We are coming to the end of a pretty wild year. As I have been teaching a lot and in communication with teachers, practitioners, and students I am aware that it is almost like an endless string of challenges have been presenting themselves.

I myself continue to be presented with people and situations that reflect the shadow aspects of life. And dealing with daily issues that arise I find myself being asked to stay very present and just rise to the occasion with each situation. It has been a time for me to stand up and speak my truth. And I also have been surrendering to all that life is bringing to me right now and willing to experience the teaching that comes with each new challenge. I find that as I can experience the teachings that life brings I can make new choices that lead to a healthier way of being in the world. And I believe this holds true for all of us.

For I believe that for all of us who are walking a spiritual path we are also on a continued path of initiation. These initiatory experiences create a shift in consciousness. And in going through the rite of passages we are being faced with letting go of relationships and ways of life that are not healthy and harmonious.

There really isn’t a choice about going through an initiation. A metaphor would be saying that you want to get off an airplane while flying at 30,000-40,000 feet. The journey is in motion and can’t be stopped. The more you stop resisting what life brings to you the easier it is to reach within yourself and allow your spirit to guide you step by step through the dark places in your life.

Life is change. And life and change are in movement. There is a flow to life. Life is never stagnant. As we learn how to “go with the flow” instead of resisting the flow of energy we suffer less. Some people are trying to hold on to an old way of life and some have let go and are now grieving the loss as old ways of life that no longer serve dissolve away.

When we are guided by our egos we are truly misguided. When we are guided by our spirit and divine knowing we move from denser states of consciousness. But as we move from denser states of consciousness, what we need to say good bye to what will be presented to us.

It is important to remember the practices that can be supportive to you during these changing times. Watch your train of thought and where your thought process is leading you to. Be observant to the words that you use to describe your life and the world. Be diligent in staying true to the power of the spiritual work you engage in for that will determine the outcome of where you move to during this initiatory phase of life.

Read books and listen to lectures that inspire you. For it is so easy in the midst of life challenges to forget what you have learned. And you might need the words of another to help you remember to stay true to your spiritual path.

This is a time on the planet where we must gather our spiritual strength and stay focused and centered. Do what you need to do to get the support you need right now to remember the truth of who you are. You are divine light and you are one with the creative force of the universe. You are loved and you came here to love as well as shine your spiritual light. Your ego is being carved away so that you can be a beacon of light. As you surrender to life’s initiations the path inward to your inner light, knowing, and love will be obvious to you. It is in the resistance that the path becomes cloudy. It is in the resistance that we experience fear and pain. Surrender brings peace.

Last month I wrote about the evolution to become one pulsation of loving light. As you do this you will notice that your frequency starts to change. And as I wrote above denser states of consciousness that prevent you from vibrating at a higher level will show themselves to be worked through and healed.

As you experience this pulsation you will notice that you are actually being led to becoming a conscious transmitter. Over the years I have been writing about radiating light. Another level or quality of this radiation is transmission. We have a lot in common with crystals and as humans we transmit frequencies just as crystals do. Typically we transmit all kinds of energies into the world without awareness to what we send.

We have a real opportunity right now as we shift our frequency and fine tune to purer energies to transmit these beautiful and harmonious energies out to the world.

And if we see ourselves as transmitters of energies we can become more aware of what we are transmitting. We can use discipline to transmit love, light, peace, and harmony. Think of radio waves that go out as concentric circles of energy riding through the airwaves. As you start with focus and discipline this will become more of a flow as it becomes part of how you breathe and walk in the world.

Those of you experiencing challenges might feel that it is hard to focus on transmitting the positive into the world. You might have felt that you have lost your way and your vision. Remember that each path is walked step by step. Find a very small step you can take to return to the divine within. Find a very small step to take to begin to transmit divine light into the world.

I have written about the science of neuroplasticity. The scientific community now understands that the brain is flexible and that we can heal ourselves by creating new neural pathways. And one way new neural pathways are created is by changing your thought patterns leading you away from your thoughts of despair and defeat to thoughts that will lead you to success.

A very simple way to begin this process is to think of good memories like the first time you ate ice cream, saw snow, saw a butterfly, saw a beautiful sunrise or sunset, smelled a beautiful flower or scent, heard birds singing, etc.

This month let us join together to think about some good memories about this past year. Instead of focusing on what did not work for you think about at least one good thing that did happen for you. Think about something beautiful you saw, felt, heard, smelled, and tasted.

Let us start to create new neural pathways of the collective conscious and begin to move forward in our energetic pulsation to experience a transformation into living a consciousness of love, harmony, peace, and honor and respect in the coming year.

We can make it happen as we expand our energy field to become one with the energy of each other and pulsate to create transformation. And this means that there are deaths we will experience as a collective. But with all death comes a rebirth like the phoenix that rises out of the fire into a new life.

December 21 is both the full moon and the winter solstice. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere you are celebrating the beginning of summer.

Here is what I was guided to share with you to celebrate the winter solstice or the summer solstice.

Think about a public figure who is very successful in putting change into motion. This figure could be one who you like or dislike. The changes they are making might be in alignment with creating harmony on the planet. Or you might choose a person whose decisions, principles, policies are actually destructive to the planet. Basically you are looking for a person who is exhibiting great power.

Study their energy. Really sink in to how they operate energetically. You will notice they are filled with a passionate fire. They might be using it to create peace or harmony or they might be using it for personal gain. What you want to experience is how strong their inner fire or their inner sun is.

Learn from them. And then during the solstice start to set an intention to stoke the inner fire within you. For as a spiritual community we must move into a place where we are passionate about making transformative changes in the world. We must be people of power.

As we stoke our inner fire, our inner sun, we fuel our creative power in the world. And then let’s join our fires together as we continue to use our imagination to use our senses to draw down, to create, to manifest a world filled with harmony as if it is here right now. We have to be passionate and filled with love to fuel the power of creation.

And then the pulsation of energy we can create together becomes strong enough to move through the world in a transformative way.

As we stoke our inner fire, our inner sun let us join together on December 21 as a pulsation of light that strengthens the web of light we have been weaving together as a global community for over 10 years now.

Let us transmit light and love into our global community continuing to project good health and success into our circle empowering all of us to continue to flow with the new opportunities that are being presented to all of us as we flow into the change of season and the New Year.

Let us join our hearts together in love to acknowledge, honor, and give great gratitude for those who help to donate time and energy to make the Transmutation News available to readers around the world.

Let’s thank and send the best of wishes to Bob Edgar who is the webmaster of www.shamanicvisions.com and Sylvia Edwards the webmaster of www.sandraingerman.com.

Many blessings to:
Eva Ruprechtsberger for coordinating all our translators.
Waltraud Hofer-Pichler who installed the foreign links.
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There is so much work that goes into the translation of so many words. Thank you and may the blessings of your generosity be multiplied many times over to bring peace, love, joy, and abundance into all of your lives.

And many blessings to all of you in our global community who are working in behalf of all of life. We are truly unlimited in all we can accomplish together in love for the planet and for all of life.

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