I had a really good trip to Europe in October and it is also good to be home getting ready for the wonderful season of winter. I really cannot believe that we are preparing for the winter solstice again. The cycles of the seasons keep coming around faster than ever. It is hard to believe that the year is ending.

Shortly after returning from Europe I had a dream. In the dream there were circles of people in different countries in Europe singing to create change. The circles of people were filled in, meaning they were solid circles. The message that I received was the old songs don’t work anymore to create change. We need new songs of a higher frequency for the changing times.

I found the message in my dream to be important. For we can get bogged down in looking how people in the past worked for different issues. But the truth of the matter is that for there to be life and potency in any work it must address the times. And the times we live in require different solutions than people turned to in the past. We can definitely be inspired by how our ancestors worked. But we must continue to grow and change our ways of working to fully address the issues of the time we live in.

On that note I have written about changes I have made in teaching the healing practice of soul retrieval and how I work with clients. This appears in past Transmutation News and also in the new edition of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self where I added a new Afterword in 2006.

While I was in Europe I really stressed the need to bring in a new element to the soul retrieval work. As I was teaching a Soul Retrieval Training in France I had my participants experience the changes I have made. I also taught Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light in Germany. I was able to share how to bridge some of the work with light with the practice of soul retrieval.

It really is time to move away from emphasizing the past traumas of our clients and to get them to really absorb the light of their returned soul. And to also share the healing stories needed to help people be inspired to change their lives and live up to their creative potential. We need people to feel empowered right now to be able to create positive change in their own lives and for the planet.

Soul is our essence and it is pure light. So in returning lost soul parts to people we are returning light. And in doing so if we can help people to really absorb the light of their returned soul parts it is amazing the healing that happens just like we see with the practice of transfiguration. Since I have been working in this way with clients I cannot even begin to fully share the exponential results I have been seeing.

I really do believe that those people who work with sound and light are the new shamans of our times. For the potential for healing others and the planet is unlimited with bringing in the power of this work.

I know that sometimes I have been criticized for making changes in my book Soul Retrieval. Everything that exists in this world is in movement and is evolving. Where movement stops there is death. It is so important for us working to heal others, the planet, and ourselves and to keep exploring the next steps with our work. For when we stop questioning, exploring, and evolving in our lives and work life stops. I continue to add changes I am making to keep up with the needed evolution of the work.

Another important factor for us to keep looking at is the principle of expansion I wrote about last month. In times of change we tend to contract in the fear of the unknown. This only feeds the state of separation.

This is not the energy needed to fuel our dreams. Our dreams are fueled by expansive energy.

Travel inside yourself – using the principle of as above, so below; as within, so without – find a star in your inner night sky you can merge with. Allow yourself to be as expansive as that star. Notice how far the light extends and how many million of miles it touches with it’s light.

This is the energy we need to work with to fuel and energize our dreams to manifest a planet filled with love, light, peace, harmony, equality, and abundance for all. Allow that expansive energy to shine light and love on all of life.

This experience needs to come from within to embrace the experience of spiritual solidity.

One of my challenges in teaching transfiguration to experienced shamanic journeyers is that they tend to go out of body to experience their divine essence. This is not actually what the work is about and ends up separating people from the physical temple that holds the divine light.

We need to allow the light to shine through from our inner core and not have an outer body experience.

Today more and more gyms and physical trainers are teaching exercises to strengthen the physical core. We need to build on our spiritual core otherwise the energy becomes diffuse and also can drain our physical energy versus healing us.

If you are an experienced shamanic journeyer used to journeying without into other realms try some journeys into your inner world. Reverse directions and go within. Then try to transfigure into your divinity and then try to merge with a star.

As we enter this time of winter journey deep within and be warmed by the fire of your inner light. Strengthen your inner core so that life, light, and love can burst out and be born from a place of spiritual and physical nurturance.

December 22 is the winter solstice. Continue to work with the practice of experiencing the depth of your light shining into the world. To add to this on this day please do a journey or meditation to merge with the earth where you live. If you are new to this work you can read the section on merging with the elements in Medicine for the Earth.

You can do this alone or you can do this in community with a group that you meet with to do spiritual work together. Learn about the changes the earth is going through with the change of seasons. Remember that even frozen earth has a tremendous amount of movement. All healthy elements have movement. All healthy life contains a lot of movement.

Experience the energy and power of the earth where you live during this time so that you can harmonize with the energy. The more we can harmonize with the power of where we live the more harmony we will feel in our life.

And then journey or meditate to speak to the spirit of the earth where you live and ask what changes you need to make in your life to bring more harmony into your life and into the world during the time of winter.

In the merging work we learn by becoming the element we are working with. But we can also do a journey to or we can meditate on an element to get information through the process of direct revelation.

The full moon is December 23. As we create and weave a human web of light within and throughout the earth make sure your light is expanding deep from the core of your being. And let’s continue our healing circle and allow yourself to feel the love and light shining within you as you either experience yourself lying in the middle of our circle or standing in the outer circle. Focus on absorbing that light shared into every cell of your being.

Remember the most important principle that a lower frequency entrains to attune to a higher frequency and not the reverse. To shift the dense states of consciousness within ourselves and on the planet we must shift into a higher frequency. We can do so by experiencing our divine light flowing within and throughout the planet.

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