Let’s all imagine ourselves being part of a circle of thousands of people from around the globe:
– giving our love to the earth
– blowing our love into the air
– sharing our love with a glass of water and bringing that water to a large body of water and sharing our love with the waters of the world
– giving thanks to the sun so we may thrive

Let’s together honor the preciousness of life.

In past Transmutation News I have quoted Florence Shinn who taught: “Creation comes through us and not to us.”

I keep deepening my understanding of this teaching. When we talk about gardening and examining our “inner garden” many of us look at the surface. We look at the fruits and plants that have grown. And we tend to look at the surface soil.

To really understand the power of creation we must continue to allow ourselves to sink deep in the rich darkness of the soil all the way down in the earth. And that means doing the inner work of going deep into our inner earth, deeper than the light, to the void within.

Over the years we have been working in the void which is the place before creation. This is the place of unpotentiated energy. But many of us journey to the void outside of us.

During this time of spring reverse directions. Keep practicing sinking within to the depth of the earth, the dark fertile rich soil within where all creation is possible. This is where the inner riches lie.

Let’s travel within to this fertile place together during the spring equinox and experience the true power of creation that lies there.

In the past I have asked you to merge with a seed. And merging with a seed gives us a sense also of the unlimited potential of creation. And when that seed is planted in healthy rich soil imagine the power that is added to the creation process.

This has been a long winter for all of us. Let’s celebrate the coming of spring and all the new life and new opportunities that will blossom from the beautiful seeds of love, honor, and respect that we have been planting.

And for our community in the Southern Hemisphere you are in the other part of the cycle of moving into fall. May your days be filled with rich inspiration to plant the seeds which will burst forth in spring. We wish you a joyous fall.

The full moon is March 29. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of life within and throughout the earth.

In both the January and February Transmutation News I added the instruction from Kate in Delaware who wrote about weaving roots of light within the earth.

I have added this instruction to the general instructions of Creating A Human Web of Light (on the homepage). Please read the updated instructions and share this practice with others so that we keep increasing exponentially the power and light of our global community working together in behalf of the planet and all of life.

And let’s continue our transfiguration work of feeding our circle with light as is also written up in the instructions in Creating A Human Web of Light.

Really set your focus to be a vehicle of light and love for you are light and love. And when we focus our energies on feeding the global community with light and love we create healthy cells. Go back and re-read what Gail Walker shared in the February Transmutation News. She wrote that researchers studying cancer are finding that a strong community of healthy cells can keep cancer cells at bay so they cannot gather strength and invade the body.

As we keep creating a strong human web of light we become the healthy cells of love and light that keep our global community healthy.

I wish you a very joyous spring filled with great beauty, love, light, and joy!!

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