I was teaching and traveling in Europe for the month of October. So I wrote the Transmutation News for this month before I left on my trip.

I journeyed on what might be important to share for this month. When I met up with my helping spirits a message was immediately given.

The hope is that you had a chance in October to work with letting go of what distracts you from being able to go deep into your inner world. And that you had a chance to travel into the inner worlds and do the work I had suggested.

The next step is to fully emanate the light from within. We have been doing that for years now but my spirits suggested that we broaden our energy fields. I have been writing about shining your light when you are in the grocery store, the bank, etc. Now we want to expand the light emanating from us to fill the world.

In the past I have shared with you my definition of the spiritual aspect of ourselves. For me our spirit is who we are beyond our body, mind, and past experiences. This part of ourselves is naturally expansive and has no boundaries. And it is a part of ourselves that cannot be seen with the visible eye but others can feel this presence around us.

To remain “invisible” in the world we stuff our naturally expansive spirit into our bodies to clothe our essence. As we allow that invisible part of us to expand forth we change the world by our sacred presence. For our spirit is divine and sacred.

I know those of you reading the Transmutation News are from many different cultures. And most of us reading this column grew up in cultures who on some level taught us to contain our energy. Words might not have been actually been spoken about this. But we were given many messages in unspoken ways that taught us to keep our energy in, don’t stand out, and don’t shine your light too bright.

This way of being in the world has been a way to conform to society and has been an important way of surviving. But what would the impact on our own personal health and the health of the planet be if we all decided to really expand our energy and not contain it. And if we allowed our light to fully flow as far and wide as possible. In some way we have been doing this in our monthly full moon meditation of Creating a Human Web of Light. But I am suggesting a different aspect of the work. Instead of connecting with a web of light you just want to experience your own inner light being projected throughout the world.

If your energy has been very contained through your life meaning you keep your energy in and don’t allow it to emanate and hide your light, you need to take some time to work on this. Everyday allow your energy and light to go a bit further. You might start by experiencing your energy completely filling your house or apartment. And then allowing it to fill your neighborhood, and then your city, and then keep letting it expand. At first try this for a few minutes a day and notice how you feel.

My spirits shared with me this is a good way to focus our energies together to continue to create positive change on the planet. Changes in the environment are moving fast. We must exponentially increase the focus on our spiritual practices which create positive change. If everything is energy we have a choice about what with do with it. We can project the energy of anger and fear or we can project love into the world.

And we can take this same teaching into our work with dreaming the world we want to create into being. We experience with all our senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling the fragrances, and tasting the tastes of a world filled with harmony, peace, light, love, equality, and abundance for all. Just like a seed that grows in the earth or a fetus that grows in the womb at the time of the birth the plant or living being bursts forth into the world.

As we learn how to expand our energy into the world in the same way we can project our dreams for the earth into the world. Experiment with projecting out those inner dreams this month.

The full moon is November 24. Let’s use the principles of this month’s Transmutation News and use the flowing of our light to connect with the light of others to continue to weave a web of light throughout the planet. And let’s continue to use this emanation of light to heal those in our circle who have placed themselves in our inner circle asking for healing and help as is written up in Creating A Human Web of Light.

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