One of the core teachings of the Medicine for the Earth work is that everything manifests in the spiritual before manifesting in the physical.

About 5 years ago I wrote that the fabric of reality is breaking down. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes are creating an unweaving of the fabric of life. Organizational structures are falling apart and there is a great deal of disillusionment in government and religious organizations.

We are continuing to experience major earth changes as with the recent earthquakes in different parts of the world and the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.

True shamans work on the creating new fabric of realities and continue to work on the web of life. Looking at patterns of disharmony they use art, song, dance, and dreaming to change the frequency of the patterns of the entire web.

With the work we have been doing together we are changing the collective fabric which requires changing our thoughts and daydreams as we work to create a new fabric of reality in the invisible realms which will manifest into the physical world to replace all that is unraveling. In this way we build an invisible world of substance that manifests as a new physical reality.

There are many of us who only want to look at making external changes. There are of course actions we can take to change what is happening on the planet. With some actions and healing work it is like going around and just treating symptoms without looking at the deeper level of the challenge and the illness.

When we use our thoughts, words, and daydreams to build an invisible world of substance we go to the core of reweaving a new fabric reality.

If there are not people who are willing to be the dreamers than what will our future be? And as the necessary and evolutionary breakdowns keep occurring what is the vision for the future? There must be a collective holding a new vision.

It is essential for those of us who are called to dream and reweave a new fabric of reality to keep working on building an invisible world of substance. And I wrote about the creation methods I use in both Medicine for the Earth and in my new book How to Thrive in Changing Times.

I do believe that it is important to take some time to reflect on the invisible world of substance you have been building.

In a journey I got an interesting exercise to try. I have tried this exercise before and it has been very revealing to me.

When I wrote “Medicine for the Earth” I included some of Neville’s work about the power of working with our imagination in the chapter on creation and manifestation.

Neville speaks about the importance of seeing ourselves as the writer, actor/actress/ director/ producer of our lives.

The exercise I was given was to take one day and really be observant to everyone you engage with in this day. Reflect on how every person who comes into your life this day was written into this day’s “script” by you.

Observe and think about what each person is reflecting back to you.
What parts of your invisible world of substance manifested for you?

With the significant relationships in your life – family, friends,
loved ones – how did you “script” them into your life story? What dream and intention did you manifest in your life? What parts of your subconscious beliefs and lessons are they mirroring?

It really takes the principle of we are dreaming our lives into being into a day to day reality.

This topic of how we build an invisible world of substance as well as looking at yourself as the writer and the dreamer of your life is very interesting and can also trigger some reactions.

For some people can feel as if they are being blamed for creating challenging situations in their lives. Guilt is not a healthy emotion and guilt only creates more challenges.

We need to replace the belief in blame, guilt, and shame. If we can understand that there are a variety of beliefs we picked up from the collective that we write into our life script. And working through these beliefs is part of our adventure in life. There are so many teachings we get through the challenges. Growth and evolution come through the letting go of old beliefs and moving into new birth.

When you really take some time to go within and examine what inner states of consciousness and beliefs are being reflected in your outer world then real change can happen. Life is simply a mirror. All that the mirror is showing is aspects of your inner self. And the more you are willing to move into a process of self examination the more you will find the mirror showing you your divine nature.

I really want to encourage you to continue to look at the core beliefs and attitudes that live in your subconscious as you continue to do your dreaming work. For as I have written many times we create what we believe.

We carry within us sabotaging beliefs that we picked up at a preverbal age. These beliefs tend to defeat our efforts to create a new life. Beliefs like we do not deserve good things or that we do not have the ability to create change are not useful to us as we continue our dreaming work.

Think about a garden. The seeds that are planted that grow and have deep roots end up blossoming into very strong plants. The roots of our dreams must have deep roots in order to grow into the world we want to live in. If our sabotaging beliefs have stronger and deeper roots than the roots of our dreams our garden will be filled with plants that hold the belief of defeat.

We must continue to examine our inner garden and work with the old plants that have been seeded with defeat and replace them with plants filled with new dreams.

For those of you who have a copy of How to Thrive in Changing Times I did write a chapter on identifying and releasing our old sabotaging beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve our inner garden.

Remember everything that exists grows from within. A plant or tree grows from a seed that is planted in the earth. A baby grows in the womb. Life just doesn’t appear on the earth. It is essential to continue to work in your inner garden and inner landscape to really examine the seeds that have been planted and that have taken root. For those are the seeds that will grow into the most vibrant and strongest plants.

The full moon is May 27. Let’s continue to transfigure and radiate love into the web of light. Let’s hold the vision and keep our focus on building a new invisible world of substance that reflects the world we wish to live in.

Let’s continue to project light and divine perfection into our global community as I suggested to all of you in the April Transmutation News.

For those of you new to this page please read Creating A Human Web of Light on this site for instructions on our monthly full moon ceremony for the planet and for each other in our global community.

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