I hope you are enjoying the beginning of autumn!

As I told you last month The Rainmaking Institute brought Dr. Masaru Emoto to Santa Fe. The first night was a private benefit for the Rainmaking Institute. There were about 150 people present to that and the event was sold out.

There was a panel of Dr. Emoto, Jose Lucero who is an elder from the Santa Clara Pueblo, Norma Tarango from the Rainmaking Institute, and myself. The panel was set up so that we each said what we wanted to about our work and then the audience could ask questions. There was no interaction between the speakers during this panel, which could have made it more interesting. But I know the evening had a profound effect on the audience so it was a wonderful start.

Dr. Emoto has a great sense of humor, and he told me he loves to lecture. He talked a bit about his work of photographing water crystals. He feels that his mission in communicating about the water crystals is to help create world peace. And of course he is so happy to see the profound impact his work is having all over the world. He feels that with the interest of so many people that the planet is saved already. He is concerned about the direction of America and how it is impacting the rest of the world. So he is happy that his work is being accepted here.

Jose Lucero, who is schoolteacher, talked about the importance of working with the youth. He also talked about being able to go down to his stream and still drink the water. As we continue to buy water in bottles we promote the privatization of water.

Norma Tarango who studied with Hawaiian elders these past few years talked about how the Hawaiians believe they live in a cosmic sea above and fluid ocean below here on earth. And she said that the Hawaiians teach that the waters of the world are moving and are abundant.

I of course talked about the Medicine for the Earth work and the key principles. I shared how it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do. And I spoke of the importance of learning how to transmute the energy behind our problematic thoughts and emotions so we are coating the earth with love and not anger as well as the magic of the words we use and what we manifest on earth with our words. I shared briefly the formula for transmutation and creation of intention, love, union, harmony, concentration, focus, and imagination. I shared how our perception changes our reality and the need to stay focused on our spiritual practices right now to make a difference in the world. And of course I shared the results we get with the water experiments we are doing when we experience a divine state of consciousness.

There were also some people from the Hopi reservation that stood up during the question and answer period to give their viewpoint. The Hopi are losing all their water due to mining in the area. And of course they feel the problems in the environment today are a result of human behavior.

I had met the Hopi people who were present at a conference on the Rio Grande in 2003. They have been very supportive of the Medicine for the Earth work as they say the principles of the work follow the teachings of the Hopi elders.

There were other Native Americans who came up to me at the conference and thanked me for my words.

Dr. Emoto spoke again on Sunday to a sold out audience of 800 people. His work really inspires us to look at the consciousness of water and how it reflects back to us our own inner state.

The Medicine for the Earth work blends so well with his message as he states that we must move to a place of love and emphasizes the need to love ourselves. He does not give people tools of how to work with changing their consciousness. He shows very clearly to people the work that needs to be done, and he can reach a very large population with the power of his photos.

I feel we must be very careful in not leaving people with the message that what all we have to do is tape words on a bottle of water and not do our own inner work. It is always a danger in this culture to look for easy ways to “cure” the planet’s ills. We don’t need a band-aid right now. We need people to really focus on doing the inner work needed to heal the states of separation in the world.

Most of the audience who attended the panel discussion was not familiar with the Medicine for the Earth work. Many people knew who I was but associated me with soul retrieval. People were profoundly struck by the work we have been doing and were excited to know about the results we are getting. There were many good connections made there that evening.

As I have been writing over the last few months my helping spirits keep telling me that one of the keys is being able to receive the abundance that the elements are giving us all the time. We must receive the healing help that is always being offered to us.

Dr. Emoto shows this so clearly with his photos. He shows the water crystal that form from the combination of words love and gratitude. He says if you look at the water crystal formed it is one part love to two parts gratitude. And he goes on to talk about H20. Two parts hydrogen represents the yin, the feminine principle of receiving. Oxygen represents the yang, the dynamic principle of giving.

As we live in a world so focused on the myth that giving is more important than receiving we are being asked by the universe to relook at this. It is a great gift to the creative forces of the universe and the elements to receive and to be in gratitude. Living in a place of love and appreciation creates a state of continual regeneration and abundance. When we appreciate what we are being given that creates abundance versus a state of scarcity. It is definitely something for us all to reflect on in our lives.

I feel that we can and we are changing the morphic resonance field by the inspiration so many brilliant spiritual teachers are sharing and the spiritual practices many thousands of people are engaging in throughout the world. Ripples are being sent throughout the web of life.

And we must let go of the attachment of the timing of when we see the physical manifestation of all the work we are doing. We must keep focused on keeping our practice strong.

We are at a time where we must stay focused and hold the space during these challenging times. We must stay strong within the circles we work with as well as stay strong within the larger world community. Whatever happens in the outer world we must keep focused on our spiritual work.

Part of doing our spiritual work is to acknowledge the shadow states of consciousness that might overcome us during these times. Observing the suffering of others throughout the world triggers many of us. Many of us will be triggered by fears about the upcoming election in the U.S. The whole world will be impacted by this next election, and I know emotions are strong right now.

It is important to not fall into judging yourself for the darker, denser feelings and thoughts arising for you right now. Keep your focus. Breathe into your heart and keep holding an image of life that is precious to you. Allow the feelings and thoughts to come up and do the work I have outlined for you in Medicine for the Earth and in all the Transmutation News.

I had a very interesting dream last month. I dreamt that I was leading a meeting. The meeting was in the morning and people had just finished drinking coffee. The coffee was causing some irritation for some. I noticed how people were being “psychically punched” by those in an irritable state. I pointed out to people what they were doing to others.

We do strike out and “psychically punch” others when we are irritable or angry about what is happening. Our work is to transform the energy of our emotions before the energy moves out and affects others.

I know many people say that they can’t bring spiritual practices into their lives because they have no time. I find that when we make a decision do something the time is there.

Sometimes I teach weekend workshops where I am limited in how much time I have for the class. And sometimes the groups can be very large meaning I need more time than I have. I often start to feel panicked that I can’t possibly complete the material and exercises. When this occurs I take some deep breaths and bring myself back to center. And then I slow down my talking instead of speeding up. I take the opposite action of what one might think would work. I always find that as I slow down so does time and I end up with plenty of time to finish the course in a way I feel good about. Try this. You might get some interesting results.

Also it is important to stop separating our spiritual work from our daily life. We must learn how to integrate our spiritual work throughout the day. The point is not to create a separate time for spiritual work and then forget about our spiritual practices the rest of the day.

People are looking for something or someone outside of them to make life better. This is what has kept organized religion alive for so long. This is what makes people choose politicians who use wording that make people feel that a vote for them will create safety.

I assume most of you reading The Transmutation News are way beyond believing in the archetype of the hero or heroine and know that the responsibility to create a world of harmony, beauty, abundance, love, and peace lies within each one of us.

I was asking my spirits about what is the next step needed to help mass consciousness move out of looking for “a savior”. The word that came back to me was “acknowledgement”. People have never been acknowledged for their creative potential. They have been taught to look outside of themselves for those who can create a better world.

Many are insecure and have forgotten the truth of who we truly are which is divine beings learning about the power of manifestation. So the tendency in the world is to squash the power of others and to make others look smaller. We see this in government, religion, the workplace, and in relationships. It is often the result of hierarchical vertical organizations versus horizontal organizations.

The question that comes up is how do we promote the principle of unity within vertical structures unless we truly empower the creativity and power of everyone involved.

We need to begin to acknowledge the creative genius that lives within each and every one of us. Of course it is important to start with ourselves. And we must also start acknowledging the creativity that lives inside all of us.

This month find a way with your words to acknowledge the creative genius and brilliance in those who you meet. In your families give acknowledgement to the gifts of your children and loved ones. When you work with people give them positive feedback for what they are creating. Sometimes you might not agree with what people are doing, that is fine. But we can find a way to give positive feedback on a verbal and energetic level to support their own creative process.

As we do this we lift others up and they become unwilling to give their power away. The more we can affect people in this way we will find people making different choices in electing leaders. We will look for leaders who truly represent the voice of all of us as a collective of creative beings instead of a “father figure” who will protect us.

In another shamanic journey I received a message that goes along with the above. I was told that when we ask for pity from the universe we lower our frequency. When we send pity to others we lower their frequency.

Energy is vibration. When we look at changing the morphic resonant field of the web of life we must change the frequency and vibration of the energy coming from our feelings, thoughts, as well as from our words.

As we keep up our spiritual practice of perceiving all life in a divine and perfect state and acknowledge the divinity and creative genius in those around the field changes in a way that will create a different force moving through the world.

As I have said many times before:
Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered

In September I led a Medicine for the Earth Gathering in Santa Fe. What an amazing group of people gathered! We continued the work of showing that as we change ourselves and drop our egoic selves into a place of source, divinity, and oneness our outer environment will reflect that shift back to us.

So we worked as we have done before with ammonium hydroxide in deionized checking the pH before and after our ceremony. Now that we have the GDV camera based on the Kirlian effect developed by Dr. Konstantine Korotkov we could also test other substances. So in our ceremonies we also included working with soil, a peach from my peach tree at home, some cheddar cheese fish crackers, and coffee.

We did see a change of one pH point in the ammonium hydroxide water. The pictures that we got for the water, peach, and crackers were pretty amazing. The coffee showed no change. We certainly can take that one to many different interpretations.

Anyway, we are posting the pictures of the different substances that were included in our ceremony on the Results Section of www.medicinefortheearth.com. There is also a write up on the GDV camera in that section too.

Again is it important to remember that we do not focus on the water, soil, crackers, peach, and coffee. We simply move into a divine state of consciousness knowing that what is outside of us reflects back to us our inner state.

The photos we get truly inspire us to keep up our inner work. This is where our power lies right now. The spiritual work we do does make a difference.

Back in June while I was presenting at a conference in Santa Fe we tried a long distance experiment. A physicist in Scotland wanted us to see if we could make contact with a plant at his home. He developed equipment similar to that written about in The Secret Life of Plants for measuring the activity of the plant. We did get some significant results.

Mark, the physicist, wanted to try another long distance experiment. So at my Medicine for the Earth Gathering we did some more long distance work.

We worked in a couple of different ways. On Wednesday afternoon of the training we began by drumming and rattling and focusing on Mark’s plant. The rest of the afternoon the group spent outdoors on their own working long distance on people who were lying in the middle of our circle as well as names and items on the altar.

The instructions were to transfigure outdoors on their own and to focus on everything in the meeting space as divine and in perfection. Two copies of a photo of the of the plant were left on the altar.

Wednesday evening we also performed a ceremony to transmute problematic states of consciousness in the field of energy around the world. The photo of the plant remained on the altar.

Mark is still analyzing the data. But here is what he has said so far. He said that between 2:50 PM and 4:15 PM There is a clearly visible signal with a varying frequency of 700 and 900. When he listens to the recording, this signal amazingly sounds a bit like the song of a whale.

As far as the timing goes I did put the photo of the plant on the altar a little before 3PM.

When I get the full analysis from Mark I will write them up. I will also post the photo of the spectrum covering an interval of five hours as well as more information on the Results Section of www.medicinefortheearth.com next month.

In September I also taught my second session of my Two Year Teacher Training in Shamanic Journeying and Healing. This session I taught participants how to teach soul retrievals and bring this potent work back to their communities. We had the GDV camera present and some of the participants were photographed before and after receiving a soul retrieval. We have one demo photo of the results. Again check The Results Section of www.medicinefortheearth.com. The photo will be up sometime this month.

Carol Schaefer has written a wonderful book The Power of the Divine Feminine in An Ancient Tear. This is a novel which explores a path of spiritual awakening through the personal tragedy of losing a child, whether by death, miscarriage, abortion or adoption.

Here was my endorsement for the book:
“An Ancient Tear is a compelling story of how a mother’s wounds of losing a child through death, miscarriage, abortion, and adoption can be healed through a connection to and with spiritual realms. Carol Schaefer is a brilliant writer and brings her readers right into the experience she shares. This book is filled with love, compassion, and healing words.

In a time where so many women and men are searching for answers that can’t be answered through ordinary means, Schaefer lets us know that we can turn to the spiritual realms for comfort, answers, and healing.”

Carol Schaefer wrote an acclaimed memoir The Other Mother: A Woman’s Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption. This book was adapted for an NBC-TV movie.

An Ancient Tear is available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.com and by going to AnAncientTear.com.

On Oct. 27 which is a full moon as well as a full eclipse of the moon let’s continue to weave a brilliant, radiant web of light within and around the earth.

Let’s also continue to do our creation work, which I wrote about in April and August of this year. Let’s together call into being a world where people are empowered in their own creativity. See, hear, feel, taste, and smell a world where people are working together in harmony in behalf of all life. Experience your creation as if it is already done. Call it into being now.

October 31 is a time when the veils between the worlds are very thin. Let’s combine our luminescence with the light of the universe to coat the earth with love and light.

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