The last few months I have been writing about manifesting the dreams that we planted the seeds for during the winter solstice.

Since the early 1990’s I have been actively trying to teach people about the importance of tapping into our personal creative abilities. After writing Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self I realized that after shamanic healing people have more energy to manifest with. Actually after any healing we have more energy to manifest with.

For most of us our families, teachers, and other authority figures did not validate our own creative potential. We were mostly taught how to behave and fit into society.

I began to notice that as people received lost soul parts back that it became critical to teach them how to create a different present and future than the traumas from their past. I began to watch people creating old situations over again, as they did not consciously look at other options. This issue prompted me to write Welcome Home: Following Your Soul’s Journey Home. This book was about what I called “life after healing”.

In Medicine for the Earth I continued to write about this topic. For when we talk about reversing environmental and personal pollution we must also add to our work creating the world we want to live in. As I wrote in the first chapter of the book we have the same creative potential as our creator or creative forces of the universe.

Over the last couple of years I wrote about the importance of using all of our senses in our creation and dreaming work. We must be able to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste what we want to create. We must experience our creation in present time or else we are always creating our dream in the future instead of the now. And the most potent fuel for our creative abilities is having passion and love for what we are creating.

Last year I started to write about how I use working in the void to create from. The void, which many people think of darkness and a place of nothingness, is actually the place from which all things are created. Back in the late 1980’s my spiritual teacher, the Egyptian goddess Isis, kept encouraging me to work in the void. She kept on saying go back before creation. In reality the void is a place of unlimited possibilities and is a wonderful place from which we can work.

In my own transfiguration work I transfigure into the void not the light. As over the years I have done so much work in the void, this is a natural practice for me. When I set my intention to let go of what keeps me separate from source and oneness, I naturally end up as the void.

During one of my trips to Egypt in the late 1990’s our group received permission to go down and be with the sphinx. It was a very hot and sunny day and I found myself searching out shade. I found a spot on the body of the sphinx that I could lean up against that would protect me from the shade. As I rested against the sphinx with my eyes closed I had the most marvelous vision. I found myself being transported rapidly into the great void, the place before creation, and the place of unlimited possibilities. While I was there I watched the birth of the first cat to ever manifest on earth. I watched as its form began to take shape in the void. Then the void began to shimmer and move in an extraordinary way. The head of cat squeezed through the opening with it’s body following. It was truly an incredible vision and experience.

We had at least one practice session working in the void last year. I thought that in this wonderful time of spring as so much new life is bursting forth we could continue manifesting our own dreams and visions.

I have been teaching this process in many of my workshops over the last few years. Together let’s start from the beginning. If you practice shamanic journeying ask your power animal or teacher to escort you to the void. For me the void is in the Upper World. But the void is in many places so allow the spirits or your intention to take you there. To begin with just experience the void for a few minutes or whatever time feels comfortable for you and then return.

If you do not practice shamanic journeying you can still have an experience of the void through using meditation. Close your eyes, breathe through your heart, and get into a centered place. As you continue to breathe deeply set your intention that you would like to experience the void. Your breath and intention will create the experience you are asking for. When you feel you would like to return from your experience in the void just set your intention to do so.

Once you are comfortable in traveling to the void you can proceed to the next step. Start with something small that you wish to create in your life. Oftentimes our visions and dreams become so big we can’t keep our concentration and focus on the steps needed for manifestation.

Here again are some of the keys for creation. We need to remember that we are one with our creator or the creative forces of the universe (union). We need to love what we are creating in the world (love). We need to be able to set an intention of what we are creating and stay concentrated and focused on our work and our vision (intention, concentration, and focus). We need to imagine our dream being manifested into the present by seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting our manifestation as if it is here now (imagination). And of course we want our dreams to serve the highest good of all of life and not cause harm to anything or anyone (harmony). We see here that the formula for transmutation and transformation is also the formula for creation.

To continue working, travel to the void through a shamanic journey or during a meditation. Once in the void do your work of breathing life into your creation by using all of your senses to experience your manifestation as if it is here in the now. Using your senses combined with experiencing love and joy for your manifestation creates the energy to call the form into being.

As you experience the form coming into being, next experience it moving through the void and into the world. Remember you must be able to fully concentrate while doing this for your results to be successful. You might repeat this work over time in smaller time increments so you can truly remain in a state of concentration and focus.

In March we had our third Medicine for the Earth reunion in Santa Fe. People who have been attending Medicine for the Earth Gatherings have been coming back once a year to go deeper into the work together. We have a core group that shows up every year, and new people come as they feel called to. It has been a wonderful way to build community and to evolve our work together. We continued our transfiguration work together and took some pictures with a GDV camera.

Last year I shared with you that I purchased a gas discharge camera (GDV) based on the Kirlian effect. Information about the camera as well as some of the pictures of water we took at a gathering are posted on the results section of

I had purchased the camera so that we had different options for testing the effects of the transfiguration work we were doing besides only testing for changes in pH in the water. I still do check for changes of pH, but I wanted to expand our possibilities. I felt that the GDV camera could show us if the life force of the water was expanding. So far we have gotten some good results.

The GDV can also take pictures of other substances. So far we have taken pictures of water before and after our ceremonies. We have also taken pictures of participants before and after they have transfigured. At the reunion we worked on soil for the first time. We took soil from the road where cars were driving on it. We placed some of the soil in our circle along with the water. We took pictures before and after our ceremony. The pictures did show a significant change in the soil we worked on. There was definitely more life force in the soil after we transfigured. These new pictures will be posted on the results section of

In March I also taught my first week of my new two year teacher training in shamanism and shamanic healing. It was an extraordinary week. The group consists of some of my oldest students. I was really touched how the group was able to honor the traditions of shamanism and the teachers they had studied shamanism with and at the same time be willing to look at how the work needs to evolve. There was a gracious energy in the group. There was no divisive energy about needing to compare what way is better. There was a fluid movement of acknowledging what we were all taught and how to improve on that.

We did a series of journeys of how we personally needed to evolve along with the work and how to bring the work out into the world to take people today to a deeper place with it. We also talked about the need to take this work to different populations of people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic structures. I have great hopes for how the collective brilliance of this group will manifest the movement of shamanism in the world. I am inspired at how the group worked and the personal visions each person came up with.

It is really great that we have an alliance of Medicine for the Earth teachers along with an alliance of shamanic teachers who are planting seeds of the possibilities that come with spiritual practice around the world. It is really time to empower others, and we must take the work out to those who are hungering for a spiritual foundation that grows out of direct revelation.

The full moon is April 5. In my own journeywork I have been guided to expand the work I have been doing in creating a human web of light. I was shown the web of light that is under the earth that connects all of life. I have been touching in to that web of light in the healing work and transfiguration I have doing in trying to help the trees suffering from the drought where I live. It has been an extraordinary experience to tap into.

As we continue to weave a web of light around the globe, on April 5, let’s also experience the incredible of light within the earth that connects all of life.

As we watch the new growth of spring we are reminded of the great joy of birth into the light. Experience the joy of life and let’s all continue to give thanks for our lives.

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