I just love how synchronicity works. After I sent in the July Transmutation News to Bob our webmaster I started getting letters from some of you sharing the water ceremony Dr. Masaru Emoto was conducting in Europe.

Our water ceremony and the water ceremony he put on were just a week apart. This happened once before. In one of the February Transmutation News either last year or the year before I had invited people to do a ceremony for water. That same month Dr. Emoto also created a worldwide water ceremony.

I really feel the joy of the entire planet when these worldwide ceremonies occur. And I personally am in a deep place of appreciation for all who step out to get ceremonies going on behalf of all of life. We all need to exercise our “spiritual muscles”. The more we can learn to focus and concentrate our spiritual energies together the stronger the results of our spiritual work become.

June and July have been very rich months for me with many insights. This month’s Transmutation News has a lot of information and experiences to digest. I suggest you print it out and work with it slowly. To help you work with the material I will suggest places to stop and continue on another day when you are ready to take in more. All the information does weave together. Please work with it in a way that does not overwhelm you.

Last month I wrote that we would honor air this month. The exercises that follow will help us to connect with air in a healing and honoring way. The deeper we can connect with our breath and the air we breathe, the deeper we can go into our spiritual practice. The deeper we can breathe, the more we can receive.

For a few months now I have been talking about the importance of absorbing light and love from the universe and sharing light and love as we breathe out. And I have been talking about the importance of receiving.

If you are still finding you are having a hard time receiving as you are walking in the world you might practice a bit while you are lying down. Work with the metaphors I have suggested over the last few months. But do it while you are lying still. I think it will help you get the sensation.

Begin by placing your hands on your stomach. Take a breath in that is deep enough to move your hands up. Breathe out deeply so that your hands return to their starting place. Do this about ten times. Then begin to breathe in light and love with your entire being. Soak it in like a plant would. Soak it in as if the curtains have been opened in a dark room. Soak it in as a sponge. As you do this you might notice yourself connecting with the heartbeat of the earth and the web of life.

Once you have the sensation of what it feels like in a meditation where you are still you will find it easier to create the same sensation as you move through the world.

As you keep up this practice while you walk through the world and as you take in food, water, and air you will continue to transmute all that you take in. This and keeping up your practice of transfiguration will help you live in a healthy way that affects you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. As you continue these practices the entire web of life is changed by how you are changed.

-Stop here and continue on a day you feel ready for more.

Over the years we have worked with combining the process of manifestation with working in the void. If you are new to this website please look at the April 2004 Transmutation News for an explanation of this way of working.

In June I presented at the ISSSEEM conference in Colorado Springs.
This year at their conference they brought in some presentations that had more of a spiritual flavor. Traditionally they have worked more with hardcore science. I presented the Medicine for the Earth work there.

While I was at the conference I had an exciting conversation with Mark Comings a physicist who is on a mystical path. We were talking about the void. I was sharing what I knew from a shamanic point of view and how I have been teaching people how to manifest from the void. He was sharing that from a scientific point of view most of the universe including our own bodies is more space than matter. Some physicists call this a vacuum. Mark calls this the quantum plenum. Some quantum physicists call this the zero point field. This space is more abundant than matter. Many mystical traditions call this the void. The Buddhist term is empty but full. It is the place of unlimited possibilities. It is the fertile ground we can birth matter from.

Mark was sharing that with the knowledge that we can create from this place it is clear that the concept of scarcity is pure illusion. And he said that we do not have to embrace a world of “haves” and “have-nots”. There is a way to create abundance for every living being on the planet and to move into a place of true equality.

This is part of the paradigm shift that needs to happen. For the collective belief is that only a small proportion of the planet can have abundance.

Our conversation reinspired me to look at my own creation process and how I have been teaching it to others. Ever since I was a teenager I have been deeply interested in the process of manifestation. And I have been teaching in my trainings what I have learned over the years.

The work we did in April is a reflection of some of what I have learned. After speaking with Mark a thought came to me. When I teach people how to manifest from the void we are going outside of ourselves to do this. What would happen if we reversed directions and started to create from the void within us?

As we begin to experience the unlimited place of possibilities within and feel the abundance of all things does this fuel the process of creation in a stronger way?

So much of my work is about experimentation. For as we grew up in a world that moves people away from their own creativity and keeps people in a collective trance we must experiment in how to wake people up to the truth. The truth being that we are all creative beings and divine.

With working with the practice of transfiguration we automatically create and are in an energy of abundance. For if we are truly experiencing oneness, source, and divinity that abundance is naturally within and without.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about the importance of creating from our spirit and not from our egos. I truly believe that the purpose of the ego is to help us know where we are in space and time. It is not supposed to be “running the show”.

The ego which experiences separation does not truly know what to create that is for our highest good. And I think that is where a lot of us get into trouble. We get confused about what to create for our highest good versus what gives us immediate gratification.

In working with creating a life of harmony, beauty, love, and abundance for ourselves and all of life we must surrender to our all-knowing spirit instead of working from an egoic state. So this month I would like to suggest that we combine using the process of transfiguration with our creation work.

This month in your journeys and meditation try doing the same exercise of creation that I wrote about in April. Please look at the April Transmutation News to see what work we began to do. But this time reverse directions. Keep your focus and concentration on creating abundance, love, harmony, and peace from the void within. In actuality the void within is not our own personal void. It is the void of the universe and all the unpotentiated energy that exists.

In the void transfigure into your divinity. From a divine state combine all your senses to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell your manifestation as if it has been already created. And as you do these journeys or meditations breathe deeply. Remember that your breath is the fuel for life and creation.

When I transfigure into a divine state I have always transfigured into the void. It has been an automatic process for me. If you also work in this way you don’t have to journey first into the void for you are already that energy. If you have not transfigured into the void you might try this.

Combining being in a state of divinity which only recognizes oneness and is a state prior to form while experiencing being a human with senses is a paradox. But it is the paradox of life. When we transfigure we experience a state prior to form. But yet we chose to be birthed into a world of form. So we continually hold the paradox of being a spiritual being in form. We can gain a lot in learning how to open our senses and experience the world while also being a state of pure source and light. Work with this and notice how it feels to allow your senses to come through while you are in a state of oneness.

As a spiritual being experiencing our humanness the best we can do is open to our divine guidance. This is the key in our creation work.

In a world that is filled with so much fear and where people live in the trance of a collective belief around scarcity I am highly motivated to help teach others how to bring in equality and abundance to all. And when we create from our own divinity we notice that we don’t need to manifest from a “greedy” place and that we don’t need much to live a life of fulfillment and joy.

-Stop here and continue on another day.

The journey within is such important work for me. In Soul Retrieval I wrote about a message I received in a dream. The message was, “Man has been looking for God outside of himself for 2000 years. Man will look for God inside himself for the next 2000 years.” I don’t know about this time frame but the message spoke to me deeply. In Elaine Pagel’s new book, Beyond Belief, she shares that in the gospel of Thomas it is said that Jesus taught that God is within.

We tend to be so outer directed in our world today. We seek that which is outside of us whether it be teachings or material things. But everything that is outside is also within. This has been a key teaching in the Medicine for the Earth work.

Challenging times force us to grow and learn. The drought in New Mexico keeps me searching inside for how to work spiritually with the trees on the land.

I have been going around and singing to the trees and sharing healing energy with the trees that seem to attract my touch. During one of my morning journeys I met a spirit who told me that the problem with the trees is a root issue. If I want to share healing energy share it with the roots. For the roots are key in drawing up the needed water from the earth.

I thought how that was a perfect metaphor for me right now. For so much of my teaching is about going within. The process of going within is like the trees going down for water instead of depending on the outer rain from the sky.

So in working with the landscape where I live, I am being challenged to go as deep as I can within inside myself to find answers, creative energy, and the moisture to nurture my own being. I will personalize this and say that the land I live on reflects my need to strengthen my own inner root system.

The key that keeps coming up over and over in my journeys is receiving. We talk about unlimited light and love in the universe. But on the same note we talk about limited resources from the earth.

In my journeys I have seen that there are no limited resources. It is a collective belief. Now I realize that this is a controversial statement. One can say that I am giving a rationalization for overusing resources.

Please don’t take it this way. The core issue is that we must balance out how much we take with how much we give back. Because of science and technology so many people have forgotten the source of life. We have forgotten our stories of creation. We have forgotten how earth, air, water, and the sun give us food and life. So we no longer appreciate where we get our resources. This in itself creates a limitation. For where there is no love and appreciation there is illness. In this case the illness is manifesting as scarcity.

In looking at the principle of abundance for all we must appreciate all that we have been given. So with the drought in Santa Fe first we need to respect water and be in appreciation of water before healing the issues of scarcity. It would not be ethical or appropriate to teach people about creating abundance and then overusing, overbuying, etc. without any consciousness to the preciousness of our resources. And to go back to the work we did earlier we always want to create from our divine guidance.

We do not talk about “chi”, “prana”, or light as limited. You might want to consider how you personally block your own inner resources as well as the abundant feminine nurturing energy of the earth. Do you fully receive and give thanks for all that you are given? As we balance out how much we can take in and at the same time what we give back energetically we create a partnership with the earth and the spirit that lives in all things. We can receive the abundance being given to us and we feed back the energy with love and appreciation which fuels the energy that gives life, light, nurturance, and abundance to all.

This is a lot to work with. And it is important that you get this on a bodily sensate level. This information will not have an impact in your life if you only get it on a mental level. So really work with receiving and giving back energetically. Keep exploring in your meditations and journeys where you limit yourself on how much you take in and how much you give back. Set an intention to balance out your giving and receiving energies.

-Stop here and continue on another day.

Recently I was having dinner with a friend whom like myself travels a lot and has devoted her life to spiritual practice. I was telling her about my thoughts about the creation process. This conversation led us to talking about the forces in the world today. Many of us are concerned about the “darker” forces that promote greed and the annihilation of nature and species in the plant and animal kingdoms, that pollute the environment, and create hate and war.

As I wrote about years ago this force is extremely focused. We talk about in spiritual communities that we want to create change. But are we focused enough in our spiritual practices to do so. Do we gather our collective energies together as well as the darker forces do? Or are we scattered and distracted? We oftentimes scatter our energies as we move from practice to practice and not getting stronger in our divine selves. So many choices of things to do and what is happening in the outside world distract us.

My friend raised the question of how we can organize on a major scale different spiritual teachers really getting the international community to focus our energies to create the light needed to transmute the darker forces. This is an intention I will continue to explore.

I think that one thing that is needed is for those of us who say we want to live in a world of harmony, love, abundance, and peace to stop focusing on what is not working. We sure do spend a lot of time complaining. As I travel around the world I mostly hear people complain about the environment, politics, and war. It is of course important to identify the problem. But to stay focused on what is not working is actually feeding the darker forces.

In Welcome Home I shared a journey I had with my non-ordinary reality teacher Isis. She said in challenging times we must stay focused, positive, and centered.

As we work with combining the process of transfiguration and creation we can focus our spiritual light that manifests unpotentiated energy into form to create a world that supports all of life. It is crucial we stay focused on gathering our spiritual energies to create a world that embraces harmony. We call it into existence with keeping a strong heart. We must set a strong intention, keeping our focus and concentration strong and not allowing ourselves to get distracted and pulled out of our vision and ourselves. We need to stay in a place of union with the divine and find harmony within, and let our imagination pave the way.

-Stop here and continue on another day.

It is important for us to continue to gather our spiritual energies together. It is vital that we can continue as a collective to create from a place of divine guidance. We do live on this wonderful planet and were given the gift of having bodies that can experience the beauty all around us. Air gives us life. We are constantly in relationship with it. As a worldwide ceremony this month let’s focus our transfiguration practice on air. As preparation for this work continue to focus your attention on your breathing. Continue to take time everyday to absorb light and love from the creative forces of the universe and breathe love and light out to all of life. Remember to focus your attention on taking in the light and love of earth, air, water, and the sun as you eat and drink.

Take some time to really consider the nature of air. Consider the power of the stillness and the power of the winds. Have you had any experiences that have touched your life with wind or have you received any messages from the wind? Have you had any experiences with the stillness of the air? Of course you want to consider how air has given you life. It was the first living being you bonded with when you were born as you took your first breath. And it is the last living being you say goodbye to as you leave this life with your last breath. Take time to think about all the gifts air brings to you and take some time to appreciate air.

On August 15 let us all be in a state of appreciation for the element of air. And let’s do our transfiguration practice keeping a focus on our love and appreciation for air. You can work in a group or work alone. And I would suggest you be outside as you do this work.

In a transfigured state breathe in the purity, life, and light of air. Breathe in the fragrances. And as you breathe out send out purity, love, and light.

Remember as you keep up your transfiguration practice you create coherence and resonance in your cellular structure. This coherence is the perfect communication between all your cells, which creates a healthy body.

Many of you have been writing to me about the new film that is out called “What the Bleep Do I Know? It is a spiritual film that combines quantum physics, multidimensional visual effects and animation, a dramatic story, and interviews with leading scientists and mystics. It is supposed to be an extraordinary film. It is coming to Santa Fe in mid-August so I will see it then.

For those of you who live in the U.S. you can go to www.whatthebleep.com for when and where it is playing. At some point it will be out on video and I will post an announcement for those of you who don’t have access to the film.

August 29 is the full moon. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light within the earth and around the world. And during this time let’s hold the possibility of unlimited abundance for all of life.

I have been writing about the formation of The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. You can now visit our website at www.shamansociety.org.

If you want to read the Transmutation News in German, Italian, French, or Slovakian please go to the Important Links section on my home page.

Next month we will be celebrating the autumn equinox. During this time we will be honoring both earth and fire.

And please remember and feel in your entire being how every change in consciousness you make affects the entire web of life.

Stay focused.
Stay positive.
Stay centered.

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