A variety of events in the world are challenging many to keep faith and keep the focus necessary to continue to engage in spiritual work. On a human level it is hard to watch people and other living beings suffer. The Gulf oil spill is creating so much to look at on all levels.

I wanted to again write out some basic principles that we must continue to work with. And I thought I would talk about these in the context of body, mind, and spirit. For it is important for us to address all these different aspects otherwise we are not addressing the whole of life. And it is also important for us to continue to work with the principle of as above, so below; as within so without. For there is both the inner work and outer work we must continue to do.


We came into this life to experience being a spirit who takes a form. So we live on a planet of form. We have a body and the earth is a body. The body is what clothes the spiritual aspect of life. It is important to live a life of honor and respect for the body that is the vehicle for spirit. And the earth with all the elements air, water, and the sun are forms which support our life here on this planet. All of life is part of nature. And to live a healthy life we must live in harmony with nature.

Humankind made a choice to try and control and manipulate nature. This collective decision has created disharmony. And we are witnessing many of the consequences of this. I do not feel I have to give anyone reading this column a list.

It is time for us to learn how to live in harmony and partnership with nature and with the rest of life. We need to learn that when we live in harmony there is an abundance of resources versus living a life filled with lack that was created by a collective belief.

The earth is cleansing herself right now. When we bathe we don’t think about what will happen to the bacteria on our body. We only know it important to clean ourselves. The earth is not angry with us. We are simply experiencing a natural cycle of life.

And at the same time as human beings who are caretaking this great earth garden it is time for us to take responsibility for our actions. We must move back into living life as part of nature which includes looking at living a life filled with harmony and learn how to honor nature instead of trying to control it.

Everything in form goes through constant change and does die. And death is not an end, it is a transition. We must learn how to honor life as it is so precious and at the same time learn how to let go. As I have written before all change involves a death. There is always new birth that comes with all change and transition.

We are also being asked to learn to work in partnership in our local communities. One example of this is the many different projects that have been put into place to create community gardens especially in inner cities. This is a wonderful example of how we can come together to work in partnership to create the food needed for all where we live. Local communities are also joining together to help rebuild after destructive events occur. And there is also some wonderful work being done in communities to help the youth create a vision of a positive future for themselves and the world. These are just some of the examples that come to mind.


Over the years I have been writing that everything starts in the invisible realms before manifesting in the physical realms. Everything that exists on the earth is form and is born from within. So we must focus on the as within process in order to see something manifest on the physical level. Our dreams begin within. Creation comes through us and not to us.

We must continue to do the work of transmuting/transforming the energy behind our thoughts so we keep radiating love and light into the world. We want to raise our awareness to what energies we are feeding with our thoughts. Indigenous cultures teach that thoughts are things.

As human beings we were born into a body to experience the whole range of emotions – from love to rage, from joy to grief. The key is to learn how to express what we are feeling versus denying our feelings. And we must learn how to transform the energy behind our feelings so that we are not sending and feeding more hopelessness and anger on the planet.

Remember the practice of alchemy is to work within and through the dense darkness inside. We must all learn how to transform the energy of our thoughts from heavy leaded consciousness to gold light consciousness with which fill our life and planet.

And with our thoughts we must be conscious of how we direct them. Are we directing our thoughts towards what we desire to create in the world? Or are we directing our thoughts towards sabotaging our dreams? I think the phrase that we use “train of thought” is such a powerful key to our work. For a train ends up at a station. We must start to become more conscious about where our train of thought will take us to. We must start to replace sabotaging and defeatist thoughts with thoughts that will help to lead us towards the dream of the world we wish to live in.

As with any garden we must begin to look at what plants have strong roots that are overtaking our garden. If we have seeded our garden with thoughts of defeat then we must go to the core of the garden and do some weeding. For what you plant and nurture will grow.

Continue to explore the limiting and sabotaging beliefs you picked up from the collective that have grown deep roots in your subconscious. For the strongest roots in your subconscious will grow into the strongest plants in your garden.

If you think of your thoughts as seeds what thoughts do you nurture throughout the day? Those are the thoughts that will grow into healthy plants.

Our thoughts are made up of words. And words have power. In many cultures words are seen as magic. For the vibration that goes up into the universe with our words manifests as form in the world. Words are made up of vibration and vibration turns into form. As I have written the powerful statement we all chanted as children “abracadabra” which is the Aramaic phrase “abraq ad habra” literally translates to “I will create as I speak”.

Reflect on what you create throughout the day with your words. Reflect on your thought process throughout the day and you will get real insights into the life and world you are creating.

Our thoughts and words make up our daydreams. Shamans around the world have been saying we are dreaming the wrong dream. Last month I wrote about how as the fabric of reality continues to dissolve, so that we may shift to a new way of consciousness and way of living, there must be people dreaming new dreams that will take the place of the old dreams.

We dream new dreams with our imaginations. Where is your imagination focusing? Are you using your imagination to focus on what is not working? Or are you imagining with all your senses the dream you would like to see manifest for all of life? Over the years I hear different interviews of people who have made a difference in seemingly impossible situations. One of the common statements that I hear these people interviewed say is, “We do not know how to dream big enough.” It is now time to learn to dream big dreams. Expand your imagination!

Lastly the nature of human of beings is to project. And once again we use our imaginations, thoughts, and words to project with. We can project the best onto others or we can pull them down with our projections. We project the worst through pity and hopelessness. We can also project onto others that they are strong and have the ability to rebuild and manifest unlimited possibilities with all the change. Change requires a death and a letting go to a new way of being. We can project onto others that we all have the possibility of creating health, light, love, peace, and abundance. We are part of an unlimited universe that helps to form our dreams into being. Project the best onto people you know, the global community, and the earth.

Our future is created by what we are doing in the present. The thoughts, words, and projections we have now are forming both our present and our future. It is time for us to examine and be aware of what is growing in our inner landscape and bursting forth into the world.

As the collective consciousness makes evolutionary shifts we will see miraculous healings for the environment. But remember those miraculous healings will be born from within each of us as we learn how to work with what we are projecting from the inside out.


When you go beyond the body and mind you find that you are spirit. This aspect of spirit is divine and is a reflection of God, the goddess, the creator, the creative force of the universe, Source.

Transfiguring into our divinity has been the practice we have been working with through the Transmutation News since the year 2000. And it is the key of the Medicine for the Earth work. When we experience our divine nature we move into a state where light radiates from us and naturally transforms and heals. This spiritual light also creates unlimited possibilities of what can happen versus the limitations our minds put on things.

The sun shines light that is absorbed by all of life. The sun does not decide that since things are going “badly” in the world it won’t shine today. The sun shines each day whether we can see the rays of the sun or not – the sun always shines. And without the light of the sun there would be no life on earth.

We must make a choice to shine our light and allow that light to radiate no matter what is going on in the outer world. This is a choice we need to make. We can’t continue to go back and forth deciding one day to feed the light and then one day to feed fear and anger. This going back and forth detracts from the focus and concentration of spiritual energies needed right now to create true change.

You need to reflect on how you are doing with your focus and concentration. And you need to make a clear choice of what energies you want to feed. For as a collective we have exponential power in joining our energies together. What energies do you want to be part of feeding?

Remember the formula for transmutation we have been working with:
intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transformation, transmutation and also creation.

Let go of judging your work by what is happening in the outer world. Let go of the outcome. Your role right now is to do the work you are called to do and the universe will provide a pathway for the outcome to be achieved.

It is time to move from a state to fear and hopelessness into a state of power. And this means making some very clear choices of what energies you are going to focus on. Get clear on what you want your focus to be.

Think of a camera. If you keep moving the camera back and forth between your feeding a dream of hope and creating a healthy and abundant world and feeding a dream of anger, fear, and hopelessness you will never be able to produce a picture. To get a clear picture you have to keep your focus and keep the camera still.

One night last month I had a wonderful dream. I dreamt that I kept getting phone calls from people in the business world who had studied the practice of transfiguration and were experiencing themselves as divine light throughout the day.

They each had to report to a doctor for their health status so that their companies could review health insurance policies and they all got glowing medical reports.

When we continue our spiritual work you experience that there is only one consciousness and on a physical level healing takes place. And through this projection of a unity consciousness onto the world the planet itself gets a glowing “medical report” too.

I don’t usually watch You Tube videos simply because I don’t have the time. But recently I did watch one. Sonia in England wrote me about a You Tube video of Gregg Braden talking about how our emotions are mirrored back to us by the collective field. And I decided to check it out. Gregg Braden talked about when a group of people create an emotion in their hearts it influences the whole field of energy and entire web of life. It is a ten-minute video but it is inspiring and goes along well with the work we have been doing. I found it by typing in a search for: Gregg Braden on consciousness.

Karen Furr is a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher. She also teaches Medicine for the Earth trainings. Karen shared some work she brought into one of her groups who were dealing with feelings of hopelessness around the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Here is what she shared:

“Here in Kingman, Arizona, I facilitate a monthly Transfiguration Group. When I was journeying earlier to the helping spirits about the group tonight, it was clear that the group would be thinking about the Gulf of Mexico. So here is what the helping spirits gave. I share this because it was very helpful for the group, and it might be something you can incorporate into your groups as well.

I began by talking about the new dream, and how, with what we have heard on the news and other media, it can be difficult to see the Gulf in other way than what is being portrayed on TV and in the newspapers. So I suggested that before we do transfiguring, we have a different experience of the Gulf as a living being. With an experience of the Gulf in its divine state, when we encounter news or images, we have different information to draw on.

After drumming and rattling, we did a journey. The intention for the journey was to ask to experience the Gulf’s divinity through merging. I invited the group to ask to experience that merging, and to just “be” in that experience. It was a 15-minute journey (approximately). When I did the call back, I immediately began the music “Ultimate Om” and we transfigured, so that folks were still experiencing the merging while transfiguring. Folks were still somewhat merged with the Gulf and so in that space, we began creating. “I am clear water teaming with life”, “The shores of my being are a safe habitat for abundant species”, “The radiant sun sparkles on my pristine waters”, etc.

Folks spoke that deep awareness of the Gulf in its divine state. Afterward, we sang and shared our journeys. Each person experienced “being” the Gulf. Almost everyone experienced the water as crystal and beautiful. A few became the sea bed and could then observe the abundant life – fish, dolphins, turtles, the light beams from the sun above the waters. It was magical listening to the different experiences.

Everyone said they had an entirely altered (no pun intended…) impression of the Gulf. The sadness that some came with was dissipated and folks shared a renewed hope. They said they would continue to see the Gulf as they each had experienced it.

What I received from this was to do more work in this way so I talked about providing more opportunities for folks to come together and “dream the dream” Blessings and a whole lot of Light!! Karen Furr

Heidi Findeis, in Germany, is a wonderful teacher listed on www.shamanicteachers.com. Heidi has become a dear friend of mine and we share with each other inspiring visions and journeys. She has contributed some of her writings to the Transmutation News and in How to Thrive in Changing Times. She now has her own column in German titled “Heidi’s Newsletter”. For those of you who can read German you can be inspired by Heidi by going to her homepage www.poweranimal.de.

Let us greet the summer solstice together on June 21 by singing the praises of life as all of nature is doing during this time of year. Let us together give thanks for our lives. There is no better way to greet the change of seasons than by giving thanks for our lives.

And for those of our readers in the Southern Hemisphere we wish you a deep and restful winter!

The full moon is June 26. Read this month’s Transmutation News over again. Consider what energies you are feeding. Join us as we gather together as a collective of spiritual divine light radiating light down deep into and throughout the roots of the earth. And radiate light throughout the skies.

In Siberia trees were honored as they were seen as a bridge between the heaven and the earth. And we as humans are that bridge too. We bridge heaven and earth through our hearts and the love we share. And we create unlimited change and transformation through the light we radiate. Let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of light throughout the earth and continue to weave a new fabric of reality into being.

And let’s continue our monthly healing work on our circle as is written in the instructions of Creating A Human Web of Light on this site.

Please continue holding our global community in light and project love, joy, great success, the ability to dream and hold the focus, and love on our circle. Project the best onto our planet and all of life!!

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