In my journeys I keep going deeper with the principle of “receiving” that I have shared with you on and off over the last year. I keep getting that as we learn to receive on a deeper level only then can we really learn how to give. I have written over time that giving and receiving are all one process. As you know there are always deeper levels we can attain with our giving and receiving process. And as we learn to receive more, we honor the empowerment of feminine energies on the planet.

I want to emphasize the importance of keeping up a practice of receiving light, love, and nurturance from the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the light you take in. Continue to work with metaphors that I spoke about in the May Transmutation News to help you receive on a deeper level.
And keep up the practice of breathing in and absorbing light and love from the universe and breathing out light and love back into the universe.

On June 8 there was the eclipse of the planet Venus with the sun. This was an event that received much attention from the scientific community. And of course this eclipse was also acknowledged by many spiritual communities which manifested in different prophecies about this time being shared.

The night of the eclipse I had a powerful dream. I dreamt that a young man wanted to go visit some of the major wartime sites on the planet. In my dream there were two sites that he visited. At each site there was an elderly veteran guarding a small cage with a very large snake in it. I am not sure whether the young man or myself as the dreamer was horrified at this sight. For the snake could barely move within the cage. Either the young man or myself freed the snakes out of their cages.

I felt real strongly that there was a power being caged represented by the snakes. And of course to me, it represented the freeing of feminine energies that have been caged up.

Part of allowing the feminine energies to be free has to do with the principle of receiving. We have a great opportunity at this time to balance out our own giving and receiving natures.

I continue to work daily and minute to minute with the spiritual practices that help me deepen my own giving and receiving nature. I continue to work daily and minute to minute with remembering my own divinity and that any feelings of separation from source and the rest of life are pure illusion.

As we all continue to bring spiritual practices into our lives that heal our feelings of separation the energies of separation that we see on the planet today creating war, hunger, hate, and violence will be healed.

Remember every change in consciousness you make affects the entire web of life.

On this note last month I said we would work with changing the field of energy using ceremonies with the elements. We already did some of this work throughout the years. But it is important to keep it up.

There are so many people leading global ceremonies through the web right now. This is great. The more people engage in whatever level they can to honor the earth, air, water, and fire the more the web of life is affected. A collective shift begins to happen. And we must not get caught up in looking for outcomes. We must just continue to do our spiritual work with the deep cellular knowing that a shift is occurring on some level. As I have said many times before, everything starts in the spiritual level before manifesting on a physical level.

I thought this month we would work with water. We have done the following ceremony a few times already. Let’s all try to work together on the new moon, which is July 17.

You can do this ceremony alone or you can work with a group. And please invite your children to participate on any level they are able to. You can go to a body of water where you live and work in nature. Or if you prefer you can gather a bottle of water from a water source near you and work with it at a sacred place for you.

As preparation take 15-30 minutes and walk outside focusing on absorbing the light and love from everything around you and send back light and love with your breath.

While you are at the source of water you want to honor or at your sacred place do your transfiguration practice. Experience yourself fully in your divinity and with the cellular experience of oneness. Use toning as we have done in the past to deepen your experience. We have learned over time in the experiments I have shared with you that harmony within creates harmony without. The water will reflect back to you your divine nature.

If you are working in nature at the water source finish with giving great love and appreciation to all the waters of the world and the rain that comes down which nurture us on all levels.

If you are working with a glass, bottle, or bowl of water bring it back to the water source you got it from. As you empty the water give your thanks and appreciation. Ask the water to send the message of how much we love and appreciate water to all the waters of the world.

We will continue this process next month with air. Remember the spiritual work we do does make a difference.

As I said earlier it is quite a dance to hold the polarity of experiencing one’s divinity and at the same time being human and experiencing the human condition.

As I find myself experiencing a greater joy of life I also keep finding it harder and harder to observe the pain in suffering in children that comes from living in a world of inequality and where the experience of separation creates hate and violence.

Also on the new moon, let’s also honor the energy of innocence. The innocence in children of all species of life and the child within every one of us. Again this can be done through transfiguration or through an honoring ceremony you are inspired to create.

At the end of May I presented parts of the Healing with Spiritual Light training at the Third annual Conference on “Shamanism in Medicine, Expanding Worlds of Healthcare” in Santa Fe, NM. The conference was sponsored by InnoVision Communications.

As part of my presentation we did an experiment. While I was presenting the Medicine for the Earth work at a conference at Findhorn in Scotland I met a physicist who lives in the Findhorn community. He had built a device similar to what was written about in The Secret Life of Plants to measure a plants response to outside stimuli.

While I was at Findhorn, Mark, the physicist asked me if I would ever be willing to try a long distance experiment to see if a plant in his apartment would be aware of communication from a group I was working with.

We tried such an experiment at the conference in Santa Fe. I showed the group a picture of Mark’s philodendron. The picture was on the altar as we did our singing our dancing. It was on the altar as we did healing on each other that involved the process of transfiguration. And then we also did some toning focusing on the plant.

Mark has been moving so he has not had the time to fully examine and interpret the results. He did say that the computed spectrogram shows several interesting variations of the signal. There were some peaks right in the middle of our activities. I wait for more information from Mark. But it is an example of how time and space do not interfere with communication with all of life.

The full moon is July 2. Let’s continue to weave together a planetary web of light. Experience the web of light within the earth getting fuller and stronger. Transfigure if you can or visualize, feel, smell, taste, and hear the web of light circling the earth strong and bright and filled with love.

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