I had a very full and wonderful teaching schedule in September and October. Before I started teaching in September I had received a very profound teaching that I wove into some of my workshops this fall.

I had taken a shamanic journey to speak to Isis who is my spiritual teacher. I had wanted to ask a question about an issue in my life. She did answer my question and then volunteered a path I should take in my teaching around how we can work from a deeper place as a global community.

She acknowledged that the way we have been working as a global community has been a positive healing force in the world. But she said there is another level to evolve to.

In the shamanic community when people work together on one intention to help someone or on a planetary issue each member of the community journeys to his or her own power animal or teacher to provide healing help. When we use transfiguration and the radiation of divine light each person transfigures into his or her divinity.

We know from years of working in this way that there is an exponential result when a group of people focuses on one intention versus an individual working alone.

The question Isis raised was what would happen if we dropped our individual work of going to our own helping spirits or perceiving ourselves as individuals transfiguring into divine light? What if we just drop our personal boundaries and gather our spiritual energy as one pulsating giant field? In other words this would mean merging our auras to create one group aura. This would mean becoming one field of energy.

Imagine what kind of transformative force this field of pulsating energy could be.

When Isis shared this information with me I also felt the information pulsating through every cell of my body. I completely experienced the transformative power and strength of this field of energy.

We continue to be touched by different events happening around the world where we are seeing the results of environmental disasters due to mining the earth for resources.

And we are all trying to find ways to be a positive force in the world as people are being asked to wake up and live from a place of honor and respect towards the earth, air, and water which give us life.

As I mentioned in a previous Transmutation News our modern world has created an unsustainable environment and it is time for us to tap into the great mysteries to find solutions. For as we trust our inner wealth of spiritual wisdom we will find the solutions needed to create a sustainable environment. And I also wrote about how the earth already knows how to heal itself and we can hold the space and support the earth’s own process.

I feel in every cell of my being as we learn to drop our individuality and focus on becoming one pulsating light energy together we can hold the space and raise the frequency so that all of life is lifted up out of a denser state of consciousness.

I invite you to work with this principle this month. You can do so as you continue your spiritual work of connecting into the web of life and light we have created.

Instead of seeing yourself as an individual transfiguring into divine light allow yourself to dissolve your energetic boundaries and merge your aura, your energetic field with the field of others in our community. Imagine yourself as part of one pulsating energy field of light.

You can try this at any time but let us to set an intention to work in this way on November 21 which is the full moon as we continue to create a human web of light.

For those of you who are new readers of the Transmutation News you can read the instructions for our full moon ceremony by reading “Creating A Human Web of Light” on this website.

Let us continue to work in this way as we lift our entire global community up into a new frequency which will create healing and transformation for all.

Let us continue to radiate this light into our circle on a daily basis and project the best by perceiving our global community experiencing inner joy and health.

By doing this we become a true positive transformative force in the world. We do this by continuing to feed the light of the earth and all of life.

There is more I can write about this month but I want to give all of you a chance to focus on the practice I have shared. We can distract ourselves with too much information. Stay focused and experience the power of the work for yourself.

I know many of you have felt called to do some work on behalf of the environmental disaster in Hungary. I suggest you work with what I have shared this month. And for more suggestions please look at the summary of practices I wrote up in the June Transmutation News when many of us were focused on working with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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