The process of birth and manifestation of anything starts from within and then is created as an outer manifestation.

Some spiritual traditions teach that everything lies within. Jesus taught how the key to life is within all of us.

When we look at our world today we are still focused on the outer world. When we look at the problem of violence the solutions that are sought are making outer changes. When we look at the focus on global warming solutions are being explored of how to change our outer behavior. When we seek out help in our own lives we typically call on outer healers and also our outer community.

Obviously looking at how to change our outer behavior in the world and how to call on our outer community is important and essential.

All outer structures have a core structure. Healthy trees and plants have strong and healthy root systems. Well- built homes and buildings have a strong foundation. As we continue to look at how to change our outer behavior to create change on the planet we must also look at how to heal the inner and core structure of own consciousness as well as the collective conscious. Our roots and foundation is the consciousness underlying our behavior and actions.

Transfiguration is a direct means to shift our internal and external world. How you can you beat moving into a state of divine light and oneness for creating change?

And with all states of consciousness there are intermediary states to a state of oneness that we can explore. When I had my near death experiences I went to a being I call God. The God I experienced had no experience of me as an individual. This being was just undifferentiated and unconditional love. When I practice shamanic journeying I experience and meet intermediary spirits of the divine or power of the universe. These spirits can help me as an individual looking for healing and guidance in my life.

So there has been an outer cosmology that I was presented with at an early age where I could explore different states that led me to where I am now.

I have been thinking about and meditating on the inner states that are a reflection of the outer world. And what is the inner process that strengthens our core structure that can support the outer changes we make in the world.

For example when one looks at the Internet and the World Wide Web it is an extraordinary way of connecting people around the world. But the web has an inner structure that makes those outer connections possible.

As we look at new fuels that can help our environment and all the new ways that are being presented to “go green” we need to look at shifts we must make in our own inner worlds to go along with going green.

Transfiguration is the ultimate inner state of oneness. What are some of the intermediary levels on our inner spiritual journey?

One intermediary state is honoring every living being in nature for its contribution to all of life. We talk about a web of life where the damage caused to one species ends up creating problems for the rest of the web.

In the United States bees are being discussed in the media. For in many areas the bees are disappearing. Bees are responsible for most of the pollination that allows for crops growing, which create our food.

Although I am deeply saddened to hear about the bees disappearing what an amazing wakeup call for humans that they are not the only important species on the planet. How many people in the U.S. who never really consider the source of our food will start to wake up to the importance of another species? How many children growing up are taught that bees make it possible for humans to live?

I do believe the bee population can become healthy again as more and more people wake up to the need of establishing good relations with the other beings we share this earth with.

As we have been living in a world where humans have been so self-absorbed it is great to see people looking at “going green” and how to make life style changes that help the environment. But we must also add to that a new state of consciousness where we honor and respect every life form on the planet for their place in the web of life. And the consciousness that creates honor and respect is born from within us.

As we move into a consciousness of honor and respect for nature we begin to understand and honor the cycles of nature including the cycle of birth and death. We then become a part of nature. Separation from nature is one cause for much disease of the body and mind.

Another intermediary level of changing consciousness is working with transmuting and transforming the energy behind our thoughts and emotions as we have been doing for years now. From creating an inner state of harmony we can change what our outer world is reflecting back to us. And this is the theme of my new book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.

Of course continuing the work of using our imagination to experience with all our senses the world we want to live in is such important work. For we are constantly dreaming the world we are living in into being. This is an inner process that manifests in our outer world. And it is a way of changing our inner landscape which will be reflected back to us in the outer world. It is also a way of dismembering limiting thought forms which keep us from making positive changes on the planet.

And if life is truly pulsations of light how do we heal the web of light that has nicks and breaks in it? Just like the worldwide web there is a web of light that connects us all. And how do we strengthen that inner web of light so that our outer web ends up being strong? This is another intermediary place in the inner world where we have the power to create change.

Journey within to the web and heal those connections. You can also do this through meditation. The key is to set your intention to travel to the inner worlds where there are light beings, helping spirits, and spiritual practitioners like yourself who are working together to heal the inner fabric of reality.

If you are not used to traveling within it can take awhile to reverse directions from the outer to the inner. Have patience and do not give up. You will eventually find yourself in a world where the fibers of the web of the light are being repaired and renewed.

Join in on this work. Find your place here. It is not a place where you will get outer recognition for the work you are doing. But it is important place to be working. For here we are working on crucial invisible levels that heal the foundation of our reality.

Adding this to your work of changing consciousness is important work right now. Recognize yourself for the contribution to healing the planet you are making. As I have repeated many times where we all have great power to create change is with the spiritual practices we are engaged with.

The full moon is June 30. Let’s continue to weave and repair the web of light within the earth. And let’s experience with all of our senses a strong and healthy web of light connecting all living beings.

This is also a time to continue the full moon healing work we began a few months ago. If you need a description of this work please visit Creating A Human Web of Light which is on the homepage.

The summer solstice is June 21. It is amazing how fast the seasons seem to be changing. I feel like I was just wishing everyone a good New Year.

A quote from Emmet Fox that I have been working with is: “It is impossible to think one thing and produce another”.

Thought forms and words are seeds. We plant them into our garden and sometimes we expect something different to grow. The laws of nature will produce the same plant as the seeds you plant.

As we move into the bountiful time of summer please create a daily practice of truly working with and reflecting on what is being planted in our earth garden and what is being produced. We keep looking for new methods to change what is happening. And some of the most powerful methods are truly the simplest. It is just that they take discipline.

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