I meet thousands of people between presenting at conferences and teaching workshops. The people I meet range from those known as visionaries in the world based on their writings and lectures to those who are on their own path of evolution. And or course I meet people who work in the outer world who are in service to create change on a variety levels.

One of the conversations I have everywhere I go is how so many of us are not getting visions or insights into the future.

As my own helping spirits keep telling me “you are on a need to know basis”. And they keep reminding me that the future is based on our present actions so the future of where we are going has not been created yet. My spirits also keep me in a place of hope reminding me of all the people who are working to create a harmonious and healthy life and planet.

It is so important to focus on what we are doing right now, today, and each day to insure the creation of our dreams.

Each day acknowledge the spiritual practices you are living which create positive change. You might be working alone or in a group or in a workshop setting. Acknowledge the spiritual information you are acquiring through your own direct revelation, meditations, reading material, messages you hear in lectures, and daily communications.

As we really anchor this information and keep growing into what we are learning and living in each present moment we create a good future for all of life.

For the future is created from our present thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Know and feel the truth of this and do your daily work.

I had a beautiful journey one morning in August. My power animal met up with me and together we watered all the trees and plants on my land with love. We watered all the people I love and creative projects I have been involved in with love.

It was a beautiful feeling to “water with love”. Of course the watering was a metaphor as I was sharing my energy with love.

I keep writing and teaching about shining our light in the world. And so much is known about the power to fuel creative manifestations and dreams if your heart is really in it.

Here is an exercise to try this month. In Medicine for the Earth in the chapter on Creation I ask you write a creation story. I want you to continue your work with this. Imagine yourself as the creator of the world looking down on this planet. And imagine yourself birthing different life forms including the elements from a true place of love. Be in love with your creations. Now write a story about how you created the world from love.

And now let’s put this all into practice. When you eat see yourself energetically watering your food with love before you eat it. Do the same with the water you drink and everything you take into your body. Energetically water all the people you love, all your creative projects, your house, the land where you live, etc.

Notice changes that occur in your life from energetically feeding your life and everything and everyone around you with love and light.

Gail, a friend, peer, and student of mine has shared some wonderful information with me about the scientific research being done about how brilliant our brains are at making physical and behavioral changes.

I had been following some of the research on mirror neurons which shows how our brains link up when we engage with another person. The research on mirror neurons shows that we are constantly connecting physiologically whenever we interact with others. This is part of what contributes to feeling empathy for others.

There is also information through brain mapping that shows that the brain can make more changes that we have imagined. Some call this neuroplasticity.

Gail had written me that teaching people how to focus soul retrievals on bringing back “the good” versus “purging the bad” is on track with the new information emerging. She also wrote that my emphasis in Welcome Home helps to construct and utilize healthier neural pathways.

She gave me the title of a very readable book on the subject, which I did order and read with great excitement. The book is titled The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. Viking Press, New York published it in 2007.

I loved the book and what really excited me is that through brain mapping it can now be shown that the brain doesn’t really know the difference between action and imagination. Great changes can be made with working with imagination.

Based on this I really want to encourage you to focus on the creation work I wrote about in Chapter 8 on Imagination in Medicine for the Earth. Using the power of your mind you do have potential to create a healthier and more joyful life for yourself. But it takes concentration, focus, and persistence to break down the old beliefs and create the new neural pathways that support new healthier patterns in your life.

I am very excited about the new findings coming out through brain mapping. I know I have been writing about focusing on our strengths and gifts for many years now. But now I feel inspired to deepen this work in myself and with the work I teach. I plan to focus a lot on this in my new workshop in February in Santa Fe titled: Rejuvenation and Finding Inner Stability During These Changing Times.

I can see how we can use the assistance of our shamanic journeys and working with helping spirits to create new neural pathways in the brain to create positive change in our lives.

This workshop is listed in The Training and Announcement Section of my 2008 schedule.

 The full moon is September 26. Let’s continue to gather our energies and transfigure into pure light and love to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth. And let’s continue our global healing circle on this day, which is written up on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

 It is quite amazing that we are already looking at celebrating the fall equinox on September 23. To celebrate this seasonal transition I will ask you to review the spiritual work you have done and what you created in this year. For it is now time to let fall back into the earth all that you have produced to feed the earth with love. And then the earth can regenerate during the time of winter to produce new life that will be born from all the love that you have fed it.

 My 2008 calendar is now up on my homepage under the Training and Announcement Section.  Please check it out.

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