On July 17 there was a worldwide ceremony to create planetary healing by focusing for one hour on joy and gratitude. What a wonderful event to create great ripples throughout the entire web of life.

I think it is great that people are getting spiritual information to do such global ceremonies and wake people up to the need of meditating on joy and gratitude.

And I want to keep creating a continual reminder that these global community ceremonies are potent but the most potent form of healing is living the work. It is one thing to meditate on joy and gratitude for an hour it is another thing to continue to experience what you on in gratitude for continually throughout the day. We need to keep building on the inner energies created.

But we all have to start somewhere and I do believe that as people join in to creating these global ceremonies people will start to wake up to the power of focusing on joy, appreciation and gratitude, honor, and respect for life and our great planet.

There has been a lot on the news about different environmental disasters happening. There was the earthquake in Japan in July that ended up with the leakage of nuclear waste into the environment. There has been a lot of coverage of the extreme drought in the Western part of the United States. And there was a devastating storm that created many millions of dollars of damage in New Zealand also displacing a large part of the population. These are just a few among many other environmental issues occurring all over the planet.

Our planet continues to undergo great environmental change. And I was brought back to a time in my own life when my health started to fail in different parts of my body and the teachings that came from that.

About 15 years ago I started getting different infections in my body. I had an eye infection, a sinus infection and a kidney infection. At the same time I kept getting recurring bouts of the flu. I was visiting different doctors for each different issue so no one was connecting the dots.

About a year later I suffered an injury where I hurt my shoulder. I was in severe pain. After months of treatment with my osteopath he said to me that the injury was not bad enough to not be healing and he felt something else was going on in my body.

So he sent me for a blood test to get my thyroid tested. It turned out my thyroid was not functioning creating problems with my immune system and also not having the energy in my body to allow healing for my shoulder.

My thyroid function was so low that from a medical standpoint I should not have been able to get out of bed. And I was traveling and teaching about 40 workshops a year.

There were a couple of things I learned from this experience. One was how the power of will can keep us moving through extreme circumstances instead of stopping to really look at what is happening and what is needed.

And I also saw how by not looking at the core of a problem but only looking at individual symptoms can lead to missing the true treatment needed that cures the core problem versus chasing and trying to handle symptoms. The body is a complete organism and one cannot just look at what is happening in one organ alone and expect to create long term healing.

I also had to look at every level of my life to create true healing. I had to explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life that had created such physical exhaustion. And I had to look at what my body needed to move into being supported so I could thrive versus being dragged around.

I learned about the strength of my own spirit and how my spirit not only helped me move and continue my life during that time but also how the strength of my spirit had helped me survive other great challenges in my past.

We cannot split the planet up into different countries. The earth is one organism. Just like you must look at the body as an organism and not just treat separate organs we must treat the earth as an organism. So what is happening in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand is happening to the entire organism.

And we must acknowledge that the environmental changes and the extreme increase in all kinds of disease that are hitting the human, animal, and plant population are being caused by disharmony.

We must continue to search for solutions for the pollution problems that are effecting the environment of earth and the internal environment of the physical bodies of all living beings.

And we must keep examining the core changes we all must make in our spiritual and emotional behavior toward ourselves and all of life. We must look at whether we really appreciate the lives we were given and how much we complain throughout the day instead of live in gratitude.

We must look at how much we honor every part of the web of life. For we are all linked together and the health of each individual life form on earth does effect the health and well being of all other life forms.

We must look at the energy of our thoughts that we send out throughout the day. Who and what situations do you send “ill will” to? Who do we think “ill” of? We cannot get lazy about observing the energy we are sharing in the world and we must continue to work on transforming the energy throughout the day.

The more we can wake up to the importance of working on the invisible levels the more we can help to create exponential change on the planet. Just looking at how we can create less carbon emissions by the year 2020 is not enough. Yes, we have to look at the physical changes we need to make to support our environment. But too much is happening too fast for this to be the only aspect to look at. We must approach looking at all levels that impact the body, mind, and spirit levels of our behavior remembering that from a spiritual level our outer world is a reflection of our inner state.

I know I keep repeating myself on writing about this but we need to remember this and work with this on a daily basis. To only address one aspect of the problem right now is not enough.

We can continue to keep “powering through” and surviving from a place of will to a point until there is physical collapse on all levels. Or we can treat our earth and all living beings as one organism and look at what the organism needs to be healed and move into creating the energy that leads to the ability to thrive.

We have a strong spirit. And our spirit does have the ability to help us find ways to create change. I will say once again the spiritual practices we engage in throughout the day does create change. So please keep up the work you already know how to do on a daily basis.

And we must remember that we are working in partnership with many helping spirits including ancestral helping spirits and the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire. We must remember to connect with the spirits that want to team up with us to create positive healing and changes. We are not in this alone.

We must continue to find practices that keep us centered and help us to maintain our focus when the distractions of what is happening in the outer world start to throw us off balance and into a state of fear. We must stay focused on the work, our intention, and our vision.

I would also like you to review what I wrote in the February Transmutation News on the importance of holding the space. It is another focus that should become part of our daily spiritual practice. And it will help to support the process of remaining centered.

Keep reviewing the practices that I have written about on the Transmutation News and in Medicine for the Earth and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. And be inspired by other sources you have found that keep you moving forward with your spiritual life.

And we must remember the teachings that have survived for thousands of years taught by all spiritual traditions. The power of love has the ability to create more change that any healing method. For the key to healing is love. Methods alone do not cure. And it is so important to keep shining our light in the world. Be a light, embrace your light, and shine it.

On that note we continue to weave a human web of light within and throughout the earth on the full moon which is August 28. And we continue the healing work with each other to help us all remember and get in touch with our divine perfection and spiritual light. If you need instructions to do this work please visit the section titled “Creating A Human Web of Light” on my homepage.

The Transmutation News has been translated into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovakian, Portuguese, and Dutch for years now. We now have someone in Romania who wants to make the Medicine for the Earth work and the Transmutation News available to the Romanian community. So we will be adding this onto to our worldwide link. We really are a global community supporting each other in many ways to hold the space and do the spiritual healing work needed that we know creates positive change.

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