Summer is a time of deep reflection for me. As I have written in some of my books I seem to have the opposite cycle of most people around the seasons. And for me summer is the time of year where I am drawn within. And this summer is no different as I am exploring a new level of death and rebirth happening within myself.

Since last fall I have had the privilege to do ongoing work with two groups. The intention was together to commit to use the Medicine for the Earth principles on a daily basis and to support each circle member in the work.

When I first dreamed about the work my intention was to see what would happen if a group committed to the focus of radiating divine light. What would happen as we continued to let go of the ego and experience unity consciousness which is love and light.

We have been radiating love and light to our circle each day. And we have been projecting the best qualities onto each of us as I have been asking all of you to do in behalf of our global community.

We have been supporting each other in our night dreams and waking dreams. And we support each other in working through the issues and distractions that keep us from evolving personally and as a community.

Together we stay focused on the spiritual work no matter what is happening in the outer world.

After my first Working in Community training, which took place last November, when we started transfiguring daily for each other I reached such a high. I felt full of light, energetic, and joyful.

And then the shadow side representing the opposite state appeared and although I have felt the love and excitement of the circle I also experienced a struggle within myself.

I have come to an understanding of what this struggle is about for me and wanted to share this with you as it might speak to the process some of you are going through as we keep radiating our light each day.

And the understanding that I am getting is a deeper understanding of “the shaman’s death”.

When one embarks on a spiritual journey there is a process of dying to the ego – spirit sculpting us to be greater spiritual beings. And this journey of the shaman is filled with initiations that keep asking us to let go of our egos and a separate state of consciousness that can lead us to a unity consciousness and an experience of light that brings forth our clairvoyant, psychic and healing gifts.

As our ego is carved away at by our spirit, divine light can shine through. It is like a burning away of what keeps us separate from our spiritual state and what prevents our spirit from fully shining through us.

I have written about this many times in my books and also on the Transmutation News.

I think that the setting the intention of “the experiment” with the working in community groups brought me personally to a new stage of the shaman’s death.

The core of the Medicine for the Earth work has been to let go of the ego and experience a unity consciousness that is love and light.

And I know I have been on a path to live this teaching. But I feel I am at a new gateway of letting go of what “I want” and what “I need”. For as long as the “I” is so present then there is a container around myself and it prevents the ability to be in a unity consciousness.

So my desire to be in a group where the work will lead me to feel safe or filled with joy was a set up for sabotage. For every single desire of the ego is illusory and also cannot be satiated. The ego will always want more so it is a path that leads to despair instead of to true peace and joy.

And it is in the unity consciousness of no boundaries that all the miracles of healing are possible.

We are all on a journey – and we are all at different phases of the path – that will ultimately lead to a whole new evolution of consciousness. I think we need to move away from the focus being on the process of individuation. Individuating I think has been necessary on many levels but it is time to grow away from being so self absorbed into a consciousness of unity. And from there all things are possible.

But first a death must occur before we see the possibilities.

When I was in my late teens I experimented with taking LSD. One night some of my friends had taken LSD and we went to a Grateful Dead Concert. At the concert I was separated from some of my friends.

I went into a real place of “ego death” there was no “me” and there was no “other” we were all one. I was in a glorious state of being.

I wanted to tell my friend Robin something but I knew I could never find her amidst the crowd of people. So I thought to myself that if we are all one I can tell the person standing next to me the message and it would be the same as telling Robin.

And then I had the realization that if we were all one I only had to tell myself the message.

I realize that this experience I had although quite profound was also extreme. It was a clear cellular experience of how by being the change effects all of life. For when there is no “I” and no “other” all consciousness is connected.

Will we get to that non-egoic place of true connection in our lifetime? I do not know the answer to this question. And is it something everyone desires? – probably not.

The point I am trying to make is that our psychic gifts cannot really come forth when we feel separate for the psychic works in a field that demands “no boundaries”.

As we continue our spiritual practices each of us will touch this state of oneness from time to time and we will be the change that continues to move us forward.

When I have had near death experiences and experienced the true unconditional love of “God” there was just the present – no past and no future. The experience of love is timeless. The drinking in of the second – the ultimate present – was delicious.

Love is not conditional. Light is not conditional. But to fully experience it running through every cell of our being we must be absolutely present to the moment.

And the ego has a hard time being present to the moment. For from an egoic standpoint we tend to go back into the past or go into the future. It is not easy to surrender to living second by second.

I don’t know if you have ever taken a road trip where there is only the present moment. There is such a freedom in road trips where we leave our past behind us and stay in the present moment which ultimately leads to a destination.

The shaman’s death in the true sense of the term is letting go of the ego that provides any containment of the spiritual energies coming through to heal and to transform.

The shaman’s death is dying to anything that keeps you from being in the present moment. And that means letting go of outcomes, desires, needs, wants.

As we continue our daily spiritual practices together, leading to an evolution of consciousness, we will all go through some level of the shaman’s death depending on what your soul’s destiny is.

We will all be led on how to go past the containment of the ego. We cannot rush this. We can support each other to be a true presence that has nothing to do with outcome. For any talk about outcome takes us away from the present. And the key to spiritual potential lives in the present moment, the present breath, the present circumstances.

In this way we can truly step into the role of shaman/healer/mystic of being a hollow bone that allows for spirit to dance through us. We allow the flow of spirit. We do have innate spiritual abilities that can heal all that needs healing. But have we closed the door to those deep spiritual realms with our busy minds?

Through finding stillness we can open the door again. Stillness and being in the present is key!

The stillness also creates a natural flow of energy. In truth our bodies have all the cellular information needed to heal. The earth also knows how to heal itself. It truly is our interference in the flow of energy that blocks the natural healing process from happening. There are many benefits to going within, finding the stillness, and allowing spiritual energy to flow.

As I hear from so many people we are all experiencing changes in our lives. Some of the changes involve a loss of relationship, job, a dream, and some are experiencing health challenges.

All these changes involve some form of death which carves away our ego like a river going through and changing the landscape. These deaths do open us to a deeper place of spirit.

Sometimes when we go through these changes we move to a place of disillusionment and start to complain about what life has brought to us instead of understanding that everything that life brings is for us. It is important for our growth and spiritual development to go through the deaths we are all experiencing consciously. It is important to flow with changes instead of resisting the changes.

As I said earlier I have been moving in and out of the shadow states of dissatisfaction. When I visited my helping spirits they gave me an assignment for one week. And I was encouraged to share this assignment with all of you.

The assignment is for one week to see the beauty in everything. No matter what is happening in your life or in the world stretch your imagination to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

One of the core principles of the Medicine for the Earth work is that your perception creates your reality. It is important for us to shift our perception to experience the beauty, awe, and wonder of life. This oftentimes involves a stretch of our imagination. We were given our God given gift of imagination to use and to create with. So let’s create beauty instead of dissatisfaction. Experience how your perception changes leading to a change in your reality.

A path of beauty will begin to unfold in your life that goes beyond outer circumstances.

Do this for one week and notice what happens for you. You might decide that the effects in your own life bring enough rewards to continue to live this ancient spiritual practice.

The full moon is August 24. Take some time “to be” and drop into the depth of your spirit. Dance, sing, or maybe take a walk in nature to leave your ordinary life and thoughts behind you. Experience yourself fully connected to the spiritual energies that flow through you filled with unlimited potential. The light that shines through you is uncontained. Allow it to move, dance, radiate. Connect with the field of oneness. And experience that light weaving within the earth through deep roots. Experience the light weaving throughout the entire planet. Feed the light of the earth. Experience the true beauty of earth, air, water, and the sun which give us life. Experience the beauty of all of life.

Let us continue to project beauty, joy, peace, and health to our global community working together in service to all of life.

And let’s continue our transfiguration work radiating light into our global community.

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