As we begin to move into spring, it seems like this winter has passed very quickly.

This winter has seemed to be very intense for people. I do not believe that I have heard so many people going through difficult times as I have been in touch with these last few months.

It seems to me that as we are all growing and changing there is a lot of transformation happening on very deep levels. And this has not been an easy time for many.

Some of you who have been writing to me are going through the opposite. You have been through tough growing pains and are now getting the rewards of all the healing work you have been doing.

The one thing we can always be sure of in life is that everything changes. There is a natural ebb and flow that we are part of.

Last year Isis told me that I needed to teach people how to surf. And I feel that is what I have been doing. There have been intense winter storms in many parts of the world. But as I am in touch with so many students there are also intense internal storms that have been touching many also.

These storms are creating giant waves of energy to ride. I have found myself challenged by new energies that I have had to ride these last few months. And I have had to work harder than usual to stay centered and focused. I have been so grateful to have the spiritual practice I work with and the love of the spirits around me. For I truly trust that I am being held always in the loving arms of the universe.

Those of you reading this website have tools to work with. And if you are facing challenges in your life right now it is important to work with the spiritual practices you have learned.

I know during challenging times it is hard to stay focused. But it is so important to remember that the only way out is through. Even if you can only do one small thing each day to keep your energy moving that is great.

I find myself doing more physical exercise as this helps to keep my nervous system in balance as I work through the intense energies I feel are present in my life.

And I also think it is so important to remember that you not only being held in the loving arms of the universe but also being held in the collective love and divine light we have created as a community.

I have found over the last few months that the power of my long distance healings have grown stronger. So I do believe that we can create a lot of healing as we focus our energies together as we work outside of time and space.

On this note I have decided to add a practice for us to do on the full moon. We will continue to weave a web of light within and throughout the planet. And to that I would like to add doing a monthly healing circle for those reading the Transmutation News who would like some support during these changing times.

And here is how I envision such a circle. I suggest that on the full moon, at some point during the day or evening, everyone who feels that they need some healing help to imagine yourself lying down in the midst of a loving circle of our community. Remember we are an international community with people reading the Transmutation News in many different languages.

And I will call upon those of you who feel that you can do some work in behalf of our community asking for help. At some point during the day or evening you want to imagine that you are standing together in an outer circle of helpers. As we are working outside of time and space the time you do this does not matter.

Do your transfiguration practice where you go inside and experience that you are source and divine light and perfection. You can experience yourself as a being of light with your hands facing towards those lying in the middle.

In doing this work we acknowledge the divine perfection of all lying in the inner circle. On one level they might be experiencing suffering. But it is important to remember that on a spiritual level we are all divine light with the ability to transform whatever energies are effecting us in our lives. And by doing our transfiguration work we lift all asking for help to a higher frequency.

I would suggest we do this every full moon. As the full moon is early this month and is March 3 some of you might not have read this page yet. So I suggest we do the healing circle again on the spring equinox which is March 20.

We are moving once again into a cycle of rebirth and spring. And it is important to tend our gardens and plant our seeds. It is so important that we truly believe in every cell of our body that we are creating a good and healthy garden. The seeds we plant are our intentions.

Spend some time this month getting clear on your intention for your life and for all of life on the planet. Really meditate and journey on the intentions you want to see grow. Look at the beliefs you are holding that might block the growth of what you want to experience manifest in your life.

Do some work on letting these beliefs go. You can put your blocking beliefs into the fire asking fire to transform the energy into light and love. You can blow the beliefs into the air through blowing bubbles asking for the energy behind your negative beliefs to be transformed into light and love. You can bury them in the earth knowing the earth will compost the energy and turn the energy into light and love. You can ask water to wash and purify your beliefs into energies of love and light.

Use your imagination – the key point is to do the work of purification so you are ready to plant your intentions that you want to see manifested in spring and summer.

Remember in the January Transmutation News I wrote about how the earth expresses beauty. All the energies we are experiencing right now whether they are joyful or painful can be transformed into great beauty.

As we are moving into a new cycle this is a good time to merge with earth where you live. Learn about the changes the earth is going through by becoming earth. Experience how the earth births new energy into great beauty.

And as a world community let’s plant our intention on the spring equinox knowing that we are tending a garden of great beauty.

A friend and student sent me a quote that I wrote in 2004 that I think is timely for some of you. With all the news that can be so distracting and disturbing right now, we must focus on not getting lost in the chaos of our times and continue to tend the garden. New life will be born out of the chaos. Our role is to stay focused on the tending.

The full moon is March 3 and there will be a total eclipse of the moon on this day. So let’s continue our work of weaving a beautiful tapestry of light within and throughout the earth.

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