When I teach my course on Healing with Spiritual Light I share an important principle from esoteric healing. In esoteric healing a client is perceived as divine light. The practitioner does not recognize illness as to work with a label of illness is to add power to the manifestation of the illness.

When a client does come for a healing, one does not deny or invalidate what the client’s complaint is. But it is important for the practitioner/healer to hold the image and experience of the client’s divine perfection.

If we work like this and acknowledge the client’s divine perfection and light we allow the spiritual light and power to move the client into a higher state where healing is possible. We have many case studies that demonstrate the power of this work.

I have written about Jack Schwarz who had amazing power to heal himself. He wrote in his books that the role of a healer is to assist a client in experiencing his/her own radiance. Roberto Assagioli who was an Italian psychiatrist who lived and worked around the same time of Freud taught that people are already whole. The role of the therapist is to help a patient remember his/her wholeness instead of trying to fix them. He named his form of therapy Psychosynthesis. His work was before the time when people could really understand his theory. And his work was not appreciated until a much later time.

Over the years I have written that there is a paradox in life we must continue to dance with. From a spiritual perspective there is only divinity and perfection. From an egoic perspective we experience pain and suffering. And unless we are a true spiritual master who has moved past the egoic states of separation permanently, we dance through the different states that come from being in oneness and then sometimes experiencing states of separation.

So let’s look at the planet today as our client. On one level we can experience the world as being ill caused by the disharmonious behavior of human beings toward each other and life itself.

We can also rise to another level and experience the spiritual state of unity, oneness, and experience the world and the planet in its divine perfection. And this is what we have been working with together for years now as we work with the material in Medicine for the Earth.

When I have written monthly columns over the years I have used the words raising our frequency and vibration. They are terms now being used by many writers and practitioners but many people do not know what they mean.

I can only explain what they mean for me. And I will use a metaphor from music to talk about the terms of raising frequency and vibration. Someone can pick up a guitar or any string instrument and just start plucking on the strings in a way that truly hurts the ears of people who are listening. The working with the instrument is not done with any intention to play beautiful sounds that go together to create a melody that would create peace, joy, and healing.

But a master musician knows how to play notes that create an energy that creates beauty, healing, peace, and deep emotion in all that listen. The vibration or frequency created is the energy that is manifested. Someone can take me to feeling like I am being of light and love by the music being played that make me feel like my energy is actually vibrating higher. I no longer feel myself as a dense being. The quality of my energy is being tuned to a vibration and frequency of the music being played. I hope you get my point.

Keeping with the metaphor of music, in today’s world there are many different music pieces being played on a regular basis. When one watches the news we get a piece of music being played by the words spoken and images shown that typically bring us into a denser energy field.

In spiritual practices that embrace the principles of unity, oneness, love, light, and divine perfection music is being played with words and teachings that take us in to a lighter energy field that create a feeling of a higher vibration in our bodies.

For years I have written that the energy, frequency, and vibration of the earth is changing. And I have suggested adding to your spiritual practice asking to become one and merge with the new frequencies of the earth.

Many other writers right now are sharing that they feel the frequency of the earth is being raised. And it is something you can feel on a cellular level when you allow yourself to disengage from the chaotic music of the outer world.

My experience is that as the frequency of the earth is being raised it seems like the shadow states are also coming to life. It is like a purging is taking place. So on one level we are seeing people moving into higher states of consciousness and into a more spiritual state of awareness. On another level we are seeing greater states of greed, divisiveness, hate, fear, etc.

So as a spiritual practitioner, if our client is our planet and the state of the world, which states of consciousness do you want to attach to and embrace as you begin your healing practice? Do you choose to focus on the disharmony or do you choose to focus on the perfection and assist the planet to rise up into its divinity and light? The planet is already there. We simply acknowledge and feed the state of harmony, wholeness, and perfection.

Many people in the world have chosen to work on the symptoms. And that is fine for there are many levels we can choose to work on and be in service to the world and the planet.

When working with the principles in the Medicine for the Earth work we do focus on recognizing the divine perfection of all we see and experience.

When working with this way we need to disengage from the drama/trauma aspects of what is going on and rise up to observing life from a higher perspective. I find for myself that it is difficult for me to rise up to another perspective while I continue to allow myself to engage in the problems that come from a state of separation.

As we move into fall and winter this is a good time to look at what you need to disengage from in order to do your spiritual work. Are there people who keep bringing you down to a denser level of consciousness? Are there people and situations that keep pulling you off your path?

When you look into the eyes of indigenous people who are fully engaged with the spiritual world you not only see the light shining as I have written about before. You also see in their eyes that they live in a deep inner world and that they are disengaged from the much of the drama of the outer world.

I fully believe that it is working in the inner worlds where we can create a lot of change on the planet. There are thousands of people around the world from a variety of spiritual traditions who are healing all of life by participating in working in the inner worlds to create light in the web of life and to heal the strands in the web that have been broken. This work is done in an invisible way. These spiritual beings do not look for outer validation and tend to live simple and quiet lives where they do not allow themselves to be distracted by what is happening around them.

This is a powerful way to work. For as I have said many times everything manifests in the spiritual before it manifests in the physical.

I have encouraged you to experiment with ways to travel into the inner worlds to do your spiritual work. The practice of spinning fiber into yarn is a potent way for me to work. As soon as I sit at my spinning wheel I am transported away from the world around me and travel within where the process of creation and manifestation occurs. And as I go there and set my intention to create light, love, peace, joy, and harmony in the world those states begin to be woven into the world.

As we move into a seasonal time on the planet where moving within is being supported on an energetic level consider how you can disengage from situations and people who might be distracting you from doing your spiritual work. Where are you getting pulled off your path? And how can you change your relationship with the world around you that might be more supportive to you in working in the inner worlds? Every time you are pulled out of yourself you lose momentum in the inner work that creates huge planetary changes.

Take some time to consider what I have written. I have written all of this before. We have been working with the practice of transfiguration. We have been looking at how we can transmute our state of consciousness and work with the power of words to shift the energy in the outer world to a state of love, unity, harmony, and light.

Is there is a deeper place insides ourselves that we can travel to meet up with other light workers and continue to build webs and bridges of light?

And a question we must continue to ask ourselves is are we living the principle that we cannot change the world until we change ourselves? How are we doing with this process? And are we a living example of the work?

All of this requires some form of disengaging from denser and separate states of consciousness. And nature is supporting us right now in letting go and surrendering to the inner worlds where all life is born from.

The full moon is October 25. Let’s all set our intention to go as deep into the inner worlds as we can and work together in harmony with many thousands around the world to continue to weave a web of light throughout and around the planet which helps all life evolve to its highest potential.

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