A few months ago I received a letter from an elderly woman who had found one of my earlier books in the library. She said that her life was full of troubles and her family was suffering from the economic downturn. She was reaching out to me out of desperation and was asking for some advice from me.

I really did not know what to tell her so I sent her as a gift a copy of my book How to Thrive in Changing Times. I was hoping the book would provide some inspiration to keep her moving forward.

I recently received a letter from her that she has redirected her negative thoughts to positive thoughts of love and light. And she says that she has seen results and all is turning around. This work is new to her and she never thought about things in the way that I shared in the book.

The woman who wrote me also said she has shifted her thinking from “I” can to “we” can change what is happening on the earth.

It is always wonderful to hear how simply people can learn the work we are doing together without any prior training and that results come very quickly when one can stay focused.

I do have an appreciation for science and technology. Some of the advances that science and technology have brought to the world have increased the quality of life.

And at the same time some of the methods used in advances in science and technology have made our environment unsustainable. The widespread use of chemicals have polluted the earth, water, and air and is affecting the health of all of life. We have mined the earth for resources in a way that is creating vast devastation around the planet. We have interfered with nature and we are now experiencing the consequences of this.

The good news is that we do have the ability to turn this all around. As part of finding solutions we need to go within to discover the wealth of inner resources where we can tap into our intuition, our programming to survive, and the deep mysteries that reside within.

With the focus only on a rational way of looking at the world, the psychic world and our intuitive abilities have been invalidated. Only what we can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste in the tangible world have been acknowledged as “real”. It is time to bridge science and spiritual work.

But we were all born with amazing spiritual abilities. And now more than ever I think we must tap into our resources to find the solutions to how we can transform what is happening on the planet and create a sustainable environment again so that all life might thrive.

Part of this journey has to do with trusting our inner guidance and the wealth of information that lies within. For most of us need to “see it” before we “believe it”. But now we need to “believe” before we will “see” the impact of our work.

We must explore the inner worlds to find true wealth, joy, and health. And once we experience those states within us then we can project them onto the outer world. For the outer world will mirror back to us what lives within. This is more than trying to visualize or to try to force change with our thoughts. This is about sinking into a true experience that will be mirrored back.

We must embrace the teachings of shamans and mystics who always taught that all the riches we are looking for in the outer world actually lie within each of us.

We must explore the invisible realms of spirit which are beyond the rational and tangible and wake up dormant abilities that lie within us. And as we wake up to our abilities and learn to set healthy intentions we can create the power needed to transform what is happening on the planet by working as a collective instead of by working alone. We magnify our power by working together as a collective.

There has been a great deal of research of what happens when a group holds an intention versus an individual working alone. And all of us who have worked with healing in group ceremonies know this first hand. This has always been a teaching in shamanism.

First we must learn to master and explore the inner worlds before we can truly understand the power of projection and how “the within” creates “the without”. And then we can join together as a collective to create powerful change.

People are already waking up the need to go within. I am constantly hearing from people who I meet from all walks of life, the wish for a quieter and simpler life.

I think the times will continue to draw us within for this is the next step of our evolutionary process. For as we discover our true nature of divine light and spirit we will experience our reflection in the outer world as was intended by our creator.

One of the most important keys is for us to experience deep changes within us on a cellular level which is beyond the rational mind. It is important for us to be the change versus thinking about the change. We often try to see things in our minds instead of embracing the feeling of the changes.

When we can experience the changes going on our vibration changes. And changing our vibration is what attracts different energies and events into our lives. For the universe always mirrors back to us our inner state of being.

Last month I wrote that finding stillness is key. And to that I would like to add that learning how to live life fully is also key.

Our trust in ourselves must lead the way. We must move from a place of believing that others have the answers and more power than us to unshakeable faith in ourselves and our ability to create positive change.

Many of us bought into a collective belief that we are not good enough and we can’t trust ourselves. We must shake this belief from ourselves like a branch of a tree will shake off any leaves or fruit that need to be let go of for the health of the tree.

In this powerful time of fall make a choice to shake off any beliefs that you have that prevent you from having complete trust and faith in yourself.

Shake off any beliefs that prevent you from fully stepping into your full power and joining with our incredible global community to create positive change for the planet.

Work on transforming your attitude. Appreciate what you do have instead of focusing on what you are lacking. This appreciation for all you have created will start a new vibration in your body that magnifies abundance instead of lack.

Let’s join together on September 22 during the fall equinox. Perform a personal ceremony or work in a group where you can literally do something physical to shake off and let go of any belief you have that you cannot trust yourself completely. You were born with all the information you need to create health, joy, and well being for yourself and the planet.

It is now the time to tap into your strength and wisdom and let it come forth to light the path so we can all move forward together as a collective.

It is in working as a collective that our exponential strength lies to be in service in the way we know is needed right now.

Once we have faith in ourselves then we also develop a deeper faith in our global community. We create a different vibration where our light can radiate forth from a deeper place.

I know you can feel the truth of these words. All is possible if we believe in ourselves and in our community that has been weaving a web of light for many years now.

Allow the vibration of this light to shine with a higher frequency as we join our hearts and spirit together on September 23 which is the full moon. After we shake off the beliefs that we cannot trust ourselves we can step into our global community with conviction and faith of what is possible. From this place of faith let us continue to weave a web of light within and throughout this great earth.

And from this place of trust and faith in ourselves and our circle let us project the best qualities of success, health, love, light, joy, and peace into our circle and out into the planet touching all of life.

We also continue our healing work for our circle as is written up in the instructions for “Creating A Human Web of Light” on this site.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere I wish you a joyous fall! And for those in the Southern Hemisphere may you enjoy the spring and the birth of new life!

Here is a quote from J. Krishnamurti to inspire us to live our lives to the fullest:

“Do you think a bird lives in fear of dying? Do you think a leaf that falls to the ground is afraid of death?

Do you think a bird lives in fear of dying? It meets death when death comes; but it is not concerned about death, it is much too occupied with living, with catching insects, building a nest, singing a song, flying for the very joy of flying.

Have you ever watched birds soaring high up in the air without a beat of their wings, being carried along by the wind? How endlessly they seem to enjoy themselves!

They are not concerned about death. If death comes, it is all right, they are finished. There is no concern about what is going to happen; they are living from moment to moment, are they not? It is we human beings who are always concerned about death – because we are not living. That is the trouble: we are dying, we are not living.”

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