As we continue to follow what is happening in the outer world it is clear that to use a phrase from indigenous shamans “we are dreaming the wrong dream”.

The incredible violence coming from anger, frustration, and despair keeps growing. The tragedies prominent in the media in Iraq and the new tragedy at Virginia Tech are just two examples. And I don’t think I have to list all the troubled places around the globe. We are aware of what is happening.

The psychic violence that I write about in How to Heal Toxic Thoughts cannot be discounted. And I do believe the weather is mirroring back to us our violent states of consciousness.

Some spiritual traditions teach that the outer world is a dream. I think we can safely say that much of mass consciousness is lost in a bad dream.

I am sure that if people knew how to wake up from this dream they would choose to do so. But so much of mass consciousness is lost in the dream that they don’t even know they are dreaming.

Those of you reading The Transmutation News who engage in spiritual practices and in the Medicine for the Earth work do have the knowledge that the outer world is a dream and the keys to begin waking up from this dream as well as changing the dream.

To continue to get caught up in what is happening in the outer world is actually feeding the bad dream of mass consciousness and is also a way to get lost in that dream.

In March there was the yearly Medicine for the Earth reunion in Santa Fe. I was able to attend for a little while. Isis had brought through a message for the group that I think is relevant for all of us.

She said:

“It is the inner journey that is important. You are still getting caught up in the outer reflection.

The magic happens in the inner worlds and this is where the true light workers and alchemists work. This is where one develops telepathy. This is where magical healings and earth healings occur.

You are still lost in the outcome versus the process. Of course focusing and having vision on outcomes is good. But your outcomes come by your process. Focus more on the process versus the outcome.”

When you travel within, you can meet up with the helping light workers of the earth that come in so many forms. It is a place where we can all work in partnership to truly manifest a new dream.

Through my own journeys and also a key that came from an outside source I seem to be being guided to work with the sense of feeling in working with what I am dreaming into being.

I have been encouraging you to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste the world you want to live in as if it is happening right now.

For this month try focusing on exploring what you want to feel like. Feel the joy and passion that you want to create for the world and for yourself. Really try and get a full body experience of all the feelings you would like to experience. I have found that this is a powerful way to work. As you do this you get a real sense of the energies of creation being birthed.

And it is important to remember that we are working together with a global community. It is not for one person to change the world. We are all in this together and need to support each other and experience ourselves working together. We must continue to hold the space together as mass consciousness searches for a way to wake up from the trance state. We must continue to share the work so that we do not become over burdened or burned out.

Last month we merged with earth during this fertile time of spring. If we truly want to be in service to the earth we must be in full alignment with her. We must move in the world connected to her heartbeat at all times. The more we can be alignment the more information we will receive on what being in service to the earth looks like.

As with our own lives we can see perceive the earth on different levels. We can perceive the earth changes and all that is happening through global warming and overpopulation.

We can also perceive the earth in her divine perfection and evolving and moving into new frequencies.

In merging with the earth you want to shift to the level of earth in her divine perfection and merge with the new frequencies as we did together in 2006. This is the alignment you want to attune with.

And as you continue to merge with earth and her heartbeat and the new frequency she is moving into you want to see how you can stay connected throughout the day.

As is obvious to us all events on the planet show the need to really stay focused on our spiritual work. It is no longer enough to do spiritual practices at certain times of the day. We cannot separate our spiritual life from our ordinary life. They must be merged together so that we are practicing our spiritual work throughout the day. This is key to really creating the changes that are needed to bring us back into harmony. It is the disharmony and how we are not moving in alignment with nature that is causing major problems right now.

I know this is not the first time I am writing this but it is good to be reminded of the need to stay concentrated and focused on our spiritual work.

And of course the best way to stay connected with the earth and nature is to spend more time out in nature. So use whatever opportunities you can to get outside and connect. Communicate with the spirit that lives in all things and give thanks for all you receive from the natural world.

A few weeks ago I had a dream where I was given the message that illness is caused by loneliness.

When I awoke from the dream I thought about this. For I use the words that illness comes from separation and disharmony. I have never actually used the word loneliness as a cause of illness. But it makes perfect sense to me. For we are lonely when we are disconnected from our true nature which is one of unity and divine perfection. It is the ego that gets lonely as we separate from unity and the web of life.

Our transfiguration practice is one way to keep that connection to the divine, which continues to move us to a state of good health on all levels.

The full moon is May 2. We will continue to perform the global transfiguration healing ceremony that I wrote about on the April Transmutation News. We continue our work of creating a human web of light within and throughout the earth. This is such a lovely and important meditation to continue.

If you need instructions for both of these practices please go to the link on the homepage titled “Creating A Human Web of Light”.

In reading the esoteric literature on healing a common theme is the importance of finding practices and affirmations that can be done throughout the day. But it is important not to do any practice from a place of just habit – meaning doing it without adding life and passion to the practice.

So as we continue our monthly full moon practices reflect on how much new energy you keep adding to the work you are doing. Make sure you are not just thinking – oh yes I have to participate in creating a human web of light today. Keep bringing newness, light, and life into the work. We want to make sure we do not participate in any of our spiritual practices from an energy of being half hearted. We want to engage from a place of being whole hearted in everything we do.

Caroline Casey is a brilliant astrologer who wrote the book Making the Gods Work for You. I have had some wonderful astrological readings with her and she has put out some great material to help during these changing times. You can visit her website at: to get more information about her work.

Here is something to think about this month:

“What you think grows.” Emmet Fox

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