The last issues of the Transmutation News have been full of information and suggestions of practices. I am hoping you have found a way to work with some of what I have suggested.

Some of the key points I have written about are:

We build an invisible world of substance with our thoughts, words, and daydreams. This invisible world of substance ends up manifesting on a physical level.

We must keep feeding that invisible world of substance with positive dreams that will produce and lead to the world we wish to live in. So whether you are dreaming about your own life, a particular place on the planet, or the planet itself dream a good dream!

A community of healthy cells can keep toxic energies from moving into the physical body and the planet itself. Keep doing your transfiguration work to create a healthy community of cells in your own body. And find ways to work in your community to create a strong, radiant, and coherent community. As a community we can move through the changing times with grace and ease.

We cannot heal another person as healing comes from within. We can stimulate the radiance of others by being a light ourselves. We saw this with the case story Dory shared in the March Transmutation News. And I have collected many other case studies which demonstrate the power of working with spiritual light.

And it is also important to truly understand that we cannot save another person. We can only inspire others to find their radiance and creative potential. This is a hard one for many of us in the Western world to embrace. We tend to want help people change but in reality we can only change ourselves. And when we change ourselves we stop reacting to the behaviors of other people and the changes we make inside ourselves also ripple throughout the entire web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News you might read over the January, February, and March columns to see what I wrote about the above teachings.

Recently upon waking up from a dream I had a spontaneous vision. In this vision I saw a matrix of light throughout the entire earth. This is similar to the web of light we have been weaving during our full moon ceremonies. But it was more of a visceral experience than I had before. And the light was so alive, vibrant, and electric. I saw this light as something that has been created by the earth herself. It is ever present and cannot be damaged.

With this vision came a message. I was told that it is always our choice to absorb light from this matrix and radiate light into this matrix. Or we have the choice to get caught up in a denser frequency of the pain and suffering. It is when we choose to see beyond the pain and to experience this perfect matrix that we too can join in with the earth in experiencing a higher frequency of light. And thus our life and all life is changed. I was told we must make a clear choice.

This is of course similar to what I have been writing about on the Transmutation News and in my books. But I really experienced this matrix on a deeper level than I had before. It was such a strong vision and I really got how radiant and healthy this matrix is. If we just choose to tap into this dimension of the earth we would bring forth a whole new vision and experience for all life.

This month make a choice to shift your perception about the earth and life that is beyond suffering. Reach into the dimension of a pure radiant matrix of light. Experience that. Absorb that light for it has no end and cannot be depleted. Radiate light back into it. Notice how you feel changed doing this. And know as you do this you shift the entire web of life.

I also engage in the practices I write about in the Transmutation News. And I have been encouraging you to not just radiate light and love but to absorb light and love. Giving and receiving is all one cycle and we must learn to receive if we really want to give.

Last month I had an experience with absorbing light. I was sitting one night and reflecting on my life. All of a sudden I found myself in a state of fear about something going on. The fear was not overwhelming but it was present. So I decided to absorb in some of the light that our global community has been radiating. And it felt so good and the fear dissolved quickly.

The next morning I woke up immediately thinking about how I have been disappointed by others in my past. I realized that this disappointment was being triggered by opening up to receive from our circle. When I opened up I think it brought up to me past times in my life when I opened to receive before and felt disappointed.

I journeyed to my helping spirits to ask about my experience. And I had a powerful journey about how when we work with formless energy one can never be disappointed.

When the sun shines in the sky it gives life to everything on earth. And all life forms on earth can choose to absorb that light that is being unconditionally given. The formless light of the sun has no agenda except to give. And all life forms have no agenda except to receive and absorb the light so that they can thrive.

As humans when we come together as egoic beings we often have agendas about the results of our giving as well as our receiving. And whenever there is an agenda there is the possibility we might not get what we want leading to disappointment.

But in working with the formless, with divine light which is unconditional there is no agenda except to give unconditionally and to receive unconditionally.

My spirits said that working with divine light, as we have been doing is a wonderful way to learn how to give unconditionally and receive unconditionally. And then once we learn how to do this with the formless we can translate this into working with everything in our lives. For working in this way trains us to surrender all our agendas and stay open to the endless and unpotentiated flow of universal energy.

In November of 2009 and February of this year I taught a workshop with my husband Woods Shoemaker on working in community using the material out of How to Thrive in Changing Times. The key reason of gathering people together for the workshop was to create an experiment of what would happen if the community present agreed to bring the Medicine for the Earth work into their lives everyday and committed to each person in the group to do so? And what would happen if we transfigured and radiated light into our circle daily? And what would happen if we projected good health, joy, peace, success, light, love in seeing each person in our circle on a daily basis?

For myself I have found that being part of this daily commitment has made a big difference in my life. My times of reaction to challenges have become less and less. I can radiate light into situations that trigger me very quickly. I feel like so many burdens that I carry on my shoulders have dropped off. And I feel a joy radiating from deep within me.

Although these circles working together had an opportunity to meet each other and spend four days together we can still bring this commitment into our global circle. We don’t need to have met each other for we are part of an invisible collective that transcends time and space.

What would happen if the thousands of readers of the Transmutation News made a decision to create a small altar that represented all the readers of this monthly column? And/or you can carry a crystal in your pocket throughout the day where you can be reminded of our circle and work with the crystal to radiate light.

And then daily to:
Let us ask “What if” questions which open the doors of possibility in the universe. What if we joined together and projected abundance, joy, light, love, peace, and good health, etc. in our circle? What if we radiated light daily into our circle? And what if we did this with focused intention? We allow ourselves to get so distracted. What if we held our concentration and focus when working with our intentions?

Project that each person in our community is successful, filled with joy, love, light, peace, and is healthy. As humans we project onto others. If we shift our perception to project positive qualities onto others we allow them to grow into their full potential.

For those of you who need more of an explanation here is an example. I was teaching a workshop once and one participant came up to me and said you look very tired. I immediately felt fatigue taking over me. And then one participant came up to me and said you look great. You look so radiant and filled with energy. Immediately I felt radiant and great!

We are going to either see others as struggling or as radiant. Why not project the best on each other in our circle and feed our strengths!

And make a decision to radiate and perceive radiant light in our circle. Keep creating “strong cells” in our community by transfiguring and seeing our global community as divine and radiant light.

This does not take time. This just takes minutes a day to perceive our circle in divine perfection. I use my altar that has a stone or crystal on it to represent the circle so that I have a focus while I am doing my transfiguration work.

I do not send light to anyone. I experience my divine light and shine like a star whose light radiates forth into our global community.

Let’s try to make a deeper commitment to our circle and on a daily basis experience our whole community in divine perfection. And then as part of our community absorb the light that is being radiated. And experience how you feel strengthened and empowered by the work. If you feel a positive change in your life this will keep you committed to engaging in this practice more and more.

I am asking you to focus more on our community on a daily basis versus just once a month. And I also recognize that each of you will find what works best for you. If you only participate in our monthly full moon ceremony that feeds our circle too.

The full moon is April 28. Let’s experience the web of light we have been weaving as radiant and healthy and strong. There is a matrix of light that supports this planet. Let’s make a choice to engage fully and become one with this matrix of light that fills the earth.

For those of you new to the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light which gives instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony including healing work for those in need in our circle.

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